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This post is sponsored by bobsweep. As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Keeping up with the daily house keeping can be a drag, but it doesn’t have to take up all your time. I feel that keeping a clean home is less about the time involved, and more about creating some good habits that you {eventually!} start to just follow instinctively. Yes, there are still times that things get crazy and I’m not able to always follow through with the daily cleaning, but, for the most part, I do try to follow these 11 habits to keep a house clean and tidy. I promise – the more you do them, the easier it gets! If the list seems overwhelming to start with, just pick one or two to get started and then add in more as you are able.

Start by Making the Bed.
I know some people think that making the bed is a waste of time, but it really makes a big difference in how tidy the room looks and only takes a couple of minutes. Plus, I think it starts off the day well and I love climbing into a made bed at the end of the day. To make things easier, simplify your bedding as much as possible. We ended up cutting out our top sheets {as they always just ended up in a big puddle at the end of the bed anyways} and just use a duvet and washable cover. If you love your top sheets though, you can look at minimizing the number of pillows on your bed or using a large enough comforter or duvet that you don’t need to tuck in your sheets.

Do One Load of Laundry Per Day.
Now, depending on how many loads you typically do per week, you may not need to do this every day, but, for us, we definitely go through at least 7 loads of laundry per week. Try to get in the habit of putting in one load of laundry first thing in the morning. If you work outside of the home and won’t have a chance to dry it before your leave, put your machine on delay {if you have this as a feature} so it will be ready to put in the dryer when you get home. Alternatively, put the load in the machine in the morning and just turn it on when you get home. Make sure you save some time somewhere in your day to complete the load – including putting it away.

Be Happy with “Clean Enough”.
As a perfectionist, this is probably the hardest one for me. You want your house to be relatively clean and tidy but that doesn’t mean that every little thing has to be perfect. I always {try!} to follow the 80/20 rule – meaning that I am happy with 80% of the cleaning being done. Getting caught up in all of the little details that make up the last 20% {like making sure every little speck is cleaned up off the floor or getting to all of those little out of the way and hard to reach places to dust} are huge time suckers and are probably details that no one would really notice. I’m not saying that they never need to be cleaned, but make them part of a deep cleaning routine rather than your regular weekly cleaning schedule.

Not all cleaning is created equal. Make a list of what you would like to get done and then prioritize what needs to be done and what can wait until the next day or two. Given the time that you have available, write down your top 2 or 3 {realistic!} cleaning goals and stick with these before attempting to do other things. I always used to hate writing out lists but I find that it really helps me to stay focused.

Get the Whole Family Involved.
This is one that I have really tried to work on lately. Yes, it is often actually easier to just do the job yourself, but spending the time to teach your children to do age appropriate jobs will be better in the long run for both of you. Start by just working on having your kids pick up after themselves – putting their coat and shoes away when they come in the house, putting dishes in the dishwasher, cleaning their room, etc. – and add in other chores as able. It’s amazing how much of a difference it can make in the overall tidiness of the house if just these simple things are done. For the first few weeks that you do this, you will likely need to be on your kids a lot, but over time this will start to be a habit for them as well and it should eventually be able to be done with minimal reminders.

Do a 15 Minute Nightly Clean-up.
Make it a routine to do a family 15 minute nightly clean-up. For some reason it doesn’t seem quite so bad to clean up when everyone else is doing the same thing. Put on the timer and just stick with the top cleaning priorities. Kids can clean their rooms or do other small household chores while you finish up the kitchen cleaning or fold and put away laundry. Start with the things that are making the biggest mess or creating a lot of clutter or any “must dos” that need to be done before bed. I always run my bObi robotic vacuum during this time – usually in our high traffic areas.

Keep Basic Cleaning Supplies Close to Where You Use Them.
I have all of our bathrooms stocked with basic cleaning supplies – microfiber cloths and a polishing cloth, a toilet scrub brush, and a spray bottle with water and vinegar {or a multi-purpose cleaner of your choice}. This makes it so much quicker and easier to give the toilet a quick swipe or wipe the gross toothpaste spit from the mirror instead of having to track down cleaning supplies. Try to do these simple tasks as you see the need – most of them take only a minute or two – and it will really reduce how often you need to do a top to bottom deep clean.

Never Leave a Room Empty Handed.
This is one habit that can make a huge difference in the general tidiness of your home. As you move from one room to another {or from one floor to another}, try to do a quick scan to see if there is anything that you can take with you that belongs where you are going. Take only what you will have time to put away – moving a pile from one room to another without actually putting anything away doesn’t really help you out much. It can be a couple of dirty dishes that you put in the dishwasher or some laundry that needs to be put away upstairs. Always keep in mind the “one touch rule”, meaning that you ideally only want to touch items one time before they are put away. Every time you touch an object to move it from one place to another you are using up precious time and energy so make that extra little effort to put it directly away. Again, I think it is really more about habit than not having the time.

This one may need to be implemented over a longer period of time, but taking the time to declutter and organize your home will drastically cut down on the amount of time needed to clean. Having a spot for everything {that is both easily accessible and easy to put away} makes it so much easier to tidy up – for both you and the rest of your family. Less items out on the counters and surface tops cuts down on dusting and makes cleaning a lot quicker. If you are unsure of where to start, try my 6 Week Decluttering Challenge or read this post on how to keep the clutter out.

Know Your High Traffic Areas.
If you focus on keeping the high traffic areas clean on a daily basis, you can really help to prevent the spread of dirt and dust throughout the rest of the house. Make sure you have a dedicated spot for shoes at the entrances to your house to remind everyone to take off their shoes and to keep all of the shoe dirt contained in one spot. Small area rugs at doors can also help to trap a lot of the incoming dirt. For furry friends that come in and out, have a an old towel by the door to quickly wipe down paws as they come in {you can see other ideas for keeping your house clean with pets here}. Try to sweep or vacuum these areas daily. It doesn’t need to be much – just a quick 5 minutes or so should do it.

Clean as You Go.
This one may seem obvious but I think it’s something that we often don’t do. Putting things away as you go doesn’t really take up much time but it will definitely make the difference between a tidy house and a messy house at the end of the day. Take your clothes off by your closet and either hang them back up or put them directly in the laundry. Load the dirty dishes directly into the dishwasher instead of just placing them on the counter. Put your shoes and coat away as you come in the door. Have all the family help out cleaning up the kitchen after dinner so you are not stuck with a messy kitchen when it’s really time to go to bed. All of these little things are just habits that can be created with a little intentional planning. Obviously there will be times when this is not possible, but do it when you can and you will save yourself a ton of cleaning up in the end!

One of the tools that has really helped me out with my daily cleaning is our new bObi vacuum. I’ve always been curious as to how well the robotic vacuums actually work so I was pretty excited when I was sent a bObi from bobsweep to try out. I really liked the sleek design and the start-up guide that came with it was really simple to use.

After some basic set up and initial charging time, she was all ready to go. bObi is able to sweep, vacuum, mop {although I haven’t actually tried this function} and also adds a UV sterilization. There are three basic touch screen buttons that you can use – “Go” for regular cleaning, “Waffle” to clean extra dirty areas that you want it to spend extra time on, and “Juice” which will tell it to go back to its charging station to refuel. I usually got at least 90 minutes of run time out of bObi before it needed recharging and it will automatically return to its charging dock when there is less than 15% of battery power remaining.

While we do have a pretty open floor plan on our main level, there are some divisions between rooms and lots of transitions between hardwood flooring, area rugs and carpeting. I did find that bObi did get stuck a few times {such as underneath the sofa or in the chairs in our dining room table}, but for the most part, she did really well navigating around the house and cleaned well on the variety of surfaces {you just need to be careful that the area rugs are laying flat and don’t have any corners flipped up}. When she did get stuck, she would let out a little chirping noise so I could go and rescue her. 😉

bObi makes a humming kind of noise when she runs but it is way quieter than a regular vacuum and you can easily go about your regular tasks without it bothering you. There is a remote control that you can use to direct her exactly where you want {or don’t want!} her to go, but I generally just let her run wherever she wants – she’s usually pretty good at getting all of the major problem areas. bObi has parallel bristle and rubber brushes on the underside for extra sweeping power as well as side brushes to get into corners and along baseboards. She also has sensors to detect walls, edges, and other obstacles in her path so I don’t worry about her falling off the stairs.

After a little experimenting, I now have bObi integrated into our daily cleaning routine. I use it in the mornings {usually for around 90 minutes} on our main level every second day, and alternate between our basement and the upper level on the other days. I also use it at night during our 15 minute tidy up in our high traffic areas {usually by the kitchen or front door}. It works great for getting up all of that daily dirt, crumbs, and dust that seem to appear from nowhere and really helps to cut down on dirt being tracked around to other areas of the house. It should be noted, however, that it does not replace a really thorough vacuuming as there are still areas that it does not get to, BUT, it significantly cuts down on how often I need to vacuum or sweep. Here are a couple of other tips to get the best use out of bObi…

  • Use it on a regular basis. I found that the bObi does best cleaning up the daily, wear and tear messes. Since it doesn’t have a really large debris bin, it would get full really quickly if I hadn’t vacuumed for quite a few days. You can even program bObi to start at a certain time everyday so you don’t even have to think about it.
  • Do a quick scan of the rooms that you will be cleaning to remove any obstacles that may be in bObi’s way. This includes little toys {i.e. LEGOs!} that may be scattered around, area rugs that are bunched up, or other smaller obstacles on the floor. I found that this actually worked really well when it came to getting the boys to clean up their room – they were given the option of getting everything off the floor so the bObi could go in there or they had to vacuum their room themselves. Guess which option they chose. 😉
  • Get in the habit of emptying the debris bin after every use. There isn’t an indicator to tell you when it’s full so this is the easiest way to make sure that it is always ready.
  • At the end of each week, do a quick clean of the rotary brushes to remove any hair or strings that may have gotten a bit tangled up. If these get really tangled, an error light will come on bObi to let you know. They are super easy to remove though and only take a minute or two to clean.
  • While it is possible to program bObi to run while you are not home, I preferred to be around in case it got stuck on something. It’s not a big deal if it does get stuck as it will turn itself off, but I liked to know that it was busy cleaning!

For more information on bObi, you can check out their website or head over to Amazon to purchase. Happy Cleaning!

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We start and end our day in the same place, our bedroom, so it’s important that this room is organized. Our bedroom should reflect the state of mind we want to be – peaceful, stress-free, relaxed, productive and calm. Here are 10 bedroom organizing tips that will help you turn your bedroom into a restful respite.

First, grab a bin and put anything in it that doesn’t belong in the bedroom.

This includes kids toys, old magazines, device chargers, mail and anything else that made it there unknowingly. Take the bin from room to room and drop off items where they belong.

Think of your bedroom closet as an extension of your space.

Closet clutter can be stressful so it’s important to purge unwanted items every few months. Keep a donation bin in nearby. Drop unwanted items in it and donate them to your favorite local charity.

freedomRail in White

Put clothes away immediately once you undress.

If its clean, don’t drape over the chair (you know who you are) – instead, hang it back in place so it doesn’t wrinkle. Place dirty clothes in the hamper right away.

Make your bed every day!

This not only makes your room look clean and organized but it keeps your sheets clean from dust mites.

Use one shape and size laundry basket.

Save space by stacking and sorting unused baskets.

Don’t pile shoes.

Group shoes by color and style. Keep only what you need and wear. Store shoes on low shelves in your closet or lined across the floor in your closet. If odor is an issue, store dryer sheets in your shoes to absorb moisture and odor.

freedomRail in Snowdrift Live

Plan ahead.

Use an over the door hook on your closet or entrance door to hang your clothes for the next day.This will save you time and help you get out the door faster each morning.

Avoid the pile of things that accumulate on the nightstand.

Limit yourself to an alarm clock, glass of water and one book that you’re reading.

Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day.

Not only will you sleep better but this routine will help you develop an organized bedroom routine as well.

Now relax!

An organized bedroom will give you the peace of mind to rest easy at night and the confidence to start your day on the right foot!
Effortlessly store your belongings and keep your bedroom clutter-free with a freedomRail closet. Design your dream closet now with the Organized Living Design Tool or visit your local dealer!

Here’s the thing you may have noticed about houses: They don’t clean themselves.

Which is unfortunate, because if houses cleaned themselves you could spend less time cleaning yours, and more time doing something more fun, like watching “The Golden Girls,” because dang, that’s actually a great show.

A few simple daily habits could make it seem like you’ve got a self-cleaning house.

Rules like . . .

#1 Dedicate 20 Minutes a Day Every Day

You don’t need to set aside 20 hours one day to get things in order. You only need 20 minutes every day.

Focus on tackling clutter in just one room. You might only pare down a single drawer or shelf, but “it will make you feel accomplished at the end of the day, and at the end of a week, you will see how much you can declutter,” says professional organizer Helena Alkhas.

#2 Follow a “One-Minute” Rule

Small tasks add up quickly when you’re saving them to do all at once. So if it takes less than a minute to complete, do it immediately.

Image: Anne Arntson for HouseLogic

Put that cup in the dishwasher rather than the sink.

Break down that Amazon box for recycling right after you unbox your goodie.

(Hot tip: Want a reminder of how much you can get done in a minute? Next time your coffee goes cold, pop it in the microwave for a minute, and just stand there. For the whole minute. It’s kind of a long time.)

#3 Start a Load of Laundry Before Work

If you have a full load in the hamper, toss it in while you’re getting ready for work. By the time you leave, it will be ready for the dryer.

When you get home, you’ll already feel ahead of schedule with just a little fluffing and folding to do. Just make sure you’ve properly maintained your dryer to reduce the risk of a fire.

#4 Always Leave a Room With Something in Hand

Image: Anne Arntson for HouseLogic

Whatever room you’re in, chances are there’s a toy, cup, blanket or T-shirt that needs to be delivered back to another room.

Oh hey, conveniently, you’re always walking into other rooms. Why not pickup a hitchhiker or two?

Every time you leave a room, take a quick scan for anything that belongs where you’re going, and you’ll start habitually keeping clutter under control.

#5 Deal With Your Mail Every Time You Bring It In

Image: Aniko Levai of “Place of My Taste”

With so much of your important mail going straight to your inbox, sometimes you’ve got days of fliers and junk mail to wade through every time you make it to the USPS mailbox.

To banish paper clutter from your home — and make sure you catch anything actually worth reading — immediately sort through your mail, recycling the nonsense and putting the keepers in an assigned spot.


#6 Scan and Trash Weekly

Image: Liz Foreman for HouseLogic

You don’t really have to choose between forgetting what time the reception starts and stumbling over your cousin’s wedding invite for three months.

Thanks to this fancy technology stuff, you can clear out all receipts, invitations, insurance documents, and other important paperwork.

Take a few minutes every weekend to scan and save everything, then toss it all it the recycling. With smartphone apps like Genius Scan, you always have the tools in the palm of your hand.

#7 Tidy Up During Downtime

In the five minutes it takes to nuke your lunch, you can unload and possibly reload the dishwasher, or wipe off the countertops and appliances. You’ll be surprised how much order you can restore to your home during these normally wasted waiting-on-something moments.

#8 Make Your Bed as Soon as You Get Up

Image: JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty

There’s a reason the Marines start the day with this simple task — also known as “wake and make.”

According to retired Admiral William H. McRaven, author of “Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life . . . and Maybe the World,” “It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another. By the end of the day, that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed.”

#9 Do Chores in the Same Order

Whether you’re cleaning on a Saturday or Wednesday, your mind (and body) will move more quickly from vacuuming to mopping to dusting if you check chores off in the same order — making it easier to keep your home tidy and clean.

Headphones and a throwback playlist are a recommended, but not required, part of the routine.

#10 Spot-Clean Bathrooms Nightly

Just as clutter attracts clutter, bathroom funk quickly multiplies.

Stock every bathroom with Lysol wipes and you can quickly and easily clean the countertop and toilet when you brush your teeth or help the kids get ready for bed, Alkhas says.

While wiping, you’ll naturally put away the floss, hair ties, and other clutter in your path.

#11 Stop Dirt and Clutter at the Door

Image: Liz Foreman for HouseLogic

Establish a house rule that shoes, bags, jackets, and “pocket items” — your keys, sunglasses, wallet, and phone — are stowed in a drop zone at the door.

Make this easy to enforce by assigning one hook and open shelf for every member of the family — double that for those with lots of extracurriculars, Alkhas says.

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#12 Clean Out the Fridge Weekly

Image: Ann Faber, Marketing Communications Manager at InterDesign, Inc.

Don’t let moldy leftovers take over shelf space and your mind.

The night before your garbage day, “wipe off the shelves and clean out anything that has no chance of being eaten,” Alkhas says. You’ll get a clearer view of your food options and open up space for ingredients needed in the coming week.

#13 Empty the Dishwasher Every Morning

The conquest of a homemade dinner (OK, a “home-prepared” dinner, most days) feels short-lived when you’re left with a mountain of dishes and no place to put them.

Take a couple minutes every morning to empty the dishwasher and you’ll stay ahead of the game.

#14 Conduct a Nightly Tidy-Up

Every night, take a laundry basket on a tour of your house and pick up anything that’s out of place. “You don’t have to put it away now. If you want, plan to do it on Saturday and it won’t take much time at all,” Alkhas says.

If there are more than two people in your household, separate the day’s clutter into assigned baskets for each family member to put away daily or weekly.

With this routine, Alkas adds, “you’ll wake up to a living room that’s decluttered and a kitchen that is tidy, and you can start your day fresh.”

#15 Follow a Clean-Out Schedule for Your Storage Areas

Just because it’s hidden behind a cupboard door doesn’t mean it’s exempt from clutter status.

Establish a schedule, perhaps every month, to rid a specific storage space of its dead weight — like expired food in the pantry, excess gadgets in a kitchen drawer, or the cupboard holding the gazillion ragged dishtowels you’ve had since your tiny college studio apartment. (It’s time to let those go.)

#16 Keep Everyone Involved

When one person leaves a dish in the sink, it paves a slippery slope for others to follow suit.

So have a “The Brady Bunch”-style family meeting to make sure everyone understands their responsibilities and chores for maintaining order in the home. Serve brownies. They’ll show up.

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When you live in any size home, you have a need to organize your home. Fact is, we all have “stuff”. And “stuff” can end up slowing down our day, and ruffling our feathers in the evening. “Stuff” quickly becomes clutter, and who wants that? Not only does clutter take away from the look of your home, it adds to the overwhelm you feel each day. If you have stacks of papers that belong no where, crazy and chaotic mornings, or lost backpacks and car keys, check out these easy ideas to organize your home.

Organize Your Home

Evenings/Mornings Organizing Ideas

1. This one is pretty self explanatory… Lay out everything you are going to need in the morning, the night
before, and teach your kids to do the same. Photo below by ‘BHG‘.

2. Have a central area to organize purses, keys and your wallet. Always put it there. Always. Want something that also looks good? Make this entryway hall tree bench DIY from ‘Angela Marie Makes‘! Full plans and instructions, and it so charming! Would love to leave my keys and purse here every day!

3. Set out everything for breakfast that is non refrigerated, right down to the spoons. Obviously, this means knowing what’s for breakfast the night before. No stops at Krispy Kreme, ok? And make all kids school lunches the night before, always! Or better yet, listen to ‘The Seasoned Mom‘ and make school lunches on Sunday that will last all week!

4. Write up a daily to do list for the next morning on your smart phone and put priority items first. Move items from today that didn’t get done into tomorrows list. Update your calendar. We like an app called “Cozi“. It has the capability to handle your whole families activities, and you can even keep your grocery list there. Cozi lets each family member share with one, two or all other members what their schedule is. It can also send you email reminders, like for trash day. Oh, and it’s free. Or if you prefer, you can set up a family message station with a dry erase calendar that family members can share. Photo by ‘Container Store‘.

5. Go get gas, pick up the first graders cupcakes, or get that pencil sharpener that your high schooler can never seem to find. Don’t put off errands ’till morning when everything is busy.

Bathroom Organizing Ideas:

6. Keep your bathroom paraphernalia out of sight when not in use. Buy a plastic carry-all with a handle on top, or a pretty basket. Put all of your make-up, deodorant, hair spray, razors, etc. into the container and place under the counter. Bring it out when you need it, then always put it right back underneath.

7. Shower caddies are essential for keeping the shampoos, conditioner, face scrubs and specialty in-shower treatments from taking over the whole space. (Guilty.) This one is from ‘The Container Store‘.

8. Squeegee your shower doors after every single shower. Keeping the squeegee right in the shower makes that easier. Add a little suction cup hook if you need. If you have a shower curtain, use a daily shower spray to keep clean up from being impossible when you finally get around to a whole bathroom cleaning.

9. A strip of magnetic tape (any craft store) or a magnetic knife holder are great organizing ideas that can take care of the little things, like nail clippers, tweezers and scissors. Try this from ‘Treasures and Travels‘.

10. Use those wasted corners and awkward space to put in a freestanding cabinet to add storage. Photo by ‘BHG‘. Remember to repurpose to save bucks, paint is everything when you want to organize your home on a budget !

11. Once a month, go through your bathroom cupboards and drawers and throw away old or ineffective products you never use.

12. Roll your towels and use them as decor tucked into pretty baskets or piled on a bench. Check out our post on OhMeOhMy on DIY bathroom towel storage! Photo by ‘BHG“.

13. Use wall hooks for hanging towels, robes and clothing. Behind the door is a great way to use wasted space.

14. Use drawer organizers for makeup, jewelry, ponytail holders, and other loose items. Or make your own. Try our post on budget make up storage for ideas.

15. Use pretty floating shelves to add storage and to organize above the toilet, and add value to the room. Need tutorials? DIY floating shelves.

16. Use a timer in each bathroom, and use it… This is great for getting out the door on time, AND getting teenagers out of the shower.

Closet Organizing Ideas:

17. Place color separate baskets in your closet for laundry, and one for dry cleaning. This will save you time sorting clothes, and you will always know when you have enough colors for a full load.

18. If you haven’t worn it in a year, donate it. Goodwill and some other charities even take worn out clothes, as it employs people while they are redirected to recyclers.

19. Sort your clothes by season, and only keep the present season in your closet. Pack out of season clothes away in an under bed storage container. DIY under bed storage ideas!

20. Put your clothes in categories that work for you. Color, formality, type or office wear are good places to start. This will save you time putting together outfits, and save you money from re-purchasing items you didn’t remember you had, as they were buried in the closet… somewhere. Inevitably, you know they will re-appear right after the return-window on your new item has expired. Love this organized closet from ‘Lark & Linen‘. Organize your home, you can do this!

21. Recycle wire hangers. Clothes simply slide off of them to the floor. Get velvet hangers at Costco to hold even the slinkiest silk dress. Or make your own with this organizing idea & tutorial on no slip hangers by Diane from ‘In My Own Style’.

22. Use a system for hanging and organizing scarves and belts. Shoving them in a drawer is no good for anyone. Try this DIY clothespin scarf and accessories holder from ‘DIYS‘.

23. Use a shoe rack. Rotate out of season shoes just the way you rotate out of season clothes. No reason for six pairs of leather boots to bury all your cute sandals in July. Or check out our post at OhMeOhMy on shoe storage projects for small spaces!

24. Use hooks and pegboard on any closet wall space to hang purses, jackets, and accessories. Photo by ‘HGTV‘.

25. Use vacuum sealed bags to store out of season clothes in a tight space. Just don’t use this method on delicate fabrics, as the wrinkles could become permanent.

How to Organize Your Kitchen:

26. Organize your kitchen cabinets into categories. Make sure your cups are near the fridge so you can easily pour that afternoon juice, and your utensil drawer is near the dishwasher so you don’t have to make ten trips across the kitchen. Pots and pans? Near the stove. Kids plates? On a lower shelf so they can get to them without calling you from the first bath you have had in a month. Getting it? Also, keep your drawers organized including the misc / junk drawer that we all have. There are all kinds of household items that can be repurposed to help keep everything contained and organized.

27. Keep whatever you use for a pantry immaculate. No where does clutter make more of a mess than with food. Try our post on organizing your pantry. Don’t have a pantry? No problem, jump on over to ‘Classy Clutter‘ and find out how to make your own DIY rolling pantry. This is genius!

28. Add a kitchen island to a small kitchen to increase storage and prep space. No worries, we’ve got that covered for you too. DIY kitchen islands, and more DIY kitchen islands! Want some more? Try this DIY rolling kitchen island from ‘Deeply Southern Home‘. We love how they recycle an old cabinet as the base!

29. Use an inexpensive plastic lazy-susan in the back of deep cupboards, so you never forget whats hiding back there! Or make a lazy susan for each one of your kitchen cabinets with this organizing idea with step by step directions from ‘ The Art of Doing Stuff‘.

30. Try to organize tupperware in a drawer rather than a shelf, as that way you will always be able to find a matching lid.

31. Only keep things on the counter you use often. We only keep the Keurig on the counter, even the toaster goes in the pantry and gets brought out daily when needed. And if I could convince my other half, the Vita Mix would go under the counter too! (Not the Keurig folks, at this very minute I’m sipping its second offering of the day.) (Update: Vita Mix tucked safely away in it’s very own deep drawer!) You can also build this DIY appliance garage with this tutorial from ‘Build Basic‘.

32. Do you have cards and scraps of paper with scribbled recipes on them? I don’t even care if they are printed from your computer, time to come into the 21st century people. “Evernote” is a free app, where you can take photos of each recipe with your phone or tablet, add them and even organize them into folders. (Thanks to reader Karen for this tip!)

33. Have a whole closet full of plastic grocery store bags? Organize your home by tucking 10-20 into one or two bags to hang onto, then recycle your plastic bags folks!

34. Keep your fridge clean. Every time you go to the grocery store, make sure to clean out the old food and toss. Rotate older food into the front so it is used up first. Try these 7 steps to an organized fridge. Jessica at ‘Four Generations, One Roof‘ uses containers to hold items in her fridge. Love this idea!

Organizing Kid’s Rooms:

35. Hang a hoop over a laundry basket for slam-dunking dirty clothes.

36. Or, place a two-compartment hamper in your kid’s room so he or she can organize light clothes from dark clothes as they undress.

37. Use poster putty in your child’s room and have your child display his or her favorite artwork all on one wall, gallery style.

38. Hang a net from the ceiling to store stuffed animals, dolls, or action figures. Or use wall planters with this idea from ‘BHG‘.

Or this DIY toy swing from ‘It’s Always Autumn‘. Love this, and its an easy tutorial for such a cute project to organize your home!

39. Add wall mounted bookshelves and help your child organize their books. Make sure you remember if you place a large bookshelf in a child’s room, bolt it to the wall for safety. Need ideas? Try our post at OhMeOhMy on creative bookshelf projects.

40. Buy the kids their own alarm clocks and teach them how to get up on time. By themselves. Without you.

Other Ways to Organize Your Home

41. Make sure everything in your house has a home. Teach all family members to mind their own messes. For example, if you take it out, put it back; if you open it, close it; if you throw it down, pick it up; if you make a mess, clean it up; and so on.

42. Put wastebaskets in every room and place several unused trash bags in the bottom of each one. This will eliminate countless trips to retrieve new trash bags and give all family members a place to throw away their trash.

43. Make sure the remotes have a drawer, basket or shelf to live on. How often have you found it under the sofa? Better yet, make this remote control pillow with these easy instructions from ‘Make It Homemade‘! So clever, you can just turn it around when you don’t want to see the remotes, but they are always right there!

44. Use a plastic caddy to store cleaning supplies in and tote it from room to room.

45. Organize your home using a plastic laundry basket for quick pick up and transport of toys to their proper homes each evening.

46. Make a designated area for homework, crafts or sewing. You can create a very organized space in a small area, and that prevents you from having projects strewn all over the house. Photo of this craft area by ‘Country Living‘.

47. Each night before bedtime, have all family members pick up clutter for 15 minutes. Make a game out of it and see who can pick up the most things in the shortest amount of time.

48. Have one designated spot where kids are to leave school flyers, permission slips that need to be signed and school photo envelopes. Make this part of the nightly “laying out for tomorrow” habit.

49. Make a master grocery list on the app or website of your choice. Categorize the groceries into sections such as frozen, dairy, and so on. In each category, list the most frequent items that you buy. Organize the grocery list according to the way your favorite grocery store’s isles are set up. Make sure each adult or teenager has the app loaded on their phone as well. If they forget to add Pop Tarts to the list, then they are eating oatmeal.

50. Don’t leave things ’till later. Procrastination is the number one cause of clutter and mess. Take care of it right then and there.

Make sure your home runs as smoothly as it can, and that you can take the time to enjoy it, instead of always dealing with clutter and chaos. Did you love these ideas to organize your home? Then jump on over to our posts on DIY dollar store organizing ideas! Then check out our post on 12 Genius Packing Tips & Hacks for when you travel, over on OhMeOhMy!!

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Your bedroom is your sanctuary, where every day begins and ends. As such, it should be stylish, relaxing, and uncluttered. All too often, bedrooms become a catch-all for things that don’t have a place, closets, and dressers become overstuffed with clothes that are no longer worn, and items get crammed under the bed where they’re eventually forgotten. That’s why we compiled 40 of our favorite bedroom organization ideas to help you get started.

From furniture that adds style and storage, to ideas for maximizing space and tabletop decor to keep trinkets and treasures in order, you’ll find plenty of tips and tricks for decluttering your space and DIY room organization projects to create the bedroom of your dreams.

1. Stylish Shelves

Shelves are always an essential element in bedroom organization. And, while standard wood shelving is practical and useful, modern design trends call for unique shelving that serves as storage space and adds to your room’s decor. A collage of wall cubes, floating wall shelves, or a tall narrow shelf will utilize wall space in a way that blends form with function and serve as the perfect place to display favorite photos.

2. Out With The Old

If getting organized is the goal, your very first step should involve cleansing closets and purging piles. It’s easy for drawers to fill up with clothes we don’t wear and the back of the closet to become packed with boxes of who-knows-whats and haven’t-seen-it-in-years. Start your organization project by getting rid of things you no longer need, clothes that no longer fit, and items that only add clutter.

3. Under The Bed Storage

All too often, that extra space under the bed becomes an abyss of dust bunnies and forgotten items. But it’s the perfect place to store seasonal clothing, shoes worn less often, and extra bedding. If you use a bed skirt, see-through storage totes with lids will do the trick. Or, if beneath the bed is exposed, use this opportunity to add a touch of design with wicker baskets, stylish wooden boxes, or vintage suitcases. Attach casters to make them easy to push and pull as needed.

4. Edit As You Go

Here’s an easy organization solution that will help you avoid the dreaded annual purge—edit as you go! Keep a box or bin in your closet, especially for items you no longer want. Tried on a pair of pants and decide you no longer like the fit? Toss them in the box. Discovered an earring is missing its mate? Into the bin it goes. At the end of each month, pull out the box and donate or throw away the contents.

5. Not Just For Shoes

They may be called shoe holders, but pocket-style shoe storage organizers can be used to sort, store and organize anything that will fit in its pockets. Fill pockets with socks that are organized by style and color. Use them to organize makeup and skincare products. Fill pockets with scarves, belts, and accessories. And, of course, they can be used to organize shoes, too!

6. Headboard Storage

In most bedrooms, the headboard is largely decorative. But, when looking for unique ways to organize your bedroom—especially if you have a small room—a headboard can be the perfect place for adding extra storage space. A bookcase headboard is a great way to organize books and display trinkets and treasures while modern-designed storage headboards keep a sleek appearance while concealing hidden storage space with pull-out drawers and shelves.

7. Put Up Pegboard

Create a pegboard wall for a completely customizable organization plan in your bedroom. As small as the back of a door or as large as an entire wall, a simple pegboard can be painted to match your walls or in a corresponding shade to add a pop of color. Add hooks, pegs, baskets, and shelves and arrange as needed to fit everything from jewelry to handbags, shoes, and knick-knacks.

8. Dual Purpose Furniture

Design a dreamy bedroom using furniture and accent pieces that serve double-duty for both style and storage. Add seating and space with a storage bench and opt for nightstands with ample room for stashing stuff. Allowing your furniture to provide form and function will help to keep your sanctuary organized and uncluttered.

9. Elevate Your Mattress

Create a luxuriously cozy bed while adding space for storage by elevating your mattress with bed risers and organizing items below. Among the easiest of bedroom storage ideas, added space below the bed is the perfect place to keep things used less often out of sight and out of the way. Organize seasonal stuff and rarely used items under a guest room bed to keep them safely tucked away until they’re needed.

10. Keep Cords Tidy

Keep a clean and streamlined look to bedside tables while charging cell phones, tablets, and other electronics by turning your nightstand drawer into a charging station. Organize unsightly cords and chargers but keep them within easy reach by hiding a power strip inside the drawer. Depending on how the nightstand is constructed, you may be able to thread the power cord up through the bottom and behind the drawer, or you may need to cut a small hole in the drawer back—either way, this will be one organization hack you’ll love to use.

11. Storage Bench

For organizing a bedroom, a storage bench is a great multi-purpose option. It’s easy to make yourself if you want a DIY project. Perfect as a footboard bench or window seat, drawers or basket storage space help keep the room clutter-free, plus provide a cozy sitting area.

12. Categorize Your Clothes

Rather than treat your closet and dresser as a catch-all for clothes, keep your wardrobe neat and tidy by organizing your clothes by category. Hang jeans with jeans, put blouses with blouses, and keep t-shirts with t-shirts. Not only will your clothes stay orderly, but you’ll also save valuable time getting dressed each day when you know exactly where to look for that specific article of clothing.

13. Open To Organization

Use over-the-door organizers to keep small items out of the way but within easy reach. Over-the-door organizers can include simple hooks for hanging robes and towels, a shoe organizer for keeping footwear in order, or adjustable baskets for storing any and everything. The biggest benefit to over-the-door organizers is that they’re easy to install and provide the perfect place for odds-and-ends.

14. Create A Gallery Wall

Instead of cluttering nightstands and dressers with bulky frames, free up space and create a meaningful display by hanging favorite photos on bedroom walls. A collage of framed photos or a gallery wall of canvas prints adds a personal touch to your space while keeping shelves and tabletops clean and uncluttered.

15. DIY Drawer Organizers

You don’t need to spend a lot to stay organized. In fact, with a little creativity, it’s easy to craft your own drawer organizers using items you’ve already got at home. Strips of cardboard from an upcycled box, slices of PVC pipe, cups, and containers of various sizes can all be used to keep drawers tidy and their contents organized and easy to find.

16. Use Your Corners

Most bedrooms have at least four corners, and they’re all too often left empty and unused. Corners can actually be perfect for creating stylish and functional storage solutions. Furniture designed especially for corners will maximize the space when it comes to small bedroom decorating, and corner shelves make excellent use of valuable vertical space.

17. Mounted Baskets

Baskets are a quintessential item for any organization project. While they’re always useful when placed on shelves or pushed under the bed, another great way to make use of baskets is to mount them to your walls. Choose several sturdy baskets that match your room design, like natural wicker, decorative fabric or colored felt, and screw or nail directly to your wall. Hang beside a desk to keep office supplies organized, hang in a closet to store socks, belts, and scarves, or hang beside a vanity to keep makeup brushes and palettes neatly organized.

18. Hook It Up

One of the most versatile and useful tools for organizing any room in the house, hooks are especially helpful in the bedroom. Inexpensive and adjustable hooks that don’t require nails or screws and won’t damage walls are perfect for organizing lightweight items like jewelry or hats. Decorative hooks add sophistication and style while being sturdy enough to hang heavier items like blankets and backpacks. And, over-the-door hooks are perfect for robes or towels.

19. Bedside Caddy

A sweet and simple bedside caddy creates the perfect place for keeping everyday items easily accessible yet totally organized and out of the way. A bedside caddy simply slips under your mattress and hangs onto the side of the bed. Use this easy organizational tool to hold your cell phone or tablet, the book you’re currently reading, and your remote control and keep your nightstand clean and uncluttered.

20. S-Hook Hangers

Maximize storage space and organize all kinds of items using versatile and affordable S-hooks. Hook the s-shaped metal hangers on a closet rod or wire shelving to hang hats, scarves or belts. Use the versatile hooks to hang jeans by their belt loops to save space in a small closet. Or, use them to hang purses and bags, jewelry, and even strappy sandals from a tension rod—the organization possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

21. Hang Jewelry As Art

You’ve got a gorgeous collection of jewelry, why not put it on display even when you’re not wearing it? Create a functional jewelry organizer that doubles as stylish DIY bedroom decor. Hang wooden dowels or metal grates from the wall. Wrap bracelets and watches around the pieces and hang necklaces from the ends. Or, hang chains and pendants from a trendy set of mounted deer antlers hung above your dresser.

22. Add Overhead Storage

When it comes to bedroom organization, furniture, and storage solutions that take up floor space are the most popular choice. While effective and functional, these solutions don’t always make use of all the available overhead space in the room. When looking for additional bedroom organization ideas, look up! A high shelf that circles a bedroom is the perfect place to display collectibles and floating shelves above the bed safely. They’re great for books, photo frames, or room decor.

23. Lazy Susans

Organization isn’t just about saving space and storing your stuff. It’s important that things be easy to find and accessible, too. To make the most of your shelf and tabletop space, incorporate lazy Susans into your bedroom organization ideas. Keep makeup, brushes, and accessories in organizers on one of the rotating trays on your vanity. Use one on a shelf to keep assorted lotions and perfumes easy-to-reach with a quick spin. Or create a shoe carousel to maximize closet space while keeping footwear organized and accessible.

24. Rolling Cart Organizers

Rolling carts are a clever way to organize your every day and multipurpose items and add a hip industrial style to your decor. As a cool alternative to the traditional nightstand, a rolling cart can be stacked with books on your current reading list, a catch-all tray for pocket items, or an extra blanket for a late-night chill. Also great for folks that like to knit, crochet, or craft in bed, rolling carts make it easy to move stuff around the house while keeping it accessible and organized.

25. Baskets And Bins

Use a variety of baskets and bins on shelves, under the bed and around the bedroom to neatly organize items of all shapes and sizes. A large wicker basket is ideal for storing extra pillows, bedding, and blankets. A row of bins on a closet shelf is perfect for keeping socks, undies and camisoles organized. And, a row of baskets hung beside a desk makes it easy to keep office supplies orderly and accessible.

26. Optimize Closet Space

A clutter-free and tidy bedroom starts with a well-organized closet. Instead of the standard single shelf and rod, optimize your closet to make use of all available space. Add another layer of hanging space by doubling up on rods. Incorporate closet storage solutions like shoe racks, drawers, and extra shelving. Go even further and organize shelves with baskets and bins that hold smaller items.

27. Tension Rod Shoe Rack

Looking for an easy solution for organizing shoes? A tension rod shoe rack is always the right size and easy to fit into any available space. Simply adjust and mount two tension rods—one a few inches in front of the other—to DIY this functional storage solution that keeps shoes organized, in order and off the floor.

28. Label It

Once you get your bedroom, cabinets, and closets organized, it’ll be important to keep them that way. The easiest way to stay organized and prevent clutter from recurring is to label, label, label! Use chalkboard labels for temporary items or containers with ever-changing content and use tags or adhesive labels on baskets and boxes. When clearly labeled, it’s much easier to find what you’re looking for when you need it and to put things away in their proper place when you’re done with them.

29. Stackable Solutions

Organization is only truly effective if your stuff is accessible, too. For example, you may have your shoes organized in dozens of clear plastic shoe boxes, labeled and stacked in the closet. But if the pair you want to wear is buried under a stack of boxes that must first be moved, are they really all that organized? Be sure to use stackable solutions that are accessible, like stackable boxes that open like drawers or stackable bins with openings on the front.

30. Upcycle Magazine Holders

There are countless ways to repurpose magazine holders to organize items in any room in the house. And because they’re available in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials, it’s no problem finding a magazine holder that matches your bedroom decor seamlessly. The versatile open-ended boxes lined up on a closet shelf are perfect for organizing flip flops or flats, wallets and clutch purses. On a vanity, a magazine holder makes a perfect organizer for curling irons and hair straighteners. Or, on a nightstand, they’re a great place for keeping books, tablets and remote controls from cluttering your tabletops.

31. Leaning Ladder

For a trendy bedroom design idea that’s also great for keeping organized, simply lean a sleek and stylish ladder against a wall. The rungs can be used to hang blankets and throws or add S-hooks to hang hats, jewelry, handbags, and more. For a rustic look, dismantle and repurpose an authentic wooden ladder. Or, for a more contemporary look, craft one from dowel rods and plywood and paint to match your bedroom decor.

32. Paper Towel Bracelet Stack

If you’re looking for a clever way to keep bracelets organized, head to the kitchen for a paper towel holder. Inexpensive and versatile, a paper towel holder makes the perfect place to stack and store bracelets, bangles, cuffs, and watches. Whether you choose a decorative stand-up holder or one that’s meant to be mounted to a wall, the shape and size make them ideal for displaying beautiful bracelets.

33. Bookcase Room Divider

When organizing a bedroom, space is often at a premium. Luckily, it’s easy to add storage and style with a bookcase that doubles as a room divider. Add ample space for books, baskets, and decorative items while cozying-up your space or creating privacy with an open bookcase that’s accessible from either side.

34. Don’t Ignore The Door

You’ve got a blank canvas of available organization space right on the back of your bedroom door—don’t be afraid to use it! Mount towel bars to drape blankets or hang up tomorrow’s outfit. Attach hooks, baskets, and mini bins to stash jewelry, hats, and bags. Or, mount your mirror on the back of the door so it’s easy to give a quick glance before heading out. Utilizing your bedroom door adds organization space that’s easy to access but out of the way.

35. Glass Jar Displays

Display small and medium-sized items in lidded glass jars on tabletops, bookcases, and shelves. Small jars are perfect for keeping cotton balls, buttons, or tiny odds-and-ends in order. A row of large lidded jars is a stylish way to organize scarves and belts or makeup brushes and hair accessories. The glass makes it so you can easily see what’s stored inside.

36. Color Coordinated Organization

While it seems like such a basic storage idea, drawer organizers are a super easy and incredibly effective way to keep drawers orderly and uncluttered. Keep intimates in order with an underwear organizer, keep folded clothes from becoming jumbled with drawer dividers, and keep miscellaneous items from rolling around in a nightstand drawer with an assortment of drawer containers.

37. Keep Tabletops Clear

Clutter is the archnemesis of organization. With that in mind, keep tabletops, desks, dressers, and nightstands clear of clutter using desk caddies, pen cups, and catch-all trays. When getting (and staying) organized, think of clever off-label ways to use items. For example, a pencil cup works equally as well for keeping makeup brushes organized, and a desk caddy can be perfect for keeping eyeshadow palettes and nail polish bottles neat and tidy.

38. Wall Cubbies

A modern way to organize items, add style, and display knick-knacks, wall cubbies are a trendy twist on traditional shelves. Hang on the wall by your flat-screen TV to store DVDs or video games, hang above your desk to display favorite photos and organize books, or hang in the closet to keep small items organized and in their place.

39. Make Use Of Magnets

If you need an easy way to organize small items, make use of magnets. Hang a metal sheet on the wall, above your dresser, desk or vanity, and use magnets, magnetic hooks, or magnetized baskets to stash and store small items like makeup and jewelry. Or, attach a metal sheet to the underside of a shelf and use baby food jars with magnetic lids to organize small items like buttons, safety pins, and hair ties.

40. Upcycled CD Racks

As we move deeper into the digital age and no longer store stacks of CDs at home, make use of those old CD storage racks to organize items in the closet and on shelves. CD racks are the perfect size for keeping wallets and clutch purses in order. They can be used to organize makeup palettes on your vanity. Or, mounted to the wall, use an old wire CD rack to create a cool and clever “invisible” floating bookshelf.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to organizing your bedroom, remember to incorporate ideas that keep your space clear of clutter, promote a relaxing environment, and allow you to express your personal style in creative ways. Keep in mind certain practices like feng shui, and you’re sure to have calming, tidy space.