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Most of the women want to get the long hair to feel the gladness, but you have to put more efforts for its proper maintenance. Short hair is easy to take care of but at the same time it can be both fun and beautiful. The short hair cuts are widely suitable for many hair textures and face shapes. When you want to cut a pixie haircut, it is definitely the best guide to do it by your own. These are definitely the most comfortable and easy techniques to follow in order to get the pixie haircut at your home.

Steps to have pixie haircut:

  • Cutting the back – You have to start cutting with the damp hair which is already cut to your shoulder length. As this damp hair is somewhat shorter, it is very easier to cut it than the longer hair. Likewise, you have to cut all the layers of the hair to get short pixie haircut. Initially, you will get the uneven look and don’t bother about it. If you wear ponytail, it will be easier to cut and manage the hair to get the pixie look.
  • Refine your hairline along the nape – Using the comb, you can pull the hair and make the V-shape with the middle and fore fingers. Then, you have to close them against the hairs at the nape. Then, you have to cut the hair below this V-shaped hair.
  • Separate the front and back parts of the hair – Using the handle of the rat-tail comb, you have to separate the front and back parts of the hair on each side of your head and secure them using the clips. Now, you have cut the vertical section of your hair on the back and also center portion of the head.
  • After that, you have to do the horizontal hair section cutting across the vertical one. For all the layers of hair, you have to continue cutting the hair in the horizontal and vertical sections. In the entire pixie cut tutorial, it is really very important to do these section cuttings to get the perfect pixie haircut.
  • In the next step, you should blend the hair by just combing it in the upward direction and then snipping it. For this purpose, you can make use of the fine toothed comb.
  • Cutting the sides and top is also very important with the help of the same technique. You have to visually compare them in the mirror and cut the hair on both sides to get the even look.
  • Doing undercut for the twist is also very important when it comes to the pixie haircut.


In order to easily and quickly do the pixie haircut at home, you have to work all these ways across the back, front and sides of the hair. You can finish off the cuts by pulling your hair away from the heat using the comb and then by buzzing around your hairline along the ears and nape.

What to wear with a pixie cut

I was watching How Do I Look the other day (don’t judge me) and Jeannie Mai told her hapless guest that hair is an accessory and the outfit should take the hairstyle into account. (She said the same thing about tattoos, but that’s another thing altogether.) One such hairstyle where this comment is particularly true is the pixie. The pixie cut is a hairstyle that can polarize people – you either really love it or really hate it. Finding an outfit to suit the pixie – as well as be true to your personal style – can also be a challenge.

I had my hair cut into a long pixie style a few months ago and loved how low maintenance it was – take a shower, blow dry my freshly washed hair, throw some product in it to texturize it, done. And that was every other day (the styling part, not the taking a shower part ;P)

The one difficulty I had, however, was trying to find an outfit to suit the pixie cut. Most of the time I’m in jeans and a t-shirt – since becoming a mum to a second little one, styling my clothes has become low on the priority list. Anything that’s easy and clean is usually how I style myself these days! So the pixie cut, along with my “momiform” of jeans and tee, means I can look a little like an emo teenage boy, especially now that I’m growing out my pixie – I’m like a member of a bad 90s boy band.

So if you’re thinking about getting a pixie cut, do it! Hair grows after all. Here are some ideas on what you could wear after you’ve done the big chop.

1. Add a touch of femininity to an otherwise masculine outfit.

Absolutely wear that blazer and oxfords with the pixie cut – just wear a dress or a flowy blouse to keep it feminine.

2. If you wear jeans, go skinny.

Again, this accentuates the femininity. I would do a white button blouse like this or a draped blouse with killer heels.

3. Skater skirts keep the look fun and flirty.

I love the skater skirt with a pixie cut, if only I had the legs to pull it off. Pixie cuts are fun and cute by nature so the skater skirt really plays on that.

4. Play with prints.

The pixie cut means there’s no hair to hide behind if you haven’t had any sleep/are hungover/aren’t wearing any makeup. Prints can detract from that! It also keeps the pixie cut looking fresh and fun.

5. Show some skin.

Wear a v-neck (show off that decolletage), keep the skirt short and show off those amazing legs… play on that femininity.

Do you have a pixie cut? What do you wear with it? How would you style a pixie cut?

What To Wear With Short Hair

If you looking for ideas about what to wear with short hair , or how to dress up when you have short hair then check out these tips .

So,Which Outfits Best Match Short Hair ?

1. Black and Sleeveless Pieces. These ae one of the hottest things included in what to wear with short hair. Wear black as much as possible. If you’ve seen In Time starring Amanda Seyfried, get inspired by her chic LBD looks. It doesn’t matter if your hair is pixie cut , or whatever bob it is. Always strive for class and comfort. A little black dress can always make you feel at ease and safe from the fashion police.

2. Open shoulder and Strapless Numbers. Sweetheart, tube, or any style of strapless and open shoulder is best worn in a dress and tops . See how Michelle Williams radiates with her face and pixie hairstyle. Wearing strapless lets the outfit flaunt your shot hair, neck, and focus on the face. Choose dresses that are bold, striking, and elegant. Bright, block, neutral, dull and pastel colors- all of them. They can make you look even better with that haircut.

3. Well-defined Collars. When having short hair, the back of your neck, or the neck itself isn’t much covered. When you want to cover up, collars of all kinds except the really small ones are very flattering for short locks. The looks to don are many, but most popular everywhere includes Lil Miss Sunshine Style in candy, coral, mint, nude, and summer colors. Wednesday Adams look is also very admirable in short hair.

4. Bib/Collar or Statement Necklaces. Nothing can be more stylish than statement collar necklaces. They can be worn over and over on any outfit, may it be your sleeveless top or strapless frock.

5. Layered outfit . Women with short hair should wear this style because its fluffy layers and hems give volume to the outfit, making hair stand out on top. It’s alright to accessorize in doubles, triples, or even arm party bracelets. Avoid styles that are too volume-y for they might make you look pregnant.

6. Open and Cut-out Backs. Cutaways make short hair even sexier. Designers usually get creative and experimental with back styles that they come up with unique and sexy cuts for the back of an outfit. Keep hair shot if you want to continue wearing them. Longer hair tends to hide the beauty of the cutaway back. Wear them the way you would wear a tank or strapless dress.

60 Gorgeous Long Pixie Hairstyles

Long pixie hairstyles are a beautiful way to wear short hair. Many celebrities are now sporting this trend, as the perfect pixie look can be glamorous, elegant and sophisticated. Here we share the best hair styles and how these styles work.

Beautiful Long Pixie Hairstyles

Check out the ideas in pictures below to get inspired.

#1: Long Blonde Pixie with V-Cut Layers

Instagram / @aaronscottnyc

A longer length of the longer pixie cut allows to experiment with silhouettes of your hairstyle varying the amount, length and position of layers. You may try cuts short in the front and long in the back or go with an extremely short nape and long flowy layers on top.

#2: Long Pixie with Razored Crown Layers

If you have fine hair, a pixie cut can help you to incorporate dimension and texture. Ask your stylist for razored layers at the crown to create an added height that also looks pretty fun. You’re left with a soft, wispy effect that’s undeniably chic.

Instagram / @shorthairbyshawni

#3: Chopped Blonde Pixie with Long Bangs

One of the most on-trend styles for short hair, the long pixie cut with bangs is cute and funky all year round. The choppy layers add depth, while the blonde hue makes a serious style statement. Use a texture paste to fluff up the angled pieces and further enhance the volume.

Instagram / @tashpotatoes_hair

#4: Edgy Long Pixie for Fine Hair

Due to its varied lengths, the long, layered pixie looks cool and edgy. The random shorter layers throughout generate some extra thickness around the crown. Simply wear your tresses smooth or ruffle them up for versatility.

Instagram / @phildoeshair

#5: Messy Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

This edgy look is featured here in a row of pictures, which allow you to get the full scope of it — from the back view to the hip frontal part. We love the deep side parting, which achieves a spectacular dramatic effect, fit for an urban princess of hipsters, as well as for a bohemian dreamer.

Instagram / @anapembertonhair

#6: Long Textured Pixie with Asymmetrical Nape

If you like shorter hair, but not extremely short, consider a long pixie. Hair is the first natural adornment of any woman, so don’t be in a hurry to chop it off completely. Long side pieces, a poofy top and wispy layers cut in different lengths give you the desired stylistic choices. Play around with colors and leave one side significantly darker than the other.

Instagram / @shorthairbyshawni

#7: Asymmetrical Brunette Pixie

How to make the one-color pixie interesting? Opt for the asymmetrical silhouette, add shine with hair products right for your hair type, and define some strands with waves. The haircut pictured here will look good on curly hair too, so try it if you want something trendy and non-banal.

Instagram @amonsani

#8: Choppy Pixie with Long Feathered Bangs

Take the plunge with a lavender brown hair color and cut your fine locks into a choppy pixie with feathered bangs. The long front pieces graze the jawline, just enough to draw attention to the flattering angles of your face. The short nape and tousled top add a playful touch.

Instagram / @coupesmodernes

#9: “Almost Bob” Pixie Cut

A pixie can look almost like a bob when the layers are long and appear “grown out.” It’s best worn smooth and sleek for maximum impact, which can be achieved with a straightener. Also, opt for a lengthy, sweeping side fringe to flatter and frame your face.

Instagram / @morganmondyhair

#10: Shaggy Side-Swept Pixie Cut

Fashion-forward and fierce-looking, a shaggy pixie that has been side-swept and disheveled epitomizes androgyny. The super short lengths require a reasonable amount of boldness to pull off, but the result is undeniably striking.

Instagram / @styledbyalicia

#11: Side-Parted Pixie Bob with Tapered Nape

Add pizzazz to a pixie bob haircut by enforcing a tapered nape, where your hair length gradually becomes shorter from the top of the head down to the nape of your neck. As well as producing an individualistic shape, the side parting inspires visual intrigue.

Instagram / @morgierennie

#12: Uneven Shaggy Pixie Bob

If you want a cut that screams carefree, choose an uneven shaggy pixie. The lengths vary significantly to achieve the mussed up, chaotic effect. Request an unusual coloring and wear your locks naturally tousled for a standout aesthetic.

Instagram / @headrushdesigns

#13: Classy Long Layered Pixie

If you desire a pixie cut that oozes class and sophistication, this long, layered option might be the one for you. The shape is built with long and short choppy layers covering the back undercut to construct a polished and refined appearance. Blow dry smooth to amp up the glamor.

Instagram / @dillahajhair

#14: Choppy Pearl Blonde Pixie Bob

Say goodbye to your confusion about how to wear your fine blonde hair. Cut it into a layered pixie bob with cute wispy bangs and a side part. The rich pearly sheen adds texture and depth. The slightly tousled crown section creates a fun and friendly youthful appearance.

Instagram / @headrushdesigns

#15: Long Straight Silver Pixie

Wear the biggest earrings you can find and showcase your long pixie haircut with sliced layers. Dramatic, theatrical, and metropolitan – this fashionable textured haircut is brimming with confidence and feminine appeal.

Instagram / @soraverly

#16: Long Shaggy Blonde Pixie

Take your time defining all the shaggy pieces of your new asymmetrical pixie. It’s surprisingly low maintenance; long pixies can take a little extra work, but it’s worth it. The uneven, tousled top and long, face-framing bangs convey an urban feel to your overall style.

Instagram / @soraverly

#17: Neat Gray Balayage Pixie for Fine Hair

Style your sleek fine locks into a short and sassy pixie bob and tuck the side sections neatly behind the ears for a professional, trim appearance. Almost any woman can look great with a gray and brown balayage, but it’s a color choice that holds a special appeal for younger women. Set off the muted colors with lots of sparkly jewelry and a vibrant wardrobe.

Instagram / @hairbykotay

#18: Messy Auburn Pixie Cut

A bright personality can pull off a cheeky pixie look. Just because it’s short doesn’t mean it can’t be layered. Loads of angles and a ton of texture liven up your look. A sizzling hot red color could be just what you need to take your pixie to the next level.

#19: Vintage Long Pixie

Bring back a vintage feel from the old Hollywood with a sultry short hairstyle. A deep part with a voluminous side-sweep is beautiful yet easy to pull off. Let your long side bangs flip out at the end. Tease the roots to create the right amount of height.

#20: Bob to Long Pixie Transformation

Add more shape and texture to an ordinary bob by cutting it into a long pixie with bangs. The deep side part and extra-long bangs have an unruly touch, while the neatly cropped nape section is sophisticated and professional. If you have any natural waves, feel free to scrunch them on the sides and top to add even more volume.

Instagram / @soraverly

#21: Accurate Ash Blonde Pixie with Angled Bangs

Transform the front section of your long pixie into peek-a-boo bangs to balance the rough boyish angles of the sideburns and nape. The tousled top and smooth tapered nape are neat and trim, making the most out of your thick, coarse hair.

Instagram / @masterskaya.krasoti

#22: Long Pixie with Swoopy Layers

Put a contemporary spin on this conventional pixie cut by incorporating swoopy layers. These do develop dynamic lines that are sure to dazzle. Use a smoothing cream to eliminate any flyaways for a trendy and lustrous look.

Instagram / @escapewithashley

#23: Silver Pixie with Long Chopped Layers

If you’re feeling experimental, try a dramatic yet reasonably long pixie haircut. As well as being ahead of the style pack, this ‘do features choppy layers that create some stunning distinction. Just make sure that you wash your hair with a purple shampoo to prolong the ashy color.

Instagram / @headrushdesigns

#24: Tapered Textured Pixie with Side Bangs

Liven up your ordinary pixie haircuts with feathered layers and a few blonde babylights. The result is a feminine and professional haircut that you can wear at any venue and in any situation. It’s a perfect style for fine, straight hair.

Instagram / @shorimtg

#25: Long Softly Layered Pixie Cut

To obtain a glossy and graceful aesthetic, opt for a pixie with soft stacked, V-cut layers cut around the crown. This silky short hairstyle can be blow dried smooth and teased at the roots to show off its stunning shape. You may also want to highlight your locks subtly to produce a shiny, polished effect.

Instagram / @headrushdesigns

#26: Long Shaggy Pixie for Thick Hair

Refresh drab coloring and flat textures of your bob and switch to a choppy pixie that shows off a bit of the ear and A LOT of the neck. The long front pieces and stacked back area help showcase your jawline, and the bright blonde highlights over chestnut brown hair look shiny and healthy.

Instagram / @anhcotran

#27: Blowout for Long Pixie

Blow-dry your long pixie cut to create a smooth, textured surface that helps the metallic balayage shine and shimmer. The side-swept bangs easily balance the poofy top section that seems to sprout from the part line. A versatile haircut, it can look corporate or party-girl, depending on your mood.

Instagram / @escapewithashley

#28: Cute Layered Inverted Pixie Bob

An inverted pixie bob is perfect for formal events and daily wear, depending on how you style it. The buzzed back and sides make a great contrast with the long top, and the inverted shape creates a totally edgy look.

Instagram / @mollytbaby_hair

#29: Long Razored Black-and-White Pixie

Choose a shaggy haircut with a striking color contrast when you’re looking for a new way to wear your short hair. The stark white color over jet black roots creates a unique signature style you can be proud of. Comb it back and leave a few short, wispy bangs in the front for a trendy, modern short look.

Instagram / @manegirlkate

#30: Long Gothic Pixie

This season be ready to spice up long pixie cuts with unusual colors and tousled styling. This long pixie sports cropped side bangs and a stacked back. Make the most of the look with lots of layers and a generous amount of hairspray, wax or gel.

Instagram / @headrushdesignsbyjulieann

#31: Tapered Choppy Silver Pixie

Take a chance and leave your short hair long in the front, and you’ll end up with a unique hairstyle that’s both eye-catching and practical. The wispy bangs and tousled top bring out the best of fine, feathery hair textures. The silver balayage with black roots makes your hair look healthy and shiny.

Instagram / @trishjamesinc

#32: Gorgeous Long Lilac Inverted Bob

This is a beautiful transition style between a pixie and a bob. The graduation between the lengths is smooth and neat – perfect for those who want a short style appropriate for formal events.

Instagram / @lilmsjoan

#33: Feminine Blonde Layered Pixie

A long pixie haircut can be worn with shorter bangs to soften the face and a few side layers to give it a cool angled frame. This particular style covers the ears and accentuates the jaw line – ideal for oval and heart-shaped faces.

Instagram / @emilyandersonstyling

#34: Short Asymmetrical Haircut

There’s no need for a drastic undercut to pull off a pixie-like bob, a subtle difference in length can look just as good. This style sports long cheek-grazing layers on one side of the face and shorter swept back locks on the other.

Instagram / @shmoakin_hair

#35: Classic Curly Pixie Cut

Girls with curly hair have an advantage of being able to rock a longer pixie in two different ways. Wear your hair natural and curly for a deceptively short cropped look. Or, straighten your hair for a longer inverted bob style.

Instagram / @oluchizelda

#36: Undercut Pixie with Purple Highlights

Long pixie haircuts look best with a bit of color! These purple and black pieces highlight the stacked back with an undercut. Maximize the inverted pixie bob with shorter layers to show off the color and texture of the style.

Instagram / @rhys.hair

#37: Long Pixie with Choppy Fringe

This choppy platinum blond style really does make the wearer look like a fairytale pixie — or perhaps the fairy Tinkerbell. Note that the fringe is much longer than the hair at the back of the head, which works toward building a bit of natural volume at the top.

Instagram / @beyond_vivids

#38: Wispy Pixie Cut with Bangs

Channel your rebellious side with a short spiky pixie cut and contrasting long bangs. This style needs a bit of a light hold texturizing product and hands-on styling to make the most of the layers. Finish the look off with a statement color like this delicious creamy blonde, for example.

Instagram / @lauriandebeerhair

#39: Brunette Feathered Pixie Bob

Long bangs across the forehead bring a sexy touch to longer pixie haircuts. The triangular side sections and the angled part line give a sophisticated and mature feel to this feathery pixie bob.

Instagram / @dillahajhair

#40: Chopped and Tapered Silver Pixie

Put your femme fatale Andy Warhol clothes on and pair them with a tomboyish layered silver pixie. This style looks fabulous on thick straight hair. The tousled layers in gray and white tones add height and volume. Side-swept peek-a-boo bangs keep the feathered haircut feminine and sultry.

Instagram / @jhair_stylist

#41: Pretty Tapered Black Pixie

Stay up to date and trendy with a sexy black hairstyle that’s both feminine and sophisticated. Pixie haircuts with sharp angles and a lot of height on top are edgy and confident, and the sharp triangular shapes of the nape and sideburns have a striking impact. It’s a style that works nicely with extra-coarse hair.

Instagram / @georgiykotstylists

#42: Piece-y Silver Blonde Pixie

Keep your hairstyle modern by leaving your short hair long in front. This is a perfect cut for fine, thin hair. The side-swept bangs are a nice addition to the piece-y tousled cut. The wispy, straggly top section adds extra height and character.

Instagram / @emilyandersonstyling

#43: Long Sleek Wheat Blonde Pixie

Wear your straight hair in one of these long pixie hairstyles and bring out the best out of your fine-textured locks. The wispy bangs and tapered back create a lovely silhouette, and the dark roots enhance depth and volume.

Instagram / @alongcamerachel

#44: Platinum Pixie with Undercut

Keep your coif current with a close cut or shaven back. If you’re feeling bold, extend the close cut to the sides. Maintain your do long on top for a funky style that’s fun to play with. An extreme platinum color adds poise and is sure to turn heads.

#45: Asymmetrical Pixie with Long Bangs

To one side, this pixie is shorn very short, while to the other, the hair almost extends to the jaw level. As can be seen on the model, this brings out the features in the upper half of the face, like the light colored eyes and impeccably maintained eyebrows. It’s not an extremely pretentious style, but it won’t work as well for square face shapes as it will for oval and oblong ones.

#46: Effortless Haircut

A longer, low-maintenance pixie is the essence of the girl next door. Texture, volume and a bit of wave combine to bring a powerful but adorable cut to life. Less is really more when it comes to effort.

#47: Painless Pixie

This picture of a long pixie haircut presents a style anyone can rock. It’s cute, fresh and has just enough attitude to make it stand out from the crowd. A cut this painless requires virtually no maintenance and stands the test of time.

Instagram / @themidwestminimalist

#48: Smooth Sailing Haircut

Here’s an elegant and refined short haircut style with a deep side part and angled fringe. Longer hair on one side creates a fun element of asymmetry for a more dynamic hairstyle. Maintain a smooth finish and you’ve got a perfectly polished mane.

#49: Layered Pixie with Length at the Nape

This cute hairstyle with long bangs also features choppy layering, which tends to work best with very light color options. It is also the case here, where the platinum strands are offset by the darker roots.

#50: Modern Pixie Style

A long pixie haircut with a modern twist could be just what you need to revitalize your look. With lots of length on top and closely cut back you get a trendy and confident look. Add further dimension with a platinum color on top of the dark underlayer.

#51: Short and Sweet Haircut

If you want an understated pixie bob haircut, try a cropped cut for sultry brunette locks. Keep the top of the hair long, and wear it side-parted, with a root lift. Go as short as you like on the back.

Instagram / @erickinvisible

#52: Shine on Pixie

A look with a long pixie cut is like a blank canvas. Once you’ve got the right cut in place, you can stylize it any way you feel. You can keep it pin straight, or soften it with some waves. Combine the two together in one hairdo. Plus, it allows you to pull off any color you like. An iridescent purple tone can add lots of shine to your pixie.

#53: Chin Length Cut for Fine Hair

In the first picture the model’s triangular face and soft hair seem mismatched. But the ‘after’ image, in which the hair has been cut and styled into a cute, edgy pixie bob, goes to show how some layering and length variety goes a long way.

#54: Neat Black Pixie with Long Bangs

Quirky and alternative, this long pixie cut has a shorter back that has been stacked and undercut as a point of difference. It utilizes blended layers to create a round shape at the crown, which lifts up the hair to cause fullness.

Instagram / @hayleystyles_

#55: Long Silver Pixie Style

This pixie cut (that is almost a bob) has lots of length but does not sport the usual neat parting. The hair is styled messily with a maximum height from the crown of the head, and the locks are layered asymmetrically throughout the cut.

Instagram / @rebeccataylorhair

#56: Wavy Pixie with Undercut

This long pixie cut has all the volume and femininity of a longer cut with the ease of a short style. A slight undercut will draw attention to waves and curls in the top layer, and the stacked back will add some height.

Instagram / @bleachedandblown

#57: Crisp Back-Swept Waves

Retro curls on longer pixie cuts add glamour and elegance. They are ideal for a beautiful evening look. Charlize Theron wears loose curls away from the face for sophisticated Hollywood allure. This style can be created with a heated curling tong and then spritzed with hairspray for maximum hold.

Helga Esteb / .com

#58: Long Edgy Pixie with a Side Sweep

A deep parting on Kristen Stewart gives a fresh punk vibe to a longer pixie cut. Using a texturizing product helps to create more movement in the hair and add volume. This style is perfect for teen girls or those in their twenties as it’s on trend and looks great with highlights.

Jaguar PS / .com

#59: Refined Straight Pixie Cut

Wearing a long pixie hairstyle with bangs like Sienna Miller is highly flattering for oval and long face shapes. This style can be rocked with different hair accessories, and is ideal if you’re planning to grow out your hair. A little volume on top helps to add thickness to fine locks.

Everett Collection / .com

#60: Ash Blonde Asymmetric Bob

The most unique long pixie styles are the ones that aptly pair two entirely different lengths of hair. Three quarters of this haircut are a bob with the remaining section being a short pixie-length. Tie the two parts together with a striking hair color.

Instagram / @hairbyelena

These were the best hairstyle suggestions for short-to-medium length hair from celebrities. Try a new turn on your time-tested style!

25 Ways to Wear Long Pixie Cut for Women and Have an Insta Moment

As contrasted to close-cut crops, the long pixie cut implies an extra length either all throughout the perimeter or just in certain sections, usually in the front and on top. Retaining a dramatic effect of a short cut, these styles bring in more femininity, building a flattering and softening frame around the face. And today we are going to explore the long pixie phenomenon through the examples of the hottest Insta moments.

Choose a Style for Your Hair Type

In the right hands, long pixie styles have the power to make every hair texture shine, revealing their natural beauty and correcting whatever points of concern you may have. Thick manes have to be released from extra weight and vibrantly texturized, while thin tresses need to be infused with dimension and texture without sacrificing any density. Even natural hair enthusiasts can pull off the style. “Wearing a cropped shape with natural texture always brings out a woman’s features,” says celebrity hairstylist, salon owner and brand founder Ted Gibson to Cosmopolitan. Whether your locks are wavy or straight, you’ll find an idea for your long pixie in our gallery.

via @mista.willis

The side parting of this pixie boosts a lift at the roots, making the thick tresses even more voluminous, while keeping them bouncy.

via @courtneyxcentrichair

The fine locks gain enhanced density in the front due to the long fringe that is also layered for better texture and volume.

via @hairbymolly_pdx

Thin hair won’t look flat with this fancy movement-adding styling, and its wispy finish delivers both airiness and a modern vibe.

via @alteregoraleigh

The long pixie cut leaves lots of space for curly texture to spring and allows you tucking unruly locks behind the ear when required.

via @eliasvelloso

This cute streaked crop shows a stunning contrast between long straight tresses on top and edgy close-cut temple areas.

Select the Best Cut for Your Face Type

While shorter crops are great for spotlighting facial features, the long pixie haircut adds the length to your array of tools for balancing your bone structure. You get more chances to play with shapes and textures, parting and styling, bangs and color schemes in order to achieve the most flattering look based on your face type. Do you have a round face? “Avoid harsh angular styles, tight curls, and a thick fringe – that all shorten the appearance of the face,” says celebrity hairstylist Kristan Serafino to Byrdie and recommends opting for a short cut with a full top. She also thinks that crops with fuller and wider tops will work fine for diamond-shaped faces. Keep scrolling for our tips on other face types.

via @thelostkiiddoeshair

Round faces look crisper when enveloped with a plethora of angled pieces, while layering creates more volume on top.

via @andrewdoeshair

Long faces require some extra width on the sides, and this cool pixie cut gains just enough of it through side-swept locks and elevated roots.

via @hairsamurai

This icy blonde crop with short top pieces and layered bangs getting longer to the side is a perfect frame for an oval face.

via @corrinndoeshair

Side-swept bangs and elongated side pieces work fine to draw attention to the enviable cheek bones of heart shaped faces, while creating a diversion from the chin.

via @sandyautryartistry

This square face is softened with wispy bangs and layers. The mix of short and long strands does a great job of avoiding a boxy look.

Rock Your Long Pixie with Bangs

Sure, if you totally hate bangs, you can skip this section and go for a cut that allows keeping these sometimes rather demanding front pieces out of your face. However, we’d recommend you to think more positively, since a fringe is an excellent beauty tool to balance your facial features and make your haircut even edgier. “Wearing the bangs soft and side-swept can help minimize a square jaw and make a short cut look less severe,” says Tim Rogers, NYC-based hairstylist and a man behind Adele and Kate Hudson’s ‘dos, to Allure. And no, you don’t need a very long fringe for the effect, though you might like it for creating a striking contrast or trendy asymmetry. Here are just a few examples of incorporating bangs into long pixie cuts.

via @emilyandersonstyling

This awesome cut features layered side swept bangs, going longer to the side to enhance its edgy asymmetry.

via @lak_salon

Here is a nice example of straight hair transformed into a hot shaggy crop with a side fringe, boasting texture galore.

via @trishjamesinc

This silver blonde ‘do is handsomely layered on the back and top to have a good deal of dimension along with fun and trendy sliced tips.

via @txell.s

Just look at this killer undercut we couldn’t miss! It spices up the crop and helps build volume in the back, while highlights serve to add depth.

via @khimandi

This tapered black hair is dense, but not dull thanks to smart layering and a sharp fringe, elongated to create a modern look.

10 Best Long Pixie Ideas to Take on Board in 2020

“People have a misconception that just because you have short hair, you always have to wear it the same way. If you have long hair on top , you can sweep your hair to the side, part it in the middle, or even pull it back,” says modern hair guru Anh Co Tran, who styles Emrata and Coco Rocha among other celebs, to Allure. In addition to changing your hair flow, long pixie styles give you more freedom to experiment with hair textures. Curl your tresses to nail trendy beach waves or straighten them to have a perfectly sleek ‘do – just be sure to get a narrower flat iron size for your styling versatility. Let’s have a look at some of the best styles to get inspired.

via @susanfordhair

This seriously blond pixie is polished, yet crisp due to the scenic separation in the front and length difference in the bangs.

via @maygovintage

Gaining a raft of depth through dark roots, this blonde layered shag is touchable, vibrant and low maintenance.

via @courtneyxcentrichair

Long on top, short on bottom? We like this combo that builds volume and texture, while leaving plenty of length for a cool layered fringe.

via @rachelsrad

This tremendously disconnected and charmingly messy hairstyle is an epitome of the bedhead trend we all have been enjoying lately.

via @rochellegoldenhairstylist

Here is a nice illustration of a pixie cut turning into a choppy bob beautifully brightened up with pops of blonde.

via @tiffanycathleen

Choppy doesn’t always mean chunky – this wispy crop with sweet babylights and textured pieces is the best proof.

via @apostoldiana

This spiky ‘do is really hard to miss, since it arrests the eye with every detail, starting from its vibrant color and ending with those super-long bangs.

via @colourbyvictoria

We are simply frozen by this frosty blonde cut with a wispy layered fringe and fashionably textured strands.

via @beautyby_laura

Are you bold enough to pull off this badass look with a striking undercut set against thick chunky tresses?

via @samkanehair

With this dramatic asymmetrical hairstyle, combining an undercut, layering, and extra long bangs you will always be in focus.

Summarizing the talk, long pixie hairstyles are a happy middle ground between short pixies and bobbed ‘dos, offering versatility in styling and low maintenance, while allowing you to make a strong statement. Find your own inspo for a game-changer cut in our fresh collection and go for your new signature look without any hesitation – we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

The pixie cut pushed its way to the top of the popularity charts for the year 2015, and will continue to make a strong appearance for 2016 too; and we couldn’t be happier! Pixie cuts are effortlessly cute, framing the face exquisitely and creating an overall fun, bouncy, and modern style. But if you’re nervous about completely chopping your mane, consider a longer pixie cut like one of these 21 shown below!

Table of Contents

Cool Colors and Side Swept Bangs

What’s not to love about this hairstyle? With vibrant hues of pink, purple, and blonde, this triple-toned cut is an absolute knockout. Parted to the extreme side and given a flip at the tips, this super trendy and youthful style is perfect for girls seeking a funky and flirty ‘do with plenty of body and wave. Finish it off with some dazzling earrings and thick eye makeup like this lovely lady here did!


Blonde and Gray with Shorter Sides

Shaved sides became a huge hit for 2015- 2016, but if you don’t want to take the plunge but still want to indulge in this style a bit, consider this edgy and cute pixie haircut. The sides are cut extra short while the side swept bangs are kept long, perfect for framing the face- especially round faces and oval faces. Pop haircuts the blonde and gray mix is ultra trendy, making one incredible hairstyle.


Golden Blonde Layers

Edgy and bold, this layered hairstyle is filled with tons of body thanks to the mix of short and long layers. The front is kept extra long, which softens the face beautifully and creates a very alluring style. We’re loving the golden blonde hue against dark roots, an intense blend that’s nothing short of modern and elegant. Easily dress it up with a black dress or keep it casual with blue jeans and tee.


Gray Long Pixie

Gray hair may have been a fashion faux pas for years, but it’s become a fashion MUST for 2016! If you’ve had your eye on this unique and funky trend, we highly recommend you give it a try. And while you’re add it, chop your locks down into some super long pixie layers like we see here. It’s a great choice for fine hair and thin hair and can quickly be dazzled up with some dark eyes and lips!


One-Sided Length with Blonde Bangs

Leaving your pixie cut extra long means you have one great advantage: you cans till curl your locks! This elegant haircut is shorter on one side, leaving the remaining side with some serious length for waves, curls, and more. Create a fashionable and sweet hairstyle with plenty of luscious curls and don’t forget to lighten around the face with some beautiful bright blonde coloring. Perfect for girls and ladies of all ages, whether you’re 12 years old or a women over 60!


Funky Chocolate Brown Layers

If you’re struggling with thick hair that’s simply overwhelming, one easy way to tame it down and thin it out is with some super funky layers of all shapes and sizes! This funky long layered pixie cut is cute and casual, with a stunning chocolate brown hue that looks beautiful with tanned skin.


Framing Long Layered Pixie – Cute, A-line Short Hairstyles

First of all, we have to say how much we’re adoring this hair color. It’s dark and luscious, perfect for fall and winter seasons, being accented gorgeously with deep shades of purple. The hair color gives the overall look a glossy appearance while the long layers frame the face beautifully. We’re simply in love with this pixie cut!


Shaved Side with Accenting Brown Highlights

Edgy haircut that’s sleek AND sexy? Don’t mind if we do! This gorgeous pixie haircut showcases a gritty shaved side while the other half is left long and strong, easy for curling or flipping back for an elegant look.


Platinum Blonde Layered Pixie

When you think of a pixie haircut, this is exactly what comes to mind: a platinum color and hair that’s been shredded with tons and tons of delightful layers from front to back, especially in the front where the bangs can cover the face coquettishly. Everything about this stylish look is flawless, and it gets a modern touch with a pair of pouty dark lips and sultry dark eyes.


Extreme Side Shave

For girls out there who like to rock and roll and prefer leather jackets and Doc Martins, here’s a look for you! This super edgy yet stylish look features an extreme side shave, leading up towards long layers that are swept to the side with ease. The great thing about this look as you can amp it up with studs or make it elegant with a tight dress and heels.


Short in Back, Long in Front

This is a classic style that never gets old. It’s a great choice for women over 50 because it’s effortless and cute, yet not too extreme with bizarre layers or cuts. The subtle haircut is designed with a super razor cut in the back and delightfully long bangs that add a heaping dose of softness around the face.


Short Light Blonde Single Side Cut

First of all, let’s just give a big round of applause at how stunning this hairstyle is. The large, romantic curls are nothing short of classy and this style could easily be seen at a wedding or other fancy occasion. Now let’s get to the cut: short on the side, this haircut is a less intense version of the shaved side, which allows it to be classy yet funky simultaneously.


Gray and Purple One-Sided Volume

Hey, ladies. Want to know a style secret? Gray and violet are two of the hottest hair colors for 2016. That being said, you can see why we’re in love with this particular hair color. A super pale violet highlights stunning gray locks for an extremely trendy look. The cut leaves plenty of length on one side of the head, which is perfect for round faces!


Super Sleek Cut

Another classic pixie haircut, this lovely cut features the iconic deep side part with shorter length on one side, longer length on the other. The hair is left sleek and straight, which is a wonderful choice for mature women who want a lovely framing haircut that is easy to style.


Slicked Back Lengthy Bangs

Lengthy bangs around the face create a softer, more ladylike appearance. However, if you’re looking to ditch your long locks and rock a pixie haircut, you might feel this is impossible. Think again! This fabulous long pixie haircut features lengthy bangs in front while the rest of the head is chopped incredibly short. We’re loving not only the color but the slicked back style as well!


Lengthy Top and Short Back: Layered Short Hairstyle

For mature women who want to indulge in a pixie :cut, this is definitely one for you! This lovely haircut keeps plenty of length throughout the top of the head, letting it dangle gracefully across the forehead and off to the side, while the back is kept short for easy styling. Amp it up with some beautiful light curls like the ones shown here!


Asymmetrical Long Pixie Cut

Shorter here, longer there, and chopped in every length layer you could ever imagine; that’s what this awesome asymmetrical long pixie cut is all about. All of the layers give even the thinnest locks a heaping dose of volume while still remaining incredibly easy to style.


Extra Long Side Cut

When you think ‘pixie’ you probably don’t think of a haircut like this, but WOW is it fabulous! If you’re the girl who’s in need of some length, we highly recommend this gorgeous ‘do. It’s simple, sweet, and totally stylish, featuring an extra long side while the other half is buzzed short. Leave it sexy and straight or add a bit of wave for some dimension and flirt.


Vibrantly Pink with Layers Galore

Okay, so if you’re looking for a BOLD and intense look-at-me hairstyle, consider this sensationally vibrant and wild deep purple/pink hair color. It’s totally trendy yet chic and fabulous, stealing the eyes of everyone around it. Now as for the cut, she leaves her bangs lengthy for a cute side part while the rest of her mane is chopped with layers galore. Fabulous for extra volume!


Blunt Pixie with Longer Side

Perfect for square faces, this blunt pixie is as polished and refined as humanly possible. The majority of the hair is kept at the same length, one side being extensively longer than the other. Pophaircut this simple yet effective blunt cut can easily be worn to work and then matched with a miniskirt for girls night out.


Platinum Long Layers

Summery and glistening, these platinum locks make a coquettish statement wherever they go. We’re loving the long layers that can be swept to the side, and with a simple flip at the tips, this straight ‘do gets a flirty makeover in a flash. A great hairstyle and haircut to rock for any occasion!


As you can see, long pixie cuts can easily go from vibrant and wild with crazy layers to tame and elegant with soft curls that are perfect for a wedding or homecoming. Pophaircuts.com so many styling options; which lovely cut will you choose?

5 Ways to Update Makeup For a Pixie Cut

PHOTO 0/6 Celebrities are embracing super-short hair: from Anne Hathaway to Rihanna, many a star has recently rocked a pixie cut (even if only for a day or two).
When Poppy King (left), makeup guru and founder of Lipstick Queen, recently decided to chop her signature retro bob into a pixie, it changed her look completely. “I’m glad you still think I’m a girl!” she joked when I called her to talk about the best makeup for women with pixie cuts.
“I think we’ll see more and more pixies — it’s the antithesis of the reality TV look,” she said. “You don’t have to look like a blowup doll to be sexy.” Well, that’s a relief.
But to pull off the look — and avoid looking like a dude — you do have to change your makeup. And getting the right look can be tricky. After much trial and error, King created a few quick rules to follow when you have very short hair. “It’s about being flirty and cheeky,” she says. “If it’s too glamorous, it just competes.” Here’s how to achieve a flirtatious and fun pixie-friendly style.
SEE NEXT PAGE: Start with Inspiration Photos

Maybe it’s a rebellion against all those years of extensions, or maybe hairstylists are just inexplicably scissor-happy of late—but whatever the cause, short haircuts like Anne Hathaway’s (above) have taken over Hollywood, and they’re giving us tons of inspiration for our next salon visit. Thinking of making a drastic chop? Here’s what you need to know.

Scared? Start with a bob and work your way shorter. Play it safe by going shorter in stages: “An easier transition would be to start with a bob. Work your way from there into something shorter, because a bob is much easier to grow out if you end up not liking it,” says hairstylist Anh Co Tran, who cut Coco Rocha’s hair into her current crop.

__Keep it versatile.__The best way to do that? Keep hair longer on top. “It’s a way to commit to a short cut without giving up that security blanket of longer hair,” says Tim Rogers, a hairstylist at Sally Hershberger salon in New York City. And you’ll be able to experiment with different styling options. “Keeping it longer on top gives you that versatility to sweep it to the side, part it in the middle, pull it back, or create waves,” says Co Tran. “It’s also flattering for almost everyone. You can play down a square jaw or round face,” he adds.

Factor in your hair texture.”When you cut hair short, you’re going to be shocked at how different it is. You might reveal things about your hair you didn’t know you had, like a cowlick you didn’t have to contend with when you had long hair,” says Rogers. He advises women with naturally unruly textures to consider getting a keratin treatment before going short for more control.

Consider your color. Cutting off a substantial amount of hair is going to alter your color if you have highlights, which are usually lighter at the midlengths and ends. “The main thing to avoid is getting highlights at the bottom of a pixie, where the hair is especially short; they’re more likely to look streaky and clunky,” says Co Tran. Consult with your stylist and colorist before making a drastic chop.

__”Low-maintenance” cuts aren’t necessarily low-maintenance. __ “Short hair can actually require more maintenance than long hair because you have to get it cut more often,” says Marilee Albin, a hairstylist at Chris McMillan, The Salon in Los Angeles. “You should plan on salon visits every four to six weeks.”

__Adjust your makeup.__Repeat after us: Short hair means wearing different makeup, not necessarily more makeup. “With short hair, it’s only natural that you’re going to want to feel like you have a little more armor,” says Rogers, “but I recommend picking one thing to switch up: Add bold lips, or change how you put on your eye makeup.”

__For tons more hair ideas and inspiration,

check out Allure Hair: The Ultimate How-to

Hair Guide, available on newsstands.__


• Your Ultimate Bob (or Lob) Product Kit

• Poppy King Shares Her Pixie-Cut Secrets

• 5 Short-Hair Styling Mistakes to Avoid

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So, you’ve cut off all your hair and now you don’t feel like you look as good as you once did. The flowing hair and the matching flowing dresses seem to leave you feeling like a boy in girls clothing.

No need to fear! Here are some tips to keep yourself feeling feminine and desirable while sporting your new style!

1: Makeup

Makeup, Makeup, Makeup. If there is one thing that will boost your feminine appearance, it is makeup. You need to make sure that you utilize brow powder as well. The key to looking good lies in the eyebrows. Have you ever met a woman who just colored her hair red and something didn’t seem right? Check her eyebrows. They are likely still blonde or brunette. With the amount of eye makeup you will need, having perfectly shaped brows will enhance your outward appearance tenfold. So make your appointment with your brow lady and get those azalea bushes in order! Do you know who has short hair and unkempt brows? Men. That is what we are trying to avoid.

Here is Victoria Beckham without eyebrows. I hope this drives the point home.

Eyeliner. Do yourself a favor and go to a higher-end make-up store and purchase some decent liner. If you are willing to buy the products, the artists are a lot nicer and willing to give out tips. You can also go to Walmart and watch youtube videos, but chances are, your eye shape is not the same as the girl making the youtube video. If you are over 45 years old, stop using glitter or pearl shadows because you are literally putting a highlighter on your eye wrinkles. You’re welcome.


Not this:

Another thing to remember is “less is more”. Don’t pile on the product so much that a visible line is seen along the edges of your face. If you do not have visible eye lids, then “contouring” does not apply to you. For asian eyes, I recommend using books about makeup specifically targeted for that shape.

If you do not look like Heidi Klum, makeup will not change that. It’s about enhancing what you’ve got.

Pixie Haircuts: What You (And Your Clients) Need To Know

Pixie Haircuts & Pixie Hairstyling In 2019

You’ve probably seen pixies popping up on Instagram more frequently and it’s got us thinking, “Are pixie haircuts in style for 2019?” But here’s the tea: A pixie cut is always in style! So with more and more clients wanting to chop it all off, below, we’re sharing everything you (and your clients) need to know about a pixie haircut. From how to customize a pixie for every face shape and how to style it to how to grow out a pixie, keep reading to learn more!

Instagram via @emilyandersonstyling

Pixie Cut Consultation

Chances are getting a pixie haircut wasn’t a rash decision for your client, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be some hesitation at the start of the consultation. Here are the questions your client will probably ask you before getting a pixie cut:

  • Can I pull off a pixie cut?
  • Are pixie cuts easy to maintain?
  • What should I know before getting a pixie cut?
  • Will I look good with a pixie cut?
  • Is a pixie cut good for thick hair?
  • Is a pixie cut good for thin hair?
  • Does short hair make you look younger?
  • Is short hair healthier than long hair?

Instagram via @nothingbutpixies

Will I Look Good With A Pixie Cut?

Before she chops all her hair off, pretty much every client wants to know if she can pull off short hair. And she can! As long as you give her a cut that works best with her head shape and facial features.

  • Oval—Basically an oval face shape was made for a pixie cut because there’s no need to balance anything. These clients can rock anything from a very short pixie and tiny fringe to textured locks.
  • Long—For elongated face shapes, the goal is to reduce the volume up top so it doesn’t look even longer. To balance this shape, opt for longer fringe that reaches the eyebrows to give the allusion of a smaller forehead.
  • Heart—For clients with a heart shaped head, you’ll want to highlight their cheekbones so stick to long and deep side fringe but leave the length at the back of the head as short as possible to create balance.
  • Round—With round face shapes, the goal is to make everything look longer so add some volume up top and keep the back and sides as short as possible. You also have the option to add some movement and texture with layered locks or asymmetrical bangs.
  • Square—Just like with round faces, you want to cut a pixie that blurs the angular lines of the face and layers will accomplish that.
  • Diamond—For clients with a diamond face shape, you’re working with angular structures and slimmer, pointy chin shape. So to balance all this out, you have to highlight the cheekbones while playing with her face lines so opt for an asymmetrical pixie cut with textured locks. The different lengths will help break of the strong contour of her face.

Instagram via @nothingbutpixies

What Should I Know Before Getting A Pixie Cut?

Before they commit to such a major chop, some clients will ask what they should know before getting a pixie haircut. Here are some key points to share:

  • You won’t run out of shampoo and conditioner as quickly.
  • Your hair will dry in about 2 minutes flat.
  • People will have strong reactions, both good and bad so be confident.
  • Your haircut appointments will be more frequent.
  • Growing it out is a process, so be prepared.
  • The bedhead will be insane at times.
  • You may need to learn how to style your hair all over again.
  • You’ll have periods where you really miss your longer locks.
  • You may feel like you need to amp up your style or makeup to match your haircut.
  • You’ll have nearly no tangles to brush out.
  • Make sure you are in the right mindset for a major change if you choose to get a pixie cut—it’s an adjustment at first!

Is A Pixie Cut Good For Thin Hair?

Or is a pixie haircut good for thick hair? Both actually! Any client can rock a pixie as long as you customize the cut to complement her head shape and facial features. (And a little confidence doesn’t hurt either 😉) Don’t let clients stress about the question, “What’s the best cut for my face shape?” It’s more important to identify what features they want to highlight or may feel insecure about during the consultation.

So how do you customize your client’s pixie? It’s all in the detail work! Those finishing touches of customized texture and softening the ends is what completes the haircut. And whether you’re cutting wet or dry, keep consistent moisture. “The hair flicks and moves differently depending on moisture levels,” shares BTC Team Member Emily Anderson (@emilyandersonstyling). And if you’re cutting dry, then make sure the hair is 100 percent dry.

Note: A long-layered pixie is the best shape for thin hair and a textured, choppy pixie is best for thick hair.

Instagram via @askforjamie

How Much Is A Pixie Cut?

A pixie cut is just like any other type of haircut so it’ll vary from stylist to stylist due to factors like location and experience.

Instagram via @pekelariley

How To Style A Pixie Cut—4 Tips

1. Work With Natural Partings & Head Shape

You’ve cut a fresh pixie, now what? The blowout. Emily recommends using a visual map to work with the client’s head shape and partings to enhance their natural movement. Follow these easy steps:

  • Create A Visual Map: Identify where the natural partings are on the head before drying, so you know where their hair naturally wants to move before manipulating with product or heat.
  • Build Foundational Grip: Emily recommends prepping the hair with a dry texturizing product to add grip and texture—like Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+® SESSION LABEL Powder Cloud!
  • Control Movement With Air Flow: Utilize the movement of the natural parting in the crown. Allow the hair to flow in the direction it naturally wants to move and use that as your guide during the blowout.

2. Less Hair = Smaller Tools

Start becoming more comfortable with smaller barrels and irons. “A small flat iron is my most-used tool for styling short hair with versatile results,” shares Emily. “I can easily create bends and waves for the lived-in feel or a more structured wave, smooth or straight texture.”

Instagram via @emilyandersonstyling

3. Determine Your Client’s Preferred Finish

On short-haired clients, the products you use will alter the haircut’s vibe drastically. Consult with your client about how they want to style their hair at home, and determine the best-suited finish. Matte or shiny? Lightweight or stronger hold? Determine what will best suit their hair texture, density and personal style before styling.

Pro Tip: For pixie first-timers, teach clients how to style their own hair at home. This will give them confidence and build trust, aka improving client retention and empowering them to experiment (and fall in love with!) styling their new haircut.

4. Matte Texture: Watch This Fast Styling Tutorial

If your client likes edgy texture that emphasizes their short and choppy look, try this matte-finish style with an enhanced Mohawk section. Get the quick styling how-to below:

  1. Prep the hair by applying OSiS+® SESSION LABEL Powder Cloud to the root and working through the hair using your fingers.
  2. Backcomb the hair using a fine tooth comb, then use OSiS+ Mighty Matte to create piecey definition throughout.
  3. Apply OSiS+ Freeze Strong Hold Hairspray all over for long-lasting hold.

Products Used

Watch The Video How-To Below

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Arizona Hairstylist (@emilyandersonstyling) on Oct 11, 2018 at 1:27pm PDT

THAT MATTE TEXTURE! Check out the finished look below.

Instagram via @emilyandersonstyling Instagram via @emilyandersonstyling

How Often Does A Pixie Cut Need Trimming?

It’ll take a solid four weeks before your pixie cut client hits that awkward in-between stage so prepare to pre-book her for a trim once a month.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Out A Pixie Cut?

On average, hair grows about six inches each year so according to Briana Cisneros (@brianacisneros), it’ll take about four years total to grow out a pixie cut. Here’s how she broke it down in an Instagram caption:

  • A pixie will reach the shoulders in one year.
  • It’ll hit right above the chest after two years.
  • It’ll reach her bra strap in about three years.
  • And finally, it’ll reach the waist in four years.

Instagram via @aimskyy

How Do You Grow Out A Pixie Cut?

Clients, your pixie cut won’t grow out overnight but here’s what you can do to make sure your hair is growing at its fastest and healthiest:

  1. Get regular trims—The key thing is to get enough taken off to remove split ends without cutting off too much, so be open with your stylist about wanting to grow your pixie out.
  1. Embrace each stage—Growing out a pixie haircut means at some point you’ll rock a bob, a lob and maybe even a shag. Enjoy each stage and don’t be afraid to try different products and hairstyles during each one.
  1. Learn new styling tricks—If you ever feel uninspired as you reach each new length, don’t hesitate to ask your stylist for some styling tricks. Not only are they the professional, but they’ll be happy to teach you how to style your hair at home.
  1. Invest in some extensions—Patience is the secret when growing out a pixie but if you ever want longer locks overnight, invest in something like clip-in or tape-in extensions.
  1. Go the extra mile—Keep an exfoliated and clean scalp, take your vitamins, eat a healthy diet, sleep on a silk pillowcase and rinse your hair with cold water after each shower.

Instagram via @nothingbutpixies // Hair by @natalieannehair

50 Super Cute Short Pixie Cuts for Your New Look

If there’s one word for short pixie haircuts, it’s bold. As women, we often use our hair as a security blanket. The longer, the better. But since we have so many trendy options (undercuts, designs, shaved sides, pastel colors, etc.) why not go for a bolder haircut? You can always grow it out if tired of cropped locks!

The short pixie cut can work for you in many ways. Here are 50 examples from the best hairstylists of Instagram:

1. Short Choppy Pixie Haircut. A platinum pixie always stands out with its cuteness. Let a few pieces hang longer in the front to keep it feminine.

By Love Lane Salon

2. Short Pixie with Long Bangs. The perfectly crafted pixie is chic with body up front and a neat tapered nape.

By dasilva_hair

3. Short Clippered Pixie. Side-swept bangs and a little length in front of the ears keep an otherwise edgy pixie soft and sweet.

By Vasilisa

4. Short Nape Pixie. Brush bangs to the front and keep the rest of the hair, especially the nape of the neck, super short.

By ms_mary_lou

5. A La’ Julie Andrews. Reminiscent of Julie Andrews as Maria in the Sound of Music, this cute short pixie is sweet, but it has a lot of character.

By gen_stylist

6. Boyish Pixie Cut. This side-parted style is perfect for keeping your cut professional at the office.

By Mark Peters

7. Short Buzzed Pixie. Let your hair do the talking with a bad-to-the-bone buzzed pixie.

By luigi_monte

8. Fine Hair Pixie. Short pixie cuts for fine hair have a way of fooling the world into thinking you actually have thicker strands.

By Mackenzi Taylor

9. Short Curly Pixie. Bleach-blonde pixies are perfect for warmer seasons. Add a little wave and you’re ready!

By Joie Wallace

10. Spiky Pixie. A little dimension up top never hurts, especially if it’s added to spiky locks giving edge to a sweet pixie.

By Vasilisa

11. Short Undercut Pixie. The undercut with a choppy top is punk and hip. You may add design to the sides if you want.

By Ashley

12. Short Thin Pixie. Give life to your hair again when you transition to a short pixie for thin hair.

By samkanehair

13. Cool Extra-Short Gray Pixie. As if going to a super short pixie wasn’t enough, add in an all-over gray for extra pizzazz.

By Z Salon

14. Pixie for Thick Hair. A short pixie cut for thick hair helps you tame plentiful locks.

By Rachel Ashley

15. Black Wavy Pixie. Work your waves into a sweet, soft, wavy pixie.

By Gillian Garcia

16. Bowl Cut Pixie. A blonde pixie that’s long up top and buzzed at the bottom is ultra edgy.

By Nicole May

17. Chopped Blonde Pixie with Glasses. A short choppy pixie haircut is just the ticket for those ready to embrace a bold look.

By Chunsay Renee

18. Short Hair, Don’t Care. A super short pixie cut pulls out all the stops for a stylish new look.

By Eden Fabbo

19. Pretty Pixie with Sideburns. Hey, brunettes, check how bangin’ your crop could be if you try a short pixie cut with bangs and sideburns!

By Sara Stylz

20. Feathered Blonde Pixie. The short asymmetrical pixie, much shorter on one side than on the other, is a cool and eye-catching look.

By gen_stylist

21. Funky Pixie with a Shaved Design. The razor-sharp details in a short spiky pixie pack a lot of punch.

22. Short Black Pixie. A short curly pixie can be customized to fit your sweet side.

By Kimberly Handy

23. Crop with Long Side Bangs. Not ready to lose your length? A pixie cut with long bangs and short sides can tick all the boxes. Keep locks long up front but swept them to the side to show your pretty eyes.

By Rachel

24. Pompadour and Fade. Short shaved pixie cuts boost the edgy effect even more with a thick side part.

By gen_stylist

25. Bad yet Beautiful. Change up your look with a cute short pixie that can be worn with a leather jacket for those days when you feel extra bad.

By Mandy Wray

26. Body and Texture. When wearing short pixie haircuts, it’s important to work in texture so your cut doesn’t start looking flat.

By Brian Hickman

27. Gamine Pixie. Become even a more striking woman with a tomboyish cut.

By Kate Gibson

28. Short Pixie with Angled Sideburns. A pixie cut with long bangs and short sides gives you room to twist, scrunch or do whatever to the length on top.

By The Loft Toronto

29. Lavender Pixie. A really short pixie cut means you can definitely show off that cute pair of glasses or sunglasses!

By John Biddick

30. Iced Short Pixie. A short blonde pixie cut looks even better when the blonde is brought to ice.

By Tom Wynn

31. Classic Short Pixie Cut with Bangs. Keep the bangs trimmed just above the eyes for a sweet style that’s as flirty as you are.

By John Oliver

32. Highlighted Pixie. Sun-kissed summer colors are appealing all year round. Work a little blonde into your pixie cut with short sides.

By Leigh Rieley

33. Messy Razored Pixie Cut. More into edgy hairstyles? Try a pixie on the tomboy side with a sharp texture.

By Salon Truffle

34. Short Clippered Pixie. Red hair? There’s room for you in the pixie club too! Bangs will be out of your face with this cut.

By zackparrucchieri

35. Short Undercut Pixie. Trying to find the perfect balance between chic and edgy? A disconnected pixie is your fit!

By Rachel

36. Opposites Attract. Instead of long length up top with short sides, try the opposite: short all over with long sides. Top it off with super short baby bangs.

By Pablo

37. The Big Chop. Rose gold highlights take this pixie from okay to oh wow!

By Meghan

38. Colored Pixie. Short pixie cuts for thick hair also come in bold “look at me” styles. Tie in your favorite color to really show off the manageable thickness.

39. Short Shaved Pixie Cut. When you walk out of the salon with a pixie fade, your picture will be under the word “edge” in the dictionary.

By Heidi

40. Very Short Spiky Pixie. Pair a leather jacket with this short spiky pixie, and you’ll be a whole new person ready to go to town.

By Mark Peters

41. Metallic Pixie. Super short pixie cuts have potential for being even more awesome when topped with an all over metallic.

By Micah Johnson

42. Extra-Short Cut. Another super short pixie, this time in a stunning ginger. The perfect hairstyle for warm seasons!

43. Blonde Bombshell. A short blonde pixie cut paired with voluminous waves equals complete cuteness!

44. Highlighted Pixie with Undercut Sides. A balayage pixie allows you to have fun with color while remaining professional at the office. Who said pixies aren’t office-appropriate?

By Andrea Shine

45. Platinum Blonde Short Pixie Cut. Platinum pixies with barely there bangs are the fast track to hip and bold.

By Amanda Nicole

46. Pixie with Uneven Lengths. Take a look at this cute short pixie! The texture and subtle waves give an otherwise boyish cut a feminine touch.

By Ivan

47. Adorable White Pixie Cut. One way to make your bright pixie stand out even more? A bold red lip or statement earrings.

48. Short Buzzed Pixie Cut. This short buzzed pixie with a deep red lip is going to turn many heads. Run fingers through the top section to give it extra texture.

By Robyn Pitt

49. Pixie Fauxhawk. From a pointed sideburn to a curved shape above the ear, everything in this short clippered pixie says details.

By Leigh Rieley

50. Women`s Fade Haircut. Another take on the buzzed look, this one brings in a high fade for a dramatic effect.

By Justin Dillaha

Overwhelmed with ideas? Take this list to your next girl’s night out and have everyone vote on their favorite! One thing is for sure: a short pixie cut is in your future!