How to organize makeup?

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These stick on pods make use of tight spaces.

8. Manage your your lip gloss problem with the help of a hanging organizer.

Lizzy Shebby

A hanging shoe organizer works for storing hair styling tools as well.

9. Dress up a shoebox to store nail polish.

The Beauty Department

Make manicures much more civilized.

10. Keep makeup brushes dust-free with an apothecary jar.

You’re So Pretty

Since these jars are transparent and have a lid, they help brushes stay fresh.

11. Keep track of the little things with a strip of magnetic tape.

DIY & Crafts

Bobby pins and nail files stay handy with a simple magnetic strip.

12. Repurpose a wine rack to store hair styling products.


A standing wine rack is a genius way to organize bulky hair spray canisters.

13. Tack a piece of lace or ribbon to the inside of a drawer to hold products in place.

Nico Ibrahim

Because items tend to shift.

14. Attach magnets to the back of makeup and make a metal display board.

Carin Jo Nielson

This DIY makeup board helps de-clutter and consolidate your makeup.

15. Use a cake stand as a catch-all.

Check out the egg cup as Beauty Blender storage.

16. Even a few drawer organizers can be life changing.

It’s time to put everything in its place.

Finding a place to store your favorite beauty essentials isn’t rocket science.

But when you’re racking your brain trying to figure out where to put your giant bottle of body lotion amidst the chaos that is your cluttered bathroom counter, sometimes it feels that way.

Instead of giving up and shoving everything you own into a plastic bin below your sink, get creative.

Here are 16 awesome and totally doable beauty storage ideas and solutions.

1. Display nail polish in a spice rack.

Paige Smith

Store your collection of colorful nail polishes somewhere they can shine.

A basic spice rack is perfect for lining up your bottles of polish in neat rows so you can see all the different shades at once.

2. Store toiletries in an old pencil box.

Paige Smith

Courtesy of bulk packaging and tempting sales, we’ve all got an extra stick of deodorant or tube of toothpaste (or maybe two or three) cluttering our medicine cabinets and drawers.

Instead of letting these items float around willy-nilly in your baskets and bins (the horror!), store them in a designated box you can hide out of sight.

An old pencil case — plastic, metal, or lined in cheetah print — does the trick.

Having trouble decluttering your bathroom? Here are 12 extremely easy ways to declutter your bathroom.

3. Use drawer dividers to organize cosmetics.

Paige Smith

Drawer dividers are the gateway to easy beauty organization. So easy, so obvious, and so impactful.

All you have to do is get a divider, then separate your products by type or category and file them away in neat sections.

4. Keep headbands and hair ties in little drawstring bags.

Paige Smith

Corral all your headbands and hair ties in cute pliable fabric bags. They look charming lined up on an open shelf, but you can hide them away in a drawer just as easily.

5. Use a shoe organizer to store beauty products.

Pinterest/Kendra White

Who wants to stuff a shoe organizer with dusty trainers and sandy flip flops when you can use it to store your favorite beauty products instead?

A shoe organizer, especially one with clear pockets, is ideal for a few reasons:

  1. It holds a multitude of different items.
  2. You can easily see and access what you’re looking for.
  3. It saves a ton of cabinet and drawer space.

Hang it on your towel rack or the back of your bathroom door for a more discreet look.

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6. Store your hair dryer and straightener in an over-the-door basket.

Paige Smith

Forget about leaving your straightener, blow dryer, and curler atop your bathroom counter in a massive tangle of cords.Like a holster for your hair tools, a small over-the-door basket keeps everything organized and easy to grab on the fly.

Like a holster for your hair tools, a small over-the-door basket keeps everything organized and easy to grab on the fly.

7. Use Lucite desk organizers to hold lotions.

Paige Smith

Repurpose the desk organizer that holds all the paperclips and highlighters you never touch into a chic stand for your lotions and creams.

8. Use a lid rack to store eyeshadow palettes.

Paige Smith

Who needs an organized kitchen cabinet when you can have a killer makeup display instead?

Stack your eyeshadow or lipstick palettes in an old lid rack to keep them out of the way and off your sticky cabinet floor.

Free Bonus: Read our guide to storing all your different types of makeup.

9. Store cotton balls and Q-tips in Mason jars.

Paige Smith

Turn your surplus of old measuring or Mason jars into a storage station for your various cotton necessities.

The best part? The jars double as cute shelf decor.

10. Use stackable drawers to organize beauty products.

Paige Smith

For anyone who’s ever been frustrated by the lack of shelving in an under-the-sink cabinet, fret no more.

Stackable drawers are your new best friend. They’re affordable, easy to assemble, and insanely useful when it comes to storing all the random hand lotions and hair gels you’ve accumulated.

11. Store skin creams in a plastic fridge tray.

Paige Smith

Picture this: It’s a hot, sweaty night and you apply a chilled eye cream to your skin — straight from the fridge.

It may sound crazy, but eye creams, serums, lotions, moisturizers, and toners can all be stored in the fridge alongside your eggs and condiments.

Besides the fact that these products have a great shelf life in the fridge (pun intended), their cooler temperatures can soothe your skin and reduce puffiness and inflammation.

Two birds, one stone.

12. Store hairsprays and bottles in a file holder.

Paige Smith

Hair products often come in tall or bulky bottles, making them tricky to store inside drawers or atop low shelves.

Enter: that decorative fleur-de-lis file holder you still have from tenth grade.

Not only is a file holder the ideal size for bottles of hairspray and mousse, it’s totally portable, so when you want to style your hair you’ll have everything you need in one place.

13. Store bobby pins in soy sauce dishes and hair clips in ring dishes.

Paige Smith

Keep your collection of prone-to-wander bobby pins and hair clips in little soy sauce dishes or ring trays.

They’re easy to store out of sight, but they also look pretty dang adorable sitting on a countertop.

Paige Smith

14. Store your most-used beauty products in a desk organizer.

Paige Smith

Turn a stylish desk organizer made for notebooks and stationery into a stable for your everyday products.

The open design makes it a cinch to grab everything you need, so your morning routine can be that much breezier.

15. Use a rolling utility cart to organize bathroom products.

A Beautiful Mess

Sometimes you just want everything in one spot. When you have zero cabinet or drawer space left to house your beloved beauty products, a rolling utility cart, such as IKEA’s RÅSKOG or their new SUNNERSTA, is the way to go.

Find one that matches your bathroom decor and organize everything in coordinating baskets, boxes, or trays for a look that’s as beautiful as it is functional.

16. Effortlessly store your beauty products in MakeSpace.

For everything you can’t fit inside your bathroom — your burgeoning collection of nail polish, the blow dryer you don’t need during summer, or your surplus of shaving cream — use MakeSpace.

Simply schedule a pickup and pack your stuff. Then we’ll grab everything from your home and transport it to our secure, temperature-controlled storage facility.

And when you want something back from storage, the only thing you have to do is browse your convenient online photo catalog of your stuff and click a button to have it delivered. Simple as that.

This article was written by Paige Smith, a freelance writer from Orange County, California who specializes in lifestyle, wellness, and travel topics.

Make Up Storage Ideas

Isn’t it frustrating when you can’t find your favorite lipstick when you need it? Well, if that seems to be the problem, it’s the sign that you need a makeup storage ideas to make your own makeup organizer.

It is never a simple task to safely keep all your magic tools (read: make up) in one place, because you only use them a couple of times.

Spring may be over, but it won’t hurt you to organize all your important day-to-day essentials.

These fashionable Do-It-Yourself ideas of makeup organizer and storage will help you to avoid being late for a meeting.

Shoe Hanging Makeup Organizer

Make up and beauty tools are not always placed in a nice counter top.

A low cost shoe organizer, which is hanged at the back of your closet or bathroom’s door, can also be used to keep your entire make up essentials.

Even leave more spaces than you need!

DIY Makeup Storage from Old Plant Pots

Taking care of plants can be a handful, but if you have adorable pots lying around because the plants have died, you should tidy it up using some ribbons and Washi tape.

Then, you can hang them all and voila! Now you have a hanging makeup brush holder!

Bookcase Makeup Organizer Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with a spacious bedroom, you need to immediately find an old bookcase, some clear storage containers to build an impressive make up closet.

You can find the materials on online platform such as Craigslist, eBay or Amazon with various prices.

DIY Makeup Storage from Old Candle Jar

This innovative makeup storage idea helps you to save money and time. Moreover, it helps you to tidy up your room too.

You need to grab at least six old candle jars which have been cleaned properly and strong glue.

Then, stick the jars on top of one another until it can stand firmly without rolling around.

This is impressive, right?

Read more about DIY Jewelry Display Case Ideas

Old Dinnerware Makeup Organizer

Have you ever bought or had classic plates and bowls?

You must agree that the vintage cutlery you bought is now used as displays rather than used for its function.

So, there’s no better reason to not change the cutlery into an extremely valuable makeup and fashion jewelry holder!

Let’s be sincere, the classic cutlery looks better for organizing makeup and jewelry rather than for serving foods!

Magnetic Board Makeup Storage Ideas

Make-up items are usually put on top of each other, because you always in a rush when using them.

This will no longer be a problem, because of the magnetic board.

Yup! With magnetic board, you can neatly order your make-up items, so you can quickly discover exactly what you’re trying to find.

Moreover, if you combine the magnetic board with a beautiful patterned background and an artsy frame, your make-up organization becomes an amazing wall art in your room!

Organized Makeup Brush Display

We fall in love with our favorite brushes and we want to see them neatly displayed in the most stylish way possible. Don’t you agree?

The tools you need are three or more glass bowls, a lot of glossy ornamental stones and your favorite makeup brushes to create this stylish brush display bowls.

You can add cute ribbons to make them look even cuter.

Painted Mason Jar Makeup Storage

Mason jars show a simple and ordinary design, but this impressive make-up storage concept would turn it into an elegant jar that looks pricey and limited.

The process begins with a simple paint on the outside. Then, you can put almost anything that fits!

Cool Chalkboard Jewelry Organizer

Beads and chains are tangled up very easily when they are placed in a cabinet drawer.

Don’t you just hate it when it happens?

Well, you can avoid the tragedy and save some space by crafting these jars for jewelry organizer. The jars are chalk-painted with pink color.

IKEA Star Makeup Vanity

If you collect make-up essentials from a lot of different brands, small cabinet or small boxes would never going to suffice.

Rather than adding more boxes or cabinets, why don’t you buy a star like make-up vanity? You can buy all the parts from IKEA.

DIY Hanging Jar Makeup Organizer

This do-it-yourself idea is designed to look simple, but elegant. The concept requires you to have some strings, containers and ornamental material.

Using these materials, you can style your very own hanging vanity case as creative as possible.

DIY Flannel Makeup Box

The materials needed for this project are vibrant foam, studs, glue, imagination and creativity.

Glue the foam together until it creates a box-shaped foams. Add some studs to add a dare to the style!

Simplified Makeup Brush Storage

Do you have a lot of make-up brushes? Then, you know it is hard to keep them together, because you often forget where you put them.

Use these basic, yet elegant storage bowls to manage your collection of brushes. Add some beans decoration to add a little depth to the style.

Glittery Makeup Brush Holder

How incredible it is that you can magically turn inexpensive jars into stunning make-up brush holders.

It is simple, because you only need mod podge—a kind of glue, and glitters to shine them out.

Washi Tape Makeup Brush Holder

Do you have a lot of make-up brushes? Then, you know it is hard to keep them together, because you often forget where you put them.

Use these basic, yet elegant storage bowls to manage your collection of brushes. Add some beans decoration to add a little depth to the style.

Another DIY ideas to try:

  1. DIY Computer Desk
  2. DIY Plant Stand
  3. DIY Hat Rack
  4. DIY Outdoor Privacy Screen
  5. DIY TV Stand

Makeup Vanity with Glass Countertop

This customized make-up vanity is to die for!

But you can build this exact same idea with an old table and a see-through glass top. Don’t forget to measure the size precisely to display your make-up collection.

DIY Make Up Storage from Plate

To have your make-up, perfume and jewelry on display is an intriguing idea. If you’d love that, use a plate and a small bowl.

The bowl should be flipped at the bottom and the plate would be placed at the top. For decoration, use some scrapbook papers.

DIY Moving Rack Makeup Storage

To add wheels to your make-up racks is a fantastic idea. It is very suitable for you who are very mobile. Even the moving rack can be moved to a corner when done.

For convenience, you can include a container on the side to store everything you’d need for dressing up!

DIY Makeup Box Drawer

If you’re the kind to keep your beauty containers, then you can build this cute little drawer system to keep all your makeup tools and item cool and neat.

It is made out of boxes, colored papers and glue. A great way to keep all your make-up items neatly for daily make-up routine! Big thanks to creativity!

DIY Nail Polish Display

Nail polish can get easily mixed up or lost in a table full of make-up items. The best way to manage these items is to put them on display, so you can see the colors clearly.

So, reconstructing an old frame appears as one of the most efficient choices.

IKEA Nail Polish Rack

Your colorful nail polishes should be put on display, so you and your friends can see how beautiful they are.

As a matter of fact, IKEA offers you small racks which are suitable for keeping nail polishes.

Then, put up all of the racks on your walls. This way, you have both storage for nail polishes and a vibrant wall art. How amazing is that?

Bead Organizer Makeup Storage

Have you ever collected beads?

If you have stopped collecting, instead of letting your old bead organizer gather dirt in your closet, use it to gather your eye shadows.

The outcome would be a clear, light-weight and flattering eye shadow combination container.

Travel Brush Holder Storage

A travelling, make-up addict knows how hard it is to manage the brushes while travelling.

Worry no more, because you can make this DIY makeup storage which is suitable for traveling!

This make-up organizer is made of sewn flannels which make it convenient for travelling.

Moreover, an average sewing ability and some efficient time are already enough to make this innovative brushes holder.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Makeup Storage

Do you know that recycled plastic bottles can be used as remarkable storage containers?

  1. Take an advantage of the bottles by cutting them open in your desired size.
  2. To make the edges smoother, iron them gently.
  3. Then, make them stand out by some decorative complementary touches.

Rustic Tray Makeup Storage Ideas

Do you feel bored with your current make-up storage?

Well, try this idea!

Use a natural wood tray to place all your make-up essentials. The rustic and vintage looks of the tray would give you a chic sensation.

Declutter your vanity or bathroom! Check out these brilliant, cheap, and easy-to-make makeup organizers perfect for your lipsticks, palettes, and brushes.

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Makeup Organizers and Vanity Storage Solutions You’ll Love!

Declutter with These Brilliant Ideas for Makeup Organizers

These creative and easy-to-find makeup organizers will give your lipsticks, eyeshadow quads, palettes, and pots an awesome home! Buy them cheap or make your own − your call.

Here’s a question: Can you find your favorite lipstick for me? If you can’t recall, then it’s time to declutter your vanity and use makeup organizers.

We have here some of the best makeup organizer and storage ideas you can buy for cheap or DIY if you want to be more creative. The most important thing is you save yourself time and hassle when finding your well-loved makeup products!

1. Magnetic Board

Magnetic Board Photo by Laura Thoughts

One of the ingenious makeup organizers, this DIY helps put all your makeup in one vertical space. And, since you can mount this on the wall, you can save more space in your room or vanity.

Tip: Place all the makeup you wear on a daily basis on this magnetic board for easy access.

2. Acrylic Makeup Organizers

Acrylic Makeup Organizers Photo by Sunshine and Stilettos

One of the more common makeup storage ideas is by using acrylic boxes. Clear and compact, you can store just about all your cosmetic products and not have to worry about losing one from your sight.

3. Ikea Alex 5 Drawer

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A post shared by VANITY COLLECTIONS (@vanitycollections) on Nov 16, 2016 at 11:13pm PST

The Ikea Alex drawer is another easy makeup storage solution. You can organize your makeup in different categories from top to bottom, and you can also fit plastic containers for separate compartments.

If you buy two, you can add a plank of thick wood, paint it with your favorite color, place it on top of the two drawers, and − tada − you have an instant home office desk. How neat is that?

4. Shoe Organizer

Shoe Organizer Photo by One Creative Housewife

This hanging shoe organizer idea is excellent for dorms or small rooms. Just hang it by a corner or door and put your makeup into the pockets.

You can also put labels on the clear plastic pouch for better organization.

5. Mounted Mason Jars

Mounted Mason Jars Photo by Etsy

If you want to save money on your makeup storage cases while still being artsy, you can do this mounted mason jar project! Mason jars are everywhere, and they’re incredibly cheap (or you can recycle similar-sized jars).

Get a wooden plank, make it rustic by sanding it, coat it with new paint, add screw metal clamps fitting the opening of the jars, and insert the mason jars. That’s it! You can attach hooks at the bottom too to organize your jewelry.

6. Candle Jars Makeup Organizers

Got some old candle jars lying around? Breathe new life into them by making them into usable and cute makeup storage. Simply place your makeup brushes into the jar or you can put some pebbles first for some added charm.

7. Ikea Makeup Vanity

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A post shared by Impressions Vanity Co. (@impressionsvanity) on Aug 12, 2016 at 7:17pm PDT

This Ikea vanity hack with a clear glass top is another good way of organizing your makeup. The glass top allows you to see the makeup underneath while you can use the shelf space to organize other makeup in clear plastic or acrylic makeup organizers.

8. Glitter Jars Makeup Organizers

Glitter Jars Photo by Etsy

For a fancy take on the mason jar DIY makeup storage, cover half of the entire jar with glue then roll it over glitter. Add some vinyl decals for extra cuteness.

9. Clear Makeup Brush Storage

Clear plastic containers are easily bought at craft stores for a good value.

In order to create an efficient brush holder, don’t forget to fill them halfway with plastic or iridescent beads so your brushes don’t fall to the sides. Separate those brushes you use for your eyes and face, too.

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10. Christmas Gift Boxes

Christmas Gift Boxes Photo by Emily Denise Photography

If you have unused or empty gift boxes, you can use them as incredibly cheap makeup organizers. You can create mini compartments to fit your blushes, compacts, or, in this case, lipsticks. Cover them with a piece of patterned fabric or paper so they’ll look nicer!

11. Ikea Raskog Makeup Organizers

Ikea Raskog Photo by Who is Mocca

This Ikea Raskog hack allows you to have a rolling makeup storage unit in the house. Label each shelf to organize properly and set it up near your vanity mirror for ease of use.

12. Recycled Plastic

After drinking sodas and other beverages, don’t throw those plastic bottles yet! You can cut and melt the edges using a flat iron to give you lightweight and inexpensive makeup organizers. Use different-colored plastic bottles for a splash of colors on your vanity.

13. Nail Polish Rack

There’s more to your nail polish rack than keeping your hordes of coveted nail polishes. It is also a good way to store makeup in bullet-form containers like lipsticks, lip glosses, and some liquid foundation bottles.

You can also fit palettes in the rack, and you have a little corner to effectively hold your makeup.

14. Leather Brush Holder

Good for traveling, a roll-up makeup brush organizer or holder does not need to be expensive. You only need to get creative. Store your makeup brushes properly in this leather roll-up bag to keep them away from dirt and dust.

Unroll anywhere when you’re out and about! Just in case leather isn’t your thing, you can also use a sushi mat for your DIY makeup brush holder.

15. Medicine Cabinet

If you’re one of those who spends most beauty-time in the bathroom, then this is one of the best makeup storage ideas for you! Make room for your makeup right inside your medicine cabinet (or built-in bathroom wall cabinet).

16. Recycled Paper Towel Tubes

Recycled Paper Towel Tubes Photo by Cathie Filian & Steve Piancenza

Looking for makeup organizer DIY ideas? This should be one of the easiest and simplest, yet chic and cheap at the same time.

Don’t throw those paper towel tubes as you can make them into makeup storage. Simply wrap them with colorful or patterned paper and glue each on a plastic plate.

Be as innovative as you like! With this makeup organizing idea, you’re one step closer to being zero waste.

17. Magazine Rack Organizer

Magazine Rack Organizer Photo by The Pixel Odyssey

Everything about this magazine rack palette organizer is awesome. No need to stack your eyeshadow palettes on top of each other.

It also fits your vanity table or your makeup cabinet − it’s just genius.

Get crafty with your makeup organizers! See how to make some of them on this video by BrittanyVasseur:

Whether you have a lot of makeup or less, storing them is essential in keeping them clean and sanitized. Get creative and think outside the box with your makeup organizers!

Which ones from these makeup organizers do you dig? We’d love to know why it’s your choice. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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Strategic makeup storage is essential to maintaining a clean, organized bathroom or bedroom vanity. And when done well, it can actually contribute to the overall style of your space. More important, the way you store your makeup can make a huge difference in its quality. To gather the best makeup storage ideas, we tapped Allan Avendaño (he’s the celebrity makeup artist to stars like Mindy Kaling, Joey King, Camila Cabello, Maya Rudolph, Sarah Hyland, and Ashley Graham, just to name a few) Dr. Tiffany J. Libby, MD, aboard-certified dermatologist and assistant professor of dermatology at Brown University, and Monica Nguyen a seasoned fashion week makeup artist. Keep reading to learn ten makeup storage ideas and secrets from the best of them.

Separate Makeup Into Categories

“The best is to organize your products by category,” says Avendaño. Most of us probably don’t have nearly as much makeup as Avendaño and Nguyen do, but even if you have an extensive collection, a system based on product type or use frequency system can help you stay organized and also get the most out of your products.

Cheetah Is the New Black

This is primarily because different products require different storage conditions, as some are more sensitive to the elements than others (more on that in a minute). Once you have them separated by categories in containers, consider putting them inside of drawers or in a medicine cabinet, like Avendaño does. This will keep your surfaces clear and clutter to a minimum. If you don’t have any drawer space for makeup, put your containers or catch-alls on the counter, a floating shelf, or an étagère.

Like-it Modular Organizer Container Store $4.99 Wall-Mounted Storage Shelf CB2 $169.00 Blush Drawer Organizer Poppin $9.60 Seamless Medicine Cabinet West Elm $299.00

Keep Temperature Top of Mind

If your bathroom has poor ventilation, you might be better off storing your makeup in the bedroom. “Temperatures can sometimes change the chemistry of the makeup,” Avedaño explains. Dr. Libby agrees: “Because smaller, enclosed bathrooms tend to get more humid and temperatures tend to rise above room temperature, it’s best to store these products in your bedroom in an area not exposed to direct sunlight to minimize oxidation of the product,” she says. “This will prevent bacteria growth and can compromise product quality and lifetime.” Designate one of your dresser drawers to makeup, or add a small vanity station in the bedroom with a desk to store your it. If there isn’t enough space for everything in the bedroom, prioritize things like serums and creams, which stay healthier in cooler areas.

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Try a Skin Fridge (or a Real Fridge)

If you’re really worried about temperature, try a skin fridge. “I have the Drunk Elephant Skin Fridge and it’s amazing. It keeps all my skincare products cold, so when I apply it it’s very cooling and wakes up my face. It also helps keep skincare products fresh for a longer period of time,” Avendaño tells us. On the other hand, if you don’t want to invest in one, don’t sweat it. Dr. Libby explains that “well-designed products undergo stability testing and are made for room temperature storage, even after opening.”

Tamsin Johnson

Some products (like certain lightening creams) keep better in a fridge, and storing those limited items in your regular fridge will do as well. Plus, applying a cooled product or mask will provide a calming effect for irritated skin or help de-puff under eyes, but this can also be achieved by using a regular refrigerator for those select products,” says Libby.

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Keep Brushes Clean and Dust-Free

And now for an important hygiene lesson for makeup brushes and applicators worldwide. “Ideally, you should clean your brushes as often as possible because the buildup isn’t sanitary and it makes your brushes brittle,” says Avendaño. Soo, how often is often? He clarifies: “Realistically people get busy and lazy, so I’d say at least every two weeks.” Sponges (like Beauty Blenders), on the other hand, should be cleaned every day, according to Nguyen. To keep them extra clean, storage is also key. “I wouldn’t have your brushes sitting out in the open either as they can collect dust,” notes Nguyen. “I have mine stored in a cabinet.”

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Choose Travel Cases Wisely

Cheetah Is the New Black

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, let’s talk travel storage ideas to keep your makeup in good shape. “I would suggest packing your products in a compact case,” says Avendaño because a hard case is also usually better than the pouch alternative, which leaves your makeup more prone to breakage. Dr. Libby says to look for travel cases with pockets and compartments so you can actually find your products when you need them. In other words, don’t just throw everything in a bag and call it a day.

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Pack Precious Cargo With Care

Speaking of which, it’s “important to make sure there’s not a lot of empty space because products tend to hit each other and break,” Avendaño explains. You can fill empty space with cotton rounds or by separating glass containers with soft products in between. If you want to keep the packaging pristine or you’re worried about something breaking, bubblewrap them. Electrical wire tape is also your friend when it comes to packing your makeup well. Avendaño uses it to make sure the lids and twist tops stay on products but is also easy enough to take off and put back on.

Cosmetic Case Organizer Juccini $14.99 Pink Electrical Tape WOD Tape $4.98 Large Cotton Balls Perfect Stix $6.16 100 Pink Packs M packaging $13.99

Transfer Products When Traveling

Not looking to lug around a heavy carry-on? “I cut the weight of things by transferring products to lightweight travel bottles,” Avedaño says. Nguyen, who works at MUA and does a lot of work at fashion week shows, recommends this, too. “Muji has a lot of amazing travel size containers. That store is a makeup artist’s dream,” she shares. This way, you also won’t have to worry about your go-to product being confiscated at TSA.

Small Cosmetic Containers Nimena $11.98 Airless Pump Bottles Juvitis $16.99 Travel Toiletries Containers Meacolia $6.99 TSA Portable Travel Bottles Lune Inc $11.95

Throw Them Out When Necessary

And last but not least, remember that all good things must come to an end. Read: You might have to throw out and replace your makeup products before you’ve used them all up if they expire. “Most people don’t realize that makeup has an expiration date, so some things shouldn’t be kept longer than you think,”Avendaño tells us. “Mascara should be replaced every three months (depending on how often you use it). Foundation should be replaced after every year. Powders products tend to last longer because they don’t harvest as much bacteria.” You’ll also want to “check expiration dates periodically to ensure that what you’re applying on your skin is of good quality,” says Libby. Because the last thing you’d want to do is slap on makeup that makes you break out.

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MAKEUP ORGANIZER is either a case or a bag that has series of compartments for all your makeup, cosmetics, and some other beauty accessories. Anyone who does or wear makeup will know the feeling of not being able to organize makeup properly.

It is a must for those who have more than one item in their makeup list. The makeup does not simply contain one or two things though. Moreover, the range varies from rectangular palettes to linear brushes making it more difficult to place things in same box.

Likewise, some are firm and stiff like the eye shadow box and brushes, while the others are soft and gooey like the moisturizer or foundation that come in paste. Therefore, you need to protect the entire thing from mixing up! As we all know they are expensive and even a little quantity costs a lot! Thus, in order to avoid them from mixing into each other, and make a proper managed finish, one will require a makeup organizer.


Everyone who has a makeup will require a makeup organizer! Even if you do not have any makeup, but have some beauty accessories or cosmetic, then also you will require one. A makeup organizer is just to keep your things sorted well. They not just provide a bag for all you similar goods, but also make them look well organized.

Specially, when you are going on a trip, you will require one. A makeup organizer is the best companion a woman in her tour can have. Forget about mixing of your eye liner or nail polish with your clothes. Are you worried about the moisturizer that might leak into your things? No more. Just grab one of the makeup organizers and feel the comfort even in travelling.

Not just women, but men who have plenty of makeup things like moisturizer, sunscreen, hair gel, and even shampoo or toothpaste will require one. It has nothing to do with gender, but it is all about making things simpler! Moreover, kids can also use one to keep their stationery items together in a case to sort every bits.

They already make a room or a bathroom look prettier and well organized, therefore, every house needs one or two makeup organizers for not messing anything around.


There are plenty of benefits on using the makeup organizer. First of all, it is all about organizing things. As the name it has, it is clear, the main purpose is on organizing the makeup, accessories, or cosmetics. Organizing in the sense, the things do not mix up, or are scattered on the table or entire bathroom. Also, to keep things separate while you are packing your luggage.

The another benefit is compartments. Who does not like compartments? The sorting is best when there are plenty of compartments. Obviously, you would prefer to see all your brushes together and not somewhere in the case of lipstick! Similarly, compartments give you choice to sort the stuffs as per your requirements. One can be for small products, the other can be for the large ones. Similarly, if sunscreen goes here, the moisturizer will go there!

The another advantage is saving time! Once your things are well organized and are resting in their own compartments, you will get the required one easily. You will not have to look at the entire place several times to get one thing. Imagine searching a rubber band from entire bag of accessories, and the time it requires to finally get one! Therefore, it is all about saving time to find things,

One of the advantages is also avoiding mess. When you keep everything at a place, you will surely spill your eyeliner into your eye shadows and end up losing both of the valuable makeup. Therefore, in order to avoid such a mess, you will require it!

It is also about the beauty of the makeup organizer at least! If you have things inside a makeup organizer, the entire thing looks prettier! After all your valuable makeup needs a glorious case to hold all! You will get a perfect match, a preferred color, and beautiful case of your choice in the store.

Moreover, it is all about system you know. Everyone likes to work on a system. A book has a book case, clothes has a cupboard, shoes have shoes rack, and just like that your makeup needs its own home. In order to make your room look proper, and provide you with all the comfort and ease, you will need to have one.

Imagine a bathroom without a makeup organizer, and you have all your makeup scattered on basin or even floor! How would one judge you if you scatter things like this? Obviously, a human nature prefers things placed well managed so that it does not bother anyone. Thus, everyone needs a makeup organizer!


There are plenty of choices if you want to pick a makeup organizer. Either be something for your room or bathroom, or something to carry along in your trip, you will find several choices! But out of all the choices, here presented ten makeup organizers are most popular with maximum benefits!

Depending upon their portability, fabric quality, type of furniture, hangers availability, compactness, space, water resistance, and most importantly the looks, they are classified into two major types and ten minor types. Go through each of these to find more about them in detail along with pictures.


The makeup organizers that are kept under this category have one thing in common. They all are prepared for carrying along with you. Either be a trip or tour, you can take your makeup products along with you if you have one of these! No need to worry about messing all your stuffs now. With one of these, its super handy and easy to travel, and you will not have to compromise at leaving anything at home. But it does not mean that you cannot keep it at home, you surely can! It will occupy lesser space, yet provide more space! Only pros and no cons at getting one of it.

    The best thing about a Mr. Pro makeup organizer is its portability, light weight and folding ability. It just does not appear colorful or cute, but is really handy and a perfect travel pack. Either be an adventure trip or some official travel, you will be able to carry all your makeup in a well managed way, with zero mess. The fabric of which it is made up of is water resistant which ultimately prevents the growth of bacteria from the pack with a simple wash. It does not let the entire thing mix up and give a bad smell. Because, it has multiple compartments, you have plenty of choices to add your makeup and should not compromise on missing something at home. It makes your luggage look prettier and saves your time in searching for a right makeup.
    The names makes it all clear about its specialty. It is foldable and what else? You have a hanger at the top! Is not it cool? You will be able to hang it anywhere making it possible to occupy lesser space on your table. The organizer is all about your practicality after all. The numerous pockets in the first and second row will let you add every makeup item you have. Moreover, your makeup will not mix each other if you divide it on the basis f type of makeup they are. The minimal space it occupies giving more space for other things if it is your travel buddy!
    Flymei makeup organizer has a water resistant fabric along with an interior that has some pads to make it safer. It has enough space for all your make up products. You can carry it along with you and it will be a good travel companion saving plenty of time without any mess. It does not only have to be makeup bag, you can keep other stuffs along with your makeup because there will always be some extra space! Why not also add some cosmetic or accessories and provide some space for another thing inside?
    When we talk about makeup and stuffs similar to that, a bit of glamour has to be there. If you want to add some style even in a makeup organizer, get MVPower Pro makeup organizer. You can get several designs for the same thing with specially sexy pink or hot black color. There will be seven compartments inside giving you more space for your makeup items and might also give some space to your other beauty accessories.
    If you need a makeup organizer solely for a travel purpose, Samtour Travel makeup organizer goes perfectly with you. There are padded dividers inside letting you to adjust them as per your requirements. This has made it one of the best travel buddy. You will also find some extra pockets for your makeup brushes. The entire thing will have a separate and customized compartments that will make things easier for you. This is an awesome travel solution with maximum compactness yet enough space.


By the title it is clear that what makes them different from the above categorized organizers is portability. They are rather fixed and made for rooms or bathrooms. They will not serve you as your travel buddy or tour companion. But, they are more strong and will last longer than the above mentioned organizers. They are available in many furniture types ranging from acrylic to bamboo. You will have plenty of choice for choosing one. Find out more about them:

    The best thing about Nifty Cosmetic & Makeup Organizer is that they have maximum storage within a small space. You can add many compartments as you wish depending upon the available makeup products. The colors that they are available in are silver, pink, purple, and black. Along with such an amazing appearance, you will be able to manage your makeup products in the best way without messing up anything. Even it is easier to clean the entire thing.
    This special design of Jerrybox makeup and cosmetic organizer is best for bathrooms wall. They are prepared for the permanently fixing a place for your makeup products. You can choose any place you wish to attach this. There is a 360 degrees rotatable attached stand features that can be provided with multiple trays. This will reduce a lot of unnecessary space and give you a lot of space for your makeup and cosmetics. You can add other accessories to the trays as well. This way there is 100 % guarantee that nothing will left behind and no product will be scattered on floor!
    GoBam Bamboo Makeup organizer is something that will make your room look classic. As it is made from the natural bamboo of a premium quality, it has such an amazing and elegant look that you will fall in love with. The perfect box it is for holding all your amazing beauty products. There are two large and adjustable compartments where you can keep all your cosmetics and accessories together. Along with that, you will be able to make you room look prettier! Moreover, adding a bamboo made makeup organizer in your room will make you feel amazing the each time you try to pick a makeup from it! This is the beauty of it. Also, you will enjoy making a proper use of it because of its unique beauty. Go classic, choose GoBam Bamboo makeup organizer.
    What is awesome about a makeup organizer? A mirror? Of course! Is not is awesome to know that your makeup organizer has inbuilt mirror! This means, doing makeup without bothering of holding a different makeup! How cool is that? This one is one of the personal favorite makeup organizer for many girls and women because it has mirror stand on it! The adjustable swivel tool that holds all the makeup accessories has the mirror attached along the stand! This is a complete kit for all your beauty cosmetics along with magnifying mirror. There is also an LED that will be used if you are trying to make up in dark! Such a boon!
    The Acrylic Cosmetic & Makeup Organizer is popular for its drawers and large number of compartments. The compartments have various size letting you sort the products as per their size too. You have different compartment for your eye shadow and contour palettes as well. There is also a compartment for separately keeping lipstick, gloss, mascara, and even brushes. This one is a well managed organizer that will provide you with lot of ideas to sort your makeup items well. Moreover, because being an acrylic, the quality will be good enough to last for a longer time as compared to other makeup organizers. This is one of the benefits of having an Acrylic Cosmetic & Makeup Organizer!


There are some more makeup organizers which are similar to the ones mentioned above. Instead of keeping them under certain categories, they have been avoided. The classification can be broadened on the basis of fabric or furniture used. Moreover, they can be classified under water resisting ability, color, or even number of compartments.

They are easily available in the stores. Some are only available online or needs to be imported to your place. But you will always get an alternative to what you are looking for if you hit the nearby stores. The price varies on the basis of size, quality, facilities, and sometimes just due to the popularity!

The availability also varies as per the demand of the makeup organizer in that area, and sometimes the country too. More people in the west are getting one of these every day while the popularity is yet to be widened in the east. Moreover, the trend is gradually making every woman buy one and feel better with one of these.


Did you go through the entire content and make it to the bottom? If you are here, you surely did! Is your search over? The page has the best make up organizers with maximum popularity. But these ten are not enough, that is obvious. But, they represent a larger number of type and as per the basic requirements.

You can find out more about them in some other sites that actually sell the makeup organizers. The online stores like amazon has plenty of makeup organizer types along with the price classification. You can learn more about it there with details about the number of compartment, quality, and price.

If you have any suggestions or queries, feel free to share with us.

30 Best DIY Makeup Organizing Ideas

Do you have so many makeup and makeup tools they clutter all around? I guess this is every make-up junkie’s dilemma. When you finally arranged them, it’s Oh-La-Lahh… But then again you are in a hurry and you get this and that and and put them there and here and before you know it, there they go again. Cluttered and disarranged and on a bad day, misplaced and lost forever. Aw. Sad life.

But you know there are always good ways to organize your makeups. From classy to the simplest and even unbelievable make-up organizers, we give you ideas on how you can arrange your everyday treasure.

1. Painted Patterned Mason Jar


Oh yeah, mason jar oraganizing ideas tops our list, because of course.

2. Ice Cube Tray Makeup Holder


And how would an ice-cube make-up organizer sound to you? Fun and creative!

3. Simple Candle Jar Makeup Storage


Yes, you read it right. It says simple but just look at how cute they are! And clean! and neat! and beautiful!

4. Hanging Makeup Organizer


No space? Hang ’em!

5. Roll-up Makeup Brush Case


Hate those boring leather make-up brush rolls? DIY your own colorful roll-up organizer!

6. Washi Tape Makeup Brush Holder


Oh, and yes. The washi tape magic. Who wouldn’t?

7. Easy Cardboard Makeup Organizer


Just watch at how a plain cardboard is turned to a colorful and fun make-up organizer!

8. Make-up Magnet Board


Make-up on a magnet board?? Like serously?? Yes. Seriously.

9. Makeup Organizer Hanging Jars


Well we can’t blame you if you want to go unique! You go girl!

10. Simplistic Makeup Brush Storage


And here is for our minimalist girl. We know you’ll love it. 😉

11. Make Up Storage


12. Stylish Beauty Box Makeup Organizer


13. Aluminum Vase Utensils Holders


14. Chevron Glitter Vanity Tray


15. The Swanky Two-Tier Organizer


16. Old Dinnerware


17. Sushi Mat Roll-up


18. Makeup Brush Holder


19. Copper Tubes


20. Plastic Drawers


21. Clay Lipstick Holder


22. Nail Polish Storage Idea


23. Scrap Wood Make-up Brush Holder


24. Leather Brush Holder


25. Beauty Storage Station


26. Metal Sheet Makeup Board


27. Faux Leather Make-up Brush Roll


28. Glass Top Makeup Vanity


29. Picture Frame Makeup Brush Holder


30. Makeup Brush Holders


Does your makeup stash resemble a pilfered haul from a cosmetic counter robbery? Is it dumped onto the bathroom counter, in multiple bags, or shoe boxes? If you don’t live alone, we’re sure that it’ll be much appreciated if you free up some space by giving your makeup its own place to live.

It’s time for change. It’s time to stop spending money on repeat purchases because your makeup is so disorganized. Those neglected eyeshadows buried under layers of lipsticks want to be seen and heard too. And those brushes you keep replacing now have several generations of family scattered about.

Even if you do already have a system, here’s another way to keep everything tidy and look decorative too! DIY Basics’ Isabelle Larue gives us a handmade makeup organizer that kills it in the clutter buster and design departments. She groups each type of item together for easier organization, and shows us how to store cosmetics on the wall.




  • 8” x 12” galvanized steel shingle(s)
  • Magnet sheeting (you can also upcycle flat magnets you already have)
  • Glue that’s suitable for plastic
  • ¼” Plywood board
  • Brass fasteners
  • Drill and bits
  • Frame (optional)
  • Grasscloth wallpaper (optional)
  • Brackets
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire storage bins
  • 3M wire hooks


  1. Cut the Magnet


    Cut magnet sheeting to fit the backs of the makeup containers. Isabelle works with eyeshadow in the video, but you can also use others like blush. Glue the magnet to the backs, with the magnetized side facing outwards. You can write the makeup color on the magnet with a marker. If you’d like, you can use this method for other makeup items as well.

  2. Drill the Metal

    Aligning the steel shingle with the plywood board, drill holes into each corner of the shingle, through the wood.

  3. Cover the Plywood

    If you are using grasscloth wallpaper or other covering for the plywood, secure it to the board.

  4. Fasten the Brass


    Use brass pin fasteners to attach the shingle to the plywood board. You have the option to frame the finished wall organizer.

  5. Mount the Organizer

    Isabelle allowed the bottom of the organizer to rest on the vanity and secured the top of it by using brackets. You can either do the same, or use brackets to mount the entire organizer on the wall.

  6. Prep the Bins

    With the wire cutter, carefully snip small holes into the wire bins that can accommodate the size of the wire hooks.

  7. Add the Hooks


    Drill holes into the plastic plates of the wire hooks; attach the hooks to the wall organizer with screws. Make sure you are placing the bins on the non-metal section of the plywood board.

  8. Hang the Bins

    Hang the storage bins on the wire hooks.

    Once your DIY wall organizer is built, you can start storing your makeup. Place your eyeshadow magnets on the metal shingles, along with any other makeup pieces that are magnet-ready. Group items such as brushes, lip glosses, pencil liners, or tools together. Put them in your handy storage bins that can be unhooked from the organizer for easy access.

    In the video below, Isabelle also stowed the remaining makeup neatly in drawers. If drawer space is limited, you can add more wire bins to the wall organizer or simply keep them on your vanity counter. What do you think of this makeup storage idea? Does your collection need to be reorganized? Tell us in the comments!

DIY Makeup Storage Ideas

You have a meeting with your client, but unfortunately, you woke up late. You still have to do makeup to make a good impression.

Another problem is coming, your dresser is full of cosmetics, and you can’t find the blush on. You ruin your morning mood by yourself.

Sometimes you don’t realize how many cosmetics you have until your dresser is full of them which makes it hard to find what you need easily.

Organizing those cosmetics with DIY makeup storage will help you a lot. Besides, you can control the new cosmetics and the run out one.

There are so many outstanding makeup storage ideas below which help you to avoid that kind of moment, above.

Hang It Behind the Door

Raise your hand! If your room is so small, but you have tons of cosmetics.

Sometimes, the 50% discount is one of the reasons you have a pile of cosmetics.

To make those cosmetics are collected well, you need makeup storage.

This kind of storage is to fit your needs whose room is small.

So, although you have only a tiny space, it will not make your space even smaller which caused by your pile of cosmetics.

Find more DIY Ideas: DIY Mouse Pad

Use Floating Shelves in the Room Corner

If you don’t want to step on the fallen toothpaste tube on the floor or even the little eyeliner, it means you need makeup storage on your bathroom.

Considering the best material for the storage on your bathroom is so important. Instead of choosing the card box material, you will select wooden material.

To make it cuter, you can also put a small succulent.

The floating storage can save your space and really good for the small bathroom.

DIY Makeup Organizer with Recycled Materials

The weekend is coming! Don’t waste your time and sleeping like a log. Be productive!

There are so many benefits if you can create your makeup storage by yourself. You can use paper towel tubes and stick them to each other.

And if you want to make the pretty one, you can cover them by using the decorative paper of fabric.

The materials you have to collect to make this kind of storage are paper towel tubes, glue, scissors, tape, and decorative paper.

Voila! You already improved your creativity!

Makeup Storage Vanity Ideas – Use Glass Shelves on the Wall

You shouldn’t ruin your classy room by letting your cosmetics are scattered.

Your classy room should be completed by the vanity makeup storage.

However, you need to please your eyes which also will please your heart as well.

The organized makeup really helps you to find the essentials you need.

You don’t need to worry anymore about finding your little mascara when you are in a hurry.

Metal Makeup Storage Ideas

Metal still the top options of material for furniture. It doesn’t need any complex maintenance, yet some types of metal define a vintage style.

However, you can polish the old wall-hanging letter holders and turn into the fabulous one which can hold you pallets collections.

Your makeup time will not be boring anymore since the vintage style will inexpensively beautify your room.

Do It Yourself with Plastic Bottle


Why you have to spend much money when you can have cheap makeup storage?

Well, it’s not about the price, but it’s all about the function itself.

Collecting makeup in one place is really important, indeed. And if you are on a budget, you still can have the cheap one like you can choose the plastic storage.

It’s less expensive than wooden or metal materials. You can have even the cheaper one, by using the old plastic bottle.

Besides you can reuse the waste, you don’t have to spend your money too much.

You have to collect the following materials in advance:

  • Plastic spray bottles in various colors
  • Rubber band
  • Permanent marker
  • Exacto knife
  • Iron

You can follow the complete steps on

Use Small Box – Put It in The Cabinet

Either your room is big or small, you still don’t want your beauty room full of the types of furniture. Plus, if you have much stuff on your room.

The cabinet storage is really fit your needs.

And this kind of storage will not show the uninvited view of stuff.

Both pull out and the on wall cabinet will help you to have a storage cabinet that doesn’t take up your space.

Makeup Storage Organization Ideas with De-clutter Box


Some people hate to see when their beauty collections are messily scattered.

And organizing them is the only solution. One of the best materials to organize your makeup is acrylic.

However, organizing them will have so many advantages; it will beautify your place.

Other than that, it’s easy to clean, separate, and retrieve any type of makeup at any given time.

It will also keep your makeup safe in the right place.

Makeup Storage Ideas for Drawer


There are few satisfying things than well-organized makeup. Yet, it is pretty hard to keep it in the right place neatly after you use it.

If you are wondering how to keep neatly placed after you use it, the drawer is the answer.

And when your drawer is not divided yet, you can just add some boxes as the divider like the various size of acrylics.

If you want to create it by yourself, you can use phone boxes or shoe boxes. Cut those boxes into the same height, put it to your drawer and they are ready to store your beauty collections.

Floating Shelf for Large Makeup Storage Ideas


Large makeup storage is what makeup enthusiast and the beauty junkies need. No wonder, their collections are sometimes like a beauty store.

They have almost every shade of lipsticks, blush on, and eyeshadows. Besides, their types of equipment are more than complete.

That’s why they need the big makeup storage. So their collections are well organized.

There is no worry about losing their collections if only they put their collections in the right place.

Makeup Wall Storage Ideas


Wall mounted storage is the best decision if you don’t have any spacious room. No worries, you can also store your beauty collections on it when you have limited space on your room.

In another side, this kind of storage can beautify your room as the art wall with various of your makeup collections.

To make it more beautiful, of course, you have to keep it neatly placed.

Besides, you can add some accent like small cute cactus, lights or any other lovely accent.

Hide Them Under Your Table – Clever Ideas

There are so many ways to make your cosmetics well-collected, like clever storage.

On a budget shouldn’t be a reason your beauty room is messy with your stuff are scattered everywhere. You still can make it at least well-collected.

You can store your makeup collections in a genius way; using folding makeup storage.

You can use the upper part as a desk for work or study when you fold it. On the other side, you can store your collections under the folding.

This clever idea really helps you to deal with the tiny space.

Movable Shelf Storage Ideas

Shelf storage is one of the best storage for any function. Plus, there are so many ways to make it works.

For those whose room is small, installing the shelf storage on the wall can be the best options. So it will not take up your space. Also, it can be another kind of wall art.

The on wheel shelf makeup storage also can be an option if you want to simplify your makeup time, you can move it easily.

Makeup and Jewelry Storage Ideas

Are you a necklace collector? If so, seeing the untidy necklace will “hurt” your eyes. That’s why you need to make a jewelry organizer.

In another side, you need to store your makeup as well. No worries, you can store them in one place in style.

Plus, if you don’t have any spacious room, this mounted cabinet is all that you need.

You can store your pieces of jewelry; earrings, bracelets, necklace in one side. In another side, you can store your makeup safely.

Acrylic Material for the Storage

Spending much money to buy makeup is satisfying for beauty junkies and also makeup enthusiast. They can explore their passion through makeup as well.

They have to take good care of their makeup so that they can ensure that the cosmetics are worth using.

Using the acrylic material to store the makeup collections is the best decision. Its transparent material can help to find what they need quickly.

If it’s impossible to store in one storage, placing them in a wall-mounted shelf is a good idea where you can collect them based on the types of cosmetics.

Other than that, they also look tidy and pleasing.

Makeup Room Storage Ideas

Some people are dreaming about having their own beauty room. It’s like having a magical place where they can treat their self look like a celebrity. So do you, right?

A perfect makeup room should have at least a mirror, whether the big mirror or the small one or even both of them.

Stools or bench are also should be added to the makeup room. You don’t want to stand up all along the makeup time, don’t you?

Don’t forget the storage space, where you can find every single thing you need i.e your beauty collections and the equipment, clothes, jewelry and many more.

DIY Makeup Storage Box Ideas

Watch the detailed tutorial by Hacks Land

Seeing your makeup collections and also its tools are well organized is satisfying.

Somehow it looks hard to do, but if you start doing it, there are always good ways to organize them. The thing is, you can do that start from the easiest way to the complicated one.

How to create a simple makeup storage box

You can both dress up the shoebox and keep your makeups and the tools tidy and neat.

You only need to prepare:

  • Shoebox
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Paper decorations
  • Cardbox

After that, you can create the makeup storage box as you want.

Makeup Storage Ideas for Bedroom

A great example by Emily Loula

Commonly people are keeping their makeup on their bedroom.

If you don’t have a spacious bedroom, you can cleverly make makeup storage which doesn’t take up space.

Makeup vanity in the corner of your bedroom should be a perfect place where you can beautify yourself.

You only need to install a wall mounted vanity table and put a close-up mirror. Besides, you can add a basket to store your beauty tools which used frequently. It will simplify your makeup time as well. This kind of makeup storage is also will make your room look classy.

Makeup Table Storage Ideas


Who doesn’t desire a fancy beauty table?

There is no more satisfying thing than seeing a tidy makeup table while you are doing makeup. The well-organized beauty collections do not only please your eyes, but it also can simplify your makeup time.

How to create it?

You can put a small vanity table on the corner of your room and put a close-up mirror on it. You can also set a small acrylic drawer on the top of the table to store your lipstick collections, so it won’t make your table looks too bare.

To make your beauty space looks more gorgeous, you can set a faux fur stool.

Copper Cups

A Beautiful Mess

If a small room and the messy makeup collections are your issues, no need to worry about it. Actually, you don’t need to have a spacious place to make an incredible makeup table in your room to store your beauty collections and keeps them tidy and neat as well.

The small space in your room could turn the whole place into the fancy one if you did the right ways.

Adding a tiny wall-mounted table can help you to deal with the small space. Also, you can add a small drawer under the table to make sure your beauty collections are safe from the sunlight.

The small basket on the top of the table can be added to place your brushes. Besides, you can add some accents to make your beauty table look pretty.

Don’t forget to put a chair, so your makeup time more convenient.

Magnetic Board – Creative yet Simple

When you are on a budget, sometimes it can boost your creativity, and it can challenge you to create something. It also works to make cheap DIY makeup storage.

You can get the material simply. Also, the steps are easy to follow.

This wall-mounted board of magnetic storage is another way to keep your beauty collections are collected in one place. In the other side, this can be your unique wall art.

You have to prepare the materials before you are starting to create it, like:

  • Sheet metal
  • Light magnets
  • Strong magnets
  • Tall bins
  • Short bins
  • Scissors
  • Magnetic tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Frame

For the complete steps, you can see on the page.

See? Although you don’t have to spend a lot of money you still can make great makeup storage, right?

Easy Makeup Storage Ideas with Mason Jar Organizer

Feeling guilty of throwing your old glass jars? Yes, you should. Because there are so many things, you can do with them than throwing it to the recycling bin.

You can make it as makeup storage like lipstick collections, eyeliners, mascara, and also brushes.

The materials you will need to make super easy makeup storage are:

  • Glass Jar
  • Paint
  • Hose clamps
  • Wood
  • Wood stain
  • Picture hanging kit
  • Hammer
  • Rag
  • Drill
  • Titanium drill bits
  • Screw

For further and the details steps, you can see on the page, which will guide you to make super easy and simple makeup storage.

Simple DIY Vanity

The wall-mounted vanity is one of the everlasting storage.

It is more than a simple DIY vanity, creating this kind of vanity doesn’t need a lot of materials and also spacious place.

So, it is really fit for you if you live in a small apartment or if your bedroom is too small.

Installing this makeup storage near the window can boost your mood when you do makeup because you can get the natural light and also the breeze.

You need to put a mansion jar to store your brushes, acrylics storage to keep your lipsticks, and also the small drawer to store your glasses or other makeup collections.

The transparent chair will make your beauty dresser look pretty. And the roped basket under the table will make it looks more adorable.

If you are curious enough to see the details, you can find it on

Cute DIY Brush Storage Ideas

Creativity never goes out of style – domestic ingenuity

Sometimes it is too dull to store your makeup brush on a jar.

There are so many ways to make your makeup brush storage look different, even totally different if you add some ornament which make it a cute makeup brush storage, elegant, classy, junky, etc.

To make the jar look cute, you can paint in white and put the bees stickers on it. Also, you can another ornament like natural rope on the neck of the jar.

Other than that, you can also add coffee, sand, small plastic pearls, etc.

Travel Makeup Bag

I Heart Beauty

Traveling is not a good reason to leave your beauty kit. It’s vital to look fleek while traveling. That’s why makeup storage for traveling should be on your luggage.

To ensure you bring every cosmetics, you have to put them on the travel size bottle. If it is impossible, you can choose the right storage, which has so many pockets.

Besides, you have to bring the multifunctions brush.

Tips: You have to make sure your makeup storage doesn’t take a lot of space. So it won’t affect your belonging.

Ikea Makeup Storage Ideas

Are you waking up in the morning with a messy desk full of scattered cosmetics? No! It would ruin your mood all day long.

There is nothing you can do but store them well. The perfect desk to store your makeup should contain several drawers for brushes, lipsticks, mascara, etc.

A mirror is a crucial thing on a desk, whether it’s a close-up mirror or the full body one.
The chair should be there to convenient your makeup time.

Tips: A tiny succulent or cactus can turn your desk look outstanding.

Makeup Storage Ideas for Dorm

Does anyone live in a dorm? And how to deal with your makeup collections?

Makeup storage for dorm such a big deal, because you have to divide well where to store your belonging, makeup, study, closet, etc in a small room.

However, those who live in a dorm should arrange well before deciding where to place makeup storage.

Small stack storage is one of the best storages among others. The little drawer can store your makeup; you can also put a mirror and a stool there.

If you don’t want your space too bare, a small plant should be on the top of them.

This wooden touch will turn your tiny space look spacious. This corner can be a multifunction space.

Old Dinnerware – Unusual Makeup Organizer

No matter how many your cosmetics are, simple makeup storage is the best options.

Although it is simple storage, it has its own magical thing.

The transparent shoe hanging storage can help you to separate your cosmetics collections based on their function.

Adding a label for each function will help you take them back to their place, so they always stored in the same place.

Old Candle – Super Simple Makeup Organizer

Keeping your hair makeup in their box sometimes take space of your room. In the other side, you also have lots of stuff to store.

To keep your makeup hair tidy yet it doesn’t take space, you can save it on the shoe hanging organizer.

You can put your combs hair, hair dryer, hair curling, and hair spray on it.
This storage can help you to make your room look tidy and neat.

The most important thing is you can ensure that the cables of these tools are stored properly.

Unique Makeup Storage Ideas


If you are a type of a unique person, this kind of makeup storage fit you.

Keeping your makeup is crucial. You have to make sure your cosmetics are appropriately stored.

These makeups should be stored in a dry place, not exposed under the sunlight directly, etc. Of course, you can keep it with style.

The hexagonal shape of the container, the candle holders, and also the metal pot with the rose gold touch will make your dresser look stunning.

What do you think about those incredible ideas? Do you have any suggestions to make the storing time more enjoyable?

14 DIY Makeup Organizer Ideas That Are So Much Prettier Than Those Stacks Of Plastic Boxes

There’s a fine line between having an impressive makeup collection and being an excessive cosmetic hoarder. And more often than not, that line is determined by how one organizes their beauty goods. I’m not saying your vanity has to look like a Sephora counter. I’m just saying that if you’re the type who owns every single shade from MAC’s eyeshadow collection, it’s crucial you have a structured way to store it.

And I’m sure I’m not alone in this thought — there’s nothing that feels quite as rewarding as having a tidy closet and a orderly makeup area, right? It almost makes you want to paint your face more when your color-coded lipsticks are all in a row and your makeup brushes are sitting pretty in a cute canister. But unless you’re a Kardashian, it can be pretty hard to make extra space for your mascaras and eyeliners and blushes galore in your already crowded room, let alone keep them all in order. So, what’s a makeup lover to do? Get creative!

Thanks to the DIY experts around the web, I discovered dozens of thrifty, adorable and super unique ways to display your cosmetic collection. Find some inspiration from my 14 favorite picks and get to work!


Hanging Shoe Organizer, $10, Amazon

If you’re lacking counter space, consider buying an inexpensive shoe organizer to hang on your bathroom door or closet. There will be more pockets for all your beauty goods than you probably even need!


White Ribbed Pots, $15, Amazon

Blue Acrylic Ice Rocks, $7, Amazon

Have a cute pot lying around from one of your dead succulents (RIP, little guy)? Clean it up, get some decorative rocks and boom — instant makeup brush holder!


Closetmaid Small Bookcase, $24, Amazon

Clear Organizers, $15, Amazon

If you’re one of the #blessed ones who has some extra room to spare, consider finding an old bookcase on Craigslist and some clear storage containers to create an epic beauty closet.

Pssst, need some contouring tips? Check out this video (and subscribe to Bustle’s YouTube channel for more awesome tutorials):

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Always creative and ever resourceful blogger Life Ann Style repurposed old candles by glueing them on top of one another to create a chic and clean cosmetic holder. Genius!


There’s no better excuse to show off those vintage plates and bowls you bought at the flea than by transforming it into a super precious makeup and jewelry holder? Let’s be honest, it sure beats covering it with food. To learn how to exactly do this DIY, head to Designs by Studio C for the details.


2 Pack Cookie Sheets, $21, Amazon

It’s easy to forget what products you’ve got when they’re layered on top of each other. With a magnetic board, you can easily find what you’re looking for. Plus, it makes for some pretty awesome wall art! Head over to Liz Marie’s blog to get the full details on this DIY.


24 Inch Towel Bar, $15, Amazon

6 Small Buckets, $25, Amazon

Move over, towels. There’s a better use for those rods, like hanging cute pails and baskets for your brushes, nail polishes and makeup finds.


DIY extraordinaire P.S. I Made This teamed up with Fashionista and Maybelline to create a sweet, studded makeup holder out of a foam box. Head here to learn how to do it in 10 minutes flat.


Instead of tossing those plastic bottles, keep the cute and colorful ones and transform them into cool little storage pots.


Vintage Coppertone Bundt Pan, $16, Amazon

Add a vintage touch to your vanity by repurposing an old Bundt pan.


5 Pack Sushi Mat, $14, Amazon

All you need is an old sushi mat and some elastic to create a new organizer for all of your makeup brushes. It’s also handy for travel! Head to Irina’s Cute Box for more DIY instructions.


12 Mason Jars, $18, Amazon

What can’t you do with mason jars? Here’s another way to incorporate them into your home — by mounting them onto a piece of wood and using it to keep your things tidy in the bathroom! Find out exactly how to recreate this on The DIY Playbook.


Now, Liz Marie built an entire custom table to create this to-die-for vanity, but I’m confident you could figure out a way to do the same thing with an old table and a glass top.


Gilda Mirror Tray, $25, Amazon

If you’re the type who likes to see their makeup laid out, here’s a fun and inexpensive way to do so. You can leave it as is or get creative with some scrapbook paper for a more customized look. Learn how on We Heart This.

Images: beautyandblush/tumblr, missashiibeauty/Instagram, lifeannstyle/Instagram, Designs By Studio C, Liz Marie Galvan, TamikoBownKai/Facebook, Fashionista, Pluii, Funky Junk Interiors, The DIY Playbook, Liz Marie Blog, We Heart This