Inglesina fast table chair recall

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CPSC, Firms Announce Recall of Chain Saws and Child Table Seats

June 21, 2001
Release # 01-175
CPSC Consumer Hotline: (800) 638-2772
CPSC Media Contact: (301) 504-7908

PRODUCT: Chain Saws – Stihl Inc., of Virginia Beach, Va., is voluntarily recalling about 1,000 chain saws. The recalled chain saws are model number 019T with serial numbers 249129398 through 249956311. A label on the chain saw reads in part “STIHL” and “model number 019T.” The serial number is imprinted on the front of the chain saw. Stihl dealers sold the chain saws from December 2000 through May 5, 2001 for about $270.
PROBLEM: A missing screw can cause the chain brake to fail to operate, presenting a laceration hazard to consumers.
WHAT TO DO: Consumers should stop using the recalled chain saw immediately and return it to the Stihl dealer where purchased for repair. For more information, contact Stihl Inc. at (800) 467-8445 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Consumers also can visit the firm’s web site at

PRODUCT: Child Table Seats – Inglesina USA Inc., of Montclair, N.J., is voluntarily recalling about 780 child table seats. The recalled table seat has a metal frame with a fabric cover, and connects to the edge of a table to allow a child to sit and eat at the table. The table seat does not have legs; instead, it is suspended in the air by clamps that connect to the underside of the table. The chairs come in blue and yellow and have the name “Inglesina” printed on the arms and the back of the seat. Department stores and toy stores sold the Table Chair from June 2000 through May 2001 for about $50.
PROBLEM: The seats were sold without a seat belt, posing a risk to children who climb out of the seat.
INCIDENTS/INJURIES: Inglesina USA has received one report of a 10-month- old girl who fell from a table seat, and bruised her back.
WHAT TO DO: Consumers should immediately stop using the seats and call Inglesina USA toll-free at (877) 486-5112 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, to receive a replacement or a full refund.

You’re expecting and the baby gear you’ve purchased has already taken up more room than you can afford to spare in your apartment or house. Who knew babies needed so much stuff? They take up more room than an adult does.

What you need is to find ways to save space so your house doesn’t become an obstacle course.

If your dining room is already packed and you don’t see how you’ll possibly fit a high chair in there too, you can always think outside of the box by checking out one of these convenient hook on high chairs.

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The Benefits of Hook On High Chairs

  • Saves space: With a hook on high chair, you’ll simply clip or hook the seat onto a table, saving you a lot of space.
  • Easy to clean: When mealtime is over, all you have to do is wipe it down and put it in a closet for next time. Or if you prefer, you can leave it hooked to your table.
  • Encourages family time: Your baby will feel like one of the family, and you’ll have more opportunity to interact with each other as you all enjoy your meals. Experts are always saying how important it is to have family mealtimes at the table together (1). Why not start that habit early?
  • Portable: You can take them on vacation or to your favorite restaurant. Plus, if you can skip the communal restaurant high chair that hasn’t been cleaned thoroughly, you might avoid catching something from other children and spare your child an illness.

Choosing the Best Hook-On High Chair

Hook-on high chairs offer a lot of great features. We’ve put together a checklist of exactly what you want so you can start searching for something that meets your criteria.

  • Storage pockets: Some high chairs offer a storage pocket at the back of the seat, which is a great feature if you’re taking it to a restaurant or on vacation with you. You can store baby spoons and forks, wet wipes and a pacifier to pop in their mouths if they get fussy.
  • Carrying bags: For the ultimate in portability and hygiene, look for something that comes with a carrying bag so that you can fold it up nicely between uses. This also helps keep it clean when not in use.
  • A removable seat cushion: Having a removable seat cushion makes clean-up a snap. You can simply take it off the high chair whenever your baby makes a mess, throw it into the washing machine and it’s good to go for the next meal.
  • A double purpose: If you can find a model that serves a secondary purpose, you’ll be saving time and space because you won’t have to buy another piece of equipment down the road. For example, some can also double as booster seats as your baby grows.
  • The color: If you’re primarily going to be using it at home, pay special attention to the decor of your dining room or kitchen and look for a chair that will blend in.
  • Non-damaging arms: If you’re worried that this kind of high chair will destroy the finish on your family’s heirloom table, look for rubber arms.
  • Your baby’s weight: If you have a big baby on your hands, think about the weight limit of the chair you’re looking at. This becomes especially important if you want to use the chair for a couple of years.
  • Table thickness: You need to make sure the chair you get is compatible with your table. Some only fit tables that are 1.5 inches thick, while others can handle thicker ones.

Best Hook On High Chairs of 2020

Take a look at these 7 best hook-on high chairs:

1. Inglesina Fast Table Chair

Travel Must Have

Check Price

This chair can be attached to tables that are up to 3.5-inches thick. When you’re done with it, you can fold it flat to store or transport it, which is ideal if you’re heading to a restaurant with your little one.

The rear pocket holds all the mealtime accessories your baby needs, plus there’s a removable cover and carry bag. Since it weighs just over 4 pounds, you’ll be able to take it wherever you need to go.

The Inglesina High Chair can hold up to 37 pounds, and it won’t scratch your table.


  • It has a lifted backrest which will give your baby more support.
  • You can get it in nine different colors so you’ll always have a choice that matches your kitchen or dining room.
  • It’s simple to install.


  • It only has a waist belt, not the shoulder straps some parents prefer.
  • Some moms find that if their baby can stand, they can get out of this seat, even if belted in.
  • It won’t fit tables that have a lip underneath.

2. guzzie and Guss Perch Table Chair

Good for Thicker Tables

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This chair won’t require bulging muscles to get it from place to place: it weighs just 6 pounds. It can clamp up to 3.75 inches, which makes it a great choice for a variety of tables, even wide ones.

When your baby is done using it, fold it up and stick in a closet or trunk, where it won’t take up too much room. This is excellent news for parents like me who feel like their baby uses more closet space than anyone else in the family.

A great plus is that the seat can hold up to 37 pounds, so will continue to work for your baby as they grow.


  • Includes a travel bag which is conveniently located under the seat.
  • The poly-cotton blend is easy to clean.
  • The seat has rubberized grips, meaning it will be easy on fingers and your table.


  • The tray doesn’t quite reach the table when it’s clamped on, which means a lot of food ends up on the floor instead of the table or tray.

3. Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-On High Chair

Neat and Petite

Check Price

This small but comfy chair fits tables that are up to 2 inches thick, whether they’re outdoors or indoors.

It’s lighter than many of its competitors at 2.2 pounds. Once folded, it can even fit into bigger purses and diaper bags, which is great for moms who might not want even more work after lugging around all their other baby gear.

The Mountain Buggy Clip-On can hold kids up to 33 pounds, and it also offers padded back support and a solid harness to make your baby more comfortable.


  • It comes in three cute colors.
  • This chair has a shoulder harness to keep baby secure.
  • It comes with a carrying bag.
  • The fabric on the chair is machine washable.


  • It doesn’t fit thicker tables over 2 inches.
  • This won’t work on tables with lips or rounded edges.
  • This is a smaller, lighter model that won’t work for a bigger baby.

4. phil&teds Lobster Hook On High Chair

Nice and Secure

Check Price

Your little one has to be Houdini to escape from this high chair. It has shoulder straps to keep your baby firmly in place so you don’t have to worry about turning your back for one second only to find they’re halfway through a daring leap off the table edge.

Plus, it has non-slip grip pads to ensure it won’t slide off the table, which can be up to 3.75-inches thick. The sturdy aluminum frame can accommodate a weight of up to 37 pounds.

This comes with a dishwasher-safe tray and a carrying bag that can easily fit in diaper bags or the storage compartment of a stroller.


  • It has a sleek, modern design.
  • You can set it up and pack it away quickly when your baby is done eating.
  • The included tray guards the main table from spills and scratches from utensils.


  • It doesn’t work well with round tables.
  • The leg holes are small so it can take a bit of work to get your baby in or out of the chair.

5. Chicco QuickSeat Hook-on Chair

Breezy Set Up

Check Price

The Chicco Quickseat is great for traveling because the ratchet and lock technology it uses is secure on most tables, including picnic tables. So if you love the idea of family camping or outdoor trips but don’t want to awkwardly feed your baby on your lap while bugs swarm you, this might be a nice choice.

This 7-pound chair will fold up neatly and will stay clean in the included carrying bag.

The grips are coated in rubber so they won’t leave marks on the tables, plus your baby’s little fingers won’t be pinched when they explore their surroundings.


  • This chair has a lot of padding, so it’s comfortable for your baby.
  • Easy to clean with its washable seat pad.
  • The muted colors should go with most color schemes in the dining room or kitchen.


  • You need to make sure the metal parts of the chair are dry after every use or they could begin rusting.
  • It only fits table thickness up to 1.5 inches.

6. Chicco 360 Hook-On High Chair

360 Degree Range

Check Price

This seat is unique because it can lock in six different positions, ensuring your baby will always have a comfortable seat facing you, no matter what kind of table you’re using.

It also comes with a snap-on dishwasher-safe tray, which I would personally love since I never felt like my daughter’s tray was getting a good, deep clean when I just wiped it by hand.

This one folds up compactly and comes with a carrying bag. While some chairs can only work with tables that don’t have a lip, this chair can expand to clip onto tables that have a skirting of up to 5.5-inches thick.


  • Your baby can face whichever direction you want with this high chair.
  • The fabric seat pad is washable.
  • The yellow highlighted buttons at the bottom of the chair will let you see immediately where you can adjust the chair.


  • This is heavier than the others at 9 pounds.
  • While the seat comes off for washing, it can be hard to put back on, according to some moms.

7. Summer Infant SecureSeat Hook On

3-in-1 Choice

Check Price

If you’ve already spent all the money you can afford on baby gear and you can’t find enough in your budget for a high chair, you should check out this Summer Infant seat. It’s affordable and sturdy, and can be used as a booster seat, a booster seat with a tray or a hook on high chair.

So, if you run into a table this seat won’t work with, you can just strap it onto a regular chair, using it as a booster seat.

It also comes with a dishwasher-safe tray so no matter which way your baby uses this chair, they’ll always have a place for their food.


  • It fits kids up to 37 pounds.
  • It’s highly affordable.
  • It’s versatile and has 3 different configurations.


  • The tables can only be up to 1.5-inches thick.
  • The leg holes are narrow.
  • It doesn’t have shoulder straps.

What About You?

Whichever chair you choose, enjoy it and have fun interacting with your baby during meal times.

What style of high chair do you have? Feel free to share any comments, questions or advice below — we’re always happy to hear from you!

Best High Chairs of 2020

You know what those adorable pics of babies with chubby cheeks and mashed fruit and veggies plastered all over their face have in common? There’s a high chair (and a mess) in every single one of them. When it comes to starting solid foods, it’s important to have a spot for your little one to nosh in that is safe and easy to clean.

In this article:

  • Do You Need a High Chair?
  • How to Choose a High Chair
  • Features to Consider when Choosing a High Chair
  • When Do You Need a High Chair?
  • Babylist’s Best High Chairs

Do You Need a High Chair?

Yes, we recommend that you add a high chair to your registry for a few reasons. High chairs are convenient, and they help contain the mess that comes along with starting solids. But most of all, they position your little one in the proper upright position for eating, providing a safe, comfortable spot for them to kick off their lifelong journey with food.

How to Choose a High Chair

Do you live in a smaller space and eat most of your meals around a tiny table? Then a booster-style seat that straps right onto one of your chairs or one that clips to a counter may be right for you so baby can pull up a seat right at the table. Do you have a larger table, or live in a home with multiple eating areas? Then a standalone seat that comes with its own tray and can easily be moved from room to room may be your best bet.

When it comes to cleaning, some parents don’t mind sacrificing form for function and choose whatever high chair best fits their favorite aesthetic. But if you know constant scrubbing or getting into nooks and crannies is going to drive you nuts, you may want to stick with a basic, plastic model or one with wipeable fabric.

A few other things to consider when you’re choosing the high chair include:

  • Foldability. If space is an issue, you may want to consider a full-size chair that can be folded down and stored or a portable high chair.
  • Durability. Planning on a large family and passing your high chair down from kid to kid? Although they’re on the pricier side, investing in a well-made wooden seat might be the best choice for you.
  • How long will you use it? Think about how long you’re hoping to keep your little one in a high chair. There are several chairs that grow with your child, either by converting to a booster seat or even to an adult-sized chair.
  • Safety. Always consider your child’s safety when buying any piece of baby gear, but especially when it comes to choosing the best high chair. You’ll want to make sure your seat features a restraint system like a 3- or 5-point harness, good stability (if the chair has wheels, make sure they lock in place), a crotch post and nothing that’s going to pinch or catch on baby’s tiny fingers and toes—or on yours.

When Do You Need a High Chair?

Because you’ll be nursing or bottle feeding for a while, you won’t need a high chair until your baby starts eating solid food—usually around six months. But you’ll get good use of it long after that, up to two or three years old or beyond depending on the seat.

How We Chose Our Best High Chairs

We asked thousands of real Babylist families about the baby products they love the most, then took the top high chairs they shared with us and added our own research and insight. We think you and your little one will love at least one of these items too.

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Best Practical High Chair

Why We Love It

One high chair, so many ways to sit. The Blossom has just the right setup for each stage of your child’s development, from infant to bigger kiddo. It’s designed with lots of thoughtful features like a convertible 3- and 5-point harness, reclining seat, plenty of height and footrest adjustment options and one-handed tray removal. Have two kids? Get more bang for your buck by using the included booster seat for the big sib and the high chair for your little one at the same time.

Keep in Mind

To minimize messes, the seat pad can be wiped down or put in the washing machine (along with the removable straps!). However, some parents find the small nooks and crannies hard to clean. The base is on the bulkier side, and can’t be folded for storage.

What Babylist Parents Say

“Super easy to use, even one handed. Currently use high chair at home and have booster seat at my parents’ house. So multi-functional. Easy to clean.” -Tali

Additional Specs
Weight 32 lbs
Height 41”
Usage From newborn up to 40 lbs; toddler booster and youth chair up to 60 lbs
Height Adjustments 6 positions

The Portable High Chair

You don’t need a big high chair to get the job done. This 4.2-pound cult favorite clamps right to the end of most tables. Although it’s small, it still boasts features that provide maximum comfort, like a high backrest and padded seat. Use it at home, at restaurants, on vacation or anywhere your child needs to eat food you’ve lovingly cut into small pieces that they undoubtedly will throw on the floor.

There’s nothing better than a high chair you can tote around on your shoulder—this one collapses and fits in its own carrying bag for easy transport.

“I think this chair should be on every parent’s registry! I love how easy it is to wash and travel with!” -Nora

Weight 4.2 lbs
Height 11”
Usage For babies 6 months and up until 37 lbs
Height Adjustments None

The Built-to-Grow High Chair

The mod Tripp Trapp checks all the right boxes: it’s stylish, durable, safe and lasts for years. The simple beechwood design doesn’t scream “baby gear!” and fits seamlessly into your home decor. Unlike typical high chairs, the Tripp Trapp is intended to be pulled right up to the table so everyone can eat together. It also transitions from baby seat to kid seat, making it usable for years.

This classic Scandinavian-style high chair looks like a cool piece of furniture, not an eyesore. But extras can add up. A tray attachment, Baby Set (infant seat) and cushioning accessories can be purchased separately for more support and comfort.

“Easy to clean and adaptable as they grow! Sturdy and well made.” -Kate

Weight 15.4 lbs
Height 31.1”
Usage Ages 6 months+ (it can hold up to a 300-pound adult!)
Height Adjustments 4 positions

The Best Budget High Chair

An awesome high chair for just over 20 bucks? Yes, please. The no-frills IKEA Antilop high chair is sturdy, compact and a breeze to clean thanks to the molded plastic surface. Plus, it’s lightweight and easy to move around. Lots of families keep one of these at grandma’s house since it’s easy on the wallet and easy to store.

There’s no footrest and the tray is difficult to remove (many parents just leave it on). The safety buckle clips at the waist, which may not offer enough support for younger infants compared to a 5-point harness. To add more comfort to the basic surface, buy IKEA’s fabric cushion or find other cushions at places like Etsy.

“Our IKEA high chair is stylish, easy-to-clean, and cheap. You. Can’t. Beat. That.” -Katie

Weight 7.9 lbs
Height 35 3/8”
Usage When baby can sit up unassisted (around 5-6 months) until toddler age
Height adjustments: None

The Cost-Effective Classic

The Keekaroo is a great option for parents who love the look of a wooden chair but at a more affordable price point. An infant insert and tray are all included in the box, and the seat, which comes in huge array of color combos, grows with your little one, eventually converting into an adult chair. It’s also really easy to keep clean.

Softer wood means that the chair does get scratched up pretty easily. Adjustment also takes a bit of work, requiring a small tool and a few minutes of your time.

“I love this high chair. It looks sleek, I love the wood and the modern feel. The seat pad washes super easily and the removable tray liner is awesome. I just wish the leg dividing piece was a bit more prominent.” -Ellie H.

Weight: 14.5 lbs
Height: 33.5”
Usage: For 6+ months – 250 lb adults (converts into adult chair)
Height Adjustment: Seat adjusts in 1” increments

Ready to Add a High Chair to Your Registry?

With Babylist, you can add any item from any store onto ONE registry. Start your registry today and get a Hello Baby Box full of free (amazing!) goodies.

The Cute & Compact High Chair

A functional, comfortable high chair doesn’t have to take up a lot of floor space—or any, for that matter. This space-saving seat does exactly what the name promises by attaching to a kitchen or dining chair. The three-position recline feature comes in handy for younger babies, and the tray is easy to remove with one hand. Better yet, it’ll last through the toddler years by converting into a booster seat.

The seat fabric is machine washable, but removing it to throw in the wash all the time isn’t ideal because of all the straps you have to undo. (And you’ll need to wash it pretty frequently since it’s not the type of fabric that can easily be wiped clean).

“Love that we can strap it to any chair and that it can swivel. Sometimes I wish I had one with wheels though.” -Allyson F.

Weight 8 lbs
Height 19.5”
Usage Newborn up to 50 lbs
Height Adjustments 2 positions

The High Chair with the Best Tray

Ever think you’d be obsessed with a high chair tray? Welcome to parenting. While most trays tilt when you set them on the counter (leading to extra messes), this one stays flat to keep plates in their place. It’s easy to maneuver with one hand and adjusts to just the right spot, ensuring food lands on the tray, not everywhere else. The Sprout even converts to a child-sized chair for kids up to five years old.

The padding is easy to wipe down, but food can sneak its way under the cushions. Parents also say water can get trapped in some of the Oxo Tot tray’s crevices when you wash it in the sink.

“Awesome price, modern look and easy to remove the tray one handed.” -Scarlett

Weight 30 lbs
Height 37”
Usage Ages 6 months-5 years
Height Adjustments 3 positions

The Easy-to-Clean High Chair

The Boon Flair has a seamless design, making it not only ultra sleek and modern in its looks but also easy to keep clean. With no nooks, crannies or seams for food and crumbs to get stuck it, the chair is simple to wipe clean, and the tray goes in the dishwasher. The lift on the base is foot activated for easy height adjustment.

The Boon Flair is a high chair that doesn’t recline, so it’s not for babies younger than 5 months or so.

Weight 32 lbs
Height 42”
Usage Ages 5 months to 4 years (or 50 lbs)
Height Adjustments From 21”-24.25”

The Fully Reclining High Chair

Think you need to wait until it’s time to start solids to use a high chair? Think again. The multi-functional Siesta fully reclines, making it the perfect spot to keep your little one close by when you’re getting things done in the kitchen—or anywhere. The ultra-soft upholstery is comfy for your kiddo and simple to wipe clean. During the toddler years, remove the tray and pull your tot right up to the table.

Just because the Peg Perego Siesta has all the bells and whistles doesn’t mean it’s bulky. This high chair folds up nice and compact, making for easy storage in smaller living spaces.

“Easy to clean. Great size, not too bulky” -Jessie

Weight 23 lbs
Height 41.1”
Usage From birth up to 45 lbs
Height Adjustments 9 positions

The Foldable High Chair

The Joovy Nook is perfect for families who want a full-size high chair but don’t have a lot of space or need a chair they can travel with. It has a small footprint and folds down flat, making it easy to stash in a closet or take along on a road trip. The large tray swings open easily to get baby in and out and is dishwasher safe. And the comfy padded leatherette seat with a 5-point harness can be spot cleaned or thrown in the washing machine.

The Joovy Nook doesn’t recline, so if you’re looking for a high chair to use with babies not yet sitting up, this isn’t for you.

Weight: 15.4 lbs
Height: 40.5” (folded dimensions: 23.8” x 9” x 28.5”)
Usage: 6 months to 50 lbs
Height Adjustment: None, but the tray has four depth adjustments

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Choosing What’s Right for You

Before you know it, your newest family member will need a seat at the dinner table. As you decide on the best high chair for you, be sure to consider your space as well as your lifestyle so you make the right choice for your growing—and hungry!—family.

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Best High Chairs: Ikea, Stokke, Peg Perego

As you baby grows, and they begin to eat solids, it’s a fun and messy time for babies and parents. Since they will become a regular feature of the dining room, being “Easy to clean” and stylish are important factors in deciding which high chair to buy, something our three top high chairs have in common.

Here are the high chair brands our readers love, as voted by Australian parents in this year’s Essential Baby Parents’ Choice Awards 2016.


IKEA Antilop

The IKEA Antilop high chair is easy to disassemble and carry along.
With safety in mind, the high chair is designed with rounded edges, a wide, stable base and a safety belt. For easy clean, complete moulded plastic and raised edges prevent spills from landing on the floor. Priced under $30, you can understand why they are in so many homes, cafes and restaurants.
RRP: $29.99

What our readers say about the IKEA Antilop:

  • It’s basic, super easy to clean, lightweight, easy to move around the room and even take outside to hose it off! It also fits nicely with our dining setting. Alyce M. WA
  • Easy to clean, lightweight so you can lift with one hand. Great for different ages. Erin C. WA
  • Easy to clean, store and use doesn’t take up a ridiculous amount of space. It fits easily up to the table so baby can be included. Ellen E. VIC
  • You can hose this chair off. Need I say more? Kellie B. NSW
  • so. easy. to. clean. No higher recommendation can be given in my opinion! Can even go in the dishwasher once taken apart! It’s also easy to transport. You can’t really go past it for it’s practicality and affordability. Dearne S. NSW


Stokke Tripp Trapp

The Stokke Tripp Trapp is a chair that grows with the child. The Stokke seating solution is designed to bring your baby into the heart of your family, allowing your newborn, baby or toddler to develop alongside you at the family table.

The iconic Tripp Trapp chair offers comfortable seating that grows with your baby, ensuring proper ergonomics at all ages.

RRP: $329.99

What our readers say about Stokke Tripp Trapp:

  • Long lasting and stylish, my 6 year old still uses hers and you no other high chair has this capability. Kathryn M. QLD.
  • Fits in with normal household furniture and encourages good posture and eating habits. Natasia N. NSW.
  • Looks great – no plastic fantastic in the living area. Lisa L. NSW.
  • Love the sleek design & the ability to convert and have it being used till the kids are fully grown. Alu H. NSW
  • Love the option of having bub at the table with us. A chair we will use for a very long time. Many different colour options and settings. Easy to clean. Light weight. Ashleigh B. QLD


Peg Perego Prima Pappa

The Prima Pappa Zero3 high chair is suitable from birth up to three years of age. You can use it as a recliner chair from birth, then turn it into a high chair when your baby starts eating solid food.

RRP: $349.00

What our readers say about Peg Perego Prima Pappa:

  • I was able to use it as a reclined seat for newborn after c section so I didn’t have to bend and its still great for a toddler. Mariel W. WA
  • Goes from newborn/small baby to toddler. Height adjusts to different tables, tray is easily removed and stored. Not too fiddly to take apart for cleaning. Holly Y. VIC
  • Comfortable for kids. Reclines. Tray comes off for easy cleaning. Good height variations. Folds up for storage. Kendall D. NSW
  • Leather seat, easy to clean, sturdy, adjustable chair, wheels on one side to make it easy to move around the house. Jessica P. VIC
  • I love how the seat can adjust all different lengths. It’s can be used from newborn, when my son was like 3 months old not getting solids yet, however we would put him in the high hair reclined and he included in our meal times. It folds really slim which is a great space saver! Looks great too. Natalie A. VIC

See previous year’s category winners:
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Back to Essential Baby Parents’ Choice Awards 2016

Best high chairs and baby high chairs 2017

How do I find the right baby high chair? What high chair should I buy?

Where can I find a multivendor high chair comparison, and which models are the best ones?

When choosing a baby high chair various things play a role. Some of the things are the stability, the harness, the weight of the child’s chair, or the possibility of the chair collapsing (transportability). In our high chair test in 2016 we have placed priority value on these points.

Best Convertible highchair

Bestseller !Graco Blossom 4-In-1 Seating System

$134.13 $189.99


Best wooden high chair

Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood High Chair

$111.14 $129.99


Best portable high chair

Chicco Caddy Hook on Chair Details

In daily use it is often also about how well the material and any existing references can be cleaned. Anyone who has ever watched a baby trying to eat for the first few times knows why. The handling of the belt system (if any) and suitability for children of older age are also significant in choosing the correct chair for a child. After all, you don’t want to have to buy a new model after just a few months when the child has grown a little.

Various types of baby high chairs and children’s chairs are available to satisfy varied needs. The high chair (e.g. Tripp Trapp by Stokke or a boon high chair) has now replaced the Combi high chair (which often has two parts and is convertible into a table and chair). Also easy to handle is a clamping seat, which is clamped to an existing table – provided that the tabletop is correspondingly thick and sturdy. These models have advantages especially when traveling. However, this solution will make your child’s legs dangle in the air, which is rather unpleasant. Any form has its own pros and cons. Please read more under the highchair guide

Adjustability of the seat also plays an important role. The child is not supposed to sit half a meter from the table because the tabletop of the baby chair cannot be adjusted far enough upward. We have summarized the most important facts in our high chair comparison shown in the following table. This should allow you to find the highchair best matching your needs at a glance.

On this page We compare high chairs and baby chairs of all kinds. You will also find a guide compiled according to the principle “What should I look for when choosing a highchair” here.

The issue of security is expected to play the largest role in the choice of a model: especially in the first weeks and months, because the little one won’t be sitting entirely securely and will need a great deal of support. With some getting used to and practice children develop a sturdier sitting position in the high chair. Of course, you should never leave the child on his perch unattended.

The standard baby high chair naturally makes parents more alert. But in an unguarded moment the chair may tilt and the child must sit so securely that s/he has not much room for wiggling. But if, for example, the seating surface is too large, the child can pull up one leg and stretch on the other side of the crotch, and the leg could become caught or slip. This can have very unpleasant consequences. But the seating surface must not be too small either. Of course, we paid attention to this aspect too. Our high chair comparison also advises whether all high chairs comply with all standards, which means that at a pressure of about 15kg of the child’s weight from one side the chair will not tip over. Moreover, it is important for us that the winner of the high chair test has no sharp edges and corners.

On one hand we based our comparison tests on own experiences, on the other hand we collected detailed information from manufacturers’ websites and various shops. Customer reviews also play an important role in our overviews and comparisons.

Our own high chair comparison 2017

We have 3 children (of 1 to 6 years). And there’re several children and babies in our group of friends. We tested several high chairs ourselves in recent years, and asked other parents to help us too. The result of our high chair comparison substantially coincides with the test results of several large institutes. One of our favorites was the Storchenmühle high chair Happy Baby. Unfortunately Storchenmühle has stopped production of high chairs, which is why it is not included in comparisons. We still miss the tilting back of most combi high chairs!

We see that for most parents the most important factors of a convenient high chair are how easily a high chair can be cleaned and how safe a high chair is. Nobody wants accidents. Quick and easy maintenance is also a more and more important point these days. Therefore in almost every high chair comparison the ease of cleaning has now been incorporated as an important criterion. Nobody has the time to clean a high chair for half an hour after eating.

Maintaining a high chair

Most models made of plastic are easily wiped off. Unfortunately models with many hinges and possibilities of adjustment are relatively difficult to clean. Food particles stuck in the hinges often cannot be simply wiped off. In our high chair review we also pay attention to how long cleaning a high chair lasts, and whether there are points on the high chair that may not be accessible.

What is recommended in any case is a Play and eating tray. A plastic one is ideal even if the high chair is to be made of wood. The food tray (e.g. Hauck Alpha Tray) can be put in the dishwasher, which saves work and always ensures a clean chair. If you choose a wooden model, also make sure that moisture cannot penetrate the pores of the wood, especially at the edges, otherwise the high chair might swell unpleasantly.

What is the difference between a highchair and a baby high chair?

From a technical perspective a high chair is not subject to age restrictions and is not defined by EU Directives for a certain age. Baby high chairs must meet certain requirements, but are tailored to an age of 6-36 months. If a highchair can be converted (e.g. from baby high chair into a high chair), the chair must also comply with both EU standards. Of course, it makes sense to select a high chair which is also useable for older children or even grownups. Otherwise you will have to buy a second one later. High chairs designed exclusively for babies usually have better features for an age of up to 36 months. These can usually be allocated the entire seat, which is not possible in a high chair. With our baby high chair review 2016 we want to provide the most accurate help for the buying public. Otherwise you will later be annoyed about extra cost. A chair useable for as long as possible becomes an important criterion in considering the total cost.

From when is a baby allowed to sit in the high chair?

This question cannot be answered universally. Basically when your child can sit unaided. If you use a multipurpose high chair with a seat shell, the baby can already sit in the high chair before it sits independently. You should not use a (combi) high chair too early, as it might cause damage to the back. If you use a multipurpose chair which can be completely folded down or incline the seat for feeding, remember that this sitting position is not suitable for solid food, only for liquid food or maximally eating porridge.

How long should you use a seat reducer for?

The correct seat position is very important in a high chair. One indicator is that the baby has no way to move the legs past the central stringer. If a baby can have both legs on one side of the central spar, s/he could slip and get injured. The baby’s back should be supported during the first few weeks to prevent back pain or postural problems. In addition the baby should sit far enough forward in the chair so that the calves do not touch the edge of the seat. This is at first uncomfortable and the baby will fidget. For this reasons the seat reducer should be used until it is too tight for the child. Of course, the table must not cut into the belly, and you will notice when the seat insert is too tight for your child.

When can I use a high chair without a bracket?

That depends on the high chair and on your child. If the baby high chair has a reasonable and stable belt system, you can probably omit the bracket rather than when only a simple crotch strap is attached to the high chair. Do not remove the strap until the child can move into and out of the chair alone. Most children will master that between their 18 and 24 months.

The highest risks of injury in a high chair are that the baby could topple over or fall out of the chair. Since high chairs are now checked in every high chair review for stability, this issue is no longer important for most of the high chairs. However, there are still cases of babies or small children falling out of baby high chairs. This can also be tested in a high chair comparison, but only to a limited number. We make sure that the best high chair has a correspondingly good harness. A 3-point seatbelt is the minimal requirement, though a 5-point harness is better still.

How long is a high chair useable for, how long can a baby sit in the high chair for?

Again, it depends on each model. One should never exceed the specified maximal weight. The respective high chairs are always tested on tilt and stability only up to the specified weight. A multipurpose high chair can usually not be used for as long as other high chairs because the seat shells are usually much closer. Step high chairs normally have the longest life. They can often be used to adulthood even as normal chairs. Some models will hold even up to 300lbs.

Do you have a high chair? If so, you probably use it daily like millions of other mothers around the world.

But besides merely buckling the straps, have you ever given much thought to safety?

Each year, thousands of children are injured in high chair-related accidents.

To prevent this, it’s important to take certain precautions when using a high chair or booster seat.

We’ve gathered everything you need to know to keep your child safe in their high chair.

High Chair Injury Statistics

High chair injuries are on the rise. A 2013 study indicated that every hour, one child is treated in a U.S. Emergency Room for such injuries (1). That’s 24 children every day, and a whopping 9,400 children each year.

Common High Chair Injuries

The biggest risk of injury when using a high chair is a fall. Over 90 percent of all high chair-related injuries are due to falling (2).

If a child were to fall from a high chair, they could suffer a number of injuries, including:

  • Head injury.
  • Concussion.
  • Neck injury.
  • Cuts.
  • Scrapes.
  • Broken Bones.
  • Mouth injuries.
  • Broken teeth.

However, falls aren’t the only injuries associated with high chairs.

Children can also be injured by:

  • Choking on an item left within reach.
  • Burning themselves on hot food or beverages close to them.
  • Cutting themselves with sharp objects left within reach.
  • Toppling the high chair by pushing on the table with their feet.
  • Pinched fingers in latches or high chair joints.

What Are My High Chair Choices?

There are several different models available. While it’s tempting to skip straight to a booster seat to save space or money, it’s wise to choose an age-appropriate one for your child. This ensures it will meet their unique physical and developmental needs. Here are your choices.

  • Traditional High Chair – These chairs are standalone units with long legs, bringing your baby up to the level of your dining table. They typically have a plastic seat, harness, and a removable tray. Usually, they recline to prop up babies who are not quite ready to sit completely upright.
  • Space-Saving High Chair – These high chairs sit atop a regular chair and have buckles attaching around the chair to secure it. They differ from a booster seat because they have an adjustable reclining back (for extra support) and a removable tray. They can often later be converted to a booster seat when your baby is older.
  • Hook-On High Chair – These petite and portable high chairs hook directly onto your dining table. They neither have a tray nor recline, but most have a buckle or harness system. They should only be used once your baby has a stable head, neck, and core control and can sit upright.
  • Booster Seat – Backless, trayless seats designed to enable toddlers and older babies sit on regular chairs at the table. A booster seat raises their height, so the table is at the appropriate height for them. These do not have a five-point harness system and so, are not appropriate for younger babies.
  • Heirloom or Antique High Chair – Your parents or grandparents used these high chairs. They are sentimental, and probably look unique, too. However, safety standards change rapidly, and older high chairs don’t have the same safety features required on current chairs, so it may be a good idea to buy a new one.

Important Safety Features

When purchasing a high chair, look out for these safety features.

  • Five-Point Harness – Just as in car seats, you’ll also find five-point harness options in high chairs. The shoulder straps keep your baby’s torso from falling forward and also prevent your little one from wiggling out (as they may be able to in a waist-belt-only restraint system).
  • Wide Base – High chairs can become top-heavy due to your child’s weight as they sit in it. To combat this, choose one with a wider base and a larger footprint. It may take up a little more space in your house, but it is much safer.
  • Locking Wheels – If your high chair comes with wheels, make sure it has a secure lock to keep it from moving around during meal times.
  • Metal Joint Construction – Some plastics may crack after use. Many high chairs have been recalled primarily due to plastic joints cracking (3). Find one with metal joint construction as it tends to be stronger than plastic.

Pro Tip

If your child is a little Houdini who can un-latch the chest buckle on your five-point harness, tie a piece of fabric around it to prevent them from accessing the buckle.

Staying Safe In A High Chair

1. Look For A Wide Base

Choose a chair with a low center of gravity so it does not tip easily. The wider the legs at the bottom, the more stable the chair will be.

2. Secure Your High Chair

Before you place your baby in, make sure your high chair will not move. If it has wheels, lock them before using it. For a space-saving high chair or booster seat, check to ensure it is strapped securely to the chair.

3. Strap In

To be as safe as possible, choose a high chair with a five-point harness (not a three-point harness or a simple lap belt). For each use, always strap them in and tighten the straps so they cannot wiggle free.

4. No Standing in the Chair

Many falls happen when the baby stands in the high chair. Do not let your kids be in positions other than sitting in the high chair.

5. No High Chair Playtime

Do not let the child sit or be near the chair besides mealtime. Kids can topple the chair and injure themselves during the playtime if they push or climb the high chair. Store the high chair out of the kid’s reach when not in use.

6. Position The Chair Out Of Reach

While you want your baby to participate in mealtimes, be mindful of the potential hazards if they are positioned too close. Make sure the high chair is far enough away so their legs cannot reach to kick the table and topple the high chair.

7. Be Extra Careful with the Hook-On High Chair

Make sure the hooks can latch and lock securely onto the table when you buy a hook-on chair. If you use a hook-on chair for travel, always make sure the table is heavy and stable enough to support your baby without tipping in the hook-on chair.

8. Look Out For Potential Hazards

Check for anything possibly within your child’s reach on the table and either remove it or move your high chair further away. Examples include choking hazards, sharp objects, hot foods, or even a tablecloth that may be pulled off.

9. Always Supervise Your Baby

While they seem secure, never leave your baby unattended in a high chair. Choking is a silent accident and is quite common as children are still learning to eat. Always put the baby into the chair or pull the baby out yourself. Never let the kids try to climb in or out of the high chair by themselves.

10. Clean the High Chair Regularly

Food spills and saliva from the baby makes the perfect environment for bacterial and fungal growths. Make sure you clean and disinfect the high chair regularly to prevent your little one from getting sick.

11. Check Periodically For Recalls

Baby items are recalled regularly for product failure or repeated accidents. Periodically, check to make sure your high chair has not been recalled by checking the government website at

The Bottom Line

Every year, nearly 10,000 children are injured in accidents involving high chairs, most of them due to falls. Keep your child safe by choosing an age-appropriate one for your child with plenty of safety features. Don’t forget to supervise them at all times during use.

There are new safety standards for high chairs from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission coming on June 19, 2019. They include (4):

  • More rearward stability.
  • A visible warning label.
  • A permanent passive crotch restraint.

Editor’s Note:

Dr. Po-Chang Hsu, MD, MS

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