Lipstick for older women

You’re never too old to wear lipstick. Here’s 4 expert tips for women over 50…

Back in 2011, women over the age of 50 bought more lipsticks than any other age group.

Since, however, the rate of older women purchasing lipsticks has dropped substantially, while those under the age of 25 can’t seem to get enough* (blame Kylie Jenner and her lip kits if you will).

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And while these stats could be interpreted to mean anything, we couldn’t bear the prospect of women over 50 avoiding lipstick because they’re unsure of how to wear it. Or worse, if they consider themselves ‘too old’ to rock a red lip.

So to put all stigmas and uncertainties aside, we asked experts Janet Muggivan (Founder of Beauty Dossier) and make-up artist Liz Kelsh for their best lipstick tips for older (wiser) ladies…

Tip #1 Everyday care

As you age, your lips can lose fullness and form a thinner appearance. To keep them in good condition, Janet recommends using a hydrating lip balm liberally. “ is the very first step to a fuller, more youthful-looking mouth.”

Try keeping one of these lip balms on you at all times and apply throughout the day as needed:

  1. Blistex® Deep Renewal
  2. Rubifresh Skincare Lip Balm
  3. Carmex ® Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm
  4. asap hydrating lip balm+

Liz adds that exfoliating the lips every now and then can help give them a more youthful, smoother appearance. And if you suffer from pesky cold sores, keep ViraproX Lip Balm and COMPEED® Invisible Cold Sore Patches in your arsenal.

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Tip #2 Colour choice

If you want to wear purple, green or even blue shades – we’re all for it. But when it comes to making mature lips look fuller, shade selection is very important. Janet recommends neutrals: “Neutrals for mature women are different to neutrals for our younger counterparts. A ‘nude’ for a young woman is usually light, and quite beige in tone. Mature ‘nudes’ are soft, muted roses or corals. They give a natural flush to the lips which is universally flattering. The beige tones on mature lips are very unforgiving and they can also make teeth look yellow.”

Liz agrees with opting for nudes, and suggests how to nail the perfect shade. “A more flattering nude is ideally one or two shades darker than your natural lip colour,” she says.

bh recommends:

  1. Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipstick in ‘Nude Rose’
  2. MUD Lipstick in ‘Coral Crush’
  3. Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Lip Crayon in ‘Sedona Sands’
  4. jane iredale PureMoist™ Lipstick in ‘Rose’
  5. Avon Luxe Couture Crème Lipstick in ‘Lustering Nude’

Tip #3 Find your finish

While matte lipsticks may be leading the charge on Instagram, both Janet and Liz think a cream finish is best on mature lips. “If you currently wear a frost, next time you are in store, try the same colour but in a cream formulation and you will see it gives a really soft, flattering look. Frosts can also make your lips appear dry,” explains Janet.

“A gloss finish can also bring more radiance to your overall look,” says Liz. So it’s a good thing glosses are making a comeback…

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Tip #4 Try this trick…

We’re not talking about dramatically overlining your lips – that can be tough to pull off at any age. Instead, Janet says, “An incredible tip I learned from Halle Berry’s make-up artist on a shoot in LA was to apply the teeniest, tiniest amount of an eye primer around the lip line. Not on the lips, only around the lips. This smooths lines and acts as a barrier to stop lipstick feathering into those pesky lines we all have. It really works!” See here for more tips on how to hide wrinkles around the mouth.

Would you like to see more makeup tips for older women? What’s your best lipstick tip?

Color is really important when choosing what make up to wear as a pro-age woman. Choosing the wrong color can make you look tired and unwell. But choosing the right color can make you look healthier, pretty and younger.
Most skin is either warm-toned or cool-toned, regardless of hair and eye color. Warm toned skin has a yellow undertone, with warm skin tones you will look best in cream, brown, warm green, navy blue, coral pink, orange or scarlet. Cool toned skin has a blue undertones and people with cool skin tones look best in pure white, grey, icy blue and pink, fucshia, navy, purple and cherry red. These are color choices both for clothes and for makeup.
Before we give you the list of our pro-age lipsticks broken down into warm, neutral, and cool skin tones. Here are two quick tips to figure out if your sink tone is warm, neutral, or cool.
1. Look at the color of the veins on the inside of your wrist.
You have a cool skin tone if veins have a blue or purple tint.
Green veins mean you have a warm skin tone.
If you have difficulty deciding if your veins are blue or green, you likely have a neutral skin tone and can choose colors from both the cool and warm spectrum. People with olive skin usually have neutral undertones.
2. Which looks better on… Gold or silver jewelry?
Gold jewelry looks best on warm skin tones.
Silver jewelry looks best on cool skin tones.
Both look good on a more neutral skin tone.
Here is a list of the best lipstick color to choose based on you skin tone.
All of these colors are formulated with mature women in mind. Our pro- age lipsticks are creamy, moisturizing, full of depth and don’t bleed into fine lines!
Coco Razz
Southern Red


Rose Gold

Coral Reef

Spicy Habanero

Chocolate Mousse


Plump it up
Pretty in Pink


Speechless ( Blue Red)
NEUTRAL SKIN TONES You can choose any of the above but here are a few of our favorites!


Dragon fruit
Cashmere Warrior Rose Petal Surfberry

Makeup for Women Over 60: Older Lips Need New Makeup Tricks! (Video)

What are the most visible changes that happen to your body as you get a little older? If you are like most people, you probably said, “wrinkles.” Or, you may have thought about the difficulty of keeping the extra pounds off after 60.

Well, today, I interviewed makeup expert, Ariane Poole, about an issue that very few of us think about – our aging lips. When it comes to makeup for older women, her knowledge is second to none!

Ariane Poole is a professional makeup artist and a good friend of Sixty and Me. Setting aside the fact that she is supremely talented, what I love most about Ariane is the fact that she offers practical advice, not generalities. She really knows what she’s talking about!

So, Do Older Lips Really Need New Makeup Tricks?

Before we get into the discussion of how age impacts our lips – and what we can do about it – I want to make one thing clear. I am in no way saying that we should fight the aging process. Personally, I’m proud of my wrinkles and other small “imperfections,” as other people might see them. That said, I am always looking for ways to bring out my natural beauty, without trying to hide too much of my character.

In any case, the other day, I was looking at myself in the mirror and I found myself thinking, “Where have my lips gone? I could have sworn that they were there just a few years ago!”

So, I called up my good friend Ariane and asked her to help demystify that really happens to our lips as we age. If you watch the video, you will be amazed by what she reveals!

According to Ariane, as we age, we lose the color in our lips. This means that we may not see the clear definition that we used to on this part of our face. This is where the importance of lip liner comes in. As Ariane demonstrates in the video, it’s not just the color that matters – it’s also the way that you apply your lip liner that makes all the difference!

Are You Applying Your Lip Liner the Wrong Way?

After talking about how to choose the right color for your lip liner, Ariane jumps into a demonstration. She explains that many women have been applying their liner wrong for years. As you will see in the video, she recommends applying your liner to the outside edge of your lips, rather than the inside. It will feel a bit “weird” the first few times you do it, but, it makes a huge difference!

Next, we talk about whether use liner on your entire lip. Ariane explains that there is a modern technique that involves combining your lip liner and lipstick. Once again, it’s difficult to describe exactly how to do this in words. So, I encourage you to watch the video and see Ariane’s demonstration for yourself. Like me, you will probably fall in love with the new coral product that she uses in the demonstration. It is amazing!

Are People Looking at Your Eyes or Your Lips?

In today’s technological world, we are spending more time on Skype and other video chat services than ever before. We are also being photographed to a degree that would have been unimaginable a few decades ago. Contrary to popular belief, most people look at your lips more than your eyes. So, if you want to make a quick, painless update to your look, lip liner is a great place to start. I hope that you enjoy the show!

If you are ready to take your look to the next level, check out the exclusive makeup tips video series that Ariane and I created.

I also encourage you to visit her website to see the products that we talked about today.

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Pro-Age Make-up Brand Announced as Finalist

Pro-age make-up brand, Look Fabulous Forever has been shortlisted for the Amazon Digital Business of the Year Award, part of The Lloyds Bank National Business Awards 2016. Taking place at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane on 15 November 2016, the awards commemorate the best of British ambition and recognise companies who demonstrate excellence in business.

Look Fabulous Forever was founded by Tricia Cusden, who at the age of 65 grew frustrated with the lack of beauty products available specifically for mature skin. With this in mind, Tricia set out to create a range which catered for a vast, but under-represented, age group and in October 2013 took herself out of retirement to launch Look Fabulous Forever.

In addition to being shortlisted for the Amazon Digital Business of the Year Award, the business was shortlisted for Best Business Start-up by The Guardian in 2014, and in 2015 Tricia won Digital Achiever of the Year which was awarded by CEW and sponsored by Google. This year Look Fabulous Forever has also been shortlisted for the Nectar Small Business Awards 2016.

Within the Amazon Digital Business of the Year Award, the finalists are recognised for optimising all aspects of ecommerce to achieve growth and strong financial performance through exceptional customer experience. Look Fabulous Forever demonstrates this through its provision of ‘one-stop-shop’ for older women, which celebrates a ‘pro-age’ rather than ‘anti-age’ ethos.

Not only does Look Fabulous Forever sell a make-up range perfectly formulated for more mature skin, Tricia has developed over 40 makeup tutorials available on YouTube, featuring real women over the age of 50, which have had nearly 2 million views between them. Its strong financial performance, with the company currently turning over £1.5 million a year, is a testament to its exceptional customer experience.

Anna Cusden, Tricia’s daughter and MD of Look Fabulous Forever comments on the results: “We’re absolutely thrilled to have made the top 10 shortlist in The Amazon Digital Business of the Year Award. The past year has seen us experience some rapid growth, continue to establish and develop our social media presence, and provide our customers with a fantastic shopping experience. To be nominated for a digitally focused award highlights that more mature women are just as tech savvy as the generations below them, and it’s a great honour to be paving the way for these conversations.”

Let’s face it somewhere after the age of 50 lipstick becomes a bit of an issue. Gone are the days when we could just whip on a lipstick and run out the door. With the good fortune, wisdom. and confidence that comes with age so does the problem of how to apply makeup to an aging face (sigh) Sure it is a little (well a lot more work) especially the lip area. Need help in that department? Read on for my sources that the experts claim are the best lipsticks and lip care for mature women. I want to look like Elsbeth Egholm below. I might be able to pull off her look if I had a facelift (well maybe not). She is lovely, isn’t she?.

Let’s move on to the expert’s tips for applying lip color to mature lips.

#1 Exfoliate From my research (I will admit I am an over-researcher) the best exfoliant is plain old petroleum jelly (or a more organic option) applied with an old toothbrush. Save your money for other products you are coveting. Here is a natural alternative to petroleum jelly (thanks readers!!) that you can find on Amazon.

#2 Use a Lip Primer

I don’t know about you but my lips are continually dry and flaky. I now need to give my lips the “love they deserve” before I can even add any color. Here are five of the experts favorites. I have used the much loved “two-faced” for quite a while. I like it but I don’t love it. Any suggestions? Have you tried any of these?

#3 line the outside of the Natural lip line with a neutral lip liner

According to my research, the cult favorite here is Lipstick Queen Invisible Lip Liner. This is also the one I use (if I am not too lazy and don’t use any).

#4 Line and fill in with lip liner. I LOVED one that Ulta carried in their own brand line. It wasn’t too dry and it wasn’t so moist that it was worthless. They discontinued it. I am on the lookout for a good one any suggestions?

#5 Choose Apricot Berry, Rose or Peach Lipcolors

I have been on the hunt for a great lipstick that moisturizes, doesn’t bleed into the fine lines of the lips, and stays on. Is there such a lipstick out there? Here are my favorites and those of the experts. I used the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick for several years. It doesn’t harden like concrete like some of the all-day lipsticks. It has great staying power but I would love to find one that stays on that is a little less drying. My friend Elizabeth (aka the Vintage Contessa) swears by the Bobbie Brown Art Stick. I might add Elizabeth is younger and more youthful than I. I am using it and I like it especially on lazy days when I am babysitting Summer. You can slather it on…it stays for quite a while and it is not too drying. I am also using the Mac Matte (I like Ruby Woo). It is a tad drying but it does last for hours and doesn’t creep into the cracks and crevices so much. The other in the group that seriously does not come off is the CHANEL LE ROUGE DUO ULTRA TENUE (Chanel could you come up with a simpler name, people could actually find your product!) All of the rest of the lip colors listed come highly recommended by multiple sites. I will link to them in the shop the post widget at the bottom of the page.

Check out this list from Harpers Bazaar and you are sure to find a lip color that you like. Susan from Une Femme d’ Un Certain Age has a great tutorial for obtaining fuller lips here Oprah has a great tutorial on How to Prevent Lip Feathering on Need suggestions on what lip colors look best with gray hair (I do!!)

Allure has their list of the best lip treatments. We should try some! Let me know what you think. The Today show has their picks of the best Long Wearing Lipsticks. I bet Kathy Lee and Hota know! And what about USA today here are their pics for the best lipsticks.

  • You ladies have always been a great source of inspiration for me. Please share what products are your suggestions for the best lipsticks and lipcare for mature women like us!
  • You might want to check out my post-Anti Aging Lip Care Tips


Matte, Shine or Gloss Lipstick? Which is Best for Older Women?

Any woman who has ever gone to the makeup counter will tell you that, when it comes to lipstick choices, today’s market is saturated with choices; semi-gloss, matte, super high gloss, twenty-four-hour lipstick, you name it!

With so many choices, how can you tell what is the right lipstick for older women?

Ariane Poole, professional makeup artist with her own line of makeup, offers us her advice and helps to sort out all the available lipsticks on the market today.

Lipstick and Makeup for the Mature Woman

Makeup should make you feel good. You don’t have to wear makeup everyday or if you only like to wear a minimal amount of makeup, that’s just fine.

For many women, lipstick is a staple they use almost daily, even if they only use a couple of makeup items. The choices available today can make choosing a lipstick difficult!

Matte Lipsticks

The hottest lipstick today are the matte lipsticks. While these used to have a reputation for being heavy, dull, cakey, and drying, they are more popular now than ever. How can something with an ugly reputation be so popular?

Ariane says that today’s new formulas are comfortable and look great. While matte will never be described as “hydrating,” the super lasting, intense color that these lipsticks offer is enough to make most women swear by them.

If you try a matte lipstick and you aren’t comfortable wearing it, then they aren’t for you.

The best matte lipstick for older women should never be beige or a color similar to your concealer. Go for reds, browns, and pink rose colors.

Layering Lipstick Colors

Mature women might find that layering their lipsticks works best for them. By applying a matte lipstick first, then using a semi-gloss on top in a similar color, not only gives you a unique lipstick color but it gives you the best of both worlds; the intense long-lasting color of a matte lipstick combined with the shine and hydration of a gloss or semi-gloss lipstick.

Margaret demonstrates her layered lipstick style in the video and if you haven’t seen it before, you must watch how this layering technique works, it’s really amazing!

A Word about Lip Liners

Lip liners is one of those things that works for some women but not others. Some women feel that lip liners are a bit harsh and that they work best for younger women. Others feel that lip liners help to define their lips, especially when using matte lipsticks.

Margaret mentions that if you have never used matte lipsticks before, you should know that once you put them on, the color really stays on, which is why many women use lip liners.

It’s All a Matter of Preference

Whether you choose to use a liquid lip color, a matte lipstick, or a glossy cream in a tube, use whatever color and style you feel your best in.

What is your favorite brand or color of lipstick? What is your preference when it comes to lipstick – Cream? Liquid? Sticks? What did you think of Margaret’s layering technique? Let’s talk lipstick, ladies! We want to hear your opinions!

Who doesn’t love a good lipstick? A splash of lippie can do wonders for your face, adding warmth and giving your overall makeup look a chic, polished feel in seconds.

Beauty vlogger and founder of Look Fabulous Forever Tricia Cusden says lipstick is particularly important for mature women, as it adds much-needed colour to pale lips and gives definition back to the mouth.

‘If your lips have become thin you can also make them appear plumper with careful application’ says Tricia.


However, while lipstick can make you look lovely, if applied incorrectly it can also be ageing – the opposite effect to what most of us are trying to achieve.

With that in mind, we asked Tricia to talk us through the main lipstick mistakes she sees older women make – plus what to do instead!


1. Applying makeup over dry, flaky lips

Dry lips are never a good look, but in middle age and beyond dry skin can cause lipstick to set in the cracks around your mouth, which is extremely ageing. Tricia recommends using a very gentle exfoliator to lightly buff your lips, removing dead skin. ‘Make sure you buff the outer edge of your lips too’ she advises.

For removing dry skin, we love Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub which comes with a handy exfoliating tool.

BUY NOW: Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub, £14

Another tip to ensure your lips are in tip-top condition is always to wear protection on them when you go outside – Burt’s Bees has an excellent range of balms to keep your lips moisturised against the elements!

BUY NOW: Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm Tube, £3.99

2. Not using lip primer

‘Lip primers prevent feathering and bleeding of lipstick into the lines around your mouth’ explains Tricia. ‘Older mouths can look “fuzzy” when wearing lipstick because the product migrates over the edge of the lipline’.

Lip primer will stop this smudging in its tracks – try Look Fabulous Forever Lip Prime!

BUY NOW: Look Fabulous Forever Never Feather Lip Prime, £17.50


3. Applying the lipstick straight from the bullet

When you’re older, lipstick application is all about precision and sharp lines, which is why you need to use the right tools.

‘Start by using a lip liner to create a defined line around the edge of your lips, then fill in with colour’ advises Tricia. ‘I recommend using a brush for this; it allows greater accuracy and means you can build up the colour gradually’.

4. Letting your lipstick fade in the middle

A harsh lipline around the outer edge of the lips and disappearing colour in the middle is often associated with fashion trends of a bygone era, so make sure you avoid this so people don’t see you as a throwback!

‘To make colour last longer, build up your lipstick with a brush then blot with a tissue – this will push the lipstick into the lips’ says Tricia. ‘Then apply a second coat and, if you want it to be really long-lasting, repeat a third time.’

5. Using a colour that is too nude

Nude lip colours are all the rage, but if you go too pale with your shade it will mean losing your natural lipline; a feature key to younger-looking lips.

Go for tones similar to the darkest part of your lips, or better still, go bold – bright lipsticks aren’t just for those in their twenties!

‘Helen Mirren is the perfect example of someone who looks amazing with a coat of strong lipstick’ says Tricia. ‘I love fushcia lip colour in the summer sunshine, and for winter parties I always reach for a bright red, which is wonderful to brighten up a black outfit.’


(Images: Getty)


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How do I Choose the Best Lipstick Color as a Mature Woman?

Choosing the right makeup can be difficult. There are so many options and something that looked incredible under the makeup lights at Ulta or Sephora can look awful on the street the next day. The sheer variety of options, styles, and price points makes shopping for makeup hard for educated consumers and can feel almost impossible as a beginner. The key is doing your research, knowing what to look for, and asking for help when you need it.

Lipstick is a key component of most makeup routines. It can take a look from the workplace to an evening out with friends almost immediately — a few easy swipes can change up your look completely. People who rely on one lipstick their entire lives are missing out on a world of possibilities! Picking out lipsticks can be challenging, especially as we get older and our skin begins to change. If you’re a mature lady who’s looking to switch up your lipstick routine, this info will help you pick the best option.

Related Search Topics

Choosing Based on Undertone

One of the most important aspects of our skin that no one talks about is the undertone. Everyone’s skin has an undertone and learning what it is can really help us identify which colors of makeup will work well with our coloring.

There are two different types of undertones: pink and cool or yellow and warm. The vein test is the simplest way to determine your skin’s undertone. Look at the veins that you can see through the thin skin on the inside of your wrist. Do they look blue or green? People with blue veins have a pink undertone, while veins appearing green means that your undertone is yellow.

Every color of lipstick has an undertone, which is why the same shade of red or pink that looked great on your friend may not necessarily look incredible on you. You just have to find a similar color with an undertone that complements your skin.

People with cool undertones generally look great in blues and greys, so L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Shine Lipstick in Lacquered Strawberry is a great pink that will pop against their skin. People with warm undertones tend to wear more greens, pinks, and cream-colored garments. L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Matte Lipstick in Berry Matte Pink is a great complement to warm undertones.

Choosing Based on Finish

Once you’ve figured out which colors of lipstick work best with your skin undertone, you can make a decision about your lipstick finish. There are a variety of different formulas and finishes, which influence the final look of your lipstick. The way your lipstick is formulated also affect how it’s applied and how long you can reasonably expect it to last on your lips. The most popular types of finishes are cream, satin, and matte. Although the majority of lipstick sold fits into these three categories, there are some lipsticks made in more unique finishes including metallic, high-shine, and frosted.

The most common type of lipstick out there is a cream lipstick. It’s likely the first thing you wore once you started wearing makeup. It goes on smooth and is super hydrating for our lips. Cream lipsticks can bleed or feather, which may be an issue for you, especially if you have lots of fine lines around your mouth. Use a matching or clear lip liner to lock in color. Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick is a cult favorite.

Satin lipstick is another popular finish. It’s long-wearing, provides more staying power than cream lipstick, and gives a gentle shine. MAC makes some of the most popular satin lipsticks on the market.

Matte lipstick is a little bit more difficult to wear since it tends to be quite drying. It does last for quite a long time, so it’s an ideal finish for an all-day event or time when you need your lips to be flawless from morning to night. Lots of brands carry matte lipstick now, but Anastasia Beverly Hills’ matte line has over 30 colors ranging from bold blues to pale nudes.

Choosing Based on Longevity

The finish of your lipstick is a major factor in determining its longevity, but it’s not the only factor at play. Nowadays, lipstick fans can choose from a variety of formulas including liquid lipstick, lip stains, and lip glosses. All these different formulas affect the way that you can build and layer color and will also affect how it wears throughout the day.

Lip gloss is great for women with small or thinning lips, as it gives lips shine and makes them look larger. The color of lip gloss can be quite muted, so some women layer a long-lasting lipstick underneath lip gloss, which gives everything added color and shine. Glossier is a makeup brand that’s trending right now and they make a slick-looking product that lightweight and longer-lasting than most drug store lip glosses.

Lip stains are extremely long-lasting and are generally shinier than matte lipsticks. These gel-like stains layer extremely well, so you can swipe on additional coats to boost your color if you find that it’s fading towards the end of the day. Lip stains give vibrant color, but they can stain coffee cups and fabric, so aren’t a great choice for a day where you’ll be doing lots of eating and drinking. Sephora’s Cream Lip Stains are only $14 per tube, and they come in more than 80 different shades.


WATCH: 5 Lipstick Mistakes to Stop Making As You Get Older

There’s more than one reason why women love lipstick. First, nothing makes a statement like walking into a room swiped in a bold red. Young girls don’t grow up dreaming to don a pale pink, after all—more like “Marilyn Red.” Second, a signature lip color can become something akin to a childhood blankie, giving comfort and confidence when we need it most. And when we finally reach the magical age when we truly come in to our own, there’s always magenta or aubergine waiting to replace that signature pale pink, even if only for the night.

That’s why as much as we love mascara or concealer (curse you, under-eye circles), lipstick will always hold a special place in a Southern gal’s heart. If our foremamas can rock a bold red lip, so can we.

But when it comes to lipstick-wearing endeavors, age is something to consider. Sadly, our lips lose collagen just like the rest of us. As time marches on, you might find your lips aren’t quite as pouty as they once were, the fine lines start to creep around the corners, and your trusty lipstick isn’t holding its ground. Let’s be clear: This is no reason to break up with lipstick.

These common lipstick mistakes afflict more than just maturing women, but it just happens that they do become quite the game-changers once we make like a fine wine and age, albeit gracefully.

Here are 5 lipstick mistakes that are secretly making you look older—and how to choose and apply lipstick for aging lips, fine lines, or wrinkles.

Mistake #1: Picking the wrong formula

Long-wear is your new best friend. But first, know that long-wear and matte are very, very different things. You might think that the more matte a lipstick is, the more it should stay put and, hence, solve all of your problems. And it’s true—sort of. A matte formula (often found in the form of a liquid lipstick) is indeed long-lasting but can also be insanely drying, which is already a concern for more mature skin. Instead go with a velvet or cream finish—but always long-wear!

Luckily for you, we’ve got recommendations from the best.

“When I have a more iconic actress in my chair, I’ll use something that’s velvety and long-wearing. One of my favorites right now is Maybelline’s SuperStay Ink Crayon,” says Vincent Oquendo, celebrity makeup artist and Maybelline Brand Ambassador. “You get the definition and precision without having to carry both a lipstick and lip liner all day.”

Want something creamier? L’Oréal Paris Celebrity Makeup Artist, Sir John, recommends going classic: “L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick is my go-to for all ages. The pigment is so rich, and the formula is nourishing and hydrating.”

Mistake #2: Forgetting to prep your canvas

Just like there’s no way foundation is going to turn out porcelain-grade smooth on dry, flaky skin (moisturizer, stat!), your lipstick won’t look its best on a flaky, cracked pout.

“Exfoliate and moisturize your lips before applying any color. Dead skin cells build up on the surface, so scrubbing them will ensure that you have a smooth, even canvas to work on,” adds Sir John.

Start by using a sugar scrub or washcloth to exfoliate, and make sure to apply lip balm or a lip mask afterwards to hydrate and refine your pout before even the first swipe is swept.

Mistake #3: Skipping liner—or primer!

Two words you never want to associate with lipstick: bleeding and smudging. That’s where lip liner or lip primer come in handy. These products create a barrier that will keep your lipstick in place all day, making the extra step more than worth it. (No more seeping into those corners!)

For an easy everyday fix, find a long-lasting lip liner that matches your natural lip color. For an occasion, match your lip liner to your lipstick shade. You can’t go wrong with Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil and its 30-plus shade range, but if you’re in the market for something full-coverage, go with the hydrating and refining MAC Prep + Prime Lip.

Mistake #4: Being scared to keep using color

There’s a common misconception that we have to stop wearing bright or bold lip color as we get older. “It’s too young,” they say. And it makes us madder than a wet hen. Make sure to pick flattering shades according to your skin tone, but never, ever stop wearing your signature red or pink unless you’re ready. In our humble opinion, it’s more youthful (and fun!) than any respectable nude.

“My mother had an old trick. Whenever she felt tired, she would put on some red lipstick. If you’re not feeling your best, sometimes lipstick is the perfect thing to brighten you up,” adds Oquendo. “It instantly makes you look more awake and calls attention to your lips instead of tired eyes! “

Mistake #5: You’re doing too much at once (what’s new?)

Granted: Usually, this is not a bad thing. But if you’re rocking a burgundy lip color with smoky eye makeup, it is going to make you look older. What do they say about “too much of a good thing?” Pick a feature to enhance, and commit to it.

“If you really want to play up your lips, go for a cherry red lip and minimal eye makeup” adds Oquendo (who works with leading ladies like Catherine Zeta Jones, Dianne Kruger, and Judith Light).

We’re basically giving you permission to go out and buy at least two new lip shades. You’re welcome.