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Diddy’s Son Savagely Roasted On Twitter As His Ex-Girlfriend Lori Harvey ‘Dates’ His Dad

26 July 2019, 10:37 | Updated: 26 July 2019, 10:39

Justin Combs is getting rinsed on social media after his father, Diddy, was spotted with his ex Lori Harvey. Picture: Getty

Justin Combs is getting a roasting online after his father, Diddy, is rumoured to be dating Combs’ ex-girlfriend, Lori Harvey, step-daughter of Steve Harvey.

Rumours have been bubbling lately that Diddy is said to be dating Lori Harvey, step-daughter of Steve Harvey.

Diddy & Son’s Ex-Girlfriend Lori Harvey Dating Rumours Reignite Following ‘Dinner Date’

The Hip-Hop mogul, 49, has been spotted spending time with the 22-year-old model recently. This week, the pair were photographed on what appeared to be a date, wearing matching outfits.

And while some people online have been questioning the 27-year age gap between Diddy and Lori, there’s another thing some users are focusing on – Lori allegedly used to date Diddy’s son, Justin Combs.

Justin was previously linked to Lori, pictured together here at the Official Big Game Take Over in February. Picture: Getty

Justin, 25, was spotted partying with Harvey back in February with his brother Quincy Brown at The Official Big Game Takeover, an event hosted by Diddy.

In October last year, Diddy split up with his long-term girlfriend Cassie, 32, who is now expecting her first child with hew new boyfriend, personal trainer Alex Fine.

After the new pictures of Diddy and Lori hanging out surfaced, Twitter users trolled Justin with hoards of memes.

Justin Combs walkin into the family dinner after his dad took Lori Harvey 💀pic.twitter.com/aTlFWsq2fe

— Stevie (@Stevie_Evans3) July 25, 2019

Justin combs after finding out his daddy and Lori Harvey seeing each other pic.twitter.com/dtPwYeS9K8

— ♆ Ƭℰℰ ♆ (@teemacckk) July 25, 2019

Justin Combs: Dad, u mind if Lori Harvey stay the night?
Diddy: pic.twitter.com/IgdV0lq0hc

— Reggie Watkins (@ReggieWatkinsJr) July 25, 2019

Diddy and Lori are both yet to publicly respond to the dating rumours. Lori has previously been linked to Trey Songz, Lewis Hamilton and Future, as well as Justin.

Diddy’s Relationship With Al B. Sure’s Son Quincy!

Source: Steve Mack / Getty

Some of you may already know that Kim Porter, Diddy’s Ex, had a son by Al B. Sure and Diddy adopted him. On Christmas, Diddy posted an Instagram video of Quincy singing about the cookies for Santa being ready, with the rest of his brother’s singing background. Not only does Quincy look exactly like his father, but he sounds like him too.

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Well, I think some are surprised to see Quincy in Diddy’s family photos, but Quincy considers Diddy his pops more than Al B. Click below to see an interview from “Sway in the Morning” with Quincy talking about his “dads”!

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Sean “Diddy” Combs and Lori Harvey are happily engaged, alleged by multiple rumors around Los Angeles.

Diddy the 49 year old business/music mogul and Steve Harvey’s 22 year old step daughter, Lori Harvey has been dating now for a few months.

Many fans are shocked that they were considering the idea of marriage so quickly.

Just last night, Lori Harvey was in attendance at a Ciroc party with boyfriend Diddy in Hollywood. She was sporting a HUGE diamond ring on her ring finger, plus multiple people at the event stated that the engagement ring was gifted by Diddy.

Furthermore, Lori was calling herself “somebody’s wife” on Instagram.

Virginia, Diddy’s former girlfriend brought to light that the 49 year old, Diddy has been dating and sleeping with Lori Harvey for quite sometime now.

The model – Virginia stated, “We were in Atlanta for Super Bowl . . . we were staying at this house that he rented out.” The model added, “We were having parties the whole weekend and came over.”

She also stated, “I noticed that were gone, and I was looking for them all over.” The model claims that Lori and Diddy were off together, enjoying intimate time.

According to Virginia, Diddy and Lori are officially a happy couple. She told the interviewer, “ travels all over with Diddy, to parties and even to family functions.”

Here’s Lori, on Instagram calling herself “somebody’s wife.”

And peep the giant diamond on her finger:

Diddy recently broke up with his girlfriend of 11 years, Cassie and she got pregnant by their personal trainer.

Cassie is pregnant

Check the video link below:

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Social Media Speaks: ‘Lori Harvey Dumped Diddy’s Son to Become His Stepmother!’

The news is out about Sean “Diddy” Combs and Steve and Marjorie Harvey‘s 22-year-old daughter Lori Harvey officially being ina relationship. What’s also news is that Lori dated Diddy’s son Justin first.

We don’t blame you if you weren’t paying attention, but near the end of last year, Lori and Justin Combs had social media buzzing about their relationship status when (Justin) Combs threw shade at her on Instagram for being snapped with other dudes. Fast forward to Diddy’s Super Bowl party where they were seen together (see pic below).

Again, if you were looking elsewhere, Miss Harvey was also spending time with Trey Songz, Future, and race car driver Lewis Hamilton. The bottom line is that most don’t know how deep Lori and Justin’s relationship may have gotten, but we can only wonder how her current status with Sean Combs is or will affect the father-son dynamics.


Justin Combs is seen towering over Lori Harvey at Diddy’s Super Bowl party earlier this year.

Here’s more of the story via the Daily Beast:

Harvey seems to have no qualms about being caught in what may be the most awkward love triangle in recent history. In the latest paparazzi shots of her and Diddy, she is flashing a toothy smile. The 49-year-old rapper, on the other hand, appears straight-faced and caught off guard. The would-be May-December couple have been fueling dating rumors since March, dining at Nobu in Malibu and attending a music festival in Miami, TMZ reports. Sources for Diddy have denied the rumors, claiming the pair are simply family friends, but the new photos of them—in matching striped outfits no less—will undoubtedly fan the flames.

In defense of the family friends theory, Harvey’s social media presence attests to her longstanding closeness with the Combs. When Diddy’s ex Kim Porter died last November, Harvey shared a heartfelt Instagram post calling her “Momma Kim” and thanking her for “always being so sweet and loving to me.” Diddy and Porter were together for 13 years and shared three children.

Nonetheless, Twitter was ablaze on Thursday with reactions to the confusing love triangle. Highlighting Diddy’s taken-aback expression in one of the photos, one person wrote, “Diddy look like damn you got me.” Another jokingly speculated, “Lori Harvey dumped Diddy’s son to become his stepmother.”

If these latest photos really are confirmation of the dating rumors, the Combs family is in for some uncomfortable holiday dinners—or one very dramatic episode of “Family Feud.”

Maybe. Maybe not. That’s cause according to Sandra Rose, a source close to Sean Comb’s camp says he waited until he got son Justin’s blessing before making his move on Miss Lori.

Justin and Diddy

The anonymous source said that Sean and Lori dated in secret for nearly a year before Sean told son Justin, 25.

“He wasn’t comfortable with it,” said the source, referring to Justin. “It took a while for to admit to Justin that he was smitten by Lori.”

The source said Lori was a teenager when she first met Sean – and that he liked what he saw.

Ok, that’s all we got. Your turn. Whatchoogotosayboutdis?

Future and Lori Harvey Spark Dating Rumors

Lori Harvey is moving on.

After splitting with Sean “Diddy” Combs, the model is sparking romance rumors with Future. According to Hollywood Life, the two were spotted at the same location in Malibu over the weekend.

On Sunday, Future posted a black-and-white Boomerang of a beach with the caption: “Peace of mind…”

Harvey posted a similar shot to her Instagram Stories around the same time. The photo shows her green Balenciaga purse perched on a table overlooking the beach, which was geotagged Malibu. Upon closer inspection, it appears that Harvey’s photos were taken at Nobu and nearby Soho House. The same umbrellas and railings can be seen in Future’s video, which was also taken at Soho House.

While it could just be a coincidence, Future reportedly had a “brief fling” with Lori in 2018, according to BET. Steve Harvey’s step-daughter has also been linked to Trey Songz and Diddy’s son Justin Combs.

The Future rumors come as Harvey ended her relationship with Diddy. “Him and Lori had a fun fling but Diddy is still healing and focusing on himself right now,” a source told E! News. “He is not ready to be in a long-term committed relationship and is focusing on his kids right now.”

Just hours after her beach visit, Harvey was arrested by the Beverly Hills Police Department for a hit-and-run. According to E! News, she hit a parked vehicle and flipped her Mercedes G-Wagon before fleeing the scene. She was not booked, but received a misdemeanor citation.

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Sean Combs, a man of many stage names (Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy) is the founder of Bad Boy Entertainment, the record label that once represented the timeless hip-hop icon Notorious B.I.G. as well as other prominent artists of the genre’s past. Although Bad Boy has suffered from a thin list of current acts in recent years, artists like French Montana, Machine Gun Kelly, Janelle Monae and Cassie keep the label grounded in the music business, and the label is soon to welcome Diddy’s son, rapping under the name King Combs.

Diddy signed King Combs, whose full name is Christian Combs, to Bad Boy Entertainment in 2016. The emerging rapper released his first single in 2017, which led to his debut mixtape, “90’s Baby,” and his collaboration with Chris Brown, “Love You Better,” which were both released in 2018.

On March 28, the 21-year-old rapper dropped his debut album “Cyncerely, C3,” honoring Notorious B.I.G. with a self-portrait of the legend hanging over his head in its cover art.

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King Combs applies a variety of styles to his debut, such as flirty R&B tunes, nostalgic, boom-bap reminiscent rap and some trappy bangers. The project incorporates an extensive list of features, with notable names like Jeremih and Ty Dolla $ign accompanied by a collection of lesser-known artists.

Jeremih appears on a pretty stereotypical fusion of R&B and rap for “Naughty,” where King Combs spits some lax bars split up by Jeremih’s smooth singing on the track’s hook. The two artists plead for their lady listeners’ admiration over a slow-bouncing beat. Personally, the track makes me gag, and even those who enjoy a sort of party-infused, seductive R&B jam will likely conclude that “Naughty” is a dud. With a forgettable chorus and unsentimental lyrics, the song fails to impress even its target audience.

“Good To Ya” features Ty Dolla $ign and revisits the R&B ambiance of “Naughty,” but here King Combs quickens the pace. The rapper contributes some solid verses, but Dolla $ign’s hook is repetitive nonsense that offers no value to the track. The guest appearance is definitely an eye-catcher for music browsers, but Dolla $ign is unmotivated on “Good To Ya.” Thus, both of Combs’ efforts at crafting poppy R&B jams are severely underdeveloped and together make up the weakest portion of “Cyncerely, C3.”

Despite swings and misses with big-market artists, King Combs impresses with his flow on solo tracks “Birthday Suit” and the album’s intro, “Heaven Sent.” The first track’s instrumental is a lavish amalgamation of thumping funky bass, synthesized flashes and vintage-sounding female vocal samples. Combs provides stout rhymes in the form of one continuous verse over the well-polished instrumental. His lines contain little wordplay, but he delivers head-bobbing flows that keep listeners engaged, and his flow resembles his father’s softer-spoken style as a lyricist.

Similar to the opener, “Birthday Suit” has a strong beat, with an engulfing synth that swallows the boom-bap instrumental during portions of Combs’ swift verses. Unlike “Heaven Sent,” on “Birthday Suit” King Combs adds a chorus, but it is delivered with little energy and fails to act as a peak for the track. He also continues to share his admiration for old-school rap legends with a line shouting out 2Pac in the eight track’s chorus.

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In combination with his two ’90s-inspired rap-ballads, Combs also employs new-school sound on tracks “Surf” and “On It!” “Surf” features vocals from Combs, City Girls, AzChike and Tee Grizzley in a ratchet, club-banger concoction. Still, the kicking and pumping beat doesn’t push many boundaries. Tee Grizzley’s unorthodox flow on his appearance was enjoyable, but the three-minute track is hardly special.

“On It!” brings AzChike and 1TakeJay on board for an animated, bass-quaking banger. The rappers’ voices slide well over the beat, their lyrics are extremely coarse and the track disturbs the peace. King Combs is slightly overshadowed by the off-beat flows of 1TakeJay that act as the concluding verse. Off-beat rap is a style that has been revitalized recently by trending artists like SOB X RBE and Blueface, emanating from their West-Coast predecessors, such as the rap veteran E-40. The concluding verse of “On It!” is definitely a high point of the features included on Combs’ debut, although it is rather vain.

One of the strongest tracks off “Cyncerely, C3” has to be “Young Roman$e” thanks to 16-year-old rapper Smooky MarGielaa’s emphatic performance. MarGielaa follows Combs’ decent opening verse with heavily auto-tuned vocals that start nimbly, then advance into an electric crescendo of high notes. The teenage rapper uses an infectious blend of song and rap and switches tempos supremely. Similar to “On It!” King Combs is overshadowed by the guest appearance.

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Overall, “Cyncerely, C3” offers a limited glimpse into King Combs’ abilities as a studio artist due to its short 25-minute length, along with its extensive list of guests. Consequently, Combs exhibited a lack of presence on several tracks. His performances are very clean-sounding with neat flows and Combs displayed how he could tackle a variety of beats without sounding like an amateur. However, there is little that is setting him apart musically. He seems to have the right personality and swagger for a thriving rapper, but he has yet to captivate with his song writing.

“Cyncerely, C3” does offer several dynamic instrumentals, especially for those who appreciate old-school hip-hop flavor. Nonetheless, the instrumentation of the album is unable to compensate for the shortcomings of its vocal performances.

Diddy and Kim Porter, who shockingly passed away on Nov. 15, raised four kids together before their split. We’ve got all the details on the rapper’s other two children and a timeline of his love life!

Diddy, 49, and his family are going through an incredibly tough time after the shocking death of his ex, Kim Porter, 47. He and the model started a family together before their 2007 split, but she wasn’t the only one to have kids with the rapper. In fact, Puffy’s high school sweetheart Misa Hylton-Brim, 41, was the first. The designer welcomed Diddy’s son back in 1993, and Justin went on to play college football for UCLA and dabble in acting. Besides appearances as himself on My Super Sweet 16 and Wild ‘N Out, he had his first real role in 2016’s Date With a Hammer. And although his parents split, Justin gained half-siblings on both his mom and dad’s side. Misa, who went on to have an amazing career designing clothes for hip-hop artists, welcomed two more children while Diddy went on to have three with Kim.

The rapper and Kim, an actress and model, started dating in 1994 and were on and off for over a decade. They never got married, but Diddy did admit on Ellen DeGeneres‘ show once that he’d been engaged for four hours. Maybe he popped the question to Kim? Whatever the case, these two had three kids together — Christian, 20, and twin daughters D’Lila Star and Jessie James, 11 — but also raised Kim’s son Quincy, 27, from her previous relationship with Al B. Sure, 50. You probably know the young actor from his appearances on FOX’s Star.

Before Diddy and Kim split in 2007, they took a break in 1999 for a few years. Not only did they battle for custody of Christian in court, but the rapper went on to date Jennifer Lopez, 49, before getting back together with Kim. He was also linked to another woman in 2006 when Sarah Chapman, 39, gave birth to Diddy’s daughter Chance, 12 — although he didn’t tell Kim about his infidelity until after their twin girls were born in 2007. That same year, he took legal responsibility for Chance.

View this post on Instagram

TEAM LOVE!! Love is gonna work it out!

A post shared by Diddy (@diddy) on Dec 27, 2017 at 6:04pm PST

When they broke up shortly after, Kim issued this statement. “In ending this relationship, I made a decision that was in the best interest of myself, Sean and our family,” she said. “I look forward to moving on with my life and my career, and wish him prosperity, health and happiness in life and in love. We will remain friends and committed parents to our children.” And just like she said, Kim and Diddy stayed friends. She even regularly shouted him out on Instagram on his birthday and Father’s Day.

The rapper went on to date Cassie, 32, and the two made their relationship public in 2012 — although they reportedly have been seeing each other since 2007. Their lengthy relationship had its fair share of ups and downs, but it appears to have ended for good. Not only did the pair stop posting about each other on social media, but Diddy was seen hanging with another woman.

At the moment, rumor has it Diddy is seeing Jocelyn Chew, 26. He and the model were spotted at a concert in October 2018, then in Miami. But despite splitting from Cassie, it doesn’t seem like there’s any bad blood between the two. She even wished him a happy birthday on Instagram calling him “king” and including a heart emoji.

Source: Getty / Getty

Diddy, Lori Harvey And Justin Hanging Out

Well, this is quite the family affair. Diddy has caught all sorts of flack over the last few months over his relationship with Lori Harvey. For one, he’s almost twice her age and even though her stepdad Steve Harvey is seemingly unbothered by it and hung out with the couple in Italy–there’s still a HUGE scandal looming. There are allegations that Lori dated Diddy’s son, Justin, first. This has prompted social media to speculate about what kind of person dates his damn son’s ex.

Well, all of that has gotten complicated a bit this weekend as videos from Magic City’s social media show Diddy, Lori AND Justin hanging out together. That’s right. Diddy was in Atlanta for the Revolt Summit and had Lori with him…as well as Justin. Wild.

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🎬👑@diddy 🐐 @jermainedupri @troubleman31 #Revolt 🥁 #RevoltSummit 💼🕺🏽👨🏾‍🏫✍🏽@MagicCityAtlanta #MagicCity #StripClub #Stripper #Atlanta #ExoticDancers 🏆 🎯#ATL #AdultEntertainment 🥃🍑🍾🥂

A post shared by Magic City since 1985 (@magiccityatlanta) on Sep 15, 2019 at 1:51am PDT

You can get a good look at the three of them HERE.
Excuse us, what? Seriously? So either this is some crazy bit of an understanding or some forgiveness that we can’t even wrap our brains around. But hey, that’s family business. Twitter, of course, has a LOT of speculation over the whole thing.

Take a look…

This Diddy, Lori Harvey, Justin shit one of the weirder things I’ve seen

— #runasoneszn (@_SwankSinatra_1) September 16, 2019

Awkward Or Nah? Diddy Parties w/ Lori Harvey & Justin Combs At The Strip Club

(Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

It’s a family affair!

While the Lori Harvey, and Diddy work to dispel rumors that the alleged couple are expecting a baby, the two seemed to be having a good time this weekend.

The two stepped out together at Magic City in Atlanta, but the internet is really talking about the fact that Justin Combs was also partying with them. Justin and Lori Harvey were rumored to have once dated long before the current rumors of herself and Diddy sparked online.

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#PressPlay: Okay!! Issa family affair at the skrripp club with the #Combs’ 👀👀 #LoriHarvey, her alleged ex #JustinCombs & his father #Diddy were all spotted together at #MagicCity strip club in #ATL 👀

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on Sep 15, 2019 at 5:22pm PDT

This all comes after the a month full of rumors which included a breakup, and a possible pregnancy.

Not long ago, Diddy and Harvey were in another situation, many on the internet deemed awkward where the two hung out and had dinner with Steve Harvey and Majorie Harvey.

Steve Harvey prioritizing the bag over intergrity. Lori Harvey and Diddy in Italy. cc Mo’nique pic.twitter.com/Q5TTzShZQi

— PANDAMERA (Old Account) (@pandamera_) August 9, 2019

This tea is so piping hot that it is burning our tongues. Sean “Diddy” Combs and Lori Harvey’s dating clue is a lot. The 22-year-old daughter of Steve Harvey also happens to be Diddy’s son’s ex-girlfriend. They recently appeared in public together in matching outfits, and fans are very, very confused.

There’s some soap-opera-level drama going on here, so let’s start at the beginning. Lori Harvey is Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter (her mom married Steve back in 2007). She’s also a successful model who has worked with brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Pretty Little Thing. She has previously been linked to the likes of Trey Songz, Future, and… Justin Combs, Diddy’s 25-year-old son.

Lori’s connection to Diddy goes beyond just dating his son, though. Diddy, 49, has known Steve for a long time. He and Lori seem to be longtime family friends. When his ex Kim Porter passed away in November, Lori even posted a tribute to her on Instagram in which she called her “Momma Kim.”

So, as you can see, it would be very, very awkward if Diddy and Lori were to now date each other, for multiple reasons. And technically, it hasn’t been confirmed that they are. But the two have been spending quite a lot of time together lately. In March, they were spotted dining at Nobu and attending a music festival in Miami. At the time, sources denied the rumors of romance, claiming that the pair are just family pals.

But then! This week, a photo appeared of Diddy and Lori on an outing in New York City. They’re wearing matching outfits, and Lori is all smiles, whereas Diddy looks like he’s gonna have a heart attack. The matching outfits thing is a lot for any couple, but in this case, it seems particularly bold. And by “bold,” we mean “savage.”

Twitter is having an absolute field day with this mess, and can you blame them?

We have so many questions for Mr. Sean Combs and Miss Lori Harvey. So, so many questions.

The streets are abuzz after rapper Sean “P. Diddy” Combs was spotted wining and dining a mystery woman who didn’t appear to be his rumored girlfriend, 22-year-old Lori Harvey.

Social media blog The Shade Room first reported the pair getting cozy over the weekend. In a series of photos, the blog pointed to evidence that Diddy and the unnamed woman, who’s described as an actress and a model, were in close company and riding in the same car.

The internet is buzzing after Sean “P.Diddy” Combs seemingly kicked his alleged girlfriend Lori Harvey to the curb and is now spending time with a new mystery woman. (Photo: @theshaderoom / Instagram)

They wasted no time getting the 411 on her, and provided followers with this juicy update: Earlier we reported on #Diddy being spotted out with a mystery girl. We found the girl y’all! She’s an actress and it looks like she’s close to the family–#JustinCombs knows her too 😩👀👀.”

The revelation came a shock to fans, many of whom clowned the Bad Boy producer for seemingly always going after his son’s “sloppy seconds.” The rapper’s alleged current girlfriend, Harvey, is reportedly the ex-girlfriend of his son Justin. Some fans clowned Lori, while others defended her.

“I guess Lori came off that wish list 😂”

“Lori who😭”

“Lori is living her life 😂😂 she a CITY CITY GIRL”

Rumblings of Diddy, 49, and Harvey’s alleged love affair started early last month after the two were spotted in the streets of New York City, sporting matching outfits as they walked hand in hand. A few weeks later, the hip-hop mogul and Harvey, stepdaughter of beloved comic Steve Harvey, were seen partying it up at Atlanta’s Magic City strip club alongside Diddy’s two sons Christian and Justin Combs.

Harvey, 22, was allegedly once romantically involved with Justin. However, that hasn’t seemed to have gotten in the way of the couple’s alleged romance.

See more in the post below.

View this post on Instagram

#TSRUpdatez: Earlier we reported on #Diddy being spotted out with a mystery girl. We found the girl y’all! She’s an actress and it looks like she’s close to the family–#JustinCombs knows her too 😩👀👀 (View earlier post)

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on Oct 12, 2019 at 1:32pm PDT

Future sharing a photo of Lori Harvey on his Instagram Stories feed was enough to send Twitter into a meltdown. The rapper seems to confirm that she’s his girlfriend.

Lori Harvey, 22, started trending on Twitter on Nov. 29 and it was all because of a photo that Future shared of her on Instagram. The 36-year-old rapper – who is currently in Abu Dhabi – shared a pic of Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter looking gorgeous in skin-tight black pants and a matching crop top. Her hair was scooped back into a simple high pony tail and she rocked diamonds on her wrists and around her neck. He captioned the pic, “Flawless. Tap for details.” The rapper – who has a son, Future, 5, with ex Ciara – is in the United Arab Emirates to perform at a gig. This pic comes mere days after she was spotted at his birthday party.

Given that Lori was most recently linked to music mogul Diddy, 50 (who is the father of one of her other rumored boyfriends, Christian Combs, 21), it was all too irresistible for fans lounging around at home, trying to recover from their Thanksgiving Day food coma. “Lori Harvey the goat man…got the king of misogyny posting her,” one person tweeted. (“Goat,” of course, stands for the “greatest of all time.”) Running through her relationship history, another person tweeted, “You gotta admire Lori Harvey. The girl is your toxic fave’s toxic fave. She’s the only chick who can leave Future, go to Trey, then go to Diddy, remain on Meek Mill’s wishlist and STILL have Future welcoming her back with open arms. A queen.” Meanwhile other gleeful fans were just praying that Lori would “break Future’s heart.”

As Lori’s fans know, the model has been linked to a number of R&B stars over the past year. Trey Songz, 35, is an ex. Meanwhile Meek Mill, 32, has even rapped about her on Drake’s track, “Going Bad.” He originally said that he’s got her on his “wish list,” but tweeted in February that he takes her “off sometimes.” “Trey my guy, I can’t just be reckless Ya know,” he wrote. “She’s fire.”

Finesser of 2019 #WeStan #LoriHarvey the goat 🐐 sis ran thru future diddy Trey 😎😌 pic.twitter.com/MM2Pp7fK5i

— illy (@illy627) November 29, 2019

I can’t wait for Lori Harvey to break Future’s heart pic.twitter.com/NiPrSip6ce

— Pizzarinah 🖤 (@OMGItsZarinah) November 29, 2019

Over the summer rumors swirled that Lori was Diddy’s latest squeeze after they were pictured vacationing together – alone (in Cabo, Mexico) and with her family (in Italy). But that ended abruptly in October when she unfollowed him on Instagram after he was spotted at Nobu in Los Angeles with actress Nicole Olivera.

Lori has been in the news most recently after getting arrested and facing hit and run charges. Her Mercedes G-Wagon flipped over after she reportedly hit another vehicle in Beverly Hills in October.