Is jeremy roloff married?

Fans watched Jeremy Roloff’s relationship with his wife, Audrey, evolve for years on the TLC show Little People, Big World. But the couple had known each other for five years before tying the knot, and the vast majority of that time, they lived in different states. Here’s what you need to know about their love story.

Jeremy and Audrey met in January 2010, when they were both in college and were home for the weekend in Portland; they were put on a blind date by mutual friends before church. Their first date was very awkward, they admitted on a TLC special before their wedding. “I thought he was cute when he walked through the door, but I wasn’t, like, seeing the future in that moment,” Audrey said. “Contrary to what many believe, it wasn’t love at first sight, necessarily,” Jeremy added.

They ended up as friends, at least at first. Their relationship started as a long-distance friendship for two years before becoming romantic, and then it was a long-distance relationship for three more years. “Jeremy pursued me faithfully and diligently for two years before we started dating,” Audrey wrote on her website. “I know, I was stubborn.”

On March 15, 2014, Jeremy proposed to Audrey. “You’re the one I want to team up with for life,” Audrey wrote on Instagram. “Jeremy James Roloff, to say I love you is an understatement.” Yet they were still long distance, and they planned their wedding in different states, only living in the same area for a month before their big day.

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January 16th, 2010 I met Audrey. January 17th, 2010, I was in love. August 15th, 2011 asked her out. March 15th, 2014 I asked this beautiful girl to be mine, and she said yes. Drowning in grace. @aujb

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After being engaged for a little over five months, the two were married on September 20, 2015, at Roloff Farms. “To begin a life with you and live out the years is what I was built to do,” Jeremy said in his vows. “Audrey Mirabella Botti, finally, I make you mine.”

Just before the wedding, Audrey’s family moved one mile away from the Roloff family farm. But that didn’t mean Jeremy and Audrey were sticking around; instead, they moved to Los Angeles after coming back from their honeymoon. They lived there for a year before relocating to Bend, Oregon.

The couple started a company called Beating 50 Percent, with the mission of promoting covenant marriages, which are available in several states. These marriages require premarital counseling, and make it legally harder to get a divorce. With their company, Jeremy and Audrey’s goal is to get couples to have “better than average marriages, and giving more than 50% to your spouse.”

Their company offers faith-based marriage advice through a blog, and through a marriage journal that they sell online. Audrey also runs a site called Auj Poj, which features its own blog and an online store. The couple also published their book, A Love Letter Life,in 2019.

In February 2017, they announced in an online video that they were expecting their first child. Their daughter, Ember Jean, was born on September 10, 2017. “She’s absolutely beautiful … a face that draws you in. What a miraculous experience,” Jeremy wrote on Instagram.

The couple explained the inspiration behind Ember’s name in a video released by TLC. “Jeremy and I fell in love around campfires, so campfires and embers have just had a lot of significance in our relationship,” Audrey said. “We want her to be a little fiery one.”

On January 8, 2020, the couple welcomed their second child, a son named Bode James Roloff.

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He is here!!!💙👶🏼 ⁣ Bode James Roloff ⁣ 9.2 lbs 21 inches ⁣ Born on his due date 1/8/2020 at 7:36 pm

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From the photos Jeremy and Audrey have posted, it looks like mom and baby are doing very well!

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He’s here! Bode James Roloff ⁣ 9.2 lbs 21 inches ⁣ Born 1/8/2020 at 7:36 pm Welcome to the family son!

A post shared by Jeremy James Roloff (@jeremyroloff) on Jan 10, 2020 at 11:48am PST

Audrey Roloff has made a startling admission.

It has to do with sex and religion and what happens when one’s desire to sex tragically usurps one’s dedication to one’s chosen religion.

Intrigued? Confused? Scroll down for more…

Audrey and Jeremy have officially come out with their highly-anticipated memoir, “A Love Letter Life.”

It chronicles their own relationship and also offers advice to others that are either married or hoping to get married someday.

In one especially candid section of the book, meanwhile, Audrey comes as clean as she can about, well, coming.

Sorry to be crude, but this is what Roloff has written of her and Jeremy’s wedding night:

Even though we won the virginity battle, we lost the purity battle.


Technically, Audrey was a virgin when she exchanged vows with Jeremy. But this doesn’t mean she was as pure as she believes the bible asks its believers to be upon getting hitched.

Writes the former reality star, addressing her readers:

“Maybe you found yourself in tears the next morning, ashamed of your inability to keep your clothes on last night. Yes, I just said that. And yes, Jer and I found ourselves in each of these situations.”

Wow, huh?

Hopefully God would give Audrey points for honesty here, even if He deducts a few for sexual activity prior to marriage.

Indeed, Audrey is a devout Catholic who constantly talks about her faith and her belief system.

You can tell in this passage how let down she felt at the time by her raunchy actions — even though, as she emphasizes here, she and Jeremy did NOT have sex before becoming husband and wife.

During their long-distance courtship, however, Audrey says she slept over at Jeremy’s then-home in Santa Barbara one night, and they “did more than make out,” explaining:

“We drew a hard line at sex, but we definitely entered the gray area.

“To make matters worse, I was wearing my swimsuit because that’s what you do in Santa Barbara. But this made it seem much more acceptable for me to slip off my dress as things got steamy.”

There’s a sort of weird detail for you, huh?

We guess Audrey is saying is that she was more open to taking her first layer of clothing off because she felt normal/comfortable in the bikini underneath…

… but this bikini also made her private parts more accessible and Jeremy seemingly used his fingers or maybe his tongue on them in order to make Audrey less pure.

Audrey ends this section by saying she was confessed her dirty deeds to her “mentor,” who advised her to set more boundaries and “accountability measures” in the future.

The couple got married after a three-year romance in 2014 and welcomed daughter Ember in 2017.

And this isn’t the first time Audrey has surprised fans by opening up about her sex life.

Heck, she only just talked about how she and Jeremy now need to schedule intercourse because they are so tired and busy as parents.

She previously suggested that folks take her advice and recite their vows to each other mid-coitus.

A bit unusual, but who are we to judge?

(Some fans did, however, judge Audrey for posing nude in a bathtub a few years ago because this appeared to be anti-Catholic.)

Audrey and Jeremy rose to fame as key cast members on Little People, Big World… but then announced they were leaving the show late this past summer.

As luck would have it, a new season kicks off tonight, just as Audrey and Jeremy’s book goes on sale.

What a time to be a Roloff!

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‘Little People, Big World’ Fans Don’t Think Audrey and Jeremy Roloff Should Be Giving Marriage Advice

We can’t believe we’ve been watching Little People, Big World for 14 years, as a ton has changed for the Roloff family since the very beginning. Nowadays, we’re keeping up with Matt and Amy Roloff post-divorce as they try to figure out what to do with the Roloff Farms property. And fan favorites Zach and Tori Roloff are keeping fans in the loop with updates on baby Jackson and their move. There are quite a few key family members that are no longer part of the show, however — and Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are top of mind.

Instead of taking part in Little People, Big World, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have decided to promote their highly-religious marriage and write about their love story in a book. Unfortunately, fans aren’t necessarily buying their advice. Here’s why.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff heavily promote their covenant marriage

Many fans may not have realized that the Roloffs are a religious bunch — and Jeremy seems to be the most Christian of them all. He and his wife, Audrey, are in a covenant marriage that’s deeply rooted in their faith, and they even have an entire company titled Beating 50 Percent that’s committed to helping other couples get closer to God for the good of their marriage. As they state on their website, “Mission: To inspire covenant marriages to beat average, to encourage husbands and wives to give more than 50% to their spouse, and to revive marriages that are indispensable – marked by fixing instead of throwing away.”

While Audrey and Jeremy seem generally harmless and wholesome, some of their beliefs have come under fire by fans, too. The couple doesn’t seem to support same-sex marriage, and Audrey’s pastor made it known that he doesn’t believe in marriage equality. Not only that, but Audrey has also said a few inflammatory comments about motherhood, and it seems the very open-minded Jacob Roloff isn’t a fan of hers, either.

They released a book with marital advice, though they just tied the knot in 2014

If you’ve seen Jeremy and Audrey around more recently, it’s because they’re promoting their book, A Love Letter Life. “If you want a love story that is creative, intentional, and faithful, then grab your copy of A Love Letter Life today!” Audrey wrote on her Instagram “We cannot wait to hear how it inspires, empower, and equips you to live a love story that you would want to have read back to you one day. To prepare for, pursue, and protect your own love letter life.”

It seems Jeremy and Audrey are sparing no details in their book, too, as they seem to have all the answers for how to make a marriage work. Good Housekeeping notes the two go into how Jeremy had to cut off his friendship with another woman in order to be closer with Audrey, and he even had an issue with looking at provocative images that seriously threatened his relationship. It sounds like Jeremy and Audrey have certainly been through a lot — but fans are quick to remember that they tied the knot just a few years ago in 2014. Parts of their recent wedding were even taped for Little People, Big World.

Fans have trouble taking the couple seriously

It seems like A Love Letter Life is selling quite well for Jeremy and Audrey, though fans who’ve been following the Roloffs for years seem to have different opinions on the couple. Not only have fans said Jeremy and Audrey are way too in-your-face with their religious ways, but they also doubt their relationship is as perfect as it seems. As one Reddit user said, “Don’t people say that the people who post super lovey dovey things about their relationship on social media are the ones who have terrible relationships? Like they’re hiding something?”

Many others don’t think Jeremy and Audrey should be giving advice because of how young their marriage really is. One Reddit user sarcastically stated, “They’ve been married for like 2 years now, right? They’re basically experts at this point.” And another fan commented on an interview of Jeremy and Audrey, “I’ve been married 31 years and as far as I see not everything works for everyone. They certainly haven’t put in the time or years to give advice.”

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‘Little People, Big World’: What Is Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s Ultra-Religious Marriage Like?

When it comes to wholesome TLC programs that had us all captivated years ago, Little People, Big World is top of mind. Viewers got to take a look at the Roloff family, which centered around Matt and Amy Roloff and their four kids. Matt and Amy both had dwarfism and stood around 4 feet tall — and their one son, Zach, was the only other family member who also had the condition. As for the other kids — Molly, Jacob, and Zach’s twin brother who’s of average height, Jeremy — we also had a glimpse into what their lives were like, too.

Today, the show is still going, though the dynamics are much different than they were when the show first began. Matt and Amy are divorced, and Jeremy is married to his long-time girlfriend, Audrey. And though Jeremy and Audrey have opted to leave the show to focus on their own family, we’re all wondering what their super religious marriage is really like.

Audrey wrote about her religious romance in a blog post

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff | Audrey Roloff via Instagram

Audrey and Jeremy married in September 2014 — and though they were just in their early 20s at the time, they knew they were ready to wed. Part of the reason they’re so compatible is because they both share the same Christian faith. On their blog, Beating 50 Percent, they wrote about all the negativity they first received when they announced they were getting married — but they took it in stride. Instead of listening to the negative comments, they decided to live a life dedicated to God instead of giving in to “our culture’s obsession with lust over love, and sex over intimacy.”

Audrey tends to get super personal on her blog, too. Audrey wrote about her honeymoon on one particular post — and she dished on one strange practice the couple decided to try while getting intimate. Jeremy and Audrey both said their wedding vows to each other while having sex. “The act of becoming physically and verbally one (at the same time), ensues an ocean of intimacy that I cannot attempt to describe,” Audrey added.

Their Christian blog is dedicated to teaching others about covenant marriages

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff | Audrey Roloff via Instagram

Beating 50 Percent includes personal information from Audrey and Jeremy, but the main reason the couple started the blog is to help other couples achieve covenant marriages. The List explains a covenant marriage is deeply religious by nature and puts God at the center of it all. Audrey and Jeremy explain them as marriages that are “undividedly devoted, completely committed, persistently selfless, value-centered, joy-filled, and love-based.”

There’s also the legal factors to consider when it comes to covenant marriages. For couples who wish to have this type of relationship, spouses agree to go to premarital counseling and make grounds for divorce more difficult.

Audrey and Jeremy have been criticized for not supporting same-sex marriage

While Audrey and Jeremy don’t stir up much controversy, they have caused some drama in the past based on their beliefs. In Touch Weekly explains the scandal began when CoverGirl announced their first “Cover Boy.” While many makeup fans from all over were thrilled with the inclusive nature of the company, Audrey took to Instagram to explain how she disagreed with the “message” CoverGirl was sending by dispelling gender norms.

Not only that, but later on, fans also noted that Audrey’s pastor was against marriage equality. And when fans of Beating 50 Percent asked why there was little representation on the blog for same-sex couples, Audrey explained that they didn’t support same-sex marriage due to their religious beliefs.

Are the rest of the Roloffs religious?

Amy and Matt Roloff | Amy Roloff via Instagram

It seems Christianity runs in the family. While Amy and Matt Roloff, Jeremy’s parents, don’t often discuss their religion, Amy has made it known that she believes in God and follows the Christian faith. In Touch Weekly notes she also finds abortion to be “shocking” and would have never considered it personally, even during her high-risk pregnancy with twins.

There is one Roloff who’s not Christian, however — and that’s Jacob. Jeremy’s younger brother has spoken out about his issues with the religion on his blog, Rock & Roloff. “Christians as I have experienced them have assumed a real and damaging sense of superiority over all other belief systems,” Jacob wrote. “After coming to know Christianity through leaving it, I wish more than ever that I could call myself one, but alas I cannot, and I feel no rush to choose a replacement.”

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