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Supima Cotton Sheets

Sleep in luxurious comfort on Supima cotton sheets. Lands’ End offers a wonderful collection of these indulgent sheets, and you will want to sleep on them every night. Supima cotton, sometimes called Pima cotton, is grown only in the United States and is considered one of the top-quality kinds of cotton grown in the world. Supima cotton has an amazingly soft and smooth feel, and the fibers make the best cotton sheets ever.

Give a newlywed couple a set of 100% cotton sheets made from Supima and have their initials monogrammed on the sheets and the pillowcases for a thoughtful and personalized touch. Add a colorful quilt to their present, and they will keep it as a family treasure for years.

Your guests will never want to leave when they sleep in the guest bed fitted with Pima cotton sheets. They will enjoy snuggling under the silky cotton sheets and a plush comforter. They will enjoy relaxing in such divine comfort and warmth. You can make your bedroom a peaceful sanctuary with the sumptuous Pima sheets that you look forward to sleeping in every night. Place decorative rugs on the floor to add a touch of elegant warmth and beauty to the room.

Your head, neck, and shoulders will feel cradled when you sleep on a down pillow covered in a cotton pillowcase that is made with high-thread-count Supima cotton. Once your head hits the pillow, you will fall into a deep and blissful sleep where you will have the sweetest of dreams. Wake up the next day feeling refreshed and ready to see what joy the day brings you.

Shop Lands’ End today to find Supima sheets for all of the beds in your home, from guest ones to your own. Feel free to call our professional customer service team with any questions about the sizing of your cotton bed sheets, shipping, or gift wrapping.

Bed Sheets

Choose to shop at Lands’ End today for a fresh pair of bed sheets or bed linen, a subtle yet effective way to revamp your bedroom this New Year. We have a huge range of sheets readily available on our website in a variety of shades, styles, and sizes. You can be confident you’ll find a new set of bedsheets to match the decor in your bedroom perfectly. Whether you’re looking for bedding sheets in a vibrant color like blue or pink, or luxury sheets in the softest materials in more neutral shades like white or gray, we’ve got you covered at Lands’ End.

At Lands’ End, we do so much more than only providing clothing, accessories, and footwear. We also stock a huge range of modern and stylish products for the home, too. If you’re shopping on our website for a new sheet, chances are you’re probably updating a whole host of items in your bedroom. So, why not browse our selection of duvet covers and comforters to give your room a real makeover? When you’ve invested in some new covers and a fashionable duvet cover, finish off the look with some colorful, statement throw pillows.

At Lands’ End, we have always been committed to providing clothing, footwear, accessories, and home decor products for each and every member of the family, no matter what their age, gender, tastes, or preferences. We understand that each of our customers is different, and we always strive to cater our products to everyone on the market, as opposed to focusing solely on one target market.

No matter what it is you’re looking for to update your home this New Year, be sure to shop at Lands’ End today for the best bed sheets and most comfortable bed sheets you can find. With so many styles and fabrics available, you’re sure to find the products that are perfect for your home.


Shop Lands’ End today for the bedspreads, bedding sets and bed and bath linens you need to take your bedroom to the next level. From bed sets to sham bedding to sheets, comforters, duvet covers, and more, we have bedding perfect for special occasions and everyday needs alike. No matter your personal style, there are linens & bedding, cute bedspreads and more waiting for you!

You need comfortable bedding to get a good night’s sleep, and here at Lands’ End, we feature bedding collections you can count on for comfort, for linen bed sets to keeps you cool on hot summer nights to flannel bedding sets that keep you cozy when the cold temperatures set in. When you’re starting to put together the cozy, comfy bed of your dreams, you need bed linen that creates a true retreat, along with a mattress pad, bedding pillow options and a bedspread for unique duvet covers that make your room your own.

Bedspreads are generally the centerpiece of bedroom décor, because the bed is generally the focal point of the room. We can offer you the cute bedding, colorful bedding or unique bedding that speaks to you and makes you feel that your bed linen and bedspread express exactly what you wish them to. There are plenty of bedding websites out there, but Lands’ End is known as a best place to buy bedding. Any bedding set you select from Lands’ End will be of the same exceptional quality and beauty as all of our other products.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or the kids or looking to get a housewarming gift for someone special in your life, you’ll find the best bedding for your wants and needs in our collection. With unparalleled quality and fabrics you can count on for comfort day and in day out, Lands’ End helps you transform any bedroom into a welcoming retreat. Shop bedding sets, bed and bath items and bedspreads at Lands’ End.

Supima Cotton No Iron Sateen Sheets – 400 Thread Count

Supima luxury, made convenient.

It takes more than a high thread count to create truly superior bed sheets. Case in point: our sumptuous 400-count Supima® sateen bedding. Supima is a rare American cotton — just 3% of the U.S. crop qualifies. It takes this bedding from silky to positively indulgent — and makes sleep serene. Our gentle No Iron finish lets you take your bed sheets from the dryer to the bed without a wrinkle.
Twin and Extra Long Twin sheet sets include: one pillowcase, fitted sheet, flat sheet.
Full, Queen and King sheet sets include: two pillowcases, fitted sheet, flat sheet.
Split King sheet sets include: two pillowcases, two XLT fitted sheets, one flat sheet.
Pillowcases: set of two.
*Monogramming Note: If you choose to Make it Your Own, the monogram will be placed on the top sheet (centered on the self fabric hem at the top) and any pillowcases (on the top of the self fabric hem facing out). When the sheet is folded down, the monogram is readable from the end of the bed. Fitted sheet does not receive customization.

An exceptional set of bed sheets could be the missing link to getting your best shut-eye ever. If your bedding feels too pilled, too stiff, or too threadbare to be enjoyable, then it’s time to make that upgrade for your sleep’s sake.

How We Tested

After getting the chance to try these sheets and live with them for a few weeks (even formally testing them side-by-side in some cases!), the ones that impressed us the most in terms of construction, feel, and longevity made our final cut. Here are all of the bed sheet sets that we most recommend, spanning a range of materials and price points, so you can find your perfect fit!

  • Best Sateen Sheets: Brooklinen Luxe Sateen Sheets
  • Best Percale Sheets: Parachute Percale Sheets
  • Best Linen Sheets: Lands’ End Garment Washed Linen Sheets
  • Best Flannel Sheets: Riley Reversible Flannel Sheets
  • Best Bamboo Sheets: The Purple Sheets
  • Best Jersey Sheets: Pure Beech Jersey Knit Modal Sheets
  • Best Microfiber Sheets: Mellanni Brushed Microfiber Sheets

Read on to find out why these are the best bed sheets in every category.

Best Sateen Sheets

Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle $199.00

Cotton sateen sheets are known for their silky feel and subtle sheen, which is the result of a tight three-over-one weave. If you pinch the corner of a sateen sheet and rub your thumb along it, you should feel smoothness back and forth, but more friction up and down; this is due to the elongated weft stitches. Sateen is usually made with thicker cotton yarn than percale, though most sets that we’ve tested are a comfortable weight to sleep with in all seasons.

The Brooklinen Luxe Hardcore Sheet Set is one of the best sheets that we’ve ever tested in this category, because the material is exceptionally well made for a fair price. These long-staple cotton sateen sheets have a 480 thread count, which strikes the right balance between crisp and casual. They’re way more flexible and breathable than hotel-quality starched linens — yet their tight weave is smooth, soft, and not see-though whatsoever.

They come in a variety of product permutations, depending on your particular bedding needs, but our most recommended set is the Luxe Sateen Hardcore Bundle. This set comes with a duvet cover, four pillowcases, and a flat and fitted sheet, making it a good starter option.

To read on about our experience with using these sheets over the last 3 years, check out our full review here!

More of Our Favorite Sateen Sheets:

10 Grove Madison Sateen Sheet Set $110.00

10 Grove’s Egyptian-cotton sheets are undeniably lovely, and their sateen set is soft, comfortable, and breathable upon first night’s use — there’s no breaking in necessary with these. The most basic version of the set comes with just a fitted sheet and pair of pillowcases, though you can add on a flat sheet and duvet cover for an extra cost.

Gryphon Luxury Suite Sheet Set $129.99

Currently Gryphon carries percale, poly-cotton, and sateen sheet sets, but it was the sateen that had us falling in love at first feel. The sheets’ luxe, silky texture is both cool and cozy, with a gorgeous drape and noticeable sheen. All of their sheets are crafted with Supima cotton, which is a high-quality, USA-grown cotton that is prized for its long, strong fibers.

Riley Sateen Sheet Set $149.00

The feel of Riley’s sateen sheets is as close as possible to silk while still being made of 100% cotton. Smooth and lustrous to the touch, each piece is expertly tailored, with a color-matched, decorative barratta stitch on the pillowcases and flat sheets that provides a considered finishing touch.

Best Percale Sheets

Parachute Percale Sheet Set $129.00

Percale sheets, though made with nearly the same type of fibers as sateen sheets, have a slightly more textured feel. If you do the above-mentioned rub test on percale sheets, you won’t find any variance of friction in any direction; this is because percale sheets have a symmetrical over-one-under-one weave that is slightly more porous and breathable than sateen. Percale sheets may be a better choice for those who tend to sleep hot, as the material isn’t as insulating as other types.

Parachute’s Luxury Percale Sheets are gorgeous linens with a crisp feel and clean look. Made in Portugal, the Egyptian-cotton percale material is pleasantly lightweight and airy, making them an ideal summertime set. It’s certainly a sheet set that gets better with time, as washings with the proper care will relax the fibers and make the sheets even more cozy. If you sleep with a cooling pillow, this set is the perfect thickness to allow you to feel the pillow’s coolness without being too thin or as porous as linen.

As with all of their sheet sets, Parachute allows users to choose whether or not they want to include a top sheet, making a difference of $60–90 on the sum total, depending on the chosen size.

More of Our Favorite Percale Sheets:

L.L.Bean Pima Cotton Percale Sheet Set $109.00

A luxurious set at a comfortable price point, L.L.Bean’s Cotton Percale Sheet Set is a reviewer-favorite pick that stands up to years of regular use. It’s made of long-staple pima cotton, and its 280 thread count is lighter than most, so it’s extra breathable.

Snowe Percale Sheet Set $188.00

These Italian-made Egyptian-cotton percale sheets from Snowe bring resort-quality smoothness home to stay. Their 500 thread count feels substantial, yet soft, and the fitted sheet’s deep pockets are a perfect fit for an extra-tall mattress.

Coyuchi Organic Percale Sheets $198.00

Coyuchi is a bedding brand committed to organic-cotton everything, and after sleeping on their percale sheets, you probably will be, too. This beautifully smooth GOTS-certified set is made from Indian cotton and has a light and airy 300 thread count.

Best Linen Sheets

Lands’ End Garment Washed Linen Solid Sheets $224.95

Looking for bedding that’s even lighter than cotton percale? Get yourself a set of linen sheets, stat! Linen sheets are ideal for summertime sleeping, because the fabric itself tends to be lighter and more porous than other weaves. It’s woven of sustainably sourced fibers derived from the flax plant, which is a fast-growing crop that requires far less water to grow and harvest than cotton. Although linen sheets tend to feel a little grainy to the touch upon first use, they usually soften up after a few washes into an unbelievably soft and cozy material that won’t pill or produce as much lint as others.

The Lands’ End Garment-Washed Linen Sheets topped our own in-house user test, ticking off all of our baseline criteria in terms of comfort, breathability, and value. They’re made from Belgian flax, and are pre-washed for a cotton-like feel that’s far softer than linen’s traditionally rough texture. This set got high marks for breathability, which is perfect for those whose body (or bedroom) temperature errs on the side of warm at night. For the long-term, these sheets are touted as holding up incredibly well to countless washes and near-constant use. Users can also monogram these sheets for just $8 more!

More of Our Favorite Linen Sheets:

Crane & Canopy Belgian Linen Sheets $189.00

Crane & Canopy’s Belgian Linen Set is one of the softest linen sets that we’ve ever found. Though the material feels thick and substantial, the weave is also very breathable and doesn’t hold onto body heat. This linen set is also unique in that you can buy each piece individually in order to build the exact set of your liking.

Snowe Linen Sheet Set $300.00

Snowe’s linen sheet collection is Italian-made and meticulously crafted with a unique weathering technique that uses air to relax the linen fibers before they’re woven. These airy sheets are definitely a luxe upgrade from the norm.

Brooklinen Linen Core Sheet Set $279.00

These Belgian and French flax linen sheets are made for linen lovers who enjoy the material’s rumpled and slightly rougher tactility. Though they take a little bit of time to soften up (around five washes, we’ve found), the effort is worth it. Brooklinen’s linen sheets feel relaxed and cozy, and also have a very open and airy weave that helps sleepers feel cool in the night.

Best Flannel Sheets

Riley Reversible Flannel Sheet Set $199.00

Come winter, you’ll want to tuck into something a little warmer. Cotton flannel sheets get a bad rap for being a little too warm at times, which is why a well-made set makes all the difference. At its best, flannel material should feel smooth and velvety, and should keep the sleeper feeling warm and cozy, without making them sweat. We prefer lighter-weight flannel sheets for this reason.

Everything about the Riley Flannel Sheets appeals to the modern consumer’s tastes, from their reversible colorways, to the lightweight, silky texture. Crafted in Portugal, they’re made of Oeko-Tex-certified 100% combed-cotton flannel. They’re far more breathable than other flannel sets and have deep pockets to accommodate a tall mattress plus a topper. This set also washes beautifully, and doesn’t pill after a season of use. It also comes in gray, oatmeal, and navy.

More of Our Favorite Flannel Sheets:

Pinzon Signature Cotton Flannel Sheet Set $70.99

This Portuguese-made, Oeko-Tex-certified flannel sheet set from Amazon’s in-house bedding brand is a clear crowd favorite, showcasing a rare combination of quality and cost efficiency. It’s touted by reviewers for its exceptionally thick and cushy texture.

L.L.Bean Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Sheet Set $99.00

Brushed to pill-resistant perfection, the 100% cotton sheets are touted by users for their soft, cozy feel and long-lasting quality. Many users even attest to buying these sheets continually over the years as gifts, and that they’re something that helps them look forward to winter.

Cloud Brushed Organic Flannel Sheets $198.00

For those in the market for flannel, and who also want the assurance of a clean, ethically sourced material, these GOTS-certified flannel sheets from Coyuchi look as expertly crafted as they feel.

Best Bamboo Sheets

The Purple Sheets $158.00

Bamboo sheets tend to have a very relaxed, flexible feel to them, and the breathable, moisture-wicking material gives them a casual texture akin to performance wear.

The Purple sheets are made of bamboo-derived viscose and Spandex, and the texture is very comfy and T-shirt-like. The sheets’ fabric isn’t thick or weighty at all, making them great for the warmer seasons, and though the material isn’t infused with anything to make it “cooling,” it does have a slinky, breathable feel. Quite simply, these sheets are a hot sleeper’s dream. They form-fit perfectly to a 12-inch-high mattress and securely stay on, thanks to the fitted sheets’ thick elastic band.

To learn more about our experience testing this material, check out our full review!

More of Our Favorite Bamboo Sheets:

LuxClub Bamboo Sheets $31.95

Simple yet effective, these budget-friendly bamboo-viscose sheets are touted by reviewers as being very soft and lightweight, and have fitted-sheet corners that accommodate 18- to 20-inch-tall mattresses.

My Sheets Rock Bamboo Sheets $139.00

The name says it all! These bamboo-rayon sheets are a hot sleeper’s dream, with a light, breathable drape and a stretchy, casual feel. They are well worth the investment for their durability and silky feel.

Hotel Sheets Direct Bamboo Sheet Set $46.97

Described as “butter-soft,” “silky,” and “cool to the touch,” among many other things, this bamboo-viscose bedding is a fan-favorite budget buy that truly feels like a million bucks.

Best Jersey Sheets

Pure Beech Jersey Knit Modal Sheet Set $79.99

Jersey sheets are made of modal, which is a semi-plant-derived textile made from beech-tree pulp that’s used often to make T-shirts, pajamas, and underwear. The fabric is slinky and stretchy, and it feels great against the skin. It also tends to have a slight cooling feeling as well, making them great for warm-weather sleeping.

The Pure Beech Jersey Knit Sheet set may be on the affordable end of the bedding spectrum, but they’re also irresistibly soft and flexible. They require no breaking-in at all to feel instantly at home in. Though the material is slightly more prone to pilling and shrinking, washing the set on a gentler and cooler laundry setting will extend its lifespan considerably.

We also think that these are the best sheets for college students — to learn why, check out our full review here!

Best Microfiber Sheets

Mellanni Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set $28.70

As far as budget goes, it’s tough to beat microfiber polyester. Though not quite as breathable as cotton, bamboo, or modal, they do have a velvety coziness to them that makes for a good, flannel-like alternative in the colder months.

The Mellanni Microfiber Sheet Set has a very cozy tactility, and retains it for months (even years!) later. The material not only feels great, but it has some impressive grip to it, too. It’ll grip to a mattress cover or pillowcase much better than cotton or other materials, to prevent slipping off in the night.

And if these sheets seem a little familiar to you, it’s likely that you saw them on Amazon — these are their most popular bedding set with over 57,000 reviews! We dig into this a bit more in our full review here.

What does the thread-count number mean?

Thread count pertains to the number of threads woven within 1 square inch of the material. The higher the number of threads per square inch, the higher the thread count, and the more tightly woven that material will be. Luxury-grade sheets tend to be upwards of 700 thread count, giving you that crisp, hotel-quality feel. This doesn’t mean a smaller thread count means lesser quality! Sheets with a 300 or 400 thread count can be much softer upon first night’s sleep, and they usually won’t need to be “broken-in” by repeated washings.

If you buy sheets with a high thread count, you’re investing in a fabric that likely won’t degrade or pill over time, but will yield a softer and softer texture the more that it’s used. And yes, that’ll usually mean paying a little bit more.

What does Oeko-Tex mean?

Oeko-Tex is an independent certification system for textiles, which, according to its Code of Conduct, “enables consumers and companies to protect our planet by making responsible decisions.” Oeko-Tex certification is a rigorous process, and its label ensures that textile companies are committed to safe, legal, and environmentally responsible business practices, which uphold human-rights and fair-labor standards.

What makes organic cotton sheets different? Who are they best for?

For those looking to buy organic cotton sheets, make sure that it’s a product with a GOTS-certification seal, because “organic” can be a misleading label. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, and attaining this certification means that the material is vetted for environmentally and socially responsible harvesting, manufacturing, and marketing of the product to consumers. The GOTS website is a great resource to find out more about what meeting this criteria entails. GOTS-certified organic cotton sheets are a little pricier than standard sheet sets, but opting for these is a great choice for any household that’s trying to consume consciously and invest in bedding that was made with the smallest environmental footprint possible.

Is there a right way to wash a new sheet set?

It’s best to consult the care label on a new set of sheets to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Washing with a gentle detergent should suffice, but take care to wash on a warm-water setting, as opposed to the hottest temperature, to avoid shrinking and expedited deterioration. If you’ve invested in dark-colored sheets, just keep in mind that some skincare and acne products like benzoyl peroxide do have the unfortunate side effect of staining dark fabric with light spots.

How often should sheets be changed?

Your pillowcases should be changed every single week, because the oil from your hair can transfer to your skin and make you break out. It’s perfectly fine to change your sheets on a weekly or biweekly basis, particularly if you sleep alone and/or shower before bedtime. (But no longer than that, please!)

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Supima cotton is a special type of cotton that you may not come across very often. But it you have heard of it, you know that this is very high quality cotton. Read on to find out exactly what is Supima cotton, where it gets its name from, and what makes it special.
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What Is Supima Cotton?

Supima is a portmanteau of supreme and pima. So to understand what is Supima cotton, we first have to know what is Pima cotton. Pima cotton is a long or extra-long staple cotton. It grows in only a few areas of the world: Peru, the USA and Australia. Supima cotton is a special type of pima cotton that comes only from the USA. But not all US-grown pima cotton is considered superior. True Supima cotton bears the Supima® trademark.

Where Does Supima Cotton Come From?

The first half of the 20th century saw a rise in the demand for pima cotton. A group of US family farmers decided that the quality of the cotton must not suffer due to the higher demand. So in 1954 they established the Supima non-profit organization. To goal was to group pure and high quality pima cotton in the US. To better manage and promote Supima cotton, they started a license program. These days the Supima® trademark is quite an exclusive club. Only around 600 select US manufacturers and retailers have the license.

Supima cotton needs a hot arid climate and irrigation to grow. So only a few areas in the US, like the Southwest and Far West, are suitable for cultivation. Of all the cotton grown in America, pima cotton makes up around 3%. The number of licensed Supima manufacturers and retailers is quite small, as we saw above. So Supima cotton is even more rare.

What is Supima Cotton Like?

Supima cotton is special, as it comes strictly from the USA. But apart from that, this cotton type shares other characteristics of pima cotton. Most importantly, this cotton has long or extra-long staple fibers. Staple refers to the length of an individual cotton fiber. This determines much of the quality of the fabric. Fibers can be short, medium, long, or extra-long.

Long stable cotton fibers are at least 1.3/32 long. While extra-long staple means that the cotton fibers are at least 1.3/8 inches long. Long and extra-long staple fiber makes for better quality sheets. This is because there are less fiber ends sticking out from the fabric. You just don’t need that many fibers to sow into a sheet in the first place. Although tiny, these ends make the fabric surface less smooth and soft. The other reason why you should prefer sheets from longer staple cotton, is because they are less prone to pilling. Which also makes them more resistant to tearing or breaking.

What Is Supima Cotton Used For?

Supima cotton is most widespread in the clothing industry. You can find men’s and women’s shirts, denim, t-shirts, socks, shorts, pants, and other apparel. But not only that. Supima cotton is also used for making other products. Such as bed linen, towels, bathrobes, and even furniture.

Best Supima Cotton Sheets

Bumble offers a very affordable Supima sheet set. And the quality is great as well! The percale weave makes the sheets nice and crisp. They’re cool, yet breathable. As the sheets tend to wrinkle easily, you might want to either fold them or lay them on the bed quickly after washing, or just do a bit of ironing.

Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King

Colors: White, Navy, Sky Blue, Light Grey, Dark Grey

Price: From $60

AURAA Royale offers a very affordable sheet set made from Supima cotton. It’s often hard to find sheets from this high quality cotton under $100, so it’s a great find. But leaving the price tag aside, the sheets are heavy with a 1000 thread count. They have a sateen weave, which gives them a nice sheen and true smoothness. If you have a thick mattress, not to worry – the fitted sheet works well with mattresses up to 18”. The size selection is not that big. These sheets come in beautiful neutral tones that give a delicate feel to your bed.

Sizes: Full, Queen, King, Split King, Cal King

Color: White, Ivory, Blue, Burgundy, Taupe, Charcoal, Chocolate, Silver, Ballad Blue, High Rise, Sea Foam

Price: From $83

In the recent years, Casper has revolutionized the world of sleeping. And one thing that they’ve taken to the next level is bedding. Their Supima cotton comes from California. These sheets have a 400 thread count. Casper’s sheets have 2-ply threads. We don’t usually recommend multi-ply threads, but this is an exception. Casper has done their research. And found that this is the perfect combination of thread count and plies. The result is an extraordinary sheet. You’ll get a breathable, cool, and wonderfully strong sheet set.

Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Colors: Cream, White, Grey/Slate, Navy/Azure, Sky/Azure, White/Slate

Price: From $64

Threadmill Home Linen has a beautiful 100% Supima cotton sheet set with a 1000 thread count. They use single ply threads of extra long staple cotton – a great indicator of the high quality of the sheets. The sheets are strong, heavy, super soft, and the sateen weave makes them smooth to the touch. One thing that makes Threadmill Home Linen stand out is their green approach. Their factory runs solely on wind and solar energy. The chemicals they use in the production process are harmless. Even to the most sensitive skin. Last but not least, they don’t use any plastic packaging. They sell the sheets straight from the factory without using any middlemen. With the goal of keeping the costs down for their clients. There is just so much to appreciate in both their approach and their sheets.

Sizes: Queen, King, Cal King

Colors: White, Ivory

Price: From $98

These 1000 thread count Supima cotton sheets are from Tranquil Nights. With a sateen weave, they’re silky smooth to the touch. The long staple cotton is a great quality one indeed. Less prone to tearing and pilling, as is the case with short and medium staple cotton. The size and color selection is not overly large, but it’s a great buy for the price!

Sizes: Full, Queen, King

Colors: White, Taupe, Grey, Aqua, Blue Jean

Price: From $117

For a slightly lighter King size sheet set, Charter Club has a great option. With a thread count of 550 and Supima cotton, you will get a high quality sheet set. These sets only come in king size, however. So they’re not available for everyone. Also, they don’t come in solid colors but a more sophisticated striped pattern.

Sizes: King

Colors: White, Navy, Smoke, Blue

Price: From $171

Peacock Alley is known for their luxury bedding and bathroom products. This particular Supima cotton set is a limited edition and only comes in queen and king size. But my oh my are these sheets great! They have a 500 thread count. This is true luxury in its best form. And of course it reflects in the price, so only a few will be able to afford it. But if you can, you will receive the best quality available.

Sizes: Queen, King

Colors: White, Blue, Grey

Price: From $260