Krups burr grinder gvx2

Overall Score: 88/100

Tested December 2016

The Krups GVX2 Burr grinder has maximum grind capacity of 12 cups (200g) and has 17 different grind settings to tailor to your preferences. It’s straightforward to use with speedy and even results across all of our performance tests. It also won’t take up much room on your work surface and removable parts are dishwasher-safe, for added ease. Based on performance and the added bonus of being very reasonably priced, this is definitely one we’d recommend.

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Price when tested: £39.99


Average – this product has been scientifically assessed to have average noise levels for this category.

GHI Expert Verdict

This Krups coffee grinder performed very well in our tests. It produced even grinds, on both minimum and maximum capacity, and with speedy results. Once the pre-set cup quantity has been ground, it automatically switches itself off so you know it has ground the amount you wanted. This means you can leaves beans in the hopper and be assured that it’s only grinding what you need each time. It has a compact design, so it won’t take up your work surface and it feels modern and well-built too. It has removable, dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleaning and it comes with a cleaning brush for parts that can’t be removed. While some some residue does get a little trapped when grinding, it’s easy to deal with thanks to the brush. All in all, it’s one we’d recommend and it has the added bonus of being inexpensive.

Overall Score: 88/100


  • Ease of use: 4.5/5
  • Design: 4/5
  • Performance: 4.5/5
  • Instructions: 4.5/5


  • Speedy and produced very even grinds on both minimum and maximum capacity
  • Compact in design with intuitive controls for grind setting and cup quantity
  • Automatically switches itself off when required quantity has been ground
  • Plenty of grind options to tailor to your preferences


  • Some residue got trapped below the blades, but it was easy to remove with supplied cleaning brush

All product information provided by the manufacturer is correct at time of publication.

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What does good coffee start with? The right grinder! Making your own coffee at home from scratch is a wonderful ritual that gives you full control over the quality of your favourite caffeinated beverages. A few coffee grinders are known for their superior quality. Krups GVX242 Expert Pro Combi Grinder is one of them.

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Krups GVX242 Expert Pro Combi Grinder Any Good?

Let’s start the Krups GVX2 review by figuring out whether the appliance works. The answer is a reassuring “yes.” Krups GVX gives you full control over a number of characteristics.

The grounds fineness selector is probably the most important feature. By choosing just how fine your ground coffee is going to be, you can get it ready for use in a range of coffee machines.

Krups GVX242 also comes with a professional-grade burr milling system that will deliver excellent results every single time.

Using the machine is very easy – put the beans in the container, choose the settings and press the start button. The ground coffee will “fall” in a separate container that you can use to directly load your coffee machine.

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Biggest Advantages
Krups GVX is a simple and user-friendly combi grinder. This particular model has seen a couple of upgrades from its predecessors. Buyers are mostly satisfied with what the appliance has to offer. Some of the best features include:

  • You can choose grounds fineness and number of cups: all that you have to do is make your selection. The machine will then grind the coffee to the respective fineness level and give you just enough for the selected number of cups.
  • Ground coffee container with a safety lid: the safety lid should be on, otherwise the grinding process isn’t going to start. The container is detachable, simplifying the process of putting the ground coffee in your coffee machine.
  • Compact design: the combi grinder is so small and lightweight that it can be positioned on even the tiniest kitchen counter. The weight is solely 1.9 kilograms and the appliance measures 20 by 16 by 26.6 centimetres.

  • Great for making espresso: the machine grinds coffee fine enough to enable the preparation of delicious and authentic espresso. If you’re an espresso connoisseur, you’ll be happy with what it has to offer.
  • Visible difference between fine and coarse grounds: there’s an obvious difference between the different settings, which means that the feature does work.
  • Easy to clean: cleaning the hopper, the ground coffee container and the rest of the appliance is easy due to the facts that a few of the parts come off and give you access to the inside of the grinder.
  • Clear plastic hopper top: the clear hopper top lets you see the quantity of coffee beans and whether you need to refill the machine.
  • Excellent price to quality ratio: the performance of the grinder is excellent and consistent. This is the main reason whyKrups GVX has one of the best price to quality ratios on the market.

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A Few Shortcomings
To make the Krups GVX2 review comprehensive and unbiased, let’s take a look at some of the most prominent shortcomings:

  • Small capacity: the ground coffee container can hold only 200 grams. If you need to grind larger quantities of coffee beans, you should probably look for a bigger machine.
  • Some problems with the start button: the start button is a bit firm and a number of buyers had issues with getting it to work. Once they got used to pressing it in the correct way, the problem was resolved.
  • The ground coffee container generates a bit of static electricity: as a result, some of the coffee would stick to the walls of the container. Far from a major issue, this one could be somewhat annoying early in the morning.

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The Krups GVX242 Coffee Grinder Final Verdict

If you want an affordable, professional quality coffee grinder, Krups GVX242 is perfect for you.

The appliance gets the job done, it’s easy to use and it enables you to choose the coffee grinding settings you’re most comfortable with.

The shortcomings are just a few and they don’t really interfere with the performance of the grinder.

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What do customers buy after viewing this item?

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Krups Expert GVX231 Burr Coffee Grinder review 2018

Although some users are happy with the espresso grind that this machine produces, others don’t think that the resulting grind is fine enough for making a decent espresso. There are also reports that the dispenser shoot tends to clog on a regular basis.

Other reports are that the switch fairly frequently stops working when the machine is between twelve and eighteen months’ old. This could be a real concern when it comes to durability.

How to clean the Krups Expert CV231 Burr Coffee Machine

As already mentioned and, unlike a number of other machines, the bean hopper isn’t removable. The burr is, and can be removed easily for cleaning with the stiff brush that comes with the machine.
Again, as already mentioned, the dispenser shoot on this Krups machine can be prone to clogging, especially with finer grinds. This can be cleaned out through regular brushing too.

The Krups Expert CV231 Burr Coffee has a safety feature that prevents this burr machine from working if the hopper lid or grind collector aren’t correctly fitted. If the slot around the hopper becomes clogged with grinds or lose bits of beans, then the lid won’t fit. Any blockages can easily be scraped out using an item such as a table knife. The same thing can be done around the collection box should this become filled too.

How functional is this machine?

This is an entry level machine, and that’s obvious from its minimal functionality. Seventeen grinds is perfectly acceptable for most people’s requirements, although perhaps not espresso aficionados.

The automatic dosing programme means that once you’ve selected the grind you need for your preferred brewing method and the volume, this coffee burr grinder will fulfill its purpose without further interference.

The limitations

The main limitation is the size of its bean hopper and grind collector. Both are small and may not be able to hold the volume of beans needed to make twelve cups of coffee. The hopper isn’t removable, meaning that you might have problems emptying it, should you want to change beans.

In addition, some espresso lovers may not consider that the fineness of the coffee grind is suitable for making a good enough coffee.

Features of this machine

This is an entry level machine, and so offers little in the way of extra features. The only adjustable functions are the grind coarseness and the amount of coffee ground in one process. As a basic burr grinder, it fulfills its function.
The one feature it does offer is the dual safety function. As already covered in the cleaning section, if either the bean hopper lid or grind collection aren’t correctly fitted, the machine won’t start. This protects fingers, long hair and jewellery from being trapped in the machine.

Looks and style

This Krups burr grinder is both compact and stylish. Made of a combination of stainless steel and plastic, it’s sturdy feeling even though it weighs just 2kg. Small enough for any kitchen, it wouldn’t look out of place anywhere.

The Krups Burr Mill Coffee Grinder wins points for the ease of use, but is too loud for this reviewer.

One of the best things about coffee is the many forms it can take. Whether you like your drinks fancy, simple, or quick, you can always find a macchiato, drip, or espresso to suit your taste. With the right tools, creating your favorite coffee drink at home is a breeze. But the secret to the best coffee at home is in the coffee you use. Before you start with fancy coffee makers, you must grind your whole coffee beans. That’s where the Krups Burr Mill Coffee Grinder GVX2 (63/100) comes in.

The nice folks at Krups sent me a unit to try out myself. Prior to trying the GVX2, I had only used a simple on/off blade grinder. After doing a little research, I found out that burr grinders are widely considered superior to their blade brethren since they produce uniform size coffee grounds. While blade grinders produce a finer grind the longer they run, burr grinders have two ridged “burrs” that crush the beans. The burr method also produced less heat, preserving the flavor and oils from the beans.

Krups Burr Mill Coffee Grinder GVX2

Read on for more details about the pros and cons of the Krups Burr Mill Coffee Grinder GVX2.


This is a good-looking machine. For a kitchen that’s full of modern appliances, like mine, the black and stainless steel construction fits right in. The silver dial on the left side of the machine features is clear to read, with settings from Fine to Coarse. The dial on the front, however, is more difficult to read, with thin black writing on a steel background, and the handle reaches over the text. Also, the Max fill line on the bean hopper is hard to find if you don’t know it’s there. Still, I like the blue LED light in the on/off button that illuminates while the machine is running. It’s not essential to know the grinder is on, but it looks nice. However, the container for the grounds is rectangular, which means pouring extra grounds into another vessel is more difficult than would be from a round container.


When setting this grinder up, I felt that it was quite sturdy. The dials have a satisfying click so you know you’ve selected a specific option, rather than being stuck between two. Both the bean hopper lid on top and the container for the grounds below click when they’re in position. I was impressed by how solid this relatively affordable ($49 and up) burr mill felt. Also, any beans that aren’t used remain in the hopper on top, ready for the next time you want to grind. This is great if you want to grind only as much as you want without needing to measure carefully each time.


The GVX2 ground half an ounce of coffee—enough for two cups—in a matter of seconds. I could visibly see the difference between finer and coarser grounds, so I feel confident this grinder can cater to various grinding needs. One thing to note is this machine is very, very loud. Though it only ran for a short time, I was startled by the noise the first time it ran. From an experience perspective, this is somewhat off putting but not a dealbreaker.

Overall, this is a good value for the money. Higher-end burr grinders may run as much as $130 or more. I like that the machine won’t run unless all the components are locked into place. Some people may find this extraneous, but I think it’s better than things falling out or flying off. My complaints regarding the noise and a couple of design flaws are minor in the face of its performance. Compared to more expensive models, this is a great deal, but if you could find me another well-priced, effective and quieter burr grinder, I might be swayed away from this one.

Editor’s note: Viewpoints asked Krups to provide a review unit for this article, which the company did at no cost. Viewpoints is giving the burr mill grinder to Amina Elahi in return for her test and impartial review.

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