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10 Fresh Ways To Wear A White T-Shirt

You’ve almost certainly got one. If you’re smart, you’ll have about five on a perpetual rotation in your wardrobe. But what are the best ways to wear a white T-shirt?

The most staple of your wardrobe’s staples is also its most versatile: it dresses up, it dresses down, it’s the blank canvas around which you can you build any outfit. That range brings with it, however, a wide margin for error, too – misjudge the fit or what your wear it with and you look less Marlon Brando, more off-duty David Brent.

To decode this seemingly blank slate, we’ve spoken to industry insiders for ways to wear the white tee, wherever you’re heading.

Open Shirt + White Tee + Dark Jeans

Layering is an art. And the white tee should be the canvas, says Laurent Coulier, head of menswear at Menlook: “Wear the T-shirt under an open casual shirt. There’s an element of tailoring involved, but the unbuttoned touch ensures your look is relaxed.”

Effortlessness isn’t the only benefit. “Staples such as a white tee and black jeans anchor colour and prints, so feel free to mix it up,” says Coulier. “Plus, several buttons fastened around the middle can provide a more continental option.”

Mango Man

Tucked In White Tee + Trousers

Smart-casual dress codes can be difficult to navigate. Let a white tee be your pilot. “Tuck a crew neck tee into a pair of smart, relaxed-leg trousers,” says Coulier. “It nods to 1950s menswear, but can be updated with a pair of classic sneaks and a neutral worker’s jacket.”

If you’ve not yet dabbled in wide legs, tapered trousers work too. Just make sure the tee is snug (it helps if you know your way around a treadmill).

Mango MAN

White Tee + Selvedge Jeans

James Dean’s go-to move has outlived him. But by updating your cuts, you can bite his classic style in a contemporary way. “Take it back to basics with a slightly oversized white tee and a pair of indigo, selvedge jeans,” says Coulier.

A slight taper slims your physique and keeps top and bottom in balance. “Turn up the cuffs a couple of times and finish with some Adidas Originals or Converse.”

For extra Americana points, roll your sleeves. “Not only does it grant a neater edge to your tee, it also makes slight arms look bigger.” Mid-tricep is the sweet spot. Dean never invited anyone to the gun show.

Mango Man

White Tee + Leather Jacket

Dean’s other uniform is the easiest way to introduce some edge to your wardrobe. But you need to tread the line between fire ‘fit and fancy dress, says Mr Porter style director Olie Arnold. This could just as easily be a black T-shirt, but white is classic.

“There’s another side to 1950s dressing. Go for a crisp white crew neck underneath a classic leather jacket. Brands such as Schott offer a great fit with a nice balance of detailing – too few embellishments and your look is plain, too many and it can look overcrowded.”


White Tee + Black Trousers + Bomber Jacket

This season, the bomber transitioned from trend to menswear essential. And there’s nothing it works better with than another military veteran, the white tee.

A midsize bomber jacket in black can add shape to your silhouette. Finish off with a pair of black trousers and add a smart-casual balance, with the monochromatic colours tying your look together. Especially if you stick to the murdered-out memo with black trainers or loafers. That will make your tee the focal point.


White Tee + Suit

Your weekend staple can put in an at-desk appearance too. “Wear a soft, high-grade cotton white tee with a well-cut dark suit,” says Freddie Kemp, stylist at Thread. “Wool offers texture and simple block colours contrast well with the white torso.”

As with the shirt whose shift it’s covering, fit is key. Your tee should be slim enough that there’s no billow over your waistband. Yes, you have to tuck it in. No, you can’t wear beaten up Converse. But you can wear a pair of smart white trainers such as Adidas Stan Smith.

Mango Man

White Tee + Camel Overcoat

Though the white tee works with monochrome, it’s also the perfect base when you want to brighten up, if you deploy it to anchor lighter hues.

“Wearing one block tone is much easier with a white tee,” says stylist Jenna Riddle. So, this autumn, let your camel overcoat take centre stage by throwing it over a classic black jeans and white tee combo.


White Tee + Chore Jacket

A must have jacket for all year round, the chore coat is a wardrobe essential, and natural pairs perfectly with a simple white tee underneath.

Opt for a light coloured jacket so the contrast up top isn’t too severe, and wear with darker trousers or jeans for a balanced look. Leave the jacket unbuttoned so allow the white to pop underneath and keep the T-shirt untucked for louche, off-duty style.


White Tee + Denim Jacket + Contrast Jeans

A look as easy-to-wear as it is classic. The white tee’s workwear roots mean it pairs well with anything that could stand up to a day down a mine. But as ever, you need to nail the fit of your denim jacket: too tight and you’re in Libertines territory, too oversized and you’ll produce a top heavy (and usually weight-gaining) silhouette.

The perfect jacket is made from 100 per cent cotton denim. Not only is it hard-wearing, but it will remain crease free no matter where (and how) you stash it.

Finish the look with some jeans in a contrasting colour (the Texan tuxedo is still a look best left to Texans and early noughties Timberlakes). Try combining blue jackets with black jeans, and vice versa.


White Tee + Hoodie + Trainers

For more of a streetwear inspired get up, a hoodie, tee, jogger and chunky trainer look is the way to go. Keep things tonal with both navy up top and below, and match the socks with the T-shirt for a synchronised feel.

You could go for a pattern or logo hoodie showing allegiance to your chosen brand or sports team, or opt for a more pared back look that’s perfect for lounging around or heading to the gym.


What to Wear with White Jeans (Men’s Style Guide)

Wearing white jeans can sometimes be a daunting thought for gents. Even if you’re adept at styling your favourite blue and black designs, attempting to rock white denim can present a challenge. But, don’t let that stop you from wearing these seriously cool pants. With a little knowledge of what to wear with your white jeans and plenty of confidence, you’ll be able to don these trousers in serious style. Whether you want to dress them up with a blazer or down with a leather jacket, we can show you how to style your white denim for a unique and undeniably impressive appearance.

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White Jeans Outfit Ideas

White jeans are probably easier to style than you would expect. They’re also surprisingly versatile and can be worn with a variety of outfits. When rocking your bold, white jeans, it’s best to keep things simple and complete your outfit with classic styles and a minimalistic colour palette. As such, items already in your wardrobe, like a white button-up and a navy blazer, will work well to complete your look.

All White Outfits

If you’re feeling confident about rocking white jeans, you may want to try an all-white outfit. Although the look is bold, it’s also ideal for summer and certain semi-formal occasions. To ensure you get the look right, remember to stick to bright, white jeans. Then, add a matching shirt and a slighting darker, white jacket. To help balance the look, try adding in just a touch of colour. A bit of black on your shoes or a blue stripe on your shirt will keep your outfit from appearing too monotonous.


White Jeans and Blazer

White jeans are perfect for creating a stylish, smart casual or semi formal outfit. Thanks to their clean appearance, these minimalistic trousers are easy to dress up. To nail the look, all you need to do is add a tailored blazer. By doing so, you will instantly elevate your outfit and your jeans. To complete the look, choose between a T-shirt and loafers for a relaxed yet elegant appearance or a button-down shirt and dress shoes for a sophisticated style.

White Jeans and Shirt

One of the best ways to wear white jeans is just to pair them with a shirt. The combination may be simple, but it’s also incredibly smart and can be dressed up or down depending on your shoes. When it comes to choosing a shirt, light colours tend to look best and can create a coordinated appearance. A light blue denim shirt, for instance, will complement your white jeans well. Alternatively, try pairing your trousers with a striped button-up to add more interest and colour to your outfit.

White Jeans and Shoes

Although white jeans aren’t quite as versatile as other styles, they can still be paired with a variety of shoes. Selecting the right footwear for your look just depends on what you’re wearing on your upper half. If you’re donning a blazer or formal shirt, try derby shoes. If you’re rocking a T-shirt and casual jacket, sneakers will make a better choice. Loafers can also make a good option and will achieve a laid-back yet luxurious look. Boots are another type of footwear to consider and can change your overall look depending on their style. For example, chukka boots will create a smart casual appearance while chunky, lace-up boots will project an urban vibe.

White Jeans in Winter

While many men view white jeans as a purely warm-weather item, they can be worn in winter too. To make these light trousers appropriate for cooler climates, all you need to do is partner them with darker colours. Black is a particularly good choice and is ideal for achieving an awesome monochromatic outfit. To rock the look, partner your jeans with a grey sweater, black leather jacket, and black beanie. Just be sure that there’s no rain or snow forecast for the day as bad weather can quickly turn your pants from white to grey.

White Jeans in Summer

White jeans look awesome in summer and are a great alternative to darker, blue and black styles. They’re especially ideal for lightening up your look and giving it a fresh appearance. One of the best ways to wear white denim in summer is to pair it with a white T-shirt, denim jacket, and sneakers. The result will be a fresh and fashionable casual look that’s perfect for warm summer days. Alternatively, if you’re heading somewhere more formal, try a white shirt, beige blazer, and brown accessories for an outfit that looks sleek in the sun.

How to Remove Stains from White Jeans

While white jeans usually look great, the smallest stain or patch of dirt can make them appear awful. As such, knowing how to remove stains and properly clean your pants is essential for any owner of white denim. If you do get a mark on your trousers, be it from food, grass or anything else, clean it immediately to avoid a stain appearing. Start by removing excess dirt or liquid with a dry cloth. Then, use sparkling water to clean the area. Finally, wash your jeans and remember to add a little bit of bleach to keep your white jeans light and bright.

Best Jeans Brands for Men

To look great when wearing white jeans, picking a good pair is essential. So, to ensure you find a style with high-quality construction and an excellent fit, buying from a reputable brand is a no-brainer. You’ll find the best jeans for men at well-known and much-loved labels like Levi’s, A.P.C., Rag & Bone, Pepe Jeans, Versace, G-Star, Valentino, Nudie Jeans, and Saint Laurent.

What to Wear with White Jeans

  • White jeans are best paired with classic styles and a minimalistic colour palette.
  • Rock your white jeans with a black leather jacket in winter.
  • Wear white jeans with a T-shirt and a blue denim jacket in summer.
  • Try an all-white outfit with white jeans for a bold statement.
  • Pair your white jeans with a shirt for a smart casual look and blazer for a semi-formal style.
  • Choose from sneakers, boots, loafers, and derby shoes to complete an outfit with white jeans.


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There’s a huge chance that somewhere lurking in your closet or dresser is a plain white tee. You may have bought it long ago to try and tie-dye (and then forgot) or it was part of a pack of tees, and you just stuck the white one in your drawer, unsure how to make it look cute. Though it may actually come as no surprise, there are so many good ideas on how to wear a plain white t-shirt—101 of them, in fact. Sometimes, all it takes is a little imagination, creativity and a lot of inspiration. Which is, of course, why I took the liberty of rounding up some of the best white t-shirt outfits I could find. You’re welcome.

A white tee is something that’s pretty accessible to almost everyone. Whether your budget is $2 or $2,000, you can find a white t-shirt and dress it up with pretty much anything. From minimalist outfit ideas you can totally wear any day of the week to unexpected and unique ways to style a classic plain white tee, you’re sure to find an inspirational ensemble in this list. But I have nothing to wear is no longer a valid excuse, y’all. All you need is a plain white tee and a willingness to try on a few outfits. Before you know it, you’ll feel like the fashionista I know you are.

Girls Want It All.

1. Co-ord Skirt + Blazer Set


2. Layer a Black Crop Top + Black Pants + Crossbody Bag


3. Rolled Mom Jeans + Tote

Lauren Conrad/Pinterest.

4. Floral Midi Skirt + Black Block Heels + Hoop Earrings

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A post shared by CARMEN HAMILTON (@carmengracehamilton) on Aug 2, 2016 at 2:10am PDT

5. High-Waisted Black Skinny Jeans + Sunnies


6. Knotted Tee + Pink Skirt + Belt Bag

Plus Size All.

7. Teal Skirt + Clear Bag

Star Style.

8. All White Everything

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images.

10. Animal Print Skirt + Natural Bag + Headband

Just the Design.

11. Black & White Pants + Clutch


12. Layer a Neutral Mini Dress + Long Jacket + Sneakers


13. Black Leather Pants + Blazer


14. Layer a Mini Dress + White Sneakers

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Monday’s werk vibes ✌🏼 Photo not by @ju_wels @itsmekellieb

A post shared by Jessica Torres (@thisisjessicatorres) on Feb 18, 2019 at 9:18am PST

15. Blazer + Coat + Frayed Edge Jeans

Just the Design.

16. Jeans + Green Bomber Jacket


17. Jeans + Blazer + Bright Accessories


18. Knotted with Floral Skirt + Backpack

Girl with Curves.

19. Distressed Jeans + Sweater Around Waist + Sneakers


21. White Distressed Jeans + Fringe Sandals + Neutral Bag

Pure Wow.

22. Paired with Paperbag Waist Black Pants

Designerz Central.

23. Striped Skirt + Knee-High Black Boots


24. Knotted with Yellow Patterned Skirt + Stacked Bracelets

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A post shared by Romy (@its.me.romy) on Jun 11, 2019 at 4:27am PDT

25. Pleated Skirt + Gold Jewelry


26. Neutral Maxi Skirt + Sunnies

Breakfast with Audrey.

27. Animal Print Skirt + Black Clutch

Star Style.

29. Layered with Black Lingerie Top + Long Jacket


30. Floral Mini Skirt + Red Wedges

Luvly Fashion.

31. Striped Midi Skirt + Heeled Mules + Structured Bag

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Everyone’s bodies are different, and we all have different shapes, but it has nothing to do with who you are.

A post shared by Adéla Říhová (@adel.rihova) on May 30, 2019 at 2:47pm PDT

32. Rainbow Striped Skirt

Luvly Fashion.

33. Beaded Mini Skirt + Clutch

Sarah’s Real Life.

34. Black Maxi Skirt + Red Lipstick


35. Layered with Black Slip Dress + Denim Jacket + White Shoes

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A post shared by Morena Pavić Moka, Croatia (@curly_morena) on Jun 12, 2019 at 3:27am PDT

36. Red Floral Maxi Skirt + Denim Jacket


37. Black Leggings + Plaid Shirt + Sneakers

Nicolette Mason.

38. Wide Leg Black Pants + Red Heels

Girl with Curves.

40. Simple Black Pants + Red Cardigan + Sneakers


41. Cream Pants + Black Shoes


42. Satin Midi Skirt + Big Earrings


43. Layered with Pinafore Skirt + Cute Wedges

Pepa Mack.

44. Black Denim Mini Skirt + Sunnies

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45. Bike Shorts + Leather Jacket


46. Layered with Sleeveless Dress + Hat

Style Report Magazine.

47. Summer Linen Look


48. Hot Pink Maxi Skirt + Statement Necklace

Girl with Curves.

49. Curvy Dark Wash Denim + Black Heels

OC Style Report.

51. Brown Skirt + Hat

Pleats and Pearls.

52. Green Skirt + Animal Print Neck Scarf

Who What Wear/Pinterest.

53. Leather Mini Skirt + Sunnies


54. Animal Print Midi Skirt + Simple Necklace

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A post shared by LEOPOLD stūdio (@leopold_studio_) on May 26, 2019 at 6:39am PDT

55. Green Striped Pants + Straw Hat

Luvly Fashion.

56. Denim Shorts + Vest

Fashion Fade Magazine.

57. Striped Pants + Gladiator Sandals


58. Bomber Jacket + Skinny Jeans

E! Online/Pinterest.

59. Cropped Tee + Striped Mini Skirt

Endless Trends.

60. Double Denim


61. Maximalist Floral Skirt + Sandals

Who What Wear.

63. Floral Skirt + Bucket Bag + White Sunnies


64. Belted Cropped Brown Pants + White Kitten Heels

Season Outfit Fashion.

65. Navy Blazer + Skinny Jeans + Black Booties

Christian Vierig/Getty Images.

66. Long Kimono Jacket + Heels

Christian Vierig/Getty Images.

68. Layered with Hi-Low Dress + Skinny Jeans


69. Striped Pants + Oversized Sunnies

Pure Wow.

70. Animal Print Shorts + Hat


71. Jeans + Oversized Bag + Newsboy Cap

Girl with Curves.

72. Skinny Jeans + Long Black Vest

Mellow Mayo.

73. Rolled Jeans + Heeled Booties + Scarf Belt


74. All White Everything

Star Style.

75. Cream Blazer + Light Wash Jeans

Star Style.

77. Black High-Waisted Jeans + Long Brown Jacket

Fashion Enzyme.

78. Striped Paperbag Waist Shorts


79. Short-Sleeve Kimono Sweater + Slip-On Sneakers


80. Bright Polka Dot Skirt + Sandals

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Very much into khaki lately 🐊 . . . #simplelook #simpleoutfit #khakipants #khakilove #oversizedpants #oversizedlook #whitesandals #strappysandals #strappyheels #whitetshirt

A post shared by by Cosima (@inspiremecosy) on Apr 12, 2019 at 9:52am PDT

81. High-Waisted Dark Green Pants


82. Black Blazer + Black Pants + Brown Shoes


83. Distressed Jeans + Long Cardigan


84. Bright Red Wide-Leg Pants

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85. Black Pants + Red Heels

Pure Wow.

86. Striped Blazer + Denim Shorts

Girl with Curves.

87. Light Wash Distressed Jeans + Gold Jewelry

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Waiting for My Exams to be Finished Like.. 💬 #Oslo

A post shared by Maren Schia (@marenschia) on Apr 25, 2018 at 10:08am PDT

88. Layered with Dress + Bucket Hat + Dad Sneakers


89. Loose Jeans + Utility Jacket

Collection 201.

90. Knotted with Distressed Jeans

Christian Vierig/Getty Images.

91. White Cropped Jeans + Heeled Sandals + Mini Bag

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nothing like a leopard mini + the onset of iced coffee season to really get a girl in the MOOOOD http://liketk.it/2vqdV

A post shared by Em • The Lipstick Fever 👄 (@thelipstickfever) on Apr 18, 2018 at 7:50am PDT

92. Layered with Animal Print Mini Dress

Christian Vierig/Getty Images.

93. Striped Joggers + Oversized Sunnies

The Pleated Poppy.

94. Baseball Cap + Shirt Tied Around Waist

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95. Green Moto Jacket + Animal Print Booties

Who What Wear.

96. Long Blazer Coat + Mid-Wash Jeans

OC Style Report.

97. Ankle-Length Skirt + Denim Jacket

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Always a sucker for a pop of color. 🍭✨🌈 #alistedaccessories

A post shared by alyssa duffy (@alisted) on Oct 15, 2017 at 10:20am PDT

98. Layered with Crop Top + Distressed Jeans


99. Overalls + Sneakers

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A post shared by Kim Sophia Decke (@kimdecke) on Jun 16, 2019 at 9:11am PDT

100. Red Animal Print Mini Skirt + Sunnies


101. Black Skinny Jeans + Gray Denim Jacket

A version of this article was originally published in June 2013.

How to wear a white shirt – a true wardrobe essential

The white shirt is a classic item that will never go out of style. Let’s look at how to wear a white shirt in style!

Here are just some of the advantages of a nice white blouse

  • It gives you a clean crisp look.
  • There’s a style of white shirt to suit any style personality.
  • It combines with every other color you have.
  • It is a perfect background for your fabulous accessories like jewelry and scarves.
  • It is perfect to wear with all the printed trousers that are so fashionable now.
  • You can wear them in so many different ways.
    – Tuck them in.
    – Wear with a belt
    – Semi tuck
    – Wear them loose over a singlet
    – Tie a knot in front
    – Wear to the Oscars with a formal long skirt (remember Sharon Stone!). Or wear to Wimbledon tucked into a pleated skirt (Meghan Markle).

The white shirt is one of my 28 wardrobe essentials every woman should own.

I always make sure I have a white shirt in my closet because of its versatility.

If you are still looking for the perfect one, here are 13 different options for you to choose from.

I will continue to show you how stylish 40+ women are wearing their white shirts right now.

Scroll down and you’ll also find ideas on how to wear a white shirt, what to wear with your white shirt as well as a capsule wardrobe featuring 9 outfits.

Read our ultimate guide to creating a capsule wardrobe that works best for you.

A white shirt for work

Whether you’re wearing it to work or not, a crisp white shirt is the perfect addition to your closet.

Wear it to the office, or just wear it with jeans!

Lafayette 148 New York blouse

White silk blouse

If you’ve been reading 40+style for a while, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of natural fabrics, particularly silk.

Here’s why I have a problem with wearing synthetic fabrics.

Veronica Beard silk blouse

White silk shirt

Here’s another lovely option if you’re looking for a silk shirt style with a more structured collar rather than a silk blouse.

L’agence silk shirt

White see through shirt

If you want to add a bit of subtle sex appeal which is still incredibly classy, you could try a sheer or see-through shirt and add a camisole underneath.

You might want to take a look at this piece on the best camisoles for women over 40.

Ming Wang windowpane plaid button-up shirt

White long sleeve blouse

Do you prefer a long-sleeved option when it comes to blouses and shirts? Then this classic style could be for you.

You can still give it a more casual look by rolling up the sleeves if you don’t always want to wear them down to your wrist.

This could be a great option to wear with leggings.

Here’s more inspiration on how to wear leggings for women over 40.

Eileen Fisher jersey tunic

White sleeveless blouse

On the other hand, if you are searching for a white blouse for summer, or your shoulders and arms are part of your body you love, you could show them off with a sleeveless shirt.

Anne Klein peter pan collar blouse

White short sleeve blouse

Of course, you don’t have to go long, or totally sleeveless. Sometimes, the middle ground is a good style to choose.

I think this would be lovely with shorts for the summer months.

Eileen Fisher linen blouse

White sheer blouse

Another option for you if you are looking for a lovely sheer blouse. You can pop a camisole underneath this one and wear with everything from jeans to leather pants to a pencil skirt.

Equipment silk shirt

White ruffle blouse

You can see already that there are so many different styles of white shirt that you’re sure to find one that suits your style personality.

For added interest, you could try some ruffles or ruching.

Bishop + Young ruffle sleeve blouse

White lace blouse

Another fantastic idea if you want to add interest to the white blouse is choosing an option with lace.

Lace is particularly on trend this fall so you could wear with your jeans and booties to take this look into the cooler months.

Nordstrom lace inset blouse

White chiffon blouse

Chiffon isn’t a type of fabric as such. You can make chiffon from silk, nylon or polyester. Instead it refers to the properties of the fabric.

A chiffon shirt is made from a fine gauze so you’re likely to want to make sure you’re wearing underwear which provides you with some coverage underneath.

Kut from the Kloth blouse

womens oversized white shirt

Oversized clothing is particularly on trend right now. But if you do opt for an oversized shirt, make sure that you get the balance right with the rest of your outfit.

For example, you could wear this over skinny jeans, or over a fitted dress. Or you can add some structure by wearing a cropped jacket over your shirt.

Vince cotton shirt

White cotton blouse

Another great natural fabric to choose when looking for the perfect white shirt, is cotton.

Vince split neck blouse

There are a few drawbacks to a white shirt as well

Having talked about how essential a white shirt is, and shown you some you could try, it’s only fair to tell you about the drawbacks.

  • It can make you look a bit washed out (adding accessories can help with this)
  • They get dirty really quickly (Getting the right product for washing can help. Check out these tips on how to wash a white shirt.

How to wear a white shirt – What to wear with it

With those points in mind let’s have a look at some ideas of what to wear with your white shirt and some fabulous examples of women wearing the white blouse in style and some of the best white shirts in stores now.

Tops and jackets to wear with your white shirt

Really, anything goes when it comes to choosing options to wear with your white shirt. The beauty of a white shirt is its versatility.

You can wear any jacket or coat style over it, and you could also choose to add an extra layer with a v-neck sweater or cardigan.

Halogen single breasted blazer – Halogen moto jacket – BB Dakota belted vest – Halogen cashmere sweater

White shirt and jeans

I always think that a jeans and white shirt look is an absolute classic that you really can’t go wrong with. But, I also love the look of red and white worn together.

J Brand crop wide leg jeans – Paige bootcut jeans – Jag Jeans skinny jeans – Halogen ankle pants

Skirts and dresses to wear with your white shirt for women

Again, you can wear any style of skirt with your white shirt. You could choose to tuck it into a fuller skirt or a pencil skirt. Or you could wear your white shirt under your dress for a preppy look.

Ming Wang ruffle hem midi skirt – Halogen a-line skirt – Boden pencil skirt – Boss sheath dress

Shoes and accessories to wear with your white shirt

There’s nothing a white shirt doesn’t go with. But, how about keeping your look monochrome and adding some black.

Or you could add a pop of color or pattern with some red or leopard print.

Cole Hann calf hair flat – Converse sneaker – Vince Camuto cutout sandal – AGL slingback pump – Urban Originals satchel – Kate Spade New York crossbody bag – Kendra Scott pendant necklace – Kate Spade New York statement necklace

How to wear a white shirt in many different outfits – a capsule wardrobe

Here’s some more inspiration for you on what to wear with your white shirt.

Here’s how I wore my white shirt (above), with my abstract print skirt and silver shoes. You can get a similar shirt here.

Deborah (above) keeps her monochrome outfit interesting through the architectural shape of her shirt, which mirrors the shape created by her skirt. Check this similar bell sleeve blouse.

For more ideas on dressing for this style personality, check out this article on how to dress the architectural style personality.

Claudia (above) lets her skirt stand out through the use of a simple white shirt. Get a similar shirt here.

Karen (above) opts to pair her shirt with a dressy, tiered skirt. Check out this similar lace v-neck top.

Venetia (above) adds pops of red to her monochrome outfit. Get a similar scoop neck tee here.

Cute white shirts with pants

A white shirt looks just as beautiful with pants as it does with a skirt. As these images (below) show a white shirt will go with any color pants you happen to have in your closet.

Nina (above) opts for an all-white look with a pop of yellow. Here is a textured white top you can check out for a similar look.

Kristen (above) shows how beautifully white goes with khaki. Check out a similar v-neck blouse here.

Dora (above) shows off another khaki option, with leopard print sandals. You can get a similar puff sleeve blouse here.

Natalie (above) opts for a ruffled shirt worn with jeans and espadrilles for a stylish, casual look. Get a similar white blouse here.

Abi (above) wears a sheer lace, white blouse with sandals for a perfect vacation look. Check out this lace top for a similar look.

How do you feel about the white blouse? What are your ideas on how to wear a white shirt?

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As we all become a little more conscious of the impact fashion is having on the planet, buying a new outfit for every occasion is a no-go and it’s all about using what you’ve got in your wardrobe to make any outfit work.

To show you how you can take one wardrobe staple, a classic white shirt, and dress it up or down for any occasion, we had our fashion expert Gabriella Minchella style Good Housekeeping reader Nicky for five occasions.

So whether its daytime shopping or that all-important business meeting, when paired with the right pieces, a classic white shirt can see you through any occasion.

Here are Gabriella’s top tips on how to make a white shirt work for you…

Reworked Weekend Wear

Good Housekeeping

A white shirt and jeans is a weekend go-to, but instead of the standard white shirt and light denim jeans combo, we’ve reworked the weekend look and given Nicky’s outfit a 70s edge. Comfy yet chic, it’s perfect for a Saturday spent shopping or a family day out.

“The darker, smarter denim jeans with a flared 70s shape, paired with chic snake print boots instantly elevates the weekend style,” Gabriella said.

Top tip: Tuck your shirt into your jeans so you don’t loose the flattering high-waisted shape or any details, like the gold buttons on this Boden pair.

She added: “This look is neat, classy and refined. Tuck the shirt in, open the collar a little and roll up the sleeves for a simple yet stylish weekend outfit.”

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Modern Workwear

Good Housekeeping

Tailoring is a big trend for A/W 19, but it doesn’t have to mean restricting blazers and skin-tight trousers if that’s not your style. Oversized jackets and wide-legged trousers are everywhere this season and go perfectly with a classic white shirt.

“We’re nodding to the tailoring trend with these checked, wide-legged Marks & Spencer trousers. We’ve made the shirt a little bigger and baggier on Nicky, by tucking it in and then pulling it out for a laidback look,” Gabriella said.

She added: “Instead of rolling up the sleeves, we’ve turned the actual cuff up and then pushed the sleeves up. It’s a more thrown-on style, showing there is a loose, oversized way of wearing a white shirt that makes workwear modern and comfy.”

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Cotton Oversized Boyfriend Shirt The White Company thewhitecompany.com £20.00 Checked Wide Leg Trousers M&S Collection marksandspencer.com £39.50 Stan Smith Trainers adidas Originals asos.com £75.00 18ct Yellow-gold Plated Necklace Monica Vinader selfridges.com £45.00

Lady-like Skirting

Good Housekeeping

“When you think of a white shirt, you might think about it in a boxy, tailored way,” Gabriella said, “But by pairing it with more ‘lady-like pieces’ you can add a feminine twist”.

If you have more dresses and skirts in your wardrobe than jeans and trousers, fear not you can still make a white shirt work for you.

“On Nicky, we’ve teamed the white shirt with a beautiful, fluted skirt in a gorgeous rich, autumnal colour. Popping a striped roll neck underneath, some gold jewellery and pointed snake print shoes instantly breaks through the crispness of the shirt and softens the whole look,” Gabriella said.

Top tip: Inject some fun into your look by leaving the shirt sleeves fully down, but folding up the cuffs for a nice flick that shows off the striped roll neck underneath.

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Cotton Oversized Boyfriend Shirt The White Company thewhitecompany.com £20.00 Ivory Striped Polo Neck Top, £35 Mint Velvet mintvelvet.co.uk Flared Skirt Massimo Dutti massimodutti.com £89.95 Snake-finish Leather Mules Mango mango.com £19.99

Unexpected Party Wear

Good Housekeeping

A white shirt might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about party wear, but it’s an underrated staple that can keep your party look modern and fun.

“Accessories are key when it comes to wearing a white shirt to a party. The more the merrier,” Gabriella said.

She added: “Wearing a white shirt with a sequin skirt is instantly glamorous, but pairing it with embellished satin shoes and chunky jewellery in jewel tones really adds that party feel.”

Good Housekeeping

It can be difficult to know what to wear with a sparkly skirt or embellished heels, but Gabriella says by sticking to a simple white shirt, the outfit will instantly feel chic and modern.

Top tip: Simply roll the sleeves up or create the illusion of a fluted sleeve by pinching the cuffs and pushing the rest of the material up.

“Roll up the sleeves, pop the collar, open a few more buttons, and you will instantly elevate your classic white shirt in time for party season,”Gabriella said.

“It’s simple, but it’s still making a statement,” she added.

While Nicky’s Whistles skirt (£139) isn’t available online just yet, there are lots of other sparkly skirts out right now so you can still get the look.

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& Other Stories

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J Crew



Modern Tailoring

Good Housekeeping

Get in on the power suit trend and dig out your favourite two-piece suit for this look.

“Going for a blue suit made of a wool material adds texture and is softer than a standard black two-piece. But, by buttoning the collar all the way up, keeping the sleeves down and buttoned at the wrist, we ensure the style is still crisp, neat and powerful on Nicky,” Gabriella said.

Top tip: Break up the white shirt by adding a delicate gold necklace over the collar.

Shop the look

Cotton Oversized Boyfriend Shirt The White Company thewhitecompany.com £20.00 Blazer Massimo Dutti massimodutti.com £119.00 Trousers Massimo Dutti massimodutti.com £69.95 Hannah Black Leather Mules L.K.Bennett lkbennett.com £225.00
Good Housekeeping

“A different way to work the tailored trend this season is by pairing your go-to white shirt underneath a jumpsuit,” Gabriella said.

“What’s important with this look, is the material of the jumpsuit. It wouldn’t work with a silky jumpsuit, but is perfect with this suit-style Topshop piece that features a subtle checked print.”

Top tip: Team pointed shoes with wide-legged trousers to keep the look smart.

“By tightly rolling the cuffs of the sleeves up, but pulling out a little extra material at the top, you can create an interesting shape to the look that fits in perfectly with the modern, evolved tailoring trend,” Gabriella said.

Shop the look

Cotton Oversized Boyfriend Shirt The White Company thewhitecompany.com £20.00 Classic Blue Jumpsuit





White Ankle Boots Mango mango.com £19.99 Gold Flat Curb Chain Necklace Missoma missoma.com, £169

Photography by Michaela Tornaritis

Makeup by Laurretta Power for Benefit Brows

Hair by Anne Veck for Anne Veck Salons

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