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‘Little People, Big World’ Star Amy Roloff Mourns Death of her Mother

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The last two weeks have been a roller coaster ride. Happy and sad. Chris asked me to marry him and I couldn’t be happier – I said Yes. ❤️ and so excited and looking forward to continuing our journey together. 😊💍 So sad because A few days later my father told me mom was in the hospital and a day later my sister told me mom had passed away. She died on the 24th. My heart broke, I cried and sadness came upon me. I didn’t know what emotions to feel. Happy one moment sad the next. The woman who raised and taught me so much and loved me along w/ my dad passed away. She isn’t here anymore. I won’t be able to see and talk to her. And yet she’s not in pain and hurting anymore either. She lived a good life with my Dad. She didn’t have to go in a home but was able to stay in her home until she died. She would have been 87 years old and my parents would have been married 67 years on the 3rd. I’ll miss her a lot. I’ll miss not seeing her when I go back home – her strong feisty ways along with her gentle soft loving heart. I’m thankful for so much because of my Mom. I’m thankful she believed and had faith and know she’s with Jesus now. I’m thankful I got to talk to her on Sunday before she went to the hospital and then passed away. I know she’ll never stop loving me and is proud of me, I’m thankful all my kids got to go to Michigan last summer and see her and my dad and she got to meet her great grand kids. She was happy because of that. ❤️ I’m sad because I won’t be able to see and talk to her anymore and yet happy because she’s home with the Lord. I pray for my Dad. He’s by himself and He misses her so much. He’ll be 91 soon and he lost his friend, his wife and the person he’s known for over 70 years and been married to for 67 years ❤️ Even in my mom’s passing she is lovingly teaching and reminding me- life is but a moment. Be and do your best today and if tomorrow comes do it again. Mom, I love you ❤️ always. 2 Timothy 4:7-8

A post shared by Amy Roloff (@amyjroloff) on Oct 1, 2019 at 12:29pm PDT

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Despite the Roloff family not being too terribly direct about the death in the family, fans are flooding her comments section on social media. Fans are sending their thoughts and condolences their way! One person says, “So deeply sorry for the loss of your mother. May you know that many prayers will be with you as you go through this tough time.”

Another says, “I had read her mom was not doing so well and on Facebook, many have said her mother passed away. My condolences to you and your family, Amy. Praying for you all.”

Amy might have felt that it was coming

Amy Roloff and her parents / Instagram

The last time we saw Amy see her family was towards the end of August this year. She visits her parents in Michigan because her mother had been hospitalized. She shares with her fans that she really wanted to spend some quality time with her parents at that moment, and also shares a pretty ominous message.

“This time the moments meant so much more- maybe because I’m not so sure when the next time I’ll get to share a day, a conversation, a meal … w/ my Mom and Dad,” she writes in the caption.

Amy Roloff and her parents / Instagram

Thankfully, Roloff’s mom was able to meet her new boyfriend and now fiancé, Chris Marek, before she passed. Wishing all thoughts, prayers, and peace towards the family at this time.

So heartbreaking. Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff’s mother, Patricia Knight, died on September 24, Radar Online reported. She was 86 years old. Her husband of 67 years, Gordon G. Knight, was right by her side, according to the outlet.

Amy, 55, shared on Instagram over the past few months that her mother’s health was failing her. “I’m thankful I got to make more moments with my mom and dad to bank in my memory and Chris was with me. ❤️😊❤️,” she wrote on August 2. “My mom is hanging in there. She’s still able to get around a little — she’s determined and her mind is strong but her body is weak. Just try to take time to appreciate moments every day before they slip away. Love to you all 🌻❤️😊❤️🌻.”

Courtesy of Amy Roloff/ Instagram

Little People, Big World fans may have had an inkling that something was up after a series of cryptic posts Amy’s made on Instagram, although she has not yet officially shared the tragic news there. For instance, she posted shots of her grandkids on September 30, and said, “It’s been a tough week after hearing sad news. But these two — my grandkids Jackson and Ember — always make me smile and melt my heart 😊❤️. Simply, love them so much. #grandkids #imthankful #imblessed #amyroloffssecondact Love being a grandma!”

Plus, Amy shared photos celebrating her engagement to her boyfriend, Chris, on September 25, but the caption began rather ominously. “A lot has happened to me this past week and a half (more later),” she shared. Sadly, that was just a day after her mother died.

It appears the reality TV star’s mother has been ill for a little while now. Amy also shared on June 11 on her Instagram, “I’m so bummed my mom couldn’t come home yet but needs to stay in the hospital a little longer so they can take care of an infection in the bone of her finger still. Her heart is weak but she is doing well considering. I was sad to have to leave already to come back home. I’ll be back in July. Thank you to those for your prayers and encouragement. I’m very appreciative of them. Appreciate moments every day for time is but a moment and goes by fast.” We really hope Amy is finding comfort in her family — and her new fiancé — as she goes through this extremely difficult time and our thoughts are with her.

Little People, Big World Amy Roloff star is leaning on family and counting the blessings in her life following the death of her mother, Patricia Knight. Just six days after her mother reportedly passed away following a months-long health struggle, Roloff took to Instagram to subtly address her loss and reveal how she is coping.

“It’s been a tough week after hearing sad news. But these two – my grand kids Jackson and Ember – always make me smile and melt my heart,” she captioned a photo of grandchildren Jackson Roloff, the 2-year-old son of Zach and Tori, and Ember, the 2-year-old daughter of Jeremy and Audrey.

“Simply, Love them so much,” she concluded the post, adding the hashtags “I’m thankful,” “I’m blessed,” and “Amy Roloff’s second act” before signing off with “love being a grandma!”

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A post shared by Amy Roloff (@amyjroloff) on Sep 30, 2019 at 4:59am PDT

Shared two hours before Radar Online confirmed Knight’s passing, many fans have sent their well wishes as well as their condolences in the comments section.

“I’m sorry you had some bad news. Hope everything is ok. Praying for you,” one person wrote.

“Praying for you what ever the news was God has your back,” commented a second.

“I’m so sorry for your lost,” another fan wrote.

“Your grandkids are adorable and growing so fast,” wrote another. “My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.”

According to Radar Online, Knight passed away at a Michigan hospital on Tuesday, Sept. 24 with her husband of 67 years, Gordon C. Knight, by her side. Her death came just months after she was hospitalized for a bone infection and shortly after Roloff revealed that Knight’s “body is weak.” Knight’s passing also came just a week after Roloff became engaged to her longtime boyfriend Chris Marek.

Speaking out about the engagement, Roloff had alluded that she had recently suffered a loss, writing, “a lot has happened to me this past week and a half (more later)but I wanted to share again A beautiful event that happened in my life.”


The Little People, Big World star, who made several trips to Michigan to visit her parents in recent months, has not yet confirmed news of her mother’s passing.

Knight is survived by her husband and their three children – Katherine, Roger, and Roloff. According to her obituary and as reported by Radar, a memorial service will be held in late October, with Roloff, along with her children Jeremy, Zach, Jacob, and Molly, expected to be in attendance.

‘LPBW’: Matt Roloff Just Called Amy Roloff ‘Wonderful’ and ‘Accomplished’ on Instagram

The Roloffs are currently filming a new season of Little People, Big World, and after last season, we’re curious as to how Matt and Amy Roloff are doing. We know the couple has been divorced for years, and Amy’s even engaged to her partner of three years, Chris Marek. Despite Matt and Amy going their separate ways, the two are still living on the Roloff Farms property, which has also caused some major problems between the exes. And we can’t forget that Amy had unkind truths revealed about Matt in her memoir, A Little Me.

Despite their differences, Matt recently wrote a post on Instagram about Amy’s mother. And in the post, he mentioned the “wonderful” and “accomplished” Amy. Here’s what happened.

Amy Roloff wrote some scathing details about Matt in her memoir

Matt and Amy Roloff from ‘Little People, Big World’ during an interview | Stacie McChesney/NBCU Photo Bank

Both Matt and Amy have moved on from the divorce with their significant others, but it seems there are certain aspects of the split that are difficult for Amy to cope with. During the last season of the show, we saw how uncomfortable she was around Matt’s girlfriend and ex-Roloff Farms manager, Caryn Chandler. But in Amy’s memoir, A Little Me, she went into further detail regarding why she’s still hurt by the divorce and deeply uncomfortable around Chandler.

“Then it dawned on me. Matt and our farm manager, who had been working for us a number of years by then, seemed to have more than just a working relationship or friendship,” Amy said in her book. Not only that, but she also talked about inappropriate photos and videos that were swapped between the two of them. And she also talked of Matt’s alleged controlling behavior on the set of the show.

Amy’s mother recently passed away

Still dealing with the aftermath of the divorce is far from the only thing on Amy’s mind, however. The past few months were a total whirlwind for her. While her engagement with Marek brought her good news, fans also knew that her mother was sick, as she was posting about visiting her mother in Michigan to Instagram. After a few bouts of sickness, Amy just told her Instagram followers that her mother passed away.

“Today I’m heading to Michigan for my Mom’s memorial on Thursday and to say goodbye to her And grateful to be with my Dad for a little bit afterwards,” she captioned this Instagram post of her and Marek on Roloff Farms. “I’m torn with my emotions. I miss her so much and at the same time happy she’s not in pain anymore and with the Lord.”

Amy recently posted a few more photos of her family during her most recent trip back home, too. “This weekend, my family came together to celebrate my Mom’s life. I say celebrate, because though I mourn and am sad she is not here anymore, my heart knows she is w/ the Lord,” Amy wrote.

Matt called Amy ‘wonderful’ and ‘accomplished’ in his tribute to Amy’s mom

Despite their differences, Matt and Amy are still doing their best to respect each other — and Matt even wrote a tribute to Amy’s mother on his own Instagram. “Today I reflect on an amazing woman, a wife, a mother, grandmother and great grandmother and my mother in law .. whom I always loved, appreciated and respected,” Matt captioned his post. He then went on to explain how Amy’s mom, Patricia Knight, was a woman of “deep committed faith” who will be remembered fondly by those who know her.

Not only that, but Matt mentioned Knight’s four children, too — and he gave Amy a great compliment. “Pat raised 4 wonderful accomplished adults one of which was my xwife Amy Roloff. Who went on raise my own 4 adoring children,” he continued.

Matt and Amy may not always get along, but it seems as if this Instagram post was something of an olive branch to Amy during this difficult time. We’re hoping to see the exes getting along better next season!

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Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff confirmed on Monday that her mother, Patricia Knight, has died at age 86.

“I am so sad about my mom’s passing, but comforted by all the memories I have and that she lived a happy, long life with my father. She was a great mom,” Amy told People in a statement. “Life is a gift, appreciate the moments in each day.”

On Instagram, Amy posted a photo of her two grandchildren, Jackson and Ember, and wrote: “It’s been a tough week after hearing sad news. But these two — my grand kids Jackson and Ember — always make me smile and melt my heart. 😊❤️. Simply, Love them so much … love being a grandma!”

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It’s been a tough week after hearing sad news. But these two – my grand kids Jackson and Ember – always make me smile and melt my heart. 😊❤️. Simply, Love them so much. #grandkids #imthankful #imblessed #amyroloffssecondact love being a grandma!

A post shared by Amy Roloff (@amyjroloff) on Sep 30, 2019 at 4:59am PDT

When hearing the news, Amy’s fans immediately rallied around the TLC star to show their support. “My prayers are with you and your family,” one fan wrote. “My condolences to you and your family, Amy,” another said. A different fan commented, “So sorry to hear about your Mom’s passing, Amy.”

Back in June, Amy went to visit her parents in Michigan after her mom was admitted to the hospital. She later shared that her mom’s heart was “weak” but her mind was “sharp.”

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My mom! The older I get I realize how wonderfully amazing you are! Thank you for You! I love you Mom! Can’t wait to see you in Michigan this summer. 😊💗🌸🌷🌸.

A post shared by Amy Roloff (@amyjroloff) on May 13, 2018 at 12:06pm PDT

“Wish it was for other reasons than my Mom being in the hospital — I love coming ‘home’ to Michigan,” she wrote at the time. “After visiting w/ my Mom in the hospital I made dinner for my Dad! He enjoyed it and I loved making it for him.”

Amy also said this about her mom: “The transition of slowing down and not doing all she’d like to do will be hard. Just need to appreciate the moments, what she can do and the days that are left.”

According to Patricia’s obituary, the family is holding a memorial service for her on Thursday, October 24 at a local Michigan funeral home.

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‘LPBW’: Jeremy Roloff Just Talked About the Recent ‘Highs and Lows of Emotions’ on His Instagram Story

While fans are anxiously awaiting for the next season of Little People, Big World, we’re getting plenty of updates on how the Roloff family’s doing thanks to Instagram. Matt and Amy Roloff are currently helping Roloff Farms out with their annual pumpkin season, and two of their kids, Jeremy and Zach, appear to be on the farm quite often as well. Despite the joy that pumpkin season brings, there’s still plenty of drama going on for the family, however.

While Zach remains a regular on the show, Jeremy has taken a step back from filming with wife Audrey Roloff. But Jeremy still gives his followers updates on his life. And he took to his Instagram Story to share some of his emotions regarding big recent events.

Amy Roloff’s mother recently passed away

It’s been quite a year for Amy Roloff. Last season, we saw her struggle with her decision to sell her half of Roloff Farms to Matt. And after the season ended, fans couldn’t stop talking about the scathing information she included about Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, in her memoir. Now, Amy’s life is changing in a whole new way, as her partner of three years, Chris Marek, proposed. But with the highs come the lows, too. After Amy wrote on Instagram about her engagement, she also told her followers her mother passed away.

“She died on the 24th. My heart broke, I cried and sadness came upon me,” Amy wrote on this post. “I didn’t know what emotions to feel. Happy one moment sad the next. The woman who raised and taught me so much and loved me along w/ my dad passed away.”

Jeremy Roloff recorded his journey back to Michigan for the funeral

Jeremy Roloff’s Instagram Story about flying to Michigan | Jeremy Roloff via Instagram Story

Amy also noted on her Instagram that she wouldn’t be on Roloff Farms as much this year for pumpkin season — and part of the reason for that is because of her mom’s passing. “Today I’m heading to Michigan for my Mom’s memorial on Thursday and to say goodbye to her And grateful to be with my Dad for a little bit afterwards,” Amy wrote on this Instagram post. “I’m torn with my emotions. I miss her so much and at the same time happy she’s not in pain anymore and with the Lord.”

Jeremy Roloff is also heading out to Michigan for his grandmother’s funeral, as he noted as much on his Instagram Story. And he also had quite a long layover in Chicago, so he asked his followers if he should sleep in the airport or find a hotel. He ultimately decided to grab a cab and head to a hotel — and in the cab, he went on to talk about his feelings to his Story.

He noted ‘highs and lows of emotions’

Jeremy Roloff celebrate his new book, ‘A Love Letter Life’ | Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

While being driven to his hotel, Jeremy discussed his emotions regarding his grandmother’s passing with his followers. “It’s gonna be an early morning. Tomorrow’s my grandmother’s funeral, which is a bummer. So that’s why I’m passing through Chicago,” Jeremy started. He then went on to talk about how amazing the last few days were, as he and Audrey finished up a trip with fellow entrepreneurs in California. “It’s kind of been the highs and lows of emotions I guess you could say, the last couple days.”

Amy has also talked about how she’s been experiencing some extreme highs and lows lately. “It’s a kind of mixed emotions for my heart kind of day. I’m sad and yet I know I’m blessed in many ways and I’m so thankful for life and moments. Remember to be kind and let others know you love them every day,” Amy wrote.

We’re sending love to Amy, Jeremy, and everyone else in the Roloff family during these emotional times!

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