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36 Awesome Ideas of DIY Wall Jewelry Organizers

There is no woman or girl who didn`t love jewelry. It is good to have a lot jewelry but it is better if you know every time where is your favorite pair of earrings or your favorite necklace. If you keep your jewelry in boxes it is possible to make a big mess and damage or entangled your jewelry. Put an end to your nervousness every time you`ll look for a piece of jewelry- make an impressive wall jewelry organizer.

This fun DIY projects are mostly for women, but you can surprise your wife making a wonderful organizer for her jewelry. Fill your spare time with something fun and interesting as these creative projects. They will not take a long time and will cost you almost nothing. So you will have more benefits- any time you will know where is your favorite piece of jewelry and you will have beautiful decorations on your walls. For saving your time and your patience every time when you will need jewelry, all you need is some old unused item, a little effort and imagination.





































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As fun as jewelry is to collect and wear, it can be tricky to figure out how to store all your pieces. If you’re not careful, it can too easily turn into clutter. Home organization stores would love to convince you to run out and spend tons of money on jewelry organizers and storage. But if you’re willing to get a bit crafty, you can easily make your own DIY jewelry organizer or holder to store your jewelry in style.

The first question is, do you want your jewelry concealed, or on display? You don’t necessarily have to choose–I actually prefer a mix of both. Concealed or out in the open, there are many different options for a DIY jewelry organizer, in terms of looks, functionality, and level of difficulty. So there’s no excuse not to get crafting, and whip your jewelry into shape!

Quirky DIY Jewelry Organizers

Photo: Design*Sponge

This classical bust is a really fun way to store your favorite necklaces. Get the instructions from Design*Sponge.

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

Store your earrings on this cool brass pyramid display. Instructions here.

Photo: A Pair and A Spare

This necklace display pyramid is like a simplified combination of both of the above ideas. See instructions at A Pair and A Spare.

Photo: Real Simple

This idea from Real Simple takes a simple, boxy picture frame and, with some wire and eyelet hooks, turns it into a pretty, free-standing display for your dangly earrings.

Photo: Club Crafted

This earring easel will lend a little bit of artistic flair to your jewelry storage. Instructions from Club Crafted.

Photo: I Heart Organizing

If you need to store a bunch of bracelets, this bracelet holder has got you covered. Instructions at I Heart Organizing.

Photo: Fashion Diva Design

I gotta hand it to you, this plaster DIY jewelry organizer is unique. Check out this DIY hand jewelry holder.

Source: Curbly

A little turquoise spray paint and some brass hooks for feet…. an old kitchen grater makes for a kitschy and cool earring holder. Unconventional, yes, but we LOVE the unconventional holders here at Curbly. Just be careful you don’t cut your fingers.

Photo: Pinterest

Someone took a set of ANTLERS, painted the tips metallic gold and added glitter! She stores her turquoise jewelry on the horns. Totally unique!

Photo: Calico Skies

This DIY wire and frame earring display is a cinch to create, and can be leaned up against the wall.

Photo: Curbly

This display was crafted from… a table? Read more about Curbly’s own DIY jewelry organizer from a secondhand table.

Photo: Pinterest

So many great ideas in this picture! I love using a radiator grate within an antique frame for hanging storage, and the vintage pedestal tray is a lovely way to display pretty bracelets and rings. Which brings us to our next section…

Tiered Jewelry Organizers

Photo: Acute Designs

Turn vintage dishes and candlesticks into a charming jewelry stand. Instructions here.

Photo: Confessions of a Serial DIYer

This tiered organizer was assembled from a few dollars-worth of thrift store finds by Confession of a Serial DIYer.

Photo: Faith Provencher

This Curbly project makes clever use of an egg plate for organizing earrings. Get the instructions here.

Photo: Sarah Ortega

A simple DIY jewelry organizer – DIY cake stand jewelry dish.

Wall Jewelry Displays

Photo: The Homes I Have Made

This pretty blue and gold jewelry organizer from The Homes I Have Made is a striking way to display jewelry.

Photo: Fashion Lush

This minimalist necklace holder is so easy to make that it barely needs directions, but here they are.

Photo: Julie Ann Art

A similar take, this time using a branch. Get the instructions for this branch jewelry holder DIY here.

Photo: Visibly Moved

Erin took a piece of driftwood from a trip to the beach and added mismatched decorative knobs for a pretty and sentimental way to hang her necklaces.

Photo: Pinterest

How about a literal jewelry tree? Someone used copper wiring to unite several small branches for a natural and rustic way to display her necklaces (love the agate one!).

Photo: Hello Beauty

All you need for this simple jewelry organizer are fabric, staples, a corkboard, and some tacks. Get the instructions from Hello Beauty.

Photo: Tonya Staab

This organizer was made from a recycled type set box. Tonya found an old type tray, and turned it into a rustic and charming jewelry station. She added hooks beneath to store long necklaces. See how it came together here.

Photo: Dream a Little Bigger

This simple wall-mounted jewelry organizer has tons of possibilities for what you can store on it. Dream a Little Bigger has the full instructions.

Photo: Sugar Bee Crafts

Give all your jewelry a home together with this wall organizer from Sugar Bee Crafts.

Photo: BHG

A frame and decorative piece of metal come together for this simple organizer.

Photo: BHG

These DIY framed knobs and fabric-covered cork jewelry holders look really easy to make. Simply frame pieces of cork tiles, and use hot glue to affix knobs for hanging necklaces.

Photo: Mr. Kate

Lovely lace and a frame make for this useful earring holder. Check out this DIY framed lace jewelry display.

Photo: Mr. Kate

Ever wondered how to make a wine cork jewelry holder? Mr. Kate has an answer for that, too.

Photo: BHG

This DIY paper-covered cork board jewelry organizer is an easy transformation to create yourself. Simply use an existing cork board, and cover in paper or paint. Add a couple of pushpins, and you’ve got yourself a jewelry organizer!

Photo: Monaluna

White paint, a frame, a wood board, and some hooks. Jewelry organization done. Find the directions here.

Photo: Martha Stewart

Turn a curio shelf into a DIY shadowbox jewelry organizer with this tutorial.

Photo: Mini Manor Blog

Wooden cutlery trays with added hooks make the perfect dividers for necklaces, bracelets and rings. I love how Ashli uses top section as a ledge for chunkier items.

Photo: Twinkle and Twine

Rebekah put together this great combination of elements for the ultimate jewelry organizer. She lined a picture frame with aluminum screen and hung a small coat rack beneath it. She even added extra knobs for more storage.

Photo: Curbly

The jewelry pegboard: a perfectly simple way to keep track of your accessories.

Photo: The 36th AVENUE

While you’re organizing your jewelry, why not tackle all your accessories? That’s what Desirée from The 36th AVENUE did when she made this DIY pegboard jewelry station.

Hidden Jewelry Storage

Photo: Shanty 2 Chic

Stash your jewelry behind a mirrored cabinet. Get the instructions here.

Photo: Design*Sponge

Keep everyone guessing where you keep your valuables by hiding your jewelry behind a painting. Instructions from Design*Sponge.

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

Another take on the jewelry-hidden-behind-a-mirror idea, with full instructions here.

Photo: Rachel Jacks

I’m definitely biased, but I really like how my hidden earring organizer turned out. Instructions at DIY in PDX.

Photo: Whisper Wood Cottage

Okay, while not technically a DIY everyone can do, I had to share this one. Amy turned a vintage medical cabinet into a vanity. She even hangs her necklaces from the bunsen burner stand!

Ring Storage

Photo: I Heart Organizing

This box is shown storing earrings, but it would work equally well for ring storage. Instructions here.

Photo: Rachel Jacks

These concrete ring cones are one of my most popular projects. Get the instructions at DIY in PDX.

Photo: Michaels

This cute little tabby cat ring dish would be perfect for the cat ladies out there. Instructions from Michaels.

Organize and hide all your jewelry with this beautiful DIY wall jewelry organizer.

This easy to build wall jewelry organizer will become your new favorite part of any room. The front of the jewelry cabinet is a modern wood sign that you can put any design on. But the inside is where the magic happens. And I partnered with Kreg Tools and their new project plan site,, to share the build plans with you for free!

Who doesn’t love the fun new design trend of wood signs? I know I am hooked! You can add so much personality to your home and they are easy to build, especially if you have a Kreg Jig! So when it was time to finally tackle the pile of jewelry that was tangling itself if my dresser drawer (embarrassing, I know) I decided to combine my love of wood signs and need for jewelry organization.

And the end result is amazing! For anyone visiting my house, all they see is funny bathroom art (he he). But if you open up the chunky wood sign, the inside is a treasure trove of jewelry organization! It makes me so happy to see it all organized like this.

On the back of the wood sign are pegs for hanging necklaces. And the felt back glued to the inside does more than just protect the necklaces. It also hides the pocket holes that so easily hold together the wood sign.

Then on the inside, hidden in the wall, you have the perfect way to store all your earrings. This earring rack is on hinges so you can easily access the back. This makes it perfect for dangly earrings as well as studs!

There is a row of more pegs to hold bracelets. So simple, but they really look amazing right? And then at the bottom are two compartments perfect for storing rings. Or anything else you might want to hide in your new hidden jewelry cabinet!

This DIY wall jewelry organizer is a fun weekend build and would be perfect for a handmade gift. Who wouldn’t love a place to organize and hide all their jewelry? And if you want extra bonus points, put a new necklace in the jewelry cabinet ????

But this is the project that almost didn’t happen! I made the plans, built the wall jewelry organizer. Then the problems started…

First, before building to the final measurements, I cut a small hole in the wall to double check that it would fit. I was pretty sure there was nothing where I wanted to put it because I just put drywall on that a couple years ago. So after confirming I went to work.

Then I went back to finish cutting out my opening and 1/4″ away from the line, I hit the studs! Yikes. I figured I would just have to shift it 1/4″ to the other side but yep, on the other side 1/4″ from my line… studs again! I had miss calculated how much distance was between them. Luckily this will not happen to you, because studs are typically 16″ apart (and the cabinet is only 14 1/2″).

Luckily these studs are not very important, they are just holding the drywall up to cover a vent coming up from the furnace. So I asked my husband to notch out the studs so I could fit my already built cabinet inside.

Smooth sailing??? Nope! We got the absolutely beautiful jewelry organizer in the wall and then I went to add the wood sign to hide the jewels inside.

Well, this is where my design was flawed. I thought I had figured it out good enough. But come to find out, there was not a hinge in the world that would allow the front of the jewelry cabinet to open up the way I had designed it.

I wanted the wood sign to sit over the top of the jewelry cabinet. That way the frame would only be 1/4″ off the wall and no one would even guess there was a storage compartment behind it. It was a great idea!

And that idea I had a hard time letting go of. I tried hinges in so many different places and different ways. I spent almost an hour just staring at the thing hoping my brain would magically see the answer. Well it did, the answer was to make the wood sign the same size as the cabinet so that it would hinge properly.

After accepting defeat, I quickly recut the wood sign and presto. The whole thing came together! Even with the challenges I faced, I adore my new hidden jewelry organizer. I love the punny bathroom art, I love the felt lined cabinet, I love the hinged earring rack. I love it all!

And it was easy to build. The whole thing comes together so easily with the Kreg Jig and their Shelf Pin Jig (love this thing for anyone that wants to build any kind of cabinets).

If you want to make your own DIY wall jewelry organizer, I am sharing the free plans over at

Happy Building!

Thank you to Kreg Jig and for sponsoring this post. I only recommend products that I use and love and all opinions are 100% my own.

Ah, jewelry. We all love wearing it. Putting it away and keeping it organized though is another story altogether. Imagine having the perfect place to keep all of your jewelry organized.
Well, we’ve got a great collection of 25 DIY jewelry holders and organizers that you can make in an afternoon and that will keep your jewelry organized for good.

From hanging displays to all-out dresser type organizers, there is something here for every jewelry lover. Whether you need a place to keep your favorite rings handy or you want something that will keep those earrings from getting lost, you are sure to find the perfect storage solution for all of your jewelry.
Take an afternoon and get a little crafty. You’ll be glad that you did and you’ll always know exactly where those favorite pieces of jewelry are stashed.
Plus, these organizers make it really easy to instantly find what you’re looking for so there are no more worries of being late to work because you can’t find the necklace or earrings that go great with your outfit. Let’s get DIYing and make the perfect place to store all of that jewelry!

Table of Contents

Utensil Holder Jewelry Hanger

With a wooden utensil hanger, a few hooks and a couple of hours of time, you can create a beautiful jewelry hanger that keeps your jewelry organized and handy. You could use a plastic utensil holder for this, but the wood is much sturdier and more attractive. You basically just put the small hooks on top of the larger columns to hang your necklaces and then put several in the smaller areas for holding earrings. You can hang it on the wall and keep all of your jewelry right where you need it and perfectly organized. No more tangled necklaces or missing earrings.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Colormebluefashion

Wood Floor Sample Organizer

Wood floor samples are around a quarter each at your local home improvement store. You can use a few of these to create a beautiful jewelry organizer that will hang on the wall. You need a collection of samples (or you could just use a board if that’s what you have on hand), wood glue, a few screws and something to hang it – Velcro picture strips work well. The screws (and you can buy decorative ones if you want) are what holds all those necklaces and keeps them from getting tangled. Just hang it in the bedroom or bathroom and you’ll always have your necklaces perfectly organized.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Creatingreallyawesomefreethings

Lace Earring Holder

A strip of lace can do wonders for helping you to keep earrings organized. The greatest thing about this project is how it looks so rustic and antique. That’s done using teabags to stain the lace and give it an old-word feel. There are very few supplies needed and if you have enough lace, you can create several of these and just hang them all together to keep all of your earrings organized. It’s a beautiful, easy project that will take very little time but instantly improve your bedroom or bathroom décor just by having it hanging there.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Forthemakers

Drawer Pull Jewelry Storage

Some old drawer pulls and other hardware can be attached to a board to give you the perfect place for keeping all of your jewelry organized. You need a board, which you can paint or stain any color that fits your current décor. Then just take those old drawer pulls, hinges, and knobs (which incidentally, you can pick up at yard sales and thrift stores for a steal) and attach them in different ways. Create a pattern or just put them wherever you think they’ll work best. You get a beautiful place to store and display all of your jewelry and for very little cost.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Lizmarieblog

DIY Vintage Jewelry Stand

This beautiful vintage jewelry stand can be made with things that you have on hand or you can visit a thrift store or Goodwill store to find the plates and candlesticks that you need. You will need a couple of brass candle sticks and at least three vintage plates. You’ll also want some superglue to hold it all together. It looks like the jewelry stand that your grandmother kept her treasured pieces in and it’s absolutely gorgeous and really holds quite a few rings, earrings, and bracelets. Just sit it on the dresser or nightstand and keep all of your favorite pieces organized.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Acutedesigns

Framed Chicken Wire Jewelry Hanger

If you have a few pieces of chicken wire on hand, you can create an absolutely stunning hanger for your earrings and other jewelry. You’ll need a one-by-two foot piece of chicken wire as well as a few pieces of wood to build the frame. The framed holder hangs with a piece of ribbon or whatever you want to use to hang it and it costs only about $2 to make. Plus, it’s relatively easy and will hold loads of jewelry. Add a few small nails or hooks to the wooden part for holding necklaces and bracelets and your earrings will just hang across the wire in the center.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Just-between-friends

Deco Board Jewelry Hanger

A magnetic board and a few magnetic hangers will give you the perfect place to hang and keep all of your jewelry organized. You can paint the board and the hangers to match your décor and they are perfect for holding necklaces and bracelets. The hangers are just a few dollars each at Wal-Mart and you can find the magnetic board at any office supply store. Or, if you have an old board that you aren’t using, you’re halfway there and you can just add the hangers to keep your jewelry within reach and untangled at all times.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Girllovesglam

Embroidery Hoop Earring Display

An old embroidery hoop and a few strips of lace give you the perfect place to hang and organize your earrings. You don’t even have to glue this one. Just separate the hoop and place the lace ribbon inside before putting it all back together. The hoop hangs perfectly on the wall and you can add as much lace as you need to keep all of your earrings organized. It’s beautiful, easy to make, and best of all, cheap. You can literally make one of these in about five minutes and if you have the hoop and lace on hand, it won’t cost you anything. You could also use strips of fabric if that’s what you have.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Bubbyandbean

Cheese Grater Earring Display

A cheese grater is the perfect earring holder. Now, we’re talking about those full, standup graters that you can buy just about anywhere if you don’t already have one that you can use. Paint over the metal if you want and add lace or whatever else you want to make it a bit more decorative. Then just stick your earring backs into the holes in the grater. Voila! Instant earring organization and it takes just a few minutes and won’t cost anything if you have an old grater that you can use. Note that this one works best for hanging earrings.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Katrinshine

Vintage China Jewelry Display

You can create an absolutely gorgeous jewelry display with a few cheap plastic plates and cups, some temporary tattoos and a few other supplies. The gist of this one is to make those cheap plates and cups look like vintage china, which is done with floral temporary tattoos. Once you have that accomplished, you can fill the cups with foam for sticking earrings and use command hooks or some decorate push pins on the plates to hold necklaces and bracelets. You really have to see this one. You’ll find it hard to believe that they started out as cheap plastic.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Onceuponherdream

Staircase Spindle Jewelry Holder

If you happen to be replacing your staircase spindle, you’ve got the makings for the perfect jewelry holder. Even if you don’t have a spare spindle sitting around, you can pick them up really cheap at yard sales, flea markets, or any number of thrift stores. You’ll need a round piece of wood to hold the spindle up and some wire for hanging your jewelry. This is a beautiful jewelry organizer that you can paint or stain any color you need to match your décor and it’s really easy to make. The wires stick out in different places, giving you the perfect place for hanging all of your longer jewelry pieces.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Rainonatinroof

Accordion Jewelry Holder

A wooden accordion rack is a great way to keep your jewelry organized and they are really cheap at the Dollar Store or Dollar Tree. You could also use plastic racks if that’s what you want. You can paint or decorate them however you want and then just hang them on the wall to hold necklaces and bracelets. Stack a few of them up the wall to have somewhere to keep all of your longer pieces organized. They make the perfect jewelry organizers and they’re really cheap, which is always a good thing. Plus, there’s little work involved to turn them into jewelry holders.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Caughtonawhim

Kids’ Jewelry Organizer

When you’re organizing jewelry, you certainly can’t forget about the little girls in your life. This kids’ organizer is perfect for little necklaces and bracelets and it’s very easy to make. You’ll need wooden pegs and a frame, which you can get for around $1 each and something to fill in the center. We love the idea of using an old loom to create a place in the center for hanging earrings. This is a really easy project and one that your little one can help you to make and decorate. Just add a little paint or decoupage some pictures on the frame.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Tonyastaab

Hinged Jewelry Holder

This hinged jewelry holder is attractive and very functional and it’s cheap and easy to make – our favorite kind of DIY. You need a couple of pieces of wood and in whatever size you want. Just make sure that they’re both the same size. Paint or stain them however you want and then hinge them together to make a sort of folding, standup board. Then just add command hooks or nails for hanging necklaces and bracelets and you’re all set. You could also add small baskets at the bottom to keep other pieces in that won’t really hang well.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Eyesofstyle

Coat Hanger Jewelry Holder

An old wooden coat hanger can be transformed into the perfect jewelry organizer with a few small hooks and maybe some decorative ribbon. First, decorate the hanger however you want, if you want. Then add tiny command hooks for holding necklaces and bracelets. You can stick the hooks into the wood all the way around the hanger and even on both sides if you want. You get loads of space for hanging your jewelry and a wooden hanger will cost only a few cents at thrift stores so this is a really cheap project as well.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Morningcreativity

DIY Wooden Jewelry Box

You can run out and buy a jewelry box but why would you when you can DIY it? This is a great project and one that gives you room to store all of your jewelry in one place. There are hooks for your necklaces and bracelets, a place to hang earrings, and even a small shelf where you can keep bowls for rings and earring studs. This is the perfect jewelry organizer and one that you can completely make from scratch, and with just a few supplies. You’ll need wood of course and a few other key materials. What you end up with is jewelry storage that looks like something expensive. Only you will know it’s a DIY project.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Betterafter

Garden Rake Necklace Holder

Oh how we love repurposing old garden tools! This old garden rake is beautiful as a new necklace and bracelet holder. This is one of our favorite jewelry organizing projects. It’s easy, cheap, and works wonders for helping you to keep your necklaces from getting tangled. You just need the end off an old rake which you can pick up at flea markets or yard sales. Just sand, paint, and hang the old rake end and then hang your necklaces on it. Easy, right? And, this is a beautiful jewelry holder that has a wonderfully rustic look. You can even add a piece of twine for holding those dangly earrings.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Thinkingcloset

Pegboard Jewelry Holder

Pegboards are great for organizing just about anything and jewelry is certainly no exception. A piece of pegboard is really cheap and you can use it to create a beautiful jewelry organizer that will hold all of your necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. Just frame the pegboard (if you want) and then add hooks, cups, small baskets, and anything else that you need to keep that jewelry organized. You can hang necklaces from hooks and use plastic cups or baskets to keep your rings organized. Really, there are so many ways that you can put a pegboard to work keeping things organized.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – The36thavenue

Radiator Grate Earring Holder

A piece of radiator grate in a frame is perfect for holding those dangling earrings. You just have to cut the grate to fit your wooden frame, assemble it and then hang up your earrings. These are great because they are so decorative and you can paint them if needed so that they match your bedroom décor. You could make a few of them if you have loads of earrings to hang or think about using them as gifts for other girls you know that need to get those dangly earrings organized.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Iheartorganizing

Plaster Hand Ring Holder

Instead of buying a cheap plastic ring holder or spending a fortune on a not-so-cheap one, why not just create your own whimsical plaster hand to keep rings and bracelets organized? This is such a fun project and would make the perfect gift (the holidays are just around the corner, you know). You will need plaster of course, plus a mold and paint if you want to paint it. The great thing is that you can use rubber gloves as a mold and they are much cheaper than a real mold. This is the perfect thing for the dresser and will really help you to keep your rings and bracelets organized.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Fashiondivadesign

Hideaway Jewelry Storage

Now this is a great jewelry storage project. Not only is it easy and relatively cheap, you get enough room to store all of your jewelry and then some. It’s a hideaway jewelry cabinet that has a mirrored door and it fits perfectly wherever you have room on the wall. It’s got hooks for everything and will seriously hold tons and tons of jewelry and keep it perfectly organized. Imagine having your own jewelry cabinet and not having to shell out a couple hundred bucks for it. Plus, the mirror is good for trying on jewelry to make sure that it matches what you’re wearing.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Shanty-2-chic

Jewelry Bust

Remember those silhouettes that you made for your mom when you were a kid? Well, this jewelry organizer uses the same concept only you get a great bust that you can use to keep necklaces and other jewelry untangled and organized. It’s really easy and cheap to make and so adorable that you’ll want it just for the decorative purposes alone. Plus, you can use any number of templates to create it, even your own silhouette (you remember how to do those, right?). This is great for bulkier necklaces that won’t fit in the jewelry box and it would make the perfect gift.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Designsponge

Jewelry Tree

There are a number of ways that you can make a jewelry tree and they are perfect for hanging your bracelets or necklaces. For the simplest version, just grab a nice twig from the yard and stick it in a vase. Voila! You have necklace storage that costs nothing and literally takes about two minutes to make. You can also be a bit more crafty and create a beautiful tree that will hold necklaces, bracelets, and even rings if you want to take a bit more time. A jewelry tree looks great wherever you sit it and really does help to keep your jewelry organized.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Mysocalledcraftylife

DIY Ring Box

Taking an old cigar box and an old sweater, you can make a great ring holder that not only organizes your rings, it protects them as well. What you end up with is a ring display that looks a lot like what you see in the jewelry store, only a lot cheaper. This project is easy and only takes about an hour or so from start to finish. You end up with a place where you can slide your rings in to keep them from being lost or knocked around in the jewelry box. You could also use this to stick your stud earrings in and keep them from being misplaced.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Afabulouschallenge

Jenga Necklace Rack

An old Jenga game is the perfect place to begin organizing your jewelry. If you don’t have an old Jenga set, you can pick them up for less than $10 and they make a really neat looking display for your necklaces. Paint or decorate the wooden blocks if you want and then just put them together, holding them in place with strong glue. Hang it on the wall and you have a really modern looking necklace holder that is as fun to make as it is functional to use and it will keep those necklaces from tangling in the jewelry box.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Brit

More DIY Jewelry Organizing and Storage Projects

There is no end to how you can be creative with your DIY jewelry organizing projects. Just take a look at this infographic from Axentric that shows you several more ideas for how your can organize and store jewelry.

Most of the projects here doesn’t require buying a lot of things. Many of the projects can probably be completed using parts you already have in your home.

Need a stylish and functional necklace organizer to store all your pretty jewelry? You can easily make your own with the 16 ideas we’re sharing today for DIY Jewelry Organizer.

Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, brooches…. so many pretties! If you don’t have a way to organize them, they quickly get lost, tangled or broken. I set out to find the best of the best ideas for DIY Jewelry Organizers that are easy to make, but also stylish enough to display on a wall or shelf. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, any of these DIY Jewelry Organizers would also make a great gift for your mom!

16 DIY Jewelry Storage Ideas

To get the tutorials for any of these DIY jewelry organizers, click on the links or the photos below. You’ll be whisked away to the original source, the super talented blogger who created that diy necklace organizer idea. If you want to save any of these specific DIY jewelry organizer ideas, please pin directly from the original blogs. There is a collage image at the end of the post if you want to pin the entire collection of DIY jewelry organizers for later.

1. DIY Jewelry Organizer with Farmhouse Charm – Live Laugh Rowe

2. Colorful Jewelry Organizers from Silverware Trays – Tatertots and Jello

3. Corkboard Jewelry Organizer with Fabric – Mod Podge Rocks

4. Easy DIY Cabinet Hardware Jewelry Organizer – The Happy Housie

5. Wine Cork Necklace Organizer – Trish Sutton

6. DIY Jewelry Organizer – C.R.A.F.T.

7. Lace Hoop Earring Display – My Craftily Ever After

8. DIY Wooden Bracelet Holders – Toolbox Divas

9. DIY Framed Mirror With Hidden Jewelry Organization – Simply Designing with Ashley Phipps

10. How to Make Your Own DIY Jewelry Organizer – Diva of DIY

11. Pottery Barn Inspired Jewelry Holder – The Tale of an Ugly House for Reasons to Skip the Housework

12. Topsy-Turvy Jewelry Box – Running With Sisters for Ideas for the Home by Kenarry™

13. DIY Jewelry Organizer – Anika’s DIY Life

14. Hanging Jewelry Organizer Tutorial – Sew What Alicia

15. DIY Jewelry Organizer – Lydi Out Loud

16. Shutter Jewelry Organizer – Our Southern Home

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Creative Ways to Organize Jewelry in Drawers

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If you have a drawer that you can dedicate to your jewelry, here are simple ways to organize jewelry in drawers. There are many creative ways to get your jewelry organized, and give you the ability to showcase, preserve, and use your pieces more often. Being able to easily see your pieces, and not have to dig and detangle, will make choosing jewelry fun again!

If you don’t have room in a drawer currently, organize your drawers first. Organizing first and making space for your jewelry, will make it easier to see the amount of space you have for an organizer. It is also cool how you can beautifully display your pieces and find what you need quickly.

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Three Steps to Preparing your Jewelry for Storage

  • LAY IT ALL OUT – Laying all of your jewelry out helps you to see what you have. It also gives you the opportunity to untangle any jewelry that is intertwined as tight as a kindergartner’s shoelaces. Spreading out your pieces on a hand towel, especially necklaces, will help you to see what you have. If you need to take a break, roll up your towel like burrito and save for later. You are basically laying it all out so you can take inventory. It’s time to get real about what you are collecting!
  • LOOK AT EACH PIECE – Pick up each piece of jewelry and think about if you truly enjoy wearing it. I am also giving you permission to not worry about who gave it to you or how long you have had it. These ideas can paralyze us when we are making decisions about what to keep and what to give away.
  • SORT IT OUT – Once you have begun looking and holding each piece, put the pieces you are parting with in a Ziplock bag. Setting these pieces aside will keep you from going back and second guessing yourself.

Questions to ask yourself when making sorting decisions:

  • Do I love wearing this?
  • Do I have clothes that I can wear with this?
  • Is it wearable and in good shape?

WHICH SOLUTION IS RIGHT FOR YOU? Now that you have sorted and made decisions on what you want to keep, choose which storage solution is right for you. Base it on the amount of pieces you have and space available in drawer. Find below creative ways to organize jewelry in your drawer.

Clear Jewelry Trays in Drawers

I have found trays to be one of the more simpler solutions to use in a drawer. Clear trays make it easy for you to see your pieces. Trays can come with or without a lid. The benefit to using a tray with a lid, is the lid keeps the dust out of the tray.

The drawback to having an attached lid on trays in drawers is the lids may be a little difficult to fully open, depending on how far your drawer slides. Measuring before you order can be helpful.

To help eliminate your jewelry from sliding around in clear trays, you can cut pieces of felt to the size of each slot. The benefit of this, is that you can pick your favorite color or make it match your decor.

Currently, I have a plastic tray along with a couple other jewelry organizers. Recently I purchased new jewelry organizers that I will experiment with and see what I like best.

Jewelry Drawer Organizer Tray – Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces & Ring Slots – ClearJewelry Drawer Organizer Tray – Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces – 3 piece clear set


I also have used clear mini drawers for my necklaces that are bulkier and have a stiff chain. These drawers work well on my small shelf in my closet, but they can be placed anywhere.

Clear 3 Drawer Mini Storage

Jewelry Inserts in Drawers

Trays that are shallow are perfect for drawers. Some are shallow enough that they are stackable. This can increase the amount of storage space for your jewelry pieces. Jewelry inserts in drawers make it simple to arrange and sort your pieces by category. These drawer inserts are also easy to pull out so you can see your selection.

Stackable Jewelry Trays – Set of 4Stackable Tray Display Organizer

Necklace and Bracelet Tray Insert


Velvet Jewelry Trays in Drawers

Like the faux leather or felt trays, velvet jewelry trays can help to keep your jewelry from sliding around like butter on biscuits. It also can help keep your necklaces and longer pieces from get tangled with each other. The velvet can be a beautiful way to showcase your jewelry.

Velvet 3 PCS Set Stackable Jewelry TraysVelvet Stackable 12 Grid Jewelry Tray Showcase OrganizerVelvet 7 Slots Ring Earrings Trays Showcase Display Jewelry OrganizerWood & Velvet Tray Organizer for Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Insert & Stack in drawer, Light & Durable


Keeping Your Velvet Jewelry Box Clean

Once you unload your jewelry onto a towel, you can use a vacuum, like a small hand vac, to clear out dust. You can also use a damp cloth to wipe out dust. If you have dust or hair that is being stubborn and digging it’s heels in, tape is a great way to snag hair and dust off velvet.

Cleaning Your Jewelry

Household Jewelry Cleaner

Some jewelry stores offer free cleaning if you purchased your pieces from them. If not, you can create your own cleaner or purchase a solution online. Here is a recipe for DIY jewelry cleaner:


  • Smaller bowl
  • Old toothbrush
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon dish soap
  • 1 cup hot water
  • Paper towels
  • Aluminum


  1. With a square of aluminum foil, line your bowl.
  2. Pour salt, baking soda and dish soap.
  3. Carefully pour the hot water while watching the liquid begin to fizz.
  4. Gently drop your jewelry in and let it sit in the cleaning solution for about 10 minutes.
  5. Take your pieces out and use the toothbrush to gently scrub around the prongs and groves in your jewelry and stone.
  6. Rinse after you clean.

Works with gold, silver, sterling, most gems. Be very cautious using with costume jewelry, and any pieces you are not sure about the metal.

Jewelry Cleaner and Jewelry Cleaner Cloth

Maybe creating a scientific experiment isn’t your thing. You can purchase jewelry cleaner instead! I have used this in the past. It is fast and it works.

Jewelry Cleaner Liquid – Restores Shine3 Jewelry Cleaning Cloths – Best Polishing Cloth Solution

You now have all the ideas and tools to beautifully display the jewelry that you love and keep it beautiful. Having beautiful and clean jewelry on display isn’t just for royalty!

Happy Organizing!

How to Organize Jewelry

Shop for drawer inserts equipped with compartments and slots that sort your baubles by type. Use specialty jewelry drawer inserts or repurpose kitchen-drawer cutlery holders, colorful ice-cube trays, or dividers that allow you to customize a drawer’s interior. Label each section so you will always put your jewels back in their proper place.

2. Wall Organizer

Image zoom

Buy a ready-made jewelry cabinet to hang above your dressing table. Or, customize a shallow cabinet with paint, patterned fabric or wallpaper, black velvet linings, hooks for hanging necklaces, slotted dividers to hold earrings, and cubbyholes for piling up bracelets.

3. Keep Everything Visible

Image zoom

Give every trinket its own spot, slot, or box so pieces won’t be broken, misplaced, tangled, lost, or inadvertently tossed. Stow earrings, necklaces, watches, and/or bracelets in specialty jewelry holders that are open to view; seeing your treasures lets you do a visual inventory, which will alert you when something’s gone astray. Stack chunky bangles and wide bracelets on a standing paper-towel holder or a pretty bottle’s neck (fill the bottle with sand to keep it steady).

4. Make Every Day Easy

Image zoom

Stow your everyday jewelry in plain sight near your getting-ready station to make it easy to grab your favorite accessories. Keep necklaces knot-free by hanging them on a makeup mirror or a wall-mount hook. Stow the smaller stuff in decorative trays, dishes, or bowls that are big enough so pieces won’t intermix. Keep a small vessel on your nightstand as a safe place to stow the earrings or necklaces you forgot to put away before getting under the covers.

5. Pocket It

Image zoom

You can find an array of ready-made hanging jewelry organizers, oftentimes equipped with individual pockets, ideally suited to holding your costume jewelry. Adapt jewelry and shoe organizers by using hooks to suspend them from a curtain rod or a dowel installed near where you get dressed. These hanging organizers are not meant for holding delicate or valuable jewelry pieces; they’re best suited for storing bracelets, sturdily strung necklaces, and fashion rings.

6. Consider Form and Function.

Image zoom

Hanging necklaces individually prevents snarled messes of pearls and pendants. Placing them where they can be seen means you’ll wear them more often. The simplest solution? Press strategically spaced decorative pushpins or pushpin hooks directly into a dressing-area wall to capture and display chains, lockets, and beads. Or, purchase ready-made jewelry hangers designed to be mounted on the wall.

7. Compartmentalize

Image zoom

A painter’s palette provides a fun foundation for composing a daily grooming center; outfit the tray with a footed dish, a smaller bowl, and a cup to hold jewelry, makeup, and makeup brushes; use the paint crannies as caches for rings, earrings, and extra earring backs. Other ideas: Try TV-dinner-style plates and compartmentalized trays and platters.

8. Rack It Up

Image zoom

Avert loss, breakage, and underuse by storing your earrings on a good-looking organizer set atop a dressing table or a bathroom vanity countertop. Readily available in a number of styles and sizes, these stands let you see all your ear-dressing options, while allowing danglers to freely dangle and corralling petite posts as pairs.

9. Protect Your Investment

Image zoom

Store your finest jewelry and special-occasion gems inside jewelry boxes to keep rarely used pieces safe, organized, and dust-free. Use stackable plastic jewelry boxes or drawstring jewelry bags to hold bulkier bracelets and necklaces.

10. DIY Jewelry Organizer

Image zoom

Cover a cork bulletin board with a bold fabric and equip a frame with decorative mesh or metal screening to create customized organizers that make a stylish statement. Use pearl-headed pushpins for holding necklaces on the bulletin board; hook earring wires through openings in the screen. Enhance personal adornment operations by adding a fanciful bracelet holder and a divided tray to catch post earrings and rings.

BONUS: Get organized your way. Take our quiz and get customized storage solutions.

More Ways to Get Organized

  • By Ann Wilson

17 Simple But Awesome Handmade Jewelry Organizer Ideas You Can DIY

Storing your jewelry properly is a more important task than it seems. When done right, you shouldn’t need to spend any time looking for what you need, therefore the time you spend preparing what you are going to wear will be drastically lowered. Just imagine, all of your jewelry in one place but organized in a neat way that lets you preview each piece. Of course, you could go ahead and buy a jewelry organizer from the store but let’s be real, it will cost way more than its actual worth. The alternative is to make one by yourself. Huh, but don’t worry, it’s not nearly as hard to do as it might sound.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY ideas in which we are going to show you 17 Simple But Awesome Handmade Jewelry Organizer Ideas You Can DIY. The ideas that you are going to see below have been handmade by people who have crafting as their hobby. At first glance, they might seem complicated but when you think about what it actually is, you’ll realize most of these ideas only require some minor cutting and putting pieces together. Happy crafting!

Oak Ring Box

Buy it on:

Watch Display

Buy it on:

Ultimate All-in-One Jewelry Organizer

Buy it on:

Hollow Book Safe Secret Storage

Buy it on:

Wall Mount Jewelry Organizer

Buy it on:

Wall Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Buy it on:

Jewelry Holder

Buy it on:

earring frame

Buy it on:

Shutter jewelry rack

Buy it on:

Jewelry box

Buy it on:

Mini Chest of Drawers

Buy it on:

Jewelry Rack

Buy it on:

Mini jewellery display stand

Buy it on:

Wood Triangle Necklace Display

Buy it on:

Earring Holder

Buy it on:

Jewelry Display

Buy it on:

Jewelry Box

Buy it on:

Aren’t you tired of keeping all your necklaces in a box where they get all tangled up? It’s about time you did something about that. A necklace holder would surely help. There’s no need to go shopping for one. You can put together something yourself. We’re ready to show you 12 easy and inspiring projects, all representing DIY necklace holders. Each of them can be personalized and customized in various ways so don’t suppress your creativity.

View in gallery

For starters, consider repurposing a spice rack into a necklace holder. It would be an easy transformation. All you’d need to do is stain or paint the rack and then screw in some hooks. When you’re done, install it on the wall. IKEA Bekvam racks have this rod that can come in very handy when hanging necklaces or bracelets. Check out the full tutorial here.

View in gallery

If you have necklaces that need to be organized, chances are you also ave other jewelry pieces in need of a similar treatment so perhaps you could build yourself an organizer. This wall jewelry holder is a pretty good option. it has those cute little knobs for necklaces and small trays in which to keep the earrings and rings.

View in gallery

How about a necklace holder that has industrial flair? You could easily make one out of some copper pipe pieces and some copper end caps and fitting adapters. You’ll also need a piece of wood to use as a support for the whole thing. You can mix and match the pipes and fittings however you want so be creative and give it an interesting, geometric structure. Check out ehow for more details.

View in gallery

A driftwood hanger is another lovely and very easy craft. The most important thing is finding a piece of driftwood or a fallen tree branch that has a shape and size that you find suitable for the project. Bring it home, clean it and decorate it with some tape and paint. Use some twine to hand it and add some screw-in hooks for the jewelry to hang from.

View in gallery

An old frame can be repurposed into a necklace holder and in case you can’t find a suitable frame you can always build one from scratch using a plywood panel and some scrap wood pieces. You’ll also need some fabric but you can also use paper if you want. In any case, you that to cover the plywood panel so you can have a clean backdrop for the necklaces to contrast with. The project is described in more detail on angelamariemade.

View in gallery

A necklace holder can double as a wall decoration and that’s actually great if your walls lack color and ornaments. Don’t go overboard with the design. Keep it simple and it will look clean, chic and stylish. You can look for inspiration on melissating. This necklace holder seems like a very easy craft with very few supplies needed.

View in gallery

The framed jewelry organized featured on monaluna is both elegant and practical. Notice that it has a thin storage tray at the bottom. It’s useful for storing pendants, rings and other small jewelry pieces and accessories. We also like the fact that the frame and the back panel were painted all white. If you want, you can use some sandpaper to create a distressed, vintage look.

View in gallery

A necklace holder can be as simple as a wooden board with some knobs on it. Actually that’s a pretty good description of the project showcased on asmithofalltrades. As you can probably anticipate, you don’t need many things if you want to make something similar. So go find yourself a board, stain it or paint it, drill two holes in two of its corners so you can hang it and screw in a few knobs. You can mix and match them however you want.

View in gallery

Perhaps you’d like to try a design that’s a bit more abstract and doesn’t necessarily look like your average DIY necklace holder. It could be a stylish jewelry stand like the one on diys. This is what you’ll need: two 90 degree elbow copper pipes, two copper pipes, two wooden dowels of different sizes, a wood base, some glue, a hammer and nails.

View in gallery

These jewelry display canvases also look a bit abstract and very stylish, serving both as organizers and as decorations for the wall. They were made using white canvases, wooden beads and wall hanging hooks. They look very clean and beautiful and they really put an emphasis on the jewelry that they hold. {found on diys}.

View in gallery

The last two projects were covered in detail in previous tutorials. One is a copper pipe stand that sits on a wooden base. The arms are perfect for holding necklaces and bracelets and the fun thing about this project is that you can shape the stand however you want and make it as big as you need to, depending on how large your collection is.

View in gallery

This branch jewelry holder is meant to have a sculptural and artistic look. It’s probably the easiest project in our list. All you need to do is find a tree branch that you like and screw it onto the wall. Obviously, you can spray paint it if you want or you can wrap it in yarn, even decorate it it with washi tape.