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Former Giants star Michael Strahan is in another legal dispute with his ex-wife, according to TMZ Sports.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer and his ex-wife Jean Muggli are working through an arrangement they made in February for a parenting coordinator to work through their conflicts, a service Strahan would pay 90 percent of the fees for, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ.

Strahan now claims Muggli is abusing the terms of the arrangement by engaging in a “pattern of conduct designed to increase unnecessarily the involvement of the PC and to significantly increase the fees charged by the PC,” according to TMZ.

The disagreements include:

  • Muggli “throwing a wrench” in the couple’s plans for their teenage twin daughters Sophia and Isabella to attend a school in North Carolina, which the PC stepped in and told the couple to stick with what was agreed to.
  • Muggli being uncooperative in scheduling his visitation with his daughters, requiring the PC to intervene and suggesting Muggli make the visitation schedule herself because the situation had become “time-consuming, full of conflict, and unrealistic.”
  • Strahan claims Muggli accused the PC of siding with Strahan because he pays 90 percent of the fee, which Strahan now wants to rectify. According to Strahan, the PC recommends the pay to be split 50/50, an arrangement which Muggli declined. He is now asking the court to intervene and force Muggli to go 50/50 because he believes she is not acting in good faith.

It is the latest court drama in the messy relationship between the two.

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Last month, TMZ reported Muggli was suing Strahan for $547,000 in child support, including $450,802 in horseback riding bills. She claims Strahan never paid his share, and he claims he never agreed to it.

The couple married in 1999 and divorced in 2006.

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‘Good Morning America’ Star, Michael Strahan, Could Be on the Hook for $500,000

Michael Strahan is a little busy these days. Aside from his Good Morning America gig, the former New York Giant co-hosts The $100,000 Pyramid and Fox NFL Sunday. He’s also signed on to co-executive produce a Spectrum Original series, according to Good Housekeeping. With all of his jobs, it seems like Strahan may have forgotten to pay some of his child support, and now his ex-wife, Jean Muggli, is taking him to court. When all is said and done, Strahan might be forced to hand over more than $500,000 to his ex.

Jean Muggli alleges Strahan owes her a lot of money

Strahan’s ex-wife pulled the former NFL player into a Manhattan court last month to discuss child support, according to TMZ. Muggli alleges that Strahan owes her over $500,000, and she’d like him to pay up immediately. Her most significant point of contention is an unpaid bill for their twin daughters’ horseriding.

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According to Muggli’s filing, Strahan agreed to pay half of all equestrian expenses for the twins. Muggli claims that he’s never footed the bill for the activity and that it has cost her $450,000 since 2017. Muggli also has a gripe about her current child support payment. The former spa attendant claims that Strahan has pulled in a lot more money since their 2010 child support agreement, but has not paid additional support to match his increased income.

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First day back showing

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She is seeking over $300,000 in back support, claiming the $13,000 each month does not accurately represent his income. The agreement was reached before Strahan landed his Good Morning America gig. Muggli is pursuing an increase of more than $5,000 per month. She is requesting the increase be retroactive.

Strahan has responded to the allegations

Strahan is a seemingly proud father and is happy to indulge in his children’s interests, but he insists he never agreed to go halfsies on the ridiculously expensive horseback riding bill. Based on Muggli’s filing, the cost of the twins’ equestrian time amounts to around $225,000 each year.

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While Strahan isn’t willing to spring for the horseback riding money, he does admit that the cost of living increase seems fitting. His legal filings, however, argue that no formula has ever been agreed upon. He is seemingly willing to pony up extra cash, but only after the former couple decides on a system for the increases.

How many kids does Michael Strahan have?

Strahan is the father of four children. He was married to Wanda Hutchins from 1992 until 1996. Together, the former pair share two children. Tanita Strahan, now 27, is a visual artist. Strahan’s son from his first marriage, Michael Strahan Jr., now 24, keeps a low profile.

(L-R) Isabella Strahan, Michael Strahan, and Sophia Strahan | Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

After his divorce from Hutchins, Strahan married Muggli. The former couple were married for seven years and share twin daughters. Sophia and Isabella Strahan were born in 2004. According to Complex, Strahan’s divorce from Muggli cost him $15 million upfront. An additional $13,000 per month must be paid to Muggli in child support. Muggli’s current court filing is aiming to amend that $13,000 each month to include cost of living increases.

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Michael Strahan’s ex wife, Jean Muggli, wants an increase in child support for her and Michael’s twin daughters, Isabella and Sophia. Jean reportedly wants an increase from the $18,000 per month that Michael already pays in support of their daughters.

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According to TMZ,

“Michael Strahan is going to war with one of his ex-wives over child support — and the ex-NFL superstar just arrived to (sic) court in Manhattan for a hearing on the issue.

Our sources connected to Michael say he is NOT behind on his child support payments to his ex-wife, Jean Muggli. However, she is presumably seeking to increase his monthly payments.”

Michael Strahan and Jean Muggli wed in 1999 and divorced in 2006. The Good Morning America co-host was ordered to pay his ex-wife $15.3 million in addition to $18,000 per month in child support payments for Sophia and Isabella.

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Michael is presently one of the highest-paid co-hosts on television with his Good Morning America contract reportedly worth eight-figures. The celebrity father also serves as co-host of Strahan, Sara, and Keke, which has featured his daughters on various occasions.

Strahan recently reflected on his life as the father of twins when Isabella and Sophia were babies. “Those first three years, they are tough,” Michael admitted. “One poops and the other one doesn’t. One is hungry and the other one isn’t. But then, getting them on schedule…Wow. That was the big thing. But that wasn’t until they were about 3 . Then you got a whole bunch of other things going on.”

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Isabella and Sophia are Michael Strahan’s youngest children. Strahan fathers four kids in all. Stay tuned for more celebrity dad news!

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Michael Strahan’s Ex-Wife Demands He Brings The Bank For Child Support After Already Receiving $15 Million In Divorce Settlement

Getty Image

Michael Strahan is literally the hardest working man in media. Between being an analyst on FOX NFL Sunday, as well as a co-host of ABC’s Strahan, Sara and Keke, among other contributing gigs, the New York Giants great has a ton of different opportunities that, more than likely, bring in a lot of money.

While Michael Strahan has a lot of good stuff going on, unfortunately, he and his now former wife, Jean Muggli Strahan, completed a messy (and super expensive) divorce back in 2006, with Strahan forced to pay his ex a whopping $15.3 million in a divorce settlement, along with $18,000 per month for their daughters in child support, including an absurd $27,000 on clothing alone. While that seems like more than enough to live on for, you know, ever, Jean Muggli Strahan wants even more cash, and is demanding an incredible $500,000 in child support now.

Per TMZ, which obtained legal documents, Michael Strahan’s ex-wife claims the former NFL star hasn’t live up to his end of the bargain in paying for certain things.

Jean Muggli Strahan claims in legal docs … the former NFL superstar’s on the hook for some big-time equestrian expenses for their twin teenage daughters — Sophia and Isabella — along with owing hundreds of thousands in back child support.

Jean says a huge chunk of what Strahan owes her is to cover their daughters’ horseback riding bills … which she claims amount to $450,802 since 2017. According to the docs, Michael agreed to go halfsies with Jean but hasn’t paid up … so she’s seeking more than $225k from him.

In docs he filed, Michael says he never agreed to such an arrangement.

On top of that, Jean claims Michael has underpaid child support since 2010 … because the monthly amount he pays hasn’t been adjusted for cost of living. The docs say she wants $321,654 in back support to make it right.

In his filing, Michael admits part of their agreement does call for cost-of-living adjustments — but adds, the language about how to come up with that number is “vague and indefinite.” Translation: We need to agree on a formula to come up with the correct number.

That being said, by Jean’s current calculation … she’s looking to get more than $547k.”

Given the increased income Michael Strahan has gotten since the initial divorce settlement 13 years ago, it seems like his ex-wife think he has more than enough to pay higher child support, and is requesting $18,378 a month going forward. It’s a pretty sad situation, so hopefully the two can work out an agreement.

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Good Morning America co-anchor Michael Strahan may be in the middle of a child support dispute with his ex-wife Jean Muggli, but he’s continuing to think positively.

For his #MondayMotivation quote this week, the former NFL star took a screenshot of his own tweet and shared an important message about moving forward.

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#MondayMotivation #qotd #inspire #motivate #selfdoubt

A post shared by michaelstrahan (@michaelstrahan) on Oct 21, 2019 at 12:55pm PDT

“You’ll always be your own worst critic. But if you can move past it, you can really start to succeed and have fun doing it,” the Instagram read.

In response, fans took over his comment section with thoughtful messages of their own. “Love this … just what I needed today! Thanks,” one fan wrote. “This is right on point!! Thanks @michaelstrahan for posting!” another said.

Of course, there’s no reason to assume Michael’s message has anything to do with the ongoing child support dispute. But “moving past it” is presumably something Michael is eager to do.

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Last Friday, TMZ reported that Michael and Jean, who amicably divorced in 2006, have been arguing over the custody agreement and child support payments for their 14-year-old twin daughters, Sophia and Isabella. Since the TMZ story broke, Michael appears to be keeping the matter private, only sharing photos and clips related to his work or inspirational quotes on social media.

The report states that a judge will likely rule on the payments this November. Hopefully everything will be resolved then.

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How Many Times Has Michael Strahan Been Married, and Who Is He With Now?

Michael Strahan is a retired professional football player and an American television personality who has had a highly successful career overall. After over a decade playing defensive end for the New York Giants, Strahan decided to focus on his television career. Most notably, Strahan was the co-host of Live! With Kelly and Michael and Good Morning America. He also hosted the shows $100,000 Pyramid, Fox NFL Sunday, and Pros vs. Joes.

Michael Strahan | Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

While Michael Strahan has had a successful professional career, his love life has not been quite so successful. How many times has Michael Strahan been married? Is he with anybody now? If he is, then who? Here’s what we know.

How many times has Michael Strahan been married?

Michael Strahan has been married twice. His first marriage was to interior designer, Wanda Hutchins. His second marriage was to Jean Muggli.

Michael Strahan’s first marriage

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Strahan’s first marriage was to interior designer Wanda Hutchins. The couple married in Germany in 1992, and had two children together. A daughter, Tanita, was born in 1992, and a son, Michael Jr., was born in 1995. The couple divorced in 1996, and for the longest time the reason remained undisclosed. Years later, however, Hutchins came forward to state the two were just two young and decided mutually they weren’t mean to work out.

Michael Strahan and his first ex-wife have remained on good terms since their divorce and have fostered a successful co-parenting relationship that the two would even consider a friendship. Hutchins has even come to the aid of her ex-husband in the face of bad press. Unfortunately, Strahan’s second marriage would not end quite so nicely.

His second marriage

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Happy 14th Birthday to my beautiful babies!! Love you more everyday and I’m so happy I was chosen to be your Dad!!

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Strahan’s second marriage was to Jean Muggli, in 1999. Jean Muggli gave Michael Strahan twin daughters, Sophia and Isabella, in 2004. In 2006, however, the couple divorced. Muggli cited physical assault and Strahan being gay as reasons for the divorce. This is where Hutchins came to Strahan’s aid, stating that Michael was a good man and that Jean Muggli was “evil.”

Wanda Hutchins stated that Jean Muggli had even told her (Wanda’s) children that she wished they would die. Strahan’s father also had some not-so-nice things to say about wife number two. “Jean is a sick, evil lady. Mike was mad at me. My wife was mad at me, and Jean, of course, was mad at me. But I had to get it off my chest. Jean is sick. I’ve been praying for her for years. It’s a shame.”

Michael Strahan also had a long term engagement

Besides his two marriages (and divorces), Michael Strahan also had a long term relationship with Nicole Mitchell (who is also the ex of actor and comedian, Eddie Murphy). The American fashion model and professional football player dated for five years. They became engaged but ended up calling off the engagement.

Their relationship came to a very public, dramatic end after Michael Strahan apparently cheated on her. She was kicked out of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel for banging on a door that was said to lead to Strahan’s room. The ex-fiance was apparently convinced there was another woman in the room, and yelled obscenities stating as much. Despite a dramatic ending, the two have remained friends.

Who is Michael Strahan with now?

Michael Strahan’s current relationship is controversial, to say the least. He is currently dating Kayla Quick. Besides being around 20 years younger, Quick is also a convicted criminal. She has been arrested on counts of both disorderly conduct and grand theft. The couple have kept their relationship mostly quiet and out of the spotlight, although the two have been spotted in public together on a handful or two of occasions.

Strahan/Murphy split details

Prenup said to be the big sticking point

Michael Strahan and his ex-wife, Jean Strahan, have been entrenched in an ongoing dispute over their custody agreement for the couple’s 14-year-old twin daughters, Sophia and Isabella, with Jean arguing that Strahan owes her more than $547,000, according to a new report.

TMZ reports that Jean thinks the “Fox NFL Sunday” co-host should be on the hook for half of the $450,802 she says she paid for equestrian lessons for the former couple’s daughters, who are avid riders. Jean says she has made these payments since 2017. She also requests an additional $321,654 in back child support that she believes she is owed from the TV personality, TMZ reported, citing court documents.

The former football player and Jean married in 1999 while the current “Good Morning America” co-host was six years into a 15-year career with the New York Giants. The pair divorced in 2006 and worked out an amicable custody and child support agreement that saw the two-time Super Bowl champion paying $18,000 a month, though the amount was decreased to $13,000 in 2009, the gossip site reported.

Host Michael Strahan participates in a challenge onstage during Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports 2019 at Barker Hangar on July 11, 2019 in Santa Monica, Calif. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/KCASports2019/Getty Images for Nickelodeon )


However, Jean says an adjustment needs to be made to the amount she’s being paid and is seeking $18,378 a month from Strahan, claiming to the court that Strahan makes more than enough to afford the amended amount due to his current TV jobs and other ventures.

Jean said she and Strahan had originally agreed to split the exorbitant costs of the girls’ horseback-riding lessons – an agreement he allegedly went back on. Strahan denied his ex-wife’s claim, saying he never promised to pay half of the riding expenses – which amounts to $225,000, according to TMZ.

In Strahan’s response to his wife’s judgment, he admitted that part of their agreement allows for cost-of-living adjustments. However, the Texas Southern University alum claims that the verbiage about how to determine that amount is “vague and indefinite.”

In Jean’s initial settlement with Strahan, she was awarded $15.3 million in addition to her monthly allotment. The pair is due back in Manhattan court in November, when a judge is expected to rule on the payment amounts.

Michael Strahan’s ex-wife wants $225K for daughters’ horseback riding

Michael Strahan’s ex-wife wants him to cough up more than $500,000 in back child support and as part of their deal to split their twin daughters’ pricey horseback-riding lessons, according to a new report.

The former NFL star-turned-TV host and Jean Strahan have been duking it out in New York and North Carolina courts over their custody agreement — with Jean seeking more than $547,000 from him, TMZ reported.

That total includes half of the $450,802 Jean says she’s paid for lessons for accomplished riders Sophia and Isabella, 14, since 2017, as well as $321,654 in back child support she believes she’s owed.

The former couple, who married in 1999 and divorced in 2006, hammered out a child support agreement with Michael paying $18,000 a month. That amount was decreased to just under $13,000 in 2009, TMZ said.

But now, Jean is seeking $18,378 a month, saying her ex’s monthly income is significantly higher thanks to his lucrative gigs on “Fox NFL Sunday” and “Good Morning America.”

The mom also said she and Michael had an agreement to split costs of the girls’ horseback-riding lessons, which he’s allegedly reneged on.

She originally filed a money judgment in New York Supreme Court on July 10, but the couple has a contemporaneous case in North Carolina.

Jean’s lawyer had no comment, while one for Michael didn’t immediately return a message.

Additional reporting by Priscilla DeGregory