IKEA kids toy storage


My goal is to have a good balance- a clean home and a kid-friendly home where your kids WANT to be.

Here are my favorite toy-hiding storage ideas & the affiliate links to find them. 🙂

1. A rolling bin.
Something like this would give you an easy way for your preschoolers or grade school children to clean up (If the child was under four, I would simply remove the strap, because straps make me so nervous with little ones! It would still be a great pushing rolling pin!) I would roll these right into a closet!

2. Cleaning short-cuts:
I even have my kids use the little tikes shopping carts to clean up their toys. They pick them up with the shopping cart and dump them into a nice toy box or ottoman.

3. Ottomans:
Our kids fill up their shopping carts, drive them over to the ottoman and dump them in.
I love ottomans like the one below, it looks nice, but it is really filled with toys!

4- Use an Ikea bookshelf turned sideways to hide toys like this one from 2sisters2cities.com. (I would put those Ikea baskets in all of the spots)

5. Have double-duty rooms.
If you can have furniture that doubles as something else, this would make things so much easier.
(Ottomans that hold toys, living-room sofas that double as beds or a DIY wall-bed, making a guest room into a playroom)

6. Have things where the kids can reach them.
If you can have your cups, plates, etc.. where your kids can reach them, then they can help you clean up and put things away. We keep our cups in a basket that they can reach and we keep our plates and bowls in drawers for easy access.

7- Make kid-items prettier!
You can make so many kid-items pretty! Wooden tables, old-fashioned wooden train tracks, and trains, even plastic picnic tables. I saw this picture on Pinterest a while back and think its a fantastic idea! I could do this to a lot of different things in our house!

I tried to visit the webpage to see how it is done, but it takes me to a page that is no longer in use (so you can’t find this one anymore). Here is how I did it.

1- Use a screwdriver, take it apart & clean it.
2- Use Krylon Fusion Spray Paint and paint it black and the top and benches off-white.
3- Using a stencil, (you can make your own), make the polka dots
4- Using a stencil, paint the circle and the H.
5- Spray a protective coating on it.

That’s it!
I found this on Pinterest, but I can’t find the original source. If you know it- leave it in the comments. 🙂

8. Turn a closet into a playroom.
Our daughter, Allie, has a beautiful walk-in closet, but she is three and can’t reach any of her clothes. We turned her closet into her playroom.

Her clothes are hanging up top, and Mickey added a second shelf for her shoes, etc… At the bottom, she has all of her doll houses, princesses, toy cars and baby dolls. She sits in that closet and plays for hours (literally) with her brothers, myself, Mickey or just by herself. It is her own mini playroom.

9. Hide them in a beautiful basket!

10. Have a bench that can double as a storage spot. You can hide toys in the seat, but you can use the rest for decorative items. You could have it in your mudroom or living room and it will look beautiful.

  • Or you can make your own DIY mudroom bench like ours:
  • Or you can even do a long one like this from Houzz:
    Whatever you decide, if you leave toys out or hide them, you have to do what you love. I love walking into an organized home but filled with the laughter of kids.

    If that means that toys are out all day long and they are only put away at night, so be it. Luckily, with so many places to store/hide toys, it is pretty easy to keep our house looking organized. 🙂

    *** If you want to print out my room by room cleaning guide, you can find it here:

    If you need help getting started, you can join my Whole-Home Declutter Course. I will send you my FREED FROM CLUTTER book for free and a series of 7 emails that give you specific tasks every single day and in a week your home will look decluttered, cleaned, organized & fresh. 🙂



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IKEA Toy Storage Hacks

Table of Contents

IKEA Hacks for Toy Storage & Organization

Remember when your house was clean and toys didn’t exist to cover your floors and clutter your living room?

Of course, that was before you had the sweet sound of little feet and laughter all over your home too. So long story short, it’s probably a good trade-off. 😉

But what if there was a way to organize toys in your home and make it actually look good? Even without a designated “playroom”?

I stumbled upon a few of these IKEA toy storage hacks the other day and let me tell you, I was SO impressed and excited to choose one of these IKEA DIY organization hacks for our home.

Here’s the best IKEA Toy Storage Hacks to store all your kids’ toys:

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IKEA vs. Amazon Products

Quick tip: Since the majority of these projects require IKEA furniture, you’ll need to figure out how to actually get IKEA furniture to your home.

If you don’t live near an IKEA store, you can absolutely choose to have these pieces shipped – but to be honest… sometimes the cost of shipping from IKEA can be well, A LOT.

Whenever possible, I’ve tried to find you the same (or a similar!) IKEA product on Amazon. (just look for the check mark ✔️ in each section!) with the potential for free 2-day shipping (Thanks, Amazon Prime!)

Pssst: if you haven’t yet – get the free trial here and enjoy free shipping for 30 days!

1. Storage Bookcase (Rustic Style)

Toys, bins, books – fill this classic rustic bookcase up! This simple IKEA toy storage hack gives any room a sleek and classic appearance (and makes cleaning up an easy task for your child to help with! Check out the full tutorial from Young House Love here!


2. Closet Space for Toys

While organized clothes are great, the closet can be a fabulous place to hid your kids’ toys and give you some great additional storage! Erinn at Strawberry Swing and Other Things put a few key IKEA pieces together to create this gorgeous multifunctional closet.


3. Toy Table Storage

This IKEA toy storage hack is a must-see. Let your kids make crafts, play playdoh, or build a city (or train!) on the table. When it’s time to put the toys away, your toddler can help slide the buckets out and fill them with toys. Then, slide them back and every thing looks good as new! Check it out here from the Crazy Craft Lady.


4. Floating Wall Bookshelf – Cloud Style

Make your playroom complete with these adorable big clouds mounted on the wall to give you a great spot for book storage. All of a sudden your toddler or children’s books are a part of the room’s design and not sprawled across the room! Check out the tutorial on Petit and Small by DecoPeques!

5. Simple & Sweet Bookshelf

Books are a BIG deal in your kids’ lives. So another bookshelf design by City Mom is absolutely welcomed. This super easy DIY IKEA toy storage hack is also incredibly affordable! As a bonus? Citymom.nl gives some great ideas for fun colors and designs that you can check out here!

✔️ Amazon – Ikea Bekvam Spice Rack, Birch, Set of 4

6. Window Seat Toy Storage

Whether you’re looking for toy storage in your child’s bedroom or the family room – a cozy bench seat is always a good idea. From reading stories or making memories on the bench to hiding all those toys away in the cleverly hidden drawers – this is one of the best MUST SEE IKEA toy storage hacks. Check out this perfect window seat by Viviane Panagos at ish & chi.

7. Organized Jars – for All the “Littles”

Markers, colored pencils, dinosaurs, cars, polly pockets, bows… the list of “little” toys that always seem to get lost are nothing short of perfect for this incredible IKEA toy storage hack. Make ordinary jars extraordinary by dressing them up and filling them with all the small toys. Organizing your child’s toys can actually make their toys into part of the bedroom or play room’s decor!

Check out the easiest how-to tutorial here at Tell, Love, & Party!

✔️ Or buy some already cute ones here!

8. Genius Under the Bed Storage

Instead of shoving everything under your child’s bed, let one of the best IKEA toy storage hacks utilize your space better. You’ll feel so much more organized by filling up the space under your child’s bed with crates and bins that hold plenty of toys. Check out Corey’s detailed tutorial here!


9. Dress Up Rack

Make your kids’ dress up station totally adorable by simply hanging everything up nicely on a sleek IKEA rod. Small Fry Blog has all the details here to see exactly how it’s done!


10. Toy Car Storage

How can you not love this?! This IKEA toy storage hack for cars is genius. I feel like it looks so cool and sleek – while totally serving a purpose! Organize all your kids’ cars or other magnetic toys with these magnet bars. Check out the orignal story for creating these right here.


11. Toy Storage Bench

I might just have to start an IKEA toy storage hacks: bench edition. I LOVE these. So practical and so useful for organizing your kid’s toys and games! Check out the full tutorial at I Heart Organizing.

✔️ Check out this frugal version of the bench by clicking here!

12. Storage Corner/Couch

Let’s talk about practical spaces for a second. This IKEA hack helps you organize your child’s toys (and keep them hidden), while giving your little one a fun place to sit and read or play. Love this idea from Ikea Hackers.


13. Lego Storage #1

Have you ever stepped on a lego? It totally sucks. So a cute lego storage system HAS to be a good idea, right? This is a must see IKEA hack that will save you from a few tears. Find the tutorial here at the Decorated Cookie.

✔️ You can find it on Amazon by clicking here! (Warning: it goes out of stock fast!)

14. Lego Storage #2

And just for good measure, we better add a second lego storage solution to our IKEA Toy Storage Hacks list. This one is also totally genius – you can find the tutorial here!


15. Bath Toy Storage

I can’t be the only one who struggles to store and organize bath toys. I want them hidden, but accessible – you know? Blue I Style Blog did just that with this genius Ikea toy storage hack! Check out her full tutorial here to organize your baby’s bath toys in no time.

✔️ Check out the rail and similar white plastic containers here on Amazon

16. Fun Nerf Gun Storage

If you have boys in your house, there’s a good chance you have nerf guns. Side note: I had nerf guns in my house when I had a husband – before I had a son 😉 Finding a great place to store the nerf guns can be challenging, but if you’re looking for a great storage solution She’s Crafty has the answer!


17. Beautiful Storage Bins

This just may be the prettiest IKEA toy storage hack yet. It looks gorgeous, yet would be able to hold SO MANY TOYS. Hand Makes Home has all the details on how to recreate this beautiful and fun toy storage solution right here – you don’t want to miss it!


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Organize Your Kids’ Toys With These Hacks Today!

Are you inspired to get your baby, toddler, and big kids’ toys organized now? I love that you no longer need to sacrifice your home’s looks for your children to be able to have a space to play.

If you decide to try any of these DIY toy organization tricks, I’d love to see your best IKEA Toy Storage Hacks in the comments below!

September 14, 2018 – 15:03 BST Chloe Best Where to get the best kids’ storage: The best furniture for children’s rooms from IKEA, My 1st Years and more

If your living room or child’s bedroom is often littered with miscellaneous books, toys and games, it’s time to think about storage. We’ve rounded up some of the best storage solutions that are as stylish as they are practical. Some are even celebrity-approved, too.

Where to get the best kids’ storage:


IKEA is a favourite for budget-friendly and practical furniture, and their range of children’s storage is no exception. Even Fearne Cotton headed to the chain to pick up a storage unit from the Trofast range for her daughter Honey’s range – a piece that costs £73 and features a pine frame and plastic storage boxes inside. The range is perfect for children’s rooms and is available in different finishes and shapes, meaning there’s an option to suit most rooms.

MORE: See the most stylish celebrity nurseries and children’s bedrooms

Alternatively, IKEA’s Kallax shelving units are ideal for storing smaller toys and bits and bobs. Starting from just £20 these units hold boxes (sold separately) that are available in an array of different colours.

My 1st Years:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are known to be fans of this label – with Prince George previously donning his adorable personalised dressing gown for a meeting with Barack Obama in 2016. As well as clothing, this site is also a good place to go for storage – particularly if you want something personalised for your child’s room. These pieces are particularly good for families with more than one child, as each one can keep their own belongings in their individual storage box or bag. We love the personalised toy chest (£120), a wooden chest that is sure to be a much-loved addition in their bedroom for years to come.


It may not be the first place that springs to mind when you think of furniture, but Amazon actually has some amazing children’s storage, including this unit by HelloHome (£39.99) that is adorned with characters from the much-loved kids’ book The Gruffalo (even Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are fans, according to Prince William). There is even a matching bookcase available, as well as a wooden chest.

GALLERY: 12 girls’ bedroom ideas that are fun and easy to create


Pick up a great storage solution on the high street at Argos. As well as storage towers for as little as £16.99, the retailer has designs like a toy box that can double up as a bench, and sleek bookcases so they can keep their favourite books on display. Better still, they’re only £24.99.


For fun yet functional furniture for your children’s room, look no further that Cuckooland. They may be a little more expensive, but these pieces are long-lasting and multi-purpose, with highlights including this Play, Learn & Sleep bed by Lifetime (£495). Acting as a bed, slide, chalkboard and storage space all in one, what kid (or parent) wouldn’t want this?

STORY: The best places to buy affordable bedroom furniture


It’s no wonder Giovanna Fletcher turned to Wayfair when it came to revamping her baby’s nursery ahead of the birth of her baby son Max. The online retailer has a vast array of children’s furniture, including storage solutions from as little as £10.99 – some even designed to look like oversized LEGO bricks – sure to be a hit with any LEGO-obsessed youngsters. There are toy boxes adorned with some of their favourite characters too, from Paw Patrol to Frozen’s Princess Elsa, they’ll make a fun and colourful addition to your child’s bedroom while tidying up their clutter.


These personalised storage baskets from Kiddiewinkles are not only practical for storing their favourite toys, but pretty too. Choose from designs including stars and gingham checks in their favourite colours, and add the message you want personalised on the side. Available for just £25, they’re a bargain addition to your child’s bedroom.


The Mummy Diaries star Sam Faiers has previously revealed she has Next furniture in her son Paul’s playroom, showing off the cabin bed she had bought him on Instagram. And the high street store has a number of children’s storage pieces, with furniture such as beds, wardrobes and chest of drawers in matching collections – ideal for creating a tidy and co-ordinated space. This Compton triple wardrobe (£325) offers space for storing clothes and shoes, as well as a spot to display their favourite books, toys and accessories.


We have a feeling Disney and Marvel-obsessed kids will love the range of storage furniture from Dunelm. You’ll find everyone from Winnie the Pooh to the Avengers on their colourful furniture range, including toy boxes, bedside tables and shelving units, many of which cost as little as £20.

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Every nursery should have a great collection of books. Whether it is one of your favorites as a kid or a special one from Grandma, your cute little books deserve to be seen! Create a library wall to display your books and also make them accessible to your little one.

When I was pregnant with my first born, Marin, I was wandering aimlessly around IKEA for inspiration for her walls, and there they were, the Ribba picture ledges. If they were meant for pictures, why not books? I knew they would be perfect to display all of her books! These picture ledges have become a signature to our children’s room designs and are almost always requested by our clients.

Here are a few tips and tricks to making the perfect library wall:

1. As a general rule, we usually hang the bottom shelf approximately 16 inches from the floor. This way you will clear any electrical outlets that may be in the way. We space our shelves about 10 inches apart. If you have a lot of very large books, you can space them to clear those books. You can also put your larger books on the top shelf.

2. It is very important to make sure your shelves are anchored to the wall and mounted in the studs. The shelves come with pre-drilled holes, so try to use those if possible. You may need to drill a new hole in the shelf if the studs in your wall do not line up with the existing holes. The reason it is so important to anchor your shelves to the studs is that the books will get heavy on the shelves. You want to be sure the shelves are secure and will not fall off of the wall, especially with your little one grabbing books off of them.

3. There are several fun things you can hang above your shelves to add more interest. You could add photos of your child in a grouping of frames like pictured above.

We also love to add our Read To Me or Custom Name storybook letters.

Adding a grouping of fun art prints is always darling too. You can find quotes and pictures that are personal to you. We always find great prints on Etsy.

This is a great, inexpensive way to add a little fun to your nursery. Not only is it cute, but it is also functional. Your little one can grab their book, hop in your lap and enjoy that quality time with you reading their favorite book!

All photos by John Woodcock Photography

8 Storage Solutions for When the Kids Share a Bedroom

Photo credit: Christopher Burns Interiors, original photo on Houzz

A shared sibling bedroom is often a necessity. One of the most challenging goals in designing a kids’ bedroom is finding enough space in one room for twice as many belongings and for larger families, sometimes three times as many items. Where to put all the clothing, shoes, toys and school gear?

Read on for a few solutions to help you create the storage that your little ones need for a happy, functional room.

1. Go for bunks

Bunk beds are a classic shared bedroom choice because they are a brilliant solution to keeping a room as spacious as possible. Not only do bunk beds efficiently use vertical space — leaving essential floor space free for movement, play and additional furniture — but they also give you the ability to create extra storage solutions around, or within, the bed structure.

For instance, you might try placing storage shelves or cubbies up high near the top bunk. Alternatively, look for modular or built-in bunk beds that provide storage — drawers or cubes — within the bed frame itself. Also, you can hang decorative items from the bunks for additional storage. Consider hanging baskets, bags and hooks off the bunks for stashing everyday items.

Photo credit: Arlington Construction Management, original photo on Houzz

2. Choose double-duty pieces

Multifunctional furniture is a must in a small shared bedroom, so look for pieces that can perform at least two tasks. Toy chests are excellent storage options that can be placed at the foot of a bed, under a window or against a wall. To create a second functional use, top a chest with cushions to turn it into a seat at a play table or in a reading corner.

Similarly, a well-designed wall unit can be used not only to house books, clothes and knickknacks, but also as a dresser and even desk for each child. Also, some chairs have pull-up seats that reveal a small storage compartment — every little bit can help. As an added bonus, many children find these hidden spaces delightful.

Photo credit: Chango & Co., original photo on Houzz

3. Shelve it

Shelves are a terrific solution for toy organization and storage. Streamlined in design, shelving is typically relatively shallow, meaning it won’t bulk up the room. Shelves can go above dressers, desks or even the bedroom door for infrequently used items. For younger siblings, consider placing shelves lower on the wall where shorter kids can easily reach their own books and toys. Put shelving higher for taller kids to efficiently use the vertical space.

In addition to their functional role, shelves are also a cost-effective way to add colorful wall decor to your kids’ room. You might select shelving in different sizes and colors, and artfully arrange the shelves on a wall. For a personalized touch, curate shelves for each sibling — perhaps using each child’s favorite color for his or her personal shelf space. This will customize the room and create a stylish feature.

When filling the shelves, think about coordinating color, shape and type of object. Not only will this be visually appealing, but it will also make it easier for your kids to remember where objects belong.

Photo credit: Sheila Schmitz, original photo on Houzz

4. Get cubed

Storage cubes are a fantastic option for a shared children’s bedroom. Today’s cubed pieces have come a long way from the plain white squares of days gone by. The market has now created a range of styles, from colorful stacked cubbies to rounded cubes that can be hung on a wall. One of these styles is sure to make a splash in your children’s room.

Cubes are great because they are flexible, and because they are ideal for incorporating bins or baskets for each child and their objects. The portability and assigned use of the baskets is helpful when teaching your kids to clean up. Tommy’s stuffed animals go in the blue basket. Sarah’s dolls go in the yellow basket. In a shared bedroom, assigning defined spaces is crucial for each child’s budding personality.

Get creative when selecting your cubed storage — you don’t have to blow the budget on expensive pieces. Milk crates are stackable, portable, inexpensive and come in an assortment of colors. Similarly, wooden crates can be repainted in a customized color for a DIY look.

Photo credit: Kari McIntosh Design, original photo on Houzz

5. Get hooked

Hooks allow you to organize and decorate at the same time. They also make whatever is hung easier for your kids to find.

Thanks to their petite size, hooks can be an efficient storage solution. Their small volume means they can go on a wall that couldn’t otherwise accommodate a piece of furniture. An awkward space in a bedroom or an unused portion of a closet wall can be an excellent place to put hooks. Try hanging fabric storage bags or sacks on each hook for storing gloves or smaller toys.

You may want to find hooks that work with a theme in your kids’ bedroom. Today’s hooks come in a variety of designs, including safari animals, trains and stars. Designate an animal or a color of star for each child. Alternatively, hooks customized with a name are a great way to carve out a defined space for each child.

6. Use the space under the bed

The large, flat space under your children’s bed is begging to be used. To free up closets and drawers, consider swapping out your kids’ seasonal items and placing them under the bed. If the beds have skirts or concealed under-the-bed spaces, you could choose cost-efficient plastic storage bags since the containers won’t be seen.

If your under-the-bed storage will be visible, consider rollaway drawers. They come in a variety of finishes and colors that can blend in with the bed. They’re easily accessible to children, making them ideal for everyday storage of toys and clothes.

Photo credit: Interior Design Solutions, original photo on Houzz

7. Max out the closet

In a shared bedroom, the closet is a valuable storage container. But you still need to use it wisely. Maximize every inch of your kids’ closet by acting as your own closet designer and approaching this challenge methodically.

First, calculate the amount of hanging space you’ll need for each child. Categorize the hanging space into short or long. Once you have this information, you can decide where to place each hanging rod for the appropriate length and width. Add shelving, pullout baskets or floating drawers that get attached to the wall on every unused portion in between the hanging rods. Don’t forget to install hooks on unused walls and even the back of the door.

If you have the space to organize the closet for more than one child, divide it from top to bottom and create a mirror-image design on either side. This will give each child a designated space and help them learn to clean up and put away their clothes.

8. Pare down

Less is more when it comes to a children’s room. Embrace this concept and edit what your kids have outgrown or simply don’t need. Try to pare down every six months or so. You’ll be surprised how many unnecessary items you’ll be able to donate or discard. And your children’s room will feel uncluttered, lighter and balanced.

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Originally published on Houzz, written by Neila Deen

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