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Closer Look at the Lives of Sara and Melissa Gilbert

Actresses and half-sisters, Sara and Melissa Gilbert, didn’t have the same father but shared a strong paternal influence that helped shape their adult lives. The late Paul Gilbert married Barbara Cowan in June 1962, and the couple adopted two children, Melissa and Jonathan, before their divorce in 1972. Then Barbara married Harold Abeles on May 26, 1973, with whom she had Sara. Harold and Barbara’s marriage also only lasted ten years before their divorce on May 13, 1983.

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Nine years Melissa’s junior, Sara came into the world at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California on January 29, 1975. Just a year earlier Melissa landed the role of Laura Ingalls on “Little House on the Prairie,” which made of her a household name.

At six years old, Sara saw Melissa get her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and decided right there and then to become an actress as well. A string of commercials soon followed before Sara made her first on-screen appearance in the 1984 television movie “Calamity Jane.”

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When her acting career took off, Sara adopted the Gilbert family name and landed her role in the popular comedy series, “Roseanne” in 1988. During her nine years on the show, Sara graduated from Yale University with honours, but her fame also led to personal problems.


Even though her father had been a successful lawyer, he fell on hard times after her parents divorced in 1983. The first couple of times, Harold asked Sara for financial support, she gave in, but then the continued requests worsened their relationship. “I was 18 or 19 and making more money than any teenager should be making at the time. I just wanted him to be my dad,” Sara said.

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Eventually, Sara decided to stop giving her father money but later realized how difficult it must have been for him to ask for money. “When it comes to your family, it’s better to give,” Sara added. When Harold got ill during later years, Sara became his primary caregiver until his death. She tried to make up for refusing him financial help when he needed it.


Along with her father’s financial problems, Sara also had her own internal struggles. At the time she starred in “Roseanne” and dated her co-star and on-screen husband, Johnny Galecki. As their relationship progressed, Sara realized she is a homosexual. “I thought he was super cute and had a total crush on him, and we started dating, and he would come over, and we would make out, and then I would start to get depressed. Johnny felt bad, I think, and started to take it personally, so I eventually told him that I thought it was about my sexuality and he was super sweet about it,” Sara explained.

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Half-sister Melissa knew and accepted Sara as a homosexual long before she realized it herself, as she shared during an interview on “The Talk.” “I took her to dinner when she was in her teens, and I sat her down, and I gave her this long speech about how much I love you, and it doesn’t matter, and you’re my darling and blah, blah, blah and you can tell me anything. And she looked at me, and she said, ‘I’m not gay.’ And I was like, ‘OK, whatever,’” Melissa recalled.


During Melissa’s time on the iconic show, “Little House on the Prairie,” she struggled with paternal problems of her own. Born in Los Angeles, California on May 8, 1964, Melissa’s parents, Barbara and Paul divorced after she turned six. At the age of eleven, Melissa was told that her beloved father died after he suffered a stroke.

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“I had my own familial traumas and difficulties. My mother remarried a few times. There were sadness and discomfort at home,” Melissa said on Oprah’s “Where are they Now?”. Her father, a talented actor and World War II veteran passed away two years after Melissa started working on “Little House on the Prairie,” but the truth about his death only came out years later.

“He’d had a stroke about a year before , and we were told — my brother and I — that he had a second stroke in his sleep and passed away,” she said. “Actually, everyone was told that. There were only a couple of people who knew the truth.”

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To discover the truth, Melissa hired a private investigator after she learned that Paul actually committed suicide. “Basically, what happened was he was under the care of the VA. He was a World War II veteran, and he was in uncontrolled excruciating pain and had been threatening suicide,” Melissa said. “So, he shot himself.”


During a sit down with Daily Mail, Melissa revealed what her life became after she left the show in 1984. “I’m much better going forward than backward or sideways,” she said. She explained that being a child star was a fun and amazing chapter of her life; however, it did put a lot of pressure on her to always look good.

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She confessed that as she grew older, she indulged in extensive cosmetic work to look younger.

“I went down the road that everyone else does – nose job, boob job, fillers and Botox, but no more!”

However, she is no longer plying that road as she vows to embrace her old age with pride.

“I’m a 53-year-old woman and I’m trying to embrace this process of ageing. I’m grateful to my body for holding up through some major health issues and serious surgeries.”

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As earlier revealed, Melissa struggled a lot with her looks. While speaking with TODAY’s Megyn Kelly, the child star revealed that her days on ‘Little House on the Prairie’ were safe as it encouraged her to love her features. However, when she started growing older and playing adult roles, she realized her looks were not appreciated.

“They were trying to make me appear what the image of the glamorous leading lady ingénue was at that time.”

At the time when all of this was happening, Gilbert was just 17 years old. As a result of the pressure, she took a nosedive into the world of excessive cosmetic surgeries. However, she was able to recover in time thanks to her husband, Timothy Busfield.

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As a Democrat, Melissa decided to run for the 8th Congressional District seat out of Michigan in 2015. The previous year she avidly supported Michigan’s gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer and wanted the opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives on a larger scale.

“I’m running for Congress to make life a little easier for all the families who feel they have fallen through the cracks in today’s economy. I believe building a new economy is a team effort, and we need to bring fresh voices to the table to get the job done,” said Melissa during her announcement.

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Newly married to fellow actor Timothy Busfield at the time, he became her third husband in April 2013. Melissa had previously been married to Bruce Boxleitner and Bo Brinkman and had a child with them both, respectively.


Sister Sara had also tied the knot after her love life took an unexpected turn. In 2011, shortly after she became a co-host on “The Talk,” Sara and her girlfriend Allison Adler split up after ten years of relationship and two children. The couple kept their split amicable and continued to co-parent Levi Hank and Sawyer Jane with “a lot of love for each other.”

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Sara and her ex, Allison Adler have joint custody of their children. The pair remained on good terms over the years, and it wasn’t until 2017 that Sara opened up about their break up. However, a few months after they broke up, Sara revealed her new love interest.


Back in November 2011, Sara decided to use her show to gush her cohosts about a brand new love in her life. This time? It was the former 4 Non-Blondes lead singer, songwriter, and producer, Linda Perry. The Talk creator did not unveil how they met, but since paparazzi caught them on camera, she claimed that the news had to be announced.

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But it is very likely that the name Linda Perry does not ring a bell to you. And that’s because, apart from her stint as a singer, Linda has focused her career on collaborating as the pop hitmaker of major stars such as Pink, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, and Courtney Love. Do you remember songs such as “Get the Party Started” or Aguilera’s “Beautiful”? Yes! Linda is the mastermind behind them.

Her love for music and passion for following that path professionally started early when Linda was 21 years old. She grabbed her guitar and began to audition for all-girl cover bands. In 1989, she was recruited into 4 Non-Blondes. Although the group had moderate success, it was as a songwriter that Perry has reached the peak of her success.

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In fact, she was also inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2015. Last year, she obtained a nomination for Best Original Song thanks to “Girl in the Movies” with Dolly Parton. And in 2019, Linda is up for a Grammy in the category of Producer of the Year – non-classical. The year has also been busy for the musician as she is wrapping up an album with Natasha Bedingfield.


Sara continued hosting her show after giving birth, but in the short years that followed, her priorities shifted. And a couple of months ago, Sara announced her departure from “The Talk” to focus more on family life. The host revealed that she has too much on her plate with three growing children, so she is now busy as a bee.

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Gilbert confessed to viewers in April: “I loved it and felt totally empowered, but also, if I’m being honest about it, my life was slightly out of balance. I wasn’t able to spend as much time with my three kids as I’d like, or time for myself.”


April 2013 marked the legalization of same-sex marriage in California, so the soulmates decided to formalize their love finally. Sara unveiled that it was Linda who proposed to her while picnicking by putting on T-shirts with the words “will” “you” “marry” and “me” with some musicians playing “Love Song” to liven up the romantic moment. Needless to say, the answer was a resounding yes.

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The engagement was followed by their intimate Malibu wedding in March 2014. “We decided that we wanted to be together and enjoy people’s company because I think people miss that part of their wedding. We wanted to bring everybody with us down the hill and have this communal feeling,” Gilbert stated on The Talk.


And comes a baby! On February 28, 2015, their family officially grew with another member when Sara gave birth to their son Rhodes Emilio. Of course, Sara was already a mother of two when they tied the knot, but she knew that her new wife would need a child of their own.

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A year later, the songwriter opened up about motherhood and said that Rhodes was her life. “That guy that we were talking about, that little human is sitting upstairs in the hotel room and I can’t believe it. He’s changed my life,” she further claimed. But the responsibility of a child does come with some sacrifices, which take us to some sad news in April 2019.

Despite the fact that they are sisters, Sara and Melissa have managed to stay true to their individual identities throughout the cause of their lives. Luckily, it turned out great for them as they are both fulfilled in all areas of life. It’s great their fame and achievements haven’t affected their relationships negatively. Which sister do you prefer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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Melissa Gilbert to Sara Gilbert: I Always ‘Kinda Knew’ You Were Gay

Taylor Hill/Getty; Richard Shotwell/PR Photos

Never one to mince words, The Talk co-host Sharon Osbourne came right out and asked guest Melissa Gilbert when she knew her sister Sara Gilbert was gay.

While the question made Sara, 36, who recently started dating Linda Perry, squirm a bit, the audience laughed and cheered.

“You know what, I’ll put it to you this way,” said Melissa, 47, best known for her role on Little House on the Prairie. “I took her to dinner when she was in her teens and I sat her down and I gave her this long speech about how much I love you and it doesn’t matter and you’re my darling and blah, blah, blah and you can tell me anything. And she looked and me and she said, ‘I’m not gay.’ And I was like, ‘OK, whatever.’”

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“Years later she called me and we were having a conversation about something and she said, ‘You know, what if I just said that I’m gay,’ and I went, ‘And?’ I mean I think always I kinda knew.”

Sara, eager to change the subject, responded, “Don’t we have a break coming up?”

Aug. 26, 2011— — intro: Melissa Gilbert, who famously played Laura Ingalls on that quaint family drama “Little House on the Prairie,” is dealing with her own real-life family drama.

Gilbert, 47, filed for divorce from Bruce Boxleitner, 61, moving to end their 16-year marriage five months after they announced their separation, according to The Associated Press.

The petition filed earlier this week cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason. Gilbert is also seeking joint custody of their 15-year-old son, Michael Boxleitner, named after Gilbert’s “Little House” creator and star Michael Landon, who played her father.

“We have loved each other for a very long time,” Gilbert said in March, “and we share four incredible sons together.”

In addition to Michael, Boxleitner and Gilbert have one son, Dakota, from her previous marriage to actor Bo Brinkman, and two other sons, Sam and Lee, from Boxleitner’s first marriage to actress Kathryn Ogilvy.

Gilbert’s sister, “The Talk” co-host Sara Gilbert, 36, has also split from her partner of 10 years, Allison Adler, 44, according to People. They will share joint custody of their two children, Levi and Sawyer.

A former president of the Screen Actors’ Guild, Melissa Gilbert grew up in a Hollywood family. After starring in dozens of television commercials, she landed the role of Laura Ingalls on “Little House” at age 8. Michael Landon became a surrogate dad to her when her own father died.

By her late teens, Gilbert rebelled against her perfect prairie girl image. She describes her battles with drug and alcohol abuse and co-dependence on men in her 2009 memoir “Prairie Tale.”

Gilbert, who was once engaged to Rob Lowe, also dated John Cusack, Billy Idol and Tom Cruise.

Known as the “Queen of television movies and mini-series,” Gilbert has starred in over 45 of them since the mid-’70s. She can also be seen touting hair care products on late-night infomercials.

Here’s what’s become of her former “Prairie” co-stars since the show ended.

quicklist: 1 category: title: Alison Arngrim/Nellie Oleson url: text:

Laura Ingalls and her nemesis Nellie Oleson may have scrapped on screen, but off camera Alison Arngrim, who played Nellie, was best friends with Gilbert.

“I had an intense, wonderful friendship with Melissa, who became a sister to me,” Arngrim, now 49, told last year..

Arngrim, who played Nellie during the series’ original seven-year run, still gets e-mails from “Prairie” fans who say the show became their substitute family during their “horrible childhoods.”

“Well, it was the same for me,” she said.

In her recent book, “Confessions Of A Prairie Bitch: How I Survived Nellie Oleson And Learned To Love Being Hated,” Arngrim revealed how she was sexually abused as a child, and how the role of bad girl Nellie helped her to heal. She also shared behind-the-scenes tales of one of the world’s most beloved series.

Arngrim wrote that she was abused by a family member for nearly three years starting at age 6. The abuse made her, an already diminutive girl, even more shy and withdrawn.

That changed when Arngrim got the part of scheming brat Nellie Oleson at age 11.

“People were suddenly intimidated by me,” Anrgrim said.

Other times, she was reviled like her character. Since age 11, Angrim has been called “bitch.” She’s been spat on, pelted with garbage and beaten up.

But thanks to Nellie, Arngrim found an outlet for the rage that had been building since her abuse — a secret she kept from her parents until her twenties.

“When you’re sexually abused you have a lot of anger,” she said. “Usually victims turn the pain and rage on themselves. So to have an outlet where one could express this anger outwardly and openly was a fantastic opportunity.”

Arngrim is grateful for Nellie. “Instead of her ruining my life, she gave me my life.”

Coming from a show business family — her father, Thor Arngrim, managed Liberace and her mother, Norma Macmillan, provided the voice for Casper the Friendly Ghost and Gumby — Arngrim got to experience “normal family life” on the “Little House” set.

media: 14386796 caption: related:

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Michael Landon, who played Charles “Pa” Ingalls and produced the series, was very much the set’s father figure.

At the same time, Landon was nothing like the prairie dad he played.

“He was divorced and married several times,” Arngrim said. “He lived in Bel Air and Malibu, attended the Playboy Jazz Festival, drove a Ferrari, smoked and drank. He had this wild sense of humor on set that really shocked people.”

For one thing, he had an “unsaintly” habit of showing up without underwear on the set.

He married three times and was father to nine children and stepchildren. In April 1991, he was diagnosed with an inoperable form of pancreatic cancer. Appearing on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson, he asked his fans to pray for him.

He died July 1, 1991 at age 54.

media: 14386863 caption: related:

quicklist: 3 category: title: Melissa Sue Anderson/Mary Ingalls url: text:

Melissa Sue Anderson, who played Gilbert’s on-screen sister Mary, wanted nothing to do with Gilbert and Arngrim.

“Melissa and I were wild and fun loving,” Arngrim said. “Melissa Sue just looked at us and shook her head.”

Anderson won the role of Mary at age 11 after appearing in several television commercials and guest starring on “The Brady Bunch.” She left “Little House” in 1982 and appeared in a few television series, including “The Equalizer” and “Murder, She Wrote.”

After a short romance with Lorenzo Lamas and Frank Sinatra, Jr., Anderson, now 47, married television writer and producer Michael Sloan. They have two children and live in Canada.

Anderson has continued to act occasionally, mostly in television movies. Her most recent role was playing the first lady in the 2006 NBC miniseries “10.5: Apocalypse.”

media: 14386851 caption: related:

quicklist: 4 category: title: Katherine MacGregor/Mrs. Oleson url: text:

Katherine MacGregor is still beloved for her comedic role as Mrs. Oleson on “Little House.”

“That woman’s a genius,” Arngrim told “She’s absolutely hilarious.”

Now 85, she retired from acting after the series ended. Arngrim said she still takes in stray animals and people and “she’s still bossing everyone around.”

media: 14386873 caption: related:

  • On April 9, Sara Gilbert announced that she’s leaving The Talk after 9 years to “have balance” in her life.
  • The Roseanne star has three children: Levi Hawk, Sawyer Jane, and Rhodes Emilio.
  • Following her split from Allison Adler, she married songwriter and music producer Linda Perry in 2014.

On Tuesday’s episode of The Talk, the show’s creator Sara Gilbert announced that she’s stepping away from the popular daytime show for more “balance” and to pursue other work. The top project on her list? Spending more time with wife Linda Perry and their three children. While the show creator, producer, and star of Roseanne has managed to keep her personal life private throughout the years, here’s everything we know about her family.

November 2011: Sara Gilbert reveals she’s dating Linda Perry on The Talk.

2011 proved to be a year of major highs and serious lows for Sara. After being picked up by CBS the previous year, The Talk was now averaging 1.83 million viewers per episode, beating out other competitors. During that same year, however, Sara and her longtime girlfriend Allison Adler split after 10 years together. Despite their breakup, the couple who were parents to two children — Levi Hank, born to Adler in October 2004, and Sawyer Jane, born to Sara in August 2007 — still had “a lot of love for each other.”

Just a few month later, Sara gushed to her The Talk cohosts about the new lady in her life: singer, songwriter, producer, and former 4 Non Blondes front woman Linda Perry. While she remained mum about how the couple met, she revealed that they were seen by paparazzi, prompting her to announce the news. Throughout the next few years, Linda made several guest appearances on the popular CBS show to promote her charity work and new music.

April 2013: The couple gets engaged.

Now that same-sex marriage was finally legal in California, the couple decided it was time to make things official. Linda made the first move: “She goes to her backpack and she pulls out these T-shirts and the first T-Shirt says ‘will’ and then puts on another T-shirt and it says, ‘you,’ then ‘marry,’ ‘me,’ Sara recalled on The Talk. “It was the most amazing proposal ever.” To top it off, the people picnicking beside them, who were actually hired by Linda, played “Love Song” on string instruments.

When reflecting on their relationship, Linda told Entertainment Tonight that “there’s no doubt about Sara and I are supposed to be together.” While she was excited about the prospects of marriage, the singer felt confident that the engagement wouldn’t affect their relationship. “It actually doesn’t feel any different because Sara and I have such a grounded relationship,” Linda told Artisan News.

March 2014: The couple gets married in Malibu.

Michael BucknerGetty Images

After nearly four years of dating, the couple wed in an intimate ceremony in Malibu, California. The night was all about friends, family, and of course, music. “We decided that we wanted to be together and enjoy people’s company, because I think people miss that part of their wedding. We wanted to bring everybody with us down the hill and have this communal feeling,” Sara said on The Talk. Just like their proposal, Linda had another musical trick up her sleeve. After serenading Sara with John Lennon’s “Love,” Linda surprised her wife with a performance by Annabella Lwin from Bow Wow Wow, Martha Davis from The Motels, Dale Bozzio from Missing Persons, and Terri Nunn from Berlin.

Party aside, the wedding itself was a milestone for the happy couple. “It feels more different than you expect. You feel like you’re part of this institution and it’s official, and, oh, I better not mess this up. You feel safer in a way and you feel like you’ve really committed and it’s not about, can I deal with this or not deal with it. It becomes, how will we deal with our relationship together,” Sara said on The Talk after her wedding.

February 2015: Sara gives birth.

Chris Weeks

First comes love, then comes marriage … then comes a baby. Although the couple was already parents to Sara’s two kids from her previous relationship, they agreed that it was important for them to have a baby of their own. “I knew when we got married that Linda needed a baby. That even though we were a family — the four of us — she needed to follow a little soul from day one,” Sara said while being honored at Family Equality Council’s 2016 LA Impact Awards.

During a taping of The Talk, Sara announced that the couple were expecting their first child together. She gave birth to Rhodes Emilio on February 28, 2015.

Nearly a year later, Linda talked about the impact motherhood has had on her life and marriage: “Sara and I, she’s changed my life. We were talking about having a baby and we described this little human. He’s in my life. That guy that we were talking about, that little human is sitting upstairs in the hotel room and I can’t believe it. He’s changed my life,” Linda said at Family Equality Council’s 2016 LA Impact Awards.

April 2019: Sara announces she’s leaving The Talk to spend more time with her family.

With the comeback of Roseanne (now The Conners) and the success of The Talk, Sara admitted to viewers that she has too much on her plate, especially with her three growing children. Now that her children are 14, 11, and 4 years old, the mom is busier than ever, which is part of the reason why she’s pulling back from the CBS show. “I loved it and felt totally empowered, but also, if I’m being honest about it, my life was slightly out of balance. I wasn’t able to spend as much time with my three kids as I’d like, or time for myself,” Sara reflected on her decision to exit.

Along with new acting and production opportunities, the 44-year-old is looking forward to spending more time with her wife and children. And now she might even have time to finish Rhodes Emilio’s baby book … at least that’s her goal.

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‘The Talk’s’ Sara Gilbert Breaks Down Over Her Ex-Girlfriend

The Talk’s Sara Gilbert has been quiet about her break up with her partner of 10 years, television producer Alison Adler, in August. But on Friday’s live show, she broke her silence during a segment asking, “Is marriage all it’s cracked out to be?”

PHOTOS: ‘The Talk’s’ Memorable Guest Hosts

“I feel like I don’t know if marriage is all it’s cracked up to be,” Gilbert says. “I’ve never been married, but I was in a long relationship… Its emotional for me, because we’re not together.”

“I wouldn’t trade that time, it’s such a special time in my life,” she continues tearfully. “But then you see people in their 70s and you wonder how do they do it? How do they make it last? And I would like to think that I can.”

She goes on to mention their children together, six-year-old son Levi, and four-year-old daughter Sawyer.

VIDEO: ‘The Talk’s’ Former Co-Host Leah Remini, Ashley Tisdale Star in ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’ Spoof

“I will say that we have beautiful children together, a lot of love for each other,” she says. “You do continue in to the next chapter together in a different way.”

Blame guest co-host Kris Jenner for getting Gilbert all worked up. She started it first by tearing up as she recalled her first marriage to attorney Robert Kardashian.

Watch the video above.

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Sara Gilbert Bio

Who is Sara Gilbert?

Sara Gilbert is an American actress who received two Primetime Emmy Award nominations for the ABC sitcom Roseanne 1988-1997. She is also famous for his role in The Big Bang Theory.

Sara Gilbert: Birth Facts, Family, Childhood

Sara Gilbert was born Sara Rebecca Abeles on January 29, 1975, in Santa Monica, California. Her nationality is American and ethnicity is Ashkenazi Jewish.

She is the daughter of Barbara Cowan, mother, and Harold Abeles, father. Sara has four older siblings, two from her father’s side and 2 from her mother’s side.

Sara’s last name was from her mother’s first husband Paul Gilbert. Sara is part of her family’s third generation in show business. Sara decided to follow in her older siblings to pursue acting.

Sara Gilbert: Education

Sara graduated from Yale University in 1997 majoring in Arts.

Sara Gilbert: Profesional Life, Career

At the age of 13, Sara landed the role of Darlene Conner, the sarcastic middle child, in Roseanne in which she was cast for 9 years and she wrote a fourth-season episode story called Don’t Make Me Over. The show’s producers juggled storylines and taping schedules to allow her to study.

Sara has appeared in numerous shows like The Simpsons, 24, Will & Grace, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Private Practice.

Sara returned to prime time television in the sitcom Twins on The WB network. Sara also did a recurring role on the short-lived CBS sitcom The Class as Fern Velch. Sara has appeared in episodes of the CBS TV series The Big Bang Theory for 3 years. Sara was elevated to the show’s main cast in the second season.

Sara is a co-host and executive producer of The Talk. Sara won a Daytime Emmy in 2016 for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show. Sara also played in the movie Poison Ivy and Riding in Cars With Boys including a featured role in Light It Up. She was also cast in short films like $30, High Fidelity. In 1998 Sara directed her own short film Persona Non-Grata.

Sara Gilbert: Salary, Net Worth

She has a net worth of $6 Million and her salary is $500,000 per episode (for Roseanne) $1 Million per episode (for The Talk).

Sara Gilbert: Rumors, Controversy

Sara was in controversy due to her sexuality. When she broke up with her co-star Johnny and didn’t disclose the reason.

Sara Gilbert: Body Measurements

Sara has a height of 5 feet 3 inches. Her body weighs 56 kg. She has black hair and green eyes. Her body measurements are 35-26-35 inches. Besides these, her bra size is 34B, shoe size is 7 US and dress size is 6 US.

Social Media Profile

Sara is currently active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She has more than 109.1k followers on Facebook, 157k followers on Instagram and 542k followers on Twitter.

Also get to know more about the birth facts, education, career, net worth, rumors, height, social media of different personalities like Sarah Bolger(Actress), Emma Davies (actress), Erica Rose (Actress), Tamara Braun, and Ella Gross.

Sara Gilbert Shares Photos from Wedding to Linda Perry

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Sara Gilbert is one happily married lady.

The co-host of The Talk, 39, who wed musician Linda Perry late last month, gushed about her Justine Ungaro-photographed nuptials Monday on her show, sharing everything from photos to the meal plan to the special gift she received from her wife.

“It definitely feels different,” she explained to the audience, of life as a newlywed. “It feels more different than you expect. You feel like you’re part of this institution and it’s official, and, oh, I better not mess this up. You feel safer in a way and you feel like you’ve really committed and it’s not about, can I deal with this or not deal with it. It becomes, how will we deal with our relationship together?”

Held at the picturesque One Gun Ranch in Malibu, Calif., with a strictly vegan menu, the affair began with a cocktail party.

“We decided that we wanted to be together and enjoy people’s company, because I think people miss that part of their wedding. We wanted to bring everybody with us down the hill and have this communal feeling,” Gilbert said, while a photo of the event popped up on the screen.

Gilbert says she was in for a surprise when Perry, 48, got on stage and sang John Lennon’s “Love” – but the biggest shock of all came in the form of the gift she received from her.

“We had this ’80 band Flashback Heart Attack play,” Gilbert said. “It was really great. They did all these guy songs I really love, and then at some point toward the end of the evening, got up on stage and said, ‘Okay, that was the guy songs, but we needed some women to come sing.’ So she got the actual real singers from four bands come, which is so amazing.”

The unexpected list of singing VIPs included, Annabella Lwin from Bow Wow Wow; Martha Davis from The Motels; Dale Bozzio from Missing Persons and Terri Nunn from Berlin.

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The unexpected occurrences were seemingly endless for the couple, who were wed by someone who got flown in last minute.

“The person was supposed to marry us unfortunately got sick that morning and that made it all impromptu and that made it kind of sweet and casual,” Gilbert said.

Reflecting on the memorable evening, which was attended by her fellow CBS co-hosts, Gilbert said, “It’s been really funny though because been super competitive when people say they cried at the wedding. She’s like, ‘Well, whose vows did you cry at? Mine or Sara’s?’ ”

Keeping the peace? Sara Gilbert is separating from her wife Linda Perry after five years of marriage, Closer can confirm. However, they’re “trying to make this a very cordial split,” an insider tells Closer exclusively. And while they “don’t want it to get messy,” the source notes that “things could change overnight.”

It looks like their split wasn’t a surprise to everyone. “Friends saw this coming,” the source adds. “They’ve separated in the past, a couple of years ago, but it wasn’t officially announced they got back together. Everyone who knows them knows that Sara is the easier one to get along with and Linda is the more difficult one. It seems like they just got into the daily grind of parenting and decided it was best to stay together.”

The Conners star filed paperwork on Friday, December 27, for legal separation with minor children. She cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split and listed the date of separation as August 13, according to documents obtained by Closer. The former The Talk host, 44, and musician, 54, share one child together, their 4-year-old son, Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry. Sara is also mom to her 15-year-old son, Levi Hank, and her 12-year-old daughter, Sawyer, whom she shares with ex-partner Ali Adler.


It looks like the former couple is focused on their family and keeping things amicable. Just a few days after Sara filed, the two were spotted enjoying an outing with their blended brood of kids. Sara and Linda appeared to be in good spirits as they made their way inside a vegan restaurant.

While the “What’s Up?” songstress has been candid about the couple not wanting any more kids, she recently gushed over her family’s holiday traditions.

“Before me, Sara did nothing. There was no Valentine’s Day, there was no Halloween, there was no Christmas, there was jack s–t in that family before I showed up,” Linda told Us Weekly in mid-November. “I introduced the kids to Halloween, Christmas — it’s a Jewish family but I brought Christmas in. … I’m basically pushing my traditions.”


Hopefully, their blended family will be able to continue carrying on these traditions even after their split.

Living her best life. Linda Perry says wife Sara Gilbert is finding her stride since announcing her exit from The Talk in April.

“She’s such a talented artist. She’s had a lot of incredible ideas that, for whatever reason, people weren’t jumping,” the Grammy nominee, 54, told Us Weekly exclusively while attending the recent 18th annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball at Brentwood County Estates in L.A. (Chrysalis is a nonprofit organization that aids homeless and low-income individuals. The ball, for which Perry was a 2019 honoree, recognizes individuals within the entertainment industries for creative excellence.)

Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry attend the 18th annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball on June 01, 2019 in Brentwood, California. JB Lacroix/Getty Images

Nowadays, however, it’s a different story for The Conners star, 44. “She created her own way … She’s got her own thing, and so she created it, so now she’s blossoming, she’s shining,” Perry, who tied the knot with the actress in March 2014, explained. “I’m super happy for her because it took her a bit to get there, and now it’s happening, and I couldn’t be more proud.”

Gilbert, who serves as an executive producer of The Talk, broke the news on April 9 that she was parting ways with the show she helped create after 9 seasons. “I’ve decided that it’s time for me to leave the show at the end of this season,” she told audience members at the time. “I obviously love it here, and like I said, this was extremely difficult. … If I’m being honest about it, my life was slightly out of balance. I wasn’t able to spend as much time with my three kids as I’d like, or time for myself.”

The Roseanne alum offered some insight as to why she chose to leave The Talk instead of The Conners during an episode of Variety’s “My Favorite Podcast” on Monday, June 3.

Sara Gilbert (L) and Linda Perry attend The Recording Academy and Clive Davis’ 2019 Pre-GRAMMY Gala at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 09, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

“Something had to give,” she reasoned. “And I’ve been lucky enough to do the talk show for nine years. And so that felt like the right move is, ‘OK, I’ve done that. And I’ve fully explored it.’ And now it’s time to do other creative ventures.”

Season 2 of The Conners will premiere on ABC this fall.

With reporting by Taylor Ferber

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TV star Sara Gilbert is one busy woman, appearing on multiple shows at once while raising three children. But this Roseanne star seems satisfied with her workload, especially now that she has stepped away from cohosting The Talk.

Read on to learn all about the 44-year-old actress, her career, and her family!

Does Sara Gilbert have kids?

Yes, Sara has three children. She’s a mom to her 14-year-old son named Levi Hank Gilbert-Adler and 12-year-old daughter named Sawyer Jane Gilbert-Adler with her ex Allison Adler. On top of that, she has a 4-year-old son named Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry, whom she welcomed with her wife of four years, famed singer-songwriter Linda Perry.

When Sara was once feeling overwhelmed by parenthood, she joined a mothers group, and that’s when she came up with the idea for The Talk. “It was sort of like a light bulb,” she later told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I thought, ‘What if there were a show where a bunch of women sat together and talked about the world through that perspective?’”

Is Sara Gilbert on the Roseanne reboot?

Yes, she is! Sara first landed the role of Darlene Conner on Roseanne at age 13, having only appeared in one TV movie at the time. All these years later, she returned as Darlene on the series’ reboot — and its subsequent spinoff, The Conners — and Variety has reported that she is the “architect” of the ABC sitcom’s revival.

If the updated show feels like an authentic depiction of a working-class family, you can thank Sara. “It was very important to me that were still struggling,” she told the magazine. “We did a lot of research, and it showed that people who were in their income bracket then were actually often making less now, not even factoring in inflation.”

What else is Sara Gilbert famous for?

In addition to her work co-hosting The Talk and starring in Roseanne and The Conners, Sara has also starred as Cheryl on the CBS sitcom Living Biblically, on which her Roseanne costar Johnny Galecki is an executive producer.

Getty Images

“I knew how much she wanted to inhabit a character again,” Johnny explained to Variety. “So I knew that she would come at it, despite all of her years of experience, with a whole lot of commitment and a whole lot of excitement. And she did tenfold.”

In fact, Sara was pulling double duty on a day when she recently brought her son to work, taking him along as she went from the Roseanne set to the Living Biblically set. “He was like, ‘Oh, you’re the nerd on this one!’” she told the magazine — how cute!

It wasn’t too long ago that power couple Linda Black, 43, and Oli Pettigrew, 37, used to rule the small screen as sought after event hosts and TV presenters.

Oli, a Hongkong-born Englishman, who will be hosting the Asian Academy Creative Award here on 6 and 7 December, is best known for hosting Cash Cab Asia, while his wife, US-born ex-model Linda, was a resident presenter on HBO Signature and Discovery Channel Asia. The couple are parents to Ewan and Tia (whom they adopted), both 10.

Faced with the rising cost of living in Singapore, the seasoned artistes moved to Texas, USA, in 2014, as Oli got a permanent gig presenting Right This Minute, a show that shares the best viral videos from around the world. The Pettigrews moved to Arizona in 2016.

Oli notes, “Work is awesome. The show has really grown up over the years and it’s extremely fun. It’s easy because its suits my personality and it’s improvised, which I love. It’s exactly what I’ve been hoping for.”

It’s not just Oli who has found something he’s passionate about. Linda, who does the lion’s share of caring for their kids, is also pursuing her first love ― writing. She has written the sequel to her first urban fantasy novel, Deathwish, which was published in 2006. Linda is already working on her third book and another four more are in the pipeline. “Now all I need is a literary agent to represent me, which is in progress,” she enthuses.

So, what else have these genetically-gifted duo been up to ever since they left the Lion City? SmartParents catches up with them on Skype as they get candid about life in the desert. The pair also touch on their continued advocacy to create more awareness about adoption…

Hi Oli and Linda, greetings from Singapore! How is life in Arizona?

Linda: I didn’t know much about the place before we moved there last August. Honestly, it’s a desert and it’s very hot. It was 47 deg C the first week we got her ― it was awful ― I hated it. So, the first couple of months we just stayed in and tried to settle in. After living in Texas for two years, my son loved being back in the city with buildings and trains. My daughter, who got used to country life in Texas, missed the country life and the cousins and friends she made there.

Oli: I moved to Arizona first and I’ve been here for a couple of years. I was flying back and forth to Texas almost every weekend. Then my show got picked up by ABC and we signed a multi-deal, which is when I committed to flying the family in. We bought a house right down the road from the studio. So instead of flying thousands of miles every weekend now I only have to travel three miles down the road and I’m back with my family. It’s good.

Was it hard getting used to your new environment?

Linda: When we first got to Texas in 2014, Oli and I still had contracts in Singapore, so we were flying back and forth from January until October, every month. When we finally finished our contracts, it was really difficult for me to calm down to a slower pace of life. It took me a long time to get used to it. But on the upside, when we lived in Texas for the first two years, we were living just down the road from my mother so, I saw her every day. She got to see my children and they formed a great relationship. Eventually, I calmed down to a nice little role that I had carved out for myself, which I never thought I would.

I have such fond memories of Singapore. I miss it quite a bit, not just the lifestyle, but the closeness of our friends, the culture and the food!

Linda: We started Adventure Saturdays! All week, Oli has go to work and the kids have to go to school, so on Saturdays, we do something significant or something we know our kids would like, such as visiting museums or exploring the desert. It helped all of us settle into a routine and look forward to the weekends.

Why the decision to move to the US?

Linda: We were doing fairly well in Singapore, but my son is on the autism spectrum and we realised that some of the services he needs may be a little be more difficult to get in Singapore. Plus, Oli was ready to move at this stage in his career as well, and having been in Singapore since 2004, I hadn’t seen my family that much.

Do you miss life in Singapore?

Linda: I have such fond memories of Singapore. I miss it quite a bit, not just the lifestyle, but the closeness of our friends, the culture and the food! We’d been there for 13 years. School was quite expensive especially since Ewan is on the spectrum and he had to go to a special school. We did it for a few months and I realised it was just unsustainable. Also, I didn’t want my son and daughter to go to different schools. Here, they go to the same school, although I know they will come home with different experiences.

You are one of the few celebrities who have been open about adopting your daughter, Tia. How did you get involved with fostering and adoption?

Linda: Ewan was about 1½ years old when I had friend who was fostering. She was an American who lived in Singapore and was involved with a charity that was placing children who had an immediate need for a safe place to live while paperwork was being drawn up for adoption. Basically, these were babies who had been abandoned in hospital. The charity would call up and ask if we could take the baby. It could be for a few days to a few weeks or months. The more she talked to me about it, the more I was in love with the idea. Also, Oli and I had said from the very beginning, even while we were dating, that we were open to the idea of adoption. So I checked out the charity, it was called Sanctuary House then, but they have since changed their names . I brought home the paperwork and we became foster parents. We signed up for it in September and in December we got our first baby!

That was fast! Tell us about your first experience with fostering.

Oli: We got a call on Christmas Eve. There we were hanging stuff on the tree and Linda goes to answer the phone. She comes back and tells me the Sanctuary House called and they’ve got a little baby girl who’s been abandoned and needs someone to watch her. I said to Linda, ‘It’s Christmas Eve, are you literally asking me if there’s room at the inn?’ . So, we got this little girl whom we named Sana. She was an Indian girl, maybe 3 or 4 days old. We watched her for five days ― she spent her first Christmas with a family who loved her and we gave her a little gift. I still remember sitting up with her on Christmas Eve because she wouldn’t sleep.

Linda: After that initial one, our work schedule got very crazy and we couldn’t take in another one until a long time later. We decided from the beginning that we weren’t going to complicate things. If a baby comes great, but we won’t be upset if they don’t either. We’re just happy the baby gets looked after.

So, how did you meet Tia?

Linda: A year goes by and by this time, we had already started talking about having another child. Ewan was already 2½ years old by then and we knew he was on the spectrum. He wasn’t talking and wasn’t interested in playing with other children. He was a lot like me as a child. I didn’t like to play with anyone except my brothers and sisters. So, that’s when we decided he needed a sibling. We started talking about conceiving again, but Oli was working on six television shows and I had five. On top of that, we were also doing ad hoc hosting. I knew if I fell pregnant, we would have to take a lot of time off and I would lose my clients. Also, we did have one miscarriage before Ewan was born and that was painful to get through. We weren’t exactly sure we wanted to go through that again.

Oli: There was so many reasons not to have a baby. On the other hand there was adoption, which we knew we both wanted. Once we decided we were going to adopt, there were other things to consider as well.

Linda: I wasn’t sold on the idea of getting a baby and then getting Oli to do night-time feedings and stuff. Also, we noticed Ewan did not do well with babies. He was terrified of them because they are so unpredictable. He likes predictable things. So we called Sanctuary House and alerted them that we were looking for a child to adopt and our unique situation. A child that’s not too much older than Ewan, but not a baby. Immediately, they wrote back to me and said we have the perfect child. She just came up for adoption yesterday and needs a place to go. Would we like to see this child? I said yes, definitely. I didn’t need a trial period, I knew I was going to keep her.

Ewan and Tia are a hundred times better because they have each other.

Oli: The first time Tia came over, she was about 3 years old. Before that Ewan had never wanted to interact with other children. He didn’t even like them to touch him. So, Tia comes over and she’s just being herself, getting in front of everybody’s face. She goes right over to Ewan who turns over to look at her and he pushes his iPad over to share. Something he has never done before with another person until then. We just stood there shocked. We couldn’t believe it, so we took that as a sign. She came back again a few days later for a play date, which went really well. Eventually she came and stayed with us for a weekend. That’s the nice thing about fostering. When a child comes to you, you give them the security that they need. That’s also the easy part. Saying goodbye is the hard part.

So, how do you say goodbye?

Linda: It’s one of the things that people will always ask us about fostering. Isn’t it difficult? Is it hard? Don’t you want to not do this, because then you’ve got to say goodbye? So I tell them, well it’s not about me. It’s not about us, it’s about this child who needs a place to stay. How can you sit there and say I’m going make this about me. I cried after Sana left and I wonder every day how she is. I wonder if she’s happy. She was mine for those days and I don’t regret a moment of it. So, that’s why I took the day before she left to grieve and say bye. By the time it was time to hand her over to her proper parents, I was smiling and happy knowing she was going to a wonderful place.

Oli: It was hard. We would have kept her if we could.

What are some reactions you’ve had to deal with when you tell people you adopted Tia?

Oli: It caught me off guard how many of our friends and people in the TV industry have questions when they hear about the adoption. They ask us what’s it like. We say it’s just like having a child in every single way. They also ask how will they know if they’re ready. To that we say, well how do you know you were ready to be a parent? It’s the same thing. Parenthood is all about figuring it out and making a bunch of mistakes you’re not telling anybody.

How has family life changed since Tia arrived?

Linda: When Ewan was still little, he didn’t speak, make eye contact or even want to be around us really. The house was so quiet then and I’m not used to that. I raised a bunch of nieces and nephews and I know a house with children is supposed to have laughter. It’s supposed to be fun. Oli would come home from work, say hi to Ewan and go off. Ewan would go off and do his thing and I would just sit there and think that this is not right. This isn’t the way. Since Tia came into our home, all I hear is giggling and laughing. Oli has also become a more engaged father as well.

Oli: Tia coming into this family was the best thing that ever happened to this family. Ewan and Tia are a hundred times better because they have each other ― with Tia having gone through what she has because of the fostering and Ewan just needing someone to get him.

Do Ewan and Tia get along well?

Oli: The children have always been like twins. They are thick as thieves. They will more often than not sleep next to each other.

Linda: I know my son and he’s a little unusual and a lot of people don’t understand him. He’s my little heart running around outside my body and it hurts when people look at him and they don’t get him. Tia’s got so much strength and is so socially capable. She’s so loving that in that moment when they met, they started holding hands, running around, giggling and conspiring against us even. I say that Ewan is my heart and Tia is the ribs that protect him.

Parenthood is all about figuring it out and making a bunch of mistakes you’re not telling anybody.

Linda: When Tia first came to stay with us, she only spoke Bahasa, Mandarin and a Malay dialect which was beautiful but we don’t speak that. But she picked up English quickly. Also, there was this thing with food. She kept eating and eating, and even took food from our plate, which was fine with us. But then the social workers told us that children in the foster system ate as a source of comfort, when they can. So, we just started monitoring her food intake. Instead of three bowls of bee hoon ― yeah she could really put it away ― we did two and then we’d go play.

The biggest challenge though was helping her process her memories of the life she had before us. Some of them were not pleasant and there have been times when she will wake up with bad dreams and want to come and cuddle in bed. When she’s ready to talk about it, we are always ready to hear about it. And we tell her to be as honest as possible. So we would have to answer questions like, where do I come from, who am I, what if my real parents are looking for me. We give her information we know she can handle for her age. For us, that’s going to be a challenge as she starts to process her memories and they take on a different meaning as she starts to mature. So, we are always constantly on the lookout for that.

What would you tell families considering adoption?

Oli: It’s totally worth it. If we had millions of dollars, we would adopt them all. We definitely feel like we want to adopt more kids, but just right now would be a crazy time to do. Tia has blossomed so much. She first came to us as a meek little girl. She was loud, but she was meek. Back then we had to work to get the laughs out of her, but now she’s always laughing. She’s hilarious, and bright and she’s caring. She’s very understanding of the fact that she’s adopted. Sometimes, she randomly comes over and gives us hugs and thanks us for being her parents. In reply, I would say thanks for being my daughter.

Linda: It should feel easy and it did feel easy for us. But before you go into it, make sure you and your partner are on the same page and support each other in this decision. Because there are going to be some tough times. Yes, you’re going to feel vulnerable, yes it’s going to be scary at time. But regular parenthood or biological parenthood is the same. You have to do the best that you can and you can only do it if you’re 100 per cent sure, but it’s so worth it. This year for Mother’s Day, Tia’s teacher asked her what makes your mum special and she said, because she adopted me.

*This interview has been edited for clarity.

Photos: Linda Black and Oli Pettigrew

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