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Our favorite single-serve blender is $50 off for today only


One way to combat the impending onslaught of mashed potatoes, gravy, holiday cookies, and booze is the occasional healthy smoothie or low-sugar juice. Right now everyone’s favorite NutriBullet Rx single-serve blender is on sale, down $50 to just $100 — for today only — as Best Buy’s Deal of the Day, and is just the tool to introduce a healthy new habit into your routine.

This NutriBullet has long been a favorite for fast blending and it consistently receives high marks from verified purchase reviews on both Best Buy and Amazon. It comes with three different blending cups to enlist, depending on your task at hand, and a drinking lid allows you to simply pop a top on and head out the door, smoothie in hand.

In addition to this great blender deal, Best Buy has a fun and funky set of six rainbow-colored knives (currently sold out) on sale for just $10 (down from $50) for today only.

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Best Buy

This convenient model comes with an oversized blending cup with lid, a short blending cup with lid and pitcher-cup with lid.

Best Buy

This colorful 6- knife set includes an 8-inch chef’s knife, 8-inch slicing knife, 8-inch bread knife, 7-inch santoku knife, 5.5-inch utility knife and 3.5-inch paring knife. And all come with protective shields.

Original NutriBullet

The original NutriBullet has a weaker motor than our pick, the Pro 900, and consistently left unblended chunks of frozen banana in smoothies. Photo: Michael Hession

This personal blender is the eldest member the NutriBullet family, but in this case, age does not beget wisdom. In our tests, we found the original NutriBullet produced grainier smoothies with chunks of unblended frozen fruit, and its motor strained when we blended back-to-back batches. Because the original NutriBullet and the NutriBullet Pro 900 have similar blade assemblies and cup shapes, we chalk up the original NutriBullet’s lackluster blending performance to its weaker 600-watt motor, which is two-thirds as powerful as that of the NutriBullet Pro 900. We figure the $20 price hike for the NutriBullet Pro 900 is worth it for thicker, silkier, lumpless smoothies.

This original NutriBullet also pales in comparison with the NutriBullet Pro 900 in terms of accessories. The original model doesn’t include to-go lids for the blending cup (the Pro has two), but you can purchase travel lids separately through the NutriBullet site. And out of three cups, only one is the 24-ounce size (again, the Pro has two), and the other two are short 18-ounce cups.

NutriBullet Rx

The NutriBullet Rx towers over our pick, the Pro 900, and practically dwarfs a half-gallon milk carton. We think it’s too big to be considered a personal blender. Photo: Michael Hession

To call the NutriBullet Rx a “personal blender” is a stretch, to say the least, because it’s significantly larger than the other NutriBullet blenders. The Rx model’s motor base alone measures over 9½ inches tall, with a 6¼-inch-diameter footprint (the other three models, including our top pick, measure 7¾ by 5½ inches). That extra-large diameter on the Rx means the blade assembly and “small” blending cup are wider, too. We can’t see the Rx’s blending cup fitting in a standard car cupholder because of its width and low-hanging handle. Not that we’d want to travel with the single-serve cup anyways, because the Rx package doesn’t come with screw-on travel lids like the Pro has.

  • From left to right: NutriBullet Balance “extractor” blade, NutriBullet Pro 900 “emulsifying” blade, and NutriBullet Rx extractor blade. Notice the shorter span on the Rx blade’s assembly (far right). More space between the tips of the blades and wall means ingredients can escape the blender’s wrath. Photo: Michael Hession

  • A standard NutriBullet blending cup (left) is narrower and more likely to fit in a car’s cupholder than the bulky Rx cup. The 16-ounce Zojirushi travel mug is for scale. Photo: Michael Hession

  • From left to right: NutriBullet Balance “extractor” blade, NutriBullet Pro 900 “emulsifying” blade, and NutriBullet Rx extractor blade. Notice the shorter span on the Rx blade’s assembly (far right). More space between the tips of the blades and wall means ingredients can escape the blender’s wrath. Photo: Michael Hession

  • A standard NutriBullet blending cup (left) is narrower and more likely to fit in a car’s cupholder than the bulky Rx cup. The 16-ounce Zojirushi travel mug is for scale. Photo: Michael Hession

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Considering the Rx model’s size and 1,700-watt motor, we assumed it could blend as good a smoothie as the NutriBullet Pro (if not better). But the Rx left marble-sized balls of frozen banana in each smoothie we made. This is probably because the Rx has only four blades (all other models have six). Also, the tips of those blades don’t extend as close to the container’s sides as they do on other NutriBullets (1 inch versus ⅔ inch, respectively). That means there’s more space for foods to escape pulverization.

NutriBullet Balance

Photo: Michael Hession

The newest addition to this line of personal blenders, the NutriBullet Balance, has a built-in scale. (Get it? Balance?) This model connects to an app on your phone (iOS and Android) via Bluetooth. Here’s how it works: put the blending cup on the base, and the NutriBullet Balance app on your phone walks you through a recipe. As you add ingredients to the cup, the built-in scale weighs each addition and sends the information to the app. When you’re ready to go, screw on the blade, and the Balance will blend your smoothie (or whatever) for the duration specified in the recipe. Which means that, unlike the NutriBullet Pro, you can turn on the machine and ignore it for a bit while you make coffee.

The app has hundreds of recipes to choose from, most of them smoothies, and each one provides nutritional information at the top. Or you can create your own recipe (and save it in your profile for future blends). The recipes we tried were good, but we’d like to see NutriBullet flesh out its app to include sections dedicated to specific dietary concerns, like diabetes-friendly recipes.

High-tech bells and whistles aside, the Balance blends a lump-free smoothie just like the NutriBullet Pro does (but for $60 more, at the time of writing). Even though the Balance’s 1,200-watt motor is more powerful than that of the NutriBullet Pro 900, the resulting smoothies were indistinguishable from one another.

We do appreciate that the Balance doesn’t come with a lot of needless accessories. Like the Pro 900, the Balance has everything you need for two smoothies to go, and little else.

Overall, we think the Balance has value for folks who want to watch their calorie intake, or like the idea of having recipes at their fingertips. But at its current price of $140, the Balance doesn’t offer enough extra to make that price worth paying for most people (especially because you can use any digital kitchen scale to weigh ingredients as you add them to the cup).

Nutribullet Rx Blender Review 2019: A Blender With Heating Function

If you’re in the market for a bullet blender which can make your stock-standard cold smoothies as well as blast a hot soup…keep reading.

In the Nutribullet family of blenders, the RX is the most powerful and the most versatile since it can blend cold foods, and pump heat into soups and sauces as it blends.

How does the Nutribullet RX compare to other bullet blenders? Is the sauce and soup function really worth it? How exactly does it heat and cook food? How does it handle ice? What are the main pros and cons?

All of the answers await…

Discount: 5%1,454 Reviews $149.99 −5% $142.00

What is Interesting About the Nutribullet Rx?

First of all, the Nutribullet RX has a heating function for soups and sauces. You load the “souperblast” pitcher with your ingredients, screw it onto the base, and press the “g” button until it turns red. The 7-minute cycle will begin, blending and heating the soup, before automatically turning off.

It doesn’t have a heating mechanism per se, the heat comes from the speed and duration of the spinning blades.

Note: you never put hot liquids into the RX, you start with cool or lukewarm liquids/ingredients and the blender will heat it for you. I add that because I personally would probably make the silly mistake of thinking that if the RX is safe to heat things, it’s safe to blend already-hot ingredients.

A second interesting factor to note is that the RX has a super-high wattage of 1700. This is pretty colossal compared to other Nutribullets, such as the Pro 900 which has, well, 900 watts of power. At 1700 watts, you’d hope for the smoothest smoothie ever, with not a chunk in sight. We’ll assess this factor further below.

Lastly, the RX comes with a little tool to tighten or loosen the blades. Sure, this isn’t riveting information, but it does seem important considering the fact that hot soup is going to be coming out of the machine. For this reason, the tightening tool is handy to ensure the blade assembly is tightly screwed onto the Souperblast pitcher to prevent leakage.

It also helps for when the blade assembly expands due to the heat, and becomes too hard to unscrew by hand.

It’s interesting and useful to note that many reviewers have urged existing and future RX owners to always use the blade tightening/loosening tool when removing the blade housing from the vessel. They say that this ensures that the rubber gasket stays put, and doesn’t slip out, as many customers have experienced.

What do other customers and reviews say?

As of now, the reviews are very varied. The 5-star section has 62% of the votes, and the 1-star section has 14%. This tells us that yes, there are some stellar features to behold, but there are also some pitfalls to be aware of before handing the cash over. Let’s see what has thrilled and disappointed customers.


Easy to use: many customers who left happy reviews noted how easy the RX is to use. They like the one-touch button, hands-off blending, and easy cleanup.

Powerful: the powerful, 1700-watt motor is a popular feature in the positive comment sections. Customers mention the smoothness of their smoothies, with no chunks or gritty texture, and they attribute this to the powerful motor.

Easy to clean: thrilled customers rave about how easy the RX is to clean. Either rinse it out and leave to dry, or pop into the dishwasher for a more thorough clean.


No pulse feature: some people have found the lack of a pulse feature disappointing. This isn’t a biggie, just a matter of preference.

Loud: the loudness of the RX has come under fire in negative reviews, but I think it’s just something you have to accept when using a super powerful blender. You could buy a blender cover to muffle the sound.

Leaks: quite a few unhappy customers have found that the RX leaks from the bottom, through the blade housing, and into the base. Others have found that a greasy, dark substance leaks from the blade housing into the cup, contaminating the smoothie/soup.

Gasket ring comes loose: this is by far the most common complaint in the negative review sections. It’s quite a problem for many people, as they find the rubber gasket pops out of the blade housing, and even gets stuck or chopped up as the blender blends.

Others have stated that this can be completely avoided if you use the blade tightener tool each time you secure and remove the blade housing to the cups or pitcher. This is a common complaint across the board of Nutribullet models. Some suggest keeping the blade out of the dishwasher as the heat can cause the gasket to slip.

How Does the Nutribullet Rx Measure Up to the Vitamix in Terms of Absorbing Nutrients?

It’s tough to say. The RX does have a higher wattage than all Vitamix blenders, at 1700 watts. We could assume that this extra power means that the foods are broken down to a smaller level, thus increasing nutrient absorption in the body. However, different foods require different levels of breakdown to release the most nutrients, so it’s difficult to make a good comparison between blenders in terms of nutrient absorption.

The short answer would be: they both blend foods very thoroughly, and the difference between nutrient absorption is most likely pretty minimal, if any.

Also note: when it comes to hot soups made with the Nutribullet RX, some nutrients may be lost. Enzymes which are heated to a certain point are destroyed. (This is why masticating juicers are more popular than centrifugal juicers when it comes to nutrients, as they don’t heat the produce… but that’s a totally different tangent).

What Do You Get With the Nutribullet Rx?

The new model comes in a 12-piece set, including a hardcover recipe book.

  • 1700-watt power base
  • 30 oz short cup
  • 45 oz large cup
  • Lip rings which screw onto the cups so you can drink more comfortably
  • Souperblast pitcher for soup making
  • 2-piece Souperblast pitcher lid, (with clear plastic removable venting piece)
  • Blade cleaner brush
  • Blade remover for when the blade gets stuck too tightly onto the cup or pitcher
  • Recipe book

What are the Technical Specifications?


Power (watts) 1700 Watts
Capacity from 30 oz to 45 oz
Special features (i.e. variable speeds etc.)
  • Metal drive for durability
  • Hands-off blending
  • Power button with red for Souperblast mode and green for Nutriblast mode
  • Souperblast mode runs for 7 minutes to heat soups
  • Blade housing tightener tool for loosening and tightening the blade housing onto the cups and pitcher
Color Black and silver base, clear cups with black lids and handles

Dimensions & Weight

Size 15 x 14.8 x 12.7 inches s
Weight 15.95 pounds

How Do You Use it?

For the “Nutriblast” cycle, which is basically just the normal smoothie function of the RX, you simply place the filled and secured vessel onto the base and press the power button. The button will glow green and the blender will run for one minute before turning off.

The power button glows red during the “Souperblast” cycle, and runs for seven minutes, heating the ingredients as they blend.

Can I Put Ice in My Nutribullet Rx?

Yes, you can. You can use it like a regular blender for smoothies, shakes and frozen drinks. The 1700-watt motor smashes through ice really thoroughly. Many happy customers have left reviews raving about how their RX blends ice into a lovely slush.

How Does The Nutribullet Rx Heat And Cook Food?

The Nutribullet RX comes with a special pitcher and vented lid to make what Nutribullet marketing calls “souperblasts” (yes, you can just call it soup). Once you’ve loaded the pitcher with soup (or sauce) ingredients and screwed the vented lid on top, you screw it into the base. Press the “g” button on the Magic Bullet symbol at the bottom of the base until it turns red, this will turn on the heating function.

The RX will then begin a 7-minute cycle of blending which creates heat due to the rapid speed of the blades. There’s no actual heating mechanism in the base, the heat simply comes from the friction created from 7 minutes of 1700-watt blending. The soup reaches up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Loud is it?

It’s pretty loud, as you might expect from such a high-powered blender. There are blender covers on the market, designed to muffle super-loud blenders.

How Do You Clean it? Is it Easy to Clean?

Yup, it’s easy to clean and the cups and lids are dishwasher safe too. You just need to remember to rinse the blades immediately after use, to ensure smoothie and soup residue doesn’t dry and stick onto the blades. The blades shouldn’t be put into the dishwasher, as it can damage the gaskets. It’s best to give the blades a rinse and a quick scrub with a brush, then leave to dry.

What are the Most Common Problems With the Nutribullet Rx?

The rubber gasket can come out: by far, the most common complaint, as we learned earlier. Many people have found that the rubber gasket pops out of the housing, and sometimes even finds it’s way into the blades. Others are adamant that this is completely avoidable if the blade remover is used to remove the blades.

Some reviewers have explained that by removing the blade with your hands, you are squeezing the housing from the outside, therefore creating a large enough gap for the gasket to slip out of. Whereas, when using the blade remover, the housing remains unchanged.

Leakages: leakages are also a reasonably common issue with the RX. Some people experience leakages from the blades and into the motor, while others find that an odd substance leaks from the blade housing and into the vessel itself.

The blade remover comes into play again here too, as reviewers have said if you use it to tighten the blades sufficiently, you won’t get leakages. Don’t take this as gospel though, as others have found the RX leaks even with the tightest blade application.

How Does It Compare to Other Models?

Nutribullet Rx Vs 1200

  • Similar in construction, design, hands-free usage
  • The 1200 series doesn’t have a pitcher, it only has bullet-style cups
  • The 1200 series has 1200 watts, as opposed to the RX’s 1700 watts
  • The 1200 series doesn’t have a heating cycle which the RX does have
  • The 1200 series comes with an insulated stainless steel cup, which the RX doesn’t have

Bottom Line

Depends on whether or not you want or need the heating function, or just require a powerful blender for smoothies and drinks. If you need the heating, go for the RX.

Nutribullet Rx Vs. Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

  • The Blendtec is a traditional blender with a base and a pitcher which loads from the top, and pours with a spout into a drinking vessel. It does not have bullet-style cups. The RX has a pitcher which is only for heating soups, and bullet-style cups which can double as portable drinking cups
  • The Blendtec has pre-programmed function buttons and “+/-” buttons for manually choosing speeds. The RX only has one button, the power button which is used for choosing the Nutriblast function or the Souperblast function
  • The Blendtec has a wattage of 1560, the RX has 1700 watts
  • The Blendtec does not have a heating function
  • The Blendtec is almost double the price of the RX

If you need a solid blender with good power, lots of functions and manual speeds, and you don’t need heating functions or portable cups, then go for the Blendtec.

Nutribullet Rx Vs. Breville Boss To-Go Sport Blender

  • The Breville and the RX are both bullet blenders with a base and bullet cups which can double as portable drinking cups
  • The Breville has a 1000-watt motor, the RX has 1700 watts
  • The Breville does not have a heating function
  • The Breville has a 23 oz cup and a 15 oz insulated cup. The RX cups are larger (30 and 45 oz), and are not insulated
  • The Breville has a pulse function, the RX does not
  • They are both similar in price

Again, it depends on your needs and preferences. The Breville is simpler, has smaller cups, a smaller wattage, and doesn’t have a heating function.

Nutribullet Rx Vs. Magic Bullet

  • The Magic Bullet is a lot cheaper than the RX
  • The Magic bullet has a wattage of 250 watts as opposed to the RX’s 1700 watts
  • The Magic Bullet has much smaller cups than the RX (the RX max capacity is 45 oz)
  • The Magic Bullet can grind dry ingredients such as spices, whereas the RX has to have liquid
  • The Magic Bullet doesn’t have a heating function

The Magic Bullet is a good blender for making smaller batches of smoothies, shakes, dips, salsas, and grinding dry foods. But the RX has a lot more power, and larger vessels.

Nutribullet Rx Vs. Ninja 1000 BL455

  • The Ninja 1000 is a bullet blender with a base and bullet cups, similar to the RX, but the Ninja doesn’t have a pitcher
  • The Ninja 1000 has smaller cups than the RX
  • The Ninja 1000 doesn’t have a heating function
  • The Ninja 1000 is much cheaper than the RX
  • The Ninja 1000 has 1000 watts, whereas the RX has 1700
  • The Ninja 1000 doesn’t have a manual on/off button, it’s totally hands-free, operated by twisting the vessel onto the base

I think the Ninja 1000 is more solid than the RX, and has less risk for issues (i.e. leaking and gasket troubles). It depends on whether or not the heating function is what you’re after, or if you just need a powerful blender for smoothies and drinks.

Nutribullet Rx Vs. Ninja Mega Kitchen System

  • The Ninja Mega Kitchen is a personal bullet blender, food processor, and pitcher blender all in one
  • The NMK has a 1500-watt motor, while the RX has 1700 watts
  • The NMK motor has 5 buttons: pulse, power, 1-dough, 2-blend, 3-crush, Nutri Ninja (for the bullet blender), the RX doesn’t have function buttons except for the Souperblast button
  • The NMK doesn’t have a heating function
  • They are basically the same price, give or take

If you need a personal blender, pitcher blender, and a food processor all with one base, then the Mega Kitchen System could be great for you. If you need a bullet blender for smoothies and the occasional soup, and you’ve already got a food processor, then the RX would be better.

Nutribullet Rx Vs. Ninja Pro 900

  • The Pro 900 has 900 watts, the RX has 1700 watts
  • The Pro 900 doesn’t have a heating function, the RX does
  • The Pro 900 is cheaper than the RX, by around $80 give or take
  • The Pro 900 has 18, 24, and 32-oz cups, the RX has a 30-oz cup, a 45-oz cup, and a pitcher for soups

If you need an affordable bullet blender for personal smoothies and shakes, then I’d go for the Pro 900. If you need multiple smoothie servings and hot soups, the RX is better. Also, the RX has more power, so if you tend to blend tough ingredients such as frozen fruit and kale, the RX might be a smarter choice.

Nutribullet Rx Vs. Ninja Ultima

  • The Ninja Ultima has been discontinued, the RX is still with us
  • The Ultima is a bullet blender and pitcher blender in one, with different blades for each vessel (pro extractor blades for the bullet cups and the Total Crushing Blades for the pitcher)
  • The Ninja Ultima doesn’t have a heating function, the RX does
  • The Ninja Ultima has a 10-speed dial and a pulse switch, the RX only has one button (for the Souperblast), and uses an auto-cycle for blending
  • The Ninja Ultima has a 1500-watt motor, the RX has 1700 watts

The Ultima is pretty good, but since it’s discontinued you’ll have to get a refurbished one, if at all. If you need a pitcher as well as bullet cups, take another look at the Ninja Mega Kitchen System.

Nutribullet Rx Vs. Nutri Ninja Auto iQ

  • The NN Auto iQ has 1000 watts, the RX has 1700
  • The NN Auto iQ has 18, 24, and 32-oz cups, the RX has 30 and 45-oz cups
  • The NN Auto iQ doesn’t have a heating cycle, the RX does
  • The NN Auto iQ has auto-cycle buttons (blend and ultra blend), as well as a start button and a pulse button for more control. The RX has no buttons except the Souperblast button, otherwise it runs by a hands-free auto cycle
  • The NN Auto iQ blades are more angular than the RX blades
  • The NN Auto iQ is around $60 cheaper, give or take

The Auto iQ is a great blender, with more options for the user to control the blending duration. It doesn’t have a heating function, but it’s powerful and pretty affordable. Both great options depending on your needs.

Nutribullet Rx Vs. Nutribullet Balance

  • NB Balance has Bluetooth capabilities and connects to the Balance app so you can calculate the nutritional info of your smoothie
  • The NB Balance has 1200 watts, the RX has 1700
  • The largest cup size with the NB Balance is 32 oz, the largest with the RX is 45 oz
  • The NB Balance doesn’t have a heating function, the RX does
  • The NB Balance is a little pricier depending on where and when you buy it, and if a sale is on

If you want to track your macros and calories, then the Balance could be a good choice. It’s less powerful than the RX, but still very powerful with 1200 watts. However, you do pay more for the smart technology so it’s best to decide if you really need it, otherwise go for a simpler model like the Pro 900. If you need the heating function, then, of course, the RX is better.

Nutribullet Rx Vs. Nutribullet Lean

  • The NB Lean has been designed to fit in with a weight loss program. It comes with portion-control plates, spoons, and the cups have markings to ensure the right ingredients are being portioned correctly. It comes with a 7-day weight loss plan
  • The largest cup capacity with the NB Lean is 32 oz, the largest with the RX is 45 oz
  • The NB Lean has a wattage of 1200, the RX has a wattage of 1700
  • The NB Lean doesn’t have a heating function, the RX does
  • The NB Lean is activated by a one-touch button which starts the 60-second auto blend, this is similar to the RX which has a one-touch button to activate the Nutriblast (smoothie) or the Souperblast (heating) functions which run on automatic timers
  • The NB Lean is slightly cheaper, depending on where and when you purchase it

If you want all of the weight loss accessories such as the portioned plate, 7-day plan, access to the LEAN app, and portion-controlled cups, then the Lean is a good choice. Otherwise, you’re just getting a bunch of accessories you don’t really need. You may as well get the RX instead, as you’re getting more power, and the option of heating soups and sauces as well as making smoothies.

Nutribullet Rx Vs. Nutribullet Prime

  • The NB Prime has 1000 watts, the RX has 1700 watts
  • The NB Prime comes with a 28-oz insulated, stainless steel vessel, the RX does not
  • The NB Prime does not have a heating function, the RX does
  • The NB Prime has a maximum capacity of 32 oz, the RX has a maximum capacity of 45 oz
  • The NB Prime comes with flip-top lids for portable drinking, the RX doesn’t come with flip-top lids
  • The NB Prime comes with vessel grips, the RX does not
  • The NB Prime is slightly cheaper than the RX
  • The both run on auto-timed cycles with no buttons to press

I like the accessories that come with the Prime, especially the flip-top lids and the stainless steel cup. If you just need a good blender for smoothies and shakes, I’d go for the Prime.

Nutribullet Rx Vs. Nutribullet Select

  • The NB Select has 950 watts, the RX has 1700 watts
  • The NB Select has a control dial with 5 speeds, and “crush”, “pulse”, and “blend” functions, the RX does not have dials or manual functions, it runs on an auto-cycle
  • The NB Select does not have a heating function, the RX does
  • The NB Select comes with 10, 28 and 32 oz vessels, the RX comes with 30 and 45 oz vessels
  • The NB Select is slightly cheaper than the RX, depending on where and when you buy it

The RX has more power, but the Select has the option of selecting the speed and function. If you prefer to have more control over your blending, and you don’t care about the heating function, then the Select might be better for you.

Nutribullet Rx Vs. Vitamix 5300

  • The Vitamix 5300 is a comprehensive pitcher blender, whereas the RX is a bullet blender with cups as opposed to a large pitcher
  • The Vitamix 5300 has 1380 watts, the RX has 1700
  • The Vitamix 5300 can mix dough, the RX is not designed for this
  • The Vitamix 5300 can heat soups and sauces, just like the RX
  • The Vitamix 5300 is far pricier than the RX
  • The Vitamix 5300 has a 10-speed dial and a pulse button, the RX does not have manual functions, but runs on an auto-cycle
  • The Vitamix 5300 has a capacity of 64 oz, the RX has a capacity of 45 oz

If you’re in the market for a solid, long-lasting, pitcher blender to sit on your counter and be used for a wide range of tasks, then I would absolutely go for the Vitamix if your budget allows. It offers more versatility and control, and a much larger capacity.

Are There Other Replacement Parts or Accessories?

You can purchase a replacement extractor blade from Amazon and the Nutribullet RX website.

Can I Find it at Other Retailers Such as Costco, Kohls, Macy’s, Target, Walmart or Walgreens?

  • Costco: not as of now
  • Kohl’s: not as of now, but they do have the Pro 900, the regular 600, the Balance, and the Magic Bullet
  • Macy’s: Yes, and as of now, it’s on sale
  • Target: not as of now. But they do have the Pro 900, the Balance, the Magic Bullet, and the Veggie Bullet
  • Walmart: yes, it’s in stock currently
  • Walgreens: not as of now

Where Can I Buy a Refurbished One?

You can find certified refurbished Nutribullet RX’s on Amazon from a few different sellers.

What’s the Warranty?

It comes with a 1-year warranty, but you can purchase an extended four-year warranty from NutriBullet if you wish.

What’s the Best Price for the Nutribullet Rx and Where Can I Buy it?

Check regularly with Amazon to catch any sales or specials which may come up.

Verdict: Is This Blender for You?

The Nutribullet RX is a great blender, if you take the leaking and the slipping gaskets out of consideration. The wattage is awesome, the heating function is handy, and the blending power for smoothies is fabulous. Personally, I wouldn’t use a blender for making soups, as I’m just a more traditional cook.

However, if you’re short of time and need a quick way to prepare hot, healthy soups then, by all means, consider the RX. For something a little simpler, (i.e. for daily personal smoothies) and without the risk of gasket-slippage, something like the Nutribullet Pro 900 will serve you well.

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A Review of the NutriBullet RX

Newest to the Nutribullet family comes the Nutribullet RX. Is the Nutribullet RX a rebadge of the previous Nutribullet 900 in a shiny new casing with a couple of added features? Have Nutribullet finally got it right this time and produced a blender worthy of taking on the big brand names such as Vitamix and Blendtec a lower price?

As the competition heats up between rivalling bullet blender producers – have Nutribullet brought a revolutionary blender to the table?

Find out in this review…

#1★★★★★★★★★★ Nutribullet RX The NutriBullet offers premium nutrition extraction for those with an active lifestyle 1 Year Warranty 1700 Watts / 2.3 HP Single Speed + No Pulse Metal Drive Socket 2 Single Walled Cups Dishwasher Safe Made in China 1,100+ Amazon Reviews! $ Med

In The Box

The Nutribullet RX comes packed with:

  • 1x 30oz Single Walled Cup
  • 1x 45oz Single Walled Cup
  • 1x 1 litre Blending Pitcher
  • 1x set of Blades
  • Blade Remover
  • 2.3 HP, 1700watt Power Base

In Action

To see the Nutribullet RX in action against the Vitamix S30, be sure to see our vitamix vs nutribullet showdown.

If like many people, you are tossing up between the Nutribullet and the Ninja Auto IQ, make sure you visit our nutribullet rx vs ninja challenge.

The Good

There is a lot of good to be said about the Nutribullet RX. Firstly, the results are quite impressive and equal those of the Vitamix S30 and Blendtec series. It does a great job of liquefying anything you put into the container including ice, frozen berries and breaking down seeds as small as linseeds.

The powerful 1700 watt motor creates green smoothies and soups with ease. You do need to add water or other liquids to frozen ingredients as the blender has no pulse feature, tamper or mechanism to get things moving should they become stuck.

The blender comes with two cups that screw directly onto the base allowing you to blend the smoothie, attach the provided lid – consume or take with you. The one litre pitcher is a great inclusion – useful if you have a small family or plan on creating large quantities.

A large improvement over previous models is the metal drive socket and gears on the blade housing. The metal makes the blender more durable over cheaper plastic that wears down easily with constant use.

The Bad

The Nutribullet RX is extremely easy to use. You take your cup and fill it will the ingredients to make your master piece. You screw on the lid, tightening it with the provided hand tool and pop it on to the base. The base senses you have placed the cup onto the base and automates your blend for 1 minute.

If you are creating soup, you press the disguised button on the bottom of the base that will extend the blend cycle for 7 minutes. Once complete the blender will automatically turn off. The base has no locking mechanism to hold the cup or pitcher in place so it’s easy to insert and remove.

What so bad about that I hear you say – sound easy enough right? Sure, on the surface of things it looks easy. The first problem is that there is no On / Off switch. Ok.. I hear you say.. Well let’s say you are blending with minimal liquid and things become stuck as they often do in any blender. You’ll need to pull the cup / pitcher off the base whiles it running – give it a shake, then reinsert.

If you remove the cup or pitcher at a slight angle, you’ll notice a loud grinding noise – that will cause ware and tare over time. Once in a while is ok, but suppose you have some stubborn ingredients that need you to do this often with – it can become quite cumbersome. It also reset the automated timer.

The other complain here is the hand tightening tool. If you forget to use the tool and tighten by hand, you’ll end up with a sticky mess. No other blender requires the use of such a tool. Should you need to move the ingredients around with a spatula, you’ll need to use the tool. If you plan on using the machine all the time, you’ll need to use the tool… I think you get the point…

And The Ugly

There are two major issues that plague the Nutribullet RX. The first issue is caused by the gasket ring. The gasket ring is a rubber ring forms a seal between the cup and the blade housing – designed to stop leaks while blending. The gasket needs to be removed and cleaned after every use or you risk food contamination.

The problem with the gasket lies in its position. It’s located inside the blade housing next to the blades. To remove the gasket, you need to pry it lose with a dull knife. Once cleaned, reinserting it can be cumbersome as you need to stretch the rubber seal, working your fingers around it to get it back in place. Doing so is not easy and exposes your unprotected fingers to the blades.

The next problem lies with the cooling vent. The powerful 1700 watt motor in the Nutribullet RX can generate some serious heat. It needs dedicated cooling when blending tough ingredients that puts the blender through its paces.

The cooling vent is located half way up the body of the machine. It’s the grid of small holes below the warning messages. Should your blender leak during use, spilling liquid over the vent, it will be sucked in as there is no safe guard in place. This will cause serious damage to the motor.


In wrapping up this review of the NutriBullet RX, I can say the blender performs it job very well but has its obvious design flaws. If you’re not fazed by fiddling around with the gasket ring or removing the blade housing from the cup with the provided tool – this may be the blender for you.

The performance you get for the price you pay is quite reasonable – when compared to the major brands such as Vitamix and Blendtec. The strongest thing going for the NutriBullet RX is its ability to purify and pulverise anything you put before it – making it perfect for green smoothie and soups.

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NutriBullet RX image: This blender comes with a pitcher and two small individual serving blending cups. Image 2 of 4 NutriBullet RX image: Suction cups on the base keep this blender firmly in place on the countertop. Image 3 of 4 NutriBullet RX image: This is the unit with the most watts in our blender reviews. Image 4 of 4 NutriBullet RX image: This blender features just one button, which makes it very easy to use.

No product in our blender reviews tops NutriBullet Rx for power. This unit uses 1,700 watts to break down fruits, vegetables and nuts. Yet in our tests, this blender didn’t create a perfectly smooth final product fast enough in most cases. All of our high-power blenders broke down foods, but most in our lineup did a better job of smoothing ingredients out in a short amount of time than this one. For better results, consider the Oster Versa.

We got decent smoothies with the NutriBullet Rx, but it took a little time and coaxing. The frozen fruits didn’t want to make their way to the blade. It broke down the ice but did so unevenly. The soup came out hot, but half of the machines in our comparison made hotter soup.

One way the NutriBullet Rx stands out in a good way is in its ease of use. There is just the one button so you really can’t go wrong. This machine is convenient for getting exactly the serving you want, too. It comes with three different pitchers, two of which are designed to use for drinking. Blending and drinking out of the same small container will save some dishwashing time. The blenders that come with just one large pitcher can feel like a lot to clean if all you made was a small amount of dip or a single serving of smoothie.

With the most power it is hardly surprising that this is the unit that made the most noise of any in our comparison. This is not really a huge issue if you live alone, but if you need to make a smoothie in the wee hours of the morning and the rest of your household is asleep, it may lead to discord. It can also make enemies if you live in an apartment complex with relatively thin walls. If you are looking for a quiet blender, this is not going to be the right fit.

The warranty on this machine is pretty short comparatively, and there are not that many customer support options. The manual should answer most questions, though.

The NutriBullet Rx did break down the foods we used to test, but other machines generally did so more quickly and with slightly better results. This may still be a good option if your main concern is convenience, though. This machine is so easy to use and clean, and you can blend and drink out of one vessel, which can save you some time.

Nutribullet RX 1700 Watt Blender Reviews – Is it the Best Nutribullet blender?

  • Featured with no ‘on and off’ switch, speed adjustment, plungers or time setting, the Nutribullet Rx is an efficient device that will extract foods into most bio-state as possible.
  • It applies a unique technology where it automatically turns at exactly the right RPM and stops at the right interval, at the right time.
  • The New Rx comes with a heating functionality which can be used to warm delicious, nutrient rich soup and other food staffs.

1. Nutribullet Rx Features

This product comes with great features that make it one of the best products in the market today.

Some of these features include:

  • High Torque Power Base – 2.3 HP & 1700 watt motor
  • Made in China
  • Hands-free SMART technology
  • Heating cycle for soups & sauces
  • LxWxH – 15.2 x 15.2 x 13.1 inches
  • Weight – 14.7 pounds
  • 30 oz and 45 oz Cups
  • One Touch Buttons and easy to use
  • 1 year warranty

This Blender comes with a 30 day refund policy . For you to initiate the refund process, you will have to contact customer care.

2. Merits

The Nutribullet Rx offers a lot of benefits to the consumers, which include:

  • Very powerful

    • The product comes with a powerful motor of 1700watts.The power in the Nutribullet Rx is twice compared to many products of this kind.
    • There are only few blenders in the market that can challenge the Nutribullet Rx, notably with a perfect score in blending leafy greens perfectly.
  • New and Improved Design

    • It offers an impressive design. For example, the way the blades have been designed all foods are more likely to be chopped instead of getting lodged under them.
    • For a very long time, the Nutribullet community has been requesting for a blender that can blend hot soap, and today this is possible with an RX. However, it is important to note also that the Rx create hot soup in a way different from the Vitamix.
    • From its design, it seems the Nutribullet Rx uses a heating unit that brings the blended contents to a piping hot temperature. However, the overall point is that heating your nutritious soup with an Rx is not a problem.
  • The Nutribullet Rx smoothie strong point

    • Making smoothies is the strong point of this product. Many people love the product because of its ability to make a cup of smoothies that can be taken on the go.
    • The product is loved because it offers a medium of powerful and yet the magic of portability.

3. Demerits

As everything else, the Nutribullet Rx has its limitations. However, these limitations cannot be glossed over. Below are the limitations that the product has in the order of their importance.

  • The construction of the blender

    • There are many reports that the blender falls apart on them. There is a possible fact that they are doing so due to improper care.
    • However, even though this is the case, this is a major problem that this should ever happen. If a blender breaks down only after a few months of use is a major warning to the consumer before buying.
  • Warranty

    • The company offers a one-year warranty with this blender. However, with all the reports of this device breaking down only after a few months, I think the company should rethink the whole warranty period.
    • At the same time, they should come up with a whole new and durable spare-parts that will last longer that would be used by consumers after reporting the breakdown.
  • Noise

    • In comparison to its predecessors, the Rx is far louder. One may wonder if it is the power that comes with the blender. However, try making something in the morning without waking your family up will be a problem.

4. Summary – Merits & Demerits

Things we liked

  • ​Heating Functionality-can heat soups & sauces
  • Hardcover Recipe Book Included
  • BPA Free

Things we didn’t like

  • Slightly more expensive than the Nutribullet pro or 600

5. Bottom Line

The Nutribullet RX is a premium product with highlighly superior features compared to other blenders in the market.

I love the fact that it has a heating functionality, I can make my hot soup with easy. You don’t have to buy an expensive blender such as the Vitamix to get this feature. I’ve had a positive experience with this blender and I do recommend it.