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Igloo Island Breeze Cooler, 48 quarts review: Breeze on by this cheap, ineffective Igloo cooler

One of several options in the Island Breeze lineup, the 48-quart Igloo Island Breeze Cooler is one of the cheapest coolers you’ll find at retail. I got mine on sale at Dick’s Sporting Goods for just $15.

Well, you get what you pay for — and in the case of the Island Breeze, that means you won’t get much. For starters, the design lacks a lid latch or even a drainage spout for when your ice inevitably melts. And melt it will, my friend, as the Island Breeze put up some of the worst performance I saw from any of the coolers I tested. You’d arguably be better off with a disposable Styrofoam cooler like the $4 Lifoam model I used as a control.

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My recommendation: Upgrade instead to the Igloo MaxCold Cooler. At a cost of $45, it offers top-notch performance for the price, and even managed to beat out a couple of high-end coolers that cost hundreds more. But whatever you do, skip the Island Breeze, because like most island breezes, it runs warm.

Filled to the brim, the Igloo Island Breeze Cooler held 47.6 quarts of water before I was unable to close the lid without spilling.

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The Igloo Island Breeze is as basic as hard coolers come. The only features of note are the handles, the hinges and the fact that it comes in a couple of different color options.

Igloo Marine Breeze Cooler

Igloo Marine Breeze Cooler Review

Last Updated by Brandon F. on January 14, 2020

This is our Igloo Marine Breeze Cooler Review. The Igloo Marine Breeze Coolers utilize the unique Igloo Cool Riser Technology, which literally elevates the cooler base off of the ground, which minimizes ground contact and helps to avoid the heat. It has UV inhibitors to guard against sun damage and comes in the standard white color which helps to bounce of sun rays. It has molded on-side carry handles and extended carrying handle for the wheeled variety. It is available in 48-quart non-wheeled and 28 and 50-quart wheeled. It is made of hard plastic.

Insulation ability –

This combination of the white outer surface, decent lid sealing, and well-constructed and relatively thick plastic lining means that this ice chest will keep ice cold for 2 to 3 days in the heat. That, coupled with the unique elevated base means that you can leave this cooler sitting on a hot surface without it affecting the inside nearly as much as comparable coolers.

The larger sizes appear to keep the ice for a bit longer but even the 28-quart variety is more than acceptable. But with the larger models such as the 50 quart, you will likely be able to add at least another full bag of ice, boosting the ice retention by hours if not days compared to the smaller sizes.

Mobility and durability –

Overall the cooler is pretty well-constructed. The wheels are actually pretty high quality and have good grips. The handle (which can be notoriously weak for Igloo products) holds up quite well, even the extended ones on the wheeled examples.

Minor issues include that the lid can be quite tight to the point where it can be difficult to open due to the tight seal and the handles can be a bit stiff when trying to rotate. It would have been nice to have a drain hole in all of the sizes as well. We can’t be overly picky about the specifics here since this is targeted as being a budget-minded cooler.

Visual Appeal –

This is actually a pretty progressive-looking cooler, and Igloo does a good job of incorporating the elevated look without making it look corny or gaudy. There isn’t a lot of features on the outside (minimal handles, not cup holders, no drain hole, etc.) so it is a very simple and smooth look. It works but it won’t have quite the “wow” factor that some other coolers out there possess.

Cost –

Online prices for this product place it at the high end of the budget tier. This is a competitive price for a decent cooler. It does come with some shortcomings, but the aggressive price point does help to make those easier to swallow.

Overall Rating –

The Igloo Marine Breeze Cooler Review receives 3 out of 5 coolers. This ice chest does a pretty good job on all levels with its performance. The elevated base and tight-fitting lid mean that ice will be around for a weekend trip to even the hottest climate.

It is well-constructed enough to hold up for several seasons. Opening and close the lid and rotating the handle can be a bit laborious, however, but with its decent price can be overlooked. This is an acceptable choice for those after something simple for a short excursion.