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9 Ways To Make Your Eyes Look SO Much Bigger!

Disney Princesses were basically our first ever #beautygoals, and Princess Jasmine, Ariel, and Belle all had one thing in common, huge doe-eyes – it’s a universal beauty ideal, even for cartoons! In fact, people with bigger eyes are actually perceived to be younger as well, so if you’re looking to take a few years off, these easy hacks will help. The great thing is; faking Bambi-like eyes is so achievable with the right makeup in strategic places. Here’re our ultimate eye makeup tips to make your eyes look bigger.

1. Brighten your waterline

Lining your lower waterline with a nude eyeliner is one of the easiest tricks in the beauty bible. You can use a white pencil liner for a dramatic difference, but we prefer a beige liner, which looks more natural and has the same effect.

Top Tip: Liner doesn’t last long on the lower waterline – probably because you blink about 1500 times a day – so take your liner out with you and reapply whenever you pop to the bathroom.

2. Highlight like a pro

Highlighter doesn’t just give life to your cheekbones, it’s one of the best tricks for opening up your eyes too. Use it on your brow bone (which will lift your brow), on the inner corners of your eyes to open them up, and on the very center of the lid to make your eyes pop.

3. Use concealer strategically

Use concealer on the inner corner and outer corners, which are areas that tend to look darker. By adding light to these areas, you bring the eyes forward and emphasize their size.

4. Lift your lashes

We all know mascara makes a massive difference to our eyes, so imagine how bomb the right pair of false lashes can look. With false lashes, it’s crucial that you find the right style to flatter your eye shape: Depending on whether you have almond, round, hooded or deep-set eyes, each needs a different lash, otherwise, you run the risk of making your eyes look smaller. Check out our guide to choosing the right lashes here.

Eyelash lLifting/Perming & Tinting by @browtifulbremen WOW the results are amazing! (SWIPE Left) I want to get this done! Tag a friend who would want to do this! #hudabeauty

A post shared by Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty) on Jan 23, 2018 at 8:00am PST

If it’s not an occasion for lashes, then a good mascara – we love the L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise, $9 – combined with a lash curler will lift and open up your eyes immediately. You can also get a lash-lift at your local salon, which is a semi-permanent beauty treatment that adds an insane curl to your lashes for around six weeks.

5. Don’t forget your lower lash line

Adding mascara to your lower lashes will also open up the eyes for a wide, doe-eyed look: For a softer look, you can use brown mascara, or even colored mascara if you like. Adding a little eyeliner to the outer corner of your lower lash line will also help to elongate your eyes. Stick to the outer third of your eye, and use a soft brown eyeshadow to smoke it out, which will make the eye look wider – harsh lines can make the eyes look smaller.

6. Define your crease

Whether you’re going for a natural look or a smokey eye, tailor your eyeshadow to the look and define your crease. If you’re doing a no-makeup-makeup look, you can use a light brown shade in the crease, which adds dimension to the eye. Slowly build up the eyeshadow with a soft fluffy brush, for a natural look (dark lids can make the eyes look smaller).

7. Frame your face

A well-groomed pair of brows is so essential for creating balance and harmony of the face, but also for accentuating your eyes. Check out our guide to find the right brow shape to suit your face shape here.

Top Tip: Instead of bringing the tale of your brow downwards at the end, elongate it so that the tip flares out towards your ears, which will help to lift the brow for a more youthful appearance.

8. Conceal dark circles

Bright eyes not only make your eyes look more awake, but they also open up your eyes. Choose a shade of concealer a shade or two lighter, or if you have dark circles, use a peach-toned concealer, which will cancel out purple undertones. Baking under your eyes will also add brightness and help to keep your eyeliner from smudging throughout the day. Just apply a thick coat of translucent powder underneath your eye area after concealer, and let it sit for three to five minutes. Afterward, dust it off using a clean, fluffy brush.

9. Wing it

Winged eyeliner can also help create the illusion of bigger eyes. If you have smaller eyes it’s better to avoid heavy eyeliner on your upper lid, as this can make it look smaller. Instead, you can draw a very thin line above your lashes, tapering the eyeliner outwards from the last third of your lashes to create a subtle flick. Check out our guide to drawing the sexiest wing to suit your eye shape here.

If you’re thinking about getting eyelash extensions, check out everything you need to know before you book your appointment here.

How To Make Small Eyes Appear Bigger Komal Kaviliga Hyderabd040-395603080 April 9, 2019

Eyes that are bigger usually appear to make you look younger and awake.

All eye shapes are beautiful, don’t get me wrong! I have small almond shaped eyes myself and I don’t want to toot my own horn, but quite a few people have complimented me for them! Not all of us have big eyes. However, we can always create an illusion by using clever make-up techniques.

Here we will take you through some simple tips and tricks that helps make your eyes look bigger.

How To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger?

1. Praise Those Eyebrows


The brows make all the difference. Take a trip to the salon at frequent intervals, and keep the brows in good shape. Follow the natural shape of your eyes.

For those who want to keep their brows bold, bear in mind that you have to maximize the space you have so that it creates an illusion of bigger looking eyes. Bold, thick, and beautiful brows bring attention to the eyes. The difference between natural brows and over-tweezed arches is that the natural makes one look more innocent, while the latter makes you appear older.

Pro Tip: To get those full and expressive brows, brush them up with clear brow mascara.

2. Say Goodbye To Puffiness


The key to gorgeous eyes is by pampering them right, every day. The swollen skin around the eyes can make them look tiny. Here is how you can reduce puffiness around the eyes.

  • Get enough sleep
  • Wash your face with cold water often
  • Place used cold teabags over the eyes as the tannins present in tea tighten the skin
  • Reduce salt intake
  • Exercise

3. Say No To Under Eye Dark Circles


Using a concealer to cover up the dark circles will not make your eyes look bigger, but at least, the dark circles will not draw attention to them when someone is looking at your eyes. So, this step is really important.

Color correct your blemishes and dark circles with an illuminating concealer. Ensure you use a shade slightly lighter than your foundation to lift and enhance your look. We recommend the light and creamy YSL Touche Eclat and smooth MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, which is also a great cover-up for spots.

4. Light Neutral Colored Eye Shadow


Use neutral and light eyeshadows. Follow the rule of contouring. Light colors for the areas that you want the light to reflect and darker shades for the areas you want to push back. Using light colors at the center of the eyelids brings them forward. Pick up some product on a brush, tap the excess off and gently apply at the center of the eyelids.

Pro Tip: The shadow can be shimmery or of matte finish; it doesn’t matter as long as it is light in color.

5. Tightline The Upper Water Line

Image: Instagram

This is the step that makes a lot of difference. Use a black liner to tightline the upper water line. This gives the appearance of fuller lashes and helps to open up the eyes. I like to use the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil by Urban Decay. The formula is amazing and it gives your eyelashes volume without doing much!

6. Lay Low With The Eyeliner


When using liner on the lower lashline, make sure to only apply it to the outer third. Use a smudger or a brush to soften it out. As for the eyelid, draw a line as close as you can to the lashes. You can create a tiny flick and gradually make it thicker at the end if you want to.

7. Curly, Fluttery Eyelashes


An eyelash curler is to women what a sports car is to men. For those big eyes, ensure that you fully cup the lashes in the curler closer to the roots. Our favorites are E.L.F. Studio Eyelash Curler and Sally Hansen La Cross Double Curl Eyelash Curler.

8. The Nude Effect


Most people think that the way to achieving big eyes is by loading up on black kohls or kajals. However, this is entirely the opposite. The dark black kajal actually makes the eyes appear smaller and boxed in. Considering the Indian skin-tone, a white eye pencil may not be the most flattering one to use. The trick here is to go nude on your lower lash line. Try Bourjois Khol and Contour Eyeliner Pencil- 08 Rose Fantaisiste, or MAC Chromagraphic Pencil.

9. O’ Holy Mascara


The magic wand for makeup, a good mascara can make your eyes look bigger and thicker in no time. We suggest Clinique’s High Impact Mascara, and Maybelline Great Lash Mascara for that oomph factor. For those battable lashes and added glam, try applying three to four coats on the outer corners of the eye to create doe shaped eyes.

10. Contour The Crease


Contouring the crease helps in creating the illusion of deeper set eyes, which in turn, make them appear larger. Use a matte brown shade from the outer corner to the crease and blend well. When you’re going for an intense makeup look, you can contour slightly above your actual crease. Cover from the Naked Basics 2 palette by Urban Decay is a good shade for contouring.

11. Shimmer In The Inner Corner

Image: Instagram

Use a highlighter or a shimmery light eyeshadow in the inner corner. This adds a little something extra to your makeup look, and also helps you look awake. You can choose two ways of applying this.

  • You can blend it out and give it a very sheen look. This makes you look fresh in a very natural way.
  • Perhaps you’re looking for something more. Then, in that case, don’t blend it out. Doing this makes your eyes sparkle and is an easy way to compensate when you haven’t done much eye makeup.

Some More Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

  • Try and avoid dark colors like blacks and grays.
  • However, you can use soft browns for the crease.
  • Don’t overload on the eyeliner. This only makes the eyes look smaller.
  • Full lashes help to open up the eyes more so use the mascara.
  • You can also choose to apply false lashes.
  • Use eye masks and gently massage the areas around the eyes to get rid of the puffiness and water retention.
  • If you have red eyes or if they are irritated, use eye drops. The redness can actually make them look smaller, and it isn’t healthy to leave them looking so red!

Well, there you have it. 11 ways to make your eyes look brighter and bigger. I certainly know for a fact that this works. If I feel like I look exhausted (which I do on most days now of late), I follow these steps. Try it out and let us know how it turned out for you.

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Komal Kaviliga

When it comes to beauty trends, a wide and fresh doe-eyed appearance will never go out of fashion. While there’s no way to change the size of your peepers – in fact, it’s thought that the eyeballs remain the same size from babyhood onwards – there are plenty of makeup tricks you can use to make your eyes pop.

Here, we run through 10 easy yet effective tricks, whether you want to enhance your small eyes or just cover up your lack of sleep…

Define your brows

Eyebrows are incredibly important to how big your eyes look. By grooming them into the right shape for you, they’ll frame your eyes correctly and help to make them pop. Fill in sparse areas with a wax, like Benefit’s Brow Zings, £26.50, and set in place with Benefit’s Gimme Brow, £20.

Read: Best eyebrow pencils to define and perfect your brows and the best eyebrow kits for perfect well-groomed brows

Apply white eyeliner in your waterline

Adding a brighter eyeliner into the waterline instantly helps to open up the eyes and make them look more refreshed. Here we used the MAC Technakohl Liner in Snowed In, £14.50.

Colour correct your lids

Many of us have lids that are a different shade to the rest of our face. Colour correcting your lids will not only help to make your eyes pop, the neutral base will also help to make the colour of any eyeshadow stand out even more.

Prime the lids with Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in Eden, £17, and cover the lids in a concealer, like By Terry’s Terrybly Densiliss Concealer, £44.

Set the concealer with a light powder like Laura Mercier’s Translucent Setting Powder, £29, before you follow up with any eyeshadow.

Read: Best primers that will keep your makeup in place all day long
Cover up dark circles

To cover up dark circles, it’s best to determine what type of undertones your skin has in this area.

You can then select the corresponding colour corrector using our guide here.

Mine are blue, making a red colour corrector like BECCA Cosmetic’s Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector in Papaya, £21, the perfect shade to neutralise my undereyes.

Once this is blended in, apply a concealer such as Urban Decay’s Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer, £19 on top.

However, make sure the concealer is applied in an upside down triangle – this will highlight the under eye and make sure it’s blended into the face properly.

Apply colour corrector

Apply concealer

Set with powder


Highlight your inner corners

Apply a dab of highlighter, like theBalm’s Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer, £13.50, or white eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyes. Not only will this make your eyes appear wider, it’ll also make you look much more refreshed.

Contour your eyes

Much like your cheekbones, contouring your eyes help to make them stand out and pop. All this requires is blending an eyeshadow into the crease of your eye socket.

For a natural look, opt for warm or cool browns (depending on your undertone), such as Bobbi Brown’s Eye Shadow in Taupe or Sable, £18. Blend this into the crease in windscreen wiper motions with a fluffy blending brush.

Apply mascara to your bottom lashes

For many, applying mascara to the bottom lashes is often forgotten about or left alone to avoid smudging. However, a slick of mascara to your bottom lashes makes a big difference to help open them up.

Reach for L’Oreal Paris’ False Lash Sculpt Mascara, £9.99, or, if you’re not feeling confident, Clinique’s Bottom Lash Mascara, £14.

Wing your eyeliner

If you want to wear eyeliner on your top lash line, create wings on the ends of your eye with a thinly-tipped pen, like Estee Lauder’s Little Black Liner, £22. The wing will help to give an illusion of your eyes pulling out, making them appear longer and larger.

Curl before mascara

Before you apply mascara, it’s important to curl your lashes. Not only will this help to give them a fan-like appearance around the eyes; it will also lengthen the lashes, which you can then build upon with your mascara.

Read: The best mascaras, from lengthening to waterproof

Apply black liner properly

If you have to use black eyeliner, make sure you’re not allowing the product to close up your eyes. To avoid this, apply eyeliner, like Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion, £15.50, on the bottom lash line from the middle up to the outer end. Leave the inner corner bare so that the eyes appear wider.


As well as makeup, there are other products you can use to help give your eyes a refreshing boost.


Eye masks not only help to soothe the eyes, but also reduce puffiness and fine lines, making them appear bright and fresh.

Dr Anjali Mahto, Consultant Dermatologist at the Cadogan Clinic, explains, ‘Eye masks are usually gel-like treatments which are formulated with hydrating and plumping ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, caffeine and colloidal gold.’

However, while they do make a difference, Dr Mahto stresses that the fix is temporary; ‘Using an eye mask doesn’t mean you can skip sleep – they’re a quick, temporary fix for puffiness and dark circles.

‘Gel masks are often designed to be cooled or heated and contain ingredients which reduce inflammation and discolouration, such as aloe vera, glycerine, purified water and in some cases essential oils.

‘It should be noted that effects are usually temporary and shouldn’t be expected to permanently alleviate puffiness in the long term.’


With tons of eye cream spamming the shelves, it can be difficult to know what ones really live up to their de-puffing and anti-ageing claims.

Dr Mahto explains, ‘Must-have ingredients to look out for in eye creams consist of hyaluronic acid, ceramides, retinol, neuropeptides and vitamins C and E.’

Here, she break down what each one does…

‘Hyaluronic acid draws moisture from the air and can hold up to one thousand times its weight in water, giving the skin its plump appearance.’

‘Ceramides are skin lipids that “hold” skin cells together to help maintain structure and hydration.’

‘Retinol, a vitamin A derivative, stimulates cell turnover and collagen production, helping to strengthen skin and reduce imperfections such as fine lines – make sure you use sparingly, as retinol creams make skin more sun-sensitive and can be drying.

‘If your skin is sensitive, you may want to opt for a peptide-packed eye cream instead of a retinol one.’

‘Neuropeptides also stimulate collagen and elastin production, but are gentler on the dermis and improve resilience, tone and texture.

‘Finally, key vitamins such as C and E are ingredients to look out for, with vitamin C aiding collagen production and elasticity and vitamin E helping to sooth and protects against wrinkles.’

Take a look at our tried & tested eye creams to find out that suits you.


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6 min read

The question most posed by girls with small eyes is how to make eyes bigger. And we will tell you exactly how. Keep your trusted friend — the eyeliner — handy for this one 🙂 Eyeliner is one of the most important makeup tools that can be used to create different looks. Using an eyeliner, you can make your eyes appear more rounded, larger or sharper depending on your mood. If you know how to apply eye makeup well, you can lift your entire face, making it appear more youthful and energetic. This is precisely why most women (if not all) want to get bigger eyes with makeup. Here we have compiled 5 eyeliner styles for small eyes to make your them look bigger.

How To Make Eyes Bigger Using Eyeliner

Eyeliners can help you master the art of making your small eyes look bigger. Using different types of eyeliners (such as gel liners, liquid liners, and pencil liners) and colors you can create different looks to get your eye makeup game on point. So, here’s how to apply eyeliner for small eyes:

1. Apply White or Flesh-toned Eyeliner on Your Waterline.

Black eyeliner can define the shape of your eye as it attracts attention. Since your upper lashes define the upper lash line whether you use an eyeliner or not, kohl on the waterline completes the shape. It closes up your eye to a great extent and makes it appear smaller. However, if you use black eyeliner under the lower lash line and use a white or flesh-toned eyeliner on the waterline, it will open up the eye and create the illusion of bigger eyes. Many people believe that white liner looks a bit harsh so you can apply a flesh-toned eyeliner. It will neutralize any redness of the skin around the eye and make your small eyes look bigger.

2. Apply Dark Eyeliner Away From the Inner Corners.

If you have small eyes, you need to start applying dark eyeliner slightly away from the inner corners. If you start applying your dark eyeliner right from the inner corner, it will define the actual shape of the eye and leave no room to create the illusion of bigger eyes. However, if you leave your inner corners and then apply the eyeliner, you can use a shimmery beige eyeshadow or eyeliner on the inner corners. This will brighten up the eyes and make them look bigger. To create a more youthful look, you can run the same shimmery eyeshadow or eyeliner under the lower lash line as well. Known as Ulzzang look in South Korea, this eyeliner trick opens up your eyes instantly.

To know more about eye shadows, read How To Apply EyeShadow and Choose Palettes.

3. Use the Right Eyeliner Shade to Define Your Upper Lash Line.

Depending on your skin tone, you need to choose an eyeliner to define your eyes. For people with lighter skin tones, black can be a harsh color to define the eyes. A medium brown or blue shade may suit them better than black. A dark shade on the eyelids can make the eyes recede and look deeper than they are in reality. A medium brown or blue shade smudged using a brush to softly define the eyes works better. It brings the attention to your eyes without making them look harsh. The overall look also turns out to be more natural. People who have deeper skin tones can use rich brown shades or even black since these colors will not attract any undue attention and perfectly complement the skin tone.

4. Keep the Eyeliner Wing At the Right Point.

When you are applying eyeliner, you need to end it at the right point to make your eyes look bigger. If you are not going to apply eyeliner to the lower lash line, do not extend the eyeliner beyond the outer corner of the eye. End the eyeliner wing in such a way that it is at the same angle where the imaginary straight line drawn from your waterline to the end point of your eyebrow would have been. This gives a more feline shape to your eyes (that is cat eyes) and makes them appear more youthful and big. If you extend your eyeliner below this point, it can make your eyes look droopy and tired.

5. Start with a Thin Line and Gradually Make it Thicker Near the Outer Corner.

A thick eyeliner that has the same thickness in the inner corner and the outer corner of the eyes only adds depth to the eyes and does not help in any way in creating the illusion of bigger eyes. However, if you start with a thin line in the inner corner and gradually build the thickness as you come to the outer corner, it creates the illusion of wide-open (bigger) eyes easily. It is easier to create this look using a liquid liner but you can also use a gel liner or pencil liner. This technique does need a little bit of practice but once you master it, you can make your eyes look bigger within minutes. If you have eyes that are close together, this technique will also help make them appear further apart. If your eyes are wider apart, you can start drawing the line right from the inner corner and do not make it too thick as you go towards the outer corner.

How your eyeliner looks depends a lot on the type of eyeliner you are applying — pencil, gel or liquid. So, make sure you know the latest eyeliners available in India and which ones to use for which look.

Another important factor to make your eye makeup look flawless is to hide any blemishes or dark circles in the under eye area. Dark circles can make your eyes look small and tired which is the main reason why you need to apply a brightening concealer to cover the darkness. If you have pigmentation, you can use a color corrector first and then apply the concealer on the under eye area for a flawless look. Finish your look after curling your lashes and applying a couple of coats of your favorite mascara to open up your eyes even more.

Whether we’re ‘growing’ our locks with hair extensions or faking a slimmer face with contouring, using make-up and beauty products to enhance our natural features has been going on for hundreds of years.

And these days it’s all about the transformation.

Of course, many of us know how to put on make-up but true make-up mastery is all about creating an illusion. From simple contouring, to the more outrageous Insta-worthy overhauls, make-up can work wonders.

And eye make-up isn’t any different.

For those of us with mono lids or smaller eyes – mastering eye make-up to make your eyes look bigger has always been on our beauty goals list. But what are the dos and don’ts of makeup for smaller eyes? And how do you keep things looking doe-eyed instead of Drag Race?

Thankfully it’s way easier than you might think – here’s how to create bigger looking eyes using make-up.

Zoe Dubs

1. Contour yourself a crease

Contouring your face is just the beginning of the rabbit hole. You can use a similar technique to create an eyelid crease, even if your own lid is not very defined.

Take your contouring colour and use a small brush to buff the colour along the socket, to mimic the crease of your eyelid. Finish with a dusting of highlighter in the centre of the eye, for a really prominent 3D effect.

Zoe Dubs

2. Eye-opening eyeliner

It’s a bit of a beauty myth that small eyes shouldn’t use eyeliner. When used in an entire ring around the eye, black liner can exaggerate the smaller shape, but the trick is to use a contrasting white or pearl-coloured liner in the lower waterline and keep the smoky eyeliner to the lower lashes instead.

This opens up the lower half of the eye, making it look bigger and brighter.

Zoe Dubs

3. Use the socket space

Mono lidded eyes may lack an eyelid crease but this means that you’ve got loads of space to work with between the socket and the brow.

Applying eyeshadow high onto the brow bone sounds like a massive make-up fail for many but, when applied on mono lids, it serves to create the illusion of a bigger, deeper eye. Just be sure to blend carefully so you don’t have harsh lines under your eyebrows. Not the one.

Zoe Dubs

4. Dolly lashes

If you’re a single-step kinda gal then false eyelashes can quickly take your eye game to the next level, adding definition and shape to a mono lid. Asian eyes can get away with really long lashes due to the space between the eye and the brow.

A lot of lashes are designed to create a feline, winged look but Asian eyes are already rocking this shape so instead you could opt for a curly pair that opens the eye upwards, making them look rounder.

Line only the top waterline to really accentuate the almond shape of the top lid – sooty, gel liners work really well here.

Zoe Dubs

5. Contrasting corners

To really exaggerate the shape of the eye, try contrasting colours at the inner and outer corners. We’re no stranger to an exaggerated cat eye but don’t forget about the inner corners too.

A large black wing elevates the eye outwards and a contrasting dusting of pearl eyeshadow in the inner corners will continue to extend the shape inwards, for a super-fierce feline shape and absolutely giant eyes.

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Top 7 Best Eyeliner Styles & Shapes To Make Eyes Bigger


Eyeliner is necessary to complete the eye makeup looks as it gives that look & touch to eyes making them look distinctive and stunning. In fact casually or even formally, you don’t need to put on tons of shades on your eyes but finely done eyeliner is enough to shine on your eyes & here you are pretty and dressed up. The issue that mostly girls face regarding eyeliner is applying it in wrong ways; it takes huge practice to get neatness & perfection that which style suits on your eyes and how can you properly use it. Once you are an expert in it, this one little line can transform your eyes into a magical look. Eyeliners are available in various colors and consistencies like marker, liquid, pencil liners in various colors like black, blue, brown, green, gray. I prefer liquid eyeliners as they have their neatness and flow that cannot possibly be attained from non-liquid ones. In a matter of seconds, your eyes have this amazing shiny black look.

Top 7 Perfect Eyeliner Styles & Shapes with Tutorials & Pictures

Just like there are different hair types, face shapes, skin types of different people. Also, there are different eye shapes, so there is no reservation of a single eyeliner for all eye shapes. This cosmetic product helps to make your small eyes look bigger & more defined, if already big than when applied rightly it enhances your eye beauty even more. Let’s learn some of the ways to apply eyeliner, but first keep in mind that its ok to try some styles on your eyes to get the idea of the best look that suits you. Here are the tips and techniques on how to enhance your appearance according to face features like fish, Arabic, cat, smudged, etc.

Winged Eyeliner Style:

This style is curved from the center along the lashes & then it leads to upward & outwards from the corners to add a little length just like an image below.

Winged Eyes Tutorial:

60’s Eyeliner Style:

The 60’s makeup & fashion was just Wow. We still love the looks of that one unforgettable decade & especially when it comes to makeup, it never fades away. Why don’t you fill your space b/w your lashes and crease? With this style, you will look amazingly different for sure.


Cat Eye Effect:

One of the most common and preferred eyeliner style among all cat eye. Because it gives great definition to eyes no matter what shape or size your eyes have, mostly girls count on this style to attain chic and edgy look. Apply it in a tilted straight line at the edges and fill it to lift corners.

Tutorial to Make Cat Eyes

Smudged Eyeliner Style:

This one’s also not a bad idea to attain looks. Gentle smudging and liner application with a small thin brush along the upper lashes as well as lower lashes is all you need to do.

Smudged Eye-Liner Style Tutorial

Flick Eyeliner:

The most used and basic style that is very easy to apply. It’s the one that will add something extra to your look.

Flick Eyeliners Tutorial:

Retro Eyeliner Style:

What’s not to love in this most classy, contemporary and vintage look? Thick pointy eyeliner with vibrant colors is so liked by modern girls these days.

Retro Eyeliners Style Tutorial:

Fishtail Style:

The most awaited trend for the girls who have small eyes but that doesn’t mean it is reserved for them only.

Fishtail Eye-Liner Style Tutorial:

Perfect Eyeliner Looks of Different Styles & Shapes

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1. De-puff bags

Drain the morning puffiness swallowing your peepers with a cool shot – from submerging your face in ice cubes and cucumber (a Kate Moss trick), to dabbing cold eye drops around the eye area (a MAC makeup artist tip).

2. Brighten dark circles

Shadows will set your eyes back, literally. Colour correct dark circles with an illuminating concealer a shade slightly lighter than your foundation to lift and brighten. We like the affordable L’Oreal Paris Touche Magique Illuminating Concealer (£7.99). Remember to take it down to your cheek in a ‘V’ shape, in order to brighten up the whole face.

buy now

King of the booth

3. Always curl your lashes

This instantly lifts lashes and therefore widens your eyes. Our favourite curler is by Charlotte Tilbury (£18), expensive, yes, but it’s a keep-forever tool that’ll pay you back in complements.

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4. Brighten the waterline

While black liner inside the lower eyelids will close your eyes, a brightening neutral shade will open them. We’re not talking white, but a creamy flesh-coloured tone will conceal redness infallibly. Try Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Liner in Nude (£3.99).

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5. Contour the crease

As you would shade your cheeks to give them definition, contour your eyelids to give them secret shape. Sweep an eyeshadow shade slightly darker than your natural skin tone along the crease of your eyelid.

6. Highlight the inner corners

Apply a touch of iridescent shadow or highlighter to the inner corner of your eyelids (near the tear ducts) and below the arches of your brows. This will instantly open your eyes making them appear wider.

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7. Frame your eyes

Never underestimate the importance of maintaining a strong brow shape – they’re the coat hangers of your face! Have them professionally shaped and try the catwalk model trick of brushing them up to open your eyes.

8. Use lengthening mascara

Mascara is THE magic wand for making eyes look bigger and if you use only one product make it this, but try a lengthening formula over a thickening one. We like Dior’s Diorshow Mascara (£25.50). For added oomph try sticking 3-4 individual lashes to the outer corners of the eye to create a cat eye shape.

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9. Draw fine lines

Draw your liner as close to the upper lashline as possible and don’t enclose your eyes by lining all the way around – especially at the bottom. Increase the thickness gradually towards the outer corners. The elf Intense Eyeliner (£4.50) has a flexible tip which makes this precision a doddle.

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10. Wing liner up and out

Extend your lines at the outer corners of your eyes with an up ‘n’ out technique. Try not to go too thick with your eyeliner, as this can often look a little heavy on smaller lids.

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Related Story Victoria Jowett Digital Beauty Director Vic is the Digital Beauty Director here at

6 ways Korean beauty gurus use makeup to make their eyes look bigger

Now, we think that there’s beauty in every eye shape and size. It’s not so much about how big your eyes look, but really about how you present yourself overall. However, there are many of us with smaller eye sizes who may feel left out because of pop culture’s general obsession with large, wide-eyed girls.

Here are some makeup tips from Korean beauty gurus who have used the power of makeup to create seamless illusions that their eyes are bigger than they actually are!

1. Extend the length of your eyes with brown eyeliner

A post shared by 김다영 Dayeong (@kimdayeong_life) on Oct 24, 2017 at 8:49pm PDT

If your eyes are narrow and you have hooded eyelids, try out Kim Da Yeong‘s technique. She uses a brown eyeliner along her lashline and extends it outwards along a natural tangent. This will create an illusion of depth, especially at the outer corner of your eye.

You can pair this with a soft, warm eyeshadow look, and you can also use an eyeshadow brush to gently smudge out the eyeliner (if you are using a pencil or gel liner) to make the look more natural.

DV tip: When creating a winged look, use the angle at which your bottom lashline connects with your top lashes on the outer corner of your eye as a guideline.

2. Fake the crease

A post shared by DAS (@das__k) on Feb 7, 2016 at 5:59pm PST

If you’ve watched any eyeshadow tutorials on YouTube, chances are that you’ve seen those done by Caucasian YouTubers. Because their eyes are deeper set than most of us, they actually have a crease to talk about and play with.

But hey, makeup is here to help us fake it till we make it, right? Take a leaf out of Das‘s book: she uses a brown eyeshadow to create the illusion of a crease, which helps to open up her eyes and give them a lot more depth. With this trick, always make sure that you blend, blend, blend it out.

3. Create depth with brown eyeshadow

A post shared by 희주 (@yoo.xx) on Jul 27, 2017 at 1:16am PDT

For beauty guru Yoo, the trick to giving her monolids more depth and character is in using brown eyeshadow to create a semi-smokey look that makes her eyes look deeper and bigger than they really are.

She concentrates the brown eyeshadow on the outer third of her top and bottom lashline, which gives the illusion of extending her eyes outwards. Yoo pairs this with soft warm eyeshadows and mascara on both top and bottom lashes.

DV tip: Avoid lining both your top and bottom lashes from inner to outer corners, as that may make your eyes appear more closed. If you have to, line your bottom lashes with a nude waterproof pencil liner (not white!) which will contribute to the illusion of bigger eyes.

4. Bling up the center of your lids

A post shared by @estheris_ on Oct 7, 2016 at 6:53pm PDT

Hooded eyelids are a whole different ball game when it comes to eyeshadow application techniques. For one, using three progressive shades of the same eyeshadow colour is an indispensable step to making hooded eyes look larger and more alluring.

Korean beauty personality Estheris kicks her eyeshadow game up a notch by putting gold or some other light and shimmery colour in the center of her lids. This reflects light at the high point of your eyelids, which deepens the contouring illusion.

DV tip: Your fingers generally work best at picking up pigment, especially shimmery and glittery shades, than any brush. Pack it on with your finger, then blend it out with a fluffy brush.

5. Falsies exist for a reason

A post shared by 소봉 (@sobong_official) on Jul 3, 2017 at 6:11am PDT

Korean influencer Sobong actually has slightly puffy monolids, so her natural eye size appears small. However, with the clever use of double eyelid tape and falsies, she’s completely transformed the way her eyes look.

She uses false eyelashes (more fluttery, natural-looking types rather than the densely packed ones) on her top lashline, as well as the outer corner of her bottom lash lines to really open up her eyes. Add a soft winged eyeliner and the illusion is complete.

6. Don’t be afraid to put eyeshadow on your bottom lashes

A post shared by 홑꺼풀 크리에이터 프롬핸.혜연입니다? (@fromhaen_hyeyeon) on Dec 29, 2016 at 7:32am PST

You may have monolids, but if your eye shape is naturally rounder instead of narrower, then it’s a pretty simple step to making them look bigger, as Korean makeup artist Hyeyeon proves.

Adding a subtle line of colour to your bottom lashes will help to create more definition to the shape of your eye, and give it more contour. Make sure you also add in the same colour on the outer portion of your top lashes and connect it with the bottom shadow at the outer corner.

DV tip: Do your lid shadows before putting on foundation so it’s more convenient to clean up any fallout from the eyeshadow powders. Apply foundation and under-eye concealer, and set everything before you put on the eyeshadow on your lower lashes.

If you’re new to lower lash eyeshadow, start with lighter shades that won’t accidentally look like under-eye darkness. You can experiment with darker shades when you’re more confident.