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Rehab Addict’s Nicole Curtis Says the Custody Battle Over Son Harper Has Been ‘Heart-Wrenching’

Rehab Addict star Nicole Curtis has been embroiled in a vicious two-year custody battle for her 30-month-old son, Harper, and says the entire process has been “heart-wrenching.”

The DIY star stunned fans when she revealed she was pregnant for the second time in 2015, a fact she had first decided to keep secret.

“I was worried about being judged,” Curtis, 41, tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “It was a very difficult time for me. There I was, almost 40, having another child on my own.”

Already a single mom to son Ethan, 19, Curtis had every intention of raising Harper, 2 1/2, without help. But after her ex, Minnesota-based businessman Shane Maguire, 54, found out he was the father, he asserted his parental rights and was awarded visitation. Suddenly, Curtis found herself having to turn over her then-6-month-old son twice a week.

“Harper had never, ever been away from me before,” she says. “That was the most horrific moment. It was heart-wrenching.”

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As an advocate for attachment parenting, a philosophy that promotes the bond of the primary caregiver and infant through extreme responsiveness and physical closeness, being separated from Harper was difficult enough. But as an exclusively breastfed baby, the situation was worsened as Curtis struggled with how to feed Harper while they were apart.

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“He had never had a bottle before, and then all of a sudden that was his only option while he was with his dad,” says Curtis, who adds that she was physically unable to follow a court instruction to pump enough breast milk in advance for the baby’s time away from her. “I’ve always been a fighter. If something’s not right, I’m the first person to stand up. And I don’t believe that my child should have to wean because of our situation,” she says.

This has since become a point of contention in the exes’ vicious two-year custody battle. Maguire initially accused the HGTV star of continuing to breastfeed their toddler as a way to prevent him from getting time with his son. Curtis, however, denies that she ever wanted it to become a problem. (She practices babyled weaning where Harper eats at his own pace.)

Image zoom From left: Nicole Curtis, her son Harper and Shane

“It’s so important that children have both of their parents. But me from breastfeeding my child just so he can see the dad is not right,” she says.

To read more about Curtis’ story, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

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After legally proving that “my body did not produce enough,” she was granted access to Harper, who she continues to breast feed at 30 months, once a day during Maguire’s visitations. Curtis says the order wasn’t made official until Harper was already 11 months old and ended when he turned 1. Curtis continues to have guilt, though, about the impact the situation has had on Harper.

“He has attachment issues with all this hustling back and forth,” she says. “And whether it’s the mother or the father, when you take that person away for , it does have a traumatic effect.”

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Maguire has filed several motions over the course of a year to enforce his parenting time (one of which resulted in Curtis being held in contempt of court), but Curtis says things are slowly getting to a more secure place. Maguire’s attorney, Jerry Cavellier, says his client has “recently purchased his own home in the Detroit area,” where Curtis is based, adding, “He would do anything for his son, including relocating to another state. He is a wonderful father.”

“We’re working on it,” Curtis says of the situation. “It’s still not perfect or even close, but it’s a lot better.”

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Home renovation guru Nicole Curtis has been in the spotlight for years — but how much do you really know about the 41-year-old Rehab Addict star? Scroll down to see everything you need to know about Nicole, her love life, children, and more.

Is Nicole married? Who is her husband?

Nicole is not married nor does she have a husband at this time. According to multiple outlets, Nicole was previously hitched to Steve Lane but the two reportedly split in 2009. Following her divorce, she dated Shane Maguire for several years but they ended their relationship and were then subsequently embattled in a custody fight over their son. “I would give anything to have a husband that loved me and supported me and, you know, took the kids out for pizza while I designed, but I just have never had that,” Nicole previously told Country Living magazine.

Does Nicole have any children? How many?

Yes, Nicole is a mother of two sons. She has an older son named Ethan from her previous marriage to Steve Lane. In May 2015, the TV star gave birth to her second child, a son named Harper. Harper’s dad is Nicole’s former partner Shane Maguire. In her memoir (, Nicole revealed that she learned she was pregnant with her second baby shortly after her 38th birthday. When she told her then-boyfriend, Shane, his reaction was not what she expected.

“I had wanted my fabulous Mister to look at me with tears in his eyes and say what I was thinking: that this was the greatest thing we’d never asked for,” she wrote. Sadly, Nicole and Shane ended their relationship soon after Nicole revealed she was expecting and then had a messy custody battle over Harper.

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What happened with Nicole’s custody battle?

Six months after Harper’s birth, Shane first sued Nicole for joint custody of their son — and the former couple has been in court ever since battling several different disputes. For her part, Nicole requested to have the records of her paternity case sealed from the public and asked a judge to disallow Shane from having overnight visits with Harper until he turned two years old. Both requests were denied in court.

“I never knew a nursing baby could be separated from their mother. If someone took puppies from their mom at two weeks, people would be in an uproar,” Nicole recently told Country Living of the situation. “My life is absolutely not perfect. The most important thing for me is to be strong for my children. I’ve never enjoyed the moment because I know it can go away at any time.”

In late November 2017, she admitted that she’s “in the process of weaning” her son off of breastfeeding because of the custody battle. Her ex has badmouthed her choice to continue until her son was 2.5 years old “in an attempt to humiliate and embarrass” her, she said in court docs obtained by The Blast.

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Where does Nicole live?

For the past three years, Nicole was living in a newly-renovated 1904 home in Detroit. However, Shane is now accusing her of moving from Michigan to California to keep him from seeing his son, The Blast reported on Sunday, March 18. He said he recently showed up to her Detroit abode to pick up Harper, and when he texted her to say he was there, she claimed she doesn’t have a house in Michigan, which Shane says is a “blatant lie.”

Shane lives in Minnesota, and in September 2017, told Nicole he would move to Michigan to be closer to Harper. He claims that Nicole then “began scheming her next move” to California without telling him, which frustrated him because he says he would have moved to California if he had known her plans.

Shane wrote an email to his lawyer that read, “Now I sit here alone in Michigan where Nicole chose to run the day before Harper’s due date, gave birth to him and where she has remained almost three years. She argued many times that I should not make Harper travel and wrote as much (many times) to her social media groups. So, I moved my life to accommodate and make it easier for Harper.”

The note continued, “Now my son is somewhere in California instead of here with me. This is just not healthy for a three-year-old! Nor for me for that matter. It’s breaking my heart and I can’t take much more of it! I can’t sleep and wake in the middle of the night in anguish for Harper’s wee heart. Shane added, “How does she keep getting away with this? This is a crucial time in Harper’s life and Nicole Curtis is eating that time up with her inability to be a selfless, caring mother.”

He’s also claiming that she’s done this exact same thing once before with her other son’s father “without the thought of what was best for her son.” Awkward…

Recently, Nicole aired her frustrations on Instagram, writing:

“People ask me what it’s like to work in a male-dominated industry—piece of cake. Now ask me about the struggle of having my breasts discussed in an open court room, my child’s name sold to tabloids, being court ordered to pump rather than feed my baby the only way he knows how only to be ridiculed when I cry that I can’t produce enough milk with a pump, the humiliation of sitting in front of a stranger while topless hooked up to a breastpump so they could document that yes, indeed my body doesn’t produce enough milk by pumping, then the humiliation of having to put that document on public record and sit in a court room of strangers all privy to an open discussion about my body—and the worst part of all this ? I’m not the only one. I never intended for my story to be public. I wanted my privacy, I asked for records to be sealed—I was laughed at. Now that it’s public, not by my doing, I’m berated for speaking out … nothing is more natural than an infant’s attachment to their mother—and before we all assume that all the parties involved stripping mothers of their right to breastfeed are men—think again.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises breastfeeding for 12 months and as long after as desired. The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding for two years and beyond.

(h/t: People)

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It’s been a tough couple of years for Nicole Curtis, the Rehab Addict of HGTV and DIY fame. But she’s finally back on our small screens as her show kicked off its eighth season earlier this month, and we’re here to answer all your burning questions. Scroll down to learn more about the series and the woman behind it!

Who is Rehab Addict?

That would be Nicole Curtis, investor, realtor, and restoration expert. “I got interested in rehabbing because I was poor,” she told The Arizona Republic in 2014. “Nothing motivates you to learn how to do something like not having the money to pay to have it done. I’ve never bought anything turnkey and never will. I’ve never ‘flipped’ a house in my life … I rehab houses out of necessity.”

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Where is Rehab Addict filmed?

For its first three seasons, Rehab Addict gussied up houses in Minneapolis, MN, and nearby St. Paul. Since Season 4, however, the show has branched out to Detroit, MI, and Akron, OH (It makes sense! Nicole grew up in Lake Orion, MI, and she lived in Detroit as of 2014.)

How old is Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis?

Thanks to a 2011 Twitter post of hers — on the occasion of her 35th birthday — we know Nicole was born on Aug. 20, 1976. That means she’s 41 years old… with the energy level of someone half her age!

What happened to Rehab Addict’s husband?

Before the show premiered, Nicole was married to a guy named Steve Lane, with whome she had son Ethan, 19, but they split in 2009, and details of their divorce are scarce.

What’s going on with Rehab Addict’s kids?

Nicole’s been embroiled in a custody battle with another ex, Shane Maguire, over their son Harper, and she opened up about how painful it has been. “Harper had never, ever been away from me before,” she said to People, explaining that she planned to raise him alone until Shane found out and insisted on taking the baby twice a week. “That was the most horrific moment. It was heart-wrenching.” Another problem was that she was still breastfeeding the baby. and the court forced her to pump ahead of time and she couldn’t produce enough. “I’ve always been a fighter. If something’s not right, I’m the first person to stand up. And I don’t believe that my child should have to wean because of our situation,” she said. Though things have since gotten “a lot better,” she still claims that the back and fourth has caused “attachment issues” for their son.

“I would give anything to have a husband that loved me and supported me, and, you know, took the kids out for pizza while I designed,” she told Country Living this April. “But I just never had that.”

On Nov. 28, The Blast obtained court docs revealing that Nicole decided to stop breastfeeding her son at 2.5 years old because Shawn has used it “in a attempt to humiliate and embarrass” her.

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What happened to Rehab Addict?

The show was off the airwaves for nearly a year and a half — but can you blame Nicole for wanting some downtime? Though she recently teamed up with Bobby Prothero, her new partner and lead builder. “We built a business, just around our family schedules,” she told DIY. “It gave us a chance to regroup and really start focusing on what we really wanted to do.”

When does Rehab Addict come back on?

Season 8 finally premiered on Oct. 4, and the show airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST. Pre-war buildings of the Midwest, get ready for your close-up!

“Almost time to open the doors to my LAST Minneapolis project,” she posted on Instagram. In the same sentence, she invited everyone to stop by and participate in a fundraiser for the Backpack Project, a nonprofit supporting homeless teens.

It’s an interesting way for a reality TV star to announce that she is washing her hands of an entire city, but Curtis has long been at war with Minneapolis over this very property — the fateful “LAST” house.

It all began in 2012, when the pint-sized, drywall-busting TV host bought the condemned north Minneapolis house from the city for all of $2. She had agreed to “substantially complete construction” on the old Victorian property within a year of the sale.

A year came and went. Construction noises rose to a chorus and, unexpectedly, stopped. Felled trees and building detritus littered the yard, and the house remained old, vacant, and uninhabitable. Neighbors, who had been hoping to see a home full of family activity by this point, shook their heads and worried about trespassers and drug dealers taking up residence.

“If this was in Edina, she would be crucified,” one North Side resident, Jonathan Lundberg told City Pages in 2015.

Curtis always seemed to have something new to say about why she was behind. In 2014, on her Facebook page, she posted about contractors that “kept pushing back” and left worksites “in shambles.” Two of her contractors, in fact, filed liens totaling $36,000 for work that had been left unpaid. The property later fell behind on its taxes.

In 2015, neighbor Aimee Lundberg asked for an update on the project via Facebook message, and an unnamed person running Curtis’ account replied that there was “no update” and that “over the weekend someone threatened and issued a letter blackmailing her regarding the property. Therefore, it is on hold again.”

Meanwhile, Curtis and a group of preservationists were loudly protesting the razing of the historical Orth House in Uptown. Curtis called City Council Member Lisa Bender a “liar” and “destroyer of history” on Facebook. Tensions were rising, and increasingly, city leadership was less than charmed by the realty of this reality TV home renovation.

In 2017, the city of Minneapolis took Curtis to court, saying she had “failed” to redevelop the property on time, pay property taxes, and maintain insurance on the house, and the city wanted her to give it back.

Curtis admitted that the house, indeed, wasn’t done, but she laid the blame at the city’s feet. She “was prevented and/or delayed from completing performance of the contract’s terms due to the acts of and the acts of third parties.” She accused the city of blocking her rehab effort by demanding a $200,000 deposit in exchange for a building permit. The city denied it did any such thing.

Later that year, Curtis and Minneapolis settled. Curtis would have to complete the project in six months. If she failed, she’d have to turn the home over to the city.

It’s late November, and the end has finally come — not with a bang, but with an Instagram post.

She never went into detail about why this house, as she said in her announcement, would be her “LAST” in the city — nor did she respond to interview requests. But after years of fighting with Minneapolis residents and government, Nicole Curtis intends to take her hammer — and her smile — elsewhere.

TV’s Nicole Curtis finally completes – and is ready to sell – her ‘last’ rehab in Minneapolis

After more than five years, one lawsuit and multiple headlines, the 19th-century Victorian house that TV star Nicole Curtis has been renovating in north Minneapolis is finally finished and ready to hit the market.

Curtis, DIY Network’s “Rehab Addict,” said she plans to list the house, priced at $425,000, within the next three or four days. It’s the last rehab that the outspoken preservation advocate will undertake in Minneapolis, she said. On Dec. 9, she will hold an open house at the property, 1522 Hillside Av. N., from 1 to 3 p.m. to raise money for Backpack Project MN, a charity for homeless youths.

“This will be the only time to see it finished — it will not be on the show,” said Curtis, who lives in Los Angeles but plans to return to Minnesota for the open house. Visitors can donate $5 or more to tour the five-bedroom, 3,000-square-foot house, with proceeds used to buy backpacks filled with supplies, gift cards and clothing for homeless teens who have aged out of foster care.

Curtis bought the house, believed to have been built in the 1870s and the oldest house in the Jordan neighborhood, from the city for $2 several years ago. However, the drawn-out renovation project upset neighbors, and the city sued Curtis’ company last year, then settled and gave her a deadline to complete the renovations.

“This project was a pain,” Curtis acknowledged. The house, which was days from demolition when she bought it, was in such poor shape that it had to be completely gutted and taken down to the studs. One handrail, three doors and some hardwood flooring are all that’s left of the original interior, she said, although it “still feels old,” filled with salvaged materials and fixtures. In the kitchen, 1920s cabinets from Bauer Brothers were retrofitted into the brand-new space by a custom cabinet maker. The turret now houses a new master suite. The house has new custom wood-framed windows by A-Craft, a balcony to match the original, a full walkout basement and a tuck-under garage. “This is definitely a renovation vs. a restoration,” she said.

The Hillside house is known as the Almeda Yates house. Yates was a teacher, artist and missionary who commissioned architect William Haight to design a house for her on the highest spot on the hill. It had been remodeled many times, said Curtis, with asbestos siding that had to be abated.

Though Curtis is done with projects in Minneapolis, she visits often to see friends. “It’s bittersweet,” she said. “I love the people in Minneapolis but I don’t agree with city politics.” She plans to continue rehabbing houses in other cities, including her native Detroit, “that welcome what we’re doing,” she said. “I can’t keep ramming my head against the wall. That’s why we’ve moved on.”

She also plans to sell her house in Uptown. And after recently completing another season of her long-running show, she’s decided to take a break, she said, to seek “peace and reorganize. We’ve been filming continuously,” she said. “We’re taking time off.”

‘Rehab Addict’ Star Nicole Curtis Accused of Violating Court Order in Foreclosure Battle

HGTV’s “Rehab Addict” star Nicole Curtis is being accused of refusing to hand over the house keys to the homes a judge ordered into foreclosure.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the court-appointed third party receiver is accusing Curtis of violating a recent court order over the sale of her homes to cover a $32k debt.

The court receiver explains the judge ordered Curtis’ two homes to be sold off. The judge also ordered the receiver to get possession of the homes, hire a realtor and get the highest offer. He also ordered Curtis to not interfere with the process and to provide access to the receiver.

In the newly filed docs, Curtis is accused of being in violation of the access order by not providing the keys to her properties.

A judge has yet to rule on this new motion.

As The Blast first reported, Nicole Curtis was originally sued by the law firm Schnelz Wells P.C., claiming she has refused to pay up on a $31,976.96 bill relating to the legal battle with her baby daddy.

Earlier this year, a judge hit Curtis with a default judgment and the order stated an official will be appointed by the court to foreclose on two of Curtis’ homes in Lake Orion, Michigan. The official will sell off the properties owned and use the proceeds to pay off the $31,976.96 owed to the former lawyers.

One of the homes was purchased for $120,000 and the second was bought for $130,000, but the order stated both homes will be sold off at auction.

Curtis demanded the default judgment be vacated claiming she was not properly served with the lawsuit. She claims that when she was, she immediately took action.

She said her former lawyers placing liens against her home over an allegedly unpaid bill is possibly illegal and calls into question the ethical and legal issues about an attorney going after a client like this.

Curtis believed she may have been charged for duplicate services and says she paid over $20,000 and did object to invoices sent to her.

A judge shut down her request to vacate the judgment and the Michigan Court of Appeals denied her attempt to reverse a decision over staying the case.

HGTV star Nicole Curtis seeks unpaid child support in court

Some television viewers in California who watch “Rehab Addict” starring Nicole Curtis might relate to her real-world problems. Her most recent dispute with her former partner concerns $6,059.50 in unpaid child support for their 3-year-old son. The HGTV star filed a court petition that requires the child’s father to appear in court and explain why he has not made payment. If he does not show up, he could be held in contempt of court and ultimately face arrest.

The parents have engaged in a long series of disputes over their son. In July 2018, the father pursued sole custody. His court filings described Curtis as unfit to be a mother. He claimed that she had defied a court order and tried to prevent him from seeing his child.

In October 2018, the parents hammered out a joint custody deal that did not include any requirements for either party to pay child support. A previous custody arrangement had obliged the father to pay $1,200 per month. The unpaid child support motivating the mother’s latest court action might arise from unmet financial obligations from that first custody deal.

Unpaid child support could impose financial hardship on a family or expose the person who owes the money to serious consequences. Whether someone needs to recover unpaid support or catch up on delinquent payments, the services of an attorney might improve the outcome. Legal counsel could help a client settle the matter privately. If necessary, an attorney could initiate enforcement actions through the court or petition a court to lower the payment amount if a person has suffered a job loss or other crisis.

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. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. (2014). Methadone Treatment for Pregnant Women.

‘Rehab Addict’ Star Nicole Curtis Settles Nasty Custody Battle with Baby Daddy

“Rehab Addict” star Nicole Curtis has reached a settlement with her baby daddy, bringing an end to his attempt to strip her of custody.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Curtis and Shane Maguire have avoided an upcoming court trial over custody by submitting their deal to the court.

The agreement states the two will now share joint physical and legal custody of their 3-year-old son, Harper.

Curtis and Maguire agreed not to trash talk the other to their son or attempt to alienate the minor child from the other. The deal also says neither side will put their son on medication for longer than 30 days without consent.

Previously, Maguire expressed that he planned to move to California to be closer to his son but feared if he did, Curtis would pack up and leave the state with their kid. As part of the settlement, they agreed that neither will move and there would be a penalty if either tried to change it.

Nicole Curtis says the deal they worked out was “heavily, heavily negotiated” and involved “substantial compromises.”

As part of the deal, she has agreed to create a trust for their son, which she will fund with $250,000. Maguire will then be allowed to use the $250k to purchase a condo within 25 miles of Curtis’ home in Cali.

Maguire is required to pay back the money by their son’s 19th birthday.

The deal has neither side paying child support, which means Curtis agreed to cut the $1,200 a month she was receiving previously.

Earlier this year, Maguire filed a request for custody in the ongoing custody battle with Nicole Curtis. He claimed Curtis has been “incapable of facilitating” the relationship between Maguire and their son.

Maguire claimed the HGTV star was trying to “ruin their relationship entirely” by making custodial handoffs a “game of cat and mouse.”

Because of her alleged actions, Maguire claimed Curtis was “not a fit and proper person to share legal or physical custody of the minor.”

Curtis denied his allegations and demanded he not be granted his motion to strip her of custody.

She accused Maguire of resorting to “the heavy-handed and headline-attracting maneuver of seeking a change of legal and physical custody”

Back in 2016, the court entered a final judgment in their case that covered custody, support and other issues.

Nicole Curtis Bio

Who is Nicole Curtis?

Nicole Curtis is an American T.V. personality. She is the host of HGTV’s home renovation show and producer.

She is also prominent as producer and actress for “Rehab Addict” (2010), “Home & Family” (2012) and “Daryl’s Restoration Over-Hall” (2014).

Nicole Curtis: Age, Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity

Nicole Curtis was born on 20th August 1976, to Anglo-Norman heritage. She experienced her childhood at Lake Orion, Michigan, in the United States of America.

Her father’s name is Rod Curtis and her mother’s name is Joanie Curtis. They own a garbage business in Detroit and are of Caucasian ethnicity.

She has a brother, Ryan Curtis who is an actor. She was highly interested in the entertaining field mainly T.V. and in the acting field from a very early age.

Nicole Curtis: Education

As per her education, she attended ‘Lake Orion High school’ and graduated from there in 1994. She also attended other colleges in Florida.

Nicole Curtis: Professional Life, Career

While in school, she was an active member of dance classes and other athletic programs which really helped her to shape a career.

She has worked as a waitress at Hooters. She began hosting a popular reality show Rehab Addict in 1990.

There she advocated the preservation and restoration of ‘existing architecture over demolition’.

The show gained more popularity and positive reviews from viewers and critics. Curtis also founded the ‘Nicole Curtis Foundation’ which works to collect funds and serve orphan, poor, and homeless people.

Nicole Curtis: Salary, Net Worth

Nicole Curtis has a net worth of $7 million.

According to the sources, the average salary of an HGTV host is estimated to be $74,608.

Nicole Curtis: Rumors, Controversy

Nicole Curtis’ relations with her parents and brother are estranged. Her parents look down at her and her mother has said that Nicole is a tough person to deal with. She had tried to hide her second pregnancy in bizarre ways.

She lied to a community in Minneapolis about fixing a house. Moreover, she has been into controversies due to her bitter relations with her parents, brother, ex-husband, an ex-partner.

The custody battle for second son Harper with her ex-partner Shane Maguire is ongoing. Nicole’s mother has filed a restraining order against her. Nicole has also been threatened by a Judge with a jail term.

She has been accused of faking her relations with her elder son on TV. She had tried to hide and also kidnap her son Harper from his father.

Nicole Curtis: Body Measurements

She has blonde hair and her eyes are light brown. Nicole Curtis is 5 feet 3 inches tall. Her weight is 56 kg. Her body measurements are 36-24-35 inches.

Nicole Curtis: Social Media Profile

She has more than 1 million followers on Facebook. She has more than 132k followers on Twitter and has more than 267k followers on Instagram.

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