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TLC to Premiere New Season of LONG ISLAND MEDIUM This October

TLC’s LONG ISLAND MEDIUM returns for a new season, premiering Friday, October 18 at 9PM ET/PT as Theresa Caputo shares more of the heartwarming­, and sometimes heartbreaking readings that fans have come to love over the years. The new episodes also include celebrity readings with Tatum O’Neal, Wayne Brady, Louie Anderson, Michael Fishman, Bronson Pinchot, Arie & Lauren Luyendyk, Taylor Dayne, Kate Flannery and Reginald VelJohnson.

Throughout the season, Theresa’s ability to help individuals connect with their departed loved ones results in emotional, and even shocking readings. In an extremely rare dual appearance, a spirit surfaces during an intense reading with a family that has experienced devastating tragedy; later, in an unrelated group reading, Theresa is stunned when the same spirit emerges once more. As always, Theresa strives to balance her identities as both a medium and a mother, which proves challenging when spirits come through while wedding dress-shopping with her engaged daughter Victoria at Kleinfeld Bridal, home of SAY YES TO THE DRESS.

Fans continue to cherish the meaningful moments Theresa is able to facilitate thanks to her gift, and this new season promises to deliver more of the jaw-dropping, emotional connections that turn skeptics into believers. This season, one lucky viewer will have the chance to win a reading with Theresa! Be sure to tune-in every Friday to learn how to enter.

When is Long Island Medium Season 14 Coming Out on TLC?

Long Island Medium is a reality TV series that first premiered on September 25, 2011, on the TLC network. It follows the life of Theresa Caputo, a self-proclaimed medium. Caputo claims that she can communicate with the dead. She is seen meeting individuals, families or groups and helps them reconnect with loved ones who have passed away. The show has been a subject of controversy and Caputo’s abilities have been consistently questioned since its inception.

The show has seen a total of 13 successful seasons so far. Here’s everything we know about Long Island Medium season 14.

Long Island Medium Cast: Who is in it?

Long Island Medium follows Theresa Caputo, a self-proclaimed medium. She is also a New York Times bestselling author. The show also features her family that includes her husband Larry and children, Victoria, who is now 25 and Larry Jr., who is now 28. Her family has adapted to her mediumship over the years and find it extremely normal. The cast has pretty much remained unchanged throughout the show’s run, so expect Caputo and her family to be back for season 14.

What is Long Island Medium About?

Long Island Medium follows the life of Theresa Caputo, a self-proclaimed medium, who says she can communicate with the dead. Born and raised in Hicksville, Long Island, Caputo claims that she could sense, feel and see spirits since a very young age. However, it was not until her 20’s that she learnt to communicate with them. Caputo suffered from anxiety and tried her best to manage it with the help of a therapist. Her mother brought her in touch with a spiritual healer who understood her situation and advised her not to suppress her spirit energy. Instead, she suggested her to channel it through the inner chakras. This approach helped Caputo immensely, and she made up her mind to help out as many people as possible through her special gift.

Each episode of Long Island Medium showcases a case Caputo is dealing with. She meets individuals, groups or families who wish to reconnect with loved ones who have passed away. Caputo believes that her abilities have brought many people comfort and joy. Often when we lose someone dear to us, we are left with regrets and incomplete conversations. Caputo believes that she can become a channel for people to feel closer to a lost one and move towards acceptance without any regrets.

Over the years, Caputo has been questioned and challenged over her claims of being a medium. Skeptics who believe in science and logic have called mediumship a con. Caputo has been criticised for using age-old psychological techniques like cold reading to convince her clients to believe in her act. James Randi belonging to the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF), criticised Caputo and TLC, by awarding her the Pigasus Award for a performer who fooled the greatest number of people with the least effort. Randi went on to explain how performers like Caputo manipulate and prey on people’s most vulnerable moments and use their grief to make money and how people should be allowed instead, to naturally progress towards acceptance of the loss of a loved one which is the healthier way.

Caputo explains that while she respects her critics, she has learnt not to take their criticism seriously. She says that she has witnessed people feeling the joy and comfort that her abilities bring to them, and that is the only thing which matters to her. She also explained that debating with the critics is a hard task as she cannot put in words what she feels and how she manages to connect with the dead, as it has always been the case and is a natural instinct. Caputo believes that considering her journey of starting her career with a simple business card to starring in a million-dollar television show is proof that her methods work and have helped people.

Caputo has been honing her abilities for over ten years, and the show has managed to give her national recognition. She also tours across America as part of the ‘Theresa Caputo Live the Experience’ show which is thoroughly documented in the series. Caputo is also the author of the books, ‘There’s more to life than this’ and ‘Remarkable Stories’. Her book titled ‘Insights from the Other Side’ which was published in 2013, debuted at number two on the New York Times bestseller list.

Whether you believe her or not, Long Island Medium is still an entertaining show that promises to hook you up on every episode as you get to witness the problems and apprehensions people go through and how they put faith in a modern-day psychic who manages to help them with her invisible, supernatural leash.

Long Island Medium Season 14 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Long Island Medium Season 13 premiered on October 8, 2018. The series first premiered on September 25, 2011, on the TLC network. Since then, it has become a massive commercial success, running into 13 seasons. Caputo has since written several books and also started a jewellery line. The show has also endured its share of controversies; it has received criticism from many scientific communities, magazines, spiritual leaders and newspapers, calling Caputo a farce.

TLC recently revealed the premiere date for Long Island Medium Season 14 to be October 18, 2019.

Long Island Medium Trailer

While we wait for season 14, here’s a clip from Long Island Medium Season 13.

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