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Jodi Arias admits to killing boyfriend after day of ‘rough sex’

Once the public and press were out of the room, convicted murderer Jodi Arias took only seconds to admit that she killed her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in a frenzied attack after a day of rough sex in June 2008, secret court transcripts revealed for the first time Tuesday.

“Did you kill Travis Alexander?” Arias’ lawyer Jennifer Willmott asked the former waitress during a closed-court session in the death-penalty phase of her trial Oct. 30.

“Yes,” Arias instantly replied.

“When is the first time that you admitted that to anyone?” Willmott then asked.

“In 2010,” Arias testified.

“This happened in 2008, didn’t it?” the lawyer said.

“Yes,” said Arias.

“Why did it take you two years to admit that . . . that you did it?” the lawyer prodded.

“It took me that long to be able to admit to myself that . . . that I did it,” Arias replied.

Arias made the stunning admission during a day and a half of closed-door testimony after an Arizona judge kicked the press and public out of the courtroom in the sensational case.

But the nearly 250 pages of transcripts of the testimony were released this week after The Arizona Republic won a legal battle to make them public.

Jodi Arias and Travis AlexanderFacebook

Arias, 34, had already been convicted of first-degree murder in May 2013 in the killing after a lurid trial in which evidence showed that Alexander, 30, a charismatic motivational speaker and salesman, was stabbed 27 times and then shot in the head.

Prosecutors said Arias planned the murder in a jealous rage after Alexander dumped her.

Arias at first denied any involvement in the grisly death, and concocted a story blaming the killing on mysterious masked intruders.

But two years after her arrest, she admitted that she had killed her lover — claiming he attacked her after a day of rough sex in his Mesa, Ariz., home.

The medical examiner determined Arias stabbed Alexander in the back, torso and heart, slit his throat from ear to ear — nearly decapitating him — then shot him in the head.

Prosecutors never got a chance to cross-examine Arias during the closed sessions last fall before an appeals court ordered Judge Sherry Stephens to reopen court, which brought an end to Arias’ testimony. The judge at the time had said she was closing the courtroom to hear testimony from “a secret witness.”

But the witness turned out to be Arias herself — and she now must decide whether to take the stand again in open court or have Stephens strike everything she told the jury behind closed doors when the death-penalty phase of the trial resumes soon. The trial was suspended Nov. 3.

The newly revealed testimony begins with Arias expressing remorse and explaining that her behavior in the time before and after the murder — placing a call to Alexander’s voicemail and driving to Utah to visit a potential suitor — were attempts to cover her tracks.

Jodi Arias’ Former Cellmate Reveals Tattoos Given to Her by Arizona Killer

Jodi Arias’ former cellmate is revealing what it was to be confined behind bars with Jodi Arias, the Arizona woman who killed her boyfriend in a bloody rampage 10 years ago, calling her “a sociopath” who gave her several tattoos while they were imprisoned together.

Arias is serving a life sentence in the death of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, who she stabbed 27 times and then shot back in 2008.

Tracy Brown was Arias’ cellmate for five months but has a permanent reminder of the killer in the form of six tattoos, all personally inked by Arias.

One of the tattoos even has Arias’ name on it. She admitted that having Arias’ name scrawled on her ankle is “the biggest mistake I ever made.”

She showed Inside Edition how Arias used pencil lead, mascara and a makeshift needle to tattoo other inmates.

Brown said drawing tattoos was how Arias made extra money in jail along with sales of her original artwork. Brown also has several of Arias’ hand-drawn pieces.

The ex-cellmate says Arias flirted with correctional officers, which was how she was able to keep the prohibited equipment she needed to make her tattoos

“There were a couple of officers — she would flirt with or play with her hair with — and they would go in find that tattoo equipment, and they would leave it alone,” Brown claimed.

Brown also revealed that Arias explained how she committed the murder.

Tracy Brown says that while she and Arias were cellmates at Estrella Jail in Arizona, she confessed to killing Alexander, but claims he was not the intended target.

“She went there hoping to find this other woman and kill her because she took her place,” Brown said.

Before his murder, Alexander had been dating Lisa Daidone, but continued to secretly have sex with Arias.

Brown says Arias confessed during a quiet moment in their cell.

“I was just watching her and she kind of goes down to her knees on the floor and I was looking at her and I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ And she started crying, just a couple of tears coming out of her eyes, then it was done,” Brown said.

Brown says Arias also admitted to stalking her ex-boyfriend while hiding in his backyard.

“She said she would lie awake in bushes and watch him and if she was caught, she would say she was there looking for her Social Security card,” Brown claimed.

The ex-cellmate also claims that Arias has a troubled relationship with her parents, despite having their support during her trial and appeal.

“She was so mean to her mom coming all the way from California to Arizona,” Brown said. “It’s a long trip. There are times she would deny their visits because she to visit with a guy that she is manipulating.”

The friendship between the two ex-cellmates continued for a time even after Brown’s release, as they would write to each other.

But after she was dealt a life sentence in 2015, Arias was transferred to a state prison and abruptly cut off all communication.

“She will use you to get what she wants, then when she is done with you, she will throw you away,” Brown claimed.

Arias is appealing her conviction. Earlier this month, her attorneys asked a judge to keep her opening brief in the appeal under seal.


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Travis Alexander’s wounds.

Autopsy photo of Travis Alexander.

Autopsy photo of Travis Alexander.

Autopsy photo of Travis Alexander’s back.

Autopsy photo of Travis Alexander’s neck.

Autopsy photo of Travis Alexander’s legs.

Autopsy photo of Travis Alexander’s foot.

Travis Alexander had multiple self-defense wounds to his palms and fingers that indicate he
had fought for his life during the knife attack.

Travis Alexander had multiple self-defense wounds to his palms and fingers that indicate he
had fought for his life during the knife attack.

The prosecution contends this photo, shown in court on Jan. 8, 2013, shows Travis Alexander
had multiple self-defense wounds to his palms and fingers that indicate he had fought for his
life during the knife attack.

Travis Alexander had multiple self-defense wounds to his palms and fingers that indicate he
had fought for his life during the knife attack.

Travis Alexander had multiple self-defense wounds to his palms and fingers that indicate he
had fought for his life during the knife attack.

Travis Alexander had multiple self-defense wounds to his palms and fingers that indicate he
had fought for his life during the knife attack.

Q&A: Author Juan Martinez on growing up, being a lawyer and Mexico

Juan Martinez, the fiery prosecutor who convicted Jodi Arias for the killing of Travis Alexander, has a new best-seller out about her trial, “Conviction: The Untold Story of Putting Jodi Arias Behind Bars.”

Martinez will talk about his dogged pursuit to convict Arias on April 2 at the Palm Beach Book Festival.

Book festival founder Lois Cahall sat down with him and asked five questions …

Juan, you’ve got a New York Times instant best-seller: No. 8 for hardcover nonfiction and No. 4 for combined print and e-book nonfiction this week. What do you have to say about that?

“Unexpected … When I wrote the book it was intended to get the story out there … how I went from charging Jodi Arias for the murder – and then the trial and tribulations – to when she takes the stand for 18 days. There’s always a fear that the jury is going to identify with her. So I wanted to get the story out there. But a best-seller, I still can’t believe it. It’s gratifying. I didn’t realized people would still be interested in a trial that started in 2012. Readers can actually read what I left out. And get answers to: ‘Why did I ask (Arias) this question or that?’ “

What’s your backstory? Did you ever feel “when I grow up I’m going to be …”

“I’m not from the U.S. I was born and raised in Mexico. I was 6 ½ years old when I came here, (legally), and we immigrated to a small town called Victorville in Southern California, about 90 miles southeast of L.A. I didn’t speak any English. My mother couldn’t speak or write English. I had tutors for reading and vocabulary – for about six or nine months – and I didn’t do any math or other lessons. Perhaps it may have been easier to be with other students, but it truly proved to be my base later on …

“My passion in high school was running … track. There was interest from colleges to run. My mentor was Len Miller. He coached at University at California in Irvine. He taught me all the lessons in life. I know I grew up in a family with a very strict father. Len covered important topics. Aspirations. He wrote a letter to me in 1974 that reminded me to do the right thing in life. So I did.

“After college I didn’t know what to do, though I contemplated a career in teaching, but at that point I wanted to give back to community who had given me so much. And I could offer so much with and to my Hispanic race. After watching a TV show about lawyers – I don’t remember the one – I said, ‘I’ll go to law school!’ “

How does the media affect a case of this magnitude?

“It makes the job tougher for the prosecutors … cases like Casey Anthony and others, I’m not sure what the mechanics are, but there is a lot of media and that often can turn into an acquittal. I knew that every one of my ‘t’s’ had to be crossed and every ‘i’ dotted because the media was there, so it was double work. I just wanted justice. You can’t get yourself wrapped up in it and pander to tomorrow’s headline, otherwise you’re doing a disservice to the victims and the state that entrusted you to that power.”

You’re a real-life prosecutor with a highly publicized case. What do you think of the justice system as an imperfect system?

“It’s a global question. We brought in lots of prosecutors and judges into Maricopa County, Arizona – and what I’ve seen and know about other countries — America has the best system. The people who set it up should be proud of themselves. We have a system that has all these protections. Sure, it’s imperfect, but it’s a wonderfully well-worked kind of system.”

Did you parents live to see you become national headlines?

“My parents never saw any of this. They returned back to Mexico and died there. They were more comfortable in a country where they could speak the language. There was, however, a TV on in Mexico and for another case, my parents saw me going up the courtroom steps with the media.”

Any comment on the presidential race and ‘wall building?’

“People have to understand that people on the other side of the wall are the same as the people on this side of the wall. It’s just that people here have goals driven by economic necessity … and to achieve something better. Goals and aspirations. To a certain extent that’s what the American dream is, right? I don’t condone coming here illegally, I’m just saying that there are some places we could really use some walls in this world, and it’s certainly not Mexico.”

Jurors see gruesome crime scene photos at Jodi Arias retrial • • • By Crimesider Staff October 22, 2014 / 12:12 PM / AP PHOENIX – Jurors at the sentencing retrial of convicted murderer Jodi Arias saw a series of gruesome photos that showed her boyfriend’s dead body crammed into a shower at his house with his throat slit. Lawyers warned jurors that they would see graphic crime-scene photos and sexually explicit images that Arias and former boyfriend Travis Alexander took of each other after a tryst, but before Arias fatally attacked him.

‘She loved him so much that this is what she did to him,’ prosecutor Juan Martinez said of one ghastly photo. He urged jurors to sentence Arias to death. The opening statements came at the start of a retrial to determine whether Arias lives or dies for her crimes. It was less of a spectacle than the initial case, which happened in early 2013, when onlookers from around the country traveled to Phoenix and lined up outside court for the trial that became a tabloid and TV sensation.

Still, some of the people who regularly attended the first trial were back in court on Tuesday. Arias has acknowledged killing Alexander but claimed it was self-defense after he attacked her. Prosecutors said it was premeditated murder carried out in a jealous rage, because the victim wanted to end their affair and planned a trip to Mexico with another woman. Defense attorney Kirk Nurmi said Tuesday that Arias was the victim of profound sexual humiliation by Alexander, and that she is mentally ill and a victim of child abuse. He urged jurors to sentence her to life in prison, saying she is remorseful about killing the man who never acknowledged to others that she was his girlfriend.

‘Jodi Arias was always the girl behind the closed door in the bedroom,’ Nurmi told jurors. He suggested his client would testify during the proceedings expected to last until December. ‘She will tell you how horrified she is that she killed the man she loved,’ Nurmi said.

Arias, sporting shoulder-length hair and wearing a beige blouse, often looked at the jury while her lawyer laid out his case. She turned away, however, as the prosecutor detailed the crime that included shooting Alexander in the head and stabbing him nearly 30 times.

Members of the Alexander and Arias families looked on from the front rows of the courtroom during the opening statements. Jurors were shown naked photographs that Alexander and Arias took of each other shortly before Alexander was killed. Alexander’s sister turned away from the images and wept as the photos were being shown. Arias, a 34-year-old former waitress, was convicted of murder last year in the killing of Alexander at his suburban Phoenix home.

Authorities said she slit his throat so deeply that she nearly decapitated him and left his body in his shower where friends found him after about five days. Jurors couldn’t agree on a sentence then. Prosecutors have one more chance with a new jury to secure the death penalty. If the jury fails to reach a unanimous decision, the judge will sentence Arias to spend the rest of her life behind bars or to be eligible for release after 25 years.

Jodi Arias is facing the death penalty for the brutal murder of Travis Alexander where she claimed she was pressured to perform sexual acts with him but has obtained a series of sexy photos that she posed for before her guilty conviction.

During the trial multiple naked photos of both Jodi and Travis were entered into evidence along with racy text messages and a recording of phone sex between the two with the defense claiming she was a victim of domestic violence and that he pressured her into posing for pictures and participating in sex against her will.

According to testimony Jodi deleted the naked photographs from the camera after killing Travis but the pictures were restored and entered into evidence.

Now a dowdy brunette with glasses, these photos these photos show a different side of Jodi where she is seductively posing for the camera before she killed Travis in 2008, when she still had her long platinum blonde hair and in the photos Jodi is only wearing a long man’s button down shirt and nothing else.

In one shot Jodi is has the man’s shirt pulled seductively over her shoulder as she gazes at herself in the mirror and another is a full body shot of Jodi lying on the floor wearing only the shirt and showing off her bare legs.

A third picture has Jodi posed lying on the floor and looking up at the camera in a seductive sepia-toned photo.

The jury found Jodi guilty of first degree murder in the death of Travis Alexander and said that the death was “extremely cruel” so she is now eligible for the death penalty.

Jodi is slated to give a statement to the court on Tuesday and will be live streaming the proceedings beginning at 9:30am PT/12:30pm ET.

Jodi Arias Bikini Biography

Jodi arias Bikini is an America saleswoman working as a series of dead-end jobs she got her standard job with her company. She has made national headlines after she was charged with murdering her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. Travis who is a 30-year-old man, who was working as a motivational speaker and insurance salesman.

Jodi has worked as a series of dead-end jobs she got her standard job with her company. It was known as Legal Shield then it paid for her work. It was a work from home and sales force on commission.

On June 9, 2008, Travis Alexander’s body was found in a pool of blood he was in the shower of his Mesa their home by friends. Who had become increasingly worried about his whereabouts?. Almost immediately after entering the residence the young men began taking in the heinous crime scene in the bathroom they found Alexander with a gunshot wound to the head. Furthermore than two dozen stab wounds. A deeply and widely slit throat investigators later determined that the murder. It had occurred five days before his body was found It’s on June 4, 2008.

She quickly became the focus of investigations. Jodi was indicted on first-degree murder charges On July 9, 2008, and arrested in California soon after. Arias initially denied any involvement in the killing she was despite the discovery of her DNA mixed.

Jodi with Alexander’s blood at the crime scene, but she later changed her story then claiming that she and her ex had been attacked by two masked intruders this was After killing Alexander. The criminals decided to let her live, she told the police, adding that she chose not to alert authorities at the time because she feared the intruders might seek revenge.

Jodi Arias Bikini Trial

It is so pervasive and so persistent in this case as arias attorney Cory Engle during oral arguments before a three-judge in Phoenix. The assistant Attorney General terry Crist countered that while Martinez the Maricopa county prosecutor may have violated the rules occasionally his action doesn’t warrant a reversal of the murder conviction. As Arias was seen tended to live in 2015 for murdering her sometime boyfriend Travis Alexander in his mesa Home. The 30- year-old Alexandra confessed to the killing but claimed she had acted in self-defense.

The appealed her murder conviction and Thursday arguments before the court of appeals were part of the process. The judges frequently stopped the attorneys to ask pointed questions. Judge Jennifer b. Campbell repeatedly asked if Martinez had committed improper conduct in the Arias Trial. There the trial garnered international publicity and made the Flamboyant Martinez famous sectors Harassed witnesses online and SWAT teams had to accompany jurors to their cars. The Arias lawyer argued Martinez committed several actions of prosecutorial misconduct during the trial and that the cumulative misconduct should be enough to overturn the conviction.

AS adjudge Michael Brown questioned Crist about what an appellate court does if a prosecutor goes into a case knowing he can do unethical things without the conviction being overturned. The Crist said that the court is able to file a bar charge against the prosecutor bench that if he were married to Willmott he would want to kill me and later telling Willmott she should go back to law school.

Jodi Arias Bikini Age

Arias was born on the 9th of July 1980 California, United State. She celebrates her birthday every July 9th of each year.

Jodi Arias Bikini Ex-boyfriend

Jodi met her Ex- dead boyfriend. He was named Alexander in the September 2006at ppl conference in Las Vegas. They became so close and Jodi influenced Alexander to change his Mormon belief than on 26th 2006, he was baptized into the LDS Church Ceremony. Jodi, they begin dating in February 2007. She moved to Mesa in order to be closer to him later she moved to her grandparents’ house in Yreka in March of the same year.

Jodi Arias Photo

Jodi Arias Bikini Body Measurements

  • Height: 5feet and 5 inches.
  • Weight: Not Available.
  • Shoe Size: Not Available.
  • Body Shape: Not Available.
  • Hair Colour: Not Available.

Jodi Arias Bikini Family

She was born to William Arias and Sandra Dee Allen in Salinas Jodi is the eldest child of her parents. Arias has 3 siblings she has her Elementary Education. Jodi was at Yreka High School but Didn’t graduate she had to drop out of school. She has worked as at Casa Ramos she was in Yerka before her murder case Erupted.

Jodi Arias Bikini Photos

Arias in 32-year-old. She was a photographer. Furthermore, she was accused of shooting her lover Travis Alexander in the face stabbing him 27 times. She has Slitting his throat from the ear to ear in the shower of his mesa has pleaded not guilty to murder there claiming she killed Alexander in self-defense. If convicted she faces the death penalty. Jodi has been more than four in the making he has captured headlines around the world.

Jodi Arias Bikini Swimsuit

She had only one shop watching bikini mommy and girls swimwear. The swimsuit should be bought separately they should be comfortable and soft to wear and easy to clean she could swim in a swimming pool or hot spring. Jodi should wear it in beachwear. In addition to more water activities.

Jodi Arias Bikini Judges Grapple

Judges grapple with misconduct claims in the Jodi Arias case. On the Appellate judges who will decide whether to reverse Jodi Arias’ murder conviction in the gruesome 2008 killing of her former boyfriend. She grappled Thursday with who was responsible for whipping up publicity during the salacious trial. She was asked whether alleged misconduct by a prosecutor should cause the verdict to be tossed.

A lawyer for Arias told the Arizona Court of Appeals that prosecutor Juan Martinez improperly questioned witnesses, ignored rulings on evidence. The courted publicity and made an unfounded accusation that an expert on her defense team had an inappropriate relationship with Arias.

She is serving a life sentence for her first-degree murder conviction in the death of Travis Alexander at his home in the Phoenix suburb of Mesa. The Prosecutors have said Arias violently attacked Alexander. This was in a jealous rage after he wanted to end their affair and planned a trip to Mexico with another woman. She has acknowledged killing Alexander but claimed she acted in self-defense after he attacked her. Furthermore, she was stabbed nearly 30 times, had his throat slit and was shot in the head.

In her guilt phase of Arias’ trial ended in 2013 with jurors convicting her of murder but deadlocking on punishment. Additionally, the second sentencing trial ended in early 2015 with another jury deadlock, leading a judge to sentence Arias to life. Therefore the case turned into a media circus as salacious and violent details about Arias and Alexander were broadcast live around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jodi

Who is Jodi?

Jodi arias Bikini is an America saleswoman.

How old is Jodi?

Jodi was born on the 9th of July 1980 California. She is at the age of 39 years old as of 2019.

How tall is Jodi?

She stands at a height of 6 feet and 3 inches.

Is Jodi married?

Jodi was in a relationship with her boyfriend Alexandar before she murders her.

Is Jodi dead or alive?

Jodi is still alive and in good health.

Jodi Arias Bikini Twitter

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Appeals court agrees to look at Jodi Arias case

MESA — (CNN) — The Arizona Court of Appeals has agreed to consider appeals filed in the murder conviction of Jodi Arias, according to court documents.

Arias was sentenced to life in prison in 2015 for killing her ex-boyfriend.

This week, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office said two matters are being considered in separate proceedings.

“In one, there is the criminal conviction and life sentence in the Arias case that … is currently being considered by the Court of Appeals,” prosecutors said in a statement.

“This also involves claims of prosecutorial misconduct that allegedly occurred during the Arias trial,” they continued. “These separately are being reviewed as part of complaints submitted to the Arizona State Bar. Additionally, the internal matter involving sexual harassment of MCAO employees has already resulted in an investigation, which was fully concluded and resulted in discipline.”

The prosecutor in the case, Juan Martinez, is facing disciplinary hearings for allegedly having a relationship with a blogger who was covering the trial, ABC15 reported in August 2019.

Martinez’s case has been referred to an independent counsel and the Arizona State Bar does not offer an opinion on cases it is not investigating, said Alberto Rodriguez, spokesman for the Arizona State Bar.

RELATED: Personnel file reveals prosecutor Juan Martinez’s harassment problems go back 30 years

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office announced in September that Martinez was moved from the Capital Litigation Bureau to the Auto Theft Bureau.

“Given the Arizona Bar proceedings involving Mr. Martinez, I felt it was important to assign him a caseload that would be more flexible and allow him to take time when needed to focus on resolving these complaints,” a statement from Chief Deputy Rachel Mitchell said.

RELATED: Arizona State Bar files formal complaint against Arias prosecutor Juan Martinez

In 2008, Arias killed her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. She is currently at a state prison in Perryville.

CNN has contacted Arias’ attorney Karen Clark for comment.

Her next court date is October 17.

Before her sentencing, Arias expressed remorse.

“To this day, I can’t believe that I was capable of doing something that terrible,” Arias said. “I’m truly disgusted and repulsed with myself. I’m horrified because of what I did, and I wish there was some way I could take it back.”

Legally Speaking: Reversal in Jodi Arias case possible, but not likely

(Associated Press photo)

Did Jodi Arias win again? The answer to that question is in the hands of three judges at the Arizona Court of Appeals. My prediction is no, but there is always a chance.

Arias was convicted and sent to prison in 2015 for the 2008 murder of Travis Alexander. On the way there, she lost the guilt phase of her trial but won not once, but twice, in the punishment phase when she escaped the death penalty. Fast forward four years later and she is looking at another possible win.

On Oct. 16, Arias’ appellate attorneys tried to convince Judges Jones, Campbell and Brown, that Arias deserved not only a new trial but the right to walk away free and never be tried for Alexander’s murder again. The basis for the argument? Deputy Maricopa County Attorney Juan Martinez.

At the oral argument, each side had 30 minutes to sway the judges to their side. Counsel for Arias laid out the reasons how Mr. Juanderful violated her right to a fair hearing.

She explained he committed various acts of misconduct including harassing and intimidating witnesses, ignoring Judge Stephens’ orders, insinuating there was an inappropriate relationship between a defense expert and Arias and fanning the flames of the media. The argument being that the cumulative effect of these actions obliterated Arias’ due process rights to a fair trial.

The State came right back and argued, with a straight face, that it did not matter what Martinez did. It didn’t matter if he bent the rules, was rude, made things up or signed autographs on the courthouse steps. Nothing he did can outweigh the overwhelming evidence of Arias’ guilt.

The judges did not completely buy the State’s argument nor did they the defense’s argument.

They appeared equally skeptical to both sides. However, there was one thing the State said that I think will resonate with the judges more so than anything else. He said it is inappropriate and unlawful to punish a prosecutor for misconduct by reversing a conviction when there is overwhelming evidence of guilt. The proper avenue for punishment is a bar complaint. (I am paraphrasing).

Martinez has his hands full with misconduct complaints including those issued by the State Bar and those made within his own office. In fact, news surfaced on Friday that another complaint, one for sexual misconduct, has recently been filed against him with MCAO. The punishment referred to in the oral argument might be just around the corner.

#LegallySpeaking, the Judges now have their hands full dissecting the trial, the allegations against Martinez and understanding/applying case law. Will they reverse Arias’ conviction? My crystal ball tells me it is possible, but I don’t think it is likely.

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When Travis Alexander broke up with his girlfriend, Jodi Arias, he reportedly told friends, “Don’t be surprised if one of these Sundays, I don’t show up and you find me dead someplace.”

Eerily, the 30-year-old predicted his own gruesome fate. Police found the motivational speaker brutally murdered in his Mesa, Arizona home on June 9, 2008. His body, five days decomposed, had been stabbed 27 times, with an ear-to-ear slash across his throat and a bullet to the head. The murderer? His allegedly “sex-crazed” ex-lover Jodi Arias, who initially feigned ignorance and pleaded not guilty. But when police discovered images of a racy-turned-violent encounter between the former couple only hours before Alexander’s death, she switched up her story.

After lying to police about her alibi and fabricating a false home-invasion tale to the media, Arias finally settled on an account: she admitted that she was the murderer, but she’d killed in order to protect herself. For years, her trial became a national spectacle, rife with discrepancies, ethical complaints, and testimony laced with graphic images of sex and violence. In April 2015, the 37-year-old was finally sentenced to life in prison — without possibility of parole.

Here’s everything you need to know about the bone-chilling case.

A rocky relationship

Alexander met Arias, a photographer, at a 2006 conference in Las Vegas. The two hit it off right away and Alexander, a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, convinced Arias to check out “The Book of Mormon,” according to a 2013 PEOPLE article. She converted to Mormonism in November 2006. The deeply enamored couple had a passionate, yet quick-lived romance during which they exchanged 82,000 emails, according to court records. After five months together, the two called it quits in June 2007, however they continued to exchange sexually explicit text messages for the next two years.

” was totally obsessed with him,” Alexander’s close friend Sky Hughes told The Huffington Post. “She wouldn’t let him go. Whenever he would try to sever all ties, she would threaten to kill herself … He would tell her he didn’t want anything to do with her, and she would show up at his house. We knew it was her. We didn’t want it to be her, but just knew it was.”

When Alexander began dating other women, Arias slashed his tires, hacked into his Facebook, and stalked him on outings. According to PEOPLE, Alexander told a friend, “Don’t be surprised if you find me dead one day.”

On June 4, 2008, Arias visited Alexander at his Arizona home. Prosecutors would later claim she arrived unannounced. But, Arias insisted Alexander invited her. The two took graphic sexual photos of one another and made a sex tape, which Arias said were Alexander’s ideas, according to ABC News. “He tied me up, (on) the bed. It’s not my favorite but it’s not unbearable,” Arias said in court.

One day later, Arias arrived in West Jordan, Utah to meet another lover, Ryan Burns, at his home. “She had two small bandages on a couple of her fingers,” Burns testified.

Alexander’s dead, decayed body wouldn’t be discovered for another four days.

Travis Alexander on a four-wheeling trip. Courtesy Discovery ID

Bloody murder

On June 9, 2008, friends found Alexander’s mangled remains in his shower. He’d suffered 27 knife wounds. His throat was slit almost to the point of decapitation. And he’d been shot in the head with a .25-caliber gun. Arias’ bloody palm print would be discovered in the bathroom hallway. Alexander’s friends immediately told police they should investigate her. They called his relationship with her a “fatal attraction.”

According to Dr. Kevin Horn, of the Maricopa County Medical Examiner office, Alexander’s stab wounds were inflicted with major force and his cause of death was excessive blood loss. He had multiple self-defense wounds to his palms and fingers. Police also found a digital camera in the washing machine with time-stamped images of Alexander and Arias in sexually suggestive poses and one of her reflection in his eyes in the moments before she killed him. Another image apparently depicts Arias dragging his dead body across the floor, according to TIME.

On June 13, Arias posted a photo gallery on her MySpace page titled “In Loving Memory of Travis.”

Ten days after Alexander’s body was discovered, police questioned Arias about the murder. And on Arias’ 29th birthday, July 9, she was indicted on first-degree murder chargers, according to CBS News. She was arrested in her North California home on July 15 and extradited to Arizona on September 5.

Six days later, she pled not guilty.


Inconsistent stories

Arias originally told police she wasn’t in Mesa when the murder occurred, claiming she last saw Alexander in March of 2007. She changed her story in September, and told various media outlets that two masked intruders attacked her and killed Alexander. “No jury is going to convict me,” she told Inside Edition. “I am innocent, and you can mark my words on that.”

Two years after her initial arrest, Arias took back her account of the “home invasion.” She admitted to police that she had killed Alexander in self-defense, claiming she’d been a victim of domestic violence.

“She lied,” her sister, Angela Arias, wrote on Facebook. “But, it was because she was so in love with that man she did not want people to know what a monster he really was. She wanted everyone to believe that he was as amazing as they thought he was … My sister is innocent of the crime they are accusing her of … She did kill Travis but it was not in cold blood, it was not for revenge, it was because she was afraid for her life.”

Jodi Arias mug shot. Courtesy Discovery ID

The tricky trial

In August 2011, Arias was granted a request by a judge to represent herself, as long as her public defenders stayed on as advisory counsel. But the judge reinstated her defense counsel after it turned out letters from Alexander, which Arias requested be admitted, were forgeries. Another surprising move in the trial, in February 2013, Arias took the witness stand in her own defense, sticking to her third story of self-defense.

In March, the prosecutor accused Richard Samuels, a defense expert who diagnosed Arias with PTSD, of having feelings for his patient. And in April, juror Meliha Omanovic was dismissed after the defense claimed she’d made prejudicial comments, according to Arizona Republic. Two other jurors were later dismissed.

In May 2013, Arias was found guilty of first-degree murder, but the jury could not reach a unanimous decision on whether to sentence her to death. On October 21, 2014, a retrial began, with jurors hearing the same evidence. A judge declared a mistrial on March 5, 2015, saying jurors could, again, not reach a consensus.

Arias is currently at Arizona State Prison Complex and will spend the rest of her life in prison.

Prison life

In a 2016 phone call with rapper “Lefty” Williams (who made a music video about her, above), Arias detailed how much “love” she receives behind bars.

“If this is what it is like to be hated, then keep hating!” Arias said in the audio obtained by Radar. “I’ve had so much love coming in my direction I can’t even respond to it now.”

“Haters are gonna hate.”

In October 2017, Arias alleged in a civil suit that the head of her legal team, L. Kirk Nurmi, broke attorney-client privilege and disclosed “confidential and privileged information” for the “expressed purpose of financial gain and his own public ‘redemption” in a tell-all book about her case. Nurmi said he “intends to fight this battle with vigor” in an interview with the Arizona Republic.

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