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You don’t have to be at the Disney Parks or staying at a Disney Resort hotel to experience every day magical moments! Disney has announced that the Disney Bedtime Hotline is back, so young fans everywhere can get messages from their favorite Disney characters every night before they fall asleep.

We don’t know about you, but magical character encounters are some of our favorite things about Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Children (and kids at heart) often feel starstruck when they get to meet the character who means the world to them or the star of their favorite Disney movie. And now that the Disney Bedtime Hotline is up and running, that magic can be brought home every night.

Fans can call 1-877-7-MICKEY to choose between six special goodnight messages from some of the most iconic characters: Mickey Mouse, Woody, Princess Jasmine, Anna and Elsa, Yoda, and Spider-Man. For kids who always get a little “homesick” after they return to the real world after a magical Disney vacation, these messages could help give bedtime a pinch of pixie dust. These messages can also give young Disney fans something to look forward to at bedtime, which would be especially helpful for those who tend to have trouble falling asleep or winding down for the night.

Credit: Disney

After calling the hotline and following the prompts, all you have to do is select the number corresponding to your favorite Disney character. After, you can pass the phone to the Disney fan in your life who wants to hear the message, and they can listen to a brief (around 30 seconds or less) message from the character of your choice.

Remember that this Disney Bedtime Hotline is only running from now through the end of the month on September 30, so be sure to give it a call soon! We’re so happy that the Disney Store and shopDisney have made this hotline available for Disney fans who need a dose of extra magic.

Credit: Disney

Disney also just launched a new subscription program called the Disney Bedtime Adventure Box. For $27.99 per box, subscribers can receive everything they need to help with their young Disney fan’s bedtime routine, including Disney pajamas, an adventure-based book, a rewards chart, activity cards, and so much more. You can read all about this subscription box here.

Which character will you choose to receive a message from on the Disney Bedtime Hotline? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Business Wire

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Get a free call from Mickey Mouse (and other Disney characters)!

Is there anything more magical then getting a phone call from Mickey Mouse or other Disney characters?

Your kids will love hearing Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse on the phone! And kids at heart enjoy it, too!

Here’s how to get a free phone call from Disney characters:

Video Phone Calls with Disney Characters

Your kids will think they are special when they have a video “phone call” with Disney characters.

Thanks to Pull-Ups, you and your child can instantly talk with the following Disney characters via a video phone call:

  • Mickey Mouse
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Doc McStuffins
  • Lightning McQueen

It’s like doing Face Time with your favorite Disney characters!

Don’t worry. You don’t have to actually use your phone or be seen on a screen for FaceTime. This video phone call is done on the computer and shows an animated greeting from the Disney characters.

Phone Calls from Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney World

If you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, you can arrange a phone call from a Disney character.

In your hotel room, press the Front Desk button on your in-room phone to arrange the call.

Get A Call From Mickey Mouse on the Disney Cruise Line

Sail away with magical wishes from a Disney character when you sail on the Disney Cruise Line!

Under your My Reservations tab in the My Disney Cruise website, select the Request Call feature beside the Free Character Call header.

You’ll be able to choose from Disney characters. Plus, you can choose the date and time to get the call.

Keep in mind, you can only receive two calls per reservation.

Free Birthday Call from Mickey Mouse

In the United Kingdom, buying a Disney party product allows you to receive a free Birthday call from Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse.

You’ll be able to choose the date and schedule the time for the call from Mickey or Minnie Mouse.

ShopDisney Mickey Mouse Phone Call

If you want to get a phone call from a Disney character, it’s as easy as dialing the toll free number found below.

ShopDisney is having a special promotion where a Disney character will say a special bedtime message to your child before they go to sleep.

You can choose which Disney character will say the special bedtime message when you call. Disney character phone calls will be from:

  • Mickey Mouse (talks about bedtime with Pluto)
  • Woody
  • Jasmine
  • Anna & Elsa
  • Yoda
  • Spider-Man

The free call from Mickey Mouse or other Disney characters is only available through September 30, 2018.

There is a limit of one Disney character message per phone call.

So we think it would be great to call several times to talk to all of the Disney characters!

To get your free call, dial 1-877-7-MICKEY

Beginning today, families and fans can add a bit of Disney magic into their bedtime routine with the “Disney Bedtime Hotline.”

When you can call the toll-free number, 1-877-7-MICKEY, you can hear six special goodnight messages from either Mickey Mouse, Woody, Jasmine, Anna and Elsa, Yoda, or Spider-Man. Giving kids something to look forward to at bedtime might give parents a bit of a break along with a fun way to end the day. The phone number will be available through September 30, 2019, throughout the United States. Callers can also opt-in for a one-time text message.

In an effort to help improve the bedtime battle,|Disney store is launching an updated Sleep Shop assortment of sleep items including plush bedtime buddies, fleece sleep throws, slippers, new pajama sets as well as the new subscription program, Disney Bedtime Adventure Box. For as low as $27.99 per box, subscribers will receive everything they need to spark their child’s imagination and help establish a regular nighttime routine. Fun for kids and a dream for parents, each story-filled box includes easy-to-follow activity cards, authentic Disney store pajamas, an adventure-based book, a rewards chart, stickers, and a special offer. Guests can also choose a Bedtime Deluxe Box with two additional treasures that might include a pillow, blanket, towel, plush or bath toys – over $70 of value for as low as $54.99.

While the hotline will only run through the end of the month, the Disney Bedtime Adventure Box is available to order monthly or annually for shipment on a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis, and can make a great gift for birthdays, holidays, or special days. The Disney Bedtime Adventure Box is the third monthly subscription box offered from|Disney store after the Disney Princess Enchanted Collection and Disney Backstage Collection.

Disney Bedtime Hotline lets Yoda, Spider-Man wish you sweet dreams

Yoda trained Luke Skywalker, but did he also lull him to sleep with sweet goodnight messages?


Sometimes all you need to drift off to sleep is a sweet goodnight wish from your favorite Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars characters. Call the Disney Bedtime Hotline toll free at 1-877-7-MICKEY for an automated voice directory that lets you choose which character you want to wish you sweet dreams.

The service is geared toward children, but hearing from Yoda, Spider-Man and even Mickey can also be relaxing for those of us adults battling insomnia. “Feel the Force surround you,” Yoda’s bedtime message says in his signature backwards speak. “Like a blanket, it is. In your dreams, other people you will see.”

Spider-Man’s message talks about his crazy day catching criminals, putting out fires and rescuing a cat from a tree. And how he needs to get some sleep after his tiring day. Mickey Mouse talks about his day, which was a lot less criminal-driven than Spider-Man. Think picnics and dog walks.

Other characters that will tell you goodnight include Woody from Toy Story, Aladdin’s Princess Jasmine, and Elsa and Anna from Frozen.

Disney’s Bedtime Hotline is available from Sept. 16 to Sept. 30.

The hotline is also promoting a new line of Disney sleep products, including an adventure subscription box that includes a story book, pajamas, stickers and a Disney toy.


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The Secret to Better Disney World Pictures at Night

I love Disney World. I’ve been going nearly every year since I was a kid, and the feelings I get when I visit there haven’t changed. Disney World is a special place for many reasons, and there are plenty of reasons to love it.

The biggest reason I love Disney World is because the inside of every park feels magical. Of course, that magic comes and goes throughout the day (you know that magic temporarily evaporates if you’ve seen a kid drop her ice cream cone on Main Street USA!), but certain experiences bring out that feeling again and again.

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55 Magical Disney Elf on the Shelf Ideas Disney Painted Pumpkins: 45 No-Carve Disney Pumpkin Ideas

One aspect of Disney World that never fails to give me all the special, magical feelings is the night show at each park. I’ve attended these shows nearly every year for a very long time, and it’s never gone away.

Another thing that’s never gone away is my need to capture that feeling by always taking pictures of the shows. The fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. Illuminations at Epcot. Fantasmic at Disney Hollywood Studios and Rivers of Light at Animal Kingdom.

The other thing that always happens is me taking bad pictures of Disney World at night. I’m sure I have hundreds of pictures like this from all of my pictures over the years:

I have so many grainy, out of focus pictures of Cinderella’s castle at night, Epcot’s Spaceship Earth at night and the rest of Disney World at night! Photos like this one don’t do justice to the amazing experiences I was having at the time I snapped it.

But I just returned from a family trip to Disney World and I have to say, I discovered a way (actually just one little action) that seems to be the secret to better Disney World pictures at night!

How did I figure it out? My husband, James, had his DSLR and I had my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from Verizon. We were sitting with Haiden and Piper at Animal Kingdom, waiting for the Rivers of Light show to start.

When we sat down it was just before twilight, and James and I were snapping pics to compare my Note 8 to his DSLR. (While I don’t have his pictures to share, you really don’t need to see them to understand what I’m getting at.)

I liked my first picture, across the water of the Rivers of Light viewing area.

I continued to take pictures with my phone as the sun set before the night show started, and I was pretty dang pleased with how clear and crisp they were turning out:

But when it was fully dark outside, I started to struggle:

You can see the sky looks a bit grainy and the overall image isn’t quite as focused as the ones before.

When the Animal Kingdom Rivers of Light pre-show started, I took a few pictures and almost put my phone down because I knew I wouldn’t be happy with the quality of the images once I looked at all of them.

But then I thought I should try changing my usual method for taking pictures with my phone, because I’m used to taking most pictures in bright light or daylight.

When I’m taking pictures during the day, I almost alway frame my shot, then tap on the darkest part of my screen – this lets in more light, resulting in a brighter picture. I was trying to do the same thing for my pictures of Disney World at night.

When the Rivers of Light show started, I tried flipping my method and tapping on the brightest part of the photo framed on my phone screen. It made a gigantic difference!

I’m usually lucky if I get one good picture of a Disney World show at night. This time around I took so many!

My favorite part of all these pictures is the clarity of the light reflections in the water, especially against the dark sky.

I tried out my new method on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 at the Magic Kingdom the following night. It was a different setting with quite a bit more action than the Rivers of Light show.

The Rivers of Light night show had platforms floating across a body of water. They were in motion, but there weren’t speedboat motors attached to any of them. Apparently this was slow enough for the camera on my phone to adapt to the light after tapping on the screen.

The Magic Kingdom night show featured fireworks over Cinderella’s castle. These fireworks obviously moved a lot faster than the platforms and figures in Rivers of Light. It took me a few tries to figure out how to take better pictures of this show at Disney World at night.

These two are two of my least favorite pictures of fireworks over the castle:

Can you see the problem with them? It’s the smoke from the fireworks. It’s lighting up the sky and the camera is adding even more light to it. (Honestly, I can’t explain why. I can just see that it’s happening).

Then I took these pictures, which I love:

By the end of the night I had even managed to get one decent picture of fireworks (and smoke) behind the castle:

Now I feel like I’m getting the hang of taking better Disney World pictures at night!

I know that was a lot of pictures and explanation to scroll through. If you didn’t catch what the real secret is to taking better Disney World pictures at night, don’t worry, I have it summarized below.

How to take better Disney World pictures at night

The secret to how to take better Disney World pictures at night with your phone is simple: frame your subject and tap on the lightest part of the screen. this will limit the amount of light the camera lets in, which keeps your pictures from appearing grainy and out of focus.

That’s it! Of course, it helps to have a phone with an amazing camera. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is well-known for being at the top of the smart phone camera game, so I do have that advantage.

But phone cameras have been amazing for several years, so I have a feeling this technique will work with your phone, too.

Do you have tips for taking better pictures with your phone? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Disney’s new sleep hotline lets Mickey tell your kids it’s bedtime when they won’t listen to you

You’ve just put the kids to bed, the wine has been poured and the new season of “Orange is the New Black” is cued up and ready to go.

Then your perfect evening is ruined by the all-too-familiar thumps and giggles of awakeness. It’s the sound of your children rising from their beds like vampires determined to suck the relaxation out of your night.

While it’s times like these that again have you questioning the drive to procreate, know that Disney’s got your back.

At least until Aug. 31.

Disney: Your newest babysitter

As the nation’s most responsible (if unofficial) babysitter, Disney is offering a sleep hotline in which iconic characters tell kids, in the most gentle ways possible, it’s time to go the f&©# to sleep.

Just call 877-7-MICKEY (that’s 877-764-2539, not as easy to remember but so much easier to dial). Punch the appropriate number to hear the bedtime message from the mice (Mickey and Minnie), the ducks (Donald and Daisy) or the dog (Goofy). You get one character per call, so plan accordingly.

(And maybe it’s just me, but Donald still sounds more like a monster under the bed than a duck. Not sure, but he may be saying, “It’s so comfy down here, join me.”)

Once your kids have listened to some pabulum they’ll probably see right through, you can return to the living room knowing that you at least tried as you slip on the noise-cancelling headphones.

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Santa Claus Has An Actual Phone Number Your Kids Can Call

The products and services mentioned below were selected independent of sales and advertising. However, Simplemost may receive a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer’s website.

Back in my day, we had to put pen to paper, write out our wish list to Santa and then send it all the way to the North Pole.

But, the kids these days? They can call Santa!

That’s right: The Jolly Man has a phone number, but it goes straight to voicemail, presumably because he’s super-busy this time of year. Ready to write down his number?


It’s 951-262-3062.

When you dial the number, you’ll be greeted by an enthusiastic “Ho, ho, ho” that Santa bellies out.

“Merry Christmas! This is Santa Claus and you have reached my personal hotline,” he says. Then he goes on to say that he’s been busy (we called it) up at the North Pole, making toys to deliver on Christmas morning. If Amazon is right, he’s been whipping up lots of Snap Circuits, Barbie Dreamhomes and Play-Doh (aka some of the expected “hottest toys” this Christmas).

Getty Images | Andrew Burton

Santa’s hotline comes with a plug for parents, reminding children that their parents love them very much, and it’s important to listen to them. (Thanks for the shout-out, Santa).

“When you hear the tone, leave me your Christmas wish list and holiday cheer,” the message from Santa says.

Wondering who’s behind this mysterious number? launched Santa’s Hotline back in 2009 as a clever way to market their business—but, hey, we’ll take it!


Other Ways To Get In Touch With Santa

Now, if you want to go the old-school route, of course, you can still handwrite (or type) a letter to Santa and send it via the U.S. Postal Service to the North Pole. Your child will get a letter back, with a North Pole postmark. To make this magic happen, though, you need to get your letter to Anchorage, Alaska by Dec. 15.

Here’s full instructions on how to write to Santa (and how to get a letter back from Santa).

Getty Images | Dan Kitwood

Or you could always have your kids “hand-deliver” their lists to Santa Claus as your local mall or department store. Even Walmart has Santa appearances during the holiday season.

Getty Images | Tim Boyle

Plus, How To Catch A Glimpse Of Santa On Christmas Eve

Oh, and not like we’re totally stalking Santa, but come Christmas Eve, if your children want to track him and his reindeer as they circle the globe on the sleigh, you can do so with the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Tracks Santa program and get an estimate of when he’ll be in your neighborhood.

NORAD Tracks Santa has been around since the 1950s, and helps kids “track” Santa’s path from the North Pole as he delivers gifts around the world.

And you can even get a photo of Santa Claus in your living room to really “prove” to your kids that he’s real. Capture the Magic is a website that makes it easy for you to bring Santa Claus into your very own home. And, no, you won’t have to don a musty old Santa suit! Instead, simply take a picture of your living room as it will appear on Christmas Eve. (So make sure your tree is up, the cookies and carrots are laid out, and the presents are under the tree.) Then upload the picture to the Capture the Magic website. You can then choose from a handful of Santa Claus photos, such as Santa being startled under the tree while he drops off some presents or Santa drinking some milk with his plate of cookies.

Look who I just caught!! #hoho #santa #caughtintheact #caughtsanta

A post shared by fashiondiariesofthehelmgirls (@jessajo7) on Dec 24, 2015 at 9:30pm PST

The Best Basic Phones for Kids to Call, Text…and That’s It

As they get older, kids need and crave more freedom, but that doesn’t mean parents don’t want to keep tabs on their whereabouts. That’s where a screen-free basic phone for kids is a must. Cell phones for kids serve one purpose: To keep parents and kids connected. Some might have more bells and whistles than others, but all of them allow mom and dad to contact the kids when needed, and vice versa.

But let’s get real for a minute. Kids are crafty, and they’re relentless when they want something. A smartphone usually tops the list. But a 2016 report released by Common Sense Media found that 50 percent of teens “feel addicted” to mobile devices, and 59 percent of their parents agree that the kids are hooked. Hence, the longer you wait to give them a phone, the better.


Kids’ phones should be screen-free, for the reasons stated above. They should allow parents to set an approved list of contacts, and should be easy enough for younger kids to use, otherwise what’s the point? Make sure that whatever option you choose works with the network your have, otherwise you’re out of luck.

This screen-free, water-resistant, one-touch phone alternative makes it easy to talk to your kids from the free app on your smartphone. It’s a simple, user-friendly communication device, which is all kids need.

Thanks for the feedback! Oops! Something went wrong. Please contact [email protected]

Pros: With this phone, there are no screen-time issues and no internet browsing. It’s a simple, solid way to keep tabs on your kids and allow them to reach you when needed. You can attach this to their backpack, or jacket.

Cons: Setup can be unwieldy and unduly complicated. Once it’s up and running, there’s not much to speak of in terms of bells and whistles, which is a pro and a con.

This kids’ smart watch slash phone uses the 4G network, and lets kids send text messages, voice messages, photos and emojis. Plus, it works with group chat.


Pros: The TickTalk3 smart watch phone has texting, video, calling, and GPS tracking capabilities. Plus it’s waterproof. Note that it’s only compatible with T-Mobile and AT&T networks.

Cons: The TickTalk 3 is not compatible with Verizon or Sprint’s network, so if you use those, skip this one.

VTech, the maker of kids toys and cameras, has finally entered the phone game. This phone lets kids send texts, voice messages, photos and drawings to people on their approved contact list, via WiFi only.

Pros: By connecting to a WiFi network, kids can stay connected to their parents. The phone also has a kid-safe web browser that blocks access to inappropriate content.


Cons: It works only with WiFi, so its use is rather limited.

This is billed as the world’s first 4G GPS tracker and phone, which gives parents full control. Your kid can only call or text numbers that are pre-programmed by mom and dad, and we particularly love the bright-red SOS button to use in case of emergency. Press it and it will text your kid’s current location to and dial up to three assigned numbers.

Pros: You can track where your kid is via the app and view their location history. The GeoFencing feature lets parents set a predetermined area and receive an alert if the phone (and presumably the child carrying it) enters or leaves the area. You can program 15 numbers into the phone, and these are the only numbers junior can call or text.

Cons: This is not what we’d call a thing of beauty, but it’s functional and practical, though some parents complain that it’s not sturdy enough for careless kids.


An absolutely genius phone that lets you send your kid text messages that they can respond to. You can also program numbers they can call, and they can send you sweet and funny voice messages.

Pros: If your child has a tendency to wander off, you can check their location using the GizmoHub app and set GPS boundaries. If your kid crosses one, you’ll get an automated alert. The user interface is really friendly and easy to use, and it keeps track of your kid’s steps to boot.

Cons: The price. Plus, you need to sign up for a Verizon plan, or add this to your existing plan.

It’s a cute, customizable, affordable phone that does everything you need, without any pesky internet surfing or games. It works on any prepaid carrier on the AT&T network., which means nationwide coverage.


Pros: Comes loaded with a 2MP camera, bluetooth, radio, space for a MicroSD Card, and a headphone jack. It’s a basic phone that does what it’s supposed to do: let you keep tabs on your kids.

Cons: The battery life isn’t stellar, so when your kid isn’t using it, make sure they’re diligent about charging it.

Designed primarily for seniors (which is also why it’s great for children), the Jitterbug is a basic flip phone with oversize numbers, a hefty screen, and that’s about it. The simple menu is easy to navigate with giant buttons, the battery is long-lasting, and there’s even a camera.

Pros: This is a stellar gateway phone. It’s easy to use, the buttons are foolproof, and the sound is clear. Just the basics, but it works.


Cons: You have to use the GreatCall service, so you cannot choose your own phone carrier. However, there are no contracts or cancellation fees.

Every product on Fatherly is independently selected by our editors, writers, and experts. If you click a link on our site and buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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