Little people big world recap

The season 19 premiere of Little People, Big World kicked off on Tuesday, and it’s no surprise that there was drama on Roloff Farms. We haven’t seen the Roloff family in nearly a year, and to say a lot has happened since the season 18 finale would be an understatement.

Here are four major bombshells that were revealed during the episode:

Matt lives part-time in Arizona.

If you follow Matt on social media, you know that he and his girlfriend of almost two years, Caryn, bought a home together in The Grand Canyon State. Since Caryn is originally from Arizona, the two frequently go there to visit her parents. However, we had no idea that Matt spends four months of the year there, which seems like a lot considering that leaves Amy to basically run the farm year ’round.

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Speaking of Caryn … it seems like she and Matt might get married?

Another Roloff engagement could be on the horizon. During their 1:1 interview, Caryn and Matt hinted that they would like to eventually get married, which, TBH, seems like a natural next step. “The idea of having a husband is kind of interesting,” Caryn said, as Matt looked on in excitement.

Matt revealed the real reason why he and Amy got divorced.

Matt and Amy are clearly not on the same page at all when it comes to what to do with the farm. Apparently, in their divorce settlement, neither one of them can make any changes to the business without the other one’s consent. However, Matt is pressing Amy to decide either to sell or buy him out of the property. Amy isn’t sure what she wants to do, but says she’s feeling anxious about the whole thing. Matt, on the other hand, said he is getting older, and hinted that Amy’s indecisiveness has been a thorn in his side for years. “Amy is a different person, who processes information differently, so therein lies the challenge. I’d said that’s the reason why we’re divorced in the first place.”

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Matt and Amy don’t talk … almost at all.

You can clearly cut the tension with a knife when the two of them are in the same space together, and it’s even more contentious if they actually have to start talking. That’s because Amy revealed that the two hardly talk about anything. “Matt and I really don’t talk with one another unless we have to … whether it be something with the kids or business.”

Sad face.

We’ll just have to keep watching to see what the fate of Roloff Farms, and Matt and Amy’s relationship, will be.

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The future of Amy Roloff looks both promising and unclear at the moment.

As has been well-documented this far on Little People, Big World, the veteran reality star is very content with boyfriend Chris Marek, yet she also isn’t certain whether she wants to sell the farm and move on.

The latest installment of this TLC series, however, took a look back at Amy’s past, not a look ahead to see what may be next.

And it revealed something heretofore unknown about the mother of four in the process.

Visiting her family home on this episode, Amy felt comfortable opening up about her less-than-ideal childhood with her beau, telling everyone about an ulcer that left her “sick half the time” in grade school and middle school.

It was a very serious situation.

Attributing the condition to “nervousness” and “stress,” Amy explained she feels like she “brought on the stress” herself, explaining;

“I think I worried a lot about what the kids always thought.”

Why? Because of her stature, of course.

Amy said she was the only little person in her class.

“I didn’t do as much as I would have hoped in high school. I did not venture out, because I did not want to be rejected,” she said on air, adding that she “felt very vulnerable” at almost all times.

On one especially emotional occasion, she thought back to her her dad returning home from work to convince her she had nothing to fear when it came to flaunting herself, despite being shorter than average.

It was a helpful pep talk back then.

“If you don’t go to school, look at those people who do not get to know you and be your friend,” she recalled him saying. “You get to choose who you want to be friends with.”

“It has been with me ever since,” she told the cameras of these sage words from her father.

As a mother of one little person herself (son Zach Roloff), Amy tries very hard to set a similarly positive and inspiring model.

She’s mostly succeeded to date at that, but she was very afraid on this episode that her admission would somehow come across as a failure to Marek.

Might he judge her or think less of her?

Of course not!

“The health problems that Amy had growing up, that was news to me,” Chris confessed to the camera. “I didn’t realize she had all those physical difficulties.

Hearing about all she had been through to become the woman he loves, Marek added:

“I have a greater appreciation for the strong person she is today.”

What a perfect response.

No wonder Amy just told Us Weekly she would “definitely” like to get married again someday.

This Marek guys sounds like a total keeper.

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‘Little People, Big World’: Amy & Matthew Roloff Open Up About Dating Other People

It just one big happy family!

Amy, Matthew and Zach Roloff stopped by Access Live to open up about their hit TLC show “Little People, Big World,” and how things have changed since Amy and Matthew got divorced.

The former couple, who called it quits back in 2015, got super candid about still being in each other’s lives.

“I think we do our best, do we do it perfectly? No. But we still want to remain respectful,” Amy told Access Live.

Adding, “We still bicker, you know, things like that … but I think for the most part, we did have a long life together and why hate each other?”

Even though the pair’s nearly 30-year marriage didn’t work out, Amy and Matthew still support each other’s new journey to finding love.

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“After divorce, production was like you got to date, date, and I’m like, ‘wait a minute … I need to breathe; I need to be by myself for a moment’ … so I just pulled a single’s event together and he (her new beau Chris) just happened to be there,” Amy recalled to Access Live.

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My next chapter? An RV and motorcycle trip and Chris! Watch LPBW TONIGHT Season 14… @tlc and see when Zach and Tori got Murphy and Matt. Ups and downs of family life. #lpbw #tlc #amyroloffssecondact #allaboutfamily #thankyouall

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Meanwhile, Matthew also confessed that he found new love pretty fast.

Even though the duo are no longer a couple, their son Zach said they still have a lot of “respect” towards one another.