How to make the outside of a house look better?

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10 Ways To Bring Charm To Your Home’s Exterior

Laura Gaskill, Houzz Contributor

Whether you have a cottage that needs a little TLC or a nondescript colonial you’d love to inject with a bit more personality, deciding on changes to the exterior can be tricky. It’s important not to force a completely unrelated style on your home, but the right exterior enhancements can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal.

1. Add a covered entrance. A bit of cover overhead is welcome when you’re trying to get in the door in a rainstorm, but even more important for our purposes, a covered entrance can do wonders for a home’s curb appeal.

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A small portico topped with a pediment, like the one shown here, works well with colonial-style homes and is enough to add definition to the entrance. Covered porches are a natural fit for cottages and Craftsman homes — if you have the room and the means, consider adding a larger porch that fits with the style of your home.

2. Hang a lantern. Bring depth and definition to a flat facade with the right light fixture. A traditional gas lantern like the one shown here (also available in an electric version) looks right at home on a farmhouse (modern or not), colonial or other traditional-style home. Try nautical-style lanterns on a cottage or Cape Cod–style home.

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3. Change the door. A door of a different style can make a big impact. Consider choosing a new door that incorporates panes of glass, like the one shown here or in the previous photo — the glass lightens up a heavy facade. Search for a door that matches the architectural style of your home but has more detail, a more solid construction or lets in more light than your current door.

4. Hang window boxes with a seamless look. We all know that window boxes are charming. Instead of tacking on any old window boxes, take the time to find some that are well suited to the style of your home, and paint or finish them to match. The extra effort will be well worth it, because when window boxes look seamless, they act like an architectural feature — without costing as much as a renovation.

5. Add a gate. A low masonry or wood fence paired with a wood or metal gate can add presence to your home’s exterior. When accompanied by landscaping in front of and beyond the gate, it draws the eye in, making even a small front yard feel deeper.

6. Plant an arbor. An arbor over the gate is utterly charming, especially when planted with climbing roses or another fragrant plant. Nestle landscape lighting into the plantings around the arbor for a magical effect at night.

7. Redo the driveway. The driveway is a piece of the exterior puzzle that you may not notice — if it’s in great shape. But if your driveway has taken a beating or simply does not match the style of your home, it could be dragging down your home’s curb appeal. Brick, masonry or stained concrete can all make for beautiful, durable driveways.

8. Dress up the garage doors. If your garage doors are easily visible from the street, they should match your home’s architecture as closely as possible. Painting the garage to match the rest of the house and adding lighting in a similar style to that used on the main entrance can make a big difference. For more of an investment, consider replacing the garage doors or adding a pergola over the garage.

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9. Add dormer windows. It can be quite costly (and disruptive) to add dormers, but if this feature is right for your home, it can really boost curb appeal and add natural light to the interior. If you think dormers might be in your home’s future, contact an architect to get the ball rolling.

10. Choose the right roof. Like the driveway, the roof is one of those things that, when it looks right, you may not notice at all — but when it’s wrong, it’s really wrong. If you’re facing the prospect of putting a new roof on your home, the practical must come first, naturally. But once you narrow your options down to a few good ones in your price range, it can be worth it to consult a designer or color expert to help pick the material and hue that will work best with the style and color of your home, as well as the landscape.

Spring Cleaning: How to Make the Outside of a House Look like New

Cleaning the exterior of your home can make it look like a brand new house. Here’s everything you need to know about how to clean the outside of a house.

Want to know how important curb appeal is when you’re selling a home?

The National Association of Realtors surveyed its members back in 2017 and found that 99 percent of them listed the appearance of the outside of a house as one of the most important factors when selling it.

You don’t have to be selling your home to want to improve the way it looks, either. If you’re unhappy with the current condition of the exterior of your house, that’s reason enough to make improvements to it so that it looks its best moving forward.

In addition to cleaning up the inside of your house this spring, consider doing some spring cleaning outside as well. Check out some tips for making the outside of a house look like new below.

Remove Leaves, Sticks, and Other Debris

Do you still have a bunch of leaves, sticks, and other debris hanging around in your yard from back in the fall? Getting rid of them should be your first order of business.

Bust out a rake and make piles of debris all over your yard before picking them up and putting them into trash bags. Even if you don’t do anything else to the outside of your home, doing this alone will make it look a whole lot cleaner.

At the same time, if you don’t do this and spend all your time focused on other things, your property is still going to look like a mess when you’re finished. Make it a point to eliminate debris from your yard at the beginning.

Replace Old Mulch

If you’ve had the same mulch in the flowerbeds surrounding your home for a few years now, it’s likely lost all its luster. Mulch can start to fade and look old over time when it’s exposed to the sun, rain, and other elements day in and day out.

When this happens, it’s important to remove the old mulch from flowerbeds and replace it with fresh mulch. Otherwise, the flowers and plants you have in your flowerbeds won’t always get access to the nutrients they need.

The old mulch will also drag your curb appeal way down. Putting new mulch into place will brighten your yard back up in a matter of just hours.

Plant Flowers, Bushes, and Small Trees

Are the flowers, bushes, and trees that you have planted in your home’s flowerbeds in good shape? Then you don’t need to worry about planting more.

But if most of the flowers, bushes, and trees are dying, do something about it. Rip out any old plants and replace them with new ones.

While you’re focused on your landscaping, you should also trim any larger trees in your yard so that they’re not hanging over your home or blocking your views.

Powerwash Siding

Once you’re finished working on your yard, it’ll be time to focus on cleaning up your actual home.

Begin by bringing in a powerwashing company to clean your home’s siding. They can blast away dirt, dust, mold, mildew, and whatever else has gathered on your siding over the course of the winter.

There are some homeowners who will attempt to powerwash their houses themselves. You’re welcome to try it if you want. But it’s a long, tedious job that might not get done right without help from the pros.

This page from LaborPanes will break down the process and show you how often you should powerwash your home to keep it looking amazing.

Paint Front Door

What is it about your house that makes it stand out from all the other homes on your block?

If you’re having a tough time answering that question, it’s because your home lacks a definitive wow factor. The wow factor of a home is the thing that makes people take notice of it.

There are lots of ways to add a wow factor to your home. But the easiest way to get it done is by buying a can of paint and painting your front door.

For years, most homeowners favored brown front doors. But today, they’re going with bolder colors like:

  • Deep plum
  • Brilliant blue
  • Lime green
  • Grass green
  • Apple red

You won’t have any trouble setting your home apart when you pick the right paint color for your front door. It’ll make a much stronger statement than whatever color your front door is now.

Wash Windows

Most homeowners wash the interior of their windows once every few weeks. But they don’t always get around to washing the exterior of them.

Part of that is because washing the exterior of windows is a lot of work. You have to climb up on a ladder or work your way behind bushes to get to some of them.

If you don’t have the time to do that, the same company that you hire to powerwash your siding can often take care of washing your windows, too. But you can also commit to doing it on your own one window at a time over the course of a few weekends in the spring.

Make Roof Repairs

If your home’s roof has seen better days, consider replacing it. You’ll be blown away by how much more beautiful your home looks with a new roof on it.

Replacing a roof can be an expensive home improvement project, though. On average, it costs homeowners about $7,500.

So rather than ripping it off and putting a new roof on your home, you can also think about making the necessary repairs to it instead. You can replace missing shingles, wipe away stains, and even remove moss and mildew from your roof with help from a roofing company.

Outside of making your home look better, this home improvement project will also extend the life of your roof.

Resurface Driveway

Are there cracks running up and down the entire length of your driveway? They can make your driveway look unsightly and allow water to work its way down into it and do damage.

The best way to eliminate this problem is by having your driveway resurfaced. During the resurfacing process, all the cracks in your driveway will be filled. And when the process is over, it’ll look like you put down a brand-new driveway.

You might be so used to looking at your driveway that you don’t even see the cracks in it anymore. But everyone that drives by your house does, and they’re not impressed with your home as a result of it.

Scrub Down Deck

Does your family enjoy spending a ton of time out on your deck in the spring and summer? Scrub it down before it starts getting warm outside so that you can make the most of it this year.

If your deck is on the newer side, you can get away with using a deck cleaner, a brush, and your garden hose to clean it off. But if it has a lot of dirt deep down inside of it, you may need to powerwash it.

You may also need to stain your deck to bring it back to life. Staining a deck is a project that could take up an entire weekend. But it’ll be well worth it in the end when your deck is like new.

Put Up New Mailbox and House Numbers

As long as you’ve worked through all the other jobs on this list, your house should look like a million bucks at this point. You’ll be proud of its appearance again and happy to show it off to the world.

But, why not put the cherry on top with a couple finishing touches that’ll make a big difference?

First, invest in a new mailbox for your home. Whether you have a mailbox that hangs on your home or one that sits out by the street, a new mailbox will serve as one of the new focal points of your home.

Once your mailbox is installed, think about putting up new house numbers as well. You can find house numbers that will fit the style of your home and be easy to read from out near the street.

These are two small, simple touches in the grand scheme of things. But we can pretty much guarantee that they’ll be two of the first things people notice when they look at your home this spring.

Why You Should Clean the Outside of a House This Spring

The outside of a house is the first thing people see when they visit a home. No matter how great the inside of the house looks, it’s the outside that’s going to set the tone for visitors.
Keep that in mind while you’re cleaning the outside of your house throughout the spring. You’ll be able to make a great first impression on people when you take the time to do exterior house cleaning.

Do you want to learn how you can make the inside of your house look as good as the outside of it? Read our blog to get some tips on pulling off the perfect spring clean.

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One of the first things about a house that a guest or home buyer notices is the front door. If you want to make a statement, upgrading or revamping your front door is a smart move that isn’t all that expensive. According to, it’s the second best return-on-your-investment renovation.

Ready to get inspired? Here’s a collection of the latest front door ideas and trends you may want to steal to improve your home’s curb appeal.

1. Front door paint color ideas

Red will forever be one of the most popular front door colors, regardless of architectural style. Image: Faust Construction

One of the quickest fixes to upgrade your front door is to simply paint it. Choose an exterior paint designed for the door type; there are paints and primers for steel, fiberglass and wood door surfaces. About one quart of paint should do for an average door.

Gloss or semigloss are the most durable; the sheen holds up better against nicks and scratches and tends to show bolder colors better. It’s easy:

  • Although you can paint your mounted door, removing the door and all of the hardware will give you a better finish.
  • Sand the door lightly to get rid of old paint drips, nicks and dents.
  • Apply a primer; wait for it to dry.
  • Protect your door while it dries so dirt particles don’t stick to it.

When it comes to color options, nearly anything goes. According to Benjamin Moore, contrast is key. Choose a bold paint color that stands out from the rest of the home, like these door paint color ideas:

A vintage aqua front door color is perfect for a mid-century modern house. Image: Levitt Architects

Give a two-tone paint color a try when mulling over front door ideas. The turquoise and white add pop to the home’s charcoal gray exterior color. Image: Stephanie Wiley

When in doubt, a classic red front door will freshen up the look of just about any entrance. Image: Benjamin Moore

Orange is a great door paint color choice to highlight contemporary architecture. Image: Mak Design and Build

A bright lime green door color works with both wood and concrete home surroundings. Image: Dotter Sofjeld Architects

2. Metal front door ideas

For an artisanal look that’s both warm and contemporary, consider a metal front door. With the industrial trend going strong, black steel is popular although copper and stainless steel front doors will always be fashionable.

Distressed black steel adds a custom look. The bronze door pull highlights the mixed metals trend that’s popular in interior design. Image: JPR Architects

Copper and stainless steel metal front door ideas. Images from left: Michael Fullen Design, Hartman Baldwin and Rocky Mountain Hardware.

Wood and steel can work with nearly any home style, ranging from rustic to country to modern to craftsman to contemporary. Image: AppWood Doors

3. Glass front doors featuring glass side panels

One of the freshest door trends takes the existing double door design and converts it into a standard front door size with a glass side panel. This modern front door idea allows more light into the entryway and saves you money on having to purchase a larger or double front door.

A simple glass front door is surrounded by glass on the sides and top. Image: Marvin

A mirrored glass side panel next to the modern wood door adds privacy and convenience. The homeowner can see out but passersby can’t see inside. Image: b.Confer Architecture

The entrance of this home appears larger thanks to the door and matching side panels. Frosted glass was used to diffuse light while obscuring what goes on outside and inside. Image: Friehauf Architects

4. Steel atrium doors

Looking for an industrial-chic door that’s less run of the mill? The steel atrium door is one of the latest trends. The black steel grid and glass works to update nearly any style.

For the ultimate flexibility, install a steel atrium pivot door that can glide back and forth on a track. Image: PPDS Design

Go with a custom curved atrium front door that offsets the sharp, angular lines of a contemporary home. Image: Ryan Street and Associates

To create a grand entrance, enhance the scale of your front door by surrounding it with glass panels on the sides and top. Image: Green Belt Construction

5. Pivot doors

One of the best door trends is the modern pivot door. The look features a large-scale, floor-to-ceiling door that pivots on an axis instead of opening and closing from a wall-mounted hinge. The pivot front door is perfect in a location where a door jamb may not be possible or if the door is very heavy. Or simply because it’s so cool.

A frosted glass and steel frame pivot door takes the latest front door ideas and combines them beautifully. Image: Seven Custom Homes

A walnut wood, steel and glass pivot front door opens effortlessly in this Austin home. Image: Leicht USA

The designer of this wood pivot door frosted the glass side panel windows but left a clear strip of glass on the pivot door for better viewing. Image: Aleck Wilson Architects

6. Wood and glass panel front doors

For a contemporary look that enhances your home’s architecture and lets plenty of light into the interior, look for a modern wood and glass panel front door. Worried about privacy? Choose a glass that’s frosted, etched or has some type of design that obscures what’s going on inside.

The glass panels in this darkly stained front door allow plenty of light to illuminate the interior. Image: Jodie Rosen Design

A custom glass pattern adds privacy and beautiful texture to this custom wood door. Image: Bramco Builders

Like the latest trends and front door ideas? Share yours with us here or on Facebook with the hashtag #frontdoorideas


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Our homes are generally a place we take pride in, and nothing welcomes guests like a well designed front porch. Since it is literally the first thing anyone sees of your house, how it is perceived from the roadside, as well as by approaching guests, is a detail that can be worrisome to the gracious hostess or host.

It may also serve as a place of entertainment, or relaxation, and should reflect a little bit about the homeowners taste in decor. If you have struggles with ideas for your front porch, or are in need of an upgrade and are looking for front porch remodeling ideas, check out the following to fit any house style.

Table of Contents



Just enough privacy and just enough welcome is balanced in this small porch dominated by a framed, and contrasted doorway. Comfortable seating makes it a perfect spot to sit and watch life go by from, but without a totally unhindered view by neighborhood passerby’s.

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This wide porch that spans the width of the house draws you in with its simple decor and pops of vegetative color. A comfortable settle provides the perfect touch as a show of relaxation and invite.


This small countryside home is painted to look a bit like a charming one room school house, complete with small front porch with just enough room to take a break upon. Outlining paint trim provides the perfect eclectic appeal.


Long, low, one story ranch homes are known for their big porches and rustic appeal. Often much of that porch space goes to waste however due to the sizes of many of them. Whether you have a large area, or one more manageable, the following ideas are sure to provide enough fodder for a one of a kind look you will enjoy.


Sometimes more means less, and in the case of this rather imposing entryway, the owners have let the simple choice of colors found in the architecture and landscaping provide all the simple designs they need.


The wooden boards, their colors and placement, provide all the detail this open porch needs to provide a warm, and inviting place to step onto. The perpendicular lines and subtle natural hues draw the eye to where you want to be.


This long ranch porch provides multiple entryways to a private sitting area that gives you a view of the surrounding landscape. Well placed shrubs create a natural screen without dominating the effect.


This elegant country home shares a classic look with a more aged brickwork siding, all brought together by a ranch style porch. Simple sitting areas and a well manicured landscaping doesn’t distract by the welcoming French doorways.


This lifted patio serves well as a deck complete with long narrow steps and classic brick trim. A built in grill combined with the mixing and matching of natural wooden hues provides a warm, comforting feel to relax within.


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This cedar shingled siding contrasts beautifully up against stone layers. And it’s no accident that they provide a leading visual right towards the front porch and the sheltered, yet welcoming entryway.


Mobile home designs are much different that the long, rectangular one size fits all style that used to dominate the industry. Whether you have a single or double wide, customized porch designs, bay windows, and many other choices are available to provide you with the home you want, not just what you can afford. Many spacious porch ideas await the decor you can dream up for it.


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This little vacation home has it all: and inviting walkup porch that doubles as the perfect entertainment spot complete with an outdoor fireplace. Contrasting colors along the railing to match the house trim makes it an effortless blend as part of an outdoor living area.


This little double wide has a full single wide porch that doubles as both a sitting area and gardening spot! Twinkle lights and bright summer annuals create the perfect place to kickback on a cool summer evening.


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Just to show that you can build anything off your manufactured home, this beautifully enclosed outdoor area ensures you are protected by the bugs of the season without interrupting your view, or outdoor enjoyment.


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A porch itself can be worked into an overall outdoor area without having to take the time and money to actually build anything too large. This privacy fence and extended pergola provides the perfect area to entertain in.


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Don’t just build your front porch out, build up with a gabled entryway to welcome in family and friends alike. Neutral colors allow for the details in the material to be seen and appreciated.


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Spruce up a plain walkup with a covered porch. Not only do you increase your home’s value, you increase you own inclination to create a design unique to you and your needs. Add a stone skirting for added interest.


The ranch style porch of your dream awaits. Just because you don’t own the sprawling spaciousness of a ranch home doesn’t mean the long, welcoming walk along your own deck can’t be part of your ideal design.


Brick homes always have a sort of rustic, old-fashioned appeal, but that doesn’t mean your entryway has to reflect that- unless you want it to. Porches framed by brick architecture provide the perfect contrast to make your choice of landscaping decorating ‘pop’ and be the talk of the neighborhood.


This old fashioned estate looks like something out of a relaxing coloring book, complete with well defined lines to color by. Complimentary color choices make the light brick work pop and allow the natural stone to lead visitors up the front steps into the welcoming porch.


A porch doesn’t have to be defined by a raised area. Instead a porch can be any sort of entryway you choose into your home. This level patio porch provides uninterrupted views of beautiful full length windows that frame the front door- providing a welcoming entryway.


This pretty little porch is provided some privacy by the surrounding front garden. Wrought iron porch railings set into the brick columns give it just enough country charm no matter where its local.


Contrasting columns and an overhanging covered porch provide a picture perfect frame to the doorway. Brick design area served well by color opposites that bring out the many shades of color used in the brickwork itself.


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Just because contrasting colors look good against a brick exterior doesn’t mean that’s all that works well with it. Stained wood, such as in this pergola design, provides an effortless bending of two very different materials.


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Your porch doesn’t only have to be an entryway for your guests, it can definitely take on the role of an outdoor living space, complete with fireplace and eclectic lighting. This beautifully laid brick porch provides both for your enjoyment.


Modular designed homes, like manufactured homes, often provide you with multiple porch choices to get exactly what you are envisioning. These porch spaces really provide a nice entry way and overall look to your home, and with your personal touch will be a popular place to walk up to.


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This long porch provides you with plenty of room to relax and entertain upon, all while providing a bit of your own unique style through natural materials. Never hesitate to mix and match more modern siding with rustic appeal.


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This deep porch wraps around to provide multiple entries to the front door. Wooden railings and pillars provide a bit of privacy all while adding a touch of classic sophistication.


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This open porch design dominates the front of this home and provides space to make it anything you want. The simple rock supports provide just enough material difference for added visual appeal.


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Mix and match both color hues and materials for the exact look you desire. Metal siding, wooden accents, and stone work round out this porch design that keeps you looking at the well balanced lines and design.


Nothing spells relaxation like a rocking chair on the front porch. You can really incorporate this furniture into almost any front porch space as the following shows. And when you provide the eclectic and original, you get your own private oasis to rock away to.


Weathered boards make up the floor of this dated porch with stunning rock pillars and more updated railing. Take your time to find the antiques that compliment both the old and the new like this fabulous rocking chair you can watch life go by upon.


This screen enclosed sitting area is all you need for the perfect, year round area to enjoy the great outdoors within. Dining, entertaining, or just rocking away a lazy afternoon, it is sure to be one of the most popular places ‘in the house’.


A low tiled porch and stuccoed architecture is all you need for a complete southwestern experience. Rock away your troubles surrounded by the cool, and comforting, shady porch.


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This spacious brick porch has plenty of room for anything you choose to spend your leisure time upon. Comfortable wicker rockers and a porch swing are the perfect location to enjoy your morning coffee, or cold afternoon drinks.


Take the appeal of an old mountain cabin and put it wherever you want with a timbered porch and swing to match. There is always something comforting about being surrounded by natural wood grains.


Make your neighbors green with envy at this simple porch and lush vegetation. Use pops of color while decorating to let the eye roam and take it all in.


What a perfect place to while away a long summer afternoon, rocking and relaxing with friends over a board game or cold drinks. Rocking chairs aren’t just for solitary enjoyment, and work well around a table to enjoy time with friends and family.


Neutral tones provide stunning backdrops to the simple pops of color throughout railings and furniture choices. This rocking chair provides a nice contrast to the brick and wood work of this terrace overlook.


Front porch designs should match the inside and give your visitors a taste of your overall design ideas both within and without. Contemporary and modern design provides simple, clean lines and airy, welcoming spaces.


Porches dominate this modern, open architecture to provide easy outdoor living. Lots of light and cool breezes are supported by the multi level living areas, including an enclosed space for inclimate weather.


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A shallow porch style patio blends effortlessly into the surrounding landscape design to make clean lines and simple materials a focal point. Building your porch into the house design, instead of out provides a more welcoming, and intimate space.


Mixing natural materials into more modern material designs is a sophisticated choice. Stone pillars and railings allow privacy, as well as the perfect backdrop to more modern details.


Like many other porches, this shallow terrace helps extend the indoor living space into an outdoor retreat. Wooden materials choices balance the more contemporary lines and colors with the surrounding environment.


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Modern facades are given a softened image with the use of stone tiles and walls. Floor to ceiling windows, modern benches, and custom lighting provides a unique entry to match your personal style.


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This otherwise more country, stone look is given a modern update with a well designed doorway that mimics the lines of the surrounding stone siding. In keeping with the design, well cut, clean columns help complete the look.


Colonial porches speak of spacious areas and lots of light, which leaves you lots of ways in which to decorate. Hanging baskets, comfortable furniture, or simple pops of color can all provide an inviting atmosphere.


Smooth details create a crisp, clean, and airy location to relax in and take in the summer breezes. Relaxing sitting areas, and fans for air circulation create a space specifically for your comfort.


Bold contrasts make big statements and is the perfect way to show off the grand details often found within dated architecture. Subtle shadows and clean lines make this colonial porch stand alone.


When we think colonial, we think mostly to what we are familiar with, but colonial style varies from country to country. This Russian colonial uses intricate woodworking and tiered porches to show off their unique, traditional style.


A graceful curving, gabled porch completes the front architecture of this colonial meets contemporary design. Narrow columns complement the long windows to help balance the overall look.


This long bricked porch provides room to relax and chat the night away. Lighting from the windows that run the length of the porch is sure to provide the perfect atmosphere come sunset.


A deep set porch, wide columns, and shade blinds combined with strategically planted trees creates a front porch oasis. Watch the world go by while taking advantage of a degree of privacy in this well designed sitting area.


Open verandas and vaulted porch ceilings are only a few ideas you can use by taking advantage of the extra height two story homes provide. Often second stories can be designed to blend effortlessly into welcoming porches for your personal preference.


This second story roof creates the perfect covered porch. Deep shadows to help cool the house and multiple sitting areas around the side is a great way to both welcome guests and enjoy the solitude.


This Northern European inspired design takes advantage of both old and new, and provides the second story walkways popular along the coast to watch for returning ships. Take in the surrounding views from lofty heights by adding upstairs porches.


Muted blues and reds show off the porches of this classic styled house. The covered porch has been created to be multi purposeful and provide a second story walkout. Don’t be afraid to use splashes of color, and details in your wood to provide interest to your overall look.


Imposing columns on this heritage house leads the way to the small front porch and through to the beautiful second story. This upper level porch is truly the focus of this architectural design and provides a wrap around view of the surrounding landscape.


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Stucco and tile provide an old fashioned, southwestern appeal to this neighborhood home that uses traditional curved openings for shade and privacy. Not quite enclosed, cool breezes are welcome on hot, sunny days.


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This house doesn’t need an imposing porch to highlight what wooden beams and material choices provide to the french doors and double front entry. Dark hues and light stonework also provide the perfect compliment to the wooden door frames.


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A porch doesn’t have to be angular in nature. Instead gracefully curve out a walk up to provide a unique entryway. This house even boasts multiple second story porches and walkouts to complete the overall design.


Yet another home that blends materials- stonework, multiple siding choices, wooden ceilings, and a traditional shingle roof complete the overall look of this very welcoming home. A bright red door and cheery windows is all the porch needs.


Another wooden ceiling design shows clearly how this contrasting color, and material, brings warmth and depth to your outdoor sitting area. This wrap around porch provides a big, open walkup for visiting guests.


Don’t be like all the rest and use porches to elevate your sense of style. Porch entryways and second story walkouts in varying materials and styles line this row of townhouses.


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Large timbers frame this cabin’s homely porch and provide a beautiful choice against well spaced cabin log siding. This old-fashioned design take on a modern appeal due to the perfect placement of materials used.


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Overlooking balconies balance out this beautiful A-frame styled house. This design truly encompasses the house and provides the added living space to take in the great outdoors so many crave.


If your porch has a railing, you should utilize it and make it as unique as the rest of your porch decor. Materials, carvings, color, and even its awesome use as a background prop can help bring depth and interest to your overall front porch design.


These old carved columns bring this porch to life with their simple, yet elegant and graceful curves. The woodwork that frames the top of the porch is the perfect touch to bring the entire design together for visual appeal.


Color is an excellent way to add interest and depth to your design. Muted hues that compliment each other are great ways to draw interest to certain aspects of your porch without drawing away from the overall effect.


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Lattice work can look overbearing in small spaces, but with an open area and the proper complementary materials it is an elegant, and unique choice for your front porch.


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Curves, curves, and more curves define the railing shape and detail. This is a great way to allow the eye to look over the overall effect effortlessly, and provide a distinct curb appeal.

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Design your railings to frame what is found beyond. This simple, open design allows an unhindered view of the crisp, clean blue of the pool beyond the porch.


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This neoclassical design provides towering columns and detailed railings that almost overwhelm the fact that a house lies connected to them. Beautiful overhangs and lots of porch space make this home the center of attention.


Never limit your possibilities. If you have an idea of design you’ve never seen anywhere, either look to how you can do it yourself, or find somebody willing to do it for you. It is so worth having a one of a kind decor.


Tile isn’t just for your bathroom or kitchen floor anymore. Colorful, eclectic tiles and concrete tile design brings spaces to life and can be totally customized to your own tastes. Add a little, or a lot, either way you are sure to get a ton of compliments by your visiting guests.


Choose a natural tone that compliments your house rather than matches an existing color. This creates depth and interest to an area many people don’t bother to pay attention to: the ground.


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How you place tile is also an integral part of the overall look. Pattern the colors, sizes, or even spacing to provide your own personalized look. Natural stone tiles also add texture.


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Concrete has grown well out of its drab, gray coloration. Not only can you now color and make your concrete floor look like marble or stained wood, you can also have it etched to look like tile, stone, or even brick.


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As described above, concrete is only limited by your imagination. This concrete is pressed to look like stone tiles laid in a mismatched pattern for added interest.


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Black on white, and white on black shows a classy choice in front porch detail. Choose colors that compliment your house and sit back and enjoy. Choose both opaque and glossy tiles to provide even more design.


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Colored tiles compliment the natural brick variations perfectly, and provide a nice foreground for approaching visitors to take in. Railings are painted to match the tile choices as well for even more decor appeal.


This is quite the extensive list to choose from, but not all design ideas work well with every house style. Don’t allow yourself to be held back though, your personal style and wants can be well blended with the needs you have with a little imagination.

Which was your favorite, or do you have a fabulous idea you’d like to share? Please comment and question below, and as always, please share!


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1. Brighten it up.

Sometimes small porches (especially if they are enclosed) can be dark and uninviting – there’s nothing to draw you in. A sure fire way to remedy that is to paint your front door a bright color. Go with a color that compliments the body of your home and doesn’t clash with it.

Of course a bright color is very eye-catching. Isn’t this a beautiful shade of blue?

Beyond The Screen Door

Say you’re not a bright front door kind of person? A neutral color is equally appealing. This soft yellow is very calming, but still draws your eye to the front porch.


This may be the inside of a foyer instead of the outside, but why not do the exact same thing on the exterior of your home? The addition of a mirror to a small, dark’ish porch is the perfect way to capture more light and reflect it around the area, plus it’s certainly something unexpected.

Jenna Sue Design

2. Chase away the small porch ho-hum’s by adding architectural interest.

A pair of shutters are very shallow in depth and won’t take up much space at all. If there’s room, add even more interest by hanging plants from the slats in the shutters.

Cullen and Company via Houzz

Give your uncovered porch some dimension by adding a pergola. DIY pergola kits are readily available at the big box home improvement stores. In fact, we recently purchased one and added it to the front entrance of our storage shed – for exactly this reason – to add architectural interest.


3. Add charm.

This homeowner’s front porch went from drab to fab by painting the front door and changing the light fixture, adding a rug, a welcoming chalkboard and bench and numerous plants. Click on the link below the photo to see the before. It’s quite the transformation!

Ask Anna

This home basically has no front porch at all, but that didn’t prevent this homeowner from creating a front entry that just oozes with charm. Think window boxes, hanging plants and wall mount planters. Notice the painted door too.

Huset i Lunden {The House In The Grove}

4. Add an eye catching element to the front door.

The combination of a great door knocker and oversize house numbers are just what this inset front door needed to bring attention to it. Note the mailbox to the side and the simple light fixtures too.

Pottery Barn

If you’d rather not, there’s no need to drill into your door or surrounding area to add house numbers – add a decal instead. If you don’t own a decal cutter, check on Etsy to have one custom made for you.

Live A Little Wilder

You can never underestimate the value and appeal of tasteful door hardware. And good grief – the possibilities are endless!

Decor Pad

5. Keep it simple and let the architecture of the dwelling speak for itself.

The addition of simple potted plants and a pretty hanging basket are all that this front stoop needed to let the architectural elements around the front door shine. In this instance, I recommend adding larger light fixtures too.

A Soft Place To Land

Oodles of homes have this exact front door and sidelight arrangement. Nothing fancy here – just simple door hardware and a planter let your eye appreciate the beauty of it.

Centsational Girl

As if all this eye candy alone isn’t enough to convince you of the importance and desirability of a decorated and styled front porch, here’s what my trusted realtor, has to say: “I encourage sellers to always make the best first impression possible. After all, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. By giving the front porch, door or entry to the home extra charm, character or a pop of color you welcome potential buyers and create excitement for what they will find inside! A great first impression is sure to bring an offer even sooner than anticipated!”.

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In a lived-in home, your entrance door becomes an extension of your individual style, welcoming friends and family with little touches that speak to your personality. But when your home is on the market, you need to redecorate your entry in such a way that beckons buyers to check out what’s on the other side.

Buyers decide within seconds whether they’re interested in a property, in large part because of décor. In fact, 79% of professional home stagers surveyed by the Real Estate Staging Association said that the look of your front door is vital to your home’s overall feel—and can increase its perceived value to potential buyers.

“You are going to see the front door from the moment you pull up,” said Amy Vastardis, a top real estate agent of 21 years in the greater Orlando, Florida, area. “It has to pop.”

Here’s how to decorate your entrance door so buyers want to linger, not look for the nearest exit. (Check out HomeLight’s curb appeal library for even more inspiration and ideas.)

Source: (David Papazian/ )

1. Go natural

If your front door has ornate decorative panels or rustic embellishments, the door itself makes a statement. In that case, your best front door decoration may be nothing at all.

A steel door with a peephole, on the other hand, tends to look commercial. “There’s no wow factor,” Vastardis said. For doors on the plainer side, you typically can’t go wrong with a little greenery to add interest or a touch of floral. Aim for something understated such as a magnolia wreath, bouquet of lavender, or eucalyptus, fern, and mixed berry combo.

Note: Fake plants and wreaths are typically fine (Nearly Natural is a trusted brand in this arena with its 75 years of industry experience, and who wants to deal with dying plants on their door) but the idea of “going natural” with your door decor is that it keeps you from getting too kitschy with your design. Cutesy is a turnoff in most cases for the purposes of selling your home, as is going overboard in the seasonal department.

If you tend to spend too much time in the dollar section of Target eyeing cheap Halloween and spring decor, resist the urge to purchase selections like those moss letters spelling “Joy” around Christmas, or an umbrella of tulips in the spring. A real pumpkin on each side of the door gives a rustic feel and plays to the fall season, but a wheelbarrow of pumpkins may be a bit much. You get the idea.

2. Create contrast

A front door that’s a bright shade is a popular trend. In fact, 77% of professional home stagers surveyed for RESA’s report Front Doors and Selling Your Home said that buyers react positively when they view a house with a colorful front door (interestingly, purple seems to be an exception).

However, just as a colorful door creates contrast with the rest of the exterior, you also want to complement and contrast accessories with the door’s color.

For instance, red flowers flanking a radiant red door like Benjamin Moore’s Caliente on a white or gray house provide welcome splashes of color against the house’s neutral backdrop. But a red wreath or other decoration on that same door will blend in so well, it won’t be seen from the street.

Likewise, a forest green decoration against a red door might remind too many buyers of Christmas, even in July. A better option might be a white wreath or decoration, complementing the house’s main color but standing out against the red door. (Check out these 10 bedrocks of color theory to help create a harmonious color scheme, along with these floral suggestions to match particular moods.)

Source: (David Papazian/ )

3. Add shine with fresh metallics

Hardware and house numbers can pack a sophisticated punch all on their own, such as a black knocker and door handle against an aqua shade like Benjamin Moore’s Blue Spa, or a polished nickel handle against a warm gray door and teamed with slim black house numbers, similar to these digits by Distinctions by Hillman, in these projects via Four Chairs Furniture.

Incidentally, your house numbers should be a good size that’s visible from the street. “Not to where it’s obnoxious, but where people can see it when they’re driving up,” Vastardis said. “I’ve seen some that are so small, you drive right past the house.”

Schlage, a trusted lock and hardware manufacturer since 1920, has a helpful guide on picking the handleset finish that works best with certain hues. For instance, bright chrome and satin chrome provide an edgy look that pairs perfectly with cool blues. Aged bronze stands out best against fiery red and orange tones. Going green? Opt for a finish like matte black against lime and similar shades.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to shop for new hardware, you also can paint yours a more striking hue, such as this DIY-er who ditched brass on a budget by spray-painting doorknobs with Krylon ColorMaster Satin Oil-Rubbed Bronze Metallic Spray Paint ($4.59).

4. Use symmetry

A symmetrical composition is naturally pleasing to the eye, according to Better Homes Gardens. If you have room for one planter, such as this H Stone Scroll Band Urn in Aged Ivory Finish or this White Grecian Plastic Urn Pedestal Planter, get a second to flank the other side of the door with identical plants.

Along the same lines, one wall sconce looks lonely. Purchase a second to make a pair and a more inviting entryway. Try the modern coastal design of the Globe Electric Turner Black Medium Base Outdoor Wall Light, the Kichler Barrington Distressed Black and Wood Tone Outdoor Wall Light, or the Bay Crest 1-Light Outdoor Sconce.

5. Honor your home’s style

Even if you’re not an architect, you can probably tell when something looks out of sorts with a certain architectural style. Your house likely has a dominant style suited to a particular region of the country—such as Colonial and Cape Cod-styles in northeastern neighborhoods, or Craftsman bungalows and Greek Revival homes in the South.

Choose front door decor that augments your home’s style. There’s no need to deck out the entry of your quaint English-style cottage as if you’re at the beach unless you’re in a seaside community. A brushed-steel planter won’t look right against the stucco or adobe facade of Spanish architecture, but a wrought-iron planter such as this one from Achla Designs would, filled with cascading ivy or succulents such as a crown of thorns.

Source: (Appz Dreamer/ )

6. Think mass appeal

Nothing personal against your decorating style. Just remember that at this stage to avoid anything with your family’s last name or initial. “It goes back to the same thing where you don’t want personal pictures in the house because it takes people out of visualizing themselves living there,” Vastardis said. “We want people to feel like this could be their home.”

You can certainly help buyers feel welcome with a doormat that indulges your creative side, such as this rustic DIY wood-slat version; or try the Black Stripe Hearth & Hand with Magnolia mat at Target ($12.99) or the Sulema “Hello” Non-Slip Outdoor Door Mat at Joss Main ($19.99).

Once you’ve decorated your front entry just right for showings, why not take note of whatever changes you’ve liked? You just might want to carry over some of this inspiration to your new home.

Header Image Source: (littlenySTOCK/ )