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Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Makeup Trends

For the fall/ winter 2015-2016 seasons, we were given such a wide array of choices when it comes to turning our faces into a canvas to paint on that we are quite overwhelmed at the moment. What we do notice, however is that the days of doing very little backstage to prep the ladies for the catwalk are all but over, with the low-maintenance looks still available but intermixed with the biggest message given for the fall 2015 season: Make a Statement! Whether it’s about show-stopping eye makeup options or creative takes on the classic eyeliner look, the fall/ winter 2015-2016 makeup trends are all about creating stand-out looks both for casual days and special nights out!

Update: discover the new trend reports here: Spring/ Summer 2016 Makeup Trends & Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Makeup Trends

When we look out for the collections that appear on the runway shows, particularly during the Fashion Week events taking place in New York, London, Milan and Paris where only the best and top houses in the industry present their latest artistic endeavours for us to view and admire, we do not only pay attention to the actual garments presented but all that is used to complete a look. This may include the accessories and the footwear, the handbags and even the makeup. There are so many trends that begin on the runways that often either make us very happy overall or even frighten us with the complexity of the look.

From the hair to the positioning of the accessories and, last but not least, the makeup artistry, beauty risks were taken to the maximum and we could not have been happier with most of the results. We are still reeling from the Givenchy face piercing looks though, while scratching our heads at the forehead grazing topknots seen at Marc Jacobs. This time around, however, everything seems to have more of an expensive look to them, as if we are revelling life lived in the lap of luxury. The fall and the winter season is all about contrasting combinations of looks that you mix and match to suit your personal ideal beauty.

The trends seen on the runway have given us much in terms of inspirations though and we are grinning from ear to ear at seeing many of the comebacks. We have the cool and we have the impressive, we also have the very artistic and the positively wacky looks that have us wondering about the drugs some people might have been abusing. What we are glad about though is the fact that many of the spring looks have made their way into the fall collections as well, from the bold and the beautiful to the naturally luminous. Below is a summary of the biggest fall/ winter 2015-2016 makeup trends that have hit the runways, bringing with them some intriguing skills with the brushes and pens.

#1: Barely There Makeup and Looking Totally Natural

While putting on makeup can make a woman look positively stunning more often than not, there is nothing better than seeing a lady with a bare face, minimal products used and an entirely natural look. We thought that we were going to say goodbye to the natural face but it seems as if the healthy complexion that is clean and clear and under control is most definitely still top of the list of biggest makeup trends for fall 2015. It does require having mastered caring for your skin first for there are no blemishes to be found anywhere on the models sent out without their mast of artistry.

Going au naturel never looked as playfully sweet as at Desigual, with the thick browed, minimally done up models appearing with big curls and bigger dreams to share. Luminous skin, natural eyes and a matte lip were the perfect combination to present when featuring a more earthy chic, the look quite alluring unto itself. Natural fit perfectly in with the David Koma ideals, though we saw blush added in ample amounts to the Mila Schon ladies.

Girlish pink cheeks also fell into this category of a totally natural look that was entirely reminiscent of a century or two past, when the ladies had little in terms of cosmetics to dabble in. Dolce & Gabbana and Michael Kors also sent out fresh-faced models with little to no makeup on.

#2: Swooping Cat Eyes

Cat eyes are a huge staple for the cooler seasons of the year, when our faces will reflect our beauty better than our garment-clad bodies that hide much of what is underneath. Small cat eyes graced the ladies who took to the Coach catwalk with their incredible fashions, those orbs really popping out due to the expertise by which these lines were drawn in all the right places with the right amount of black product.

The length and sharpness of the cat eyes spotted at A Detacher were almost frightening in their bold nature, while the feline flicks had some lived-in looks as well at Narciso Rodriguez and Versace. The Max Mara ladies looked positively stunning with their little bit of perfectly defined cat eyes, while double feline flicks made the Thierry Mugler fashion show all the more captivating. Those cat eyes took on a new twist with the charcoal smudges seen at Chanel, while we also love the polished cat eye makeup style spotted at Daks.

#3: The Twiggy Makeup Look of the 1960s

We may be all about the 1970s this year, but the 1960s, 1990s and the 1980s have crept in from the side doors in interesting combinations to give us some of the best those decades had to offer. Here, we see those really bold and Twiggy lashes that have been separated in clumps and kind of remind us of posh girls from rich families attending a boarding school and discovering mascara for the first time. That would probably be the excuse given a year ago for going so out of control with the application, but since it has been a sitting trend since the spring/summer 2015 season Fashion Weeks, we know that we can walk out with those twig lashes and still be loved instead of written off by the fashion police.

Honor showed off those awesome lashes, along with Rachel Zoe. And then, of course, was the extreme length achieved by Jill Stuart, using a clean palette to clean up the rest of the face as well. Twig lashes looked awesome with the mega liner creating the totally mod vibe at Daks. The clumpy look of the mascara was actually perfectly chic when combined with that bedhead styling of the hair, a rocker vibe that ran deep at Wunderkind. Blugirl paired Twiggy lashes with bold red lips, while keeping the rest of the face clean and nude.

#4: Taking Sultry to New Heights with Smoky Eyes

The eyes always seem to have the perfect pop when you smudge in some grey in lighter or darker hues, or even some brown to give it that perfect manifestation of a shadow. We saw this paired with gorgeous lashes applied with mascara, the brows blotted out for the most part. Yet, if we wanted to see something downright sexy, we are looking at Monique Lhuillier’s gem of a collection with those incredible grungy plum smoky eyes that were inspired by none other than the gorgeous Kate Moss.

Though, if you do not want to go down that road, you can always stick to the classic version with the black and the grey that was easily spotted on the Diane von Furstenberg and Elie Saab runway shows, as well as the alien-meets sixties looks at the Cushnie et Ochs gathering. Of course you can go much lighter on the makeup and opt for the brown-eyed Chelsea girls looks at Nicole Miller.

Smudged lids were a nice staple for the mystical aura presented by Nicole Miller, while this was the central attractions for the Burberry Prorsum models. Smoldering eyes were dark and smoky on the John Richmond runway show, the models looking positively fantastic with the combination of feline drawing and luscious wine colored lips. Dark, smoky eyes made the focal point where we were concerned of the beauty looks at the lovely Pascal Millet.

#5: Working that Liner

The best cosmetic tool used for the fall and winter season’s collection presentations was the liquid liner in all its glory. Different designers used it for different purposes, but all created bold graphic lines and designs to add an edgy touch to rather minimal looks, such as with Adeam. That liner was used to create interesting frames around the eyes at DKNY, while only the lower lid was outlined at Rebecca Minkoff.

Lines appeared in place of the cat drawings, thick kohl used to create a sweeping look at the edge of the lid at Suno. Liner was used to create a combo of futuristic and ancient Egyptian pharaoh style look spotted at Jean Pierre Braganza, one which we certainly will want to emulate for parties coming up! Graphic eye detailing was simply stunning on the Matthew Williamson and Rochas runways, giving the models a boho meets modern vibe.

Simpler, more pronounced black liners were used all over as well, creating the classic beauty at Oscar de la Renta, the bona fide bombshell at Versace, and the really bad girl at Marc by Marc Jacobs. Thick, inky swipes of liner were applied to models’ eyes at Fendi, while cat eyes with multiple lines and angles were created at Christophe Guillarme.

#6: Extremely Red Lips

Red lips came in a range of colors, but the classic and the really red looks deserve to be mentioned on their own. For example, the Kaelen girls were given a pop of tangerine red lips along with their big curls and awesome nails, nothing added to or around the eyes. For really red lips, we certainly loved the retro look found at Antonio Berardi, the matching lips and nails at Julien Macdonald, and the ox blood lips displayed during the captivating Ashley Williams collection.

Pure red lips were seen everywhere from Bottega Veneta to Carolina Herrera, the extreme brightness at Celine and that of Saint Laurent; Tod’s gave us such beauty, while we saw the darker hues at Dolce & Gabbana. The models at San Andres certainly knew how to appear bold and beautiful with those cherry red lips and the slightly frizzy half ponytails.

Crisp red lips were a signature on the Cristiano Burani line, while the blood red was big on Blugirl, and the slight cherry hue in matte was what made the Vanessa Seward collection stand out. The red made it big at Acne Studios as well.

#7: Berry Colored Lips

Berry colors were a huge hit on the runway shows throughout, from London to Paris, Milan and New York. At Carolina Herrera, the theme was water sirens and they certainly looked best with those darker red lips, kind of like cranberries to really bring the beauty to the visage. Berry pinks made a splash with matte lips on Felder Felder, though nothing could look better than nearly burgundy colored blackberry stained lips at Roksanda.

Grapes and wine seemed to mark the lips at John Richmond, the richness of the hue really grabbing at our senses. Strawberry red lips looked quite sweet on the MSGM models as they graced the walkway with their hair worn in side-swept ponytails and the rest of the face left quite natural.

#8: Lips in the Nude

Those lips were not always colored a red hue or even a bold black; sometimes they were given less definition overall and made to look matte and nude, kind of like a whisper of soft rose hinting at a bloom. That is certainly what we saw on the Dennis Basso show. Lips in the nude appeared on DKNY as well as Cividini where there was little color to be found. Punk met retro at the John Galliano show when black feline flicks were paired with muted out nude lips and not much else in terms of makeup. Of course, that very fact just made the lack of extra color on the pout even more delectable to look at throughout the show.

#9: Ombre Lips

The way Dustin Lujan, lead makeup artist for Le Métier de Beauté describes it, the ladies for Erin Fetherston were given an ombre lip with a neutral beige pink and no definition, literally appearing as if blood was spilling out from the inside, kind of like biting into a poison apple. Holly Fulton’s blushing pink lips have a slight ombre tinge as well, fading away at the edges while darker in the center. Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana and Marc Jacobs also showed unique interpritations of the ombre lip trend.

#10: Morning-After Makeup Look

One big trend we saw on the runways for the fall and winter seasons is the morning after look that signifies the downtown girl has moved uptown. She wears all the right clothes and shows off her glamorous self, but the truth is that she was partying hard last night and still has the aftereffects of a hangover to fight off. That might be why she’s still wearing her makeup from last night, albeit touched up. We have to admit, this is a look that we often use ourselves as it saves a load of trouble in the morning while getting ready. We saw this trend appear particularly on Blue Les Copains. Even the Victoria Beckham models were given that smudgy, lived-in look that creates for a girl the illusion of one who parties hard.

#11: Exotic Rainbow Eye Makeup

Playing with eyeshadow colors and combinations makes us happy, like an amateur artist with his first huge set of paints. On the Fashion Week runway shows, many of the designers opted to play with some rather intriguing palettes and came up with lovely looks, from tropical sunsets to birds of a feather. MAC’s lead makeup artist Polly Osmond did not seem to quite find the bird-like similarities in Christian Siriano’s models, though colors had been played with that matched the bird Siriano saw in the woman. Those colorful combinations stretch into the use of eyeliners as well, such as the layers worn at Fyodor Golan. Kaleidoscope lids were a thing of the future or the past, depending on who looked, as seen on Toga.

#12: Artistic Brush Strokes

Makeup is used by eccentric artists to create extravagant fashion statements that present their own signatures to the world. With the Zero + Maria Cornejo models, it appeared as if something tribal and positively feral had been the inspiration behind the graphic brush strokes that were made around brows and the edges of the eyes. House of Holland threw in thick black stripes brushed against the lids to match with the nail art as well.

We saw the use of brush strokes on eyes at Rodarte, Ohne Titel, Celine and Chanel, while the swoosh of black cream was added to the inner corners of the eyes at Proenza Schouler, Kenzo’s ladies were made up with custom brushes snipped in zigzag patterns along the bristles. The brush strokes were quite graphic at Rochas, where liner was used to create a bold and edgy look by running in lines across the top and bottom lids with precision.

A unique look was created at Issey Miyake, where the models were painted with bold stroked of color at different points on their faces to complement the funky crimped hair created in the back. Possibly the most graphic of the brush swipes was at Kenzo with the mega Black Swan like white color added to the lids with major imperfections.

#13: Bold and Blue is the Eye Makeup

There is something utterly fantastic about using an all blue palette and adding in some smoky in some cases to amplify the pop of color. It is sexy and dangerous at the same time, while still having some form of a mysterious ethereal aura surrounding it. Such was definitely the case with the Karen Walker ladies with color and more color being the name of the game as they were sent onto the catwalk with bright and stunning aqua blue eyes. Dick Page swathed lids with brilliant shades of blue at Celine as graphic brushings that we cannot get enough of. Baby blue and icy white shimmered as the shadows created an ethereal look to the Hussein Chalayan collection presented on the Paris Fashion Week runway show.

#14: Minimalist ’90s Makeup Look

If you think that natural faces looked awesome, we found that the minimalist display of makeup that is reminiscent of the 1990s was quite the show stealer. Burgundy lips and gently flushed cheeks with a soft touch of liner and shadow on the eyes were Donna Karan’s way of throwing us back into one of the less talked about era trends for the season. Tibi was a perfect example of the minimalistic look, using everything in very small amounts. The look we spotted at Alexis Mabille was positively fresh and youthful, with a touch of pink to the lips for an extra bit of pout. The fresh faced look of the ’90s was also spotted at Barbara Bui with subtle liner added and a touch of pink to the cheeks creating a slightly flushed look.

#15: Simplest of Eye Shadows

It appears as if we are to be enjoying all types of eyeshadow looks, from the bird-like colorful combinations to the plain, natural looks. However, you can also stick to a single color widely dispersed, like the terra cotta lids spotted at Herve Leger, or the dusting of orange found on the Richard Chai Love models. Tibi gave simple shadows a new meaning but bringing in a touch of pink for a fresh and feminine design that would capture hearts on stage.

Apricot shadows were added to the Preen ladies to really spruce up those ’30s style looks that were one of the more uncommon era trends seen this year. Single colored shadows look pretty good and they certainly added lots of depth at Cividini with the dash of iridescent plum on the lids. Simple white shadows on the lids of the Sacai models gave them a soft and ethereal look.

#16: Lots of Sparkles

It was a big spring trend and it appears to have made its way into the fall and winter as well. Glitter and gold come to life with the Old Hollywood looks given the latest fads. This was to be expected. It was all so dazzling, as seen on Tadashi Shoji. Sequins were added to the lids of the models walking for Temperley London, creating a bit of a disco ball effect. The sparkles can come as shimmers as well and when it comes to the Guy Laroche ladies, their makeup was essentially a combination of dove gray and white shimmer shadows on the eyes, making that region the main focal point on the women’s visage.

While Blumarine plays with subtle metallic silver sparkles added to the nude eyelids, Rodarte uses a lovely sequinned detail on the bottom lash line. Mara Hoffman and Zac Posen bring the glittery makeup trend to the scene by experimenting with metallic bronze, gold and silver eyeshadows.

#17: The Dewy Look

It is another trend that has transcended time and defeated its constrictions, appearing again in the fall and winter collections. The dewy look appears all over, either as a sporty sweaty creation or as a whimsy, girly look. There is something very feminine but wild about the Honor girl with her plump lips and simple makeup, accentuated with the shiny skin around the lids, the nose and cheekbones, the last place of which is also highlighted with a flushed look. Between textured tresses and dewy skin, the Balmain woman showed off a healthy glow and a natural confidence radiating from the soul.

#18: Graphic Eye Makeup

It appears as if the graphic trend is huge, which leads us into mentioning the graphic lids with the pops of color and funky designs. This includes the Eudon Choi fun take on the typical shadow by creating dots that stretch into a cat eye look, swept right across. Between major cat eyes and the funky creations with lines seen here and there, we saw a whole lot of graphic lids. Peter Philips took a simple sponge applicator to craft clean kidney-shaped blocks of color at Dior, and we saw a bold graphic eye makeup at Chanel too.

#19: Keeping to the Waterline

One trend that really intrigues us is the use of liner on the waterline, a look which can look positively stunning with a jet black liquid version to really make the eye color pop against its outline. This was the case at Erdem where the slightly ’60s look was totally the rage, including the lined waterline trend. The instant cool-girl effect was created at Lanvin, Versace, Victoria Beckham and Roberto Cavalli as well, wherein the latter two featured a reverse smoky effect through diffusion that was entirely modern.

#20: Smudges of Gray

The use of the grey color for liners and shadows was quite common, so much so that we are considering really taking on this trend. It is a softer look to the smoky eye, while still managing to hold specific appeal as it brings the focus to the color projected from within the ring around the eyes. At Paul Smith, it was all about keeping the look simple and sweet; we can say it worked famously. Subtle shades of gray on the lids really brought out the dove-like looks at the Philipp Plein show.

#21: Fresh Skin

The best prescription given for beauty this year, particularly the fall and winter months, is to drink more water, get more sleep and invest in more moisturizer. Fresh looking skin is in and you do not want to be left looking drab and utterly unprepared for what the cooler days that lead to chapped hides and unattractive presentations of the self. At Calvin Klein, Pucci, Giambattista Valli, Christopher Kane, Valentino, Nina Ricci, Balmain and many other, the combination of face oils, concealers, and highlighters created the desired fresh skin effects, allowing the visage to give off a healthy glow.

Balenciaga’s ladies looked positively divine, while Michael Kors also featured the simple, well-nourished females; Bottega Veneta’s beauties appeared soft and genteel, while the Chloe and Max Mara runways were only added to with this trend taking over.

#22: Creating a Canvas out of Your Face

It appears that many designers opt to turn the face fully into an artistic canvas, not utilizing the accepted beauty prescriptions but creating a world through it all on their own. Models were gilded, airbrushed and scribbled on for the fall/ winter 2015-2016 shoes, with abstract drawings around the eyes seen at Anthony Vaccarello, while a gold leaf mask was created at Rick Owens and mathematical equations solved on the necks of models at Junya Watanabe. Other collections with such creations included Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Giamba, Maison Margiela, Givenchy and Alexander McQueen.

#23: Black Magic Lips

While we see much of the red and pink lips, even the nudes and the perfectly natural, we cannot help but admire the use of black lipstick throughout the Fashion Weeks. It’s a funky trend that brings witches of the East and West to mind, fighting for the good or the evil, we know not. These luscious lips with the dark secrets were brought to the catwalks that held the collection presentations by Marchesa, Marc Jacobs, Giles, and Emanuel Ungaro. Velvet matte lip pencils were used at Train Bleu, while burgundy with currant was mixed for the moody bouts at Ungaro. Black and Burgundy made up the combination look at Giles.

Bold pouts were given to the models that walked for Ermanno Scervino with deep eggplant lipstick used to make a dark purple color block that was complimented by the Twiggy lashes and nothing more on the face. Deep brown lipstick was a pretty hit look at Trussardi and we could not take our eyes off of it; Luisa Beccaria’s dash of plum lips, on the other hand, had us thinking that Halloween will be arriving a little early this year, particularly when paired with golden lids. Dark matte lips also came in handy at the Julien David show that glorified the forgotten 1940s.

#24: Positively Pink Lips

Black, berry, red and nude were all different lip colors to make it onto the runway shows, but the loveliest hue of all was the pink. Literally, we keep thinking pretty in pink. Fleshy pink lips gave a simple and elegant appearance at Max Mara, shiny gloss added to the intensity of the Fendi looks, and the gentle touch of light spring pink at Tibi had us begging for more. Daks’ ladies also rocked the ’60s looks and certainly did not appear without a healthy shine of pretty pink lips.

#25: Touching Up the Lower Lids

While we used to think it was the best way to keep the makeup up the upper lids, it appears as if the fall/winter runway trends are totally going to turn that upside down by making the lower lids and lashes the focal point. This was seen with the thick coat of mascara applied to the Blugirl models.

#26: Extended Brows on the Set

It might be prudent to also note the use of extended brows on the runway shows presented by some of the top designers, in this case, by Genny at the Milan Fashion Week. It is a totally unique look but for women like us who have shorter brows, these extensions are rather intriguing. Extensions to the brows are made by drawing a line right underneath the natural curve in a natural coloring and adding to it from both ends of the eye at Cedric Charlier.

#27: The Return of Lip Gloss

It was huge on the spring and summer runway shows and it certainly made its appearance once again, despite not peeking in through the trends as much this time around. The lip gloss look was huge in the ’90s as well, but this year we have it looking even more youthful and fresh than ever. We had not seen this look in a pretty long time and even during New York Fashion Week we spotted the light reflecting off the pouts of pretty models.

The high shine on the lips was found aplenty when it came to fashion designer collections such as that by Rag & Bone, Rodarte, Fendi and Roland Mouret, while the shine was added to brows at Christopher Kane, the lids at Nina Ricci and the cheeks at David Koma. Kenzo gave us lovely lip gloss looks though we’re still reeling from the Black Swan reminder.

#28: Boyish or Shaded in Brows

One of the biggest fall 2015 makeup trends we see on the runway is actually one, which is little talked about. It exists almost in every collection, from the best-known fashion houses in Paris to the up-and-coming designer line-ups by American artists. It is all about the boyish brows that are left often unplucked and kept rather natural as on the H&M models. We also see shading in of brows, among other things, that happen within the Christine Phung collection. Those brows come in heavy sets on Julien David and slightly more feminine in their natural contouring at John Galliano.

While the black lip trend might not be a good option for daily wear, there are still so many amazing fall/ winter 2015-2016 makeup trends that you can sport for various occasions in the new season. Whether you love the au naturel look or prefer the classic red lip color, stay true to your personality and create self-confident makeup looks to boost the sophistication and femininity in your overall appearance!

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The new year is a time for reflection, the perfect moment to reevaluate the regrettable life choices you’ve been making. Poor beauty choices are no exception. Here are the eight beauty trends that top makeup artists hope never to see again.

Enough already with the contouring. “People need to stop wearing such heavy makeup for the day. Makeup should highlight and enhance the features you already have, not completely cover them up. I hope a softer, more natural look comes back into trend—this always looks beautiful and elegant and is completely timeless.” —Tonya Crooks, a makeup artist who works with Megan Fox and Molly Sims

And go easy on the foundation. “I wish people would stop copying the heavy-foundation tutorials. People feel like they need to drown their face in foundation and contouring products in order to achieve a flawless finish. In reality, these techniques look better on camera than they do in real life.Try using a more natural foundation—and less of it—and contouring with a powder bronzer. Not only will this look more natural, but it will be much faster as well.” —Daniel Chinchilla, a makeup artist who works with Ariana Grande and Mischa Barton

The perfect “Instagram brow” isn’t perfect at all. “I am over the Instagram- and reality-TV-driven trend of perfectly waxed brows. Brows are meant to be unique to each face. They add character and structure, and those brow shapes that look like precisely pruned lines do neither. I am all for removing the excess stragglers that do nothing for an arch, but I just think it’s important not to go overboard in a quest for the ‘perfect’ brow because it just ends up looking cookie-cutter.” —Suzy Gerstein, a makeup artist who works with Camilla Belle and Julie Bowen

Give it a rest, ombré lip. “Let’s get rid of illusions in general and embrace makeup that enhances what we have.” —Robert Greene, a makeup artist who works with Tinashe and Emily Blunt

Matte brown lipstick (not naming any names). “It’s incredibly aging and does nothing to complement your skin or features.” —Kelly Hanna Thompson, a Kryolan makeup artist

Baking your makeup. “‘Baking’ your makeup has been around for a long time. Performers, drag queens, dancers, and even some actors have been doing this technique that involves letting heavy layers of powder sit or ‘bake’ on the skin while they apply the rest of their makeup. It gives a really strong and striking effect that looks great under heavy stage lighting, and of course with a good Instagram filter. The problem with baking is that unless you have baby-soft, flawlessly smooth skin, it will accentuate any fine lines or dry skin and will look completely fake in person.” —Luis Casco, the lead on-camera makeup artist for Project Runway

Clown contouring. “Crazy contouring or facial mapping, where you basically draw all over your face using heavily applied makeup in the wrong colors and then pretend a Beautyblender can save the day…let’s just make it stop. In the age of body-positive declarations, let’s bring back the love for natural and subtle enhancements of our facial features.” —Brandie Hopstein, a makeup artist who works with Becky G. and Pia Mia

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15 of The Weirdest 2015 Beauty Trends

Now that the year of 2015 is gradually coming to its end, nolens volens we are throwing a retrospective look at the year of goat only to find ourselves snowed under an array of pretty and unique, yet at times crazy and weird beauty trends. We are more than gratified that flaming lips are a thing now, we are obsessed with graphic eyes a la Pat McGrath and we are surely going to follow the windswept hairstyle trend whenever time is short, but the wish to look mind-blowing and dazzling is huge. However, some of the beauty trends vagabonding in 2015 leave us on and off speechless and in a dither, doubting whether it will be adequate enough to follow this craze. We have rounded up the 15 of the weirdest beauty trends of 2015 that kicked up a dust in the whole world, some of which are sure to positively attract your attention, while others inducing you to immediately send them to the stock of silly and ridiculous trends.

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1. Funny Rainbow Hair

Rainbow hairstyle or Pravana colors? This is a dilemma similar to the popular question ” “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”. This amazing hairstyle appearing in multiple variations has already captured many hearts and is still fiercely continuing its invasion closely collaborating with Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids. When done up with vibrant, zesty hair colors, it seems to be copying the sand art bottles to a tee, while the hair strands dyed in pastel shades are to take anyone to the famous Ladurée macaron and pastry shop in Paris.

2. Granny Hair

While some fashionisers go all rainbow, others are so much jealous of their granny’s silver grey hair that witness their own dark brunette hair go silver. And we should admit that the #grannyhair trend looks so amazing and in no way aged or senile. It’s enough to remember Halle Berry’s grey hair wrapping her with somewhat supernatural vibes in the movie ”X-Men” back in 2000 or Rihanna’s black-grey ombre hair and you will fall head over heels in love with this awesome trend. Oh, and grey hair matched with burgundy lips is definitely a look worth a million bucks.

3. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

No, not Kylie Jenner, but Angelina Jolie is the one to be blamed for the plump lip craze all over the world! But while she was born with sensual plump lips, others are just turning against their natural look. When at the age of 17 Kylie Jenner went for lip fillers (the fact that she was denying at first) making her lips super plump and sensual, the #kyliejennerchallenge hashtag was immediately born, more and more frequently appearing on Twitter and Instagram. The craze is still in full swing and millions of teenagers all over the world are trying to emulate Kylie’s plump lips creating a temporary effect by using suction cups, but the results more than often don’t fill the bill, leaving the lips bruised and swollen. Just follow Kylie’s good advice, girls ”BE YOURSELF!”

4. Bubble Nails: Nails Have Never Been So Spooky

When the acrylic nail technique started making its way into the beauty world, we were more than contended to finally have at our disposal that very tool to build long-lasting nails. But, oh boy, we haven’t been chasing any spooky and intimidating results like these bubble nails registered as one of the weirdest beauty trends of 2015. However, let us not critize them much; after all so many girls have already grown neon colored, 3D effect bubbles on their nails.

5. Pat McGrath’s Golden Rush

We had hardly managed yet to come to our senses after the Prada golden rush spring 2016 runway show when the craze for golden glowing lips and eyes took the beauty world by storm. World-famous makeup artist Pat McGrath launched her own first ever makeup product ” the Gold 001 pigment, which was sold out instantly. The result is more than evident: the year of 2015 is teeming with golden glowing female eyes and lips.

6. Shattered Glass Effect Nails

This time around Koreans are rocking. Who could guess that the iridescent shell of a snail spotted at the Abalone Sea was to inspire Eunkyung Park, owner of Unistella Salon in Seoul, South Korea, to create special cellophane and install the fragments of it over nail polish for the shocking shattered glass nail effect? The idea was to cut the mustard and now we can spot many nails transformed into blue, green or purple glasses as if shattered unexpectedly.

7. Red Lipstick as Concealer?

Yes, first we were stupefied by rumors, then impatient to get closer to the new technique and finally sighing with a relief that it really works, even better than the regular under eye concealer. Just give a try to this innovative weird beauty trick applying a red lipstick to camouflage dark circles and you will be mesmerized by its au naturel effect.

8. Face Contouring Art

Face contouring makeup technique has already stood the test of time as a very effective method to build flawless and defined face, but when the contour in not blended, it is all about facial art. Whether contouring is abstract or clown-worthy or bringing into play images of leaves or flowers and recently also Christmas-inspired snowflakes and New Year trees we are equally bewildered by the fact that human face can also serve as a canvas.

9. Fake Temporary Freckles

Once girls were obsessed with the idea to conceal or get rid of facial freckles, while now it’s all about bringing them back. One of the recent weird beauty trends comes to be special stencils applied on the face with freckled effect afterwards. Makeup-free face, fresh and youthful freckled girl! Why not give it a try?

10. Dyeing Armpit Hair

If there is one 2015 beauty trend that leaves us literally thunderstruck, it is the always-bothersome armpit hair that is no longer distressing but on the contrary screaming to be captured and published on social accounts. Armpit hair dyed in neon green, pink or purple colors, at times even sprinkled with glitters is a thing now, a crazy trend crossing the mind of the American eccentric singer Miley Cyrus.

11. Smudged Mascara and Eyeliner

This trend again comes to prove that we are in the thick of obviously deviating from anything flawless and impeccable. With the smudged mascara and eyeliner trend at your disposal, there is no need for any touch-ups any longer. Apply mascara and eyeliner with a deliberate smudged effect in the morning and let them smudge more and more throughout the day.

12. Glittershowered Hair Roots

While for the Eastern woman sprinkling hair roots with glitters is a regular ritual, for the Western woman glittery hair roots is a fresh new beauty trend. Whether glitters are silver or iridescent, scattered over dark or fair hair roots, this technique works equally effective. What is just needed is any parted hairstyle with roots popping expressively.

13. Brazilian Velaterapia

The fact of this hair burning trend by candle being Brazilian drops a hint that its importer is someone Brazilian. The person standing behind just another weird 2015 beauty trend is none other than Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio, who is urging to put aside scissors and burn off the split ends of hair for a smooth and shiny effect. Whether the method is harmful for hair or not makes a separate topic of discussion.

14. Experimenting with Eyebrows

Gaucho eyebrows so trendy recently thanks to Cara Delevingne are not enough for beauty-chasers. Experimenting with eyebrows kicks it with higher gear up to dyeing them in vibrant colors of red or green, embellishing them with glittering crystals or feathers.

15. Temporary Hair Tattoos

Kylie Jenner seems to be number one trendsetter this year around and the credit for golden and silver hair tattoos becoming just another weird trend of 2015 once again goes to her. She has tried this semi-hairband-like metallic temporary tattoo on her dark straight hair and showed off that beauty has actually no limits.

Photos courtesy of @shelleygregoryhair, @evalam_, @kyliejenner, Instagram

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7 Fashion Trends That Should Die in 2015

Read More

As 2019 comes to a close we’ve taken a look at the best beauty trends of the decade, and of course, the ones that we’d rather forget.

A lot can happen in 10 years, there are things we do in makeup and hair that we feel like we’ve always done, but in reality they are probably no more than five or six years old as trends.

So, what has been the best of them all, and what would we like to see chucked in the sea? You can decide on your own, but these are our best and worst.

Best Beauty Trends of the Decade

2012 – Smoky Eye

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Już 16 października kolejny kurs z @klaudia_jozwiak_makeup 💗💖💗 Tym razem zakres warsztatów ogniskowal będzie wokół zagadnień użytkowego Smoky Eye 😍🤩😍 Jako upełnienie tematu głównego poruszone zostana także kwestie makijażu artystycznego czy specyfika pracy podczas sesji zdjęciowych. Zapraszamy ☎️☎️☎️ #klaudiajóźwiakmakeup #klaudiajozwiak #klaudiajozwiakwsmp #smokyeyes #smoky #smokyeyemakeup #smokyeyemakeuplook #kurswsmp #makijaż #makeup #MakeupArtist #smp #smperfekcja #studiomakijazuperfekcja

A post shared by Studio Makijażu Perfekcja (@studiomakijazuperfekcja) on Oct 2, 2019 at 3:17am PDT

You might think the smoky eye has been around forever but it really only became a blown up trend seven years ago.

The ‘did she sleep in her makeup’ look is still huge, teamed with a nude lip it’s the perfect and sexy alternative look for Christmas to avoid a red lip.

2017 – K-Beauty

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A post shared by Phenomenal Everyday | Asma (@phenomenal.everyday) on Dec 13, 2019 at 9:14am PST

The explosion of K-Beauty brands across North America two years ago heralded its arrival in Europe as people couldn’t get enough of the Korean skincare lines.

Sheet masks had the biggest impact in sales, but there was so much more including innovative gel formulas, face sprays and pollution protection. Where would we be without it now?

2017 – Brow Treatments

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A post shared by Up To My Eyes (@uptomyeyes) on Sep 14, 2019 at 3:18am PDT

Brows, and products for better brows have been on our minds for the last decade, partly in thanks to model Cara Delevingne.

But in the last couple of years one of the best beauty trends of the decade has been more permanent solutions. Microblading, Embrowdery and professional shaping/tinting has helped so many women and men get more from their face-framers.

The Worst Beauty Trends of the Decade

2014 – Contouring

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A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on Nov 17, 2019 at 3:18pm PST

Did you know, in Ancient Times before 2014 and the Kardashians, there was a thing people did called bronzer. Heck, the wilder ones even knew how to add blush to bronzer, perhaps adding a little shimmer or sparkle to the cheeks.

Contouring was never anything new to sculpt the face, but in the last few years it has gone to crazy levels, and we don’t even want to mention baking here, but we will. In daylight none of it looks natural, that’s just our opinion, pull back on the contour.

2015 – Instagram Makeup

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A post shared by Kylie ✨ (@kyliejenner) on Nov 18, 2019 at 4:30pm PST

Who could have guessed a social media site would spawn an industry of beauty brands creating makeup especially for pictures on the site.

Some brands have made billionaires of their owners (hey Kylie Jenner) but the often garish and extreme makeup products are probably better for online use.

2013 – Textured Nails

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A post shared by Michelle Lee (@heymichellelee) on Oct 14, 2019 at 5:40pm PDT

Nail art was a surprising beauty trend that started a good five or six years ago, and it’s still popular today albeit in a more classic fashion.

It was the arrival of textured nails that we want to sin bin, with matte, shattered or velvet finishes they looked odd and felt creepy. They didn’t last long despite the fact we were told they were ‘here to stay’. They didn’t, and we’re back to high shine for nails forever!

Spring/ Summer 2015 Makeup Trends

From the cool and impressive to the weird and crazy, the spring/ summer 2015 makeup trends feature a range of striking and memorable looks that proudly target any style, personality and occasion. While the timeless minimal makeup trend, the passionate red lipstick and mysterious smokey eye look have managed to preserve their strong positions for the new season to come, there are also new exciting and sometimes even eccentric beauty trends emerging that will ensure your absolutely jaw-dropping appearance at any event. Below, we have summed up the best and the most striking of the spring/ summer 2015 beauty trends for you to look through and find inspiration for creating fresh and iconic looks come spring.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Makeup Trend #1: Barely There Natural Makeup

No makeup can ever be compared with the perfect no makeup look, mastering which requires a profound skin care first of all, since you definitely want to show off your healthy complexion when going out bare-faced. Placing the focus either on the translucent skin or bronzed complexion, nude makeup was spotted multiple times on the runway during the shows of A-list fashion designers and brands. If in case of Donna Karan it was the warm bronzed skin tone that talked about summer, BCBG Max Azria decided to show the healthy glow of the models’ faces by applying subtle peach blush on the cheeks. On the other hand, Alberta Ferretti and Gucci kept things to minimum, using foundation shades quite identical with the skin tones of the models, which made their skin look translucent and fresh. Classic interpretations of the natural makeup trend were brought forth by Altuzarra, Victoria Beckham, Alexander Wang, Thakoon and others, while fashion houses like Badgley Mischka and Rodarte decided to put the stress on powerful brows keeping the entire face bare using minimal makeup.

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Spring/ Summer 2015 Makeup Trend #2: Expressive and Eccentric Eyebrows

Experiments with eyebrows go on in the new season, and if in the past seasons we saw either bushy brows or awe-inspiring bleached looks, the spring/ summer 2015 makeup trends bring innovation and quite unexpected surprises. We still have those perfectly contoured bushy brows and the bleached ones as major trends for spring thanks to the shows of Betsey Johnson, BCBG Max Azria, Givenchy, Giambattista Valli and others. However, it’s the absolutely innovative ways of making brows stand out presented by Rodarte that shocked the audience. The models walked down the runway wearing piercing-like decorations on their brows that looked so edgy and cool. On the other hand, Badgley Mischka also came up with innovative ways of creating powerful brows, dyeing them in pastel shades, from pink to blue. As for Prada, Yohji Yamamoto and Vivienne Westwood abstract lines of eye pencil instantly draw the attention to those brows!

Spring/ Summer 2015 Makeup Trend #3: Artistic Arrows and Creative Lines

The makeup artists showed great enthusiasm towards eye makeup this time trying to inject an artistic approach to the looks they created. Seems like visual arts had a great influence on their makeup illustrations, and it wasn’t only the unusual forms of arrows that stunned but also the lovely hues used. For the fans of classic winged-out eye makeup the Oscar de la Renta show brought some really outstanding clean flicked out cat-eye looks using black liquid eyeliner, while Prada created the same effect with a black eye pencil. Emilio Pucci put the focus on sophistication lining both the lower and upper lash lines of the models with smokey lines, while at Just Cavalli we saw bare upper lids and bold and expressive black lines emphasizing the lower lash line, which gave a sixties spin to the overall looks. Classic or bold black arrows were also spotted at Saint Laurent, Marchesa, Celine, Dolce & Gabbana and others.

Still, it was Fendi’s sky-blue arrows matched with black eyeliner that stood out instantly, as well as Christian Dior’s pastel green fine lines again applied on the upper lids only. It wasn’t actually ordinary eyeliner applied, but strips of pastel-colored satin cut with a laser in case of Christian Dior, and strips of cornflower-blue leather that Peter Philips used at Fendi. This way the makeup artists wanted to put the emphasis on texture and creativity, showing that makeup isn’t only about ordinary makeup products, but certain innovative tools as well.

In case of Peter Som bright orange was the protagonist applied on the lower lash line starting from the tear duct and reaching the center of the lid. Statement-making were also those structural black arrows applied much higher than the upper lash line of the models, as spotted at Giamba. An alternative color was the pick of Nanette Lepore, where cat eyes were created through the use of white eyeliner, instead of black one.

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Spring/ Summer 2015 Makeup Trend #4: Bold Graphic Cat Eye Swoop

If the makeup artists didn’t play with eyeliner and arrows, they went for bold and expressive graphic swoops creating the most outstanding cat eye looks ever. Thus, in case of Givenchy Pat McGrath paired the bleached brows with swoops of taupe applied all over the lids. Max Mara created almost the same effect only instead of neutral tones we saw bright orange. Bright and creative was also the blue cat eye makeup spotted at Honor. While Cushnie et Ochs brought the classic graphic black cat eye makeup, at John Galliano and Jean Pierre Braganza subtle metallic vibes boosted the drama of those statement cat eye looks.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Makeup Trend #5: Sixties Twiggy Makeup Vibes

Our favorite sixties era in terms of beauty is still on and we adore that fact. Big and expressive eyes and minimal makeup are again trendy, showing the most versatile and timeless looks both for special occasions and for day-to-day wear. At Rochas we saw some Twiggy-inspired full lashes paired with single black dots of eye pencil applied on the lower lash line right in the middle of the lid. Makeup artist Attracta Courtney also opted for ’60s inspired Twiggy-esque lashes for the show of Orla Kiely, matching them with lower liner and cut-crease graphic eye makeup in the neutral tones. As for Julien David, it was the bold liner that gave the sixties look to that pastel lilac eye makeup.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Makeup Trend #6: The Magic of Glitter

Metallic and glittery accents form the next important spring/ summer 2015 makeup trend, becoming ideal options especially for those special party nights. Whether you are more into gold, silver or bronze, there is the ideal makeup look for your own taste and personality, since precious metallics and glittery vibes are so hot this spring! Barbara Bui models wore liquid gold eyeshadow with a foil-like effect created in the very middle of the lids, while at Alexis Mabille a metallic gilded eyeshadow was used to create striking cat eye looks. On the other hand, Dries Van Noten showed that glitter could be worn not only on the eyes, but the lips as well, using a stripe of gold on the center of the models’ lips. Anna Sui’s models radiated a bohemian vibe wearing golden glittery lids, while at House of Holland we saw glitter other than gold, sprinkled all over the lids and matched with the bold winged eyeliner. A Detcher showed an even more creative approach to metallic and glittery makeup, using dramatic star appliqués all over the faces of the models. No matter what part of your face you’ll emphasize with metallic and glittery shadows, you’d better keep the rest of your face nude for the most harmonious looks!

Spring/ Summer 2015 Makeup Trend #7: Mauve Eye Makeup

It seems like mauve is the new brown in terms of eye makeup, as it was spotted so many times during the recent runway shows. Capable of making your eyes pop instantly, lovely lavender and mauve eyeshadows were applied in a myriad of manners. While at Derek Lam mauve eye makeup appeared to be quite subtle and minimalist ideal for everyday wear, at Vera Wang things got even more dramatic bringing bold mauve eye looks for those spring nights. Guy Laroche, Mathew Williamson and Tsumori Chisato are some of those fashion houses, which also showed their love for the mauve eye makeup trend for spring.

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Spring/ Summer 2015 Makeup Trend #8: Bold Blue Eye Makeup

Bright and bold blue eye still takes the center stage in the array of spring/ summer 2015 makeup trends, becoming an ideal alternative for all those, who seem not to like the new mauve eye makeup trend. Especially incredible was the blue eye makeup done by makeup artist Tom Pecheux for Elie Saab, where he layered various azure shades on the upper and lower lids of the models coming up with an uber wow-worthy outcome. At Honor bright blue eyeshadow was used to create graphic cat eye makeup, while the Emanuel Ungaro models walked down the catwalk wearing carelessly smudged light blue eyeshadow all over their upper and lower lids. Holly Fulton kept it simplistic applying a light blue eye pencil to the waterline of the models, while Jean Paul Gaultier demonstrated a gradient blue eye makeup that screamed for attention.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Makeup Trend #9: Sultry Smokey Eyes

Can we ever do without that sultry, mysterious smokey eye makeup? Hardly, and makeup artists know this well, each season bringing fresh and cool options of smokey eye makeup, including this spring and summer. While Diane von Furstenberg, Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford and others showed the classiest and most timeless ways of wearing smokey eyes using black and brown shades, some other fashion houses decided to go for unconventional colors and styles for this makeup trend. Thus, at Giorgio Armani makeup artist Linda Cantello mixed grayish and metallic accents with earth shades coming up with a striking look that was harmoniously matched with the sandy-colored lips, the bushy brows and the pale skin tone of the models. At Roberto Cavalli Pat McGrath mixed three different shades ” brown, gray and silver ” coming up with a dramatic smokey eye look that was in a perfect harmony with the perfected nude skin. At Giles, Lucia Pieroni created an inverted smokey eye makeup look using a grayish green eyeshadow, while the makeup artists of Felder and Felder matched the barely there classic smokey accents with the heavily emphasized yellow lower lash line. Effective enough, huh?

Spring/ Summer 2015 Makeup Trend #10: Expressive Eyelashes

As the majority of spring/ summer 2015 makeup trends reveal eyes are the focus of almost any makeup style. So if that’s not something extraordinary and interesting created through the use of eyeliner and eyeshadow, than it’s all about mascara! So many makeup artists used colored mascara to make a big statement, while others tried to pinch the lashes together applying ordinary black mascara for the sixties vibe. This way, we have the white eyelashes of Hood by Air matched with translucent contact lenses, the blue lashes of Martin Grant and the black dolly lashes of DSquared2.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Makeup Trend #11: Passionate Flaming Red Lips

For all those who prefer to place the focus on the lips rather than the eyes, the spring/ summer 2015 beauty trends bring the timeless and passionate red hues. Thus red lips were the focus of the Burberry Prorsum show, where Wendy Rowe dusted the lips with translucent powder in order to give the perfect matte effect to the lips, as well as to soften the edges. Makeup artist Hannah Murray also created a cool effect for red lips at Topshop Unique, giving them a blurred stain that was reminiscent of the seventies style. A diffused red lip was also the focus of the Andrew Gn show, while Carolina Herrera and Jean Paul Gaultier demonstrated luscious glossy red lips. We also love the matte red lips spotted at Zac Posen and Betsey Johnson.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Makeup Trend #12: Berry Cherry Lips

For an even bolder statement, you can go for wine-stained berry cherry lips, which are equally trendy this spring. Especially striking were the deep berry lips of Dolce & Gabbana, which were diffused around the edges for a sophisticated look, looking so harmonious with the passionate red flower hair accessories used. A similar technique was also used at No. 21, where we again saw slightly smudged and blurred berry lips. At Trussardi the berry lips of the models had a crimson coloring that looked absolutely lovely.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Makeup Trend #13: Bright and Light Lips

In addition to the red and cherry lips, the runway shows also presented other trendy lipstick shades, both light and bright in order to target any taste and preference. Talking about the most passionate bright lip shades, we should first of all mention those pops of orange, as spotted at Tanya Taylor, Richard Chai Love, Sibling, Christophe Guillarme and Missoni, in case of which makeup artist Lucia Pieroni mixed a red lipstick shade with a pinkish hue, creating a depth of color that stunned. Bright pink lips were the focus of Aquilano.Rimondi and Carolina Herrera.

On the other hand, some makeup artists decided to keep the lips subtle and creative, quite often playing with diffusing effects. This was the exact case of Erdem and Naeem Khan, where a hardly visible stain of pink brightened the inner portions of the lips. Moschino is one of the fashion houses that brought the classic light lip trend, using a pastel pink shade for the ultimate dolly appearance of the models.

The spring/ summer 2015 makeup trends prove to be diverse and interesting enough to meet the beauty demands of any makeup guru and modern fashioniser. Makeup is the best friend of any woman and these lovely makeup trends are more than friends, since they can reveal the secret beauty recipe for you for looking stunning and impeccable on any occasion!

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Eyewear Trends

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Nail Trends

The Hottest Makeup Trends For Spring Summer 2015

Just because they’re hot off the haute couture runway doesn’t mean the makeup trends for spring summer 2015 are off limits. Phew.

We’ve rounded up our edit of must-wear looks for this season. From a barely there red lip to bronzed cheekbones, here’s a look at the makeup trends you’ll be mad to miss this SS15!

Punctuated red lips

What woman doesn’t feel sexy in a bold red lip? For Spring/Summer designers took everyone’s favourite lippy and gave it an instant update.
Instead of smearing red all over your mouth, apply with a light hand. Start off darker in the centre and gradually go lighter as you move out to the corners.

Pinky promise

Ditch garish shades of pink and opt for a pretty pink pout come spring. The softer hue is right in line with the fuss free tone of the season.
It’s all about being feminine without being too showy.

Blonde brows

Eyebrows are a major part of every woman’s beauty routine. It’s no wonder designers took note and made them bolder than ever. The Spring/Summer 2015 runway was rife with blonde brows.
It’s a trend that certainly isn’t for the faint of heart.

Bronze babe

It isn’t quite summer without a bronze glow. In the upcoming months it’s all about having those cheeks glisten like the sun.Take notes from the models at Balmain, Ralph Lauren and beyond to get this look just right.

Plum pout

Who said dark lipstick was solely reserved for the cool seasons? Break the rules and dare to be bold with a plum pout come spring.
Yes, wine hues are great all year-round.

Colourful smoke

In a season where less is often more, it was fun to see colourful smokey eyes.
Mix and match or keep it simple when playing around with this makeup trend. The key here is extend and blend the eyeshadow slightly beyond the lids to achieve this remarkable look.
Note: Keep lips simple.

True nude

Spring/Summer 2015 aims to give women a true nude lipstick. It’s a lippy that truly matches the wearer’s skin tone and results in a seamless and continuous outcome.
It feels fresh and fuss-free.

Bold black liner

Black eyeliner is every woman’s secret beauty weapon. Come spring, up the ante by going bolder than ever before.
Be warned: the bolder the liner, the tamer the rest of your makeup should be.

Unkempt brows

The age of the overly manicured brows is slowly being pushed behind us. Yep, that means you can give your tweezers a tiny break.
Designers had natural brows in mind for spring. Allow them to grow freely and accentuate your face. However, don’t let them get out of control.

Fresh face

Ahh, there’s nothing quite like a fresh face! We have to admit this is our favourite beauty trend of the season. It’s all about embracing a clean visage that’s free of excessive contouring.
Key items needed for this look: a good face wash and moisturiser.

What SS15 makeup trend will you be wearing this season? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

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Spring | Summer 2015 Bridal Makeup Trends

Image by Cat Hepple Photography.

So have you thought about your big day beauty look…?

Considering the expertise of a makeup artist or need a helping hand…?

Today’s simple, pretty and on-trend piece focuses on the bridal looks that are oh-so-hot right now. With Spring just around the corner and Summer a promise on the horizon, it’s time to think about making the seasonal change.

From skincare through to iconic products, Makeup Artist extraordinaire Victoria Farr is giving us her top tips…

Notes from Victoria Farr

Images by Belle & Beau Photography.

Paris Fashion Week loves for me were Dior, Chanel and also Valentino’s S/S15 collections and it was all about the beautiful fresh, dewy skin teamed with paired down eyes with a simple wash of pastel colours and a bright pretty lip.

Whilst I was living in Paris last Winter, I loved observing how the Parisian women looked, dressed and their whole persona… it was effortless chic, something I am in completely in love with. Who knows how long they took to apply their ‘no make-up, make-up look’ or were they even wearing make up at all! There lies the trick… Here are my tips to achieving this look which is perfect for any Spring or Summer Bride;

  • Keep the skin in the best condition possible, cleanse, tone, moisturise every morning and night, and add a facial scrub once a week.
  • One product I love very much and use on all my Brides is a hydrating primer by Illamasqua Hydra Veil. This gives a perfect base on which to apply your foundation. Let this set into the skin before applying your foundation. I like to apply this with a foundation brush or you can use your finger tips using sweeping motions from the centre of the face outwards.
  • Foundation – keep it light and apply extra coverage where it is needed. My two go to products are YSL Le Teint Touche Elcat and Dior’s Nude Skin.

Images by Belle & Beau Photography.

  • I also apply a touch of highlighter to the tops of the cheek bones so the light just catches and gives that dewy look, all time favourite is Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector, easily applied with fingertops or with a brush, just lightly so not to disturb your foundation.
  • Apply a slick of mascara (concentrating at the root of the lashes) and if you would like to incorporate some colour with your eye shadow, Dior’s Couleurs Kingdom of Colour in ‘House of Pinks’ is just beautiful to have a wash of colour over the lid to finish the look.

  • For the lips, if you want to keep it paired down even more, Lancome’s Absolut Nu lipsticks are wonderfully moisturising and enhances your natural lip colour.

Flowers are featuring lots in the new season collections, and this has been interpreted into simple hair styling. Plaits are still really strong for 2015 and of course the soft tousle. To achieve the relaxed curl, look at using a styling wand or wide barrel tong to create the wave, let the hair cool before running your fingers through with a little serum to give it that tousled look. This will also form a great starting foundation to creating any relaxed up do too.

Images by Cat Hepple Photography.

Gorgeous right…? I love these pretty yet relaxed looks, with a touch of boho they’re the perfect effortless bridal nod.

If you would like to find out more about Victoria Farr and her bridal services then do say hello here! Or give her some follow love on Facebook and Twitter – you might spot her Parisian adventures!

Lots of love…

It’s almost time to put away our flip-flops, shorts and sundresses. Oh summer 2016, you were way too short!

But let’s look on the positive side. With fall’s imminent arrival comes some fresh new looks to try—so if you’re wondering how to update your makeup bag for the season, I’ve got you covered.

As you know, these trends usually start on the runway, but I’ve also spotted them on a few of my favourite famous faces, who are already wearing them on the red carpet. I’ve included both in this guide (because we all know celebs are just a little more relatable than flawless 15-year-old models!).

Here’s the lowdown on all the new makeup looks worth knowing, from Gothic lips to glitter shadow:

1. Dark Vampy Lips

The makeup look at Christian Dior for fall 2016.

The biggest, most important makeup trend for fall is dark lips. VERY dark lips. Sure, we’ve seen oxbloods and berries before, but this year, the colours are much more blackened, and almost purplish instead of reddish. The finish is creamy, neither glossy nor matte.

The first celeb who comes to mind when I think of this trend is Lily Collins. She’s been doing the Goth lipstick thing for quite some time:

Lily Collins at the 2015 CAA Young Hollywood Party.

Notice how she isn’t wearing much blush, which is key when your mouth is this dramatic. Dark brows balance out the lips, and all that’s needed on the eyes are long lashes. Liner optional.

Lucy Hale also wears this look really well:

Lucy Hale at the 2016 MuchMusic Video Music Awards.

This is the same formula as Lily: precise lips, big dark brows, barely-there blush and long lashes. I love how her flat-ironed hair adds polish.

Then there’s Rihanna:

Rihanna at the 2015 premiere of ‘Home.’ (Photo: PR Photos)

Her lipstick shape is so perfect, I could stare at it all day! She compliments the deep grape colour with a warm brown shadow and black liquid liner. This would be gorgeous for evening.

A few of the best dark lipsticks to try:

  • Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Rouge Berry, a blackened berry
  • Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Blackmail, a deep berry wine
  • Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick in Poison Matte, a deep aubergine

2. Glitter Eyeshadow

The makeup look at Burberry for fall 2016.

The second biggest trend—and by far the most surprising one!—is glitter. Yes, for grown-ups. The runway version is definitely exaggerated: designers dusted it all over the lids, cheeks and even brows. But for real life, it can translate into a super-pretty nighttime eyeshadow look that’s so much more interesting than matte smokies.

Well, first I’ll show you how Elle Fanning wears it:

Elle Fanning at a 2016 Saint Laurent show.

Okay, most of us probably won’t want to go this far—she stays very true to the catwalk interpretation, placing the glitter in a messy way all the way around her eyes. This is one of my favourite creative makeup looks of 2016!

Kendall Jenner has a much more restrained version:

Kendall Jenner at the 2015 launch of Modern Muse Le Rouge.

See, it’s just a light sprinkling of gold glitter at the inner corners of the eyes. So pretty with long lashes, peach lip gloss and matching eyeshadow. Love this!

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try what Rose Byrne is doing:

Rose Byrne at the 2013 New York screening of ‘I Give it a Year’.

She went for an iridescent lilac glitter and applied it in a more concentrated way all around the inner corners of her eyes. It’s unexpected but still extremely wearable, with soft peach lips and cheeks.

A few of the best glitter shadows to try:

  • Make Up For Ever Glitters in Sand 11, a tan
  • Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadow in Silver Lilac, an opal pink lavender
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Cosmetic Glitter in Slate, a silvery grey

3. Smudgy Black Liner

The makeup look at Nicole Miller for fall 2016.

If you’re going to wear eyeliner this fall, make it a black one. Designers showed it both graphic and smudgy, so there wasn’t one specific application technique. Personally, I think smudging is far easier and more wearable. Just grab your smudger brush (such as Make Up For Ever’s) and you’re good to go.

Here’s how Margot Robbie wears this trend:

Margot Robbie at the 2016 premiere of ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.’

As you can see, she concentrated the black liner underneath her eyes for almost a reverse smoky eye effect. Lashes are natural, and lips and cheeks are soft and pinky, so the focus stays on her gaze.

Priyanka Chopra did a very glam version:

Priyanka Chopra at the 2016 People’s Choice Awards. (Photo: PR Photos)

Let’s ignore the lashes (they’re a bit much!) and instead focus on her black liner, all the way around in her waterlines. It’s smudged out to create a smoky effect—this always looks impressive, but is actually a super-easy technique.

If you like things a bit more precise, here’s Hailee Steinfeld:

Hailee Steinfeld at CinemaCon 2016.

Her liner goes along the upper lash lines, and just a third of the way in on the lower lids. Again, it’s all nicely blended, but not as sooty or “rock ‘n’ roll” as the others. I love how this looks with pretty pink lips and cheeks.

A few of the best black liners to try:

  • Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kôhl Liner in Raven, a black
  • Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye Pencil Waterproof Eyeliner in Aqua XL M-10, matte black
  • Yves Saint Laurent Dessin du Regard Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in 01 Black, a black

4. Brights

The makeup look at Anya Hindmarch for fall 2016.

Traditionally, bright makeup has been a summer thing. But now, it’s more than okay to wear it all fall. It doesn’t matter where you place your pops of colour—eyes or lips—nor which shade you choose. From blues to oranges to magentas, anything goes!

Here’s your most low-risk option, on Holland Roden:

Holland Roden at the 2016 premiere of ‘London Has Fallen.’

She’s wearing a vivid orangey-red lipstick with barely any other makeup—just lashes, soft brows and a nude blush. Getting in on the bright colour trend couldn’t be easier.

Or, you could do liner. One of the best examples I’ve EVER seen is this blue on Jessica Biel:

Jessica Biel at the 2016 Independent Spirit Awards.

Is this not amazing?! It’s all about the electric shock of colour, which is actually framed by a black liner closer to her lashes. (That’s a good little trick to “ground” the bright blue.) Everything else is soft and fresh.

Another idea is Emma Stone’s liner look:

Emma Stone at the 2016 premiere of ‘Irrational Man.’ (Photo: PR Photos)

It’s just a flirty “V” of teal liner at the outer corners of her eyes. With this one, you can get away with a slightly more intense lip colour.

A few of the best brights to try:

  • Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick in Tell Laura, a vibrant orange-red
  • Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in Ody(Sea) 62, a teal green
  • Lancôme Drama Liqui-Pencil Longwear Eyeliner in Macaron, a pink

5. Twiggy Lashes

The makeup look at Nina Ricci for fall 2016.

This fall’s lash look is all about super-defined, borderline chunky eyelashes. As someone who loathes most false lashes, I’d be so happy to see this take off! Compared to past seasons, one major point of difference is that the bottom lashes are just as important as the top ones—think Twiggy eyes.

Here’s Paula Patton showing us how it’s done:

Paula Patton at the 2016 premiere of ‘The Perfect Match.’

I’m not crazy about the white liner along her lower rims, but the rest, I love. Every single lash hair is coated in product to make her eyes pop.

Keri Russell also did chunky lashes with beautiful results:

Keri Russell at the 2016 Season 4 premiere of ‘The Americans.’

There are multiple coats on both the top and bottom lashes to produce a thick, doll-like fringe. Who needs false lashes, huh?

But if you prefer a softer look, try what Phoebe Tonkin is doing:

Phoebe Tonkin at the 2016 Australians in Film Gala.

She’s got these big Bambi lashes going on—so pretty! The lower lashes are well defined but not clumpy, and pair perfectly with her rosy lips and cheeks.

A few of the best new mascaras to try:

  • Lancôme Grandiôse Extrême Mascara in Black
  • Burberry Cat Lashes Mascara in No. 1 Jet Black
  • Kevyn Aucoin The Expert Mascara in Black

6. Glowy Skin

The makeup look at Valentino for fall 2016.

After a few seasons of extreme contouring and extreme strobing, we’re back to skin that looks more like skin. (Thank goodness!) Your complexion goals for this fall should be a slightly dewy texture with soft flushed cheeks, and subtle, non-shimmery highlights.

Nobody does it better than Lupita Nyong’o:

Lupita Nyong’o at the 2016 Marie Claire Image Maker Awards.

The way the light reflects off her skin—especially her cheek—is beyond gorgeous. Notice the lack of detectable contour. It’s really just the blush and the slightly iridescent luminizer.

I also love this look on Karlie Kloss:

Karlie Kloss at the 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards.

This is go-anywhere makeup. Everything is super-fresh, but that little shine on her cheek takes it to the next level.

Brie Larson is another example:

Brie Larson at the 2016 Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon.

Once again, the light reflects off the cheeks—never underestimate the power of illuminator! The rest of her makeup is peach perfection, with a little graphic black liner to bring out her eyes.

A few of the best highlighters to try:

  • RMS Beauty Living Luminizer
  • Tata Harper Highlighter
  • Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder

7. Natural Brows

The makeup look at DKNY for fall 2016.

The last trend you need to know pertains to eyebrows. While big brows are still “in,” exaggerated arches are over—so no more filling them in with extra-dark pencil and over-drawing the shape. The message for fall is to simply embrace what you have naturally, without doing too much shaping or filling at all.

Alexa Chung has one of the best pairs of brows in the biz:

Alexa Chung at the 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards.

She has a naturally feathery shape, so the only grooming required is just brushing them up with a bit of gel for hold.

Jamie Chung has recently let her brows grow in:

Jamie Chung at the 2015 Olevolos Project brunch.

Hers are naturally bushy, and all she added was a light shade of brow powder to emphasize the shape. They’re still very soft.

If you don’t have full brows, not to worry. Check out Rosie Huntington-Whiteley:

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at the 2015 amfAR Inspiration Gala.

Even though her brows aren’t super-thick, they have this lovely soft and natural effect, thanks to the brushed-up fans. They’re not over-trimmed.

A few of the best brow products to try:

  • Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara
  • Yves Saint Laurent Couture Brow
  • Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel


Now you’re all up to date on the makeup of the season! I’m looking forward to trying out a darker lip—well, maybe just for evening—and my inner five-year-old cannot wait to bust out the glitter. I’m also thrilled to see the end of contouring and heavy, drawn-on brows. Let’s hope these trends catch on real soon! Tell me:

Which makeup trend is your favourite?
Have you tried any of these looks?