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Theresa Caputo, of Long Island Medium, and her husband, Larry, are going through a divorce. They are living on opposite coasts, with Larry residing in California, and now he is dating a new woman. According to TMZ, Larry’s girlfriend is named Connie Talley Stauddy and the two were recently spotted out together shopping in Alabama.

Connie is from Decatur, Alabama and she is 53 years old. According to TMZ, the couple met online when Connie reached out, in an attempt to get a reading from Larry’s wife, Theresa. Extra TV stated that the two reportedly stayed in touch and were talking long distance for a few months before dating. And now, Connie is definitely in the picture. In fact, Connie, like Larry, is also said to be going through a divorce from husband Robert Scott Stauddy, so that’s something they have in common.

— Lady Beverley (@bossbev) July 16, 2018

When it comes to Connie’s family, TMZ has reported that she is actually a grandmother. According to Connie’s Twitter account, her motto is that, “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain!” She also has posts from 2014, retweeting promotional tweets for Long Island Medium, so she was clearly a big fan.

A couple weeks before the identity of Larry’s girlfriend was revealed, Larry told TMZ, “I have moved on. I’m fortunate enough to say that I have met someone special. But I’ll just leave it for that now.” According to Us Weekly, Larry said both he and Theresa have moved on, but there have been no reports of Theresa dating anyone.

Theresa and Larry Caputo called it quits in late 2017, but they officially filed for divorce in April 2018. The Caputos announced their separation in a joint statement, in December 2017, saying that, “We will always love each other and our two wonderful children. We are united in supporting each other and our family.” After the statement was released, Theresa reached out to her fans via Twitter, thanking them for their support. Theresa tweeted, “I’m overwhelmed by the love and support for me and my family while we’re going through this difficult time. One thing will never change and that is that we will always love and support each other, and be the best parents we can be to our children. Love you guys.”

As for how Theresa views her connection to Larry today, she told Good Housekeeping that, “ working and finding our place. We’ve been together for a very long time. And people change. We all change. None of us are the same we were 10 years ago, five years ago, regardless of our work or what we’re doing with our lives. We change, as people.”

The former couple got married in 1989, according to Page Six, and they have two children together – a son named Larry Jr. and a daughter named Victoria. Both kids have appeared on Theresa’s show Long Island Medium, as has her husband, Larry. Partly because of the divorce, Theresa’s husband and kids have appeared on the show less and less.

“Long Island Medium” star Theresa Caputo says she still grieves over her divorce from Larry Caputo, to whom she was married for 28 years before separating in December 2017.

“I’m grieving right now,” the Hicksville born-and-raised mentalist, who is 52 or 53 according to differing sources, told Us Weekly in a video posted Tuesday. “I’m grieving my 30, almost 34 years, with Larry,” whom she says she met when she was 17 and began dating at 18. The couple has two adult children. “So this is a grieving process. But things weren’t the same that they were 34 years ago. … The way that things were at the end? No, I don’t miss that.”

Showing her marriage disintegrating on-screen “wasn’t easy,” the TLC series star conceded, “but we were going through that. That was all real-time. That was everything that we were going through.”

Theresa Caputo filed for divorce in April 2018 and it was finalized that December. Larry Caputo, 63, moved to Los Angeles and began dating again.

“Our relationship is definitely different,” Theresa Caputo told Us. “And it is better in a way, because now we can at least have productive conversations. So it’s nice. I’m really proud of where, how we ended up and where we are. It’s not easy, especially living your life in the public eye.”

The public eye has made dating difficult for the reality-TV star, she said. “I live a very public life, something Larry and I decided to do together. So now with dating it’s like, OK, first of all, someone has to be onboard with what I do, supportive of that, and then a public life. And what I’m finding out, a lot of people are private, and they deserve that. You have to give that respect.”

Does she think she will ever remarry? “I have to say I don’t know. Right now, I would have to say no. I’m very content where I am in my life. I’m very blessed. Do I want to have someone to share companionship with and to have someone? Absolutely. But to actually get married, I don’t know. I don’t know if I can answer that yet. At this very moment, I’d have to say no.”

Larry Caputo has not commented publicly on the interview.

The new season of “Long Island Medium” premieres Friday. Theresa Caputo will appear at The Paramount in Huntington on Dec. 5 and 6.

By Frank Lovece Special to Newsday

Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo and her ex-husband Larry Caputo created some chatter online recently about a possible reconciliation. That’s because Larry didn’t go away after the divorce like most people thought he would. It seems he keeps showing up on Long Island Medium lately.

Long Island Medium: How Can Theresa Caputo Not Love Larry Caputo?

Theresa Caputo has been very honest with her Long Island Medium followers when it comes to Larry Caputo. Yes, she still loves him, how can she not, which basically how Theresa answers any questions regarding her feelings today for her ex. But the 55-year-old New York native offers details around that love she feels for the father of her two kids.

Theresa Caputo explains how she started dating Larry when she was only 18. After 34-years of marriage, how can she not still love the guy, which is what Theresa Caputo said during a Long Island Medium interview last month.

The Long Island Medium opened up several times about her feelings for Larry Caputo after the two divorced in 2018. Theresa Caputo is not one to tone it down. Her heartfelt love for her ex-husband is heard loud and clear.

It’s Painful For Theresa Without Larry Around

The woman dubbed the Long Island Medium has said several times how painful it is for her with Larry no longer there. When some news pops up in her life, her fleeting thoughts often turn to her running to her ex-husband. But she remembers that’s not something she can do these days, Larry Caputo no longer there.

The Long Island Medium has also said that Larry’s absence is painful for her to deal with. She really loves the guy, he’s been her family member for most of her life. Fans also remind Theresa Caputo how he looks pretty good these days. She’s got a lot of people out there who would love to see this couple back together. But that’s probably not going to happen.

Now that her ex-hubby looks like he’s becoming somewhat of a regular on Long Island Medium, Theresa’s fans can only speculate and hope the two will rekindle what they once had. But despite Theresa’s honesty about the love she still has for this man, there’s no indication the two will reunite.

Long Island Medium: Fans Can’t Always Get What They Want

Yes, Larry is on Long Island Medium frequently this season but that’s because their daughter is about to marry. Victoria Caputo’s wedding brings her dad back and on the show leading up to her wedding.

While the Long Island Medium celeb harbors love for Larry, she moved on. Her ex moved on also, but a bit differently than Theresa. Larry is in a long-term relationship with a woman he first dated when they split up.

Fans lambasted this Long Island husband and father of two after Theresa Caputo was at home recuperating from surgery on her knee last year. He was nowhere to be found. Instead, he showed up online shopping with an unidentified blonde woman. This woman is believed to be his girlfriend still today.

Larry Caputo had posted a picture to his social media sites of him with his love interest a while back. He referred to her only as his “baby boo”. That didn’t go over too well with the Long Island Medium viewers. So it looks like that post, seen above, has since been deleted.

But while the Long Island Medium couple seemed to have moved on, it looks like some of their fans haven’t done that yet. Some of Theresa’s followers still want to see her back with her ex. But as they say in Hollywood and politics – never say never. Certainly stranger things have happened.

The Long Island Medium is currently airing Season 14 on Friday nights on TLC.

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Long Island Medium Divorces Husband

The Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo and her husband, Larry Caputo, are divorcing after 28 years of marriage.

Theresa, 52, filed on April 16, 2018 after separating last December.

The TLC stars said, “After 28 years of marriage, we have decided to legally separate. We will always love each other and our two wonderful children. We are united in supporting each other and our family. Please respect our privacy during this time.”


They share two adult children: Larry Jr., and Victoria. Because the children are adults, there is no need for any custody decisions.

Living Separately

After the divorce announcement in April, Theresa said the two were living separately – he in L.A. and she in New York — and were taking their relationship and any possibility of a reconciliation “day by day.”

In June, Larry revealed he’s in a new relationship now, saying, “I have moved on. I’m fortunate enough to say that I have met someone special. But I’ll just leave it for that now.”

“I’ve been here 9 months now,” he said. “The separation was a three-month trial period and we’ve moved on from that point. We’re in divorce proceedings. That’s been going on for the last six months. It’s not finalized, I don’t know when it will be. But that’s where we’re at. ”

“I know she’s doing well. I’m happy — we’ve moved on with our lives,” he added.

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‘Long Island Medium’ Fans Are Begging Theresa Caputo to Change Her Look

Theresa Caputo from Long Island Medium is well-known for her capabilities as a medium, and she’s talked at length about her ability to talk to the dead. Aside from her amazing gift, however, there’s another reason fans absolutely love her. And that’s because her firecracker personality and unique style give her life and presence on screen that few others manage to attain.

From her daughter’s upcoming wedding to the famous folks she meets as a medium, Caputo gives fans plenty of glimpses into her life on Instagram. But it seems they’ve had enough of her classic hairstyle that she’s had since Long Island Medium began. Here’s what they’re saying — and what they’d rather see instead.

Theresa Caputo is known for her signature hair

TV personality Theresa Caputo | Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Extra

From her long island accent to her manicured nails to her huge hair, Theresa Caputo’s look has become as iconic as her incredible abilities. And she’s even discussed her famous blonde hair, too. She spoke to Extra about her “bus hair” and how it takes a lot to maintain the perfect height that is her current ‘do. “Bus hair is the best,” she tells the interviewer, which implies her hair is typically under a baseball cap or never blown out while traveling. Caputo then ran her fingers through her perfect hairstyle of the day. “This is not bus hair,” she noted.

As for how she gets her hair so high above her natural roots, she adds, “It’s all about the tease. Unfortunately, it seems her look may come with a high-maintenance personality, too. A number of celebrities, including Howard Stern, have spoken out about Caputo’s diva-like attitude while touring, and she’s been banished from his radio show for that reason.

Fans are telling her she should change up her look

View this post on Instagram

So far amazing Doing work things #longislandmedium #redisthenewblack #la

A post shared by theresacaputo (@theresacaputo) on Jul 30, 2019 at 2:28pm PDT

We’re all used to seeing Caputo with her hair the way it’s always been, but fans think it may be time for a change. Since she’s no longer with her husband of several decades, Larry Caputo, perhaps new hair is a good first step in getting a fresh start, too. On this photo that Caputo posted on July 30, she’s seen wearing a red blazer, short denim shorts, and her ‘do — and many flocked to the comments to tell her it may be time to try something else.

“Your face is so tiny for such big hair. I keep wishing you’d style it short and sassy like your personality!!” one fan commented. And another added, “Your beautiful but that 80s hair has to go … .” Yet another one of her followers commented, “For the love of his CHANGE YOUR HAIRSTYLE!!!! .”

It wasn’t just the hair that fans took issue with, either. It seems many also wanted her to get rid of her denim shorts, as they didn’t deem them age-appropriate.

They’re loving this throwback photo of her wild curls

View this post on Instagram

That face though#flashbackfriday #mysonmyson #longislandmedium #mybabyboy

A post shared by theresacaputo (@theresacaputo) on Aug 2, 2019 at 1:57pm PDT

So, if fans want to see Caputo’s signature hairstyle go away, what would they rather see instead? After the medium posted this throwback photo with her son, her followers flocked to the comments to tell her how much they adore her long, big curls. Even her son commented on the post, “that hair! I think I was scared of it! Look at my face haha .”

“Theresa you should do hair back like that again.. beautiful ,” one of Caputo’s followers commented. “I absolutely love you’re hair! And this is an amazing picture! ,” another mentioned. “Bring the curls back!!! So awesome,” yet another one of her followers recommended. And these were followed by a slew of other excited fans who hope to see Caputo’s hair return to this state someday.

Will Caputo ever really change the ‘do she became famous with? We’re guessing not — but perhaps with enough fans backing the mega-curly look, she may consider giving it a go!

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  • Long Island Medium is back on TLC starting Friday, October 18 at 9 p.m. ET.
  • Prior to the premiere, TLC star Theresa Caputo gave GoodHousekeeping.com an update on her status with her ex-husband, Larry.
  • Theresa says Larry is still her “friend” and that fans should expect to see him on the show from time to time.

A new season of TLC’s Long Island Medium begins on October 18, which means more celebrity readings, lol-worthy Caputo family time, and emotional moments are coming your way.

During last season, fans watched as the show’s star Theresa Caputo and her ex-husband Larry navigated life after separating (their divorce was finalized in December 2018).

Even though they are now divorced, Theresa tells GoodHousekeeping.com that upcoming episodes of Long Island Medium will still occasionally show Larry, who is now living in California. After all, besides being co-parents of their children, Victoria and Larry Jr., they are still “friends.”

“I never thought in a million years that Larry and I would be divorced, but the way that we still have our relationship ,” she explains to us. “You know, we’re able to communicate with each other and be there for our kids and still allow him to have that separate relationship with our children from myself.”

Larry and Theresa in 2014. Ray Tamarra

For the Long Island Medium star, she credits their joint honesty, respect for one another, and strong communication for getting them through their divorce. But even though Theresa says she is in a good place with Larry, getting used to being single has been tough on her.

She continues: “I still love Larry, it’s … how can I not? You know, we had 34 years together. Larry and I started dating when I was 18, you know? So, he was such a big part of my life, we have children together, so I still love him, just in a different way now.”

Looking back on their decision to part ways, Theresa says she and Larry were both “not happy.” After going through therapy, they ultimately decided that splitting up was best for them. Similarly, they jointly chose to be open about their marriage on the TLC show.

“He supported me with my gift and doing this and more importantly putting our lives on Long Island Medium. And people say, ‘how could you handle that?’ and I say, ‘How could you not?’ This is what we were going through,” she says.

Theresa and Larry’s transparency is also something the medium say she’s really “proud of” on the show. But Larry aside, Theresa reveals the upcoming season will feature plenty of other notable family moments, as well.

In other words, you’ll want to cancel your Friday night plans for the next few months.

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FAITH & FAME: The Evolution of ‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo

In the eight years since Long Island Medium premiered on TLC, Theresa Caputo has yet to lose her charm; her hair still reaches for the heavens, her acrylic nails would suit the likes of Maleficent, and her laugh is infectious as ever. Just about everything else in the New York mom’s life, however, has changed dramatically.

Caputo is a self-proclaimed medium, a form of psychic who, rather than seeing into the future, receives and interprets messages from the dead. She does this by channeling “Spirit” – her term for the departed souls who communicate with her to share messages from the afterlife.

What started as a word-of-mouth business operated out of her own home, inviting people in to channel messages from their loved ones, has catapulted Caputo far beyond the confines of reality TV fame since the premiere of Long Island Medium in 2011. All these years later, her intimate practice of connecting people with their departed loved ones has been broadcast into the homes of millions of Americans, sold out concert halls in national tours, and provided stories to fill three bestselling books. The waitlist for a reading with Caputo stretches years in length, and now celebrities are seeking her services, too, among them Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Jesse James Decker, and Kelsey Grammar.

With her success, Caputo hasn’t been shy in inviting the public into her personal life, either. The latest season of Long Island Medium, which premiered last week, will feature her daughter’s wedding and Caputo’s life post-divorce from her husband of 28 years, Larry, who’s been on every season of the show thus far.

“As hard as it is to change and move forward or to depart from certain things, everyone’s in a really good place,” Theresa said in a recent interview with The Wrap.

How did the Long Island Medium get to the good place she’s in now? Let’s take a look back to the start of her career, one that’s been five decades in the making.

Theresa meets Spirit

The 53-year-old medium has been developing her spiritual gift since the ripe age of four, when she first discovered something about herself was very different from everyone else. She says she sensed and saw spirits around her all the time as a child, which caused her a great deal of anxiety. After years in therapy with no results, Caputo’s mother took her to visit Pat Longo, a Long Island-based spiritual healer and family friend from Caputo’s hometown of Hicksville.

“She was afraid of everything. She couldn’t drive in the backseat of a car, couldn’t go into an elevator, or airplane, wouldn’t eat in restaurants,” Longo told Newsday.

“After just one session, she told me that I was suppressing Spirit’s energy, which caused a lot of my anxiety, and helped me learn to channel Spirit through my chakras and release it with my words,” Caputo explains in her website bio. “I began to heal and come into my own.”

Caputo then began offering her medium services out of her own home. A friend later introduced her to former MTV producer Jonathan Partridge, who would go on to create Long Island Medium. It wasn’t until Caputo read him that he was truly convinced.

“I do believe in mediums and I believe that our loved ones are still with us when they die. Sure, there are a few ‘bad apples’ out there, but Theresa has a gift and is the real deal,” Partridge explained to the Sorry I’ve Been So Busy podcast. “The validations in her readings are so specific that they must be coming from spirit and there’s no way you can make this stuff up.”

Facing backlash and nonbelievers

Not everyone is so convinced. Critics have taken stabs at Caputo for using tricks like “cold reads,” picking up on obvious clues and taking high probability guesses, then using responses or nonverbal cues to come to conclusions. Others allege she uses the trick of “hot reading,” researching the people she channels for beforehand.

Inside Edition attended one of her shows in 2012, writing: “On TV, she’s almost always dead right, but at her live shows, we watched her strike out time and again.”

In a deep-dive into psychics on Last Week Tonight, John Oliver called out Caputo, Tyler Henry and other famous mediums for doing work he calls harmful.

“At best, it’s reckless for people to take a stab at ventriloquizing the dead,” Oliver said. “When psychic abilities are presented as authentic, it emboldens a vast underworld of unscrupulous vultures more than happy to make money.”

Partridge, creator of Long Island Medium, and TLC president Howard Lee have both insisted Caputo isn’t prepared with information on the individuals she reads ahead of time, with Partridge telling Newsday, “There is no way I would let that happen — ever, ever, ever.”

Balancing her faith

Whether or not you believe in Caputo’s spiritual abilities is only one debate to be had. She also faces harsh criticism from another group of people: the Catholic church. Caputo is a lifelong Catholic with a strong belief in God. She still attends Holy Family Church in her hometown of Hicksville on Long Island.

The Bible makes several references to mediums and psychics, and one commonly pointed to by Christians is in Leviticus 19:31: “Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them.”

Some critiques of the Long Island Medium insist she’s a con-artist, while others question if she’s channeling something evil. Janet Denison, a Christian pastor and author, writes diplomatically on her website, “Only God knows her motivations and only God knows whether her powers are pretended or the product of something darker.”

Caputo says she’s “not out to convince anyone” that what she does is real or valid.

“I share my own community with Spirit and what I’ve learned,” she said. “It took a long time to incorporate my gift with my faith, but as long as we believe in something — whether someone is Jewish, Catholic, Buddhist — it doesn’t matter, as long as we believe in something. What I’ve learned is that when someone loses someone, sometimes they lose their faith in God, or in the afterlife, and what Spirit does is to restore that faith.”

Caputo’s faith is directly incorporated into her medium practice. She prefaces all her readings by assuring that she only channels “souls that walk in God’s white light,” and wouldn’t attempt to contact anything else. That doesn’t always prevent something from coming through, though.

In the fourth season of Long Island Medium during a private reading with a mother and daughter, Theresa channeled their deceased daughter/sister, as well as her estranged husband who had murdered her and then taken his own life. Caputo said she couldn’t see him, but could “sense and feel” his negative energy without having direct contact with him.

Like her fellow Catholics who don’t agree with her work, Caputo told The Advocate in 2017 that she, too, used to experience dissonance balancing her faith with her ability to channel messages from the dead.

“I come from a very strong faith family and a very spiritual family,” she explained. “In my late 20s, I was told I had this amazing gift and it took me five years to really embrace that. Because of my faith, it took me a long time to incorporate that, and then I struggled with ‘now what?’”

Now, she says she considers it a gift from God.

“I consider this is my journey, Theresa Caputo’s journey here in the physical world, to be able to do God’s work, to deliver messages to help people heal and grow and embrace life again.”

Caputo and her family

Looking to the future

Caputo has come a long way since she first discovered her medium abilities as a young twentysomething. At 53, her life’s work is now deeply intertwined with the lives of the people she reads, and stretches far beyond the confines of her kitchen table.

Something that once caused her debilitating anxiety as a child has now brought her great success: 14 highly rated seasons on television, sold out tours, bestselling books, a jewelry line and ad campaigns. You don’t need to be a psychic to predict that Long Island Medium isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon: the show or the medium herself. Speaking on the new season, Caputo told The Wrap she has “no plans to change anything in her life.”

“People ask me all the time, ‘Is this a burden?’ It’s the hardest thing to do, to go on this emotional rollercoaster, feeling someone’s pain, sorrow, loss and grief — and then in the next moment their loved ones are giving them the gift of laughter and peace,” she said. “I wouldn’t trade what I do for the world.”

In the face of a changing family and ever-changing career, Caputo is finding her own peace in leading others to theirs.

Long Island Medium airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.