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Paul Mitchell’s brand associates with high quality styling tools and aims to help you style your hair with an ideal finish. Their styling tools give you the perfect opportunity to show off your luscious locks with style and confidence. In fact, Paul Mitchell provides you salon styled hair in an insignificant time and with it exclusive and incredible Express Ion Complex Technology, their users can have healthy and shiny hair dipped in perfection.

Paul Mitchell’s neuro flat irons are used worldwide and offer professional results in minimal time and an excellent finish which makes these neuro smooth flat iron an ideal choice for professional stylists.

Thus, if you desire to get professionally styled hair that not only shows off volume but also speaks style then you must buy Paul Mitchell’s neuro flat irons that are designed with the latest technology giving you a sophisticated and stylish look to your locks.

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Mentioned below are the top picks of Paul Mitchell neuro flat irons to help decide which one to buy.

Paul Mitchell’s Neuro Smooth Flat Iron

The Paul Mitchell neuro smooth flat iron uses IsoTherm Titanium plates that provide their users unbelievable precision while styling your hair and it makes you look like a compete diva when you’re done.

This neuro smooth flat iron is equipped with the most advanced features and ensures that their users get the best result when using it. You can grab this straightener from Amazon at great rates.

Some of the key features of this straightener are:

  • This Paul Mitchell neuro smooth flat iron is designed and made with IsoTherm Titanium plates that provide their users with a quick and relaxed styling solution.
  • This flat iron comes with a Smartsense microchip, and this microchip helps to control and adjust the temperature of the straightener every 50 seconds. This also helps to avoid your hair from being damaged by excessive heating.
  • The facility of auto-shut is also present in this neuro smooth flat iron which is why it is effortless to use for beginners.
  • This flat iron also comes with the establishment of dual voltage through which you can style your hair anywhere you want.
  • This straightener can heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and helps provide amazing styles for fine hair as well.
  • It also comes with digital temperature settings along with an LCD, making it a great straightener for professional use as well as for using it at home.
  • Solid ceramic heaters help provide even distribution of heat to your hair and also avoid damage.

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Paul Mitchell Metal Tech Collection Neuro Smooth Flat Iron 1.25

Paul Mitchell neuro smooth flat iron is another great flat iron that is versatile as well. This flat iron also consists of IsoTherm Titanium plates, and they are covered with ceramic and are safe with oblique edges.

Apart from the fact that this straightener is not suitable for thin hair, it has a lot of key features that make it an ideal choice for daily morning routine as well as a professional styling tool.

Some key features include:

  • This Paul Mitchell neuro smooth flat iron comes with a smart sense microchip that keeps a check on not only the temperature but also contours the heat at 50 times per second.
  • It also provides you with adjustable temperature controls making it very safe to you in your busy routine.
  • It comes with a 9 feet long swivel cord along with a hanging loop making it very flexible and versatile.

This amazing styling tool allows you to straight and curl your hair with its flat ceramic plates. This is an all-in-one flat iron, and with its reasonable price, you can get it for yourself right now if you want.

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Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Neuro Style

This Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth flat iron is very different and incredibly unique. Paul Mitchell pro tool neuro style unplugged Lumina cordless flat iron can be your best friend when you’re traveling and allow you to add some last minute touchups. Not all brands have this uniqueness with them.

You can grab this neuro smooth flat iron from Amazon at very affordable prices.

Paul Mitchell has introduced you with an incredible chargeable neuro smooth flat iron that can be perfect for hair styling. It has a lot a lot of key features, but the only cons this flat iron has is, its battery does not last very long.

Some of its key features include:

  • This flat iron contains a lithium battery that increases its usability time according to the temperature settings.
  • You can charge this flat iron and give your hair touchups for 30minutes to an hour maximum.
  • It has IsoTherm Titanium plates which not only adds shine to your hair but also give them a volume
  • It is very convenient to use, and the temperature does not stick to one place.
  • You can adjust the temperature to whatever suits you from 180F-250F.
  • This neuro smooth flat iron even comes with dual voltage making it the perfect travel buddy.

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Paul Mitchell Express Ion Style

This Paul Mitchell is an expensive hair iron, but with its incredibly infused silicon plates, it is worth it. The silicon not only holds exception but it also gives you a shiny and smoother look making your hair look volumized and healthy.

This hair straightener is very reasonable, and you can grab it from Amazon right away, but it has no adjustments for temperature. However, this flat iron does have some key features that include:

  • The plates are cushioned in such a way that they can heat up to 400F in less than a minute.
  • The edges are sloping giving it a good grip.
  • It has supercharged negative ions that help manage the static that may appear in your hair.
  • Is very smooth to use and does not leave any crinkle or snag behind
  • It is also very versatile and allows you to flip and bend as well as curl and straighten your hair all with a single tool.

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Wrapping it up

You can tell from the above Paul Mitchell flat iron reviews selection that the company has a nice range of flat irons you can buy. Just make sure you go over all of the options and buy the Paul Mitchell flat iron that suits your hair type and needs the best.

When it comes to choosing the right hair styling iron and investing a big heck of money for beloved hairs, women are often seen conscious and over-sensitive. However, they are not so unpurposely!

Talking about best styling irons of the time, we consider Paul Mitchell to be one those brands whose every single model is not less than the other. The brand offers a wide range of styling and straightening irons with amazing features to be on the list of every buyer.

In this post, we have reviewed two of its known models i.e., Paul Mitchell Neuro smooth vs. Ion smooth flat iron. By the end you will come to know the best one for your hair type.
Have a look!

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron Review:

Paul Mitchell’s neuro smooth flat iron is a standard styling iron that is best for both purposes: straightening your hair to flawless perfection and styling them into curls and waves. Concerning to the core features, the iron is equipped with Isotherm titanium plates measuring 1.25 inches in length with sufficient wideness. Moreover, the iron comes with an embedded Smart Sense microchip that is to maintain the temperature as long as one uses it.

The shape is slightly contoured from the edges of the titanium plates that gives an extra room to the user to roll hair fossils in perfect curls.

Prime Features:

  • Smart Sense Microchip for temperature control
  • 1.25″ premium Isotherm Titanium plates
  • Digital led with temperature control buttons
  • Dual voltage
  • Auto Shut-off feature
  • Max heating ability up to 450 degrees

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Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth Flat Iron Review:

Rival to the Neuro smooth model, the Paul Mitchell’s ion smooth is also a styling iron with an ability to get both the jobs of straightening and curling done at total ease. Similar to the neuro model, this one also comes with 1.25 inches plates. However, the quality of the plates is a bit different in this one. The ion smooth flat iron comes with silicon and ceramic based plates. The incredible ionic technology infused plates makes this iron a best choice for the people with frizzy hair.

The ionic technology straights your hair while discharging negative ions along with the evaporation of water molecules. As a result, your hair turns out to be frizz free and pin-straight. Along with the ability to discharge negative ions, the ceramic plates also works at distributing the heat evenly to every single corner to give each strand due time and smoothness. Moreover, the heating capability runs upto 400 fahrenheit in less than five minutes. Furthermore, the styler weighs around 1.2 lbs only and comes with a comfprtable grip for easy styling. Last but not least, it also comes with an adjustable heat setting feature.

  • Variable temperature settings
  • Bevelled edges
  • Size: 1-1/4 Inch
  • Express Ion Complex infused plates ensures fast straightening and prevents hair damage.
  • Solid ceramic heaters provide even distribution over 1.25-inch cushion plates.

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Conclusion: Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth VS Ion Smooth

Reviewing the overall features of both the irons and considering their ratings from prospective users, I have concluded that both of them works efficiently at their own pace. However, it’s just the minor difference of result that makes the neuro smooth model to stand out of the list.

Reviewing the customer tale of both the irons, we found Paul Mitchel neuro smooth to hit 5 star rating by approximately 75% of the users. However, apart from full star satisfaction, its average rating was found to roam around 4.1 on the scale of 5.

Rival to the neuro model, the Paul Mitchell’s express ion smooth flat iron was found to have 5 star rating from only 70% of the users. In addition to that, the average rating was found to roam around 4 only.

Reviewing the perspective ratings from users, we came across several comments and subjective reviews from people sharing their personal experiences aswell. However, we were amazed to read that the majority reported neuro smooth to work smoothly on all types of hair, ranging from thick to thin. Many personal experiences witnessed the iron to end with frizz-free silky straight hair in no time.

On the other hand, reviewing comments from ion smooth users, we came across many users to share unsatisfactory results pertaining to the frizziness. The majority reported the iron to give smooth results with thin hair only.

I, being, an independent author, and analyzer of both the models, personally suggest users to go with the neuro smooth. My choice is backed-up with its ability to work flawlessly on all hair types. Hence, I conclude Isotherm Smart Sense technology to lead over the ceramic silicon cushioned plates.

Paul Mitchell Neuro Flat Iron

Regardless of the hair type and texture they were born with, most people have attempted to alter the appearance of their locks at one time or another throughout their lives. Chemical perms and straighteners create results that last, but can be quite harsh and damaging to hair shafts and ends. That’s why many people opt to use hair styling tools to achieve the looks they desire. The flat iron, also referred to as a straightening iron, is one of those tools that can drastically change the look and texture of naturally wavy or curly hair.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

In a family of gadgets that includes hair dryers, curling irons and hot rollers, flat irons have an important place. That’s because they are great at what they are designed to do — giving all types of hair a straight, sleek appearance while smoothing out the shafts of individual hairs for a uniform, stylish look. Flat irons are heated styling tools constructed with two metal or ceramic plates that open and close around strands of hair. Pulling the tool down the strands smooths and straightens the hair. In other words, flat irons are necessary when it comes to creating many of today’s straight, flowing ‘dos.

Over the decades, stick-straight hairstyles have come in and out of fashion. But as styles come and go, so does the desire to vary an individual hairstyle, from curly to straight whenever the feeling hits. The technology of flat irons makes it possible to sport your curls one day and have straight hair the next with minimal effort.

It’s the combination of electric-powered heat and the plates that make it possible for a flat iron to alter the appearance of hair that’s not naturally straight. However, it’s the plate material that helps protect hair from damage from the heat, as well as reduce frizz and flyaway strands. Many brands have plates that are either made entirely of ceramic or of ceramic-coated metal, like the GVP Sally Beauty Digital Ceramic Flat Iron. The advantage of the ceramic is that it produces powerful heat and negative ions that smooth hair while styling it, giving it a shiny finish. On the downside, plates that are made entirely of ceramic are prone to breakage, while ceramic-coated plates may peel over time. Additionally, they don’t do the best job straightening very curly hair.

Arguably the best type of flat iron for very thick, curly and frizzy hair is one that has plates that are coated with titanium. They too produce negative ions that help smooth and protect delicate hair shafts, but also heat up extremely fast to effectively straightener hair. Titanium models are also durable and designed to last, like the BaBylissPRO and KIPOZI straightening irons, which are top choices for both performance and longevity.

Titanium isn’t the only mineral that’s used in making flat iron plates that help reduce damage to the hair. Some plates, like those on Conair’s InfinityPro, are also coated in tiny crushed pieces of tourmaline that makes them smooth and durable. In turn, the addition of tourmaline, which can be found on ceramic and titanium plates, increases the output of negative ions and give hair even more shine.

Flat irons also come in a variety of sizes, from 1 inch to 2 1/2 inches in width. While thin plates work well on all hair lengths, those that are thicker are ideal for transforming long hair into sleek strands.

Neuro Smooth Flat Iron

Finally a flat iron that works for my finicky hair!!! I have had the original GHD for 10 years now, and although it still works, for the past year or so I noticed my hair never looked as smooth as it used to after straightening, nor did it stay smooth and silky as long as it used to; in fact, my hair looked quite frizzy and dull, so I can only assume the iron no longer heats up properly (took me a while to realize this, I was blaming my own hair!). I tried a new GHD which I returned promptly because it didn’t hold a candle to my old one, then a couple others… meh. Then I read on Paul Mitchell irons and was considering one of their older models but this one sounded interesting so I figured I’d try it, and if it sucked I could always return it. Well, I won’t need to return it 😀 (I hope, at least!). I have the silver metal limited edition version, I would have preferred the black but this is all the store had and it’s fine. It features titanium plates, and I am not joking when I say they are the smoothest plates that have ever touched my hair! Various heat settings, it heats up really fast and beeps when it reaches the desired temperature, auto shut off that you can program yourself, a long swivel cord, and a cute LED display on the exterior that shows you the temperature. I noticed that I get the best results for my thin, color treated hair at 380F. Results: my frizzy pouffy hair turns into silk, I can’t believe the smoothness and shine! And what’s best, it stays that way until I wash!! In fact, I am finally able to duplicate the look and wear I get at the salon! Been a while… I use it with frizz fighting shampoo, conditioner and leave in, and AG Firewall right before straightening. I have only used it twice so far so I can’t comment on how long it lasts or if there is damage to my hair, but I’m really hoping it lasts and that given all the products I use to protect my hair, I can keep the damage to a minimum. The only one con I can think of at this point is that the iron itself gets kind of hot on the exterior, because it’s all metal, but really that’s a minor con, considering the way it performs. The plates are 1.25" (I would have preferred the 1" but they didn’t have it), and yet I am able to do the beachy waves and curls just as easily as with the 1". Love it so far!

Best Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron Reviews

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron is the hairstyles product came into being for professional. Paul Mitchell is a respected name when it comes to reliable performance. That is why! Paul Mitchell has an important place in salons.

The brand is known for bringing the best selling and award-winning products in the market. From shampoos to flat irons, every single hair care product is in Paul Mitchell inventory. With innovative technology backed up by years of research, in the end, we have great products. These products are so promising in design and deliver what professional stylists want!

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron is one of the top and latest hair straightener from the brand. This review post dedicated to who wants to buy a Best Flat Iron. Just go through below and find your answers.

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron Features And Specifications

Design And Features:

We can say Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron is a symbol of perfection and innovation. Prominent hair straightener composed of high-end technology and exceptional materials. Creatively made! Its existence ensures to deliver what a professional stylist expects from any flat iron!

Check here its premium features and you will know why professionals love this iron.

  • Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron made with IsoTherm Titanium plates. Titanium is the most prestigious and high-performance heating material due to high conductivity. With IsoTherm technology, it has attained a new level.
  • Efficient working and high performance
  • The heating plates are 1.25 inch wide. This size is suitable for almost every hair texture and length.
  • Cutting edges of plates let the iron reach too deep in hair roots. Secondly, you want curls or flips or waves; everything is possible using Paul Mitchell Neuro iron.
  • It is super fast in heating due to Iso Them Titanium heating plates. Within 30 seconds, it is fully heated up to 450 degrees. Just imagine how much time you are going to save before leaving for a party or an event!
  • The temperature control is adjustable with LCD digital control. Digital control means accurate temperature settings. Another reason this is a compulsory hairstyling product in most salons.
  • Due to variable temperature settings, this flat iron is an eminent choice for fine, medium and coarse hair.
  • The most appealing feature is auto shut! Yeah yeah, the majority of top irons does have that! But you ever heard about customization auto shut off feature. I bet you have not! Yes, you can set auto shut off times as per your requirements.
  • It has built in SmartSense microchip. This chip ensures every 50 seconds that temperature is distributed evenly on the hair.
  • The design is ergonomic for better handling.
  • Now no more dealing with tangling and twisting, it comes with 9-foot long swivel cord.

Design And Specification:

Plate Material:

Paul Mitchell Ion Smooth Flat Iron heating plates made of high-quality titanium materials. With IsoTherm, its performance is amazing. There is no material on the earth that has more conductivity than titanium.

Plate Width:

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron Plates are 1.25 inch wide and perfect for every hair texture from fine to coarse. It also has beveled edges that are angled a bit, for giving more access to the hair.

Heating Speed:

Titanium is responsible for super fast heating and recovery. Within 30 seconds, it can be heated up to 450 degrees. Now you get it, why professionals love working with this iron! It is super fast!

Temperature Settings:

Paul Mitchell Hair Straightener temperature control is variable with the digital LCD screen. There is a Smart Sense microchip that monitors the temperature every 50 seconds to absolute accuracy.

What Types Of Hair Texture?

Being a professional flat iron does not mean it is limited to only stubborn hair types. Because of the variable temperature settings control, its applications are related to fine or medium hair texture.

But a prominent part is the high efficiency! Most girls with thick and intense hair types visit the salon as they can’t straight them at home. If you have thick curly or African Americal hair texture Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron delivers world-class straightening at home. You don’t have to worry about styling if you own this great tool.

Simply, it is made for perfection!

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron Pros And Cons:


  • It is an extremely versatile flat iron to use. With instant heating capability and multiple temperature modes. You get what you want!
  • Mostly titanium flat irons end up frying hair. But Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron is nothing like that! It gives you a high outcome but does not damaging hair. But it is recommended to leave extreme temperature settings for professionals.
  • Due to beveled plates which are slightly angled help in making every single hairstyle. And you end up with incredibly sleek and shinier hair.
  • For sure, it delivers salon-quality working.


Honestly, there is no possible flaw in the design and working of Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron and that flat Iron specially made for professional stylists! So whoever uses it at home, be careful while using high temperatures. Because amateurs may not be able to handle such intense outcomes.

Editor Review And Score

For Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron Reviews And Rating Please check the product page. If you look at the review, it is clear that whoever uses this iron becomes a fan of it. You will notice loyalty and credibility users have among all products from Paul Mitchell brand.

The dominant fact about Neuro flat iron is dealing with intense and thick hair textures. Girls with African American or mixed curly texture always face difficulty while getting the right tool. Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron is like sunshine for them. If you want waves or sleek hair, with few passes, this is possible by this Flat Iron. In fact, there is one review in which the user said with one or two passes her thick long thick hair got straight. Isn’t amazing!

A customizable shut-off feature is a cool and interesting thing. You can set shut off time! Just awesome!

And don’t forget the swivel cord and Highly efficient IsoTherm titanium plates! If you want to know more about Paul Mitchell another best flat iron, read Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth Review

Final Recommendation:

The final words for Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron are “Classic simplicity with innovative touch”. It is the perfect combo of the latest technology and versatility. IsoTherm Titanium heating plates are the unarguably best heat source. With Smart Sense microchip it is over the moon regarding absolute accuracy! Honestly, there is no reason to avoid buying this iron!

We hope this guide will help you a lot! In case, you find it helpful, please share it with your friends who are in need of guidance about Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron