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For as much pressure as Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and company still face from the tabloids, it’s a much easier time to be a royal than it was in the 1990s, when newly divorced Princess Diana and Prince Charles were the subjects of endless salacious headlines and scrutiny. Diana’s death while being pursued by the paparazzi in Paris was the tragic low point, but the press attention had bothered her for years—maybe especially in 1996, when pictures of her sunbathing topless in Spain made it to the front page of Britain’s Daily Mirror.

And Diana, it seems, wasn’t the only one upset by it. As Condé Nast Britain chairman Nicholas Coleridge recalls in his new memoir, The Glossy Years, Diana came to his Hanover Square office looking flustered after the photos were published. According to the Times, she told him she had received a call from then-14-year-old Prince William, who was a boarding student at Eton College. “‘He was upset,’” the publisher recalls Diana telling him in a particularly blunt passage. “‘He said some of the other boys were teasing him, saying my tits are too small.’”

After Diana’s death, and some shifting cultural norms about the privacy the famous can reasonably expect, tabloid intrusion on the lives of the royals calmed down a bit—though years later, William would face a remarkably similar situation when a French tabloid published photos of his wife, Kate, sunbathing topless in Provence. The newly married couple filed a lawsuit in 2012, and in 2017 was awarded €100,000 in damages by a French court. In a letter to the court, William called the publication of the photos “particularly shocking because it reminded us of the harassment that led to the death of my mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.”

Prince Harry just being a teen. KIRSTY WIGGLESWORTH/AFP/Getty Images

After Prince Harry married erstwhile Suits actress Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex picked up a few new homes. The couple live at Kensington Palace in the prince’s former bachelor-pad cottage, and they’re also leasing a place in the Cotswolds and reportedly receiving some homes from Queen Elizabeth. But years before Prince Harry made his way to Nottingham Cottage, he was just a regular student living at Eton College, the fancy all-boys boarding school in Windsor that Prince William also attended.

It turns out that he allowed press to come photograph him in his dorm room there, and the photos prove that 2003 Prince Harry was a peak high-school bro. Sure, dorms aren’t exactly the most thrilling of spaces for experiments in home decor, but the royal sure did put his stamp on the place.

Exhibit A. Kirsty Wigglesworth-Pool/Getty Images

First, let’s discuss the patterned tapestry hanging on his wall, a classic go-to when a framed Gerhard Richter just isn’t an option. Prince Harry really added some personality to it—look closely and you’ll see a cutout image of Academy Award winner Halle Berry in a red dress pasted in the center. Perhaps for symmetry, he put up some additional cutouts of bikini-clad models.

But wait! Those aren’t the only bathing suits you can spot on his wall. He has two more images of even more women in bikinis above his desk shelf, right above a lamp, toothpaste and a toothbrush. And it seems he’s also a big music guy. Just check out that early-2000s speaker and stereo situation perched on the wooden shelves.

Prince Harry hanging out with a friend at Eton. Kirsty Wigglesworth-Pool/Getty Images

There’s also a large British flag on the wall, along with some more sentimental family snaps—photos from skiing vacations as well as a framed photograph of his mother, Princess Diana, placed atop his desk. Elsewhere in the room is a Mario Testino coffee table book. The photographer took photos of Princess Diana for Vanity Fair shortly before her death; they are the last official portraits of her.

Harry, shoes off the bed. Kirsty Wigglesworth-Pool/Getty Images

The pictures of the prince polishing his own boots are a bit questionable, as the probably well-worn shoes are directly on his bed. Hope he cleaned off the soles.

Prince Harry also kept photos of Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth in the room, and he engaged in normal boyish activities like making toast.

The artist at work. Getty Images

Our personal favorites include the photos of the prince in an art room, where he embraces a skeletal pal and his inner #artiste, decked out in a perfectly splattered smock while painting a canvas on an easel. All he’s missing is a beret!

Prince Harry embracing his dramatic side. KIRSTY WIGGLESWORTH/AFP/Getty Images

But perhaps best of all, we’ve discovered that one-time Tostitos commercial star Markle isn’t the only actor in the royal family. Prince Harry performed in many a theatrical production at Eton, with receipts to prove it. Here he is living his Best Drama self channeling Zorro in a masked ball scene in Much Ado About Nothing.

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Who Is Prince Harry?

Prince Henry of Wales, also known as Prince Harry, is the second son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Princess Diana. After enduring the death of his mother in 1997, he occasionally acted out and found himself in the tabloids for embarrassing events. Prince Harry embarked on a decade-long stint in the military in 2005, seeing active service time in Afghanistan, and is involved in numerous charitable causes. In May 2018, he married American actress Meghan Markle, with whom he had son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. In January 2020, the couple announced they were stepping back from their senior roles in the royal family.

Family Life

As the second son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, Prince Harry is currently sixth in line to the English throne, behind his father, older brother William and William’s three children. He grew up under intense media scrutiny, having his personal tragedies as well as his antics and gaffes as the subject of numerous news reports.

His mother once described Prince Harry as “very artistic and sporty.” At an early age, he developed an interest in riding and hunting. While the family lived in Kensington Palace during the week, they often spent the weekends at Highgrove House, their family’s estate in Gloucestershire. Their mother strove to give both her sons “as normal a life as possible” despite their privileged position in British society. To this end, Prince Harry attended Mrs. Mynors’ nursery school in London’s Notting Hill neighborhood. Princess Diana also took Prince Harry and his brother to amusement parks, fast-food restaurants and other places frequented by other children their age.

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11 11 Images

Growing Up Under the Spotlight

Photographers were on hand as his parents dropped Prince Harry off for his first day of school in September 1987. According to Ingrid Seward’s William & Harry, the young prince had a difficult time adjusting to school initially. Despite his parents’ increasingly strained marriage, he became known for his happy-go-lucky disposition as a child. Prince Harry also developed an interest in all things military as he matured.

Early Education

In 1989, Prince Harry enrolled at the Wetherby School, where his older brother William was already a student. He then followed his brother to the Ludgrove School, a boarding school in Berkshire, in 1992. Around this time, he was reportedly informed of his parents’ impending separation, which was officially announced that December. The couple divorced in 1996.

After the separation, Prince Harry and Prince William spent their school holidays dividing their time between their parents. They spent time at Highgrove with their father, enjoying outdoor pursuits, as well as going on official trips and vacations abroad. With their mother, they engaged in a variety of activities from going on tropical holidays to visiting AIDS clinics and homeless shelters.

Princess Diana’s Tragic Death

Following Princess Diana’s shocking death from a car accident on August 31, 1997, Prince Harry remained at Balmoral for several days, mourning in seclusion with his family. He then traveled to London with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and his brother, to prepare for Princess Diana’s funeral. On September 6, 1997, Prince Harry walked past thousands of people who had gathered to say goodbye to the woman many had dubbed “the people’s princess.” He trailed behind his mother’s coffin in the funeral procession along with his brother, father, and grandfather, Prince Phillip.

After the service, Prince Harry and other family members traveled to Althorp, his mother’s family estate in Northampton owned by his uncle Charles, the 9th Earl of Spencer. His mother’s body was laid to rest on an island in the middle of a lake on the grounds there.

Struggling with this tremendous loss, Prince Harry suffered from nightmares about his mother’s death for a time, according to Christopher Andersen’s Diana’s Boys. He returned to Ludgrove a short time after the funeral. During his next school break, Prince Harry traveled with his father to Botswana and South Africa. The trip lifted his spirit and gave him a chance to mingle with the members of the Spice Girls pop group during a concert there.

Teenage Challenges

Back at school, Prince Harry faced some academic challenges. It was decided that he would spend an extra year at Ludgrove before applying to Eton College. All of his extra efforts paid off, as he passed the entrance exam with flying colors. He began his studies there in 1998.

That same year, Prince Harry and Prince William demonstrated their cheeky sense of humor with a surprise 50th birthday party for their father, which featured some comedy sketches poking fun at Prince Charles. Actors Rowan Atkinson, Stephen Fry and Emma Thompson were all part of the act. Around this time, the princes also met their future stepmother Camilla Parker Bowles — the woman that their father had been involved with on and off for years.

Like some other teenagers, Prince Harry liked to party. He reportedly engaged in underage drinking—sometimes at a pub and at Highgrove—and tried smoking marijuana during the summer of 2001. In January 2002, reports of the prince’s illegal activities made tabloid headlines. Prince Harry admitted his misdeeds to his father, who made the young royal visit a South London rehabilitation center to see firsthand the dangers associated with drug use.

In 2003, Prince Harry graduated from Eton. He spent some time traveling through Australia, Argentina and Africa after finishing school. An avid polo player, Prince Harry participated in the Young England versus Young Australia Polo Match Test in Australia. He became involved in charity work while visiting Lesotho in southern Africa, working at a home for orphans of AIDS victims. To promote awareness of the problems there, he created a documentary called The Forgotten Kingdom: Prince Harry in Lesotho. The film helped raise approximately $2 million for the British Red Cross Lesotho Fund.

Around this time, Prince Harry became romantically linked with Chelsy Davy, according to news reports. The two dated on and off for years. Prince Harry again found himself immersed in controversy in January 2005 after photographs of him wearing a Nazi uniform to a costume party were published in several newspapers. It was shocking to many that the prince could casually appear the uniform with a swastika armband — a symbol of hate and the atrocities of the Holocaust. In response to the criticism, Prince Harry issued a statement, saying, “I am very sorry if I caused any offence or embarrassment to anyone. It was a poor choice of costume and I apologize.”

Military Career

A few months later, Prince Harry and his brother attended their father’s wedding to Bowles. “She’s always been very close to me and William. … She’s not the wicked stepmother. She’s a wonderful woman and she’s made our father very, very happy, which is the most important thing,” Prince Harry told the press at the time.

In May 2005, Prince Harry enrolled at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. After undergoing 44 weeks of training, in April 2006 he joined the Household Cavalry as a second lieutenant. Later that year, Prince Harry and Prince William announced their plans for a special concert to be held in 2007 to mark the 10th anniversary of their mother’s passing.

On what would have been Princess Diana’s 46th birthday, more than 60,000 people gathered at Wembley Stadium for the Concert for Diana. The event raised money for the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund and other charities such as Sentebale, which Prince Harry established to help children and others affected by the AIDS crisis in Lesotho.

That same year, Prince Harry began training for possible war zone deployment. His status as a royal posed certain security challenges to the army, and there was much debate regarding whether he should be allowed to serve in a combat situation. In February 2008, Prince Harry began his tour of duty in Afghanistan. He served for two months.

In early 2009, Prince Harry once again faced criticism for his insensitivity. Videos of him from 2006 surfaced, depicting him using a derogatory term for a fellow Pakistani soldier as well as another offensive remark. Prince Harry apologized for his comments, and the army ordered him to undergo sensitivity training.

From 2009 to 2012, Prince Harry trained to become an Apache helicopter pilot in the Army Air Corps. He then put these newfound skills to work in his second tour of duty in Afghanistan, which began in September 2012. After participating in several combat missions, the prince in 2015 ended his official military duties, though he continued volunteering to assist wounded servicemen.

Vegas Photo Scandal

In August 2012, Prince Harry was back in the tabloids after nude photos of the royal had been leaked to the public. The images of the prince were taken during a private party in a hotel room in Las Vegas, where he and his friends reportedly were playing a game of strip billiards.

The photos of the partying prince ran in Rupert Murdoch’s The Sun, but most other papers in England declined to run them. While the story dominated the headlines for a short time, the scandal seemed to have no lasting impact on his public image. One of his first public appearances after the scandal was at the WellChild Awards in London, where he received a warm welcome. Prince Harry serves a patron to WellChild, a charity dedicated to supporting sick children and their families. He even joked in his speech that he was “never shy in coming forward,” according to BBC News.

Meghan Markle

Prince Harry began dating actress Meghan Markle, star of the television show Suits, in 2016. They met while Harry was attending the Invictus Games in Toronto, where Suits is filmed. In November of that year, Kensington Palace issued a statement confirming their relationship. The statement also requested privacy and respect for the couple after Markle had been subjected to racist and sexist attacks on social media, as well as harassment by paparazzi.

On November 27, 2017, it was revealed that Prince Harry and Markle had secretly gotten engaged earlier in the month. An official announcement said the two would marry the following spring and move to Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace in London. Later, it was revealed that the couple would marry on May 19, 2018, in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Photo: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

News of the engagement was greeted with enthusiasm by other members of the royal family. Prince Charles and the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh all declared they were “delighted” at the announcement, while Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, said they were “very excited for Harry and Meghan,” adding, “It has been wonderful getting to know Meghan and to see how happy she and Harry are together.”

In March 2018, the Daily Mail reported that Prince Harry would not sign a prenuptial agreement. According to a source, “There was never any question in Harry’s mind that he would sign a prenup. He’s determined that his marriage will be a lasting one, so there’s no need for him to sign anything.” Additionally, prenups were not considered to be legally binding in the United Kingdom, though judges were known to take them into consideration during divorce trials.

Will Prince George Go to Boarding School?

Prince George might be a small boy now –but as the future King of England following his grandfather, Prince Charles, and his father, Prince William a lot is riding on his education. Typically the royal family chooses to educate the little royals at preparatory schools where they live at home. Then, as they enter their middle school and teen years, royals have gone to same-sex boarding schools before heading off to university. Could boarding school be in Prince George’s future?

Prince George starting school in 2017 | Kensington Palace via Instagram

Which school does Prince George attend?

If Prince George does attend boarding school when he gets older –he’s going to extremely prepared for the rigorous academics and extracurriculars. The little prince attends Thomas’s Battersea — a private Christian school that cost, $24,000 a year. It has been called, “the best English education money can buy.”

Thomas’s Battersea accepts pupils from all backgrounds, and they have a slew of extracurricular activities including ballet, drama, LEGOS, fencing, among others. The school’s motto is “Be Kind.” At school, the prince’s friends call him George Cambridge which is just beyond adorable.

Will Prince George attend boarding school?

It should be noted that Thomas’s Battersea is a feeder for the mixed-sex Brighton College, a boarding and day school that takes kids from the ages of 11 to18. Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told, “As a child develops certain characteristics come to the fore and they will want to make sure George is happy, that is the really important aspect. Alongside that is security and, if it is not going to be a boarding school, there will be the matter of convenience so commuting will have to be feasible.”

Prince George on his first day of nursery school | Kensington Palace via Instagram

What boarding school did Prince William attend?

Prince William attended two boarding schools when he was growing up. The first was Ludgrove School near Wokingham, Berkshire for boys age 8 to 13. The future King of England excelled at Ludgrove playing football, swimming, basketball, clay pigeon shooting, and cross country running.

He then went on to Eton College — an elite independent boarding school for boys ages 13 to 18. Prince William studied Geography, Biology, and History of Art at Eton and he also played football and water polo. This was the same school where Princess Diana’s father and brother were educated. Prince Harry also went to Eton.

Did Duchess Kate Middleton go to boarding school?

If Prince George does attend boarding school, he will be following in the footsteps of both his parents. His mom, Duchess Kate Middleton attended boarding school as a teenager and sadly, she had to transfer from her first school because she was a victim of bullying.

When Kate Middleton was 14, her parents Caroline and Michael Middleton enrolled her in Downe House School. It’s a prestigious all-girls boarding school is for girls aged 11 to 18. The duchess was forced to leave the school after just one semester. Former Downe House classmate Jessica Hay explained, “She was picked on because she was perfect, well turned-out and lovely.” The bullying left Kate “emotional wreck.” The stress of it all was so severe on the young teen developed a terrible eczema outbreak.

Prince George’s official 4th birthday photo | Kensington Palace via Instagram

Middleton left Downe and transferred to Marlborough College, a co-ed boarding school in Wiltshire, England. Though she was shy at first, Middleton loved her new school, In fact, she has such fond memories that she and Prince William are considering the boarding school for their kids when the time comes.

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A Royal Education

William’s has been educated throughout his life at independent schools, his first being Jane Mynors’ nursey school which he went to for one year, first when aged three. During his time there he acted in two plays (which his parents attended), and even sang a musical solo.

At the age of four, he transferred to Wetherby School, a school for boys in Notting Hill in West London. Wetherby is known as a ‘pre-prep’ school (pre-preparatory), the sequence of independent schooling in England being nursery -> pre-prep -> prep school -> public school.

During his time at Wetherby (a white stucco double-fronted Victorian building in the Italianate style so favoured of the Notting Hill area), William was noted to have a flair for English and Spelling. He was also praised for his swimming abilities, and entered the school gala, which was held every March. In his last year at the school (when he was seven), William won the Grunfield Cup, given to the one boy who displayed the best overall swimming style. Again, his singing talents were also on show, as he took part in the Christmas concert each year he was there, and showed his thespian skills in the school play in his final year.

Ludgrove school in Berkshire was his next port of call, which William attended for five years (from September 1990 until July 1995). One of the most notable events during his time there was when he was hit on the side of the head by a golf club in an accident on the school’s putting green. Prince William was rushed by ambulance to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London (possibly the most famous children’s hospital in the world), where he underwent an operation. It turned out that William had suffered a depressed fracture of the forehead – but was not knocked out at the time of the accident!

In his time at Ludgrove, William proved himself to be a strong budding sportsman. He picked up his love of football here (William supports the English Premier League team Aston Villa, known as the ‘Claret and Blues’), as well as demonstrating his continuing abilities in swimming, and trying his hand at basketball and cross-country running. He also took part in the father-and-son Clay Pigeon shooting competition with Prince Charles, and the mother-and-son tennis competition with Princess Diana.

A View of Eton College

In September 1995, William started at the World Famous Eton College (most often known as just ‘Eton’). Eton was founded in 1440 by King Henry VI, and was originally known as ‘The King’s College of Our Lady of Eton besides Wyndsor’ – of course, Eton is a stone’s throw from the royal residence of Windsor Castle.

Eton is often referred to as ‘the chief nurse of England’s statesmen’, and is classed by the Good Schools Guide as ‘the number one boys’ public school’. Royalty from across the world have been educated at Eton for generations, as well as well-known figures from England’s current Prime Minister David Cameron to James Bond creator Ian Fleming. The list of famous Alumni has not just one but multiple pages on the well-known website Wikipedia, demonstrating just how good an education Eton gives to its pupils. An education, of course, fit for a king.

Eton Quadrangle

Image courtesy of jtriefen

Despite the school’s history, the royal family had a tradition of placing royal children in Gordonstoun shool (where William’s father, grandfather, two uncles and two cousins attended). However, Diana’s father and brother had both attended Eton, so there was still some tradition followed!

Unusually for the British press (with their worldwide reputation for not always ‘playing by the rules’), an agreement was made that William could study free of intrusion from the paparazzi in exchange for regular updates from the royal family regarding his life and progress. The head of the Press Complaints commission said at the time ‘Prince William is not an institution; nor a soap star; nor a football hero. He is a child: in the next few years, perhaps the most important and sometimes painful part of his life, he will grow up and become a man’.

Eton College Chapel

Image courtesy of Herry Lawford

Once again, at Eton William showed himself to be an excellent sportsman. He captained his house football team, and took up water polo. In addition to this responsibility, he was also joint Captain (at Eton known as ‘keeper’) of Swimming, House Captain of Games, and (in his final year) House Captain.

William was also one of twenty-one prefects, which as Eton is known as being in ‘Pop’. He acted on stage, including taking a part in Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’, which was watched in 1998 by The Queen and her husband The Duke of Edinburgh.

William showed a sensitivity to others from an early age. When he was fourteen, he asked his parents not to attend the most important day of the school’s calendar – the Fourth of June celebrations – as he believed that their presence, and that of their bodyguards (and possibly the invited press) would spoil this ‘parents’ day’ for his peers. William’s parents accepted his request, and his ‘unofficial nanny’, Tiggy Legge-Bourke attended in their place.

William was also appointed secretary of the Agricultural club, and even received Eton’s Sword of Honour, the school’s highest award for a first-year army cadet (children at public schools in England are often introduced to cadetship in the armed forces during their school years). He was also the fastest junior swimmer at Eton in ten years.

Princess Diana was noted as saying ‘My boy’s got a good brain, considering how hopeless both his parents were’. William gained a total of twelve GCSE passes (three even taken a year early), including top marks in English, History and Languages. One wonders how much he had to learn about his own ancestors in his history studies!

William chose to study Geography, English and History of Art at A Level, choices that would define his further education at university, and of course shape his adult life.

Kate Middleton

Kate attended St. Andrew’s school in the picturesque town of Pangbourne in Berkshire, and briefly attended Downe House school. Her public school of choice was Marlborough College in Wiltshire – a co-educational establishment (both boys and girls) as opposed to Eton’s boys only rule.

At school, Kate was described as level-headed, popular and talented. One of her former classmates said she was ‘an absolutely phenomenal girl – really popular, talented, creative and sporty’. Just as Prince Williams’ sporting prowess was demonstrated throughout his education, so was Kate’s, with her captaining the school hockey team, and playing in the first pair at Tennis.

Kate was also academically bright, described by a college master as ‘an A grade pupil across the board’.

Bridge over River Thames in Pangbourne

If you find an error please notify us in the comments. Thank you!

Princess Charlotte, her father Prince William and her brother Prince George on their respective first days at school (Picture: Reuters/PA)

The first day at school is always a milestone for any child and their proud, and often anxious, parents.

Royal offspring are no different as Princess Charlotte followed in the time-honoured tradition of being pictured in her new uniform on day one of reception.

Luckily big brother George is on hand to show her the ropes at Thomas’s Battersea, a private day school that puts an emphasis on kindness.

Her royal relatives have had a mixed experience of education as some were bullied but others really enjoyed the so-called ‘greatest days of their lives.’

Princess Charlotte arrives for her first day of school at Thomas’s Battersea in London, accompanied by her brother Prince George and her parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Picture: PA)

Prince George on his first day at nursery in Norfolk (Picture: PA)

Prince George was nervous on his first day at Thomas’s Battersea (Picture: PA)

Prince George was living with his parents at Anmer Hall in Norfolk when he started nursery in 2016.

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His proud mum Kate took a picture of his first day at Westacre Montessori School, where he posed with his backpack in front of a colourful mural.

A year later he began at Thomas’s Battersea, carefully chosen by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for his focus on building positive relationships within the school community.

The eldest child of Prince William and Kate looked smart but nervous when he started in September 2017.

He was dropped off by his dad as his mum was suffering from severe morning sickness while pregnant with Prince Louis.

Prince George was met by Helen Haslem on her first day at school (Picture: PA)

Like Princess Charlotte, he was greeted by Helen Haslem, the head of the lower school at Thomas’s Battersea, south London.

Prince George looked smart in his blue uniform but sported a bruised eye and two cuts under one of his eyes.

Dad William said the first day went well, adding: ‘’There was one other parent who had more of an issue with their children – so I was quite pleased I wasn’t the one.’

He is said to have settled in well at school and is known to his friends by the nickname PG.

He played a sheep in his first nativity play and Prince William said his eldest son enjoys the ballet lessons at Thomas’s Battersea.

Prince William on his first day at school with his mother Princess Diana

Princess Diana and Prince Charles made a point of taking Prince Harry on Prince William’s first day at Eton (Picture: PA)

Prince William began his school career at Mrs Mynor’s School in west London aged three. The following year, he went to Wetherby School, in Notting Hill.

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He was pictured with his mother the Princess of Wales, being dropped at the gate, in a grey blazer and cap.

From there, he went to Ludgrove School in Berkshire for five years and he became a border at the age of eight.

It was at Ludgrove that he was rushed to hospital after suffering a depressed fracture after he was hit on the head with a golf club.

He needed surgery and received 24 stitches and the Duke now jokes he has a ‘Harry Potter scar.’

Prince William in the traditional dress at Eton (Picture: PA)

William’s parents broke with royal tradition and shunned Gordonstoun in Scotland for Eton, close to his grandmother’s Windsor Castle home.

He took biology, history and geography A-levels and played water polo and football.

Like the other boys, he had a private room where a maid would make his bed and do his laundry.

From there, he went to St Andrew’s University where he initially studied art history before swapping to geography in the second year.

It is also where he met Kate Middleton after they shared university accommodation.

Prince Harry (left), and Prince William outside Wetherby School in Notting Hill, west London on Harry’s first day

Like Princess Charlotte, the Duke of Sussex also had a guiding hand when starting school.

Prince Harry was pictured on his first day at Wetherby School in Notting Hill alongside big brother Prince William.

Princess Diana made a point of not letting Prince Harry feel like ‘the spare’ and when William started at Eton, his younger sibling was by his side in the official photo call.


After Eton, Prince Harry shunned university for a military career and he underwent officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

The Prince of Wales (centre) on his first day at Gordonstoun, accompanied by his father the Duke of Edinburgh (left) and Chairman of the Gordonstoun Board of Governors Captain Iain Tennant (Picture: PA)

Prince Charles has admitted he struggled to enjoy school as a teenager.

He began as a day boy at Hill House School in London’s Knightsbridge in 1956.

The following year, when he was just eight years old, he became a boarder at Cheam School at Headley, near Newbury, Berkshire.

He was then sent to Gordonstoun School in Moray, Scotland, following in the House of Windsor tradition.

It was a place the Duke of Edinburgh excelled at but Prince Charles was bullied and reportedly described it as ‘Colditz in kilts.’

He later clarified his remarks, saying: ‘It was only tough in the sense that it demanded more of you as an individual than most other schools did – mentally or physically.

‘I am lucky in that I believe it taught me a great deal about myself and my own abilities and disabilities.’

In 1966, the heir to the throne went as an exchange student to study at Geelong Church of England Grammar School in Melbourne, Australia – the first member of the British royal family to attend an overseas Commonwealth school.

Prince Charles became the first male royal to go to university instead of joining the Armed Forces.

He got a 2:2 Bachelor of Arts degree from Cambridge and also attended the University College of Wales in Aberystwyth, where he studied Welsh history and language for a term.


After he left Gordonstoun, his parents sent his younger brothers Princes Andrew and Edward there.

The Queen was home-schooled (Picture: PA)

The Queen was educated at home alongside her younger sister Princess Margaret.

She received tuition in preparation for her role as future Queen and studied constitutional law, religion and history.

As well as being taught by her father, King George VI, she had classes with the vice-provost of Eton, Henry Marten.

The Archbishop of Canterbury also taught her in preparation for her future role as head of the Church of England.

The Queen is also fluent in French after learning the language from a number of French and Belgian governesses.

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School for Prince Harry – Crossword Clue

“A Yank at ___” (1942 Mic
“A Yank at ___,” Mickey R
“The chief nurse of Engla
“The ___ Boating Song”
007’s alma mater
007’s school
A footbridge from Windsor
Berkshire public school
Berkshire school
Berkshire town
British prep school
Collar type
College close to neglected houses
College founded by a king
College record elevated
Common background for Bri
Cornwallis’s school
Education provider since
Educator of 18 British P.
English collar
English prep school
English prince’s alma mat
English school since 1440
English town near Windsor
Famous boys-only school
Famous public school
George Orwell’s alma mate
Gray ode subject
Harrow rival
Harrow’s rival
Historic institution near
It has boys aged 13 to 18
It was founded in 1440
It’s across the Thames fr
It’s deliberately misleading! Turn on the setter’s revolutionary setting
Its playing fields are fa
James Bond was kicked out
Kind of collar
Kind of jacket
Kind of mess only some care to notice
Liberal prone to adopting Conservative hairstyle
Locale of famous playing
Neighbor of Slough
Noted town in Buckinghams
Open-fronted jacket
Orwell’s alma mater