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Audrey Roloff Opens Up About the ‘Struggles’ in Her 4-Year Marriage to Jeremy: ‘We Fight, Cry’

Audrey Roloff is getting candid about the “struggles” in her nearly 5-year marriage with Jeremy.

In a “vulnerable” Instagram post shared Tuesday, the Little People, Big World star opened up about the difficulties that she and her husband have recently been working through.

“WARNING‼️vulnerable post: ⁣To be honest, the last few weeks have been hard on our marriage. We have been working through some things and let’s just say there has been a lot of ‘heated fellowship,’ morning hugs missed, and date nights postponed,” Audrey began the post, which was posted alongside a smiling snap of the couple, captured shortly before she said she was in tears.

“We are overworked and exhausted from the pace we’ve been running for too long,” she admitted. “We know we need to slow down, but as Dallas Willard puts it, ‘we intend what is right, but we avoid the life that would make it a reality.’ Instead, we keep running, keep pushing, keep producing and keep squeezing all the margin out of our lives. It’s robbing our joy, stealing our peace, and hindering our ability to love.”

And although the mother of one — she and Jeremy, 29, share daughter Ember Jean, who will turn 2 in September — frequently shares happy and loving family photos with her 1 million Instagram followers, she said that the images aren’t “the full picture” of everyday life.

“If you’ve ever looked at or read a post from us and thought ‘They must just have it all together.’ Volume up for this one….WE DON’T🙅🏼‍♀️” said Audrey.

She disclosed: “We fight, struggle, cry, and face challenges just like anyone. I’m saying this here because if you look at my Instagram feed from the past 3 weeks you don’t see the long tearful conversations, the hurtful remarks, the compiling complaints, the critical spirits, the prideful inner dialogue, or our unloving and disrespectful attitudes. You don’t see the full picture.⁣”

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The TLC star continued, “A few nights ago we went for an evening drive to talk through some struggles and we stumbled upon a trestle….😆 It was like God knew we needed something that would force us both to smile😅 Although you can’t tell by the photo, this wasn’t a happy night. I cried shortly after we snapped this photo. I’m saying this because I don’t want you to be deceived by the highlight reel that is ‘the gram.’ “

Audrey continued by encouraging her followers to not compare their lives to people they follow on social media, noting that “we all have a messy behind the scenes reality.”

“ALL OF US. Even the people you follow on social media who seem to be the most ‘real.’ Even they have struggles they don’t share, and hurts the don’t publicize. We all do. And that’s ok! But that also means we need to remind ourselves when we’re scrolling this space that it’s not real life,⁣” she wrote. ⁣

She concluded, “So friend, if you’re comparing your life, marriage, kids, house, job, body, etc. to what you see on Instagram, remember it’s NOT the full picture. And I just want to remind ya, you are enough. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. And you are loved.”

Jeremy and Audrey were engaged in March 2014 and married that September amid family and friends at Roloff Farms in Hillsboro, Oregon. This September, the couple will celebrate their 5-year wedding anniversary.

Although the pair appeared on Little People, Big World for years, they said goodbye to the Roloff family’s reality show last summer.

After 14 years and 17 seasons on the TLC series, Jeremy announced on social media that he, his wife and their daughter were departing the program, which premiered in 2006.

“This is an announcement concerning Jeremy Roloff and his family specifically: After 14 years, over 300 episodes, and 17 seasons, the time has come. A year ago I made the decision that this season would be our last,” he began.

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“It has been an amazing run, and I can’t say thank you enough to all of you who have watched and supported us along the ride. We have the most loyal fans on TV and we appreciate every one of you. You are what made doing this so fun,” he wrote.

Although they wouldn’t be starring on the series following the announcement, they extended their support to their family members who continued with the program.

“We will still be supporting the family as they carry the #LPBW torch onward. This is a decision concerning Audrey and me specifically – the show must go on!” he wrote.

Following the news, Audrey praised Jeremy’s decision in a supportive Instagram tribute.

“In case you didn’t see our annoucement over on @jeremyroloff’s IGTV ….. This past season was our last season of filming for Little People Big World,” Audrey began.

“ know it’s been a shorter run for me (for Jeremy it’s been 14 years!😮), but I’ve shared some pretty big life moments on #LPBW – getting engaged, our wedding day, the launch of @beating50, 3 moves, a remodel, finding out we were having a baby girl, and becoming a new mom!” she shared.

Image zoom Jeremy Roloff, Audrey Roloff and daughter Ember Audrey Roloff/Instagram

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Audrey thanked fans for “the encouragement, kindness, and support that each of you have shown to our family. We are forever grateful for the run we’ve had, but excited to focus on what we feel the Lord is calling us too! You guys are the most loyal fans. Thank you for respecting our decision. And thanks to TLC for putting up with us;) .“

She concluded by praising Jeremy’s decision and character: “Mostly, I am so proud of my husband who has grown up in the public eye and yet remained grounded, wise, and steadfast in his faith. This decision is one that I respect him for immensely. ‘Here’s hail to the rest of the road!’ I love you Farmer. Psalm 20:7 #journeyofjerandauj #beating50percent.”

Back in 2018, Little People, Big World fans were shocked to learn that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff would no longer be appearing on the popular TLC show.

Jeremy took to Instagram in July to reveal that “the time has come” for the couple, and their 1-year-old daughter Ember, to leave the show.

“A year ago I made the decision that this season would be our last,” Jeremy wrote. “It has been an amazing run, and I can’t say thank you enough to all of you who have watched and supported us along the ride.”

Jeremy emphasized that the decision only affects him and his immediate family, not Zach and Tori, or their baby Jackson, who also appear on the show.

The post continues by saying that the couple isn’t “disappearing” and have a lot of “exciting stuff” in the works.

Jeremy then took to his Instagram stories with Audrey and Ember, to go further into detail about why they are leaving. “Two years ago when Audrey got pregnant, I started thinking how long I wanted to keep doing the show,” he said, noting that when Ember was born, and during the past year, they’ve felt the need to move on and concentrate on other projects.

A Love Letter Life

TLC released a statement saying, “We wish Jeremy, Audrey, and Ember the best, and are excited to continue to keep up with other members of the Roloff family when Little People, Big World returns.”

Jeremy first appeared on the show alongside his parents and siblings in 2006. He was 13 years old at the time. Fourteen years later, Little People, Big World has become one of the biggest shows on the TLC network. The family business has also expanded past Roloff Farms.

Nearly every member now has their own company and ventures, including Jeremy and Audrey. The 28-year-olds have been working on a blog for years, and they also have a clothing company, as well as a new book, A Love Letter Life.

So you can imagine, with a baby, their lives are pretty hectic and discontinuing filming makes sense.

Luckily, we will still have Matt, Amy, Zach, Tori, and Baby Jackson to keep us in the loop.

More Little People, Big World News Michelle Manetti Michelle is the Deputy Editor at Good Housekeeping.

Since 2006, viewers of “Little People, Big World” on the TLC channel have watched Matt Roloff, Amy Roloff and the family members deal with a variety of issues, including Matt and Amy’s divorce. But as People reports today, there’s good news for Amy Roloff, who has announced she’s engaged to her boyfriend, Chris Marek.

As the People story says, “Marek proposed on Wednesday night, one day after Roloff’s birthday,” at the restaurant the couple has frequented since their first anniversary.

Roloff, 55, tells People that, “I never in a million years thought I’d be getting married again,” but that she hoped for it, and “now that it’s happening, I couldn’t be happier or more excited.”

Marek tells People that he was nervous, and for the ring, he selected “a heart shaped diamond because I knew that’s what Amy wanted.”

When “Little People, Big World” began, the focus was on family life at Roloff Farms, in the Helvetia area. The show also explored challenges faced by Matt and Amy, who have dwarfism, as does their son, Zach. The other Roloff children, Jeremy, Molly and Jacob don’t have dwarfism.

As the show has gone on, viewers have watched the children grow up, get married and have children of their own. Some family members no longer appear regularly on the show, including Jacob, and Jeremy and his wife, Audrey.

View this post on Instagram

Just a few more photos from the celebrating the love of Jacob and Isabel from their wedding. I’m so blessed. It was a beautiful wonderful day a beginning of a life long journey together. 😊💗🎉💗😊. #amyroloffssecondact #rockandroloffwedding #moniqueserraphotography

A post shared by Amy Roloff (@amyjroloff) on Sep 13, 2019 at 2:05pm PDT

In the most dramatic development, Amy Roloff filed for divorce in 2015, after 27 years of marriage to Matt Roloff.

But the show continued, even after the Roloffs’ divorce was finalized, and both Amy and Matt explored other relationships. According to People, “Little People, Big World” will return for new episodes in 2020.

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Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Reveal What the Other Roloffs Think of Them Leaving ‘Little People, Big World’

We remember when the Roloff children were just kids in the early years of Little People, Big World. Of course, a lot has changed over 14 seasons — and Jeremy, Jacob, Zach, and Molly are all grown up. Jeremy’s always been a fan favorite, and everyone was sad to see him depart the show to pursue his own endeavors with wife Audrey Roloff. Today, we’re still keeping up with them via social media, but fans still wish they got an in-depth look into their life via TLC’s TV show.

Recently, Jeremy and Audrey had an interview with Access Live to discuss their new book, A Love Letter Life. But the topic of the two of them leaving the show came up. Here’s what Jeremy had to say about it.

Jeremy announced he was leaving Little People, Big World via Instagram

Jeremy grew up on TV, but now that’s he’s grown up, married, and begun his own ventures, he found himself ready to break free from reality television. Fans certainly loved watching him interact with his other family members (especially his twin, Zach) while on Little People, Big World, but in July 2018, he announced his departure from the show via Instagram.

“After 14 years, over 300 episodes, and 17 seasons, the time has come. A year ago I made the decision that this season would be our last,” he wrote in the post. Jeremy then goes on to thank everyone involved with the show and his loyal fan base who don’t want to see him and Audrey leave the screen. “We have a lot of exciting stuff in the works and are eager to continue the work that the Lord has called us to!” he wrote. Luckily for fans, Jeremy and Audrey vowed to not disappear from the public eye completely — and we see they upheld that promise with their recent interviews and projects they’ve shared online.

Jeremy recently discussed what his family thinks during an interview with Access Live

Jeremy and Audrey were mainly on Access Live to promote A Love Letter Life, but talk of them leaving Little People, Big World came up. When one of the hosts of the show asked the couple why they called it quits on the show, Jeremy further explained their decision. “I just reached a point where it was never really something I said ‘yes’ to, I just grew up doing it,” Jeremy said. “If you asked me if I’d do it all over again, I’d say ‘yes’ … I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but it’s just a long time. It’s time to do something else.”

As for what the other Roloffs think of Jeremy and Audrey’s departure, Jeremy also touched on this during the interview. “They all understand,” Jeremy assured the interviewers. “We’ve all been doing it — it’s been a family business for 14 years, like, that’s a long time to be working all together, day in and day out, making TV.”

Will we see him and Audrey at all on TV in the future?

View this post on Instagram

ONE. MORE. SLEEP. Ahhhh It feels like the night before our wedding all over again… #ALoveLetterLife FINALLY RELEASES TOMORROW If you pre-ordered it, check your mailbox tomorrow for a love letter from us ⁣ ⁣ Drop a if you’re excited!!!!!

A post shared by Audrey Mirabella Roloff (@audreyroloff) on Apr 1, 2019 at 8:30pm PDT

Jeremy and Audrey may no longer regularly take part in LPBW episodes, but that doesn’t mean we’ll never see them on television again. “I like to say we may have quit the show but we didn’t quit our family,” Jeremy explains. “We still make our cameos and we still go to Jackson’s birthday party and hang out with the family.” This means that we’re sure to see Jeremy and Audrey on future episodes of the show even if we’re not following their own storyline.

For fans who want to continue to get updates on Jeremy and Audrey’s life, they can also follow both of them on Instagram and listen to their podcast, “Behind the Scenes,” where they have frank discussions about their relationship and interview guest stars as well. And given the early success of their first book, we wouldn’t be surprised if they continue writing, too.

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Former Little People, Big World stars Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff announced the gender of the fourth edition of their family. The couple posted a fun gender reveal video on Instagram revealing they are having a baby boy.

Jeremy, one of the four of the Roloff children, was thrust into reality TV in 2006 when he was 16-years-old when his family was featured on Little People, Big World. The show revolved around his parents Matt and Amy Roloff, who are both 4 feet tall, as they face the challenges of raising thier four children and operating their 34-acre Oregon farm. Jeremy, a twin to brother Zach, who has dwarfism, is average height like his other two siblings Molly and Jacob. In September 2014, Jeremy married Audrey Mirabella Botti, which was featured on the popular TLC show. The former Little People, Big World stars own and operate a website where the couple helps by connecting with other Christian couples who are striving to improve their marriage. Jeremy is also a New York Times Bestselling author with his book, A Love Letter Life. Then, in July 2018, after 14 years and 17 seasons of opening his life to the public eye, he decided that he and Audrey would be leaving the show.

The couple welcomed their first child, Ember Jean Roloff, in September 2017. The couple announced back on July 1 that their family will be expanding as they are expecting their second child together, and they teased the gender with a fun gender reveal video on mom-to-be Audrey’s Instagram account. The video starts with the couple counting down as they pull the string on a smoke bomb, revealing blue smoke, indicating the new arrival will be a boy. By the surprise on Audrey and Jeremy’s faces, it’s apparent that the gender of their new baby was a surprise to them as well. The video is captioned with, “IT’S A…..” followed by blue heart emojis. This will be the second grandson for Matt and Amy Roloff, when Jeremy’s twin Zach and his wife Victoria Elizabeth Patton welcomed Jackson Kyle in 2017.

View this post on Instagram

IT’S A…… 😭😭😭⁣💙💙💙 ⁣ Did you guess right?😉 We are surprised and can’t wait to be a family of four🙌🏻 💗thanks for capturing the moment @jackbotti

A post shared by Audrey Mirabella Roloff (@audreyroloff) on Aug 17, 2019 at 8:56pm PDT

The happy couple celebrate with family and friends with all things blue. Their daughter is seen eating a cupcake with blue frosting and smelling blue flowers. The caption goes on to express their excitement about the news of having a baby boy. Audrey wrote, “Did you guess right? We are surprised and can’t wait to be a family of four.” The fun video ends with Audrey asking their two-year-old daughter Ember to say “baby brother.” Jeremy went to his own Instagram to share the gender reveal video, where he wrote, “We’re so excited! Haha cheers!!”

Although fans wont be able to watch Jeremy and Audrey on Little People, Big World anymore, they continue to show off their growing family on Instagram. The couple has yet to reveal the name of the new family member, but fans can look forward to more pictures and news of the new baby boy in the coming months. Fans can look forward to seeing the next generation Roloff clan.

Source: Audrey Roloff

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Little People, Big World: Jeremy Roloff Hernia Surgery

That video captures Jeremy Roloff in a fog during his homecoming as well. Audrey also popped into the video to offer her take on her husband and how he’s handling his recuperation post-surgery. It appears he had surgery for a hernia. From what the Little People, Big World couple says everything went as expected with the procedure.

Previous reports put Jeremy Roloff in great pain, which prompted him to get this surgery. This operation, which was scheduled ahead of time, took place on Friday. It looks like Audrey also offered up a quick commercial while filming her Little People, Big World famous husband.

Audrey talked about friends of hers who open up their online shop for only a few days a year. She just happened to be wearing one of the pieces of clothing they sell, a shirt. Apparently their shirts sport inspirational sayings. So she plugged her friends’ online store in between showing off, Jeremy, her recuperating LPBW husband.


Jeremy Roloff Under the Influence

Jeremy Roloff was a bit comical because he was still under the influence of drugs from the surgery. Before going into the procedure this Little People, Big World expectant father was anxious about the ordeal. After the procedure, he did seem somewhat fuzzy.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have a daughter, Ember Roloff. Their second baby is due in January and the baby is a boy, which they revealed a while back. Jeremy was only 13-years-old when Little People, Big World first debuted. Now at 28, 14-plus years have gone by.

Little People, Big World: Gone From TLC Reality Show But They Keep Fans In the Loop

Little People, Big World catapulted to one of the most popular shows on the TLC network. But this couple worked at other stuff on the side while on the show. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have built their blog together and they also have a clothing business. While they don’t film the show anymore, they still keep their followers up to date online.

Jeremy Roloff decided to stop filing the LPBW show now that his family is growing. With a few irons of his own in the fire, they have plenty to keep them busy. This also includes a book he and Audrey just released – A Love Letter Life.

Stay up to date with news about Little People, Big World by checking in with Soap Dirt often.