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9 Mistakes New Parents Make in the First Year and Beyond

Elizabeth Peters

Becoming a parent doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Parenting isn’t easy, and the first year can be the toughest as you struggle to find your footing in your new role as mom or dad.

Don’t worry, all parents stumble their way through at first, learning as they go and racking up an impressive number of mistakes along the way. Here are nine common mistakes that new parents make their first year and how you can avoid them.

1. Doing everything by the book

Books that tell you what to expect in the first year are good guides, but they aren’t the bible of parenting. New parents tend to read up on how to properly take care of their newborn and then drive themselves crazy trying to do everything “right.” The truth is, there is no one way to parent a child. Every child is different and what works for one might not be right for another. Instead of focusing on raising yours the way some book has told you to, try to focus on providing a loving, nurturing and safe environment for your baby. Do that and everything else will fall into place.

2. Not sleeping when baby sleeps

Most new moms have heard the advice that they should sleep whenever their baby sleeps, but all too often it seems to fall on deaf ears. For first-time parents, sleep can be scarce—especially in the first few months—but instead of napping when their baby naps, they end up folding laundry instead. This is a big mistake! Sleep when you can. Everyone will be happier and more productive with a couple of hours of extra sleep. The laundry can wait.

3. Spending too much money on baby clothes

First-time parents tend to go overboard with their baby’s first wardrobe. After all, they want their little one to be the best- dressed baby in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, most of those designer clothes remain hanging in the closet with the tags still on long after the baby has outgrown them. The truth is, for the first few months, babies mostly wear onesies and pajamas around the house. Getting dressed up is a rare occasion. And since babies tend to jump up a size every three months or so, they don’t have time to get through an entire wardrobe before they outgrow it. VarageSale, your virtual garage sale, is a great app to buy and sell baby and household items with other families in your neighborhood. They currently have a limited time offer where you get $5 for the first 25 items you post for sale—that’s a potential $125 up for grabs!

4. Being overly overprotective

New parents tend to sense danger at every turn and worry about every little thing. They mean well, but all that overprotectiveness actually does more harm than good. Children learn by watching their parents, so if yours observes an overly worried mom or dad, they may grow up being too afraid to ever take risks. Making mistakes and taking a few tumbles is how children learn to handle all the challenges life is going to throw at them, so keeping them in a safety bubble can hold them back from learning some major life lessons. Keep an eye out for real dangers, of course, but don’t stop them from playing with other kids for fear of a skinned knee.

5. Not leaving the house

First-time parents have a habit of keeping the baby and themselves locked inside the house for the first several months of life for fear that the baby will catch something. While it’s true that a newborn’s immune system is weak and more susceptible to germs, that only means that it is best to avoid crowds—not the outdoors in general. Fresh air and a little sunshine are good for the entire family and the baby is unlikely to catch the flu from a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood. Instead of holing yourselves inside for weeks on end, try to spend some time outside on a regular basis.

6. Not getting on a schedule

Following a regular schedule makes things easier for the entire family. A baby’s internal clock isn’t regulated yet, and it can be easy for them to get their days and nights mixed up. Following a routine can help prevent this. It also helps maintain calm in the household and makes it easier to plan outings around feeding and nap times. Getting your baby into a routine is as easy as feeding him and laying him down for naps and bedtime at the same time every day. Do this regularly and he will soon fall into a pattern.

7. Not accepting help when it is offered

New parents often don’t trust anyone to take care of their baby, so offers of help are waved away. This is a mistake. Being a parent—especially a new parent—can be exhausting and overwhelming. Every mom and dad needs a break every now and then. Don’t deny yourself some downtime, or you’ll risk becoming burnt out. You don’t have to be a superhero. Let loved ones help out and take some time to care for yourself. You will be a better parent because of it.

8. Comparing your baby to other babies

Many parents stress themselves out by comparing their baby’s development to the development of other babies. Try to avoid this, as it will only cause undue worry, and is unfair to your little one. Every child is different and develops at a different pace. While one baby may begin walking at nine months old, another may not start until their one-year birthday. Don’t worry about how fast or slow your baby is developing. As long as your doctor has no concerns about health or growth, things are likely just fine.

9. Neglecting your marriage

For first-time parents, a new baby is their sun, moon and stars. Yes, the new addition needs your focus and energy—but not all of it! A marriage requires nurturing too. So put in the effort, even if it’s reserving some time for a quiet candlelit dinner once the baby has gone to sleep. Growing up in a warm and loving environment is important to your baby’s well being, so make sure your other half is a priority too.

Elizabeth Peters is a freelance writer who specializes in the parenting/family niche. When she is not writing for clients she can be found blogging about parenting on her own blog at She currently resides in Alabama with her husband and two young children.

Newborn babies are the pride and joy of every new family. Their birth marks a defining moment in your life and is an unforgettable experience.

We all want to cherish such moments and raise our children to be beautiful human beings in the future, and so we want to grow them in the best manner possible.

Unfortunately, inexperience can get in the way of passionate young parents who may make some blunders while raising a newborn baby. It is essential to raise your child correctly to see them prosper as they grow.

It is easier said than done, however, as raising a newborn baby can be hard work and requires you to forsake many nights worth of sleep.

In the end, it is worth it, as your children come first in every matter.

With that said, we identify some common mistakes new parents make for you to avoid.

It can also help with the first-time parent’s checklist.

  1. Table of Contents

    Ignoring your Baby

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One of the most severe mistakes new parents make is ignoring the calls or cries of their newborn.

True, it might be 4 in the morning, and we all cherish our beauty sleep, making the cries of our baby sound like an angry demon, but it is an absolute must to respond when they cry.

Whenever a baby is crying, it is attempting to communicate because it needs something.

If parents ignore the calls of their baby, feelings of insecurity or even trauma might build up.

  1. Using Pillows that are too soft

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When we take care of a newborn baby, we all instinctively rush to bombard the infant with softest and most comfortable looking pillows and mattresses.

However, the reality is that you can use any firm mattress and your baby will sleep on it happily.

Soft pillow and cushions may cause suffocation, and they might not provide proper head support either. Use of a flat head baby pillow can remedy that.

You should also check your baby’s sleeping position and make sure they do not sleep on their belly.

  1. Not Burping your Baby

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Burping is a significant activity needed for your baby. These little ones suck in a lot of air that needs to be let out. It is essential as a parent to induce these burps.

Always do so before and after feeding your baby, as well as before they sleep.

  1. Not Changing Diapers Regularly

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Another tedious task that is undesirable. When you are overworked and exhausted, changing diapers can easily be overlooked.

However, if you wait for too long, it can result in bad diaper rashes and quite possibly urinary tract infections.

So to avoid a painful time for young one, muscle yourself out of bed and change that diaper when it is time.

It is not worth conserving diapers when your child’s comfort and health is at stake.

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  1. Letting too many People Hold your Baby

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It is no surprise that your baby must be adorable, as is every baby in the world.

That said, you should make sure that physical contact is kept to a minimum when other people are with your baby.

At a very tender age, their immune system is quite weak and are prone to illnesses. Such stuff like kissing should be avoided as airborne diseases can be transmitted.

Again, despite how cute they look, baby health comes first.

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  1. Smoking near your Baby

Cigarettes contain all sorts of toxic pollutants that are harmful to your baby, especially given their weak immune system.

Even then, you should also change your clothes after you smoke as your baby is still prone to certain diseases.

  1. Ignoring Fevers

Given how it has been stressed that newborn babies have fragile immune systems, any fever or illness should be taken seriously.

While in older children it is possible to wait out a fever, babies three months and younger are not equipped with dealing against simple fevers.

That is why you must consult a doctor soon if your baby has an illness to get them treated with the proper medication.

  1. Avoid Crowded Areas

With your newborn’s immune system being fragile, it is not suitable being outside for too long.

Even worse is a crowded area where there are more pathogens to spread diseases.

You might have to curb your social life just a bit.

  1. Bundling up your Baby

We all want to cuddle our young ones and wrap them in many layers of warmth and protect them from the cold.

While this may seem like a great idea, tightly wrapping blankets around your baby can constrict their movements causing joint problems later.

Also, there is a greater chance of suffocation and cutting off their blood circulation.

Lastly, you do not want to overheat your baby either. There are more efficient ways of keeping your infant warm at night.

  1. Shaking your Baby

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It is quite well known that vigorously shaking a baby is a terrible idea.

It is sad to say that this act still happens in the modern world, but frustrated parents can shake their babies to stop them from crying.

This causes some severe brain damage as their skulls are not yet fully formed.

A form of this is known to parents as a shaken baby syndrome.

  1. Wiping From Back to Front

Another common error parents make, and this is particularly relevant for baby girls.

When you are cleaning your little one’s bum during a diaper change, don’t ever wipe from back to front.

You should wipe in single strokes from front to back.

It’s because the region around your baby’s anus could have microorganisms that could cause a urinary tract infection when introduced to the urinary meatus.

  1. Ignoring your Baby’s Sleeping Position

It is important to check up on your baby’s sleeping position.

Below six months, your baby will not have proper control of their head and neck, so it is for you to adjust their head while sleeping.

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  1. Trapping them inside

We all get protective of our babies, wanting to confine them to the safety of our homes and away from the outside world that is ridden with dirt and diseases.

Sure, it’s not ideal to take your baby to crowded places where he might catch an infection.

But on the opposite side, you might be tempted to keep him locked up indoors during his or her first months.

Your young baby will still need sunlight and fresh air, after all.

  1. Not Brushing Their Teeth

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Believe it or not, but this has to happen. Babies need oral care has any residue of food in their mouth might get contaminated and be harmful to them.

Because of this, make sure that you clean your baby’s gums gently with a moist piece of cloth regularly.

  1. Scheduling your Baby’s eating habits

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You might think that an organized routine will help get your baby accustomed to food at a particular time.

This can be convenient for parents who are always on the move, but the result does not always work.

Babies tend to eat once every 2 to 3 hours, but if yours want to eat a bit earlier, just let them.

Likewise, if they are not hungry, do not force them into it.

You should keep a baby scale in the house to help you identify the progress of your baby as well.

  1. Disciplining your Baby

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While this topic can be debated on for children of older ages, it does not help at all or discipline or punish your baby at this age.

They are much too young to understand their actions and disturbing behavior from parents can have adverse effects on them too.

It is even more important to not hurt them out of frustration and instead use positive behavior.

The time to teach them what is right will come soon enough.


Taking care of your little angel might seem like a hellish experience, but with a little effort and lots of love, you will blaze through it in no time.

Every baby may have different needs and moods, but in general, they all have the same requirements.

We hope this article helps you to raise your child effectively while avoiding as many annoyances as possible.

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Bringing home a newborn is an incredible experience. But it’s also an experience that can be stressful and challenging. A precious newborn is helpless in the arms of loving parents. It relies on the adults around it to care for it completely.

The first time a parent holds their child they understand the gravity of this new role. It’s clear that the newborn baby expects them to care for it and protect it. Parents have the best of intentions when they dreamily look at their precious bundle. They want to do everything possible to keep this sweet angle alive, happy and healthy.

But there are common mistakes that many new moms make. Mistakes that can have deadly consequences for the baby. The oversight can happen in just moments and many times can’t be undone. Mothers who have made these mistakes live a lifetime of regret from the simple slip. They plead for other moms to avoid the dangerous mistakes they made with their own precious newborn.

Reading the entire list will only take a few minutes but it might save countless moms from making the same mistakes with their newborn. A few minutes to learn is nothing compared to a lifetime of regret.

15 Swaddling And The Risk Of SIDS

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) can happen for a variety of reasons and often the cause is unknown. In one case, though, swaddling incorrectly led to the baby’s death. A young mother was arrested after her baby suffocated in a tragic case of SIDS.

The mom swaddled her 4 month old son then laid him down for a nap. Tragically, she laid him down on his belly while he was swaddled.

When mom woke up, she found her baby unconscious. The combination of swaddling and placing the baby on his stomach lead to his suffocation.. When a baby is swaddled it should always be placed on its back since it will be unable to roll over with its arms in the blanket.

14 Accidental Starving

Knowing when or when not to supplement breastfeeding with a bottle can be a difficult decision to make. One that Jillian Johnson regrets deeply. Jillian tells the foundation Fed Is Best that if she had given her son just one bottle he would still be alive.

Her son suffered an accidental starving just weeks after being born. Her son didn’t get enough colostrum in the first days of life which lead to his death. Babies who nurse day and night but are never satisfied and cry nonstop may be at risk for starvation. Newborn babies shouldn’t cry non stop and this is a signal that something isn’t going right.

Some moms don’t produce enough colostrum in the first few days after giving birth. This can lead to blood sugar, hydration and even neurological problems for the baby.

13 How Safe Is The Changing Table?

A common way newborn babies are injured is from falling from a changing table. To avoid this risk, make sure the table is sturdy before you begin changing. A changing table should have a railing that is at least 2 inches high on the side to keep baby from rolling off. Changing tables should come with a small strap to secure the baby during the diaper change.

Make sure to use this strap to keep baby safe. Keeping all of the diapering supplies like cream, wipes and diapers close will help to keep the parent close during the entire changing. The baby shouldn’t be left alone on the changing table even for a single moment—even if the baby has yet to roll over.

12 Downplaying The Baby’s Fever

It’s easy for parents of newborns to overreact to anything that happens with the baby. One or two anxiety filled trips to the doctor’s office to find out you were worried about nothing can change that quickly. But there are some situations that parents should be concerned about.

Any fever over 100.4 degrees in the first three months of a baby’s life is something to be concerned about. The baby’s immune system isn’t ready to handle a temperature that goes this high trying to fight off an infection. Don’t just assume it’s no big deal and give the baby a little Tylenol. Instead, contact your physician to get exact advice on what you should do in the situation. The temperature can vary depending on where you take it. A rectal temperature is the most accurate.

11 Dangerous Mistakes Are Made While Cleaning


Eventually bath time will be a soothing time for baby. It might take a while for baby to adjust to the new sensations but before long she will love it. Baths, though, can also be a dangerous time for babies. Babies should never be left alone in the water as it’s too easy for them to drown. Also, the temperature of the water can be dangerous. A baby’s skin is so much more sensitive than an adults and it can easily be scalded by bathwater that is too hot. One way to prevent scalding all together is to make sure that the water heater is set below 120 degrees F. This will ensure that the water never gets extremely hot in the tub.

10 Watering Down The Baby’s Formula


According to a study done at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, more than 25% of families in poverty reported watering down formula or reducing feedings. This is known as formula stretching. It can cause problems with the babies’ developing brains including behavior, memory and judgment problems.

Stretching feedings may seem like the only option for parents who are having a hard time affording formula. They want to feed and nourish their baby but they can’t afford to do so properly. It happens across the globe.

By reaching out to community organizations parents can often find more help. Local food pantries, pregnancy help centers, and churches are often more than willing to help parents in need. Some parents even put in requests on Facebook groups and other parents will help.

9 Never Put The Carrier In Front

Each year about 23,000 children are treated in emergency rooms because they fell from a shopping cart according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Newborns can be injured when they are placed in the front of the cart in a carrier. Most shopping carts have a printed warning about this but it still happens all the time.

Instead you could leave baby in the carrier but place the whole carrier inside the large basket area of the cart. You might also take baby in a wrap attached to your body. Another option is to ask for help with the baby so you can run out to get groceries. You might want to take advantage of the personal shopper programs many grocery stores are offering right now and skip the shopping all together.

8 Breastfeeding In Bed

Falling asleep with your newborn in bed with you can happen so easily to the sleep deprived parent. It can feel like relief to get a little sleep with your baby. But it can easily turn into a dangerous situation for the baby.

Kristin Hoffmann of Indianapolis knows this all too well. She told others on Facebook, “My precious son slipped off my breast and into the covers of my bed early Sunday morning and into heaven. The way we discovered him was a tragedy I don’t want to hear happens to anyone else.”

Newborns can easily slip into bedding or pillows and suffocate right next to their loving parent. While its best to keep newborns close it’s also important to give them a safe space to sleep in.

7 The Baby Sleeps With Blankets And Pillows

Over 3,000 babies die each year in the United States as a result of SIDS. It is recommended that babies are put to sleep on their backs in a crib without blankets, pillows, crib bumper or toys. These are the safe sleep guidelines set out by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

When extra things are added to the crib, it makes the baby more likely to suffocate on them. Especially small babies who don’t move around easily. Often, as parents, we think that they will be comforted by a blanket, lovey or toy. When in reality those comfort items can be dangerous to the newborn.

It is much safer to keep the room at a warm enough temperature and dress the baby in a sleeper that is appropriate for the season.

6 Not Paying Attention To The Car Seat

Installing a car seat can be amazingly complicated. It’s so important to do it correctly so that your new baby is as safe as possible during a car accident. When installing the car seat, make sure to follow the instructions in the manual (yes actually read and follow each step!).

Then get your installation job double checked by someone who is trained to check car seats. Depending on where you live, you might be able to get your car seat inspected at Babies-R-Us, the fire department, police department, the hospital, or Help Me Grow. Talk to your midwife or doctor for advice on where to get it inspected while you’re still pregnant. If the baby’s already here, her pediatrician should know who will inspect it locally.

5 Do You Really Know The Caregiver?

When leaving your baby, even for a short period of time, it’s important to choose the right caregiver. Newborn babies can be difficult to handle for the inexperience caregiver.

When considering a caregiver, think about how much you know about this person. How will they react to different situations? What will they do if the baby won’t stop crying? Any adult caring for a child who can’t be comforted can get upset themselves. It creates a high stress situation. It’s important to be able to trust that your chosen caregiver will be able to navigate the situation safely.

Shaken baby syndrome is a serious problem that can be prevented. It can cause long term consequences like vision problems, developmental delays, physical disabilities, hearing loss and even death.

4 Breathing Problems Are Only The Beginning

Secondhand smoke has more than 7,000 chemicals and creates toxic environments for babies. Secondhand smoke causes so many problems for babies including severe asthma attacks, respiratory infections and ear infections. But most importantly, it causes many cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Smoking during pregnancy is related to more than 1,000 deaths each year according to the CDC. Plus smoking during pregnancy puts the baby at a higher risk for SIDS once its born.

The connection between second hand smoke and SIDS isn’t exactly crystal clear but researchers do know that it puts baby at a higher risk for SIDS. Chemicals in the smoke seem to change how the brain regulates breathing in the infant. Babies who die of SIDS have higher concentrations of nicotine in their lungs than infants who die of other causes.

3 Co-Sleeping On The Sauce

Co-sleeping can be dangerous for baby because she could suffocate in bedding or pillows, fall off the bed or get wedged between the bed and the wall. But co-sleeping becomes much more dangerous if one of the parents have been using drugs or alcohol. Being under the influence makes it more difficult to wake up if baby is in trouble. Some of the signals may go unnoticed because the parents are too intoxicated to wake up.

Emma Hector was devastated by this. She had almost a bottle of wine before nursing her daughter. She then fell asleep and only awoke to her husband’s screams. Emma’s breast was covering the baby’s face and the baby had blood in its mouth. By the time the dad discovered her it was too late for the baby.

2 Assuming It’s Only For 5 Minutes


Sleep deprived parents of newborns are in a prime position to make a mistake. One mistake that can have deadly consequences is leaving the baby in the car. Children have died while in the car in temperatures just above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

A child’s body heats up three to five times faster than an adult, making them especially susceptible to heat stroke. Heat stroke can lead to brain damage and even death. The temperature inside a car can increase 20 degrees in just 10 minutes.

As parents, we might think that we’d never leave our child in the car. It’s not always intentional, though, when it happens. Each time you get out of the car, double check the back seat.

1 Ignoring The Doctor’s Orders

New moms have more info at their fingertips than any other generation. With this, they often feel more confident in forming their own opinions—even if those opinions go against their healthcare providers.

With so much information available it’s easy to research any topic. The mistake many new moms make, though, is to allow internet research to supersede a doctor’s many years of experience in the matter. Sure, between doctors there are many differing opinions. Find a doctor you trust and see eye to eye with Then let their knowledge, expertise and experience guide the family through difficult decisions.

Sometimes we don’t exactly understand the seriousness of the issue a doctor is pressing and just brush it off. This can be a major mistake for new moms.

Sources: WebMd, American Academy of Pediatrics, Marie Claire, People, Fed Is Best, CDC

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He saw my Diaper!

I was lying down for a while trying to find a comfortable position. It felt weird wearing a diaper in the daytime. I was usually glad in the morning when I could take it off again and slip on my French knickers. It kinda made me have an alternate personality. When I wore pants I felt like a grown up, independent city woman. When I wore a diaper I became this little meek quiet girl who depended on her Mother.
I must have dosed off because Mom came in shaking me to get up for lunch. I waddled in to the kitchen where food awaited me. I must have wet the diaper a bit more because it hung and swung between my legs heavily.
After lunch Mom called me in to the living room to lie down on a sheet she place on the floor.
“I think we might have to buy you a changing mat” she joked, but I didn’t find it funny.
“Mom I’m sorry for coming home late on Friday. I promise I wont ever disobey you again. Can I please stop wearing these diapers?” I asked her apologetically.
She didn’t say anything but proceeded to tape the sides of the now soaking wet and soggy diaper. She pulled the front down and immediately I felt the breeze of the cool air on my private. She got some wipes and wiped my front. As it touched my skin it was cold so I jilted.
“Keep still” Mom said as she wiped the pee off me.
She then gripped my ankles in her hand and pushed my legs back so that my bottom rolled upwards off the floor and in the air as she pulled the wet diaper from underneath me and wiped my bottom.
My face burned red as I felt completely exposed. I felt the wipe slide down the crack of my arse as she gave me a thorough clean in and around my bottom.
She put my legs down and got another diaper.
“Mom please” I begged, but she continued anyway.
She opened it up and slid it underneath me. She powdered my private and rear and taped me in.
“There” she said as she patted my diaper front.
I stood up and felt around the diaper. It was puffy but at least I was dry.
I spent the rest of the day in diapers trying not to wet it but each time I failed as Mother wouldn’t let me use the toilet. Each time I felt defeated and embarrassed. Mom changed me a few more times that day but as the day progressed she spoke to me more and more like a child.
“Aww are you all wet” she would ask as she checked my diaper.
It would make me blush and stare at the ground as I couldn’t look at her in the face.
As Sunday came I woke up wet and irritated. After breakfast Mom put me in the bath.
When I got back to my room I saw another diaper laid out.
“THAT’S IT!” I shouted, “I’ve had enough. I’m not wearing anymore fucking diapers.” I screamed.
Mom marched towards me quickly and pulled my arm.
“Oh yes you are!” she shouted back as she tried to pull me towards the bed.
I resisted and pulled away as hard as I could.
“I’m not a baby!” I yelled.
“Well you act like one!” Mom shouted back.
I pulled hard and broke away from her grip.
Mom went to the dresser top and picked up my wooden hair brush.
“I’ve had enough of this,” she said as she came closer.
I saw the hair brush in her hand and tried to dart for the door but she caught me and started swotting the brush on my naked thighs.
It stung really badly and forced me towards the bed.
Once there Mom sat on the bed and pulled me over her knee. Without a seconds notice she pounded my bottom hard with the brush.
“Ow…ouch..oww” I cried as it hit my bottom.
“You naughty little girl. How dare you swear at me. How DARE you!” Mom shouted as she spanked me.
I sobbed hard as it hurt worse than her hand the other night.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry Mommy please stop” I begged.
“Now you will wear this diaper and I will hear no more about what you want to wear or do,” she lectured.
“Yes…yes Mommy” I cried.
The swotting stopped and Mom stood me up.
I rubbed my arse so hard as the pain stung a lot.
“See look at this” mom pointed; showing me her leg.
I saw a small wet patch on her jeans and realised that I must have peed a little while she spanked me.
“And you tell me you don’t need diapers. You can’t even keep yourself dry during a spanking” she scolded.
I cried even more because I was embarrassed and annoyed at myself for giving her the ammunition to believe that what she was doing was right.
“Now lie down” Mom said as she stood up.
At this point I felt so low that I just did as I was told. I lay down and Mom proceeded to diaper me.
I thought Mom would grab another t-shirt but she didn’t. Instead she went to my wardrobe and picked out my light blue sun dress and put it on me.
“Right I will change my jeans you wet and then we can head out to the shops.” Mom told me.
What? The shops? No way was I going out like this. The dress just about covered my diaper and this dress easily blew up and around whenever the wind caught it.
“I’m not going outside like this” I argued.
“Yes you are or do you need another spanking?” Mom asked.
I was caught in a dilemma. I couldn’t handle another spanking but I also could not be seen dead wearing a diaper outside.
I huffed and folded my arms as I was in a lose/lose situation.
“Please Mom” I begged. “Don’t let me go out like this. I’ll do anything else, please I’m begging you.” I pleaded.
“That’s enough” Mom hushed. “I told you your punishment will be wearing diapers for the entire weekend and we need to go shops.”
“Can’t I stay here then on my own?” I whinned.
“If I could trust you then I would but you broke that trust when you came home late the other night so no.” Mom replied.
Here we go again I thought. How much times did I have to apologise about that. It was one night I came home late, just one and I was being punished like this. Mom was being so unfair. I always do everything right and this one time might as well have been a death sentence. I wondered what made her this evil, this horrible and this unreasonable.
She got changed, and I reluctantly put on my white pumps.
As soon as I walked out the door my dress blew up and I quickly panicked and pushed it back down. I turned round to run back indoors, spanking or no spanking, but Mom had just locked the door.
Mom grabbed my hand and we started walking.
How was I going to survive this?

•°•°For the next chapter this girl will need a name.
To enter please vote for the chapter then suggest a name in the comments and the winner will be announced and name featured in the next chapter•°•°

HOUSTON — A brave aunt’s heroic efforts to save her nephew from the hands of his alleged abuser has gotten national attention, and a quick response from authorities who previously ignored her cries.

Ra’Neicha Broadnax, 20, is expecting her first child, but her motherly instinct has already kicked in, which she used to save her 1-year-old nephew from harm.

After seeing videos of her nephew, Jaiden, being burned, hit and even had a bag placed over his head, she reached out from another state to contact Texas authorities, begging for help.

Broadnax said, at first, she was told that nothing could be done. Her next action? Facebook!

Broadnax posted videos of the baby screaming while someone, who Broadnax claims to be the baby’s own mother, taunted the child.

“Tell your daddy that’s what happens when you sit around and play with people,” a woman is heard telling the baby.

The videos are heartbreaking, and Broadnax said she obtained 64 of them, showing the innocent child strapped in a car seat, unable to get away from his abuser.

The woman continues, “You just want to keep playing so this is what you get. That’s too bad, Jaiden. Too bad!”

The woman then hits the baby again in the chest area, causing him to wail louder.

Another video shows the woman holding a flame to the baby’s hand, another showed her tying a plastic bag over the toddler’s head, and another shows her stuffing a plastic bag into the baby’s mouth.

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Broadnax, who lives in Virginia, said after watching three seconds of the first video, she was on the phone calling authorities.

Broadnax’s older brother also lives in Virginia, but fathered a child with Janelle Peterkin, a 23-year-old woman who lives in Humble, Texas.

Broadnax said Peterkin was angry with the father, who has another girlfriend, and sent the photos and videos of her torturing their son to the couple.

There was just one problem, however, the brother never received those messages because he was blocking Peterkin’s calls.

Broadnax’s brother was arrested Thursday and when he was booked into jail, his girlfriend got possession of his cellphone.

Out of curiosity, the girlfriend unblocked Peterkin’s number and that is when she allegedly made the horrifying discovery.

“My brother is incarcerated. His girlfriend was snooping through his phone and she saw he had her on the ‘Do Not Disturb’ features, so she took it off and the phone vibrated for an hour straight. When she looked, there were over 300 messages from Peterkin and 64 videos,” Broadnax explained.

Broadnax said she knew Peterkin’s address because she previously asked for it in order to send a gift to Texas for her nephew’s first birthday. She placed the address in Google maps to find the nearest police station.

That led Broadnax to the Humble Police Department, which Broadnax said she called immediately. Broadnax said she asked police to do a welfare check on her nephew, fearing he was dead. She said in one of the videos, she saw the baby’s eyes rolling back. Broadnax claims she explained to them what was happening, but they did not do anything.

That is when she decided to post the videos on social media. After that, she was flooded with responses from law enforcement agencies from all over the United States.

“After I put the post up, someone from New York Police Department called me and from all different states, police were calling,” Broadnax said. “Then a detective called me from the Humble Police Department asking where Janelle was.”

Broadnax said investigators went to Jaiden’s daycare and called her saying that they saw no physical evidence of abuse.

But after watching the videos Broadnax forwarded them, officers handed the case over to Harris County Precinct 4 deputy constables, who conducted an interview. Deputies confirm that Peterkin admitted that she made the videos about 90 days ago to show her ex-boyfriend and father of her child he did not care enough about their baby.

Peterkin was then arrested and charged with child endangerment. She was released from jail after posting a $15,000 bond.

Broadnax said her brother, who has three children, had no idea his son was being abused. The brother learned about Jaiden’s abuse while watching television in jail.

“My brother was watching TV and saw me on the news and thought it was for my other brother’s baby until he heard his son cry,” Broadnax said.

She said he wishes that his son’s abuse had not been publicized on social media, but is grateful that his sister took action to make sure the baby was saved.

Still, Broadnax does not feel the baby is completely safe because he remains in the custody of Peterkin’s family. Broadnax said Peterkin has a history of displaying erratic behavior and has previously vandalized her brother’s vehicle.

“Her craziness is what got her on the blocked list,” Broadnax said. “My brother loves his kids, he has three little babies. Janelle has taken him through hell!”

Broadnax said she called Peterkin after seeing the videos, asking why did she hurt Jaiden.

“She was so nonchalant with an ‘OK, I don’t care’ attitude and she was saying it is her son, and that we did not do anything for the baby,” Broadnax said. “This is all about my brother. This is about nothing else but my brother and I want everyone to know that.”

Broadnax also wants her nephew to heal and never be harmed again.

Neither Peterkin nor her family has given a statement to NewsFix.

Well no one can deny that poop happens! Everyone poops but no one does it better than babies! They practically have poop explosions on a daily basis, thank god parents have diapers to contain most blowouts, but sometimes that diaper just isn’t enough to save the furniture, floors, walls, cars, or mom’s clothes! Pretty much all is fair game in the poop war!

Today’s blowouts are definitely nauseating, so if you have a weak stomach, you may want to read between meals. Changing diapers is certainly one thing, but blowouts are a whole other experience, you may think you have the diaper thing down and can handle any stench now, but a blowout can make even the strongest of stomachs churn! I’m not talking a tiny leak or smear, I’m talking poop everywhere and anywhere!

The only thing worse than a baby blowout is a curious toddler blowout, because naturally, they’ll want to explore what’s going on inside that diaper, and unfortunately, they now have the skills to whip off that diaper and free themselves! That image is horrifying but it happens, because kids think poop is absolutely hilarious! These 15 explosions will prove that poop is always funny, especially when it’s not happening to you!

15 Daddy Gets Sprayed

Those adorable newborn photo-shoots don’t always go as planned as this photo certainly proves. Proud papa Al Ferguson was so excited to celebrate the birth of his little son, Ted, and of course a photo-shoot sounds like a great way to document this milestone! Dad was so ready for his close up with his new little one, and Ted certainly stole the show! Baby had a pretty funny way of making this photo way more interesting, he decided he needed a bathroom break during the shoot. You can see his tiny smile as he shoots poop right onto dad as if dad were target practice. It’s a little gross watching Ted’s bum explode into a stream of poop, but it’s also a little endearing, as dad doesn’t even flinch, he knows it’s all part of being a dad.

14 Oh God It Leaked!

It’s like magic! First there was no poop and then in almost an instant, after blinking, there it is, a pile of poop has appeared before your very eyes! Tada! It all happens so magically fast that mom doesn’t even notice the pile of poop spilling out of her daughter until nearly the end of the video! I guess cuteness can be very distracting, but you can actually hear the foaming sound coming from her invisible pants and it just keeps going! In the photo you can actually see the foamy poop spilling out from her diaper, looking like foam from a cappuccino, but yellow! Is that mustard? Please tell me its mustard! Mom is beside herself when she realizes that she’s been filming a baby sitting in a pile of foamy liquidly poop, she laughs, but I’m sure cleaning that stain will be less than funny.

13 Toddlers Are Nasty

This toddler looks so guilty, and rightfully so! She took her diaper off in the night to find some poop pellets in there to sprinkle around her crib. Mom walks in to find her toddler’s diaper off and poops hidden around the crib like mini eggs that the Easter Bunny might have left behind, only that stuff ain’t chocolate! Those toddlers can sure be tricky once they learn to take off articles of clothing as well as their diaper! This most likely means many more poop filled mornings until little Olivia gets tired of her own stench, or perhaps learns to communicate with something other than poop. After a bit of scolding from momma poor little Olivia looks absolutely exhausted from her early morning poop, I guess you can say it “pooped” her out!

12 Cozy Poo

Cozy Coo’s are lifesavers when you first bring home your baby as well as baby’s first few months of life. It helps baby relax and sleep, it also helps mom and dad have their hands free for a moment or two, which is always welcome. You can even say parents become a little dependent on that Cozy Coo to comfort baby and save their sanity, but what if baby completely destroys it with a blowout? Never mind that fresh newborn smell; it’s going to take a while to get that stinky poop smell out of there. This wasn’t just a tiny poop either that you can just wipe away, it was a pure explosion that then got wiped back and forth by baby’s swinging legs. So that poop’s been rubbed in real well and I’m not sure that Cozy Coo will ever be the same!

11 In, Around and Over!

Oh dear, one moment you have a busy toddler running about, the next you have a busy toddler running about with poop hanging out of their pants and spreading it around the house! Eek! The Harper’s have 4 girls making it understandable as to why they might have been distracted enough to miss the poop-splosion. Dad’s face is absolutely precious as he picks up his daughter to take her to be cleaned up, he’s not very impressed as he holds her away at arm’s length, trying not to get the poop all over himself. What’s worse about blowouts like these is the fact that kids are so used to diapers they don’t understand that a liquid poop filling their pants will spray out the sides of the diaper if they plop down to sit, and we know that kids don’t sit down gracefully; it’s always a plop to the floor.

10 Catch It!

This picture has all the hilarity you need in one shot! It’s an awesome photo because it’s quite literally a visual definition of parenthood, just when you think you have it all figured out, the shit hits the fan, or in this case the deck. You have dad laughing so hard because he really can’t do anything about it as poop spills from his lap to the floor, hey, poop happens! Mom’s trying to catch liquid, impossible, but A for effort! And the dog, just look at the dog, their sense of smell is far greater than ours, so you can bet that he smells something and it just hit him that that smell is probably going to remain in the house until that baby gets potty trained, sorry poochie.

9 Big Bro Is Not Amused

If this dad can grin through this poop-tastic pic, then he will be just fine dealing with just about anything a baby can throw his way. Even though dad takes the poop smear running down his shirt like a champ, he’s not really the star of this photo, not by a long shot. The true star of this photo shoot is the older brother looking a combination of amused and disgusted, he steals the show with that perfect pout, knowing full well that his little sibling is going to be one stinky mess for quite some time. Big bro seems pretty okay with it though, because like I said, kids find poop funny and this is certainly a sibling bonding moment on a non-verbal level, this is a story they’ll share with each other for years to come!

8 What The Shat?

People always warn you about those nasty poops that babies will produce, but you’re never fully prepared for how disgusting they can actually be. When they say “they’ll poop up their backside” you never expect something like this! This is definitely a poop story these parents will never forget, and not just because of the amount of poop, it has a lot to do with where they were at the time. This couple decided to wander into a jewelry store just to indulge their imaginations, and that store just so happened to be Tiffany’s. As mom looks at rings, dad feels something running down his arm and dripping to the floor. Baby’s poop had managed to leak and pour all over dad’s clothing, arm and now the very expensive store’s carpet! When mom noticed the trail of poop plops on the floor she shrieks and they race into the restroom to clean what they could!

7 Car Seat Stench

Poor little guy looks absolutely miserable and anyone can see why. No one would want to sit in their own poop and this little guy is certainly begging for help with that distraught little look. After driving 5 minutes up the road to take one of her 3 sons for a haircut, she gets out of the car to find baby absolutely covered in his own poop! In 5 minutes this baby managed to destroy his pants, his outfit and his car seat without even trying! It’s easy for kids to destroy things in seconds with their curiosity and this little one was definitely curious about what was happening in his diaper because he even began playing with the liquid poop he found and mom caught him mustard poop handed!

6 Mom’s Face Says It All!

This mom’s face says it all! The disgusted look she wears has us feeling sympathetic towards the cleaning battle that lies ahead of her. Not only will she have to find a way to keep the poop off of her, she’ll need to find a way to get that diaper off safely, so that poop doesn’t fling everywhere, then she’ll need to wipe down baby’s back the best she can and throw that little guy in the tub, because that sort of stench is something only bubbles and suds can fix! I simply can’t understand how one little bum can have so much force behind it to blow out that much poop and with that much distance, this poor little guy had poop all the way up to his shoulders!

5 Sick Poo

Sick poops are the worst! Baby can’t control them and baby suffers from them. They’re uncomfortable, irritable, and yes they have sick poop blowouts to top it off! Kids don’t ever get a break, and neither do their parents. This poor little one just so happened to catch mommy’s stomach bug and pooped nearly all night long! Mom woke to find her little girl covered in fresh diarrhea as well as some that had dried to her sheets and her skin overnight! You can see all the separate plops in the crib and understand that this poor little baby had a rough night. The mess isn’t something baby is pleased about, in fact it looks as though baby is trying to escape to any clean places on her mattress that might be left!

4 Some Jackson Pollock Shiz

I didn’t fully know the power of prune juice until now! This baby went from constipated to “no problem” in a matter of hours. I guess the prune juice worked so well that it even shocked mom who wasn’t prepared for what came next! Little Harper had been constipated for days and mommy couldn’t stand his discomfort any longer, so prune juice seemed like the right answer. But when the prune juice didn’t appear to be working, mom left to retrieve a suppository to help speed things up, and when she returned, she found some brown splatter art all over the crib and walls, courtesy of Harper, who hadn’t been wearing a diaper for all of two seconds. Apparently two seconds is all it takes for some splatter poop to cover your walls!

3 You Can See And Hear It Happening!

Wow, just wow! The struggle is real for this little one; I guess poopin’ doesn’t come easy for her, because she looks a little uncomfortable at the start of this video. Watch as this little girl wriggles and pushes until the farts start to blow! After the first initial fart all you hear is a bubbling gurgling sound and you know exactly what she’s doing, she’s filling that diaper! If you look closely you can see the diaper slowly fill up alongside the yucky sound effects she’s able to produce. The first goopy sound shocks baby, nearly startling her backwards, but after that pure relief sets in and baby is giggling and smiling, because a good poop means a good day to a baby. If only life was that simple for adults!

2 Painting With Poop

Everyone tells you about that lovely newborn smell and so you look forward to that, but it fades just as quickly as that new car smell does! Babies can’t stay smelling fresh forever when they poop so much, and the same is very much true for the toddler years. Toddlers are absolutely meme-worthy on a regular basis, but this one is whole other level of WTF! This toddler looks as though he had a rage moment and took it out on his poop, only to pass out from expending too much energy. Rage can take a lot out of a toddler! This toddler not only whipped his diaper off, he decided to dig on in there and then proceeded to smear his poop all over his dresser as well as the carpet! I’m not sure if they’ll ever get those stains out of that carpet, let alone that stench out of the room!

1 Back Tats And Blowouts

This glamour shot failed before it really got started. The photographer made use of dad’s back tattoos as an interesting juxtaposition between ferocity and innocence, a perfectly brilliant idea and gorgeous photo – that is until baby decides to add a little extra fart art to dad’s back. You can see that dad’s restful face from the first picture is nearly buried in the bed sheets in the second picture as he tries to contain his laughter. I’m sure he can feel exactly what’s happened even if he can’t see the puddle of poop pooling onto his back. The warm goopy poop just sprays onto dad’s back and dad is helpless to do anything about it but laugh. Baby on the other hand looks much more relieved, he’s pretty happy to be free of that nasty poop that was brewing.

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