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Anyone who’s watched Katy Perry on American Idol knows that she’s a flirt. If a good-looking male singer walks into the audition room, you can be pretty sure she’ll comment on it. In some cases, her crushes last several episodes.

Katy’s treatment of male contestants has been the subject of some debate since last season. Some say it’s inappropriate, and that if the genders were reversed, the judge would be in a lot of trouble. Others, including fellow judge Luke Bryan, have defended her, saying she’s just “making fun TV.”

1. Nick Merico

The most recent example of Katy crushing on a contestant came this past week when 22-year-old Nick showed up. “Katy’s gonna lunge at you,” Luke Bryan warned him. After his performance, Katy asked if he has a girlfriend, and said she would be hosting an open mic at her house so he’d show up. Nick later said he’s had a crush on her “forever.”

2. Trevor Holmes

“Katy got her Trevor,” Luke said after Nick’s audition. If you didn’t watch last season, he was referring to Trevor Holmes. “You’re so hot,” Katy told him during his audition. After singing, he admitted to having a crush on her. Trevor’s girlfriend complicated things a bit, with Trevor calling it a “love triangle.” However, Katy didn’t let that stop her from eliminating him a couple of performances later.

3. Benjamin Glaze

The most notorious flirting sesh from Katy happened with 19-year-old contestant Benjamin Glaze. Katy asked him to kiss her cheek. He did it once, and then she asked for another one. When he leaned in, she surprised him with a kiss on the lips. (It was Benjamin’s first-ever kiss.) Although many people called this sexual assault, Benjamin himself has defended Katy from the backlash.

4. Juan Pablo

This contestant’s romantic Spanish performance got Katy all hot and bothered this season. They even acted out their own telenovela scene. “Juan Pablo, take me away with you,” she said afterward, asking him not to “tell Orlando.” Her attempts at Spanish, however, left a lot to be desired.

5. Cade Foener

“Stay away, Katy,” Luke said after Cade’s performance in the Top 24. “You can preach to me anytime you want,” she said, taking off her jacket. She had to be held back by Lionel Richie. She even pretended to pass out after telling him he’s a “star.” When Katy later found out he had a girlfriend (who turned out to be fellow contestant Gabby Barrett), she feigned outrage.

6. Tyler Mitchell

When this tall country singer walked through the doors, Katy immediately asked him to approach the judges’ table. “I just want to touch your hand and see how small my hand is compared to your hand,” she said, placing their palms together. After that, she managed to keep it professional for the rest of the audition. (We’ll see what happens later this season.)

7. Jonny Brenns

“You got a face like Chet Baker,” Katy told this contestant last season. “Very good-looking.” This time, Lionel Richie actually told her, “Stop flirting.” But that didn’t stop Katy from describing Jonny’s style as a “sweet little sexy thing.”

The American Idol judges are back with more antics than ever as Season 3 auditions wrapped up across the country. Katy Perry showed off her questionable roller skating skills in a hilarious series of videos on Instagram Wednesday, featuring Luke Bryan in an explicable cheese head hat and Lionel Richie rushing to the rescue.

After the judges auditioned thousands of people across the country in search of their next superstar through the end of September, Perry is rocking some seriously retro white roller skates before tripping over a show logo on the ground and falling to the ground.

Richie, in his classic fashion, rushes over to make sure his co-star isn’t hurt, but she’s too busy laughing at her own clumsiness to be shaken.

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A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on Oct 9, 2019 at 9:29pm PDT

In another video, Perry and Bryan chase each other around in the skates as Bryan shows some Wisconsin pride with the cheese head hat, while in the third, the “Firework” songstress has to clutch onto a woman working behind the camera as she loses control of her new skating trick.

“Welp, guess you’ll just have to tune back into next year to see if any of us kept our jobs,” Perry captioned the videos, tagging her fellow judges and adding a shrugging emoji.

Having the original reboot trio of judges back for a third season thrilled Idol fans when it was announced in August. Also returning as an in-house mentor will be Bobby Bones.

“American Idol is the original music competition series,” said Karey Burke, president of ABC Entertainment, at the time. “It was the first of its kind to take everyday singers and catapult them into superstardom, launching the careers of so many amazing artists. We couldn’t be more excited for Katy, Luke, Lionel, and Bobby to continue in their roles as American Idol searches for the next great music star, with more live episodes and exciting, new creative elements coming this season.”


In Season 2 of the ABC singing competition’s reboot, Laine Hardy was named as the winner, after beating out fellow finalists Alejandro Aranda and Madison VanDenburg.

Photo credit: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

KATY Perry fell flat on the floor and accidentally flashed Lionel Richie at the American Idol auditions.

The pop star tumbled over while she was dancing with a contestant on stage and was left struggling to preserve her modesty.

5 Katy Perry fell over in front of Lionel RichieCredit: ABC

Katy, 33, who is a judge on the US TV talent show, got up on stage to dance with contestant Michelle Sussett during her try-out.

The aspiring singer was belting out a version of Selena’s Techno Cumbia when Katy and fellow judges Lionel and Luke Bryan decided to help her out.

The pair both started dancing with her, but Katy stole the show when she took a tumble.

She appeared to flash her underwear during the embarrassing moment, but TV bosses kept her covered up with a strategically placed American Idol logo.

5 TV bosses used an American Idol logo to preserve her modestyCredit: ABC

Both Lionel and Luke rushed to Katy’s aid as she struggled to get up off the floor.

She eventually managed to get to her feet and pull her dress down.

The singer laughed it off and Lionel joked: “There are some things you have to do for the business!”

Luke added: “There are some things a man can’t unsee!”

5 Lionel Richie saw everything and tried to help KatyCredit: ABC View this post on Instagram

GUYS CHECK THIS OUT!!! @orlandobloom @katyperry #AWE 😍#katyperry #orlandobloom #katy #kp4prez #kp2020 #katherynhudson 😘

A post shared by @ katyhavemybabies on Mar 9, 2018 at 7:02pm PST

It came after she gave a 19-year-old contestant his first ever kiss on the show after he told he he’s never had a girlfriend.

Katy has been hitting the headlines this week as she flaunted her newly-revived romance with Orlando Bloom.

The singer dated the actor almost tow years ago before splitting in March 2017.

However, they are now back together and she declared her love by wearing a hoodie emblazoned with a picture of his face.

5 Katy performed in a gold costume in Buenos AiresCredit: BackGrid 5 The singer is on her Witness world tourCredit: BackGrid Katy Perry makes American Idol teen’s dreams come true, with his first kiss

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A snap of the singer in the sweater, which she previously debuted at his 40th birthday party in 2017, was shared on Instagram.

It comes as Katy took her Witness world tour to South America this week.

She dazzled fans in Buenos Aires, Argentina by taking to the stage in a glittering gold costume.

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  • All the American Idol judges (including Katy Perry) appeared on The View during Tuesday’s episode.
  • While there, Katy Perry slid off her seat several times because of her “slippery pants.”
  • After getting settled in, Katy dished on her engagement to Orlando Bloom and Lionel Richie shared a hilarious story from 1985.

American Idol judge Katy Perry was definitely struggling while visiting The View on Tuesday.

To promote the newest season of American Idol (which kicked off this past Sunday), the show’s judges — Katy, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan — and host Ryan Seacrest stopped by to chat with Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Meghan McCain, and Abby Huntsman. While everyone got situated in their seats, the “California Gurls” singer had a noticeably rough time with her stool because of her bright-orange flare pants.

After taking a seat, she instantly slid off, and, luckily, caught herself before hitting the floor. The second time it happened, Sunny noticed and asked Katy to “just sit down.” Luke also saw it happen and hilariously quipped “Down goes Kate!” while trying to help her up.

“These pants are kind of slippery,” Kate joked as she slid down her seat for a third time. She then turned to Lionel and shouted, “What did you do in the seventies?” Lionel returned the sass right back and yelled, “We slid off the chair!”

Thankfully, Katy was able to settle in after that and the group began talking about the judge’s recent engagement to Orlando Bloom. When Sunny asked if she was surprised, Katy said “of course” and added that her mother had posted all the photos on Facebook. After that, she did nothing but gush about how it’s been “so lovely,” and then proceeded to slide down the chair one more time just for the fun.

Besides Katy’s pants vs. seat debacle, The View segment also featured a funny moment from Lionel. While there, the “All Night Long” singer talked about his time recording and writing the song “We Are the World” 35 years ago alongside many music legends. It was then that he shared a story that he claims to have never told before.

“Ray Charles was asking during the ceremony, he said, ‘I got to stop and go to the bathroom.’ … And so, Stevie said, ‘It’s down the hall and to the right.’ Stevie Wonder. And so Ray said, ‘Let me get this straight, honey, let me get this straight: You go down the hall,’ and Stevie said, ‘I’ll take you.’ So Stevie grabs Ray by the arm, walks out of the door, and Billy Joel turns to me, and I forgot who it was, and said, ‘Did anybody see that?'”


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It’s only the second episode of the revived “American Idol,” and already the judges are getting comfortable in their roles and playful with each other and the contestants. One Latin singer got them all on their feet for an impromptu dance session that ended in disaster, with Katy Perry flat on her stomach. But she still had a good night, thirsting over all the pretty boys that came in, unable to even look a couple of them in the eyes.

Even better for ABC, the wrapping is off, and this show is a hit again … but not a juggernaut hit. The premiere scored more than 10 million viewers in the overnight ratings, which was on par with its last season average, and easily won the night. That’s enough for ABC to probably be pleased with this new iteration of the show, so long as it can at least hang onto those figures, or better yet, grow.

Any show would be thrilled to pull in 10 million viewers in today’s market, and “Idol” immediately becomes one of the top shows on network television with that mark. It’s a fraction of its heyday, which may be why Fox decided to drop it — it was also one of the most expensive shows on television — but a streamlined show that can still score numbers like this is nothing to scoff at.

The judging panel proved charming and had great chemistry in the premiere. Perry emerged as the de facto leader/goofball, with Lionel Richie as its heart and Luke Bryan as … the wacky uncle? We’ve already seen some great performances, but we need something to blow us away and go viral to push “Idol” to the next level.

With only three judges, you stand as the fourth judge, as your votes will certainly have a lot to say about who wins. I’ll proudly stand beside you. Who do I think I am? you ask. Well, I spent nearly a decade of my life sweating and bleeding to the music as a dancer. From is a young boy learning a shuffle-ball-change to performing with the St. Louis Ballet Company. During this time, I was also a member of the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra, as well as a gymnast, writer and cartoonist. I had a lot more energy in my younger years. And I’ve spent the last sixteen years analyzing and critiquing reality competition shows for various media publications. I’ve got this.

Fair warning, since I’m safe at home, I’m probably going to be a little harsher than my colleagues Lionel RIchie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. But I might be nicer, too. Maybe. For these early rounds, I’ll just keep ranking them from worst to first as I do and we’ll see who emerges at the top.

Autumn Woods

Autumn Woods (27) sang … ? … “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” but come on. Was that for real? She started much lower than her voice would allow, or she just can’t sing. I thought we weren’t doing this this year, ABC? That means she genuinely impressed someone in an earlier round which means either she just really blew it in front of the judges, or somebody needs to be fired. In their efforts to be nice, the judges didn’t appear to offer her any critiques, and she was desperately in need of some. Judges: 3 No

Misha Gontar

Misha Gontar (26) decided to sing some scat and then break into rap in his native language from the Ukraine. It was certainly a bold choice for a singing competition. Sure, he proved he could sing in tune with the weird onomatopoeia chorus, but it didn’t realy show me enough to say that he can carry a tune and express a song in the way that wins “American Idol.” Judges: 3 No

Andrew Weaver

Andrew Weaver (16) took on Ed Sheeran, which I think we’ll see a lot of this season. Sheeran seems like a safe choice, but he’s a storyteller and there’s something special about the way storytellers sing a line. Andrew knew the notes and had a charming smile, but he didn’t sell the story to me. He’s just too bland. Judges: Yes (only saw Katy vote)

Cameron Theodos

Cameron Theodos (25) Put a little too much into his audition; it was as if he thought someone had put a clock on him and he needed to impress the judges right now or they were going to take his house away. Desperation can fuel a performance, but for me, it just made Cameron seem a little rushed and over-eager. He had a tenderness at the end that was nice to see, but there was nothing incredibly special for me that made him stand above the pack. Judges: 3 Yes


Michelle Sussett (22) brought her Venezuelan flare to the competition with a song in her native language complete with Latin dance moves. The audition turned into a dancefest with Katy landing on the floor, but was there enough from the actual audition to make it through? I wasn’t driven to that, but the other judges put her through. She did showcase that she can sing on key and has an interesting gravel, but I definitely need to see more singing from her than spectacle (or paired equally) to be sold. Judges: 3 Yes

Christina Jones

Christina Jones (18) sings like she’s known struggle in her life. We didn’t get a backstory to support that statement, but it was in the emotion and pain she poured into the story of “Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me,” by Gladys Knight and The Pips. That said, there was also an innocence in her voice that betrayed her youth around the edges, but that’s something that could be trained out of her, or she’ll just age out of naturally. For raw ability and range, I’d put her through to groom her. Judges: 3 Yes

Griffin Tucker

Griffin Tucker (15) looks and sounds young, but still managed to put his own stamp on The Beatles’ “Lady Madonna.” He has a nice rock edge to his voice, and accompanied himself on the piano beautifully. There was such poise and maturity in his interpretation of this classic song, it’s shocking he is so young. Judges: Yes (saw no individual votes)

William Casanova

William Casanova (26) knows he’s pretty, and has that swagger. He chose this name for the obvious reasons, which is a little cringey, but even his voice backed up the name. He had the range and power to make Danny Hathaway’s “A Song For You” all his own, but more importantly, he had the tenderness to back it up. There were just a few missed notes along the way, but it was an effortless rendition. This Casanova has “smoove” on lockdown so hard Katy Perry refused to even look at him, his testosterone-fueled energy might devour her. Judges: 3 Yes

Garrett Jacobs

Garrett Jacobs (17) came in looking like a country crooner, but then he told the judges he was taking on James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s Man’s World.” That ain’t just a song. That’s a SONG. His voice was in his head a little bit, when I wanted him to project it more out toward the judges and the audience. But that’s something that could be taught, and to give that confident vocal at 17 is nothing to scoff at. He’s a talent to be groomed and honed into something special when he finds himself as an artist. Judges: 3 Yes

Rissa Watson

Rissa Watson (17) tackled Adele’s “When We Were Young,” and there was a similar quality to her voice, not necessarily in range and intonation, but in conviction and passion. Adele was a young ingenue who took the industry by storm as a teenager, and while Rissa isn’t quite that polished, she has an instrument that could be shaped into something truly special. When she hit an effortless falsetto — only a little shaky — she showed that she is ready for someone to help her become. Judges: 3 Yes

Trevor Holmes

Trevor Holmes (27) is a so-so guitar player, but he has a folksy quality to his voice that makes you want to scootch a little bit closer to him when he performs. There was an intimacy to his take on Brett Young’s “In Case You Didn’t Know” that was palpable through the screen, and nearly brought Katy to her knees. She was already impressed with Trevor’s good looks, but throw good vocals and a down-home charm, and she was lost. Most importantly for this show, though, Trevor has the goods where it counts … his voice, people, his voice! Judges: 3 Yes

Gabbii Jones

Gabbii Jones (20) has 30 days to accomplish her dreams, per her father, so it’s this or nothing. There was a desperation in her audition, but it still rather worked on Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman.” I believe that Gabby is ambitious enough to be a bit of a dangerous woman, but she also has a raw talent there just begging to be crafted into something special. Her voice has a lovely rasp and passion. I could feel how much this moment meant to her and she was left absolutely nothing left in the tank. Judges: 3 Yes

Thaddeus Johnson

Thaddeus Johnson (25) auditioned back in Season 9 and made it to Hollywood, but fell short. He then changed his life around, exemplified most by a more than 160-pound weight loss. He emoted beautifully on Swedish House Maffia’s “Don’t You Worry Child,” and you could hear the maturity and life experience that ushered him to this second chance in his life. He oversang it a little bit, but that could be reined in. The important thing is that he’s got a big old voice and fantastic control over it. Lose those pesky “Idol power notes and emerge as a true artist and this guy’s gonna be someone to watch. Judges: 3 Yes

David Francisco

David Francisco (25) lost the use of his legs after getting hit by a car shortly after moving to Nashville to pursue his musical dreams. Now, he’s slowly recovering and looking to embrace his original passion again. With his fiancee by his side, he sang Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely,” and I really needed him to be better than his story. There was a hint of nerves, and he missed a pickup early on, but there is a quality to his voice that is effortless when tackling one of the best vocalists of all time and one of the hardest to follow. Judges: 3 Yes

Mara Justine

Mara Justine (15) was adorably starstruck by Ryan Seacrest and the whole experience … but mostly Ryan Seacrest. She was just so normal, it was refreshing and charming. But then she opened her mouth and started singing Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain,” and I had to remind myself she was 15 years old. Like, damn, girl! She had nuance and depth and range and stank on that voice; she was interpreting the story rather than just regurgitating the notes. It was a powerful start to the second night. Her lowest register was her only weakness, but this is a voice still growing and polishing. Wow! Judges: 3 Yes

Laine Hardy

Laine Hardy (17) was worried that his shyness would hinder him in front of the judges, but oh my did he have nothing to worry about. From the first line of The Band of Heathens’ “Hurricane,” his voice had every one of them hanging from his every note. There was just a hint of a gravel in his youthful voice and it added so much. This kid from the country has soul and damn if he doesn’t make it look easy. That’s a storyteller voice, and he absolutely lived and breathed that song he didn’t write, which is harder to do that it sounds. Judges: 3 Yes

Brandon Diaz

Brandon Diaz (21) really laid back his take on Allen Stone’s “Unaware” and turned it into a slow jam with effortless falsetto incorporated into a voice with depth and meaning. He had a great attitude going in, and evidence of a strong work ethic and a great attitude, and all of that came through in a confident and commanding performance. Brandon just put it out there like he’d already won, but none of that came with swagger or attitude. This is a great young man who really doesn’t know just how poised and powerful his instrument is. I predict great things. Judges: 3 Yes

“American Idol” airs twice weekly on Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

reality rejects Getty 11 Famous Faces Who Were All ‘American Idol’ Rejects

Last week the gang auditioned singers in Savannah, Georgia. Now they head north, to cheese country!

Funniest moment on video: Katy Perry roller skates through the halls of the museum only to trip and fall on her knees. That pesky American Idol seal will get a judge every time! Watch below.

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Welp, guess you’ll just have to tune back into @AmericanIdol next year to see if any of us kept our jobs @lukebryan @lionelrichie ammiright? #season3 ?????

A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on Oct 9, 2019 at 9:29pm PDT

Luke Bryan talks new talent! Of course he’s excited about the singers they’ve seen so far. “We did Savannah last week it was amazing. We’re really are putting together a great show for you guys. We’re in Milwaukee today. We’ve already heard some unbelievable singers and talent. We’re excited. We’ve already got some people we think are going to be in the Top 10.”

Luke Talks New Talent!

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You heard it from @lukebryan first; this season is already looking up!

A post shared by American Idol (@americanidol) on Oct 8, 2019 at 1:39pm PDT

American Idol kept a steady stream of video stories going on Instragram across the two days of auditions. Check it out here. Highlights: Luke and Lionel harmonize, Katy gets ready for her big day with a room full of assistants, Bobby Bones chats about the upcoming auditions. He says there are a ton of contestants bringing original songs.

Next up the show heads to Washington, DC on Sunday October 13 and Monday October 14 and later in the month, judges auditions conclude in Los Angeles, Calif.

Ryan, Lionel, Katy and Luke live from the American Idol set

WISN 12, the local Milwaukee ABC affiliate was on hand to chat with the cast.

A brief interview with a hopeful, and Bobby Bones

BFFs Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan playing around on the piano.

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Yup “THATS IT”? …. dropping this single tomorrow … ? @americanidol Katy where are you ?

A post shared by Lionel Richie (@lionelrichie) on Oct 8, 2019 at 1:18pm PDT

Fun photos

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Honestly, @lionelrichie is swagger goals!

A post shared by American Idol (@americanidol) on Oct 9, 2019 at 4:17pm PDT

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My fav influencer @lionelrichie turning today’s office into an IG pop-up

A post shared by Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) on Oct 9, 2019 at 1:18pm PDT

Katy Perry’s burger costume might have won the Met Gala after party, but it also served as a serious obstacle on the dance floor, sending the pop star tumbling to floor.

In a video obtained by Page Six, the American Idol judge is seen bopping along in her massive hamburger costume before losing her balance. Without the use of her arms, Perry can be seen falling right over, where she rolls about until helped to her feet again.

“It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Katy was dancing, then she just toppled over,” a witness told the outlet. “Once she was on the floor, she couldn’t get up because her arms were inside the burger costume, she rolled around for a bit, but she was stuck. So others nearby went over and literally picked her up and put her back on her feet.”

They continued that one of Perry’s friends was heard saying, “And she’s back up! That was part of her performance art.”

Perry might have taken her love of fast food to another level at the after party, but while walking the red carpet for the “Camp”-themed Met Gala, she embodied a chandelier, sporting a white bejeweled gown with a working light fixture around both her waist and resting on her head.

The whole look was put together by designer Jeremy Scott for Moschino, who worked closely with the “Teenage Dream” singer to embody her over-the-top look with her signature sense of humor.

“When this exhibition was announced, she was like, ‘Oh my God, can you believe it? It’s all about you!’” Scott told Page Six before the gala. “And frankly, there probably isn’t a performer in pop history that’s used camp and humor more than she has. I have guesses at what people expect from us, but I’m trying to outdo those expectations. It’s going to be an eleganza extravaganza.”


American Idol airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo credit: Instagram/Moschino

Katy Perry was filming for “American Idol” auditions at the Milwaukee Art Museum on Wednesday with her other judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie! Of course Ryan Seacrest will be the host, as if we would ever willingly give him up! Multimedia personality Bobby Bones will also come back as an in house mentor.

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Welp, guess you’ll just have to tune back into @AmericanIdol next year to see if any of us kept our jobs @lukebryan @lionelrichie ammiright? #season3 ??‍♀️

A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on Oct 9, 2019 at 9:29pm PDT

Katy Perry Roller skating and falling

A video making the rounds on social media by Perry herself showed her filming for the ABC singing show while roller-skating inside the lobby of the museum as a contestant plays piano. Which was cute and we love Katy, so we were here for it and then the videos show her tripping on the “American Idol” sticker and landing on the floor.

Making sure Perry wasn’t the only one falling and to make light of the moment, fellow judge Lionel Richie, clutching a cheese-head hat, crouched by her side in front of the “Idol” cameras, while judge Luke Bryan skates in and slides by Perry’s side.

As she’s down on her knees on the floor, Perry sings Whitney Houston’s famous song “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” — except she replaces the word “dance” with “skate.”

“Welp, guess you’ll just have to tune back into @americanidol next year to see if any of us kept our jobs,” Perry wrote in caption of the video.

There were several clips caught of Perry in skates at the museum. In one, she’s saved from a near wipe-out by a crew member and well, be careful Katy, we love you and just want you to be safe!

Vote For American Idol

That said, some our favorite shows are all up for an award and we want to hear from you, who would you vote for?

America’s Got Talent is our bae obvs but we do love American Idol too and don’t sleep on The Masked Singer that might be the underdog here. Check out all the other competitors below and cast your vote!

— American Idol (@AmericanIdol) October 8, 2019