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Test Drive: Does Lipstick Queen’s “Frog Prince” Really Work?

The green formula is said to give you lovely pink lips and cheeks that best match your skin tone and pH. (No, it does not turn into a prince when you kiss it.)

by Candice Chua | July 21, 2016

About a year ago, Lipstick Queen released what I regard as one of the most interesting lipsticks to strut the face of this earth – the Frog Prince. Deep green in appearance, the lipstick quickly changes to a shade of pink according to the wearer’s pH and skin tone. Think of it like a mood ring of sorts, but for your lips.

I was desperate to try it, but seeing as I wasn’t and still am not that huge of a beauty junkie – ignoring the fact that I went ballistic while beauty shopping in Seoul last week! – Frog Prince fell to the back of mind. When Escentials recently announced that the new Frog Prince Cream Blush and Lip Gloss had arrived on our shores, I decided it was time to stop procrastinating.

First, the Frog Prince Lip Gloss. It is as green and glittery as you’d imagine it to be, and it goes on easily and nicely, leaving just a slight tinge of micro green glitter on your lips. (For reference, I’d say my skin tone is medium-fair with a hint of olive.) By the second coat, my lips had turned into a bright part-punch, part-fuchsia pink. Interesting. I’m not a big fan of lip glosses, but the formula felt light and non-sticky on the lips. True to its word, it also left a slight plumping effect, something I was really happy about.

To double check that the colour did indeed change on my lips, I tested the gloss on my arm. Yeap, it stayed green. Did I like the shade of pink bequeathed upon me by Frog Prince? So-so, though it had more to do with the fact that I’m not big on bright pink lips. I’m more of a dark lip gal. Apparently, some wearers got a berry pink out of it. That, I would have liked more. Damn you, skin pH and your inability to give me a dark lip.

What’s surprising about the Frog Prince Lip Gloss is that it actually stays on like a tint. A clear bright pink remained on my lips after I blotted the shine away. If you want a lip colour that sticks around after a meal and a few glasses of rosé, this is your thing.

Next, I tested the cream blush. Now, this one changes from green to pink almost immediately, even before it touches the skin. What kind of Merlin-bearded sorcery is this?! I used a brush and my fingers and the results were the same. The blush is very pigmented, so I’d recommend using just a little bit for your whole cheek. Like the lip gloss, the cream blush works like a tint and left a sheer, bright pink on my cheeks. I prefer peach-pink blushes, but I can see myself wearing this on off days when I want a little flush in my usually ghostly-pale cheeks. I tested the blush on tanner friends and it turned into a lovely nude-pink, which I really liked.

Photo: Frog Prince Lip Gloss and Cream Blush/Lipstick Queen

Hello everyone,

If you know me, you will know that I am always on the hunt for unique makeup products to try out. When recently surfing the Ulta’s website, I came across this very unique blush from the brand Lipstick Queen and decided to give it a go. This review will be on the Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Cream Blush.

Product Description:
A year after the world fell in love with Frog Prince, the enchanting green lipstick that turns into your own perfect fairytale pink, Lipstick Queen presents a magical rosebud shade for your cheeks. Unique to you, Frog Prince Blush adapts according to your pH and skin tone to create your most flattering shade of pink, while vitamin E, shea butter, avocado oil, jojoba oil and olive oil help to moisturize and nourish the skin.

My Experience with Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Cream Blush:

Packaging: This blush comes in a very sleek compact case with a tiny mirror. Overall the packaging is pretty sturdy and travel friendly and allows for quick touch-ups.

Texture: This is a cream blush in a pan. It has a slippery texture but is not super greasy. It blends effortlessly on the cheeks and works best with the fingertips though you could also use a brush (I use my ELF Small Stipple Brush), but have found using a brush that tends to take longer to get color on the cheeks when you have to do multiple layers.

Shade and Pigmentation: This blush looks green like a scary kind of green, but thankfully, it does apply as such on the skin. When you dip your fingers in the product and pick up some of the product you will see a pink product on your fingers, the change is instantaneous, like magic! The shade that would turn out on you will depend mostly on your body chemistry, but it will mostly turn in your perfect shade of pink. On me, it turns a gorgeous medium rosy pink which instantly brings life to my face. The pigmentation is sheer to begin with but can be built up to light coverage. I find the more layers I apply, the deeper the color gets. It also has a gorgeous dewy glow which makes you look youthful.

Feel on skin: This blush is not super greasy or heavy. Yes, it does have that slippery feel on the skin. It does not have the same feel as powder nor does it completely set on the skin but it does feel quite comfortable. You could definitely take away the slippery feel by doing a light dusting of setting power if you wish. I also find that due to its tacky creamy texture, if I apply any sort of powder product on top (like a highlighter), it turns out looking more vibrant. It does not cling onto any dry patches nor does it accentuates my pores.

Staying Power: The staying power is quite good for it being a cream blush. It lasts a good 5-6 hours before I notice some fading in the intensity of the glow on my cheeks but the color stays intact for it also lightly stain the skin.

Overall, I am very happy with this product. Though you don’t necessarily have to spend $24 for a cream blush when there are so many affordable drugstore options, you are mostly paying for the novelty of this product. I do think it performs very well and I tend to reach for this a lot on days when I am going for a just a “no-makeup” makeup look or when I am in a hurry as I can just throw this in my purse and can even apply it in the car on the go. It’s a truly effortless product.

Pros of Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Cream Blush:

  • Lightweight, non-greasy texture.
  • Gives a beautiful flush of color to the cheeks.
  • Turns into your perfect shade of rosy pink.
  • Has a dewy/glowy finish which makes you look youthful.
  • Easy to apply with fingertips, no brush necessary.
  • Easy to use on the go.
  • Sleek, sturdy travel-friendly packaging.

Cons of Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Cream Blush:

  • Quite expensive for a drugstore cream blush, but you do get a unique product.

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Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Blush ($24) arrives just in time for Summer 2016 and joins the Frog Prince family that includes a new sparkling lipgloss and the cult favorite transforming lipstick.

I would just like to express how I ran around in circles and squealed when I heard about Frog Prince Blush. I just love the idea of having a matching shade of blush to go along with my beloved Frog Prince Lipstick.

This enchanting green shade of gel blush tinges your cheeks a delightful shade of Shrek green so, you can feel as glamorous as Princess Fiona! I’m kidding, I’m kidding! But I suspect it is the shade of pretty pink that tinges Fiona’s flawless green complexion!

This little blush comes housed in a pink metallic palette with a mirror and weights in at 0.7 oz. It might be green but it won’t turn you green. Unfortunately, because I had a brief moment where I was like, “Wow, wouldn’t green blush totally be cool!” After that I had a flash of, “Yeah, you’d look like the dork you are wearing green blush…!” No need to bring more attention to the fact I’m already a dork right? 🙂

Unlike the lipstick and the lipgloss which lean towards being a darker berry shade, Frog Prince Blush is all about a healthy shade of pink. Or if you will, as the brand calls it, fairytale pink. Makes me feel like the princess I’m not when I call it fairytale pink.

In the pot, it is in fact a shade of frog green but directly after application on cheeks in shifts to a pretty bright pink on my medium fair skin. It’s quite straight because swatched on my arm I could not get it to change from a berry grape but when I applied it on my face it instantly turned into a pretty, natural pink! I loved it because its my ideal minimal, natural makeup blush and go kind of color. Fresh, pretty, and natural! The color is supposed to adapt to your skin tone according to your pH level but I only tried it on myself so, I’m not sure how it’ll look on other skin tones. I do think it’s pigmented enough to work on a variety of lighter and darker shades but those with ruddy or redness might want to conceal well before application.

The formula is a thin, lightly emollient formula that has a dewy finish. It contains Vitamin E, shea butter, avocado, jojoba, and olive oil. The formula is quite hydrating and doesn’t feel tacky or sticky nor does it cling to drier areas on my face but oily skin might want to apply with a blush and buff color into your skin to tone down the dewy finish!

I’m pretty picky with cream blushes as they tend to fade fast on me. Frog Prince Blush lasts a nice solid six hours for me before showing some signs of fading.

As the weather starts to warm up, lighter, fresher makeup is most definitely the rage and Frog Prince Blush will be a delightful way to get a natural, youthful pink blush on your cheeks that’s lightweight and very flattering!

Loves it!

Muse Approved.

Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Blush is available now at Ulta,, Nordstrom,, and other fine retailers.

Own it already?

Do share!

Courtesy of Lipstick Queen

Last year, beauty lovers everywhere fell in love with Lipstick Queen’s Frog Prince lipstick. The deep green shade that transforms to a rosebud pink based on the warmth of your lips was frightening upon first glance, but somehow pretty and perfect once applied. Poppy King, the brand’s founder, knows a thing or two about adding a little shock value to her products. She’s also responsible for the blue hue, Hello Sailor, that adjusts to a flattering-on-everyone berry concoction that literally whitens your teeth on the spot, no dentist involved. Lipstick Queen decided, though, that transforming lipstick isn’t enough, so they’ve officially added an alien green lip gloss and Nickelodeon slime-colored cream blush to the mix.

The Frog Prince Lip Gloss and Frog Prince Cream Blush both work with the same pH-reacting, color-changing technology, turning your lips and cheeks to a natural rosy pink. The gloss looks like a shimmering deep green in its tube, and the resulting pink shade is just as lustrous with a high-shine finish. It contains Lipstick Queen’s Maxi-lip as an ingredient, which is a natural peptide that stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid for a much plumper pout.

Courtesy of Lipstick Queen

The blush looks like a green gel-cream in its compact, resembling a lily pad, and builds a soft sheen texture on your cheeks that results in a natural looking flush. Its natural oils, plus vitamin E and Shea butter will make your cheeks softer than any other cream blush you’ve used.

All three products are literally like mood rings in the form of makeup, and watching them change before your very eyes never gets old. Plus, scaring people as you pull them out is also totally part of the fun. You can bring a little fairytale magic to your makeup collection by purchasing the Frog Prince Cream Blush and Lip Gloss at SpaceNK stores,, or for $24 each.

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You may already be familiar with Lipstick Queen’s Frog Prince ($25), a bright green lipstick that magically turns into the perfect shade of pink once it hits the wearer’s lips. The Aussie brand is back at it with another illusion-inspired showstopper, Black Lace Rabbit Blush ($25), a black cream rouge that somehow flatters every complexion. This blush can be found in the POPSUGAR September Must Have box, which is stocked with six editor-approved surprise products.

“I was inspired by the idea of black candlelight and how hauntingly beautiful that would be on the face, so I designed a very sheer black — sheer as sheerest stockings — and then added gold dust to it. Just like sheer black stockings, this looks good on all shapes, sizes, and skin types,” Poppy King, founder of Lipstick Queen, told me. “It is a combination of science and illusion; the black is so sheer that it creates the illusion of berry.”

I tested the product out using some of King’s application tips and also reached out to a cosmetic chemist to learn more about how this illusion occurs. Read on for my results.

I doubt many of you have considered throwing away your pink, coral and red blusher in favour of a green one – however Lipstick Queen’s new Frog Prince Cream Blush (£22) may become your go-to shade.

Yes I know, the idea of using a green blusher may seem a little strange, but bear with us. Because despite the shade seeming more in accord with your Halloween costume, the clever formula actually adapts to the differences in people’s skin, meaning the blush colour changes depending on the one and depth of the complexion it comes into contact with.

What the manufacturer says:

A year after the world fell in love with the sensational, sell-out green lipstick that transforms into your own flattering shade of rosebud pink, Lipstick Queen brings you Frog Prince Cream Blush with the same pH reacting, colour-changing technology.

With its petal-soft texture and translucent finish, this silky, gel-cream formula brings a natural, rosy flush to the cheeks despite its astonishing lily-pad green appearance. This unique colour is subtle yet highly buildable, with a soft sheen for a flattering, cheek-sculpting effect. Natural oils ensure skin remains soft and moisturised.’

What the testers thought:

I decided to put it to the test to find out exactly whether different women can use one blusher – and get completely different results. Using the Good Housekeeping Institute’s VERY high-tech gadgets, I was able to see close-up images of three testers’ faces to get a better idea of how exactly the blush looks, and sits, on the skin.

When applying, all three testers agreed the cream blush was more of a tint or cheek stain, rather than a cream, and it did take several applications for us to get the desired colour on our cheeks. But did the blush change depending on the skin tone? Yes!


After applying, Vicky (first picture, below) came out with a light-to-mid rosy cheeky, while Hanna (middle) was left with a burgundy glow and Clare (bottom) had a more flushed rosy-to-red cheek.

We were all impressed by the science behind the blusher – even more when one tester got it on her teeth when applying and it stayed green rather than changing shade.

However Hanna, our online fashion and beauty writer, recommends steering clear of cream blushers in general if you have drier skin as they’re hard to blend, and instead opt for a powder.

What the GHI says:

‘The product contains three colours. The red colour is essentially colourless in the anhydrous (oil based) product (the overall green colour is due to the yellow and blue colours also in the formulation) and changes to a relatively bright pinky-red when in contact with (moisture-containing) skin,’ says Senior Beauty Researcher Clare Durrant.

‘The colour change we observed across our panel was mostly the same, with a relatively bright-pink toned result. Most of the ‘personalised’ aspects of the colour result are down to the differences each individual will have in terms of underlying skin tones and depth, and not that there is a large variation in the individual pH of the skin. We found the product was quite light to apply, with relatively sheer coverage – like a cross between a cream blush and a tint.’

The exciting Frog Prince Blush is part of a unique range from Lipstick Queen (available at Space NK in the UK) which also includes a lipstick and newly-launched lipgloss too!

So are you prepared to put this emerald shade to the test? Green may now be your new favourite colour.