How to clean straightener?

Cleaning your hair straighteners will give you better hair – here’s how to do it

You’re probably diligent about cleaning your makeup brushes, but do you take the same care with your hair tools?

We’re guessing: no.

It will come as no surprise to you that your straighteners get a certain amount of product buildup over time. How could they not, when you are using heat protectant and about a bazillion other products to get that totally smooth finish and to keep your ‘do in place for the duration of the day?

But what this means is you’re probably not getting the best result when it comes to straightening and styling your hair. Let’s put it this way: You wouldn’t use a makeup brush with product buildup on your freshly cleansed face, so why would you run your dirty hair straighteners through your clean hair?

According to Katie Hook, creative director of Auckland hair salon Loxy’s, you definitely should be cleaning your tools on the reg, and there are a number of reasons why.

Firstly, she explains, it makes your straighteners work better. “A buildup of excess product covering the hot plates can stop your straighteners performing at their best,” she says.

Secondly, there’s plain old respecting your tools and giving them a longer life: “They’re an expensive tool you want them to be at their optimum at all times.”

And lastly – and most importantly – cleaning your straighteners gives you better hair and lessens the potential for damage. “Built-up product stops the straighteners gliding gently through the hair, which makes it more difficult to style. It can also transfer old burnt products onto the hair,” she says.

We’re sure that’s not something anyone would want.

As for how often you should clean them, Katie says it depends on how often you use them, and the sort of product you apply to your hair beforehand. Sticky sprays or pastes are more likely to grab onto the hot plates and burn, much like old bits of food cooking hard onto your stove top. “For daily use I’d recommend cleaning them once a week, or if you’re using heaps of hairspray then clean them every time you use them,” says Katie.

How to clean your straighteners or other heated tools:

1. Ensure your straighteners are unplugged and then gently rub the plates with a warm damp cloth or towel. Pay special attention to the edges where the plates meet the plastic wand, as this is where a lot of product gets stuck.

2. If you’ve got stubborn bits or you’d simply like to disinfect as you go, Katie recommends wiping over with rubbing alcohol such as meths or isopropyl alcohol, which can be found cheaply at any chemist.

3. For really stubborn build-up, try cleaning your straighteners while they’re still warm, as the extra warmth will help loosen firmly caked on product.

4. Try to repeat this process once a month, to avoid buildup happening in the first place. If you use a lot of product, then try to clean them more frequently – preferably every time you use them.

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How To Clean A Hair Straightener Step By Step Beginners Guide

How To Clean A Hair Straightener, the most frequent query asked by girls who love to straighten their hair. Girls don’t deny the natural beauty of their hair types. Girls try their best efforts to embrace what their hairstyles look. But distracting towards new hairstyles is the thing girls can’t help.

Every single day, girls watch other girls with beautiful and silkier hair, their urge to straighten hair jumps on next level. In that situation, buying a hair straightener is the awesome choice. You can use it on a daily basis. In this way, you don’t have to visit the salon. Economical hairstyle instantly!

But the daily or recurrent use of hair straightener leads to residue build up on plates. In that case, it is very important to know How To Clean A Hair Straightener.

Don’t worry; we have so much gratitude and care for our dear users; that ’s this article has been composed.

What Is A Hair Straightener?

Before knowing How To Clean A Hair Straightener, you must have an idea about a hair straightener. Precisely, a hair straightener is the tool or machine that use to make curls or straighten the coarse hair. There is only one way to reshape the natural type of hair. That is a healing process! When you heat up the hair, you can easily mold them into different curls or waves or bangs. Applications are very limited to your thinking.

Hair straightener has a very old history. Since 1700, girls are trying to make their hairstyles better and better with ironing technique. But luckily, we are living in the age, where companies make some awesome flat irons for this purpose. We just need to buy and use the iron!

How To Clean A Hair Straightener:

How To Clean A Hair Straightener is a question you should ask if you own a flat iron. It is very important for a hair straightener to be in the clean position. Let me explain why we are giving so much pressure on this.

When you use a hair straightener, different oil and products must be used during the process. Another fact is that hair is a protein structure. So when you are heat hair tools, some residue will build upon the heating plates. Trust me; you need to remove that as early as possible.

Why? To be honest, you should do that instantly. Because plates will lose its efficiency. When there is residue on the plates, the first impact will be low heating speed. Secondly, that dirt is going to ruin the plates due to chemical reactions.

You want your hair straightener to live longer; you must clean it regularly. Titanium flat iron should be clean more often, as they have so much capacity for residue build-up. At a minimum, hair straightener should be clean at least once a week.

So coming to the main topic of How To Clean A Hair Straightener. The process of cleaning a hair straightener is pretty easy. It’s not something complicated. The catch is to do the process at regular intervals.

Following things are needed to clean a hair straightener:

  • Warm Water
  • Towel or soft cloth
  • Rubbing Alcohol

Now moving to the step by step Beginners’ Guide

  • First of all, plug in the hair straightener. Let it warm for a while.
  • Now unplug the hair straightener and this is a very important step. You must ensure it is unplugged.
  • Now wet the towel in the warm water. Make it wet but not dripping water.
  • Carefully remove the residue build-up on the plates.
  • For surfaces, spray the rubbing alcohol and use a clean towel to clean the surfaces.
  • You can repeat this process according to the residue build-up on the heating plates.
  • Now let it dry completely.
  • Make sure it is completely dry before your next usage.

Tips For How To Clean A Hair Straightener:

There certain advanced tips for making the process of How To Clean A Hair Straightener, more effective. Using these suggestions is going to make the life of the tool much longer.

  • Water: Water is the best method to clean a flat iron, in case you have no other alternative. Simply damp the towel in the water to make it wet. You can also use a face wipe to remove all the dirt from the plates.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol is the perfect alternative to water. It amazingly washes out all the dirt from the plates. Just make sure, alcohol is not harmful to the plate material.
  • Acetone: Acetone is a highly preferred alternative to clean a hair straightener. In case, there is thick residue build-up, spread the acetone for half-hour and then wash it with a washcloth.
  • Lemon Juice: Soft cloth soaked in Lemon juice is also an effective cleaning agent.
  • Baking Soda: Thin solution of water and baking soda also acts as cleaning material for plates.

How to clean hair straightener plates On A Hair Straightener:

This guide on How To Clean A Hair Straightener works fine for all hair straighteners. The ceramic plate is the common material in most flat irons. In this part, we are going to learn How to clean your flat iron at home.

Following are the things you will need:

  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Soft Cloth
  • Tooth Brush
  • Tooth Pick
  • Steel Wool

Now let’s start step by step process.

  • Spray a little amount of rubbing alcohol on the plates.
  • Use a soft cloth to remove all the dirt and residue from the plates.
  • You can use a toothbrush and toothpick to remove stubborn stains.
  • Steel wool is a good alternative to clean the residue. But ensure you are not scratching the plates.
  • Another important thing again does this process while hair straightener is unplugged.

Alternative Method For Clean A Hair Straightener:

Use Hot Tool Cleaner for Clean A Hair Straightener

How to Use Hot Tool Cleaner:

A flat iron can be cleaned up using a wet cloth. But sometimes where to build upon heating plates is a little larger and sticky. In that situation, a cloth soaked in warm water won’t be a remedy.

Now Hot Tool Cleaner is the perfect alternative. Just follow these easy steps to make your flat iron in great position again:

  • First of all, evenly spray Hot Tool Cleaner on the plates and other surfaces of the flat iron.

  • Now grab the soft cloth or cotton swab to peel off all residue.
  • After cleaning residue completely, dry the flat iron with towel paper or you can use a blow dryer.
  • Keeping the flat iron clean is essential for the long life of the machine. At least, clean the flat iron twice a week.


Don’t ever immerse your flat iron in the water. Otherwise, you will lose the functionality of the hair straightener permanently. Secondly, always clean the flat iron, while being unplugged. Otherwise, you will be electrocuted.

How to clean a hair straightener flat iron Video Tutorial

Our Final Verdict and Recommendation:

So this was the complete guide on the How To Clean A Hair Straightener. Now you can easily clean any flat iron of any material. It is necessary to keep your flat iron clean for its longer life. We hope this guide will help you a lot! In case, you find it helpful, please share it with your friends who are in need of guidance about How To Clean A Hair Straightener

How to clean hair straightener ceramic plates?

The remains of hair products and oils accumulate on ceramic plates of a hair straighteners over time. The dirty device looks anesthetic and, besides, can damage your hair. In order to return the tool its excellent appearance and bring it to proper working condition, you need to carry out a general cleaning of the device.
First, you need to connect the iron to the network and turn it on. Plug the appliance into a power outlet, turn it on to the minimum temperature and allow to warm up for a couple of minutes. Warmth helps to loosen contaminants adhering to the iron which will considerably facilitate further cleaning of the device. Then, turn off the iron and pull it off the net. After switching off, allow the appliance to cool down on a heat-resistant mat or hand towel. Do not place the iron directly on a table or sink, as a hot appliance may damage these surfaces.
Wipe the iron with a damp cloth or paper towel. To check whether the device has cooled down sufficiently, bring your hand to it at a distance of about 2.5 cm, so that to understand whether you can touch the iron. As soon as the device becomes just slightly warm to the touch, take a cloth or paper towel and lightly moisten with water. Wipe all surfaces ironing, to carry out the procedure of basic cleaning of the device.
If you’ve never cleaned the appliance before, use a professional cleaning agent. In the beauty shops, you can find a variety of cleaning products specifically designed for various devices for hair styling. In order not to scratch the ceramic plates of the hair straightener, do not rub it too aggressively. Do not use abrasive chemicals as well, as they may damage the surface of the ironing plates.

Girls are often worried about cleaning their beautiful hair straighteners, since they like things to be managed and nice. Flat irons often get nasty both from outside and inside due to long-term use. Plus, use of relaxing creams, serums, hair sprays and heat protectants leaves stains and builds a thick layer of “gunk” that not only looks dirty and unmanaged but also reduces performance to some extent.

So, if you’re facing the same struggle with yours so don’t just opt for getting a new one. Following are some cool ways with which you can make your many years old tool look as brand new hair straightener, like you’ve just purchased it!

4 Best Ways To Clean Any Flat Iron

Method 01: Damp Towel / Mat

You will need:

  1. Heat resistance mat/ damp towel
  2. Paper towel
  3. Professional cleaning spray
  4. Dry towel

Step 01:

Plug in your flat iron and set it to the lowest heat setting. Let it heat up for few minutes so that it will lose the muck and buildup gunk on the ceramic plates surface.

Step 02:

Plug it out and place it on a heat-resistance mat and let it cool slightly for 2-3 minutes. (You can also use a damp towel in case there is no heat-resistance mat)

Step 03:

Use a damp towel or paper towel soaked in warm water and wipe your iron plates with it. You will remove all basic dirt with this first.

Step 04:

Proceed with professional cleaning spray from any brand. Spray it on the plates and wipe with a towel. It will help remove all buildup gunk and your iron will be completely new.

Method 02: Cotton Ball

You will need:

  1. Cotton balls
  2. Rubbing alcohol
  3. A wet cloth

First make sure your iron is completely cool. Dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and wipe the surface of plates with it. Make a Q-Tip of the cotton ball with the help of your fingers and rub on any sort of crannies and nooks present on the plate with some force.

After doing this, wipe it again with a wet cloth so that there will be no drop of alcohol and dirt left on it.

Method 03: Baking Soda / Vinegar

You will need:

  1. Baking soda
  2. Tooth brush / Magic eraser
  3. Cloth
  4. Hydrogen peroxide
  5. Vinegar

Take a ¼ cup of baking soda and add some hydrogen peroxide and/or some vinegar to it to give the paste consistency. Mix it well leaving no lumps at all.

Apply this paste to the plates of your flatiron with your fingers.

Use a tooth brush or magic eraser and gently rub the surface of plates with force until the gunks due to hairsprays and other products disappears.

Clean it with a piece of cloth and you will see no gunks at all.

Method 04: Creams Relaxer

You will need:

  1. Creams relaxer
  2. Moisten cloth

Pour 12-15 drops of cream relaxer on the plates while the iron is completely cool.

Spread the relaxer with your fingers evenly

Plug in the iron and let it get extremely hot for 10-15 minutes approx…

Plug out the iron and let it cool.

Step 05:

As soon as it cools down, wipe the cream relaxer with the moisten cloth. Your iron will be super clean. No gunks, no mucks, no crannies at all.


Use any of these methods and make your iron as clean as brand new!

There’s tons of heat-protective serums or hair sprays on the shelves that shield your hair from thermal styling damage. But what many don’t realize is that heat damage to your hair can also come from build up on your ceramic flat irons. The ultimate key to keeping your hair healthy and shiny, whether relaxed or natural, is to clean your flat iron after every use.

After each use?! I know, such a pain but this makes cleanup easier and less product buildup to remove. Make a habit of cleaning it regularly with these tips and techniques on efficiently cleaning your styling tools.

1. Turn off and unplug your flat iron. Allow it to cool for about five minutes on heat-resistant mat or a wash towel. Don’t place directly on your countertop. How many times have we burned the sink? I’m guilty too.

2. Wipe down the plates on the flat iron with a damp paper towel while it’s still warm. This will help remove a lot of the hairstyling product from the flatiron. If you’ve used the flat iron a million times and this is your first time cleaning, you will need to use a professional cleaning solution made for hairstyling tools.

3. Use a cotton swab to get into those tiny spaces you may have missed with the towel.

4. If you don’t have a professional cleaning solution handy there are some household items that will do the trick. Nail-polish remover, ammonia, spray-on oven cleaner and rubbing alcohol can each break down hardened styling product on your flat iron. Just be sure to use a damp towel to wipe down your flat iron–you don’t want to damage your hair residue.

This should literally take no more than four minutes and the first two are for cooling time. Happy Hair!