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9 Ways to Organize Your Car (and keep it that way)

You might spend so much time in your car that it feels like a second home — did you know American drivers spend an average of one hour behind the wheel of their cars every day? Cars can become disorganized very quickly, which adds unnecessary anxiety to your day. We’ve identified nine common problem areas in your car and suggestions for how to organize each one.

Before you organize: Give your car a quick clean-up. Set a timer for 15 minutes, and spend the time tossing trash, removing clutter, giving surfaces a quick wipe-down with a wet cloth, and vacuuming.

Keep it organized: Set a time once a week to spend five minutes to give your car interior a quick touch-up and reset it for maximum organization. To keep your car clutter-free, revisit each of these problem areas during your maintenance time. Decide on the same time for this car chore every week, preferably a time when it can be done quickly and efficiently.

Problem Areas in the Car and How to Organize Them:

1. Corral Your Loose Change Forever

Where does your loose change go in your car? Face it, you need all your cup holders, and it’s hard to access change when it’s in one of those random open slots in your car dashboard.

Solution: Buy a car change sorter, or reuse a small lidded container like a pill bottle to store your change. Put the sorter of your choice into the center console, door pocket, or back in the cup holder (if you can spare the space!)

2. Keep Paperwork in Order

Some paperwork belongs in your car (registration, proof of insurance, your car’s owner manual, auto service records), and some doesn’t. Solve this problem once and for all and cut the paper clutter in your car.

Solution: Buy a small accordion organizer and file necessary paperwork inside. Label each section of the organizer to help you quickly locate paperwork when you need it. Put new essential paperwork in the file when you receive it. Keep the file in your glove compartment, side pocket, or center console.

3. Make the Most of Your Cup Holders

Cup holders are some of the hardest-working components of your car interior, and can also be a magnet for dirt and clutter.

Solution: Line cup holders with silicone muffin liners to keep them clean; simply toss silicone liners in the dishwasher when they get dirty. If your cup holder isn’t the right size for your regular beverage of choice, buy a cup holder adjuster to make it work for you.

4. Designate an Official Car Trash Can

Having trash and no place to put it can make your car look like a dump in no time.

Solution: Define a specific place to put trash, whether it’s in an actual trash can (a small one lined with a recycled grocery bag works well), or in a bag that you stash in the side pocket of your door.

5. Add Trunk Organizers

The trunk is a big, open space, which makes it hard to keep under control.

Solution: Buy a trunk organizer for essential items, or divide your trunk up into useable spaces with large plastic bins.

6. Make Space for Emergency Equipment

If you don’t already have emergency equipment in your car at all times, you need it. Your car should always have a basic auto toolkit, a small first aid kit, and emergency equipment. But where to put it?

Solution: Store emergency equipment on top of the spare tire under the floor of your trunk, for easy access and to keep it out of the way.

7. Look for Unused Surfaces to Add Storage

Your car interior has a lot of untapped areas that can be used to provide additional storage in your car.

Solution: Hang a small shoe organizer from the backs of the front seats. Buy a seat-side organizer for essentials. Suction cup shower caddies can be used on side windows, and are handy for road trips with kids.

8. Make a Place for Necessary Supplies

There are a few items that you always have in your car, so identify these items and make a place for them.

Solution: Designate a space for items like tissue boxes, maps, and other things you keep in your car at all times. The seat-back organizer mentioned above is a good place to keep the essentials.

9. Add Small Solutions for Occasional Needs

Sometimes you need a place to keep groceries, your sunglasses, or extra phone cords. Keep a few small items in your car to help with organization in a pinch.

Solution: Items like seat-back hooks (where you can hang groceries or your handbag), binder clips (use to keep sunglasses on your car visor, or to contain extra cords), or zip ties will take up little space, but are very helpful when you need them. Keep them in your seat-back organizer or in a bin in the trunk.

Week #38 Organized Home ChallengeCar Organization

I’ve included car organization as one of the areas to work on in the Organized Home Challenge because sometimes it seems we spend as much time in our vehicles as in our homes.

Since we spend so much time there my goals (and hopefully yours too) for this area are to have access to what you truly need easily and quickly, as well as not to be embarrassed to let others ride in your car because you don’t want them to see the junk you’re carrying around.

Of course, organizing your car has some challenges that some other areas in your home don’t have, such as extremely limited space and in your home you don’t need to worry about how your organizing will be impacted by motion, acceleration and deceleration.

Are you new here? The Car Organization Challenge is part of the 52 Weeks To An Organized Home Challenge. (Click the link to learn how to join us for free for future and past challenges if you aren’t already a regular reader).

During this week I want each of us to really think about the functions of our car, and not consider it a moving file cabinet or extra space to store items. Instead, my goal is for us to only carry essentials around so the space stays as uncluttered as possible.

Therefore, think of this week’s challenge as a chance to prioritize what you keep in your car down to the essentials, and have a truly decluttered and functional space.

Please note, before I begin the steps of this challenge, that if your household has more than one automobile you should try to make time to work on car organization for each vehicle this week.

Work on one at a time, and once you’ve repeated all the steps for one vehicle circle around and do the steps again, this time for the next auto.

Hopefully you can finish them all in a week, since vehicles have relatively confined spaces. However, if you can’t for some reason just schedule time in your calendar sometime soon to finish them all.

Step 1: Declutter Your Car

Many times the first step in these Challenges is to declutter the space, and the Car Organization Challenge is no different.

Therefore, the first step in organizing your vehicle is to remove all the stuff from it that doesn’t belong. This can include the obvious stuff, like trash, but can also include items that you decide should not be stored in your car and instead should be placed in your home and just brought to the car when needed, and then returned back inside.

Remember, there is a fine line between wanting to be prepared while in your car for certain events, like emergencies (good) and thinking of your car as an additional place to store items (bad).

Only you can draw that line for yourself, but please note that typically the space in your car should be as minimal and uncluttered as possible, so there is as much room for people to sit comfortably in the vehicle as possible.

Instead of just removing stuff from the car, I suggest actually taking everything out of the car and then making a mental decision about each item, deciding individually if each thing deserves to go back into the vehicle.

I’ve written a couple of articles on decluttering various parts of your car, which can give you more in depth instructions:

  • How To Declutter Your Car Interior (& Keep It That Way)
  • How To Declutter Your Car Trunk & List Of Common Items Stored In It
  • Declutter Glove Box & List Of Items To Store In It

Step 2: Organize Car Interior

The driver and passengers spend their time in the car’s interior, so that is the next step in the Car Organization Challenge, to get it organized and in order.

Remember, that unlike your home where you can get up and walk to something you need when you need it, most of the time you’re in the car you’re restrained by your seat belt, which is a good thing safety wise. However, it means you’ve got to have essential items within easy reach.

Also consider though, that many activities are inappropriate while driving (especially when you’re the driver). Therefore, keeping your cell phone close in case of an emergency is fine (and even enabling hands free dialing and talking is a good idea), but making it easier for yourself to text, or apply makeup while driving is not.

This is just common sense, so always keep safety at the forefront of your mind when working through the Car Organization Challenge.

Add A Car Trash Can Or Bag

Auto trash can, available on Amazon

To keep your car organized and clutter free the single most important thing you can do is have a way to collect trash in this confined space.

You may recall in the Home Recycling Center & Trash Challenge that one of the steps was to place a garbage or trash can or bag in each room of your home. Well, think of your car as another such room and get one in there today.

You can either purchase a container designed for holding trash in your car (such as the one shown above, to the right), or you can use a disposable plastic grocery bag. Whatever works for you. Just make sure you do this since it makes such a big difference!

There are many types of trash cans and bags available, some sitting on the floor, others attached to the back of a seat, etc. You can choose which ever one you like best and fits your needs. You can click here to see many examples of car trash cans available at

Glove Compartment Organization

The next area in your vehicle’s interior to organize is the glove box or compartment. Car manufacturers already know you need some things handy in your car, and they’ve given you this typically small space to hold it.

Since this is a small space, I’ve found it is best to keep only what you really need in there, or you’ll never find what you need, when you need it.

I’ve created a comprehensive list of essential and recommended items to keep in your glove box here, as part of the declutter glove compartment mission.

Make sure to also grab your copy of the printable vehicle maintenance logs on the sister site, Household Management 101, which I suggest you keep in your glove compartment, to help you track your car’s maintenance and gas mileage.

Car Visor Organization

Car visor organizer

Many of the small items I’ve listed above that could be kept in the glove compartment could also be kept on the car’s visor, if you get a good visor organizer (such as the one shown on the left).

The advantage of having this stuff on a visor is that you can reach it more easily, while driving. Think about how difficult it is to reach over and get into the glove compartment, which is on the passenger side, while you’re in the driver’s seat.

Therefore, many people like to keep things more handy that they need to reach while driving, such as their sunglasses or music CDs. Just make sure everything is properly secured so it doesn’t fall out and hit you while you’re driving or need to make a sudden stop.

Further, I will confess to having mixed feelings about these visor organizers, since changing a CD in your car is really not a huge priority while actually driving and could make you unsafe. So again, use common sense about what you keep in a visor organizer and what you don’t.

Organizing The Front & Backseats Of Your Car

Backseat organizer

There are many clever ways to organize the items in your seats, but remember always that the main point of seats is to let people sit in them.

Therefore, I tend to like to keep the seats clear allowing people to comfortably sit in them.

However, an underutilized area that I really like to use for storage and organzing is the back of seats, especially when you’ve got kids. When you’ve got kids you’ve got to not only consider what you need to drive, personally, but what will keep them happy in the car.

Now, I’m telling you you’ve got to get a DVD player and video games for kids in the car. I remember taking lots of road trips as a kid without these items and doing just fine.

Kids Car Organizer

However, keeping your kid comfortable and at least slightly amused can sometimes be a safety issue since happy kids don’t scream and yell, and kick the back of the seat repeatedly causing driving distraction for parents (well, at least most of the time!)

Back of the seat organizers, or an organizer that sits on the seat with your kids (and has the bonus advantage of separating their space so they aren’t touching) can be a life saver. You can hold a snack, drink (something non-staining, like water preferably), some toys, wet wipes, and even diapers there.

Even if you don’t have kids, these back of the seat organizers can be wonderful, to hold stuff you often use, like tissues, maps, etc.

The longer you’ve got to spend in the car, the more such forethought and organization will help you have pleasant traveling experiences.

Dont Forget To Organize These Other Places In Your Car’s Interior

While I haven’t discussed them too much, make sure you also don’t forget to organize and declutter these additional areas in your car’s interior:

  • Console
  • Side door pockets
  • Built in ash trays or small holders for stuff throughout the vehicle (these are a magnet for trash with our kids and we have to vigilantly declutter them)
  • Cup holders

Step 3: Organize Trunk

After you’ve finished organzing the car’s interior, next it is time to organize your trunk as part of the Car Organization Challenge.

Add Small Automobile First Aid Kit & Emergency Kit

One function of your trunk is to hold some essentials that you need when you go out, such as an auto first aid kit and emergency kit.

To keep these items together I suggest using some type of container, such as a bag or small plastic tub, something that holds everything, but doesn’t take up too much space. There’s an example on the right of such a bag.

As part of the Emergency Preparedness Challenge here on the site we went ahead and created a car emergency kit.

If you have not already created this kit as part of that mission I would urge you to do it now. I’ve created, as part of the article, a printable checklist you can use to make sure you gather all of the right equipment and supplies for your kit to place in the trunk of each of your cars.

Keep Certain Items You Often Need While Out In Your Trunk

Along with safety and emergency types of items, I’ve found it can be very helpful to also think through the items you often need while out in your car, and keep some in your trunk.

Place an organizer bag in your trunk

When my kids were younger, for example, I needed to keep an extra outfit for each child (and myself) handy for when accidents, spills, spit up, etc., occurred while out and about.

In addition, I kept some extra diapers and wipes in the car, as an added precaution to be a backup to my diaper bag. While you may not want to lug certain things around with you in a store, for example, knowing they’re out in your trunk can be a great comfort for making you feel prepared for likely kid incidents.

While carrying around those particular things is not as necessary now that my kids are a bit older, my circumstances have now changed some, and I often go to my kids’ sports events and need folding chairs. So, I took out some of this other stuff, and now always have these chairs in my trunk, ready for any outing.

My point is for you to think through what you may need for your family and lifestyle. Be aware that what you need to store in your trunk will change with time, so periodically reassess what you’re carrying around and add or subtract as needed so you’re prepared for what is currently need in your life.

As part of the declutter trunk mission that is designed to be done while working on this week’s challenge, I wrote a quick list of suggested items to store in your trunk that you can reference if you’d like ideas of what might be helpful for you.

Don’t Forget The Main Purpose For Your Trunk Though: Empty Space Ready To Temporarily Transport Items

It is a fine line between being prepared, and having too much stuff permanently stuffed into your vehicle’s trunk.

Partially, how much you can transport around on a daily basis depends on how large your trunk is.

Trunk cargo net

However, never forget that the main function of your trunk is to be clear, and ready to transport, temporarily, items from one place to another. Don’t ever get your car’s trunk so full of stuff from the two categories above that you can’t fit the stuff in there you need to transport around.

The item we most often need to temporarily transport are groceries or other items we buy at the store. That’s why I recommend everyone have a space cleared in their trunk to hold these bags.

Also consider keeping a cooler or other insulated container in your trunk (or putting it in temporarily when you go to the grocery store) for transporting perishable groceries, especially in the hot summer months.

Trunk organizer

Also, to be eco-friendly, make sure you’ve got a permanent area designated in your trunk or elsewhere in your car for reusable grocery and shopping bags, so you can use these instead of plastic ones.

One thing you’ve got to keep in mind, however, when you’ve got lots of empty space in your trunk is that this is a invitation for loose items to roll all around when your car is in motion.

If this is a big problem for you, or if you’ve got an SUV or minivan that has a rather limited trunk space area, I recommend some type of trunk organizer. They come in either cargo netting form (see above to the left), or with designated compartments (see above to the right).

These organizer can keep things from shifting around and knocking over while you’re driving, which can be very helpful.

Step 4: Consider These Car Organizers & Storage Solutions

As you can see from above, there are all kinds of both homemade or commercially available products you can use to help you with car organization.

However, I will caution that before making your own organizers or storage solutions, or buying something manufactured, really think about how it will work in the car both while it’s stationary and while it’s moving.

When you come to a stop, for example, unsecured items tend to slide and roll around, which can be either an inconvenience or be a huge safety issue.

That is why many quality manufactured products keep the issue of motion in mind, by securing things with straps, velcro, or weights, for example, to keep things in place.

I’ve created a round up list of over 30 car organizers in my Amazon store (referral link) that you can check out, if this article has inspired you to get your car organized. To find the list go to my Amazon store (at the link), and then scroll down for that list. (referral link)

Step 5: Create Habit To Remove Trash And Unwanted Items From Vehicle Regularly

The key to car organization is to routinely return items to their holding places, and also to throw away trash and take things which accumulate in your vehicle back into your home, where they really belong.

Therefore, get in the habit as you leave your car, each time, of cleaning it out a bit. For example, as you walk into a store bring the trash to throw it away in the store’s outside trash bin, or bring everything back into the house after you get home each day.

I often ask my kids, as they leave the car, to bring at least one piece of trash or item lying on the floor with them.

Small actions like this, done consistently, go a long way toward keeping the car uncluttered and organized most of the time.

Further, do a decluttering session periodically on the car as well, especially after long business or family trips, since when you use it for long periods of time you tend to accumulate lots of extra stuff (and trash).

Tell Me How The Car Organization Challenge Is Going For You

I would love to know how this week’s Car Organization Challenge is going. You can tell me your progress or give me more ideas for how you’ve organized the items in your vehicles in the comments below.

I also would love to see before and after pictures of your organized cars or other vehicles, once you’ve completed the challenge. Submit your pictures (up to four per submission) and blog posts and get featured in the Creative Storage Solutions Hall of Fame. You’ve worked hard to get organized, so now here’s your chance to show off!

Sneak Peek For Next Week’s Challenge

We’re working on our homes slowly, one area at a time, so don’t get too distracted from the Car Organization Challenge this week.

However, I know some of you love to know what’s coming next, so I’ll tell you. Next week we’ll focus on one of the first places both our guests and we see each day as we walk in the door, the entryway and mudroom of our homes.

Make Sure You’re Set To Make The Most Of These Organizing Challenges

If you’d like to join a small community of others who are all commmitted to these organizing challenges and decluttering missions, and want more interaction with me, as well as weekly group coaching sessions for the upcoming week’s challenge, I’d urge you to join the private and exclusive Declutter 365 Premium Facebook group (you can learn more about it at the link).

In addition, have you gotten your Declutter 365 Products yet, to make sure you can get even more assistance with decluttering and organizing your home this year? There are both free products (like the Declutter 365 calendar), as well as add-ons, such as daily text messages and a Premium Facebook group.

Some links on this page are affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase a product through them I receive a small commission which helps me provide this information to you for free, plus support my family. My integrity and your satisfaction are very important to me so I only recommend products I would purchase myself, and that I believe would benefit you. To learn more please see my disclosure statement.

Share Your Comments, Tips & Ideas

I would love to hear from you, sharing your thoughts, questions, or ideas about this topic, so leave me a comment below. I try to always respond back!

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21 Car Organization Hacks You’ll Actually Want to Try

Let’s be honest, many of us spend an inordinate amount of time in our cars. It can be our home away from home. Yet, we often don’t keep it as tidy and organized as we do our homes. To enjoy your time in your car even more, try out some of these car organization hacks – they may be life changing.

1. Use a shoe organizer to keep important items within reach.

Rather than be straining to reach odds and ends you have stored on the floor, keep them handy and within reach using this shoe organizer. You can hang in behind the front seats or the back seats to organize goodies in your trunk. (via BuzzFeed)

2-5. Watch this video to see more car organization hacks below in action:

Here are some of my favorites from this car organization hacks video:

  • Keep your purse from falling over when you come to an abrupt stop using a scarf.
  • Organize your center console with cups you can find at the dollar store.
  • Make an all-natural DIY car air freshener using a small mason jar and baking soda and essential oils.
  • Buy cheap, collapsible trunk organizers.

6. Organize your center console using a cheap popsicle mold.

You may not have been able to tell by this picture, but this organizer that looks like it is made to organize your center console is actually a plastic popsicle mold! I love this genius way to repurpose an item you may already have lying around the house. It is the perfect size for loose change, sunglasses, and your garage door opener. (via HGTV)

7. Use an empty gum container to keep change organized.

I hate having loose change in the car, but that has bitten me in the butt sometimes when I am in need of quarters for a parking meter. So, keep all your change organized in an empty gum container. (via BuzzFeed)

8. Create on-the-go kits for everything you might need in a pinch.

Putting these emergency kits together will take a fraction of the time it will save you! Think about it. You don’t have to make pit stops for snacks for a hungry kid. You don’t have to run into the store every time someone needs Advil or a band-aid for a blister. This is a perfect example of how you can spend a little time now investing in the happiness of your future self. Simply grab some inexpensive zippered pouches like these for <$5 each and fill with snacks, first aid, diapers, and whatever other emergency items you might need. (via Pinterest)

9. Hang umbrellas and your purse using carabineer clips from the dollar store.

Similar to the hack above using a scarf, you can use carabiners from the dollar store to secure items like your purse to the back of your seat. I love this hack because I can’t tell you how many times my purse has tipped over and the contents spilled out all over the floor. (via HGTV)

10. Keep plastic bags organized using a tissue box.

You never know when you are going to need a plastic bag to hold trash, muddy cleats, or wet clothes. So, keep them organized and at the ready with this awesome tissue box hack. (via HGTV)

11. How to organize your glove box

Do goodies avalanche out of your glove box every time you open it? Time to follow these glove box organization tactics. I especially love the ideas of using a zip pouch for any loose odds and ends like napkins or disposable utensils you want to keep in there and to bookmark the car manual pages you commonly refer to. (via Organizing Junkie)

12. Use cupcake liners in cupholders to keep them clean.

The silicone cupcake liners are great for this because they are sturdy, waterproof and reusable. But, you can also use the regular paper kind if that’s all you have. (via Kids Activities Blog)

13. Organize reusable bags in a container in your trunk so you won’t forget them.

I got in a habit of always bringing reusable bags to the grocery store because I feel like it is an easy way to help the environment and, in California, you have to pay a dime for each plastic bag. The best way to not forget is to put them back in your car right after you unload your groceries, but they can look messy. So, this car organization hack is perfect! You’ll be amazed at all the other times these reusable totes will come in handy too! (via I Heart Organizing)

14. Keep small items like hair ties organized in a repurposed Q-tip case.

I am notorious for always having hair ties and bobby pins in every compartment of my car. So, I love this car organization hack to repurpose Q-tip cases to organize small items like these. (via Just a Girl Blog)

15. Use these dollar store bins for meals on-the-go.

Not eating in the car just doesn’t work for many busy families. This brilliant car organization idea will keep your car clean by preventing drink spills and grease stains from French fries. It is worth every penny and more. (via Lookie What I Did)

16. The ultimate trunk organization guide:

Looking for ideas about what will come in handy to store in your trunk? This blog post thought of it all. (via The Castro Family)

17. Keep baby wipes and hand sanitizer in your door compartment.

Baby wipes and hand sanitizer will constantly come in handy for spills or pit stops at gross gas station bathrooms. Keep these two essentials at the ready by storing them neatly in your driver’s door compartment. (via A Bowl Full of Lemons)

18. Make this clever DIY tissue holder that fits in your car’s cup holders.

Tissues are probably the top thing that I am always kicking myself for not having easily accessible in my car. Rather than having to rifle through your center console or glove compartment when you have to sneeze, have your tissues at the ready with this handy DIY tissue holder. (via Facebook)

19. Keep all your important car documents organized in a plastic file folder.

There are so many car-related documents to keep track of: registration, insurance, maintenance logs, warranty information, repair receipts and more! It is so easy to lose track of them. So, keep them organized, buy an inexpensive plastic file folder. (via Tiff Keetch)

20. Make an organized family car kit.

This car kit gives me serious organization goals! Wait till you watch the video and get to peak at exactly what she put in each compartment! It has a snack kit, clothing care, emergency car tools, and more. She seriously thought of everything so you don’t have to. (via Blue I Style Blog)

21. Use a bungee cord to keep your grocery bags from falling over in your trunk.

Don’t you hate it when you are driving home from the grocery and everytime you stop you hear a thud of food rolling around in your trunk. You cringe and hope everything won’t be smushed when you get home. Instead of hoping, use this easy car organization hack to fix it! Simply keep a bungee cord in your trunk and when you’re ready to head home from the grocery, stretch it across and hang all your grocery bags from it. Brilliant! (via Australian Handyman Magazine)

Make sure your car is not just organized, but clean too!

Head on over to our next post: 15 Car Cleaning Tips & tricks to Transform Your Dirty Car

Stop being embarrassed of your car every time asks for a ride. With these hacks, it will be a complete 180. Instead of being embarrassed, you’ll look forward to driving friends because everyone who gets in your car won’t be able to stop talking about how brilliant your car organization hacks are. Don’t be surprised if they want to copy them too!

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15 Super Easy DIY Car Organization Ideas For Your Road Trips

Is your car a mess after a short drive with the kids? Do you feel like the groceries in your trunk always tumble around? It is time to put an end to this and we are going to show you a few very simple and super easy DIY car organization ideas that you can use in any type of car. It doesn’t matter if you’re only driving for a few minutes every day or if you intend to take a family road trip because there will always be a mess in the car unless, of course, you do something about it.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we’re going to show you how to make these 15 Super Easy DIY Car Organization Ideas For Your Road Trips. Check them out to see how to organize all of the supplies you need for a road trip with your kids, organizing your groceries in the trunk or simply keeping your children entertained while you are driving. All of these ideas are incredibly easy and you will be able to make them in no time, especially if you follow the step by step tutorials that we’ve managed to find. Enjoy!

2. Store Tissues In Cup Holders

6. Super Simple Car Organizer

9. Organized Car Kit For Families On The Go

13. DIY Road Trip Travel Tray

15. Flort Turned Into Car Organizer For Kids

Tags: car, crafting, crafts, diy, family, organization, organizer, projects, road, roadtrip, storage, trip, vehicle

The Best Trunk Organizers Reviewed & Rated for Effectiveness

It’s a new year, and with that comes a new and improved you! Last year’s resolutions to eat fewer sweets, increase your savings account, and spend more time with family & friends have been quite successful. There is nothing more satisfying than a hard-earned accomplishment. Whether big or small, an achievement shows dedication, determination, and usually knowledge – because more information is power! So… what is your big resolution for this year? We can only guess (because you are here at DrivrZone), that it involves being more organized while you travel.

Most resolutions are individual choices, but when it comes to organization, sometimes it involves a group effort to be successful. While we depend on our vehicles to take us from point A to point B, the duration of our trips vary greatly. From the on the road business person who uses their car as an office, to the all-around super-parent who transports their most precious cargo to daycare, school, sporting events, doctor appointments, tools, etc. We are creatures of habit, and we all know how hard it is to become organized, but it is even harder to remain organized. Likewise, it can be a terrible and frustrating effort when it involves the entire family.

Featured Recommendations

  • Trunkcratepro
  • 5 out of 5
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  • Picnic at Ascot
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  • Drive Auto Products
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • Easy accessible pockets
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Car Trunk Organizers


It is no surprise, after reviewing the Trunkcratepro, we rate this as our number one pick! This organizer is designed eco-friendly and made with heavy-duty, quality oxford polyester fabric. This is a strong organizer and it is strength shows even when it is empty. It comes with 4 compartments and 2 removable sub-dividers for optimal customization. It comes with two straps and secures perfectly in trucks, cars, vans and any vehicle that needs to be organized! Expand to see more Compartments
We love the customization of this organizer. Four large compartments, eleven pockets in total; 2 expandable, 8 fabric pockets, and 1 mesh pocket. This also includes 2 removable dividers to allow for different size items and needs. Open size: 23.5 inches x 12 inches, ideal for everyone from the business professional carrying important presentations and binders to the busy parent who needs strong organization and portable in and out of the car when needed!
Non-slip, strong handles with grips make for easy carrying of items in and out of your car, when you want to bring the whole thing in or out. We like the non-skid bottom to prevent your cargo from sliding around in your travels. There’s nothing worse that the sickening crash of that extra-large jar of pickles when you make a fast turn or emergency stop in the way home from the grocery store!

Cost and Value
This organizer is built tough! Heavy duty quality Oxford fabric, strong durable ring holes that allows for easy attachment to the back of most SUVs and trucks. Solid precise stitching. We really like the hard structured base on this organizer, very strong and nothing flimsy about this, even when it is empty. Great value and an even greater cost!

Eleven pockets

Quality Oxford fabric

Strong Stitching

Customizable compartments


No bungies included

Picnic at Ascot

Coming in at number 2 is the Picnic at Ascot Trunk Organizer with Cooler. This heavy-duty trunk organizer is perfect for SUV’s, trucks, and minivans. Made with high-denier canvas and reinforced with waterproof backing, it includes 3 dividers to customize your compartments and will definitely be useful when packing your groceries. The cooler is versatile and is great for those frozen items that need to travel on those warm sunny days. Speaking of sunny days, we can’t imagine how wonderful this organizer would be to haul your fun in the sun items to the beach. Excellent organizational quality for the family on the go! Expand to see more Hot and cold storage
We like the removable hot and cold insulated compartment. For the family that enjoys road trips, or traveling during the holidays, the cooler keeps cold drinks cold and hot dishes hot. Leak-proof and puncture resistant makes for easy traveling with no mess!
Customize these compartments with Velcro adjustable dividers for carrying canned goods, fruits, vegetable, cold foods, etc. If you live a 21st century, on-the-go kind of life, you need one of these! Folds nicely for easy storage, carrying, or storage in the garage. Open Size 30 inches x 14.75 inches x 9 inches.
Cost and Value
This is a really nice trunk organizer with cooler, well manufactured and durable. Everything could want in an organizer and more. It is a little more expensive than most on our list – which is why it landed in 2nd place and not on the top! Excellent cost and value! Kudos!

Heavy duty

Insulated waterproof cooler

Adjustable dividers

Lifetime Warranty



Drive Auto Products

Rounding out our top three is the Drive Auto Trunk Storage Organizer with straps. We are loving the organization power with this product offers. This unit is versatile and customizable for every driver’s needs. This organizer can collapse to a smaller size for the passenger seat, backseat or rear cargo area. We love the large pockets for easy accessibility (water bottles, coffee thermos). Solid rigid panels, nice base, 8 flexible mesh pockets, and folding compartments for tablets, folders, phones and more! We love the ease of the tie-down strap system prevents this storage organizer from taking a spill when you take a corner to sharp. Protecting your valuables from rolling around in your trunk will be no more when you install the adjustable length straps. It can even be used around the backrest of your seats or attached to the child safety anchors. Expand to see more Material
The Drive Auto Products entry features nice quality Oxford fabric, very rugged panels and is built well. It’s strong enough to store those heavy items. With strong mesh pockets and solid fold up compartment panels, including metal hooks (no plastic here), we really like this trunk organizer. Keep your car clutter free and organized with this great product!
Safety First
Tie down straps prevent this organizer from rolling around in the backseat or trunk of your car. It uses adjustable straps to hook, sort of like a cargo net. It can be secured in the front seat, back seat or trunk. Locking it down in the back seat keeps things from flying around the passenger compartment when you least expect them!
Cost and Value
This organizer has a lot to offer for the cost. Manufactured well, this trunk organizer is a great product for the money! That’s our goal here always, finding the best for you to help you stretch your hard-earned money!

Quality Oxford product

Strong tie-down straps

Great value


Mesh pockets could be larger


We at DrivrZone really enjoyed reviewing the Knodel. It is constructed of high-quality oxford fabric, water-resistant surface with a nice foldable cover to keep your cargo safe and out of sight if need be. Excellent organizer to keep your car uncluttered and organized. It’s large enough for groceries, sports equipment, tools, office supplies and just about anything you can imagine. No worries of crushed items as the dividers are made sturdy to ensure no collapsing or bending. This organizer is designed for multi-purpose use and has a nice non-skid bottom to assure your cargo remains in the organizer and not rolling around the trunk of your car. Customize your organizer with removable dividers, 4 mesh pockets for anything that you wanting to access quickly. Expand to see more Easy install
We definitely like how easy the Knodel Sturdy Trunk organizer is to install. Also folds up easily for simple storage. Lightweight eco-friendly, makes this organizer perfect to take to the market to grocery shop. Wipes clean easily with warm damp cloth.
This product is made with strong unbreakable metal handles, making this a perfect organizer if you are hauling heavy cargo in and out of your vehicle. Dimensions are 23.2 inches x 13.5 inches x 12 inches, good and roomy for that collection of random essentials piled in your trunk. Large storage capacity, water-resistance, and extra durability make this perfect for the busy family on the go! If need be, you can store up to 25lbs on top of the fold-over lid. Nice storage all around!
Cost and Value
Well manufactured trunk organizer, visually really pretty. It is also made with a reflective stripe for safety purposes when you have your trunk open or are carrying it to the office or home at night.

Foldable cover

Multipurpose and Portable

Easy installation

Easy to clean

Non-skid bottom




Sliding into number five is the nice AUTOMARK. Constructed with premium Oxford fabric, this large and sturdy organizer will certainly provide you with years of use, and resistance to wear and tear. Heavy-duty handles with 4 heavy-duty metal eyelets with 2 strong handles for easy storage and carrying (can hold 80lbs worth of cargo). It has twelve (12!) pockets with 2 buckles for closing for easy folding and storing. This organizer also has a removable 3-layer water-proof bottom for extra stability. The bottom has non-skid strips as well as rubber feet to keep your cargo safe and not spill and roll around during travel. Fits all vehicles and locks securely in the trunk of your car. Carry your cargo with more organization – groceries, soccer equipment, school books, tools, or office files – this organizer can hold it all! Expand to see more Room for everything

This organizer boasts small, medium and large pockets, twelve in total. Two expandable pockets, eight mesh pockets, one large PVC mesh pocket, and one large polyester pocket to allow for extra storage and easy accessibility. Removable sub-dividers for complete customization. Dimensions are 22.8 inches x 14.6 inches x 12.6 inches.
Color options
Most of our organizers come in black, but this organizer comes in three different color options; blue, red, and black. It’s a known psychological fact that bright colors will lift your spirits, so maybe a red one is what you need to keep you moving on dreary winter days!
Cost and Value
The price is as expected, and a good value. The multi-purpose design has strong middle snaps to allow for use of half unit at a time making it perfect to place in the front seat if need be. Easy to use, easy to install and easy to wash with a warm damp cloth.


Multiple color options

Waterproof bottom

Metal clips for attachment


Slighty heavy, even when empty


This product from Fortem comes in on our list at number six. This is a nice quality manufactured organizer, which includes three large compartments with strong structured sidewalls and baseplates. We really like this heavy-duty collapsible storage unit for all your cargo needs. Three large sections, 1 sturdy divider, four sturdy mesh pockets and two pockets with lids allowing optimal organization for your car. This product has a nice foldable top lid so that you can store items on top of it, or keep it closed and secure to deter from mischievous theft. Expand to see more Bonus towels
Say it isn’t so? It’s true, this trunk organizer comes with two bonus microfiber towels for your children’s spills.
Carry me
This trunk organizer’s base is made solid and strong. Constructed with high-quality nylon fabric with sturdy sidewalls and baseplates. Nice strong handles to make carrying in and out of your vehicle easy.
Cost and Value
Quality made, visually really nice to look at. It is a little more costly, which is why it’s a little lower on our list – but a quality buy nonetheless!

Bonus towels

Large compartments

Nice mesh pockets




Coming in at number seven is the MIU Color. We really like this large capacity trunk organizer and our favorite feature is the two aluminum handles for easy carrying to and from your vehicle. This organizer has large sturdy compartments, more storage for your needs. Comes with removable strong divider to allow for two, three or four compartments. The eight tall mesh pockets are perfect for easy accessibility. The sturdy rigid base with a hauling capacity of 100lbs makes this perfect for the driver who needs to carry their cargo in and out of their vehicles. This product is water-resistant and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. We also like the hard foldable lid that can be accessed from either side. Also included a non-skid base so your cargo stays safe with no flipping or rolling around in your trunk while you are traveling. Expand to see more Front seat placement
This organizer can be folded and secured as a half-trunk organizer, making it perfect for the front seat for the busy mom running errands, or the business professionals that use their vehicle as an office.
Easy carry
There are premium aluminum alloy handles for your comfort when hauling cargo to and from your vehicle. The dimensions are 25 inches x 17.5 inches x 13 inches, a nice fit for most vehicles.
Cost and Value
We really like this larger capacity organizer, although it is a little more expensive.

Aluminum handles

Large capacity

Sturdy and durable

Covered pouches




Landing in our number eight position is the Flagpower. When reviewing this product, a few things stood out to us that we wanted to share, and why this made our list. It is a nice size, not too small and not too large. It’s made from strong durable oxford fabric and thick PVC mesh. Heavy duty construction and a rigid base, allowing for 100lb capacity with the strong solid carrying handles. This organizer has rubberized bottom strips for non-skid and non-slipping in the trunk, allowing for your cargo to remain in the compartments and not rolling around the trunk of your car. The middle snaps allow for multiple compartment sizes, and the collapsible design allows for easy space-saving storage. Expand to see more Everything in its place
This organizer boasts 3 large compartments with strong, solid sub-dividers. Sturdy rubberized bottom supports to prevent your cargo from tipping over, keeping your items safe and organized in your trunk organized. The overall size is 29.6 inches x 12.7 inches x 11.1 inches.
Easy carry
We really like the middle snaps to size the organizer smaller (half-size) for those who need to keep organized in the front seat or the trunk of compact cars. Heavy-duty carrying handles allow for easy carrying in and out of cars, perfect for file folders, professional papers, etc. This product has been tested to carry up to 90lbs.
Cost and Value
This large capacity product is perfect for the large family that needs plenty of storage for sports equipment, groceries, or just about anything you can imagine. For the cost, we think the value of this organizer is great!

Multiple compartment sizes

High-quality Oxford fabric


Adjustable partitions


Could be larger

High Road

Here is our number nine pick, the High Road. This is a great all-around product that fits both SUVs and compact cars. It has a slim sleek profile with taller height than most which mean more storage yet takes up less room in your trunk, allowing for groceries, sporting equipment, pet supplies, lawn chairs, and baby strollers! Can be folded for customization, allowing you to use one, two, three or 4 compartments, sturdy side panels. Water-resistant for easy cleaning. Foldable for easy storage when not in use. Expand to see more Space Saver
We really like the slim profile build with tall structured sides. This organizer is constructed with a mid-grade polyester, allowing for it to be lightweight and can be easily cleaned with a warm damp cloth. Folds down flat for easy storage.

These well-structured compartments are expandable for individual driver’s needs. Designed to be used for 1-4 compartments for all your cargo needs. Take the high road with this big 40 inches x 12 inches x 12 inches trunk organizer.
Cost and Value
This is a great simple organizer that serves all purposes for less money. We always favor spending less money! Nice slim design allows to you buy two for those who need additional organization in their trunks. We really like this product, and are sure you will too!


Slim design

Tall compartments



No mesh pockets

No outside pockets


Rounding out our top 10 is the Pido Backseat Trunk Organizer. We like this for a number of reasons, but mostly because it offers our readers something a little more unique than the traditional trunk organizers. This is a wonderful hanging alternative that attaches to the backseat of your vehicle with adjustable straps, allowing for a nice solid fit. On the back of this organizer is a durable Velcro strip that adheres to your seat linings. This organizer is made with durable fabric and reinforced stitching and thick foam padding to prevent sagging. It has 4 spacious compartments with two inner lids for smaller items. Also comes with flip-up lids to conceal your important cargo. Keeping everything off the floor and organized allows for more room and storage for your larger items (baby strollers, large grocery bags, banquet tables, large sporting equipment, and maybe even your dog)! Expand to see more Quality Material
Made with durable strong fabric and thick foam padding to reinforce compartments which prevent sagging.
Hanging feature
Durable adjustable straps for hanging this organizer on the backseat of your vehicle, allowing for additional storage space and keeping your vehicle less clutter and more organized.
Cost and Value
Although this organizer is a bit small, it has a lot to offer for the families who really rely on their trunk space for organization and still be able to carry sports equipment, baby strollers, and large grocery bags. We feel this is a great quality made organizer for the cost which is why it made our top 10 list.

Off the floor storage

Deep pockets

No sagging

Durable materials


Smaller than traditional floor organizers

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Trunk Organizers

With thousands of trunk organizers on the market today, how did we choose our top 10? It was definitely a challenge, but we are confident with our choices and what we believe to be… the best of the best! We took into consideration material, quality manufacture, size, features, and cost. More bang for your buck, because we all know an educated consumer is a happy consumer. So, let’s take a look below to see how our decisions were made and how we arrived at our Top 10 Trunk Organizers!

Rugged Material

When reviewing these trunk organizers, we needed to choose quality-built models that will withstand the wear and tear that may be placed on them. The reason for purchasing an organizer is to do just that – be organized. If a failing product that rips and tears or rolls around in your trunk defeats the purpose of what you are trying to do in the first place, stay organized, buy one from our list. Most of the organizers that we have reviewed and rated here at DrivrZone are made with tough Oxford fabric, polyester, and vinyl. We looked for precise stitching and reinforced corners, so tears do not happen.

If mesh pockets are included, most are made from strong PVC material and many have durable Velcro or rubber strips on the bottom allowing for a non-skid feature to ensure your cargo remains safe and secure, without tipping over and making for a very cluttered mess. More expensive organizers come with waterproof or water-resistant materials and features. Knowing the difference is easy and will help you when choosing the perfect organizer for your needs. Waterproof usually means that products can be submerged in water. Not that you would want to submerge your trunk organizer, but if they are surrounded by water (such as a cooler), it will not ruin the material. Water-resistant can withstand raindrops, and will not leave marks, which means you can wash your organizer with a warm damp cloth.

Carrying Capabilities

All of our trunk organizers in our top 10 list include handles for carrying to and from your vehicles. Some drivers will carry their organizers in and out of their vehicles every day, and some drivers will use their organizers as a permanent feature in their trunk. Handles are very important to some, and maybe not so important to others. For the business professional that tends to use their organizer as an office while hauling his important cargo from car to office daily, we recommend a nice ergo-friendly handle, such as the lightweight aluminum handles. For the family on the go, where their organizer always stays put in their vehicle, we recommend a nice quality-built trunk organizer with vinyl straps.


If your resolution this year is to be more organized, and you are here at DrivrZone, than the trunk of your car is a great place to start! Trunk organizers are fairly inexpensive. Our list has been reviewed and rate for not only quality, but for cost and value as well. For obvious reasons, the larger organizers that come with customizable compartment features, additional pockets, including some with coolers – come with a higher price. Knowing what you will need your organizer for, and the cargo you are putting in it, along with whether you will be hauling in and out of your vehicle will all need to be considered before you can make a sound purchase. We certainly hope we were able to give you as much information as we could, giving you the knowledge that we know you need to get online and purchase that trunk organizer today!


Q: Are these universal to fit all vehicles?

A: No, not quite. However, the trunk organizers that we reviewed today fit most vehicles. While the small organizers are perfect for the driver who needs their cargo in the front seat for easy access, larger trunk organizers are great for families on the go that like to store their belongings in the trunk. Be sure to check the length and width of your trunk vehicle before shopping to make sure you buy the perfect trunk organizer for your vehicle.

Q: Can these be customizable?

A: Most of the trunk organizers we reviewed can be customizable. Many come with removable sub-dividers, and most have clips and/or snaps that allow for you to make the compartments different sizes for your many needs. Everyone’s needs are a little different, these trunk organizers are a breeze to shape to your needs.

Q: Will they slide around in the trunk of my car?

A: Trunk organizers are made to keep your cargo in its place, and not to be rolling around in your trunk while in you are driving. As you should always be cautious while driving, the normal left and right turn that you make with your vehicle should be fine. Keep in mind, there are some great organizers that we reviewed here at DrivrZone today that have rubber-strips and Velcro non-skid features.

Q: What if I need to carry it from my car to the office daily?

A: Most organizers do come with adequate carrying handles. If your trunk organizer is something that you will haul in and out of your vehicle often, then we recommend that you buy an organizer with very sturdy handles, more ergonomically. There are some great carrying trunk organizers on the market, including a few with aluminum handles for a strong grip with heavy cargo.

Q: How much weight can it hold?

A: The weight limit will vary depending on the quality of the organizer. On average, most can carry between 50-100lbs. That’s a lot of groceries, sporting equipment, school books, pet supplies and more! If you will be using your trunk organizer for heavy cargo, we recommend that you pay close attention to the weight limits before purchasing.

Q: What if I don’t need it every day, where can I store it?

A: Most trunk organizers are collapsible and can be placed neatly beneath a seat, backseat pocket or laying flat in the trunk. Some with a hard foldable lid will be a little larger but will collapse as well. Not only can they keep you organized, but hey will stay out of the way when you need your entire cargo area.

Q: Are these all waterproof?

A: Unfortunately, they do not all come waterproof. While most of these organizers do come water-resistant (meaning they can be wiped with a damp cloth for easy cleaning), you will have to read carefully which ones are waterproof specific. Some do come with waterproof coolers for drinks and ice and can also be used for transporting hot dishes – perfect for holiday travels!

Q: I am a busy mom with toddlers, are there any that will fit in my SUV trunk with a stroller or small bicycles?

A: There are so many great organizers on the market today, we are confident you will find one that fits your needs. We really like the hanging organizers that sit up off the floor of your vehicle which allows for stroller storage and or bicycles, or just about anything you can imagine.


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Premium Foldable Car Trunk Organizer with Cover

High Road, Collapsible Carrier Bag for Tools, Groceries Accessories


Key Features


Why settle for a messy, dirty car trunk when you can have the
best storage solution to keep all your car interior accessories, tools, kids’ toys or even groceries perfectly tidy, every single time? The AMT Pro foldable car trunk organizer with cover has e dividers, 4 side- and 4 end-pockets to help you travel smarter and organized, without taking up too much space in your cat, truck, SUV, van or minivan.

Thoughtfully designed with a detachable cover that you can remove when not needed, you can simply use the Velcro strip to attach the cover to the top of the organizer. The organizer also features two, non-slip bottom platforms to prevent your things from moving around while in the box and make sure everything remains neat and tidy throughout your travels.

Boasting an extra durable, water and abrasion resistant Oxford fabric that is suitable for carrying both dry and wet items, you can rest assured, this high quality auto interior cargo box will accompany you in all your high road travels and outdoor adventures and last for years to come.

Thanks to its collapsible design, you can easily fold your car
trunk organizer box down to a compact size, so you can save more space in your
trunk or back seat. When unfolded, the organizer bag measures L 23.6″ x W 15″ x H 12″, which is more than enough to fit all your important items. When folded, it is easy to store in any cupboard or cabinet.

Buy with peace of mind, knowing that this premium foldable car trunk
organizer with cover is backed by a risk-free 1 year warranty of complete sati
sfaction. If you face any manufacturing defects, broken handles, buckle clamps or water damage, feel free to return the product for a hassle-free replacement or refund.

What have you got to lose?

Product Description

Get Your Car Trunk Organized with the #1 Foldable, Auto Trunk Organizer with Cover by AMT Pro!

Are you looking for a simple, yet very stylish and convenient way to organize your life on the go?

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The Premium Foldable Car Trunk Organizer by AMT Pro is specifically designed to help you keep all your items in one place and save valuable space in your car trunk or back seat!

Easy and Quick Access to All Your Important Items, While On the Go!

Thanks to its 2 spacious dividers, 4 side and 4 end pockets that will easily fit all your small and larger items, you can finally say goodbye to embarrassing, messy car interiors, once and for all!
The detachable cover will secure your things in place and can easily be removed when not needed to allow easier access.

Say Goodbye to Poor Quality Car Trunk Storage Boxes and Invest In the Best Organizer That Will Last for Years to Come!

Who wants to spend tons of money on a new car trunk organizer every once in a while?
The AMT Pro auto interior storage box boasts superior construction and durable, water and abrasion resistant Oxford fabric that will withstand constant use and go without a hitch for a long time!

Space Saving, Collapsible Design

Large and spacious (L 23.6″ x W 15″ x H 12″) it can easily fold down for space saving storage in your cupboard or cabinet in seconds!
The non-slip bottom surface is thoughtfully designed to prevent your things from dancing around in the back of your car and let you focus your attention only on
the road!

Get It Risk-Free

Backed by a 1 year warranty that covers manufacturing defects, broken handles, buckle clamps and water damage, you have nothing to lose! Could you afford to miss this offer?
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