Little people, big world when matt’s away, amy will play

Not much longer. Tori Roloff revealed new episodes of Little People, Big World are coming sooner than fans may have previously believed.

When Does Little People, Big World Come Back?

A fan asked the reality star, “When does the new season air?” and Tori, 28, responded on her Instagram Story on January 22, “This spring!!” That means the TLC series will return less than a year after the previous season ended in June 2019.

Courtesy of Tori Roloff/Instagram

When Did the Show Last Air?

The final episode of season 19 of the reality series aired on June 4, according to TLC’s website. In it, Amy Roloff had to decide whether or not to buy her ex-husband, Matt Roloff, out of the family farm, or accept a buyout offer. After fans got a little confused by the arrangement the ex-couple settled on, Matt, 58, took to Instagram to set things straight on June 6.

“I have chosen to buy (and Amy has chosen to sell) me only one side of the farm at this time,” the grandfather wrote in a statement. “Not the original farmstead … not the side with the pumpkin patch or her house … for now she is only selling me her partial share of ownership in the side (DW) that I live on.”

The finale also involved health issues Tori’s husband, Zach Roloff, was facing.

What Will the New Season of Little People, Big World Be About?

A lot has happened since the show went off the air, even though the finale wasn’t all that long ago.

Just for starters, both Tori and her sister-in-law Audrey Roloff have each had a new baby since the season ended! Tori and Zach, 29, welcomed baby Lilah Ray on November 19, and Audrey, 28, and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, had their son, Bode James, on January 8.

There’s a chance the series could show either of those women being pregnant or even having their newest kiddos on a new season. Another installment may also continue the storyline about Zach’s health.

Plus, Amy moved away from the farm into a new home ahead of her wedding with fiancé Chris Marek. She shared a behind-the-scenes look from her move on December 22 — although Matt revealed a month later on January 22 that she hadn’t “totally” moved out of the farmhouse just yet.

We can’t wait to see the Roloffs back on our TV screens!

Little People, Big World fans raised a hullaballoo on social media after they heard Amy Roloff opted for a buyout on Roloff farms. However, Matt Roloff went onto his Instagram to help clarify the buyout for shocked fans. Of course, other fans who love the Pumpkin Season feared there wouldn’t be one this year, and that also needed addressing.

Little People, Big World Pumpkin Season’s on for this year says Matt Roloff

The Pumpkin Season usually runs through the month of October and this year, fans of the TLC show can still attend if they wish. Matt notes that in fact, the seeds are already planted. He says they planted three days back. So, all’s good on that side of it. Fear not, plan for it and enjoy. As Matt points out, things may change in the future, but for now, “yes,” the Pumpkin Season’s something we can all enjoy.

As Matt explains, to Little People, Big World fans, there are a lot of things going on and it’s not easy to fit it all into a “condensed…hour show.” He adds that “Sometimes what they capture at one point becomes old news by the time the show airs.” It’s all about the “production process” and Matt understands not everyone clues into how it works. Nevertheless, he hopes to find some form of “forum” in the future to address all the “loose ends.”

Amy Roloff’s side of the farm explained

The buyout need not stress viewers of Little People, Big World, either. Some media reported that Amy will no longer live on the farm, which is not correct. Matt explains that Amy’s keeping her side of the farm. By that, he means “the original farmstead…the side with the pumpkin patch” where her house is. He adds, “for now she is only selling her partial share of ownership in the side (DW) that lives on.” So, Amy “will remain in her house (and on the farm) and 1/2 owner of our original farm until she decides to leave.”

The buyout only involves Matt purchasing just one section of the farm. For those people stressing about the future of the kids, Matt says not to worry. “Who knows?” As he points out, one day the kids may decide to buy the farm should Amy decide to leave. However, for now, the status quo is that Roloffs remain on the farm.

Matt Roloff assures people he’s renovating his home

On the side of the farm where Matt lives, he’s happy now that Amy agreed to the buyout. This means he can now go ahead and customize his own home. Matt said, “The only change (for now) is that I will take title to the DW and can decide to remodel it to be more accessible with a lower kitchen or walk-in shower like my home in Arizona.”

So now, fans of Little People, Big World can all stop stressing and just get on with enjoying the Roloff family and their antics as they’ve done for so many seasons. Oh, and yeah, the Pumpkin Season’s still on and you heard it straight from Matt Roloff.

What do you think of all of this? Will you visit the Roloff Farms’ Pumpkin Season? What do you think of the buyout? Are you happy that Amy still stays in her old home? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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Little People, Big World is a fan favorite on TLC. This show is a huge hit, but right now it is not airing new episodes. The fans have been waiting for it to come back. It turns out that Tori Roloff recently shared on her Instagram about when the show will be back again.

When does the show come back?

On one of her posts, the fans were asking her about when the show would be back again. It turns out that it is coming back soon because they are working on filming it right now. Tori shared that they are close to being done with filming this season. Little People, Big World will return to TLC in the spring of 2019.

TLC normally airs shows around the same time each year. It would make sense for Little People, Big World to air in the spring and summer. They usually film some of the pumpkin season which would have been in October. It takes a bit of time to get the episodes ready, so this timing all lines up perfect.

Could Audrey and Jeremy Roloff return?

This means that the Roloff family is filming over the holidays. Viewers should get to see the Roloff family enjoy Christmas. Tori and Zach Roloff are still on the show. The thing is that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff decided to move on from being on reality television. They did share that from time to time they might end up being on the show if they were around anyway.

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A post shared by Jeremy James Roloff (@jeremyroloff) on Dec 25, 2018 at 2:00pm PST

Hopefully, that means that Audrey and Jeremy Roloff will make an appearance on the holiday episodes of the show. Fans would love the chance to get to see them again. It would also be great for Molly to make an appearance as well. She isn’t on the show full-time but doesn’t seem against showing up.

Are you excited for a new season of Little People, Big World on TLC? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t miss this show when it comes back in the spring of 2019. Hopefully, an actual return date will come out soon.

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For me, it all started with Matt Roloff, the little star and progenitor of four kids (three of whom are “average size”) on Little People, Big World. That he navigates through life on downsized crutches hasn’t stopped him from commandeering his 34-acre Roloff Farms and building a full-size Western town, a floating pirate ship, a multi-level tree house, and a pumpkin-flinging trebuchet. Let me rephrase. Roloff’s condition hasn’t stopped him from directing other, taller people into carrying out his bidding, no matter how far fetched or out-sized.

Now entering its sixth season and with companion shows like TLC’s The Little Couple and Little Chocolatiers and Animal Planet’s Pit Boss (starring Shorty, whose little people talent agency also doubles as a pit bull rescue center), my obsession is pretty much full blown. If the SyFy channel would combine little people with my other fascination, ghosts, I’d never leave the house.

To try to understand what this fixation says about me—and by extension, my fellow peanut gallery—I went to where all budding self-analysts go (Google) and typed, “Big people who love little people” into the search engine. When that only yielded information about the Roloff family (and their Facebook page) and a link to, of all things, a site listing 200 reasons to love a cappella, I tried plunging deeper. Without the aid of a little peepologist, I spent the greater part of my afternoon searching phrases like, “Jung and the tiny mirror” and “Did Freud know General Tom Thumb?” Finally, after coming up short (sorry), I went to Psychology Today’s website and tried my luck at “Dwarf fetish.” Not a proud moment.

Less proud was the email I sent to my shrink, Dr. Oskar.

“Can you help me understand why I love little people?” I wrote.

“It is sort of weird,” he emailed back. “But I think regular size people feel more secure as people when they can observe midgets.” (I should add that Dr. Oskar is a Swede and doesn’t know preferred terminology.) “I think that contrast is validating because we tell ourselves that at least there are people who have it worse,” he continued, “because they are small.”

I thought about the anxieties that might be plaguing me. In his email, Dr. Oskar had pondered the larger context for my condition, suggesting that the fragile economy had made me feel insecure about my job and my future.

“We need the midgets to feel normal,” he concluded.

Yet, part of the charm of these shows is the complete normalcy of their stars. For example, in 2007, Matt Roloff was charged—and later, after a trial, acquitted—with DUI, when police saw him driving erratically upon leaving a local watering hole. His wife, Amy, is a total slob and, judging from the piles of old newspapers and heaps of outgrown clothing, a bit of a hoarder. The little couple are having trouble conceiving and Shorty is constantly dealing with difficult coworkers.

Maybe it’s that shows about little people broaden our definition of what is normal. They also expose what is common. We all have obstacles to overcome. These shows give us permission to stare, if only to reflect. A day on Roloff Farms is real life, our life, in small scale.

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Cathy Alter is a DC-based writer and author. Her articles, essays, and reviews have appeared in local and national newspapers and magazines including the Washington Post, Washingtonian, the Huffington Post, Self, and McSweeney’s.

For as long as it’s been on air, TLC’s Little People, Big World has been one of the few reality shows that keeps things generally lighthearted. Viewers get to ooh and ahh over the adorable Roloff babies, get inspired by how much the family has overcome, and dream of one day visiting the famous Roloff Farms. That’s why Tuesday night’s season 19 finale was so hard to watch.

We all knew that the season would end with Amy ultimately making a decision about the farm to either buyout her ex-husband Matt or accept a buyout offer herself. But watching what it meant for the matriarch of the family to come to that choice was heartbreaking. The things that came to light during the finale showed the Roloffs and their lives in a light we have never seen before.

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Repost from @audreyroloff 😁 The first weekend of pumpkin season has officially come and the whole family came out! Thank you to everyone who has come out despite the rainy Oregon weather! 🍂👻🎃

A post shared by Roloff Farms (@rolofffarms) on Oct 7, 2018 at 12:21pm PDT

Amy finally made a decision about the farm.

Within the first 10 minutes of the episode, we learned that Amy made the choice to accept Matt’s buyout option. Meaning, she would no longer live on the farm, and essentially, have little, if anything, to do with the farm business. Matt seemed happy with Amy’s decision, and tried to encourage her by saying he thought it was the right move.

“I don’t think any decision was really a good one. But I think this one is the best one not just for right now, but for the future,” Amy told her ex.

In her private interview, the 54-year-old was clearly devastated talking about her decision, and got candid about how hard things have been. “The farm worked for me because we had two people making it happen. I can’t do it on my own. Everything for me on the farm has changed … I think what I miss is the idea of what I had,” Amy said.

The scene ended with her saying she would have “no reason to set foot on this farm again.”

Fans were shocked by her decision:

It’s easy to judge behind a keyboard but none of us know what happened behind cameras. It’s sad to see any family torn apart. I feel bad for @amyroloff and @mattroloff #LPBW

— Jeff Bachmann (@JeffreyBachmann) June 5, 2019

I HATE that she took the buy out. Breaks my heart for her and the whole family.

— Lou Manicotti 🧢 (@lucasmanicotti) June 5, 2019

Amy Roloff has me shook 😢#LPBW

— Kathleenster (@Kaybeevee) June 5, 2019

Amy broke down while talking about her relationship with Matt.

Now that her decision is made, Amy took time to reflect on what this all really means. In her interview, we see her breaking down in tears while talking about Matt.

“This process has not been easy for me. I don’t think Matt has made it easy. I will be glad when it’s completely done and we part ways. I’d like to feel a lot better about myself than I do with him,” she said. “Wow … I think it’s about time I think about me.”

Matt still might sell the farm.

Matt can either keep the farm, and run it as he wishes, or he can sell the whole thing. A big factor riding on the fate of it is his girlfriend Caryn, who he doesn’t want living in Amy’s old house.

Currently, Matt and Caryn split their time between Oregon and Arizona. Matt made it clear that he doesn’t intend on living in Arizona full-time, but he and Caryn still need to find a place to live while in Oregon, especially since he intends on marrying her.

View this post on Instagram

Who’s been to Sedona AZ ?? It is only a 2 hr drive from where we are in Suprise…[email protected] has never seen it. What are your favorite tours there and/or recommendations for our day trip ? Comment on here if you have a must see.. must do. @visitsedona @sedona @pinkjeeptours #dyingtoseesomeredrock

A post shared by Matt Roloff (@mattroloff) on May 20, 2019 at 11:45pm PDT

“My goal is to eventually get married to Caryn — I like that idea,” Matt said. While Caryn chimed in and said it’s all about timing. “For me, it’s about timing at this juncture. When you get married though, you immediately live together, and there’s nowhere for us to live.”

Things became very awkward at the end.

Zach and Tori setup a campfire and invited Matt, Caryn, Amy, and her boyfriend Chris to join. But once Zach and Tori left, things got extremely awkward.

Amy called out Matt for saying that their kids don’t help or have any interest in helping maintaining the property. “They are not aware of it … as a mom, I will say that’s very unfair. We didn’t incorporate that kind of thinking in their world. You choose to take care of everything,” Amy said.

When Caryn tried to ease the tension by saying Amy and Chris complement each other, Amy shot back. “Well, you have known each other for a long time, so hopefully you complement each other.”

Caryn previously worked on Roloff Farms for 10 years, helping run pumpkin season. Amy recently revealed in a Facebook video that she believes Caryn and Matt were “involved” romantically with one another before the Roloffs divorced, making the situation even more uncomfortable.

Caryn working at Roloff Farms while Matt and Amy were still married. TLC

“It’s hard to see in this role, because I’ve known her for so long as an employee, and as someone who worked for us, who did great at the job. And seeing them as a couple, it kind of probably still gets to me. I’m getting use to them being a couple, because so much has happened,” Amy said.

While we’re not sure how that particular night ended, we do know that Amy is still living on the farm as of May of 2019. It’s likely that she and Matt are still working out an agreement for her buyout … either that or, you know, it’s all fake.

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‘LPBW’: Some of Jeremy Roloff’s Followers Are Annoyed He Said They Don’t Know What Goes Into Taking Care of a Farm

Little People, Big World viewers are anxiously awaiting the premiere of the next season, as Season 14 left fans off with some major cliffhangers. We know Amy Roloff bought a new home and is working on moving off of Roloff Farms. And while Matt Roloff seems like he doesn’t necessarily want the family farm anymore, he’s still holding on to it and taking care of the property.

As for Jeremy Roloff, he’s no longer regularly featured on the show. But he and wife Audrey Roloff share their lives and perspective on Instagram and their podcast. And there’s been plenty of speculation to suggest they may take over Roloff Farms.

It seems some of Jeremy’s followers aren’t happy with him after he made a comment about the difficulties of taking care of the farm, however. Here’s what he said.

Jeremy Roloff grew up on Roloff Farms with his siblings

View this post on Instagram

Twins with babies! It’s fun being in the same season of life together.

A post shared by Jeremy James Roloff (@jeremyroloff) on Jan 14, 2020 at 12:48pm PST

Those who’ve been watching Little People, Big World from the beginning are quite familiar with Roloff Farms. Matt and Amy raised their four kids on the farm and used the property to bring in the bulk of their income during the iconic pumpkin season. Every October, the pumpkin patch is open to fans who want to see the farm and meet their favorite reality stars from the family.

While Jeremy is no longer regularly featured on the show, he still makes plenty of visits to Roloff Farms, as his daughter loves to play there. But we know there’s a lot of controversy going on with the property.

After Matt and Amy’s divorce, the exes decided to both stay on the farm while residing in different homes on opposite sides of the property. But now, everything’s changed. Amy bought a new home 15 minutes away from the farm. While Matt still technically lives on the farm, he’s noted before that it’s getting more difficult to take care of as he ages. And he appears to spend more time in his other home in Surprise, Arizona, than the farm in Oregon.

He and Audrey Roloff may take over the farm in the future

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff celebrate their new book, ‘A Love Letter Life’ | Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

What will become of Roloff Farms? We’re not exactly sure, but Matt has alluded that he may sell the property or pass it down to one of his kids. And it seems Jeremy and Audrey may be eyeing it up for themselves.

Back in August 2019, Jeremy posted a photo of him and his daughter while they visited a farm. “There’s something about the farm/ranch life that touches me deep down. I love it. This trip and watching Ember play definitely reawakened us to a yearning & burning we have for land,” he captioned the post. “We’ve always wanted property, but it obviously takes more than want to achieve something. It feels like time to make decisions and a game plan.”

One of Jeremy’s followers commented on the post, “Is the family farm not an option? I always assumed you and Zach would take over from your parents.”

And to that, Jeremy commented back, “it totally is an option!”

Some of his followers are annoyed by what he said about taking care of a farm

If Jeremy and Audrey really are planning to take over Roloff Farms, we’re sure they’re already prepping for it now. But Jeremy still has other projects in mind. He posted photos to Instagram on Jan. 24 showing off a truck he’s building, and some of his followers didn’t think he was being careful with the build around his young daughter. But one Instagram user defended him.

“Let’s just let the dad have a good memory with his girl no need to be such serious Sally’s,” the commented.

To that, Jeremy wrote back, “haha serious. I’m glad people don’t actually see what all goes on behind the scenes of a farm. sheesh.”

Some of his followers thought his comment was a bit pretentious, though.

“Funny how Jeremy is a big enough farmer man to make nasty sarcastic remarks with his social media account (great parenting of your phone there, Jer!) but does not actually share special little films or photos of himself mucking out the goat stalls on Roloff Farms,” one Reddit user commented. “Sorry, Jer. Riding in the back of a track and having campfires is not farming. You live in suburbia and do not actually work on your family farm.”

We’ll have to wait until the next season of the show to see if Jeremy really is considering living the farm life full-time with Roloff Farms!

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And, with that, it’s over.

Both the latest season of Little People, Big World and the one major debate that hung over the past several episodes of this TLC reality show.

Would Amy and Matt Roloff sell their family farm? Would the latter convince the former that this was for the best? Or would the former successfully hold out and hold on to the property?

On Tuesday’s concluding episode of Little People, Big World, Amy finally decided – after lengthy, frustrating and at times anger-filled negotiations with her ex-husband – that living on the farm was no longer “healthy” for her.

She agreed to move on.

“This has been a huge, huge decision, and it’s probably caused me a lot of stress and a lot of anxiety and a lot of sadness,” Amy confessed to the camera on Tuesday night ahead of her meeting with Matt, adding:

“It was hard to get to this place, but I think it’s time.”

Does she really, though?

“I’ve been dreading making this decision,” the mother of four continued.

“I wish it came a lot quicker, but it didn’t. And so I did take the time. It wasn’t easy for me, but I’m glad it’s here now.”

Amy and Matt have lived on the farm in Oregon and run it as a business for three decades.

Even after their divorce in 2016, they remained on the propery; residing just about 100 yards from each other and still working side by side.

So of course this was a monumental decision for Amy. Of course she needed to take her time in making it.

We really can’t believe fans gave her a hard time for thinking about the issue from all sides.

Matt explained on the finale that he wanted Amy to still feel welcome on the farm — and he hoped she would be part of pumpkin season every year.

However, he also agreed that Amy moving on would be best for their family as a whole.

“I’m a little surprised Amy is choosing to sell her equity of the farm, but you know, it feels like it might be the right decision,” he told the camera.

“I know it’s hard for her; it’s hard for both of us and she’s been raising her kids here for 30 years, but I do think it feels like it’s time to move on.”

For his part, Matt referred to farm ownership as a “burden” earlier this season… and he also bought a home in Arizona with girlfriend Caryn Chandler last year.

After all these years on the land, he’s expressed little hesitancy in doing something else with his life.

“I don’t think any decision was really a good one. I think it’s the best one, not only for right now, but I think in the future for me,” Amy said of why she has finally sold, making it clear she isn’t exactly thrilled with the development.

On the finale, she added of her decision:

“This farm worked for me because we had two people making it happen. I can’t do it on my own. Everything for me has changed on the farm.”

How did Zach Roloff feel about this conclusion?

It didn’t come as much of a shock to him, not after the many weeks his mother spent contemplating what to do.

This is what he said once the decision to sell was finalized:

“I think probably that’s the best choice. It will be harsh and quick, but then the road to recovery, I think will happen faster.”

According to Radar Online, however, Oregon property records show both Matt and Amy’s names remain on the deed of the house. So we’re not entirely sure where things stand at the moment, months after the finale was filmed.

As always, however, stay tuned to The Hollywood Gossip for the latest news, views and Roloff hot takes!

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