Kermit and new girlfriend

Meet Kermit the Frog’s new girlfriend, Denise.

Presenting Denise: Kermit the Frog’s new pig pal.

Image: ABC/Andrea McCallin

As first hinted in the early trailers and sneak peeks at ABC’s upcoming comedy, The Muppets, she’s the one whose filling the pig-sized hole in Kermit’s heart following his split with Miss Piggy.

Piggy and Kermit confirmed their split just last month.

The new photos of Denise don’t reveal how serious it is between the ABC marketing exec and Kermit, but they sure look cozy.

Image: ABC/Andrea McCallin

No word on how Miss Piggy is handling it all, but we’re pretty sure she’s doing just fine.

Piggy’s got mad game.

Spent Friday with the most beautiful girl in the world. Kermit, #SorryNotSorry. #TheMuppets #misspiggy

A photo posted by Liam Hemsworth (@liamhemsworth) on Aug 31, 2015 at 8:17am PDT

We, however, aren’t taking it all well.

More drama will certainly play out on The Muppets, premiering Sept. 22 at 8 p.m. on ABC, at which time we will continue treating the muppets like real people.

— Matt Binder (@MattBinder) September 1, 2015

See a new promo for The Muppets, featuring this polarizing pig:

Seems like Kermit’s new girlfriend Denise has got him distracted on the job! @kenjeong @kermitthefrog #TheMuppets

— The Muppets on ABC (@TheMuppetsABC) September 1, 2015

Note: This post has been updated to include a video that was not yet released at the time of this story’s initial publishing.


August 4, 2015 was a sad day for hopeless romantics everywhere — Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy officially ended their four-decades-long love affair. And while our hearts were broken for the beloved Muppet couple, it looks like the pair themselves are focused on moving forward.

In fact, Kermit seems to be bouncing back pretty quickly. Just under a month after Miss Piggy announced their split via Facebook, Kermit was seen out and about with what appears to be his new girlfriend, Denise.

Denise is a head of marketing at ABC, and also a porcine like Kermit’s former flame. And sources say that the relationship is getting serious, with Denise “always stopping by the set of Up Late,” the talk show that Kermit works on with Miss Piggy.


However, don’t feel sorry for Miss Piggy — she seems to be doing just fine living the single life. She recently spent a lovely evening with Hunger Games star and one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors, Liam Hemsworth, who Instagrammed a photo along with the caption “Spent Friday with the most beautiful girl in the world. Kermit, #SorryNotSorry.”

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Spent Friday with the most beautiful girl in the world. Kermit, #SorryNotSorry. #TheMuppets #misspiggy

A post shared by Liam Hemsworth (@liamhemsworth) on Aug 31, 2015 at 8:17am PDT

As Entertainment Weekly reported, Hemsworth will guest star on The Muppets this fall, and Denise will also appear on the docuseries.

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FIRST PHOTOS: Meet The Muppets’ Kermit the Frog’s New Girlfriend Denise

Andrea McCallin/ABC

Well, that didn’t take long.

It’s been less than month since Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy announced they were splitting after four decades together, but it appears the plush amphibian has already moved on.

Kermit, who is still working with Miss Piggy on her late-night talk show Up Late with Miss Piggy – a situation that is being documented on the upcoming ABC series The Muppets – has been spotted around town numerous times with a head of marketing at ABC named Denise, a source tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“She’s always stopping by the set of Up Late,” the source says of Denise.

Image zoom Denise Andrea McCallin/ABC

And it seems things are getting serious between the two.

“He calls her his girlfriend,” adds the source.

News of Kermit’s new relationship comes just one day after an Instagram post from actor Liam Hemsworth sparked rumors that Miss Piggy has also found a new love.

“Spent Friday with the most beautiful girl in the world,” the Hunger Games star posted along with a photo of himself with Miss Piggy. “Kermit, #SorryNotSorry.”

As Entertainment Weekly reported, Hemsworth will guest star on The Muppets this fall.

The source confirms Denise will also appear on the docuseries, which premieres Sept. 22 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Kermit the Frog trades Miss Piggy in for a hotter, younger girlfriend named Denise

Kermit with his new pig, Denise. ABC Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy have broken up.

Yes, that’s the sad plot line of the new “Muppets” show which is set to air on ABC in September. Even more astounding, Kermit seems to have already traded Miss Piggy in for a newer, younger model.

People obtained photos of Kermit’s new girlfriend on the show, Denise, a hot red-headed piglet. Denise is reportedly the head of marketing at ABC.

Don’t feel too sad for Miss Piggy, though. People reports that she’s been hanging around actor and ex to Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth. And “The Hunger Games” actor is set to make a guest appearance on “The Muppets.”

Spent Friday with the most beautiful girl in the world. Kermit, #SorryNotSorry. #TheMuppets #misspiggy

A photo posted by Liam Hemsworth (@liamhemsworth) on Aug 31, 2015 at 8:17am PDTAug 31, 2015 at 8:17am PDT

The breakup is a brilliant marketing ploy on ABC’s part to hype up the show before it airs. The “Muppets” is being positioned as a funny “Office-style” show that may not always be family-friendly. It treats the characters everyone knows and loves like real people and ABC is giving the muppets the kinds of dramatic plot lines that typically flare up in reality TV shows.

We weren’t sure how to reach Kermit or Miss Piggy for comment.

Feminists are angry that Kermit the Frog’s new girlfriend is young and thin

Some think that it is a backward step for feminism

We thought realistic Barbie was a victory, but now we have skinny Pam on Archer & Denise the younger hotter pig on the Muppets.

— Scamille (@scamille_crosby) September 1, 2015

Others are angry that she is young and skinny

@Misslu7 seriously, it made me really mad, especially that they made her young and skinny. Its funny her names denise though

— Tabitha (@TabDeGeneres) September 2, 2015

People are taking the side of Miss Piggy

Interesting, since Miss Piggy became a feminist she and kermit broke up and kermit is dating someone younger @ShortFatOtaku @michellevisage

— ?Queeny? (@QueenyMartha) September 2, 2015

Is Kermit anti-feminist?

— Patricia Egoman (@PigOnStilts) September 2, 2015

Kermit couldn’t even last a month after Miss Piggy declared herself a feminist.

— Michelle Catlin (@CaptainWeeab00) September 1, 2015

Who Kermit new girl? He got tired of ms. Piggy being a feminist

— Judy Medusa (@kyaxcheeks) September 1, 2015

Some worry about the message it sends out

What kind of message are the Muppets sending now that Kermit dating a skinny pig? Jim Henson must be doing somersaults.

— Patrick Costello (@Dobro33H) September 2, 2015

Why does #Kermit’s new girlfriend have a face like a Bratz doll, skinny legs, and no style?? Jim Henson would be turning in his grave

— Charlie Bond (@misscharliebond) September 2, 2015

There is an inevitable Woody Allen comparison

#Kermit just seems like Woody Allen now; A neurotic, skinny frog taking advantage of naive piglets. #TeamPiggy

— Starina Johnson (@StarinaJohnson) September 2, 2015

Was Kermit the Frog on Ashley Madison?

Kermit getting a skinny pig broad totally defeats the “love your body the way you are” idea. Also over/under Kermey was on Ashely Madison?

— Sonia Z. (@thatchicksonia) September 2, 2015

And there is one very disturbing assumption

Id like to point out that pigs are only that skinny when theyre piglets…. Kermit… wyddd fam??

— Ashenanigans (@_thecalm1) September 1, 2015

PERFORMER Julianne Buescher
DEBUT 2015
DESIGN Paul Andrejco designer

Denise is a pig who features in the 2015 ABC series The Muppets. She serves as the network’s Head of Marketing on Up Late with Miss Piggy.

Some time before “Pig Girls Don’t Cry”, she met Up Late’s Executive Producer, Kermit the Frog at a cross-promotional synergy meeting. Shortly after, they began dating. In an interview with Extra, Kermit says that she was one of the people who had the idea for the Muppets to do a new show, and they hit it off. (VIDEO) He later admitted to Entertainment Tonight that he’s got a thing for pigs because he finds their curly tails attractive. (VIDEO)

Denise made her first appearance on September 1, 2015, in a promo with Kermit and Ken Jeong. The two are engaged in light conversation on the studio lot when Kermit’s attention is shifted to Denise who rides by on a scooter. She holds her glasses and doesn’t speak, but locks eyes with Kermit in the brief spot. (VIDEO)

Throughout the much-publicized break-up between Kermit and Miss Piggy, the topic of his new love interest came up frequently. In an Audi commercial, the former couple takes a business lunch, and Piggy dismissively refers to Denise as Dennis more than once. She goes so far as to stage a Paparazzi stunt to make her jealous of Kermit and Piggy’s continued attention in the press. Piggy also nicknames her Niecey in “The Ex-Factor”, taken partly from a shortening of her name, but also when she realizes Denise has a lot in common with her 6-year-old niece.

In the episode “The Ex-Factor”, Denise celebrates a birthday where Kermit gifts her (via Miss Piggy, who has her own agenda) a jewelry box and a bracelet. The box is made of Southern Live Oak, the state tree of Georgia, which she says smells like home. In the same episode, she tells Kristin Chenoweth that she was a theater major in college until she got her Masters degree and had to let go of a career in performing.

Denise and Kermit agree to set some boundaries between their relationship and work over a tipsy game of Monopoly in “Swine Song”. They train together for a charity 5k marathon, but Kermit misses the run when he oversleeps from working late. When Kermit and Piggy perform “In Spite of Ourselves” together as part of a last-ditch effort to save the show, Denise can’t ignore the chemistry he still has with his ex. Three episodes later, in “Little Green Lie”, Kermit reveals that Denise ultimately breaks up with him after asking to take a break from their relationship.


  • The Muppets
    • The Muppets 2015 Presentation Pilot
    • Episode 101: Pig Girls Don’t Cry
    • Episode 106: The Ex-Factor
    • Episode 107: Pig’s in a Blackout
    • Episode 108: Too Hot to Handler
    • Episode 110: Single All the Way
    • Episode 111: Swine Song
  • “The Muppet Show Theme” a capella cover


  • For the presentation pilot, the Spamela Hamderson puppet from Muppets Tonight was used. She had just previously appeared in the wedding scene of Muppets Most Wanted. When asked by an audience member at San Diego Comic-Con, Bill Prady and Bob Kushell explained that the puppet was used only for the studio pitch and that the character was being rebuilt for the show proper. The design for Denise was first unveiled by People magazine on September 1, 2015.

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