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55mm Round Sunglasses GUCCI

After not appearing on Monday’s show, The View star Joy Behar showed up on Tuesday wearing cat-eyed Gucci sunnies — and not just because she felt like changing up her look.

As Joy explained at the beginning of Tuesday’s episode, she underwent cataract surgery on her left eye on Monday. The procedure removes the lens of your eye and, in most cases, replaces it with a new artificial one, according to Mayo Clinic.

“It was fine. I recommend it,” the 76-year-old comedian said on the ABC daytime talk show. “It really is an easy procedure.”

After having cataract surgery, it’s common for doctors to ask their patients to wear an eye patch or something to protect their eyes while recovering (hence, the glasses). Once your eyes are all healed up, which takes usually one to three months, you’ll likely get a final prescription for eyeglasses.

Does that mean Joy will be rocking shades for a while? It could be. Mayo says that complete healing occurs within eight weeks, but it could be sooner or later depending on Joy’s condition. Especially since Joy is dealing with bright studio lights while filming The View, we might get used to her wearing ’em.

Plus, Joy told the audience that she’s going to have to go back in eventually and do cataract surgery on her right eye as well — yet another sign that she might be donning the sunnies for quite some time.

Of course, sunglasses or not, Joy is still the same Joy, and her fans have been nothing but supportive. Online, many expressed that they hope she “heals quickly,” while others gushed about how stunning she looks in her new glasses. “Auntie Joy rockin’ the stunner shades! It’s all good, we’ll take you any ole kind of way!” one fan tweeted.

Joy looks super cute with her sunglasses on. #TheView

— Asia Collins (@NizanaHT) June 4, 2019

Here’s to hoping Joy makes a speedy recovery soon!

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Joy Behar is one of the most famous and cleverest comedians in Hollywood. Beside being a famous comedian, Joy Behar is also a writer and co-host in the View talk show. Joy Behar has managed herself to always appear in the most glamorous and elegant look. Joy Behar hair has been her partner in all the glamorous, elegant and mature looks she has. Despite that, Joy hasn’t been so diverse in anything related to her hair. Yeah, don’t wonder?!. Don’t you believe me?!.. If so, I’ll prove that to you!. Concerning the haircut, most of the times Joy’s hair hasn’t been on any haircut except the medium haircuts.. Maybe, she has cut her hair once to become short, but her short haircut has not been famous like her medium haircut!. On the other hand, Joy’s hair has been either dyed by the brown color or any shade of the different shades of the red color. By now, I’ve semi proven my point of view!. I think there’s nothing left to complete my point of view except showing you her hairstyles. Joy has styled her hair into few but elegant, glamorous and fabulous hairstyles like; the curly hairstyles, the layered hairstyles, the feathered hairstyles, the slicked back hairstyles and the pageboy cut hairstyles. I think now, you belive me!!. But I’ve to admit that Joy Behar may haven’t been so diverse in her hairstyles, maybe nor her haircuts & hair colors, but she’s totally managed herself to appear in the most glamorous and mature looks. That’s what made many women who are in the age of 40s and above to track Joy Behar and her hairstyles and even her whole looks. Briefly, those women are taking Joy Behar as their role model and fashion icon. I mean they’re applying the “watch & learn ” technique which is the most used technique by all the women towards the celebrities, you know?!. Anyway, if you’re one of those mature and old women who has thought that there’s no hope, I think by now your problem has been solved.. Yes, honey you may do like any one of those women and take Joy Behar as your fashion icon. Pick anyone of her hairstyles, wear it and enjoy your shinny and mature look!!…

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Photo of Joy Behar dressed as ‘beautiful African woman’ resurfaces

A long forgotten video clip from ABC’s ‘The View’ resurfaced on Wednesday that showed co-host Joy Behar trying to explain a Halloween costume from when she was younger.

A long forgotten video clip from ABC’s “The View” resurfaced on Wednesday that showed co-host Joy Behar trying to explain a Halloween costume from when she was younger.

The clip was shared by The Wrap media editor Jon Levine. Behar was seen discussing a New York Times op-ed about the resurgence of curly hair during the show in 2016. Behar showed her colleagues and the audience a picture of herself with curly hair when she was 29 years old.

The co-hosts appeared surprised by her drastically different look. Raven-Symoné, a former co-host, asked, “Joy, are you black?”

“I was so cute,” Behar said.

“Joy… are you my auntie, Joy?” Raven-Symoné joked.

Behar explained that the picture was taken at a Halloween party where she dressed up as a “beautiful African woman” and stressed that it was her actual hair.

“Did you have tanning lotion on, Joy?” Raven-Symoné asked.


Behar responded by saying she wore makeup “that was a little bit darker than my skin.”

The video resurfaced as Democrats in Virginia face intense scrutiny over their use of blackface decades ago. On Friday, Governor Ralph Northam offered an apology after a photograph emerged on his medical school yearbook page that featured a man in blackface and another in a KKK robe. He reversed course the next day, claiming he wasn’t in that photo but did admit to wearing blackface when dressing up as Michael Jackson for a costume contest.

Democratic Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, who had previously called on Northam to resign, released a statement Wednesday that he also wore blackface in college.

ABC News has not responded for comment.

‘Are you questioning my character?’: Whoopi defends Joy Behar after Trump Jr. says she wore blackface

The View’s Whoopi Goldberg defended co-host Joy Behar after Donald Trump Jr. accused her of previously wearing blackface during Thursday’s episode.

The president’s son’s comments came after Behar brought up the president’s comments about grabbing women’s genitalia that was released prior to the 2016 presidential election.

“We have all done things that we regret. If we’re talking about bringing the discourse down, Joy. You have worn blackface,” Trump Jr. stated before being cut off by both Goldberg and Behar, who denied the allegation.

“No, I have not. I have not,” Behar retorted.

Trump then brought up Goldberg’s comments about Roman Polansky’s rape allegation, in which she said, “I know it wasn’t rape-rape. It was something else, but I don’t believe it was rape-rape.

“You want to bring this up? The question came up,” Goldberg argued.

“No, she was not in blackface,” she added, “Sorry, being black, I recognize blackface.”

Behar has previously discussed a Halloween party she attended back when she was 29 in which she dressed as a “beautiful African woman,” and her costume included “makeup that was a little bit darker than my skin,” but added that it was her “actual hair.” Goldberg herself took flak in 1993 for laughing at her lover, Ted Danson, when he wore blackface, used the N-word, and ate watermelon during her roast at the Friar’s Club. Many left in disgust, and Roger Ebert called it “a tasteless display” at the time.

“Now that you’ve broken this piece of ice, because I guess this is the fight you wanted,” Goldberg stated before Trump interrupted her. She then added, “Are you questioning my character?”

He said he wasn’t but added that she was questioning President Trump’s character, which she declined as well.

Can Face Masks Prevent Coronavirus? Experts Say That Depends

A new coronavirus outbreak, which originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan and has spread throughout Asia and globally, has prompted people around the world to buy medical face masks in hopes of preventing infection.

Retailers in the U.S. and across the Internet are running out of antiviral face masks as the number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus (2019-nCoV) now exceeds 9,700 globally. More than 200 people have died from the virus in China, where the majority of the 2019-nCoV cases have been detected. The World Health Organization declared a global health emergency on Thursday as the outbreak continues to spread. As of Friday morning, the United Kingdom and Russia had both confirmed their first cases of the viral infection.

Local government officials in Wuhan have required that people wear face masks when they go out in public places to prevent the spread of infection. Health experts tell TIME that such a move is probably effective in the city, where a person is more likely to come in contact with someone who is infected than in other parts of the world.

But in the U.S., where just six cases of the coronavirus have so far been detected, wearing face masks will not be that effective, experts say. That’s largely because, according to public health workers, there is no sustained person-to-person transmission of the new coronavirus in the U.S., making face masks not yet necessary.

Read more: Coronavirus Grounds Flights to China From 3 Continents. How Scared Should Travelers Be?

“People believe wearing masks will protect them against a novel organism they’re scared about,” says Saskia Popescu, a senior infection prevention epidemiologist at a private healthcare system in Phoenix, Ariz. “I understand the fear, but the U.S. is at a very low risk for this right now.”

Here’s what to know about using face masks in connection with the new coronavirus.

What does the CDC say about using face masks?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not currently recommend that people in the U.S. wear face masks in public to prevent infection. Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, told reporters during a press call on Thursday that the best preventative measures include washing hands and covering coughs.

The CDC has issued guidelines on two different kinds of face masks — surgical masks and N95 respirators — which are commonly worn by health care professionals and those who are already sick.

Typical surgical masks usually found at pharmacies (and which were sold out on Amazon and other e-tailers as of Friday) are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to protect the wearer against large droplets or splashes of bodily and infected fluids from others, according to the CDC.

Wearing surgical masks does not prevent a person from inhaling smaller airborne particles; they are not considered respiratory protection by the CDC. Surgical masks are also loose fitting, and when the wearer inhales, there is potential for particles to leak in or out of the sides.

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N95 respirators are recommended for healthcare professionals by the CDC in the event they are treating patients who are infected by the new coronavirus. The N95 masks, which require testing and approval by the CDC, are tight fitting and filter out at least 95% of airborne particles.

Although N95 respirators are sold to the public, health and infectious disease experts caution against non-medical professionals wearing them. N95 masks are supposed to be fit tested to ensure they work correctly, so people who are not trained could put them on the wrong way, negating preventative effects, says Dr. Peter Rabinowitz, a director of the MetaCenter for Pandemic Disease Preparedness and Global Health Security at the University of Washington. He adds that N95 masks are difficult for people to wear effectively for prolonged periods of time.

“They tend to slip and change position. It’s easy for air leaks to develop, even if they’re fitted correctly,” he says.

Can face masks prevent diseases?

Studies on the efficacy of face masks in preventing diseases are inconclusive, largely because they have only been conducted on healthcare professionals in their workplace settings. In general, studies have found that if workers use face masks, the risk of spreading disease as they deal with infected patients is reduced, according to experts.

For members of the public, the effects of using face masks are not well known. But experts say already sick and infected people who can’t avoid going outside — especially those who will be in confined spaces or hospital waiting rooms — should wear masks to avoid spreading germs.

“It’s not foolproof, but it does keep you from coughing out infectious particles with any respiratory virus,” says Dr. Marybeth Sexton, assistant professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Emory University School of Medicine.

People who aren’t sick should not rely on masks as a way of preventing respiratory infections, according to Popescu, who notes that surgical masks offer “limited protection” against contracting illness. While face masks can be helpful in stopping the spread of germs in certain situations — like when people are in close quarters on a train or packed into a waiting room — they are unlikely to stem the outbreak of the new coronavirus.

“You’re more likely to contract the coronavirus through continued exposure versus being outside walking about,” Popescu says.

What are more effective preventative measures to avoid coronavirus?

Advice from the CDC and health experts on better preventative measures against viruses like the novel coronavirus or influenza is fairly straightforward and involves basic everyday actions.

To help stop the spread of respiratory infections, it is recommended that people wash their hands often, avoid touching their faces, keep distance from people who are sick and to stay inside if they are sick.

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Fake Skin Care Ads That Used Oprah, Joy Behar, Pauley Perrette and More Shut Down, Fined $179

The Federal Trade Commission has taken action against a vast network of internet marketers who misled consumers.

According to a statement obtained by ET from the FTC, three men — Richard Fowler, Ryan Fowler and Nathan Martinez — were allegedly behind the scam, which deceived consumers into believing they were ordering “free trials” of skincare products and dietary supplements. These men control 19 companies, collectively operating as Tarr, Inc.

They allegedly used fake websites (like and that appeared legitimate as a way to conceal their fraudulent conduct. They also used the likeness of a few celebrities to endorse their products without permission, claiming stars like Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria, Paula Deen, Christina El Moussa and more used the products and experienced “dramatic results.”

“A vast network of online marketers and the three people behind it have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they sold more than 40 weight-loss, muscle-building and wrinkle-reduction products to consumers using unsubstantiated health claims, fake magazine and news sites, bogus celebrity endorsements, and phony consumer testimonials,” the statement read. “The FTC also alleges that the defendants used deceptive offers of ‘free’ and ‘risk-free’ trials, and automatically enrolled consumers without their consent in negative option auto-ship programs with additional monthly charges.”

The court order settling the FTC’s charges imposes a judgment of $179 million. It also prohibits the defendants from using the deceptive marketing tactics that they had allegedly used to promote their products and bans them in part from future negative option sales.

Back in August, ET exclusively revealed a clip from The View that showed Whoopi Goldberg explaining how stars like Joy Behar, Pauley Perrette and Robin McGraw fell victim to this internet scam.

“There is some freaking ad that’s getting posted all over the internet which claims that you are leaving The View to pursue your passion for this b.s. skin care product,” Goldberg said to Behar.

McGraw, who has her own beauty line, Robin McGraw Revelation, later told ET that she was furious about the scam.

“We were just so mad and still are,” she explained. “It just makes us so mad. I noticed now they have put Oprah’s picture in this story, Eva Longoria… these are women I highly respect and consider very personal friends. I would never ask Oprah to endorse a product of mine, and that’s what it looks like in the story.”

“It was annoying to me that somebody would spend money on something that I was not behind, that I had nothing to do with and that they were actually being taken in by this,” added Behar. “There’s no cease and desist letter for this because it’s like sending a note to Santa Claus at the North Pole. You’re not sure if he’s gonna get it.”

ET has reached out to Behar, Perrette, McGraw and El Moussa for comment.

Watch the video below to hear more.

There are plenty of products that claim anti-aging benefits, but which can you really rely upon to effectively hydrate while providing a youthful, more refreshed look?

To keep our skin feeling fresh and photo-ready, TODAY Style asked celebrity makeup artists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons to find out their personal favorite anti-aging products. The best part? They’re all available at your local drugstore.

1. RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream

“For those with very pronounced wrinkles and lines, this night cream will help with cell turnover making the skin look bright and softer. Be sure to use it nightly on the face, neck and chest,” said Cinthia Lomeli, a celebrity esthetician whose clients include Annabelle Wallis, Cheryl Hines and Kate Beckinsale.

2. Differin Balancing Moisturizer

“A retinoid or retinol should be the staple of any great routine. For sensitive skin, products like Differin are a great place to start. I recommend using it nightly, but keep track of your skin and see what you can tolerate. Retinoids tend to be drying so using daily moisturizer — with SPF! — is a must. For those with sensitive skin, three times a week is fine,” said Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali, whose clients include Jonathan Cheban and many well-known models.

3. Pacifica Micellar Coconut Water

“To get the best results from any facial moisturizer, the skin must be properly hydrated. I always begin my work by massaging (or gently patting) a hydrating toner into the skin. This stimulates circulation and creates a natural glow. Use with a cotton pad to remove makeup, then a Beauty Blender (or other makeup sponge) to massage over the whole face,” said Geoffrey Rodriguez, a fashion and celebrity makeup artist.

4. Pacifica Dreamy Youth Day and Night Face Cream

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“Professionally, moisturizers have to be absorbent and work well under makeup. I love Pacifica’s Dreamy Youth Day and Night Face Cream. The formula is very light, absorbs beautifully and is ideal for everyday. It contains floral stem cells and natural botanical ingredients that help restore and maintain a youthful, vibrant complexion,” said Rodriguez.

5. Olivella Moisturizer Oil

“If you’re venturing into the age-management side of the skin care aisle, don’t leave without face oil for the ultimate skin food. The first ingredient is omega-rich olive oil followed by skin-regenerating squalane. Those two alone at the top of the ingredient list makes this hydrator a must-have,” said Lora Condon of Jersey Boutique Spa.

6. Devita Natural Skin Care Evening Rich Nutritional Moisturizer

“Nothing feels better than a rich, silky moisturizer to plump up those lines and smooth out your skin. This vegan formula is jam-packed with peptides and skin-loving antioxidants like apricot kernel oil, vitamin A and beta-glucan, which boosts cell immunity,” said Condon, whose clients include Tea Leoni and Joey Fatone.

7. Sebamed Anti-aging Q10 Cream

“Harsh weather conditions and chemical-laden water can change the texture and even the pH of your skin, which damages the skin’s barrier and creates sensitive skin. This cream has a pH of 5.5, along with sweet almond oil and shea butter, which are important for repairing and healing the skin to prevent cracking, flaking and lines,” said Condon.

8. No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Serum Bottle

“I have had a long-time love affair with No7 products. Their Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Serum is like liquid gold packed with antioxidants. Even short-term use results in youthful skin with reduced wrinkles and fewer deep lines. This serum is best used directly after cleansing and toning and before any sunscreen, moisturizer or makeup products. It’s an amazing product at an amazing price point,” said Marie Watkinson, LMT, a celebrity massage therapist, spa expert and founder/beauty director of Spa Chicks On The Go in New York City. Her celebrity clients include Kristen Bell, Leslie Jones and Joy Behar.

9. Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Concentrate

“As our skin matures, it’s nice to use an item that provides an instant boost. This Olay product firms and corrects to instantly smooth your skin texture. Now your face will be perfectly prepped to apply your anti-aging moisturizer,” said Brandy Gomez-Duplessis, a celebrity makeup artist and co-founder of Entitled Beauty.

10. RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream

“What I like about this product is how it helps to reduce the appearance of my dark circles and puffiness in just 4-5 weeks. This eye cream won’t cure wrinkles around the eyes, but it will reduce the visible appearance of aging such as crow’s feet. If used twice a day, you will start seeing a difference in about 12 weeks,” said Gomez-Duplessis, whose celebrity clients have included Viola Davis, Allison Janney and Jennifer Aniston.

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