Igloo island breeze 28

Igloo Island Breeze 28-Quart Personal Cooler

Chill Out All Day Long with an Igloo 28 Quart Cooler For Day TripsAt outdoor events you can always reach for refreshing ice-cold beverages inside the Igloo 28 quart Island Breeze cooler. Ideal for a trek to the park, a day at the beach or to provide drinks for your child s teammates, the generous size is also easy to tote. A heavy-duty bail handle with triple gripping angles allows for one-handed or two-person carrying while recessed molded side grips provide added leverage when lifting. Saving space in transit, the snap-tight lid features a stackable top. A large-capacity interior is deep enough to accommodate upright liter bottles, or you can fill it to the brim with ice and up to 37 standard cans. Load up the Igloo 28 quart cooler with ice only to fill cups or add foods that require chilling, and you ll be set anywhere you and your family go. There will always be extra room for everyone s favorite beverages, and you never have to worry about fast melting. The innovative Cool Riser case design features a raised base that lets air circulate while keeping the bottom protected from hot pavement. In the shade, it will keep contents cooler even longer. Ergonomic features include the body-conforming curved back for added comfort during longer hauls.

Igloo Island Breeze 60 Roller Review

The Igloo Island Breeze 60 Roller is an inexpensive, readily available wheeling insulator.

Performance Comparison

The inexpensive and readily available Igloo Island Breeze.

Insulation Value

There is nothing remarkable about the insulation value of this model. For casual use, it will do the trick. However, in extended use, expect more-rapid-than-average ice loss. In our head-to-head testing this Igloo didn’t fare too well. The most direct comparison is to the similarly sized, Best Buy winning Coleman 62 Xtreme Wheeled cooler. Pitting these against one another, the Coleman comes out well ahead.

Even though it can be electrically cold, you can use this ice box with ice in the traditional sense as well. Filling up the Igloo for a week on the road.

Ease of Use

The broad lid opens and closes readily. In order to preserve the lightweight and inexpensive wheels, Igloo labels this cooler recommending that one not sit on it. Our testers were unanimously put off by this.

Detail of the wheel, axle, and drain area of Igloo’s Island Breeze cooler.


As long as the user refrains from sitting on the cooler, this will last fairly well. Traditional, glued and foam-insulated cooler construction is pretty reliable.

Because of the wheel construction, Igloo recommends not sitting on the lid. The excess weight can collapse the wheels and axle.


The generous and varied handles, overall lightweight construction, and large diameter wheels move this insulator around quite readily.


This is an inexpensive cooler. However, given the relatively poor insulating value and limited application as a picnic seat, our testers feel it is worth a few extra dollars for something like our Best Buy pick.


The Igloo Island Breeze rolling cooler is readily available, inexpensive, and will keep drinks ice cold for an afternoon picnic or a single night of camping out.

Even on mildly rough ground the Igloo Island Breeze rolls easily.