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A new home is a big reason to celebrate, and what better way to do it than with a thoughtful housewarming gift? Whether your friend just finished moving in to her new apartment or your cousin recently turned the key on his first house, everyone appreciates a small sentiment that shows you were thinking about them during such a momentous time.

When it comes to the perfect housewarming gifts, it really is the thought that counts. There’s no need to spend big, just focus on items that help welcome your friend or loved one to their new digs and their new life there. In case you need some help brainstorming, here are some gift ideas for new homeowners that are perfect for pretty much everyone.

A gift card to a nearby restaurant (preferably one that delivers)

When you’re in the process of settling in to your new home, cooking dinner isn’t exactly the first thing on the to-do list. Save them the trouble by gifting a meal to a place somewhere near their new home. When in doubt about where to get a gift card from, remember that pizza is almost never the wrong answer.

A fancy candle

Nothing evokes feelings of warmth and home more quickly than a nice candle. A little splurging goes a long way when it comes to candles, so look for something with a rich yet subtle scent that comes in pretty packaging. Make sure to include a lighter or a book of matches with the candle as well, since tiny things like that often go missing in the chaos of moving.

Fresh baked goods

There’s really no situation that can’t be made better with baked goods. Head to a local bakery near their new place for a box of goodies or whip up a batch of something sweet at your own home, then bring them over fresh. You could also pick them up something from their favorite bakery in their old neighborhood. It’s hard to go wrong when butter and sugar are involved.

Flowers in a pretty vase

Brighten up their new space with some gorgeous, colorful blooms in a pretty vase they’ll want to keep long after the original flowers have called it a day. Being around flowers can help reduce moving-related stress and lends an instant burst of put-togetherness to a space that otherwise might be looking a little empty.

A plant

If you’re looking for something that will last longer than a bouquet, spring for a green and leafy plant. Keep in mind though that a plant is a bit more of a responsibility than flowers, so if you’re not sure how good their green thumb is, be sure to pick out a plant that’s known for being low-maintenance, like a succulent or a snake plant.

A set of nice food storage containers

The best time to get your home organized is right when you move in. Help them out with a set of quality food storage containers they can use in their pantry or cabinets. Not only do these types of containers lend a nice touch of Pinterest-y chic to any space, they’re also long lasting and totally practical. And don’t worry if they already have a set – you can really never have too much storage.

A cozy blanket

Help them get cozy with a super soft throw blanket they’ll love curling up under. Blankets made with wool, fleece, cotton, or a cotton and polyester blend offer incredible softness at reasonable price points, or you can go big and splurge on a blanket made from cashmere, mohair, or faux fur. If you don’t know the color scheme of their home, pick out a blanket in a neutral color that will fit in wherever they choose to put it.

A personalized reminder of their last home

Most moves are bittersweet, evoking excitement at what’s to come and nostalgia for what was left behind. Honor where they’ve been with a custom item that celebrates their journey, such as a framed map of their old neighborhood or a serving board in the shape of the state they moved from. Etsy is a great place to go for these types of items, and you’ll find plenty of ideas for original and personalized trinkets and prints.

A welcome mat

A new home calls for a new welcome mat. You can go with something simple and classic, or get a mat custom made with their initials or a fun saying. This is likely something they were planning on buying for themselves eventually when they got around to it, so you’ll be giving them a thoughtful gift and doing them a nice favor.

A tool kit

Everyone needs a box of essential tools. This is an especially useful gift for those who are moving into their very first home or apartment and might not have acquired the basics – like a hammer, measuring tape, wrench, and screwdriver – over the years. Bulk it up by including a few of the necessary handy items they might not think of, like a level and a sturdy flashlight.

A gift certificate for a massage

Packing, moving, and unpacking are all seriously hard work. Help them take a load off and relax with a certificate for a massage at a nearby spa – their body probably needs it. Be sure to include tip too so that everything is covered.

A gift certificate for a cleaning service

Most moves require a lot of heavy cleaning on top of everything else. Cross this one major thing off their list by treating them to a free round of professional cleaning. Even if they’ve already done their move-in scrub down, this is one gift that will always be useful, no matter when they choose to use it.

A tried-and-true cookbook

A new kitchen means new cooking inspiration. Help them capitalize on it with a cookbook you know they’ll get a lot out of. It can be one you own yourself and love, or one that’s considered an essential for home cooks. Even if they don’t use it often, it will still look pretty on the shelf.

A fire extinguisher

Okay, so it’s not the most glamorous of housewarming gifts, but it is something that everybody definitely needs. You can go with a standard red one, or go a little fancier with a designer fire extinguisher from a brand like Safe-T. Whichever you choose, make sure it’s certified by a nationally recognized testing laboratory.

A quality key chain

The best gifts are the ones that the person will use often, so how about something they’ll see every time they take out their house keys? Go shopping for a stylish key chain you know will match their style, or get one custom made.

A bottle of wine or spirits

Sometimes you just need a nice glass of something strong after a long day of unpacking. Buy them a bottle of their favorite type of liquor or brand of wine, or go with a bottle of champagne since this is, after all, a cause for celebration. If you want to go a step further, include a set of glasses with the bottle just in case they’re not totally unpacked yet and would rather not sip a nice scotch out of a plastic cup.

The best gifts for new homeowners are the ones that are both practical and sentimental. Go with something that fits their style and personality and that will also have a real use in their new home. And don’t stress about it too much. A housewarming gift isn’t a necessity, so they’ll appreciate the extra effort no matter what you show up with.

The 20 Best Housewarming Gift Ideas

Attending a housewarming party is a fun way to check out a friend’s new home. It’s a time to celebrate that they’ve moved in and are getting settled. It’s also a time to think about housewarming gifts.

“A housewarming gift is a fantastic way to say congratulations to the people you care about. It may take a little forethought to choose the right one, but it is well worth it,” according to Mova. If you’re struggling with what to bring to a housewarming party, here are a variety of suggestions that will satisfy just about anyone.

1. Corkscrew and wine

Wine is the most common host or hostess gift for a reason — it’s hard to find someone who won’t enjoy the bottle you bring. Pairing that with a nice, traditional corkscrew or even a new electronic one creates a thoughtful gift your housewarming host can enjoy on the spot.

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Selecting a wine for someone else can be a bit of a challenge. Beth Cash, Wine Club Directress of ACME Fine Wines shares her tips for purchasing wine as a gift:

  • If you know what they enjoy, start there
  • Bring something you already know tastes good
  • Avoid wines that are easy to find in the area. Visit a wine shop rather than a grocery store to ask for what’s new.

If you’re unsure of what wine to bring, combine the corkscrew with a few cocktail glasses to complete the set.

2. Tools

Everyone needs a simple toolset for those everyday jobs around a new home. A hammer, screwdriver, measuring tape, nails and picture hanging kit create a do-it-yourself basket. This is perfect for mounting shelves, hanging pictures and making small repairs. It’s a perfect apartment warming gift.

Even if you’re headed to an apartment where they can’t put holes in the walls, you can alter this handy basket to include duct tape, Command hooks, plastic bags, antibacterial wipes and any other household necessities.

3. Scented candles

While candles are a traditional go-to gift for a housewarming party, bringing the gift of freshness into a home can come from a diffuser, air freshener or essential oil kit.

Find a scent that fits with the season like apples or pumpkins in the fall, green tea in the winter, floral scents for the spring and clean linen for the summer.

4. Plants

Plants are not only pretty to look at, but they bring life into a new home. Placed in a decorative pot, your gift adds ambiance to a new home and freshens things up.

If you’re worried about giving a gift that requires too much care, there are many household plants that require minimal watering and can survive in a variety of light conditions.

5. Wall art

If you’re close enough with this friend to know their style, consider a housewarming gift they can appreciate the entire time they live in their new home. With a piece of art for the wall, you can add beauty or humor to the decor of your friend’s home.

6. Basket of coffee or tea

Another gift basket that’s well-received is one full of the fuel needed to get moving in the morning. Customize for coffee or tea drinkers, but fill the basket with a few varieties of coffee beans or tea bags, sweeteners, creamers and a fun mug.

7. Personalized gift

Monogrammed gifts allow you to give something that’s personal. There’s also almost no limit to what you can get monogrammed, keeping the possibilities for just the right gift pretty open.

You can opt for something functional like a doormat, cutting board or salt and pepper shakers, or take a more decorative route creating a personalized sign or plaque.

8. Pet treats

Dogs and cats have to adjust to a new home just like people, so don’t leave them off your housewarming gift list. Bring them a special treat or a small, new toy to enjoy during the housewarming party.

9. Board or party games

Anyone who’s a game night fanatic will appreciate a housewarming gift they can play with friends. Bring along a new board or card game like Pictionary or Cards Against Humanity to help your friend start a game night tradition in their new home.

10. Bath goodies

Delightful bath and body products can end up being one of the best housewarming gifts because they serve double duty. They’re practical because they get you clean, and luxurious because they can help you relax. And that makes this gift very thoughtful. Consider pulling together yet another basket-style gift with a combination of:

  • Body butter
  • Bath salts
  • Scrubs
  • Lotions
  • Aftershave
  • Shaving cream
  • Soap

Focus on your friend’s favorite scents to create a theme to the gift, and mix up products based on what they most often use.

11. Food

Indulge your friend’s sweet tooth with a housewarming gift you can bake at home. Cookies, a cake or pie can serve as dessert for the party and provide a considerate gift.

If your host doesn’t have a large sweet tooth, combine sweet and salty with a homemade trail mix in a decorative tin.

12. Gift jar

Gifts in this category always get “wow’s” at parties because of how cute they look. Assemble all the ingredients for a special treat into a jar to make preparation super easy and on-demand.

MidwestLiving shares a recipe for Toffee Blondies in a Jar where you layer in the dry ingredients necessary to quickly make this special treat. You can make hot chocolate in a jar by layering cocoa powder, mini marshmallows and even little pieces of peppermint to melt in for extra decadence. Consider adding a decorative kitchen towel to the gift for a little extra flair.

13. Gift cards

There’s so much to buy when moving into a new apartment, and your housewarming gift can help finish the job. Stick a gift card into a sweet card and provide your friends with the ability to buy any accessories they made need to finish off a room or even finish stocking their pantry

14. Couples’ gifts

Moving is hard work. There’s a lot of stress and a lot of sore muscles. Especially if you’re attending a housewarming party for a couple, you know they need to get out and relax.

Help them with movie tickets, a dinner gift card to a restaurant in their new neighborhood or even go in with other party guests and get them a couple’s massage.

15. Crafts for kids

If you’re attending a housewarming party for a family, it’s always considerate to bring a little gift for the kids. A DIY craft kit, coloring book and new crayons, block set or activity book not only keep kids occupied during the party but gives them something creative to do in their new home. Stay away from things that are messy or aren’t age-appropriate so the child can do the activity on their own.

If you know a child is struggling to adjust to their new home, consider getting them a book to help ease their fears. “Moving can be an uncertain and stressful time for everyone, especially your kids,” according to Valle Dwight from GreatSchools. She shares a list of some titles to consider for a variety of ages.

16. Religious item

If appropriate for your host or hostess, consider a small religious item as a housewarming gift. In Jewish and Islamic tradition, a Hamsa is a protective symbol that signifies happiness, health and luck, which many people hang in their homes.

For a Christian home, a lovely cross, which is a symbol of protection that wards off evil, fire and hunger, can be a welcomed gift. For non-religious people still interested in adding a bit of decorative luck or protection, a dream catcher or horseshoe does the trick.

17. Maps

Localize your gift with a map of your friend’s new neighborhood or of the city. If they’ve recently moved from somewhere else, get them a map from where they came from to help ease their nostalgia. These pieces can make a great bit of artwork and come in all kinds of styles.

18. Return address stamp

While most of us don’t send a lot of mail, when we do have postal needs, the most tedious part is writing your home address on the envelope. Eliminate the task for your friends and provide them with a nice housewarming gift at the same time with a return address stamp. This is a thoughtful gift they’ll use the entire time they’re in their new home.

19. Herb garden

Get their kitchen off to a fresh start with a small herb garden gift. Select herbs commonly used such as basil, cilantro, rosemary or oregano.

A cute kit of fresh herbs provides a housewarming gift that not only brightens up the kitchen but infuses it with delicious smells and ingredients for favorite dishes.

20. Holiday ornaments

If the housewarming party is close to Christmas, consider customizing a gift that can double as a special holiday decoration. A new home ornament that features the move-in date (or year) and address can help commemorate this special occasion and add a little something special to this year’s Christmas tree.

Enjoy the party

When in doubt, a housewarming gift should be something that fits the personality of the host or hostess. If you don’t know them well, focus on decorative items or functional pieces most everyone uses.

Stick to items for the kitchen or bar if you’re in a pinch, and you usually can’t go wrong. The important thing to remember is it ultimately isn’t about the housewarming gift. You’re there to celebrate the new home and the people living in it.

Housewarming Gifts

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What are some Romantic Housewarming Gifts for Newlyweds?

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A new space requires a bit of extra love to make it feel like home. When your friends load up the moving truck and settle into a new house or apartment, personalized housewarming gift ideas and a loving note card can make all the difference. Homemade gifts add a bit of style to the room while reminding your friends and family of their supportive community as they make this transition.

Our list of handmade new home gift ideas features personalized essentials for the kitchen, dining room table, bedroom, and living room. Housewarming gifts also come in the form of delicious recipes, DIY self-care packages, or framed photographs. Whether you’re headed to a housewarming party or sending a gift to greet your friends in the mail, these DIY housewarming gift ideas can be customized to every style, personality, and home design.

1. Rope Basket Collection

Source: Decor Hint

These classic and versatile rope baskets make excellent DIY gifts, utilizing just a cotton clothesline and a sewing machine. The baskets remain sturdy and durable while keeping a soft and natural look for storing home odds and ends.

2. Retro Golf Leaf Coasters

Source: Dans le Lake House

Customize your own tile coasters by adding variegated gold leaf to the top of richly hued wooden coasters. Mix together the colors in your own design, ensuring each coaster is different from the next. Pair with personalized mugs and loose tea leaves for a tea-lovers gift set.

3. Colorblock Tote Bag

Source: Shutterfly

Choose a metallic color block of your choice and add your friend’s monogram to the front of this canvas tote bag. Fill with helpful home kitchen items and home decor for a unique housewarming gift set.

4. DIY Fabric Coaster

Source: Mod Podge Rocks

Without sewing a stitch, transform your favorite fabric into square coasters with the help of Mod Podge and felt backing. Create a housewarming gift set by pairing with DIY decorated glasses as well.

5. Terrazzo Incense Holder

Source: Bliss Makes

Roll out a handful of multi-colored pieces into a circle of white clay for a classic terrazzo stone look. Add an additional ball of clay to the center of the dish before it dries and include a small hole to safely hold a stick of incense.

6. Customized Bedding

Source: Shutterfly

From pillow shams to throw blankets, build a gift set of customized bedding and cozy home accents that warm your loved one’s new home. Design each item with photos, stylish designs or their monograms.

7. Handmade Kitchen Towels

Source: Littel Town Life

If you’d like to forego the beet route, follow these simple instructions for dip-dying handmade tea towels with traditional dye. The tutorial also includes set-by-step instructions for constructing napkins from your favorite fabric.

8. Unicorn Succulent Planter

Source: Creative Green Living

Mirror the trendy look of unicorn cakes with a playful planter filled with succulents. All you need is a plain mason jar, glass-friendly paint and a collection of colorful felt for the floral headpiece. Use a cutout of glitter craft foam for the horn.

9. Monogrammed Planter Box

Source: Shutterfly

This simple and small gift idea is the perfect answer to warm a new home. Customize your flower box design with a large monogram and fill with your herbs, wildflowers or season plant of choice.

10. Embroidered Cloth Napkins

Source: Boxwood Avenue

Add an old-fashioned message onto a set of plain cloth napkins by following these easy cursive instructions. After choosing your favorite phrases, use a template over top of your embroidery hoop for a clean look.

11. Natural Wood Bead Garland

Source: A Life Adjacent

Garlands are the simplest way to add personality to a room year round. String a set of large, unpainted wooden beads onto your choice of twine or cord and finish off with a DIY tassel on either end.

12. Photo Collage Beer Stein

Source: Shutterfly

Gather together your favorite memories and cover a frosted beer stein with images of your friendship. Personalize with a special message and gift in a set of two for a couple moving into a new home.

13. DIY Wood Slice Cake Stand

Source: Delia Creates

A cake stand can act as the focal point of a centerpiece as well as a practical spot to keep cakes and other homemade goodies. Polish a natural slice of wood with mineral oil and attach it to a small ceramic ramekin to act as the stand.

14. Decanter Tassel Labels

Source: Homemade Banana

Spruce up your friend’s bar cart with DIY decanter labels. String large wooden beads and a playful thread tassel adorned with their handwritten monogram. Create a set of labels to mark their various decanters and wine bottles.

15. Woven Wall Hanging

Source: Crafts Unleashed

With its use of thick yarn and warm, earth-toned colors, this abstract wall hanging takes on a rustic feel. Use a weaving loom to build a customized wall hanging, alternating patches of color and thread thickness for a quilt-like appearance.

16. Hanging Photo Holder

Source: Shutterfly

In the wooden frame of your choice, string a decorative piece of twine through the top and bottom of the center of the frame. Connect gold clips and favorite photo prints to personalize the housewarming gift. Include extra photos in your gift box to be swapped out during the year.

17. Round Wall Mirror and Shelf

Source: Making It!

Flex your carpentry muscles with this simple, yet effective mirror-and-shelf combo. Attach a circular mirror to two half moons of plywood. Attach mounting strips to the back for easy display.

18. Faux Terracotta Pitcher

Source: Bliss Makes

Transform a plain white or cream-colored porcelain pitcher with spray paint to create a faded terracotta look. Begin painting at the bottom of the pitcher and work your way up, slowly fading the layers of paint as you go.

19. Dry-Brushed Planters

Source: Fish and Bull

With a thin layer of acrylic paint, add rough layers of white to three small traditional terracotta pots. Add three different plants inside each one as a housewarming gardening gift, creating an herb garden, wildflower display or grouping of succulents.

20. Hand-Painted Wooden Tray

Source: Fox and Hazel

A practical piece of DIY home decor, this hand-painted wooden tray uses a straightforward stencil to create an eye-catching pattern. Use metallic paints for an extra touch of style and personalize to your friend’s home design.

21. Personalized Drink Koozies

Source: Shutterfly

Every time your friends and loved ones cheers to their new home, they’ll think of your great housewarming gift. Add a photo, customized design and monogram to a set of drink koozies and gift with their favorite local craft beer.

22. Gemstone Wine Bottle Stoppers

Source: Freutcake

Buy a set of multi-colored Sculpey clay to create a set of geometric, gem-inspired cork toppers. Attach each to the tops of thin corks to preserve an opened wine bottle. Pair your stopper set with your friends’ favorite bottle of wine as a housewarming gift.

23. Whiskey Maple Syrup

Source: A Country’s Girl Life

Combine genuine Vermont maple syrup, vanilla extract and the whiskey of your choice for a winter-themed small gift idea. Design a personalized label with a loving message and wrap it up with a decorative ribbon and a serving spoon.

24. Air Plant Terrarium

Source: Pattymac Knits

Choose a real or faux air plant to act as the focal point to your geometric terrarium display. Fill a glass vessel with aquarium sand and decorative glass or gemstones and nestle your plant into the center of the planter. Include air plant care instructions with your gift.

25. Leather Wine Tags

Source: Story Piece

With the use of a hand-stamping set, punch festive messages or personal monograms into swatches of leather to hang on wine and spirits bottles. Bring your favorite bottle to the party marked by your handmade tags.

26. Minimalist Clay Art

Source: Lovely Drawer

Arrange a collection of simple, geometric shapes into the center of a wooden frame to create a gift-worthy work of art. Utilize naturally hued clay for a calming, minimalist look.

27. New-Sew Felt Floral Pillow

Source: Smitha Katti

No sewing machine? This no-sew craft glues together two pieces of gray felt and tops it with multicolored flowers, leaves and hearts. Customize your pillow to your friend’s new home’s style and color scheme.

28. DIY Perfume Trio

Source: Hello Glow

Solid perfume is a great alternative to the typical liquid form, and work beautifully in gift sets. Combine your favorite combination of essential oils with beeswax and almost oil and pair in a pack of three as a great small gift idea.

29. Best Friend Photo Books

Source: Shutterfly

Immortalize the best photos of your friendship in a coffee table book for their new home. Use the online layout tool to customize your book to tell the story of all your memories together.

30. DIY Area Rug

Source: A Beautiful Mess

Line a circle of canvas material with washable pom-pom trim to create this easy DIY area rug. Customize to your loved one’s home design for a personalized approach. The rug adds a pop of color to a kid’s room or a playful addition to an office.

31. Ombre Knit Blanket

Source: Dabbles and Babbles

This handknit blanket makes for a classic housewarming gift, ideal for draping across a loveseat or at the base of a bed. Transition from a deep rich pink colored yard to a paler variety as you go, creating this trendy ombre effect.

32. Wooden Holiday Centerpiece

Source: Kingston Crafts

Personalize a wooden disk to place at the center of the holiday table with the use of a Cricut machine. Line the edges with a leaf or floral design and include a loving message or monogram at the center.

33. Vintage Map Pillow

Source: Picture Box Blue

Looking for the perfect DIY gift for your travel-loving friend? Design a vintage map of your friend’s favorite spots and upload the photo design online to create a customized set of throw pillows.

34. Wrapped Beeswax Candles

Source: Hello Nest

Buy a set of beeswax sheets online or at your local craft shop and roll them into pillar candles the height on your choice. Before rolling, fold a long cotton wick into the height of the candlestick. Pair with a set of DIY candlesticks holders.

35. Silhouette Kitchen Towels

Source: White Cottage Home & Living

Create a set of classic tea towels by printing basic kitchen tool silhouettes and classic, food-centric messages onto iron-on paper. Gift with other kitchen essentials to create a full housewarming gift set.

36. Hand-Stamped Tea Towels

Source: Patchwork Cactus

Perfect a childhood craft favorite by using carved apples and potatoes to customize fabric stamps. Add a summery pattern for a bright and cheerful look to your new home gift set or keep it simple with minimalist shapes and patterns in a solid color.

37. Brushstroke Monogram Letters

Source: Crafts Unleashed

Acrylic paints can create a textured, vibrant look when layered on top of one another without blending. Layer a collection of bright colors on two canvas letters to hang in your friends’ new home, personalizing whichever room they choose to hang it.

38. Flower and Herb Encrusted Candle Holders

Source: Hearth and Vine

Dried flowers and herbs can line the outsides of glass holders as an alternative to glitter or paint, giving them a natural, rustic appearance. Use painter’s tape to create a pattern on the front of each jar and gift in a set of three with your favorite scented tea candles.

39. Face Painted Planters

Source: Francois et Moi

Small ceramic egg cups also make for excellent mini-planters, ideal for starting seedlings before the spring. Draw two blinking eyelashes and a spot of pink to the front of each to create a set of blushing planters.

40. Cake Slice Coasters

Source: Demetres

If you’re looking for a truly unique housewarming gift idea, transform a sheet of cork into lifelike cake slice coasters. Follow simple geometric patterns to pull of the look, mixing together different cake flavors and varieties for a full gift set.

41. Colorful Taper Candle Holder

Source: Sugar and Cloth

Fill their new home with natural light and colors of the rainbow with this wooden, tapered candle holder. Drill ¾” holes throughout a long block of wood to hold candlesticks of varying height and color.

42. Felt Floral Wreath Trio

Source: Bird’s Party

Perfect for decking out a bare wall or front door, this trio of faux wreaths features a collection of felt flowers fit the given season. Choose richer colors for fall and paler for the spring, whenever your friends move into their new place.

43. Oversized Cat Pillow

Source: Scratch and Stitch

Create this playful throw pillow idea by sewing together two cat-shaped sheets of fabric and stuffing it with Polyfil until full and fluffy. Finish it off by also connecting two Halloween-themed bath mats and by placing the filled pillow inside. Gift to a cat-loving friend throwing a housewarming party.

44. Multi-Colored Gradient Jar

Source: Club Crafted

Great for holding kitchen snacks and sweet treats, gift this hand-painted jar with a fun phrase adorned on the outside. Be sure to grab spray paint specifically for glass and let the jar dry completely before removing the lettering stencil.

45. Oversized Pom Pom Garland

Source: Lia Griffith

A simple pom-pom garland can add a level of elegance to any room—from the nursery to the kitchen. Grab a skein of thick yarn and attach store-bought or handmade pom poms in your color choice.

46. Personalized Rolling Pin

Source: Delia Creates

Looking for a housewarming gift for your favorite ameteur baker? Add your own touch of artistic style to a rolling pin, wooden spoon or spatula with a wood-burned pattern of your choice. Choose a playful collection of polka dots, stars or even their monogram.

47. Handmade Napkin Tray

Source: Oh Oh Deco

This simple kitchen centerpiece is both eye-catching and practical. Connect two coat hangers wires to a small block of wood and decorate each wire with natural wooden beads. Pair up with DIY cloth napkins as a housewarming gift set.

48. Beet-Dyed Tea Towels

Source: Hello Nest

Naturally stain the ends of white cotton tea towels without chemicals. Combine beet juice, vinegar and water and dip the ends of the towel to soak up the color for a color block or ombre design.

49. Paper Botanical Monogram

Source: Shake My Blog

This simple, yet effective DIY gift involves cutting simple, natural shapes from three colors of craft paper. Paint or cut out a letter in the monogram of your recipient and line with paper leaves, petals and branches to create a 3-D, floral look. Emboss the leaves and petals for extra detail.

50. Gold Leaf Throw Blanket

Source: Oleander and Palm

Add a unique touch to your DIY throw blanket project with the use of your Cricut machine. Metallic iron-on vinyl permanently attaches to the lining of a cozy comforter while adding a customized look to a classic housewarming gift.

51. Handmade Macrame Wall Hanging

Source: Hello Nest

This list wouldn’t be complete without the popular Macrame DIY home decor gift. Weave 1-2 skeins of macrame cord to a wooden dowel for a simplistic wall accent in your friend’s new place.

52. Modern Clay Candle Holder

Source: Wonderwood

Inspired by a classic look, modernize your DIY candle holder by molding thick, white clay and a gold candlestick holder. If you wish, add a simple design or monogram to personalize it for your friend’s new home.

53. Refreshing Room Spray

Source: A Life Adjacent

Natural room sprays can make a space feel calm and cozy. Combine your favorite variety of essential oils in a small spray bottle and create a label with a fragrance title of your choice. Adding a touch of vodka helps spread the oils more evenly for a balanced scent.

54. Cozy Flower Pot Tea Candle Holders

Source: Love and Specs

Fill your friend’s new home with the smells of mulling spices and coffee beans by nestling them around a tea candle in a painted flower pot. Add a simplistic hand-painted design of holly or flowers depending on the season.

Home decor gifts are always personal when created by hand. Narrow down your choice of housewarming gift by combining your friend’s home style and your strongest DIY skills. Be sure to pair each present with a greeting card that makes them feel welcome in their new home.

40+ Gifts for New Homeowners

At a housewarming party or moving celebration, it’s customary to bring a small token of congratulations to the happy homeowners. Help family and friends settle into their new home (or apartment!) with the perfect gift for a fresh beginning. Choose a customized piece of artwork to fill empty walls, spring for a traditional broom gift, or give small items that allow the homeowners to build new memories in the space. These gifts for new homes and yards will help loved ones transform an empty house into a comfortable, personalized home.

Image zoom Courtesy of Etsy

1. Welcome Mat

If homeowners want to give a welcoming first impression to the neighborhood, a doormat can be an easy first step. The scripted “Oh, Hello” flocked on this sweet, welcoming mat is certain to add a little sunshine to any front porch. The 18×30-inch design is handmade, and the Etsy shop, The Cheeky Doormat, offers plenty of varieties to fit your family’s style.

Buy It: Oh, Hello Welcome Doormat, $40

Image zoom Courtesy of Food52

2. Wine Bag & Cooler

Celebrate a new home with a bottle of wine placed in an understated fiber cooler. The lightweight paper of this chilled wine bag is designed to look like leather, but it also provides water- and stain-resistant properties. The beautiful Italian wrapping is available in blush, grey, brown, and black, and it’s designed for reuse. Cheers!

Buy It: Wine Bag & Cooler, $34

Image zoom Courtesy of Society6

3. Serving Tray

This colorful serving tray features a stunning watercolor print that will brighten every home. The Society 6 accessory is made out of eco-friendly bamboo, and it’s pretty enough to sit on a coffee table when not in use. Bonus: The same company offers its beautiful bloom pattern on an assortment of other living room necessities, like throw pillows and coasters.

Buy It: Eco-Friendly Bloom Serving Tray, $37

Image zoom Courtesy of Pottery Barn

4. Moscow Mule Mugs

If your new homeowners enjoy handmade cocktails, consider investing in a nice set of copper Moscow mule mugs. The vintage-style vessels are marked with small indents that make them adorable to leave sitting out in the open. To take this gift to the next level, pick up a few ingredients to make Moscow mules, and surprise the new homeowners with a sip “on the house.”

Buy It: Hammered Moscow Mule Mug Set, $39

Image zoom Courtesy of Etsy

5. Mini Wreath

Give friends a sweet-smelling, welcoming wreath that doesn’t overwhelm the senses. We love these small, farmhouse-chic wreaths that are lightly scented with your choice of fragrance. Pick a long-lasting artificial grapevine wreath, then add a favorite smell like eucalyptus, vanilla cinnamon, or spring tulips.

Buy It: Mini Farmhouse Eucalyptus Wreath, $23

Image zoom Courtesy of Mark & Graham

6. Monogrammed Key Tag

Let new homeowners add that brand-new house key to a classic keychain made from silver-plated brass. The timeless accessory can be monogrammed with your choice of letters and font, allowing you to fully customize the thoughtful housewarming gift.

Buy It: Monogrammed Silver Key Tag, $39

Image zoom Courtesy of Succulent Studios

7. Succulent Subscription Box

Help friends fill their home with organically grown plants by purchasing a short-term succulent subscription box. Recipients will get two baby succulents each month for the duration of the subscription through Succulent Studios. It’s a thoughtful gift that says welcome to the neighborhood—and plant parenthood! Plus, succulent care is almost goofproof.

Buy It: Succulent Studios Subscription Box, $17

Image zoom Courtesy of Etsy

8. Custom Painting

Document a couple’s first home with a customized home illustration they will cherish no matter where they move. These beautiful watercolor paintings capture the facade and charm of individual houses, and once framed, they make a perfect housewarming gift.

Buy It: Customized Watercolor House Painting, $70–$130

Image zoom Courtesy of Haute Papier

9. Letterpress Coasters

Party planners are always running out of coasters, especially in a new space. Order a set of letterpress coasters and package them with a bottle of wine to celebrate a new homeowner’s space. We love this set of 100 wine-theme coasters, but there are dozens of personalized designs to choose from.

Buy It: Letterpress Wine Coasters, $25

Image zoom Courtesy of Amazon

10. Homebody Book

What would Joanna do? Let new homeowners gather wisdom from the “Fixer Upper” star with her guide to designing a home that represents the personalities who live there. The book, “Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave” by Joanna Gaines, offers tips for blending decorating styles and sketching new plans of your own.

Buy It: Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave, $24

Image zoom Courtesy of Etsy

11. Welcome Sign

Say it loud and proud: “Welcome!” An oversize front-door sign is sure to send a creative curbside message. This 6-foot pallet sign is hand-painted, adding a thoughtful touch to the beautiful porch decoration.

Buy It: Oversize Front Door Welcome Sign, $45

Image zoom Courtesy of King Arthur Flour

12. Pizza Baking Stone

Ready for a homemade pizza night? New homeowners will love receiving this bread and pizza baking stone from King Arthur that promises a crispy crust to rival stone ovens. This made-in-America gift will be adored for the date nights and delicious dinners it provides for years to come.

Buy It: Bread and Pizza Baking Stone, $65

Image zoom Courtesy of Seed Savers Exchange

13. Seed Delivery

Give your new homeowner’s garden the best foundation from seed to sprout. A package of heirloom seeds from Seed Savers Exchange will give gardeners the most delicious products, and you can order everything from miniature bell peppers to mountain sweet yellow watermelons. If you aren’t sure what seeds your new homeowners need, consider a gift card instead.

Buy It: Heirloom Seed Savers Delivery, $25

Image zoom Courtesy of Target

14. Plaid Throw Blanket

A classic blue-and-red plaid pattern makes a stylish and cozy addition to any living room. We love this warm wool blanket from Magnolia’s Hearth & Hand line as a hygge-inspired household addition for fall mornings and winter nights. The fabric is machine washable, making it an easy choice for new homeowners.

Buy It: Blue and Red Plaid Throw Blanket, $29.99

Image zoom Courtesy of Boxhill

15. Calla Lily Bulb Kit

This ready-to-plant kit of Calla lily bulbs is as beautiful as it is thoughtful. New homeowners will receive the premium bulbs of two rush lilies, lipstick lilies, and mint julep lilies. The colorful and vibrant gift will begin blooming six to eight weeks after planting.

Buy It: Calla Lily Gift Bulb Kit, $270

Image zoom Courtesy of Gardener’s Supply Company

16. Birdhouse

Greet fluttering friends with a small cedar birdhouse designed to resemble an acorn. New homeowners will love the opportunity to hang this handmade copper birdhouse near a window where wildlife can be appreciated by all.

Buy It: Cedar Acorn Birdhouse, $60

Image zoom Courtesy of Lostine

17. All-Purpose Brooms

According to superstition, homeowners are supposed to receive a new broom when they arrive at a new home to symbolize a fresh start. The old broom is said to carry all the negativity remaining from the old home into the new house. While we don’t believe that, it does provide the perfect opportunity to buy your homeowners a simple yet beautiful barn broom.

Buy It: All-Purpose Barn Brooms, $65

Image zoom Courtesy of UncommonGoods

18. Cheese Board with Knives

We love any excuse for a DIY cheese board, and hopefully your new homeowners do too. This round bamboo cheese board transforms into a stacked wheel with extra storage for serving tools, including an all-purpose cheese knife, a flat cheese knife, and a cheese fork. The easy-to-store design makes this housewarming gift both functional and pretty.

Buy It: 13-Inch Compact Swivel Cheese Board with Knives, $40

Image zoom Courtesy of MoMA Design Store

19. Cheese Markers

Say cheese—or whatever your heart desires! These cute and budget-friendly Chit Chat Markers come recommended from the Museum of Modern Art design store, and homeowners are sure to love their dry-erase simplicity. The pack of 12 allows a quick label for each item served on your DIY charcuterie board.

Buy It: Chit Chat Cheese Markers, $10

Image zoom Courtesy of L.L.Bean

20. Flannel Sheet Set

This new homeowner gift is certain to bring comfort and warmth to a new house. The fan-favorite L.L. Bean ultrasoft comfort flannel sheet set is true to its name, and it promises to resist shrinking, fading, and pilling. Brushed cotton flannel is ideal for winter nights, but homeowners will be grateful for their beautifully made bed year-round.

Buy It: Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Sheet Set, $119

Image zoom Courtesy of Etsy

21. ZIP Code Pillow

What’s our new ZIP Code again? Help new homeowners adjust to a new address with a pretty, personalized ZIP Code pillow. The handmade throw pillow adds a rustic touch to front porches, residence halls, and living rooms.

Buy It: Personalized ZIP Code Pillow, $25–$41

Image zoom Courtesy of Wayfair

22. Magazine Rack

A modern wire wall hanging doubles as storage for magazines and vinyl records. Homeowners can easily organize the media while unpacking, and the high-quality metal is built to last from home to home.

Buy It: Wall-Mount Magazine Rack, $30

Image zoom Courtesy of Wayfair

23. Lattice Letter & Key Holder

Never again wonder where the keys went! This lattice-style mail tin and key hook offer a quick and easy spot to drop small essentials upon entering a new home. The design is sturdy yet stylish, so every homeowner can appreciate it.

Buy It: Lattice Design Letter and Key Hook, $28

Image zoom Courtesy of UncommonGoods

24. Vase Bookends

Add bright, natural blooms to bookshelves with a set of vase bookends. The handmade glass bookends are ideal for small storage, and we love seeing florals among the stacks. To complete this thoughtful housewarming gift, consider getting silk flowers that match your friend’s style.

Buy It: Handmade Flower Vase Bookends, $40

Image zoom Courtesy of Amazon

25. Water-Resistant Picnic Blanket

It’s time to explore the new neighborhood! Whether your friends are stargazing, camping, or going to the beach at their new home, a large picnic blanket will go a long way. The waterproof blanket is easy to fold into a small tote for convenient yet cozy carrying.

Buy It: Water-Resistant Picnic Blanket, $21.99

Image zoom Courtesy of Amazon

26. Picnic Basket

Give new homeowners the excuse to host a quintessential picnic with a traditional red-and-white gingham-lined basket. To complete the housewarming gift idea, fill the picnic basket with delicious foods or small household items that your friends need. The wicker basket is even adorable enough to sit out in a new home as an accent.

Buy It: Country Picnic Basket with Gingham, $39

Image zoom Courtesy of Amazon

27. State-Theme Candle

Home is where the heart is, but sometimes you still miss it. If your new college student or homeowner is worried about adjusting to a new state, consider gifting him or her a familiar memory. The state-theme Homesick candle line channels iconic scents designed to bring back memories of an old place and time.

Buy It: State-Theme Homesick Soy Candle, $29

Image zoom Courtesy of Etsy

28. Magnetic Knife Storage

A simple knife strip is an overlooked but highly appreciated homeowner gift. Order your friends and family a personalized knife holder made from cherrywood, and watch them delight over the intricate design and personalized engraving. The magnetic wooden surface is fixed with keyholes for quick and easy hanging and storage.

Buy It: Personalized Magnetic Knife Rack, $39–$65

Image zoom Courtesy of Society6

29. Polka-Dot Pillow

Give homeowners a preppy accent pillow designed to brighten their living space. The black-and-white speckled design of this throw pillow seamlessly fits alongside most styles, making it an easy present for new arrivals in the neighborhood.

Buy It: Preppy Polka Dots Black and White Pillow, $30

Image zoom Courtesy of Etsy

30. Personalized Recipe Box

Keep favorite family recipes close to their heart with a personalized wooden recipe box. Add a few cards with Grandma’s secret dishes, and this new homeowner gift will be cherished for generations to come.

Buy It: Personalized Recipe Box, $15

Image zoom Courtesy of Amazon

31. Sushi Kit

It’s sushi date night! Give new homeowners an exciting and delicious opportunity to make fancy sushi for dinner with an inexpensive yet effective kit. This present comes with chopsticks, rolling mats, a rice paddle, and a rice spreader. From beginner level to sushi-rolling master, this gift will be appreciated by all.

Buy It: Sushi Making Kit + Chopsticks, $9

Image zoom Courtesy of The Home Depot

32. Homeowners Tool Set

Tasks in a new home are bound to come up, and it’s best to be prepared. Give new homeowners an appreciated dose of pragmatism with a high-quality Anvil tool set. The 76-item kit comes with everything beginners need to tackle life’s little jobs.

Buy It: 76-Piece Homeowners Tool Set, $25

Image zoom Courtesy of Wayfair

33. Decorative Globe

Add a modern, worldly feel to a new home with a miniature marble and resin globe. The black-and-chrome design is perfect for bookshelves or desks, and new homeowners will love the reminder that the world is theirs for the taking.

Buy It: Marble and Resin Globe, $28

Image zoom Courtesy of Jet

34. Mixed-Seed Bird Feeder

Welcome cheerful songbirds to a new backyard with a high-quality mixed-seed feeder. The same company offers add-on items and defensive squirrel guards, so the bird feeder is virtually guaranteed to be a safe haven for new birds—and not their unwanted companions.

Buy It: Mixed-Seed Feeder, $71

Image zoom Courtesy of Amazon

35. Folding Step Stool

If you are searching for a practical gift that will get a lot of use, take a (stool) step forward. This isn’t a glamorous gift, but a folding step stool is incredibly useful and easy to store. Homeowners can keep this handy accessory in bathrooms for children, the laundry room for storage, or the kitchen for hard-to-reach shelves.

Buy It: Lightweight Folding Step Stool, $10

Image zoom

36. Dutch Oven

It’s hard to beat an enameled cast-iron Dutch oven at this price point, especially for roasting and bread baking. Buy this 6-quart dish for a new homeowner who is still learning the basics, but invest in a higher-quality item if your new homeowner is a dedicated chef who needs more high-temperature versatility.

Buy It: Enameled Cast-Iron Dutch Oven, $45

Image zoom Courtesy of MoMA Design Store

37. Swirl Baking Dish

Beautiful and baking-ready? Sign us up. This marbled dish is created with hand-dipped blue-and-white enamel that is swirled to perfection. Each piece is one of a kind and can transition easily from oven to tabletop. Bonus points for being dishwasher safe.

Buy It: Large Swirl Baking Dish, $27

Image zoom Courtesy of magnaframe

38. Polaroid Magnaframes

It’s the time for new beginnings and memories! Encourage new homeowners to hang memory-making Polaroids in frame-like magnets with this six-piece gift. The Magnaframes can be arranged in countless designs, allowing people to build a miniature gallery wall in their new space.

Buy It: Magnaframe Polaroid Original 6-Pack, $50

Image zoom Courtesy of Amazon

39. Bath Caddy

Unpacking is finally finished, and it’s time to relax with a bubble bath. This adjustable bathtub tray rests easily along a ledge to hold a book, wineglass, and candle. New homeowners will appreciate the reminder that it is finally time to kick back and enjoy their home.

Buy It: Wood Bathtub Caddy Tray, $39

Image zoom Courtesy of Amazon

40. Muffin Pan

The versatility of a muffin tin is hard to overstate. If you’re doubtful, consider egg muffins, mini mac-n-cheese pies, pizza cups, and a plethora of sweet desserts. Get your new homeowners a set of regular or miniature muffin tins, then print a few of our favorite muffin tin recipes to complete the clever housewarming gift.

Buy It: 12-Cup Regular Muffin Pan, $14

Image zoom Courtesy of Minted

41. Metallic Art

Give that new mantel a touch of metallic beauty! This customized foil art from Minted allows homeowners to receive a street print of their favorite address. Remind newlyweds of where they met, or simply mark the location of their newest beginning.

Buy It: Custom Streetview Map Foil Art, $115

  • By Linley Sanders

New House Checklist: 200+ Essentials for New Apartments and Homes

So you’re ready to move? Congratulations! Maybe it’s your first time out on your own and you need some new apartment essentials. Maybe you’re finally upgrading to a house of your own, and you want to make sure you have the things you need for your first home. Even if you’re a seasoned vet, you might be looking for things to buy for a new house and spruce it up.

No matter the situation, we’re glad you’re here. Our new house checklist covers everything from the essentials and necessities to some fun upgrades that’ll help you make the most of your home.

Download the checklist

Move in Essentials

We’ll start with some things that will make the move itself easier. Moving day can be stressful, but with a little bit of prep work, it can be a lot easier. For some tips and tricks, check out these 12 Things To Keep In Mind When Moving.

Before Moving day:

  • Set up utilities – There’s nothing worse than unpacking in a cold, dark home with no internet. Make sure to get your electric, gas, water and internet turned on before your move in date!

Have some basic essentials on hand:

  • Trash bags
  • Box cutter
  • Basic Tools – to make building all that ikea furniture easier.
  • First aid kit – Accidents happen when moving. You don’t need to be fancy, but it helps to have some basics on hand when you’re moving in.
  • Batteries – Especially 9V batteries for any smoke detectors that might need a replacement
  • Light bulbs – always good to have a few on hand, just in case something burns out or breaks.
  • Toilet paper – you’ll need it eventually, better to grab it sooner than later.

Some other things to consider:

  • New locks – Who knows what the previous owner did with their keys? Or which neighbor has a copy? It’s a good idea to replace your locks whenever you move. We recommend upgrading to a smart lock!
  • Security Safe – Even a basic safe is better than nothing at all. With movers, handyman, landlords, or neighbors coming in and out of the house, you’ll want to make sure your valuables are protected.

Smart home & technology

Smart home technology has come a long way in the last few years. Adding a few internet connected devices can make your life more convenient & give you piece of mind when you’re away from home. To learn more about our favorite smart home devices you can read our article .

But when it comes to move in day, there are two essential items you’ll want to have with you – an internet modem, and a wifi router.

Modem – Often provided by your cable company, but you’ll have the choice to buy your own (and avoid the monthly fee the cable company charges).

Router – We really like the Google-backed OnHub routers, made by and ASUS. Just plug in a few cables, download the companion app, and you’ll have blazing fast internet in no time.

Some other items to consider picking up before move in day:

  • Smart Thermostat – Wi-fi enabled thermostats are a great way to keep your home comfortable without spending a ton on your energy bills every month. If you’re buying a new home this is a great investment. Smart thermostats are one of the few items you can buy for your home that actually pay for themselves – our top pick for smart thermostats can save you 30% on your energy bills every month.
  • Ethernet cables – They’re always good to have, and it’s the worst thing to not have them when you need them
  • Surge protectors
  • Extension cords
  • Amazon Echo – Whether it’s original Echo or the smaller Echo Dot, the Echo has quickly taken the world by storm. Alexa can check the weather, read your a recipe, reorder play music, or even order your Uber.

Kitchen essentials for new home

We dive in depth on our favorite cooking gear in our article How to Set Up Your Dream Kitchen for Under $500. If you’re looking for a much more detailed list with in depth reviews, we recommend you check it out.

For starters, let’s cover what you’ll need to eat:

  • Silverware
    • Flatware sets
    • Steak knives
    • Silverware organizer
  • Dishware
    • Plates
    • Bowls
    • Serving platters
    • Glasses
    • Coffee mugs
    • Wine glasses

Pro tip – Grab a set of stemless wine glasses. They look great, and they’re much less likely to break over time.

Cooking basics

You’ll also want to consider some basics to cook with. Again, we list our favorites for each of these items in but here are a few items to consider:

  • Utensils
    • Tongs
    • Spatulas
    • Ladles and Skimmer
    • Whisks
  • Utensil holder – Now that you have all these great tools, make them easy to reach with a utensil holder for your kitchen counter. We like this stainless steel one, but they come in tons of flavors.
  • Knives – How many knives do you actually need? What are the differences? Is a good knife worth the money? We break it down here.
  • Cutting board
  • Pots and Pans – we give a detailed breakdown of the types of pots and pans to consider here, as well as some recommendations for our favorites.
  • Baking sheets
  • Tupperware
  • Bottle Opener & Corkscrew
  • Measuring Cups / spoons


We do not consider any of these necessary per se… But there are a few appliances that can expand your cooking repertoire or make your time in the kitchen more efficient.

We can’t help but highlight our favorite kitchen appliance to date – the Instant Pot Duo 9-in-1. It won top marks in our review of the Best Pressure Cookers. We’re not the only ones who love it – this pressure cooker has found itself a cult following, with nearly 500,000 people on their Facebook group and plenty of sites dedicated to Instant Pot Recipes. It’s popular for good reason – it’s requires almost no set up, it’s easy to use, and it serves as a pressure cooker, crock pot, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, warmer, and it can sauté.

Because it’s so diverse, you can cook just about anything with an Instant Pot – from obvious dishes like soups and carnitas to more surprising meals like beef gyro or rotisserie style chicken.

On top of everything else, the Instant Pot is built to be convenient – you can control it with your smart phone. The Instant Pot will be your new best friend in the kitchen.

Some other appliances to consider:

  • Toaster oven
  • Microwave
  • Coffee Maker
  • Coffee Grinder
  • Kettle
  • Blender
  • Colander
  • Salad spinner

Kitchen necessities

  • Trash can & bags
  • Step stool
  • Magnetic hooks – great for hanging things off the side of the refrigerator.
  • Sponges
  • Dish soap
  • Drying rack
  • Dish towels
  • Napkins
  • Paper Towels
  • Aluminum foil, wax paper, plastic wrap, and parchment paper
  • Plastic bags
  • Ice cube trays
  • Can opener
  • Oven mits
  • Cooling mat – use a silicone mat when you set your pans down on the counter or table to protect them from heat damage.
  • Kitchen rug / Standing mat

Living room

  • Television – Looking for a new TV to match that new living room? Check out The Wire Cutter for their up to date list of 4K TV recommendations.
  • Sound bar – The more thin TV’s get, the worse their speakers. The Wire Cutter also has a list of sound bar recommendations that’s worth checking out if you want to beef up your home theater.
  • Streaming devices for your TV – We’re big fans of the ChromeCast, but there are plenty to choose from out there.
  • Content & Cord Cutting
    • Netflix – The kings of streaming. Free trial here.
    • Amazon Video – with an Amazon Prime membership, you get free access to Amazon’s video service, with thousands of movies and TV shows streaming for free.
    • HBO
    • Showtime
    • Sling TV – Join free trial here.

Home Lighting

Lighting it something that can define a room, but it’s often overlooked when furnishing a room. Does the room get plenty of natural light all day? If not, you might need to consider some lighting that will brighten the room up during the day. Recessed lighting in the ceiling? If not, you’ll need something bigger to keep things well lit once the sun goes down. And it’s always good to have a few table lamps to keep things cozy at night.

Pro Tip – If you’re looking to spice things up, string lights are always a great option. Plug them in using an extension cord with a foot switch to make your string lights easy to turn on and off.

Living Room Furniture

You’ll need some furniture (housewarming parties are no fun if everyone has to sit on the floor.) What you end up buying will depend on the size and layout of your new living room, but here are a few pieces to consider:

  • TV stand or Media center
  • Couch
  • Coffee table
  • Coasters
  • Other seating
    • Arm chair – From a sleek mid-century modern armchair to this , a couple of good chairs can break up a room and be cheaper and more convenient than a love seat.
    • Stools – Can be great for some extra seating when needed, especially stackable stools like these.
    • Poufs – Are they chairs? Stools? Tiny bean bags? It doesn’t matter what you call them, they’re comfortable and versatile. They make for great additional seating when you have a few friends over.
    • Rocking chair – The most irresistible of chairs, they come in many options and are usually a discussion piece. We really love these more modern rocking chairs to make a statement in your living room.
  • Side Table
  • Bookshelf
  • Throw pillows
  • Throw blanket
  • Area Rug


We’re in the middle of a revolution when it comes to the mattress. With a slew of new online mattress companies, it’s easier than ever to get a great bed delivered directly to your new house on move-in day, and you’ll pay less than you would at the local mattress store. We think Nectar Sleep offers the best mattress from all the new startups. They’re so confident you’ll love the mattress that they give you a full year to return it if it’s not working for you. They also guarantee the mattress for life so you can rest assured that if you have any problems with the mattress a few years down the road, they’ll make it right. Plus our readers can get $125 off their purchase and 2 free pillows by visiting this page!

  • Mattress
  • Bed frame
  • Pillows
  • Mattress pad
  • Sheet sets
  • Comforter + duvet cover
  • Full length mirror
  • Night stand
  • Lamp
  • Dresser
  • Laundry hamper
  • Trash can + bags
  • Curtains
  • Alarm clock – wake up light
  • Under bed storage
  • Fan + Space heater


  • Hangers
  • Door hooks
  • Hanging closet rod – great for doubling up if you need the space, and easy to set up.
  • Shoe rack
  • Hanging shelves
  • Shelf organizers
  • Storage bins
  • Door mirror
  • Drawer organizers
  • Space saver bags – great for storing off season clothing and easy to keep in a bin under the bed or in closet. A great way to free up space in a small closet.
  • Large bins

Bathroom essentials list

  • Shower curtain
  • Curtain rod + hanging rings
  • Shower caddy
  • Hand soap
  • Toothbrush holder
  • Toilet paper
  • Toilet brush
  • Plunger
  • Bath mats
  • Bathroom scale
  • Trash can + bags
  • Air freshener or candles
  • Tissues
  • Towels – be sure to get enough for any guests who stay with you.
  • Towel hooks – An over the door rack can save you some space in a small bathroom.
  • Wash cloths

Household items checklist

  • Cleaning supplies
    • Rags
    • Paper towels
    • Windex
    • Clorox wipes
    • Stove cleaner
    • Rubber Gloves
  • Laundry detergent, fabric softener, stain remover, bleach
  • Iron + ironing board
  • Trash bags
  • Broom + dust pan

Vacuum Cleaner

For vacuum cleaner recommendations you can check out our article on the best vacuum for hardwood floors. Our top pick, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro, works great on hardwood, tile, and carpet. The closed system vacuum with a HEPA filter will make sure that it keeps the dirt, dust, and allergens inside the bagless container while in use. And it’s great for the rest of the house too – from tile to carpet to your auto interior, this vacuum is versatile and is built to go anywhere.

Check Price on amazon

  • Extension cords
  • Surge protectors
  • Tools
    • Screwdrivers
    • Hammer
    • Box cutter
    • Pliers
    • Socket wrench set
    • Drill – sound like overkill? hanging shelves, assembling furniture, etc. Makes everything go much faster, worth the $20 to get one, and it’ll last forever.
    • Duct tape
    • WD-40
  • Picture hanging kit – no need to mess with a stud finder or drywall anchors, these simple kits will save you.
  • Flashlight
  • Batteries
  • Candles
  • Matches
  • Light bulbs

Outfitting the rest of the house

Depending on the size and layout of your new home, you may or may not have some extra spaces that need furnishing. We’ve listed a few common areas of the home below, as well as some items you may want for each.


  • Welcome mat
  • Area rug
  • Hat + coat rack
  • Small bench or table
  • Key hooks
  • Lamp
  • Mail organizer

Dining area

  • Table + chairs
  • Table cloth
  • Table runner
  • Place mats
  • Candles

Home office

  • Desk
  • Desk chair
  • Computer monitors
  • Filing cabinet
  • Book shelf
  • Trash can + bags
  • Whiteboard + markers
  • Office Supplies
    • Pens + pencils
    • Desktop pen holder
    • Post-its
    • Printer Paper
    • Batteries
  • Extension cord
  • Surge protector

For more information about outfitting your home, we recommend:

  • Our Reviews section here on Home Buying Checklist
  • Our Kitchen Essentials checklist
  • The Home Dweller
  • The Wirecutter

Download the checklist

Get a copy of the checklist in excel spreadsheet and PDF formats to easily keep track of your shopping list. Just enter your email address below.

  • Shop at auctions – Auctions are great places for picking up unusual furniture and other items which can become the focal point of your room.
  • Keep an eye out for unwanted ads – Try websites such as Gumtree and eBay for unwanted or second-hand items. They sometimes even have bargain designer goods, but always check you are buying from a reputable seller.
  • Look for sales in furniture shops, curtain shops, carpet shops and homeware stores like IKEA.
  • Ask friends or family for spare items that they don’t need.
  • I have the basics but how can I make it look more appealing?

    If you have spent your cash on essentials such as an iron and a toilet brush holder but your budget can’t stretch to more exciting items such as paintings or designer homeware, here are some more simple tips to make the most of what you have:

    • Scented and coloured candles are a thrifty way of making a room look more cosy and intimate
    • Flowers can brighten up a room without costing a bunch! In particular, Gypsophilia is a delicate white flower and a small bunch costs just £1.99 from most flower shops.
    • Cushions and throws can cheer up an old or dingy piece of furniture.
    • Posters and prints can make a fantastic alternative to expensive paintings or artwork. Most markets will sell posters of famous celebrities, musicians or bands, and even movie stills. This can help you stamp your personal taste on the property for less than a fiver!
    • If you’re interested in photography then you could blow up a favourite photo to a much larger size and hang it as a decorative piece.
    • Up-lighting lamps. If your room is particularly small, then an up-lighting floor or table lamp will give the illusion of more height. These are available cheaply in most homeware shops.
    • Mirrors make space look bigger, so place them around your home to increase the expanse of your property. They can also be purchased relatively cheaply from second hand furniture shops.
    • A new paint job can totally transform a dull room and need not be expensive.

    While you may only need the bare essentials to get by in your new home there’s nothing that beats the feeling of having your first property fully kitted out with all the things that make it a proper home.

    It may seem like quite a list but it can be completed reasonably cheaply, especially if you have friends and family prepared to pass on items they no longer need or use. This, and of course an eye for a bargain, will make the move in to your first home as painless as possible.

    Here at St. Francis House we help many guests find a new home. But, our support does not stop there. When our guests find a new home, they often have nothing to move in except themselves. No dish detergent or even a bath towel.

    House Starter Kits

    A longtime guest, Lenny, successfully matched with an apartment through a City of Boston housing surge. After congratulating him on finding a new home, our staff scheduled Lenny an appointment to receive his house starter kit.

    A house starter kit prepares each guest with all the items to help ensure their move into their new apartment is successful. A complete kit includes kitchen and bathroom supplies, laundry detergent, a frying pan, and even a mop (which doesn’t fit into the laundry basket with everything else)!

    It was a poignant moment when Fabiana, our Day Shelter Coordinator asked Lenny to confirm his new address. “I love hearing our guests give their address. It’s often their first time – since being matched – being asked where they live and it’s just such a beautiful moment to see how proud they are when they say their new address!”

    Interested in helping support our baskets?

    We have an Amazon wish list with the certain categories of items that are needed for our newly housed guests. Your support helps us ensure we can prepare a full basket for each guest as they move into their new home – thank you! Please adhere to the items on our list as we have storage space limitations.

    If you have any questions about our house starter kits please email our Day Shelter Coordinator.