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It wasn’t long ago that our beloved TODAY co-host Natalie Morales moved west to sit alongside Kit Hoover on “Access Hollywood Live.” And although she’s handled the transition quite flawlessly, there are some obvious differences that have occurred in her morning routine since swapping time zones. When she’s not rushing around trying to finalize scripts before going on the air, Natalie is running the canyon trails, eating avocados for breakfast and enjoying the always-sunny skies of California.

We caught up with Natalie to find out how she’s been adjusting to life on the West Coast as part of our Morning Routine series.

Courtesy of Natalie Morales

How has your morning routine changed since moving to California?

I’m still waking up early — sometimes even earlier for TODAY show hits. That can be a 2:30-3 a.m. wake-up call. But the rest of the week I get up at 4:45 a.m. and I’m out the door by 5:15 a.m. As I drive to work, I have my Sirius station programmed to the TODAY show channel 108 so I don’t miss out on anything.

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When I arrive at “Access,” we have a morning meeting to talk about the show and prep for upcoming guests. I then get show ready and read through the day’s news. “Access Live” is up at 8 a.m. Pacific time.

Natalie Morales and Kit Hoover chat with Charlie Puth on set.Courtesy of Natalie Morales

When the show is over, we prep for the night show, “Access Hollywood,” and work on scripts. My day is usually over around 1:30 p.m., but I usually have a few shoots a week for the TODAY show after “Access” wraps up. I’m busier than ever, but also love my new life in sunny Cali.

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What can you tell us about your new workout routine?

I love that I never have to run on a treadmill again! I hike a few times a week with my buddy Kit Hoover at one of the canyon trails nearby. I run outside all the time in my neighborhood. I also take some great workout classes, like Orangetheory, which is a combo of cardio and weights. I try to squeeze a little exercise in at least 5-6 times a week.

What’s the one breakfast item you can’t live without now that you’re in LA?

Avocados! On toast or with lemon and cayenne, with eggs… Nothing is more satisfying than avocado and there is no shortage of it here in California. Also, during every morning prelive show, Kit and I get a kale green smoothie that has a ginger kick to it.

Natalie welcomes Jason Derulo to set at Access Hollywood. Courtesy of Natalie Morales

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What’s it like waking up in warm, sunny California weather every day?

I feel so blessed every day I wake up and see the sun. It’s true what they say that the sunshine and lack of affects you emotionally. I definitely am getting used to a beautiful day, every day… The only thing I’m missing? Wearing chunky knit sweaters and coats, but the nice thing is it still cools down a lot at night so I can break out some of them in the evening.

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Natalie and Anthony Anderson share a laugh while on set! Courtesy of Natalie Morales

What has surprised you most about being on West Coast time?

Well it’s not surprising, but it seems like the whole world operates on East Coast time… So I’ll wake up to over a hundred emails and so much to do before I even get out the door. It’s hard keeping up sometimes with the time zones.

Natalie Morales is now speaking out after Matt Lauer, her former Today show co-anchor, was fired from the NBC morning show because of alleged “inappropriate sexual behavior” in the workplace.

In a statement during her show Access Hollywood Live, Morales says she was just as stunned by the allegations as we were. “I woke up to the news like everyone this morning—just in shock,” she said. “The Today show, of course, has been my family for 16 years now and it is difficult. I think everyone is saying how difficult it is to process the news.”

Morales also addressed the past rumors that she and Lauer had had an affair. “I have personally dealt with rumors in the past for years that were hurtful to me, my family—they diminished my hard work. I’ve addressed those rumors head-on in the past,” she said, referring to her past comments that said stories were “completely absurd” as well as “damaging, hurtful, and extremely sexist.”

VIDEO: Louis C.K. Admits Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Him “Are True”

“That is not the story today. The story today is the courage of a colleague who did come forward, and when and if she wants to tell her story publicly, I’m sure she will. But it did take a lot of courage for her to come forward. It was no doubt a very painful decision,” Morales added in her live statement.

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Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb broke the news of Lauer’s firing Monday morning on the Today show by reading a statement from NBC News chairman Andrew Lack. It revealed that the company had received a complaint from a colleague who accused Lauer of sexual harassment.

Forget “the Rachel” — NBC host Natalie Morales wants to introduce us all to “the Katherine.” On Thursday’s episode of Today with Jenna and Hoda, Natalie and Maria Shriver were filling in as co-hosts, and Natalie showed off her new lob.

The inspo for her new ‘do? Maria’s daughter Katherine Schwartzenegger, who recently cropped her hair into a blunt, textured lob.

After being inspired by @MariaShriver’s daughter, @KSchwarzenegger, @NMoralesNBC chopped her hair! We love it!

— TODAY with Hoda & Jenna (@HodaAndJenna) September 5, 2019

“I call it ‘the Katherine,’” Natalie said, running her fingers through her new hairdo. She went on to describe how she went up to the Today hairstylist and got Katherine’s cut just a few minutes later.

Katherine was honored, to say the least, and shared her feelings on Instagram.

View this post on Instagram

“THE KATHERINE” haircut! 😭 Had the best time visiting yesterday and @nmoralesnbc your hair looks perfect! You three are so wonderful, fun and inspiring and it made my day and week to be able to come and hang ! Hope to come back soon! PS how good does my mama look in her chic outfit and #sensualshriver hair!

A post shared by Katherine Schwarzenegger (@katherineschwarzenegger) on Sep 5, 2019 at 9:24am PDT

“THE KATHERINE” haircut!,” she wrote. “Had the best time visiting yesterday and @nmoralesnbc your hair looks perfect! You three are so wonderful, fun and inspiring and it made my day and week to be able to come and hang ! Hope to come back soon!”

Fans are loving it too. In response to the tweet from Hoda and Jenna Bush-Hager’s show page, one wrote, “Well I’m jealous cause I want my hair to look like Katherine’s!!”

If you’re wondering where Jenna is in all of this, she’s been on maternity leave since August. She just gave birth to her son, Henry Harold Hager, but we’re predicting she’ll be back in late September or early October.

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Katherine Schwarzenegger’s New Textured Bob Inspired Natalie Morales to Chop Her Hair

Katherine Schwarzenegger‘s chic bob haircut is providing some serious hair inspiration!

One day after the 29-year-old author stopped by Rockefeller Plaza to visit her mom Maria Shriver, 63, during an appearance on Today, Natalie Morales explained that Schwarzenegger’s shorter ‘do inspired her to chop her own hair before taping the show.

“Guess who got her hair cut this morning. It inspired me. I call it the Katherine!” Morales, 47, said while co-hosting Today with Hoda & Jenna alongside Shriver and Hoda Kotb, 55.

After being inspired by @MariaShriver’s daughter, @KSchwarzenegger, @NMoralesNBC chopped her hair! We love it!

— TODAY with Hoda & Jenna (@HodaAndJenna) September 5, 2019

Both Kotb and Shriver complimented Morales’ shoulder-grazing, textured lob as she showed it off. “We should all cut our hair like Katherine and reverse age,” Shriver joked.

Schwarzenegger has helped update her mom’s look too, Shriver explained.

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“I had TV hair which she said was from the ’80s,” the journalist said. “So she said fix the wardrobe. Fix the makeup. Fix the hair. I don’t know if it’s working, but!”

Image zoom Owen Kolasinski/; Nathan Congleton/NBC Image zoom Nathan Congleton/NBC

Schwarzenegger posted a sweet photo with her mom backstage at Today after stopping by the set to show her support.

“LOVE visiting my mama at work before of a jam packed day in the big 🍎,” she captioned the photo.

Shriver shared the same image on her Instagram feed saying, “Blessed that a special someone came to visit me in the makeup room! Not only am I so grateful that I’m here with @hodakotb anchoring @hodaandjenna this week, but I got to share the experiences with my daughter, @katherineschwarzenegger.”

She added: “I feel so fortunate to be invited and included and was so happy to include Katherine today. My hope is that you all include someone today. It goes a long way. #wednesdaywisdom.”

Natalie Morales, Actress & Writer

“I just wrapped this movie I’m really excited about–it’s with Emma Stone and Steve Carell called Battle of the Sexes. It’s set in the ’70s and real ’70s style is super fun—I had feathered bangs and everything. Then two weeks ago I changed my hair from brunette to white-blond. My agents were worried it might affect casting and whatever, but I figure people can just Google me. They’ll find the Natalie Morales from the Today Show though, so they’re going to have to Google a little further, and then they’ll find me.

Since I completely changed my hair color, my beauty routine has sort of changed, too. I want to get my hair to be really white–it was dyed dark brown before this for the movie so it was hard to pull the color up. My regular hair is like honey, it’s a lighter brown. But after the first round, my colorist, Jenelle Oldham, was like, ‘I don’t want your hair to fall off so just come back in a few weeks.’ This is only the fourth time I’ve washed my hair and I’m not sure what works yet, but I did have to change all my hair products. I have a pretty good purple conditioner I’ve been using called Evo’s Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Conditioner that seems to keep my hair from getting yellow. It’s funny because that’s the name of like, that purple floor cleaner.

While I was working on the movie, Emma Stone recommended the Salux towel to me, and I really like it. I wouldn’t use it to wash my dishes even though you can, but I do use it to wash my body. Then I’ve also been using this charcoal konjac sponge lately and my skin seems to love it. Way fewer breakouts. I use it with Cosmedix Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser. My incredible friend and make-up artist Myriam Arougheti turned me on to that brand and my skin does really well with it. I also use their moisturizer, Phytoclear. It’s light yet balmy enough that it really absorbs into my skin and leaves it dewy.

I’ve tried to analyze this recently, because I feel like every person I know has routines in life, and I almost never do the same thing twice. The closest thing to a routine I ever had was this lipstick by Ilia called Arabian Nights. I was using that every single day, but I don’t know if it looks quite right with this hair color. So now I’m usually just doing a little bit of a thin, winged liner and a little bit of highlighter from the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette, specifically the Ambient Iridescent Strobe Light, which is this perfect powder I just brush lightly under my eyes. I also love their Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Dark Brunette. It’s an angled pencil and the color is very realistic.

For foundation I use a couple of things. If it’s a red carpet I like Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer and for something a little lighter I use Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup. For eyes, I’ve been trying a bunch of different eyeliners and I like the Sephora brand one best because it’s the thinnest felt tip, it has the most control, and it doesn’t smear. And when you need to remove it, it’s not hard to get off. That’s my number one rule with any eye makeup. And it’s very important to me that I only use stuff that’s cruelty-free. I don’t use anything, makeup brands or otherwise, that is tested on animals. It’s easy to think, ‘Oh that Dior mascara is just so great,’ but there are plenty of other, great companies that are focused on being cruelty-free right now and are doing a really good job using natural ingredients. I want to support that as much as possible. There’s this one mascara I love by Urban Decay and it’s called Perversion. It’s the dumbest name for a mascara, because what’s perverted about an eyelash? So dumb. But it is a great mascara.”

—as told to ITG

Natalie Morales photographed by Tom Newton.

Natalie Morales’ new do was inspired by a familiar face!

After admiring Katherine Schwarzenegger’s cropped cut on-air with Hoda Kotb and Maria Shriver on Wednesday, Natalie debuted a similar look of her own on Thursday.

Hoda, Maria and Natalie react to Harry Styles new ‘bowl cut’

Sept. 4, 201902:20

While chatting about her daughter’s surprise visit to TODAY with Hoda & Jenna, Maria couldn’t help but notice that Natalie looked slightly different.

“Guess who got her hair cut this morning?” Shriver said playfully.

“Who inspired me? I call it the Katherine,” Natalie quipped.

Loving the new look, Natalie!Nathan congleton/TODAY

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After joking on Wednesday’s show that she wanted the stylish lob haircut for herself, Natalie decided to take the plunge Thursday morning.

And it turns out Natalie isn’t the only one who took notice of the 29-year-old’s mane.

“Maybe we should just all cut our hair like Katherine and reverse age,” Maria joked.

The “Katherine” looks great on Natalie.Nathan congleton/TODAY

Schwarzenegger gave Natalie her seal of approval.

You look so good with your new do @NMoralesNBC and @hodakotb and @mariashriver look stunning too! #sensualshriver

— K Schwarzenegger (@KSchwarzenegger) September 5, 2019

The author may may have inspired Natalie to chop off a few inches, but Hoda particularly enjoyed one piece of beauty advice the lifestyle blogger gave to her mother on-air.

“One of my favorite things that she told you was, ‘Mom, your hair looks old-fashioned so fix it,'” Hoda said.

We adore Natalie’s new style.Nathan congleton/TODAY

“She did. She said, ‘Look we’ve got to update the whole look with you so like loosen up the hair, get rid of the TV hair,'” Maria said.

“TV hair is when it looks like a helmet. I have TV hair,” Hoda joked.

“She said, ‘Fix the wardrobe, fix the makeup, fix the hair,'” Maria continued.

“It is working,” Natalie said while jokingly fanning herself.

Looking great, ladies!

Hoda, Maria and Natalie exchange parenting advice: ‘Slow down’

Sept. 4, 201906:54