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RODRIGO Alves has established himself as the face of plastic surgery over the years, spending hundreds of thousands to achieve what he claims is the perfect male physique.

If you have ever wondered what the former CBB star looked like before he had the ab implants and face-lifts, carry on reading…

3 This is what ‘Human Ken Doll’ Rodrigo Alves looked like before his many proceduresCredit: RODRIGO ALVES

What did Rodrigo Alves look life before his many surgeries?

Rodrigo, 35, had his first nose job at 19 and has never looked back, going on to have dozens more procedures.

He admitted he looked very different as a teenager and felt the need to have work to achieve the “perfect” male figure and chiselled face.

Older photos of Rodrigo show a much fuller faced and less lean physique – all of which have now been “improved” upon by Rodrigo.

He said: “Male perfection is to me having symmetry. So a chiselled face, broad shoulders, a lean figure, a prominent jawline, defined abs and a chest in proportion.

3 Today, Rodrigo looks less natural and has been branded the Human Ken DollCredit: Instagram/Rodrigo Alves

“I have had a hair implant, a brow lift, eye lifts, my ears pinned back, cheeks redesigned, my jawline shaped.

“I’ve had cheek implants twice, the sides of my lips cut out in order to give me a bigger wider smile.

“I have had fillers injected into my shoulders, biceps, triceps, my abs – my six pack is purely plastic surgery.

“I have the most beautiful six pack.”

3 This is what Rodrigo looked like many surgical procedures agoCredit: SWNS:South West News Service

What cosmetic procedures has Rodrigo Alves had?

Rodrigo first decided to go under the knife in 2004 after a childhood of struggling with his self-image.

His long list of surgery includes:

  • £8,000 on Botox and fillers
  • £30,000 on nose jobs
  • £3,000 on liposuction to his jaw
  • £10,000 on pec implants.
  • £22,000 on a fake six-pack
  • £7,000 on fillers to his arms
  • £5,000 hair transplant
  • £7,000 on laser lipo
  • £6,000 on leg lipo
  • £3,000 on calf shaping
  • Fat transfer to give him a “Brazillian” bum
  • A SMAS facelift
  • He is reported to have recently undergone a £28,000 procedure to remove four floating ribs…

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Human Ken Doll goes under the knife AGAIN despite saying he’s done with surgery

Has Rodrigo Alves stopped having surgery?

In January 2018, Rodrigo told Sun Online he was done with plastic surgery.

He added: “Plastic surgery-wise, I would say that I’m done. I’m officially made but if anything falls apart – like if my face goes wonky – then I’ll have to get more work done.

“I now want to focus on building my brand with my style, fashion, personality and lifestyle – that’s what I want to be known for.”

However in January 2019 he went back under the knife and an an eye lift, his 11th rhinoplasty, chin implants and a five-hour face reduction in Iran,

Rodrigo Alves rants about his critics after Celebrity Big Brother bosses kicked him out

The ‘human Ken doll’ has spent more than $750,000 on 72 cosmetic surgeries, and doctors warn that his addiction has gotten dangerous

  • Rodrigo Alves, known as “the human Ken doll,” has spent more than $750,000 on 72 cosmetic surgeries to achieve a distinctive appearance.
  • He said he’s now dealing with persistent health issues related to the surgeries, including his nose “sinking” from infections.
  • Though doctors have warned him against additional surgeries, and despite the health risks, seeking out more cosmetic procedures became “a need,” he said.
  • Surgical addiction, or the urge to continue going under the knife for aesthetic reasons, is one of several rare but dangerous risks of cosmetic surgery.
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Rodrigo Alves is known as “the human Ken doll” because of his surreal, plastic-like resemblance to Barbie’s beau. But he’s now in danger of losing his carefully crafted nose after dozens of surgeries left him with infections and scar tissue so extensive he can barely breathe.

Alves’ 72 procedures have cost more than $750,000, and doctors have warned him that his surgical obsession may also cost him his health if he doesn’t stop undergoing additional cosmetic procedures, he told the Daily Mail.

Alves said that as a result of tissue damage from multiple rhinoplasties, his nose is “sinking” and may collapse, leaving a hole in his face.

“I am scared, to be honest,” he told the Daily Mail, adding that “each time is riskier than the last.”

He explained that additional procedures were required to fix complications of previous botched surgeries.

“It used to be a want,” he said of his procedures. “Now it is a need.”

Cosmetic surgery is common and generally safe

Cosmetic surgery, a specialization of plastic surgery, can have benefits for many people, including boosting self-esteem, said Dr. Alan Matarasso, a former president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. About 23 million cosmetic surgeries are done every year worldwide, and they’re generally considered safe.

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But like all surgeries, the procedures have risks including scarring, nerve damage, infection, and complications from surgical anesthesia. And having multiple procedures can compound the risk — one doctor told Alves on the show “Botched” in 2017 that having three surgeries in one year had “destroyed your tissue,” adding that “the skin is no good.”

“Ideally, you want to do the least amount of surgery that will make a patient happy,” Matarasso told Insider. “Plastic surgery is safe. It’s effective. It’s ubiquitous. But it’s not a haircut. All of these procedures have risks.”

Some people find that a single cosmetic surgery opens a “Pandora’s box” leading them to seek more procedures and never be satisfied. Business Insider

Many people have unrealistic expectations for cosmetic surgery, Dr. Dirk Kramer, a plastic surgeon in London, previously told Insider. But some can develop a psychological obsession with repeatedly getting surgical procedures, often for aesthetic reasons. This is rare, Matarasso said.

For some, the first surgery can open a “Pandora’s box” of seeking additional procedures because they’re never fully happy with the results, Kramer said.

That’s why it’s important to address an underlying issue of low self-esteem before considering cosmetic surgery, said Charlotte Markey, a psychologist.

“Self-acceptance is not just about how we look,” Markey previously told Insider. “Data suggests that cosmetic procedures don’t have a lasting effect on people’s positive body images nor their general well-being.”

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If you have symptoms of body-dysmorphic disorder, a persistent feeling that one’s appearance is flawed, you may be at a higher risk of surgical addiction, Matarasso said, adding that he works with psychiatrists to refer his patients to in some cases.

“Good plastic surgeons are psychiatrists with scalpels,” he said.

Indicators that you should see a psychiatrist can include developing a strong, obsessive concern about a minor perceived flaw, having a history of other psychiatric issues, getting multiple procedures in a short period, and “doctor-shopping,” or jumping from surgeon to surgeon for different procedures.

“The thing about plastic surgery is, as physicians, we shouldn’t be operating on people unless they have realistic expectations coming in and a healthy and positive self-image,” Dr. David Cangello, a plastic surgeon in New York City, told Insider.

A good cosmetic surgeon should listen closely to why you want a procedure and what you’re expecting from it. Rawpixel/iStock

Surgeons told Insider that if you’re considering a procedure, start by finding a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and avoid people who won’t list their specific certification or have another specialty.

Word of mouth is also a good way to find a good doctor, Matarasso added. He suggested asking a plastic surgeon in another city where they would go for a cosmetic procedure.

The internet, by contrast, isn’t so reliable, since “everybody says they’re board-certified in something,” whether or not that’s true or their certification qualifies them for the procedure you want, Cangello said.

At an initial consultation, a good surgeon should listen closely to why you want the procedure and what you’re expecting from the results to help you decide what, if anything, best fits your unique needs, Matarasso said.

“If you’re ethically doing your job well as a plastic surgeon, you’re saying no to a number of patients when the risk isn’t worth the outcome,” Matarasso said. “The way I learned it is: I make my living on the people I operate on, and my reputation on the people I don’t.”

Ultimately, Matarasso said, the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery should not be taken lightly.

“Yes, plastic surgery can have emotional benefits or even physical benefits,” he said. “But because it’s an elective, unnecessary surgery, there are risks, and patients should be very rigorous about doing their homework.”

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He spent half a million dollars on plastic surgery. Miami, meet the Human Ken Doll | Miami Herald

Rodrigo Alves

The Human Ken Doll is taking advantage of all Miami has to offer.

That’s not necessarily a good thing.

Rodrigo Alves is partying so hard that he told The Daily Mail that he’s afraid that his liver will fail.

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The 34 year old, who has spent half a million dollars on plastic surgery to look “perfect,” told the publication that he is very lonely so goes out and ends up drinking too much.

A post shared by Rodrigo Alves (@rodrigoalvesuk) on Apr 20, 2018 at 3:49am PDT

“I work hard and try to live my life to the max,” Alves said. “But I spend a lot of time hungover and sometimes I wish I had a quiet night.”

During his short time in South Florida, the Brazilian born TV personality says he has gained weight.

“I am bloated and 80 percent of my trousers don’t fit,” said Alves, who underwent rib removal surgery to make his waist appear smaller but still wears a corset.

He posted a picture of himself walking on the beach, saying he had the look of a “hangovered person” after a long night out.

After a long night out in Miami that is the look of a hangovered person in #miamibeach last day in Miami .. next destination is #prague #rodrigoalves #miami #southbeach #beach #summer08 #style

A post shared by Rodrigo Alves (@rodrigoalvesuk) on Apr 26, 2018 at 9:16am PDT

“I had four ribs removed so I can do my blazers up without having to breathe in or have them altered,” he told UK TV show “This Morning” earlier this year.

In another pic you can clearly see the poseur’s “eight pack,” which was also helped along with a plastic surgeon, not by sit-ups.

He explains the reason for the toga is “to hide the scars from the sun.”

The scars come from 60 plastic surgeries and over 100 cosmetic procedures including injectables.

Roddy, as he is known, may be done for a while.

“I’m going to Prague soon for a revamp,” Rodrigo added. “But it will all be non-invasive. I won’t be having any more plastic surgery unless it’s essential maintenance work.” Phew.

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We’ve all seen it in the news and online, images of people who’ve resorted to plastic surgery to change their looks. These enhancements range from lasering, touch-ups, fillers and injectibles, to boob jobs, rib extractions, and butt padding. On the other end of the spectrum, there are extreme body modification enthusiasts who embed horns, fork their tongues, and pin or point their ears to resemble animals or fantasy creatures.

And then there are the people who want to look like someone else entirely. One of these is Rodrigo Alves.

Also known as the ‘human Ken Doll.”

Source: The Sun Online

Alves, 34, suffers from body dysmorphic disorder, or BDD. He’s been through 58 plastic surgeries, including over 100 cosmetic procedures to look like a fashion doll replica.

Mattel should pay him a fee for marketing Barbie’s bae on his very person.

Source: Daily Mail

Family and friends, concerned with his plastic surgery mania, urged him to see a psychiatrist, and he was diagnosed with BDD.

Strangely enough, instead of keeping Alves away from under the surgical knife, the diagnosis only spurred him to get even more procedures done.

“People may think I am crazy. I am not. I have had psychological help. I was born in the wrong body.”

The diagnosis only reinforced what he used to feel as a child. Particularly after being constantly bullied for the way he looked.

He began life as a cute kid…

Source: YouTube screen grab image

…but grew into a not-quite-as-cute adult.

Source: Giphy

Bullies once smashed his face into a urinal because they took offense at his nose.

Growing up, Alves watched Disney films and dreamed of looking like a Disney prince. Seeing Ken doll figures gave him a thrill because they were what he wanted to become.


Source: Getty

And so he set out to do so, spending over half a million dollars to become a living, breathing, walking Mattel toy advertisement.

You can feed a whole third-world village for years with $500,000.

Source: Instagram/rodrigoalvesuk

“I finally love myself and that is the most important thing of all.”

Recently, Alves shared photos of his adult self before he began his transformation journey.

And he was right. Younger Alves was far from supermodel material.

Source: Facebook

His first surgery began at age 17 to correct gynecomastia, or the enlargement of male breast tissue. When he was away at college, he had more procedures done.

Eventually, he got nearly every part of his body changed.

Starting with his offensive, often-bullied-over nose.

Source: Rodrigo Alves

The dramatic results cost him £450,000 (approximately $588,00), but changed Alves’ life immensely.
In fact, authorities at a Dubai airport held him for three hours because he didn’t look like his passport photo at all.

You don’t say?

Source: The Sun Online

“I have always loved fashion, but I was never able to fit into a smart blazer or suit because my body was not symmetric.”

“That’s all changed now.”

Source: Instagram/rodrigoalvesuk

Unfortunately, due to extreme body modification, doctors told him any more plastic surgery would be the death of him.

“Internally, my body is a web of scar tissue.”

So he vowed not to go under the knife again any time soon, and instead has decided on a healthier lifestyle of diet and exercise.

“From now on it will be constant maintenance, maintenance.”

Source: Instagram/rodrigoalvesuk

But he isn’t saying never to more procedures further down the road.

“I am very happy to be a man for now but I don’t want to an old saggy man. I will do what Caitlyn Jenner did. When I reach my late 50s, I would rather be a sexy old lady then a saggy old man.”

‘Human Ken doll’ Rodrigo Alves comes out as transgender and admits ‘I always felt like Barbie’

He was known as the human Ken doll after spending over £500,000 to change his looks.

But today Rodrigo Alves bravely comes out as a transgender woman.

Posing in a dress and heels, the ­Celebrity Big Brother star said: “It feels ­amazing to finally tell the world I’m a girl.

“I’m known as Ken but inside I’ve always felt like Barbie.”

Hormone injections have given her feminine hips and she now wears a D-cup bra. Blonde hair extensions and fake eyelashes complete the glam look.

Rodrigo, who now likes to be called Roddy with the pronouns “she” and “her”, said: “I finally feel like the real me.

“Glamorous, beautiful and feminine.

“For years I tried to live my life as a man. I had a fake six pack put in, I had fake muscles in my arms but I was lying to myself.

“I’m a woman and have always had a feminine brain. Now my body matches my mind.”

Roddy says she hopes men now look at her admiringly rather than as she used to look ‘weird’ (Image: Adam Gerrard/Sunday Mirror)

Next year Roddy, 36, will ­complete her transition with gender realignment surgery.

She said: “I will have a penile inversion and my testicles will be removed. That will be the final step.

“Before that I’m having silicone breast implants. I’ll be able to wear dresses that show my cleavage and look sexy. I’m very excited.

“After that, I’m having face feminisation surgery. It will be an incision at the top of my scalp, and through that the doctor will reshape my forehead, give me an eye lift, lip lift and middle face lift.

“I’m having my Adam’s apple removed, my jawline shaved and my chin modified.”

Roddy, who is from Brazil but lives in London, admitted it took a lot of courage finally to admit she was trangender.

“Behind closed doors, I’ve been living as a woman for the last three months,” she said. “I love it and everything that comes with it – going to nice hair salons and getting my nails, eyebrows and eyelashes done. Buying dresses and high heels and wearing sexy lingerie.

“But I have been trolled and called a freak and a weirdo, so of course I am nervous about how people will react.

“A few years ago I could never have done this but it feels easier now.

“People are more aware of what ­being transgender means. I just hope people can accept me as a woman and don’t judge or ridicule me.”

Roddy’s quest for acceptance as a woman began when she was a little boy dressing in her mum’s clothes in Brazil.

Roddy, 36, will undergo full gender reassignment surgery next year, and have breast implants to boost her natural D-cup bust (Image: Adam Gerrard/Sunday Mirror)

She even had breasts as a child because her body ­produced more oestrogen than the average male.

“Growing up, I was very feminine and used to play with dolls and wear my mum’s dresses and heels,” she said. “I had an instinct towards toys and clothes ­designed for females.

“I was bullied at school because I was very feminine. Boys would play football and girls ­volleyball. I’d always be with the girls.

“I was physically abused – I had my face pushed into the urinal and was thrown down the stairs.

“At the age of 13 two boys at school sexually abused me. I was very feminine and weak. I couldn’t defend myself. It was very traumatic.”

Roddy believes the bullying spurred her on to make a success of her life. She moved to the UK at the age of 20 and studied public relations at ­university.

A stint as an air steward followed, then a lucrative career as a TV personality here and in Europe.

She appeared on CelebrityBig Brother in 2018. Her obsession with plastic surgery began with a breast reduction aged 17 and a nose job at 19.

Since then she has changed her looks beyond recognition with more than 70 operations and has been dubbed the human Ken doll and the “face of ­plastic surgery”.

Last year docs removed her fake six-pack and ­inserted it into her bum for a bum lift – in an op shown on a German TV documentary.

She said: “I have tried my best to behave like a man but deep inside I was never happy.

“I would see a ­beautiful woman and feel jealous because I wanted to be like them.

“I think like a woman, I act like a woman because I have always been one deep inside.” Roddy admits it was emotional ­telling her mum and sister she was transitioning but they were supportive.

She said: “My mum was more ­worried that I will need to have more surgery than that I was transitioning.

“My sister said she hopes I will look like her now I’m a woman.”

Roddy pictured as a young man in her native Brazil in February 2004

It was during a photoshoot in New York a year ago that Roddy finally realised she wanted to transition.

She was asked to dress in ­women’s clothes for the shoot – and took them home afterwards.

“I began wearing the lingerie at home and it made me feel beautiful,” said Roddy.

“It was an awakening. It finally all became clear to me.

“I came back to the UK and made an appointment with my GP, who referred me to a psychologist and psychiatrist.

“Within a month I was diagnosed with gender dysmorphic disorder and given the option to start the ­appropriate medication to transition.”

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Roddy believes her body has responded quickly because her mind is female and her body already produced more oestrogen than most males.

She said: “It will take two years of hormone therapy for the full changes in my body to show but the differences are already very noticeable.

“My skin is softer, my breasts and hips are more feminine. The fat distribution in my body is very different now, so my face is becoming rounder.

Roddy when he entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2018 (Image: PA)

“My genitals have shrunk quite a lot and my sex drive has decreased a lot too, which doesn’t bother me at all.”

Roddy is attracted to straight men but admits she isn’t yet ready to date.

She said: “People always thought I was gay and initially I did too. But I was never gay. I was never into the gay scene. I never had a gay relationship.

“I have always been attracted to straight men because I am a straight woman. I was rarely in relationships and I don’t have much relationship experience.”

Since beginning her transition, Roddy says she’s noticed a huge difference in how people perceive her.

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She said: “I’m really enjoying the ­experience of it. I haven’t been out in public places dressed as a woman yet but I do look different and I get lots of ­attention at the airport or on the street.

“Men look at me because they desire me. And women look at me because they want to copy what I’m wearing.

“It’s a totally different type of ­attention. Before, people looked at me because I looked very androgynous and weird for a man.

“Now I hope they are looking because they think I am a beautiful woman.”

‘Human Ken Doll’ Rodrigo Alves, 36, unveils amazing new look

The former UK Celebrity Big Brother star recently identified as transgender, saying that while many know her as “Ken”, inside she’s “always felt like Barbie”.

The 36-year-old’s addiction to cosmetic surgery began at 17, and since then she has had more than 100 procedures costing roughly of £600,000 ($A1 million).

Alves, who wants to know be known as Roddy with the pronouns “she” and “her”, told Daily Mail Australia, the feedback to her transition has been really positive.

“A lot of men have been asking me for dates,” Roddy told the publication.

She said men look at her because “they desire me”, while women want to “copy what I’m wearing”.

Roddy said it was a completely different type of attention to what she was receiving prior to her transition.

“Before, people looked at me because I looked very androgynous and weird for a man,” she told the Mirror

“Now I hope they are looking because they think I am a beautiful woman.”

Roddy is currently taking female hormones now under the direction of a doctor.

She also wears a D-cup bra, has blonde hair extensions and fake eyelashes to complete her new look.

In a recent Instagram post she said she lived as a “caterpillar” for 36 years, “now I am a butterfly and I am ready to fly”.

“I finally feel like the real me. Glamorous, beautiful and feminine,” she told the Mirror.

“For years I tried to live my life as a man. I had a fake six-pack put in, I had fake muscles in my arms, but I was lying to myself.

“I’m a woman and have always had a feminine brain. Now my body matches my mind.”

Last year doctors removed her fake six-pack and ­inserted it into her bum for a bum lift.


Roddy realised she wanted to transition during a photo shoot in New York a year ago where she was asked to dress in woman’s clothes.

A month after returning to the UK, she was referred to a psychologist and psychiatrist where she was later diagnosed with gender dysmorphia disorder and given the option to start the ­appropriate medication to transition.

Roddy said she will ­complete her transition next year with gender realignment surgery where she will undergo penile inversion surgery, but before that, she will have silicone breast implants.

“I’ll be able to wear dresses that show my cleavage and look sexy. I’m very excited,” Roddy told the publication.

She will then have face feminisation surgery that involves an incision at the top of her scalp, allowing doctors to reshape her forehead, give her an eye lift, lip lift and middle face lift.

“I’m having my Adam’s apple removed, my jawline shaved and my chin modified,” she said.

Roddy, who is from Brazil and lives in London, was recently warned by doctors that her health was at risk after having an 11th nose job to fix a botched procedure.

In 2016, then still known as Rodrigo, her nose became infected after a sixth nose job.

It left her unable to breathe, but despite doctors warning the nose could become gangrenous and would need to be removed, Roddy had five more reconstructive nose jobs, with the most recent in January 2019.

Rodrigo Alves, who is known as the ‘Human Ken Doll’, reveals she has started transitioning from male to female. Picture: Adam Gerrard/Mirrorpix/australscopeSource:australscope

Roddy admitted it took a lot of courage to admit she was transgender with her quest to become a woman dating back to when she was little and dressing in her mum’s clothes.

In fact, Roddy had breasts as a child, and when she was 17, she had them removed.

A hormone dysfunction caused her breast tissue to grow at the rate of her female peers and left her with a pair of breasts at the age of 16.

She spent about $3500 on the procedure, which sparked the start of a surgery addiction that has spanned 19 years.


She revealed she was bullied at school because of her “femininity”, describing it as a “traumatic” experience, and said she continued to face criticism over her changing appearance into adulthood.

“Behind closed doors, I’ve been living as a woman for the last three months,” she said. “I love it and everything that comes with it – going to nice hair salons and getting my nails, eyebrows and eyelashes done. Buying dresses and high heels and wearing sexy lingerie.

Rodrigo, who now identifies by the name of Roddy, has had more than 100 surgical procedures with many more planned as she changes gender. Picture: Adam Gerrard/Mirrorpix/australscopeSource:australscope

Last year doctors removed her fake six-pack. Picture: BackGridSource:BackGrid

Rodrigo suffered bullying because of her breasts, which she had removed at 17. She had a hormone dysfunction that caused her breast tissue to grow at the rate of her female peers.Source:Supplied

“But I have been trolled and called a freak and a weirdo, so of course I am nervous about how people will react,” she told the Mirror.

She hopes people will accept her as a woman and not judge or ridicule her.

Roddy believes the bullying led to her success, having moved to London at 20 where she studied public relations at university, followed by a stint on Celebrity Big Brother UKin 2018.


Roddy, who is attracted to straight men, said her sex drive had decreased, but it doesn’t bother her.

“People always thought I was gay and initially I did too. But I was never gay. I was never into the gay scene. I never had a gay relationship,” she said.

“I have always been attracted to straight men because I am a straight woman. I was rarely in relationships, and I don’t have much relationship experience.

She hopes people will accept her as a female. Picture: Adam Gerrard/Mirrorpix/australscopeSource:australscope


It is estimated Australians spend about $1 billion on up to 500,000 separate cosmetic procedures each year and receive more treatments per capita than Americans.

The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS) predicts improved access to procedures and downward pressure on prices will make certain procedures even more ubiquitous but warns safety must be the priority.

ACCS medical dean Dr Ronald Feiner said cosmetic injectables should never be trivialised.

“Australians should be reminded that Botox and dermal filler procedures are medical treatments not beauty treatments and require a medical consultation by a doctor,” Dr Feiner told

Roddy said for years she tried to live life as a man, but she was ‘lying to herself’. Picture: MVP/GC Images)Source:Getty Images

“Anyone considering cosmetic injectables needs to make sure their practitioner is experienced and has adequate procedures in case of an emergency. Patients need to be aware that complications such as tissue death (necrosis) and blindness can and do occur, so you want to be in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing.”

Injections of Botox – the most popular aesthetic procedure since the late 1990s – were up 16 per cent last year from the year before, according to global figures.

Fillers were up 12 per cent over the same time frame. Both procedures require regular top-ups.


Vampire facials received significant attention in 2019 and are expected to attract more interest in 2020, according to ACCS.

The procedure involves reinjecting the patient’s own blood, rich in platelets, to increase collagen and elastin production.

Roddy says she is a woman and has always had a feminine brain. Picture: Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty ImagesSource:Getty Images

However, Dr Feiner also warns about basic injection hygiene.

“Problems occur when your practitioner gives you someone else’s plasma, reuses needles and uses infected syringes. These unprofessional practices can lead to infections and even bloodborne diseases,” he explained.


ACCS has warned against this procedure despite its growing popularity – a 19 per cent increase in procedures in 2019.

“The risk of death is about one in 3000 compared to liposuction which is about one in 30,000. Fat globules can enter the veins, they can reach the heart and cause a cardiac arrest,” Dr Feiner warned.

Dr Feiner suggests consulting with a medical professional to determine the best methods to achieve the desired results. “Regardless, we do not advise any patients to get a BBL,” he said.

‘Human Ken Doll’ Rodrigo Alves comes out as transgender, now identifies with Barbie

Ken’s a Barbie girl.

“Celebrity Big Brother” star and so-called “human Ken Doll” Rodrigo Alves has come out as transgender, the 36-year-old revealed to the Mirror on Sunday.

“I’m known as Ken but inside I’ve always felt like Barbie,” Alves, who will now go by Roddy and use “she” and “her” pronouns, tells the Mirror while wearing a dress and heels. “I finally feel like the real me. Glamorous, beautiful and feminine.”

Alves has reportedly spent more than $650,000 to achieve her Ken Doll-like look — including having four ribs removed, a “cat-eye” lift and so many nose surgeries that it began sinking and disintegrating — and has now spent even more to achieve a D-cup bust and bigger hips and lips.

She has also deleted all previous posts from her Instagram, which now exclusively features photos of Alves as Barbie, not Ken.

The years of previous plastic surgery were an attempt to live as an enhanced version of her assigned male sex, says the Brazil-born London resident. Now that she identifies with Barbie instead of Ken, she finally feels content.

“For years I tried to live my life as a man. I had a fake six-pack put in, I had fake muscles in my arms, but I was lying to myself,” she says. “I’m a woman and have always had a feminine brain. Now my body matches my mind.”

She’s been enjoying the male attention her new female looks get her, and is excited to finish her transformation with gender reassignment surgery.

“I will have a penile inversion and my testicles will be removed. That will be the final step,” says the former flight attendant. “Before that I’m having silicone breast implants. I’ll be able to wear dresses that show my cleavage and look sexy. I’m very excited.”

Face feminization surgery, involving a forehead reshaping, the removal of Alves’ Adam’s apple and the shaving of her jawline, are also soon to come, she says.

Alves realized she wanted to transition during a photo shoot last year, she says, but she’s long been aware of certain feminine tendencies.

“Growing up, I was very feminine and used to play with dolls and wear my mum’s dresses and heels,” she says, adding that she had breasts as a kid, due to her body producing more estrogen than most males.

After the shoot, though, her transformation into Barbie was rapid.

“Within a month I was diagnosed with gender dysmorphic disorder and given the option to start the ­appropriate medication to transition,” she says. “Before, people looked at me because I looked very androgynous and weird for a man. Now I hope they are looking because they think I am a beautiful woman.”

Interviewing Justin – The Human Ken Doll

Justin Jedlica is referred to as ‘The Human Ken Doll’ by the American media. He’s a cosmetic surgery pioneer, a living work of art, and an evolutionary experiment of what can be achieved in cosmetic procedures for men. We speak to the man-made doll about his journey and his hopes for the future. The piece of art that is Justin’s own body is never quite finished, there’s always something he’d like to tweak, tighten, revisit or rework. This is part one of a series introducing you to a man who is proud to be plastic.


Who is Justin – The Human Ken Doll?

“The media is really the one that dubbed me with that title. So, I’ve had to find a way to make that OK in my life. Because you know in some respects, people assume that this is like the pursuit of perfection, that I think that I’m better, because some people say that Ken is the optimal form of how a male should look, right? And it all sort of revolves around looks and superficiality. I think that title, is typically what people take away from it. But, I wouldn’t say that is something I strived for in my life.”

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The Real You

Who is Justin Jedlica?

“I’m 6 foot 2 (188cm) and I’m as tall as I’d like to be and still able to be a bottom.”

“For me, my story I think is much more coming from a lower income family and I’ve always wanted a better life. My family just worked. You had to work to support yourself. It wasn’t a choice to be able to decide what your passion was and follow that passion and be able to monetize that. I’ve always adored a lot of things like, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, and obviously, I was always infatuated with celebrity. I was born in 1980 so Michael Jackson was huge, as were Dolly Parton, and Joan Rivers. And a lot of those iconic symbols for me in my youth, all had one thing in common, plastic surgery.”

Luxury has it’s Privileges

Was this a way for you to do better in life?

“So, in my brain, I’m not saying it’s a truth to the world, but in my brain, I very much assimilated luxury, celebrity and fame with plastic surgery; making a caricature of yourself. That was the privilege that came with luxury. And equally so, I was always someone who was really interested in artistry. I was always interested in sketching, sculpting, and painting, but always the human form; always the over extenuated version of the human form, like Tom of Finland.”

The First Cut is the Deepest

What was the lead up to your first procedure?

“So, having said those things as far as my interests with artistry and my enamorment with fame and celebrity, fuse them together and years later, I knew I never liked my nose. It was something I wanted to change. So when I was 17, I found my doctors and my parents didn’t condone it. Originally, I wanted to have my nose done since I was about 14. The tip of my nose was really bulbous and large, so that gave me a lot of social angst. And then when I was about 17, I spoke to a pre-op nurse and I decided I wanted to have that first nose. I wanted it to be extremely over stylized. I wanted Michael Jackson tight, pinched, up-turned, sculpted, so I brought her pictures of Michael and of women who were extremely over sculpted. I had to wait until I turned 18 to get the procedure done, as I didn’t have my parent’s consent.”

Plastic surgery is something I associate with rich and famous people.

Number Breakdown

How many procedures have you had done?

“When the media first became interested 8 years ago, I’d had 190 procedures, but now we’re up to 580, which is a mixture of procedures and surgeries. Some of them, you’re on the operating table, some you can do awake, and sometimes it’s lasers or injections; it’s a multitude of different things that procedures entail. I’ve spent around $600, 000 at this point, so I just look at surgeries and the different tools that you have to know about to understand cosmetic surgery and aesthetics; like you have to learn about your medium to be able to create correct art as an artist.”

To be continued…

Next, we’ll delve into Justin’s challenges in finding doctors willing to experiment with male procedures and the risks involved. Find out also about the all important healing process in part two.

Can’t wait? Need more Justin Right now?

You can follow Justin on Instagram to enjoy a little flavor of his fabulous lifestyle.

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‘Human Ken Doll’ Undergoes 51st Plastic Surgery Procedure: ‘I’m a Perfectionist’

Rodrigo Alves Rodrigo Alves/Instagram

Rodrigo Alves aka the ‘Human Ken doll’ has just had his 51st plastic surgery procedure, this time receiving a CO2 laser treatment to improve the texture of his skin.

Alves, 33, tells PEOPLE he has now spent 375,000 British pounds (about $465,000) on all of his plastic surgery plus 105 aesthetic procedures. He decided to go under the knife after being teased for his appearance as a child growing up in Brazil.

“I used to to be fat and didn’t fit into the Brazilian beauty stereotype, and for that reason I used to get bullied by boys and singled out at school growing up in Brazil,” he says. “I also had a very wide nose and my nickname was ‘potato nose.’ ”

Alves had his first plastic surgery procedure done at the age of 17 to remove his male breast tissue (gynecomastia), and continued to get plastic surgery to achieve his ideal aesthetic.

Image zoom Courtesy Rodrigo Alves

Alves prior to his surgeries.

“My dream was to look like a Disney prince, but now after so many surgeries I look like a doll and not like a Disney prince,” he says.

Still, that hasn’t stopped him from getting more surgery. Last week, Alves went to Dr. Payman Simoni to get a Smart Skin Fractional CO2 laser treatment to smooth the appearance of his skin.

“I’m a perfectionist with everything that I do, and when comes to my appearance I really go the extra mile,” says Alves, who hopes his latest procedure will help improve the appearance of scars leftover from his acne and an eyebrow lift he had two years ago. “I wear a lot of make up to conceal my scars and marks, and it is very time-consuming. Having the CO2 treatment means that I will be able to get ready faster and wear less make up.”

Alves is still healing after the procedure, but is already prepared to have it done again if he is not satisfied with the first round results.

“Today my skin started to peel off and it looks red, but I can notice that the enlarged pores and scars have been improved quite significantly,” he says. “However, to achieve the porcelain skin look I may need one more session, but I will now need to wait three months for round two.”

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In addition, Alves is seeking a doctor to perform his eighth nose job because his surgeries have left him with breathing problems.

“July last year I had to have my nose reconstructed after having an infection, and unfortunately I can’t breath properly,” he says. “I want to breathe again, and obviously, to have a perfect-looking nose.”

He is also considering weight loss surgery.

“My metabolism is starting to slow down,” says Alves. “I have been gaining weight recently, and all my best outfits don’t fit me anymore. I’m considering lipo on my back and legs, but before that I’m trying a liquid diet where I only drink green pressed juices.”

Alves acknowledges that he no longer looks like his old self, but doesn’t see that as a bad thing.

“I fought against my genes,” he says. “I wasn’t born this way — I made myself this way with tons of plastic surgery, silicone implants and liposuction.”