How many episodes in big bang theory season 11?

Raj & Ruchi

Raj Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar) embarked on a romance with Ruchi (Swati Kapila) but things didn’t go quite to plan when she insisted she just wanted to keep things causal.

To make things more complicated, Bernadette asked Raj to spy on Ruchi because she was convinced she was stealing her project work.

Bernadette was right and Ruchi was stealing from her but Raj defends his beau.

When Ruchi found out that Raj had been spying on her for Bernadette, she dumped him and he was single once more.

He had less luck when he started dating a separated woman called Nell (Beth Behrs), who also worked at the Planetarium with him.

But it didn’t end well when her husband Oliver (Walton Goggins) finds out and corners them.

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The Big Bang Theory season 12 airs on CBS in America tonight and will air on E4 in the UK later this year

The end is nigh for The Big Bang Theory, and now we know exactly when. CBS said today that the sitcom will wrap its 12-season run with an hourlong series finale at 8 PM Thursday, May 16. Check below for the rest of CBS’ 2018-19 season finales.


Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, Mayim Bialik, Melissa Rauch, Simon Helberg, and Kunal Nayyar star in Chuck Lorre’s The Big Bang Theory, which remains one of the most popular shows on television. Counting the finale, only seven new episodes remain.

A special Big Bang farewell panel is planned for WonderCon at the Anaheim Convention Center on March 30, the final day of the Orange County pop-culture expo. WonderCon is put on by the organizers who also stage Comic-Con International in San Diego every July, where fans have camped out to see the cast and creative team in Hall H panels.

The show is retiring in the wake of Parsons’ choice to opt out of any Season 13 plans. Season 11 averaged 18.9 million viewers and was the second-most watched series of last season (behind Roseanne) and among adults 18-49, Big Bang also was the second highest-rated entertainment program (behind NBC’s This Is Us).

The first episode of The Big Bang Theory aired Sept. 24, 2007. Written by Lorre and Bill Prady and directed by James Burrows, that inaugural episode introduced all five main characters in the series and featured a visit to a sperm bank for high I.Q. donors.

A few months ago, Lorre told Deadline that the finish line may be in sight but that he would need to dry his eyes before getting a good look at it.

“And we have a general idea of what we are aiming for with May and the finale,” the sitcom king said. “These days there’s a lot of melancholy in the background at all times. It’s been a 12-year project that has been really just a joy. It’s going to be very, very sad to let it go.”

Here is CBS’ full slate of season finales:

Monday, April 1
9-10 p.m. MAGNUM P.I. (1st Season Finale)

Thursday, April 11
9:30-10 p.m. FAM (1st Season Finale)

Sunday, April 14
8-9 p.m. GOD FRIENDED ME (1st Season Finale)

Sunday, April 21
10-11 p.m. MADAM SECRETARY (5th Season Finale)

Monday, April 22
8-8:30 p.m. THE NEIGHBORHOOD (1st Season Finale)

Monday, May 6
8:30-9 p.m. MAN WITH A PLAN (3rd Season Finale)

Thursday, May 9
9-9:30 p.m. MOM (6th Season Finale)

Friday, May 10
8-9 p.m. MACGYVER (3rd Season Finale)
10-11 p.m. BLUE BLOODS (9th Season Finale)

Monday, May 13
10-11 p.m. BULL (3rd Season Finale)

Tuesday, May 14
9-10 p.m. FBI (1st Season Finale)

Wednesday, May 15
8-10 p.m. SURVIVOR (38th Season Finale)

Friday, May 17
10-11 p.m. HAWAII FIVE-0 (9th Season Finale)

Sunday, May 19
10-11 p.m. NCIS: LOS ANGELES (10th Season Finale)

Tuesday, May 21
8-9 p.m. NCIS (16th Season Finale)
10-11 p.m. NCIS: NEW ORLEANS (5th Season Finale)

Wednesday, May 22
10-11 p.m. SEAL TEAM (2nd Season Finale)

Saturday, June 1
8-9 p.m. RANSOM (3rd Season Finale)

The Big Bang’s Bernadette in bed as a precaution

Hardly a day passes that I don’t get a few emails asking about something going on out there in TV land. They’re usually about programming — what happened to a favorite show or will another show be renewed?

Every now and then I’ll get one that asks about something that I’ve been wondering about as well, and that’s a good excuse to dig deeper. Here’s a recent example from a reader in Stuttgart.

Mr. Storey,

On The Big Bang Theory, do you know why they are doing a storyline with Bernadette pregnant again and on bed rest? They never show the first baby, so why are they bringing another one into the story?

If the actress is really pregnant, they could just hide it with a bag of groceries or have her sit down or hold something in front of her — not hard to camouflage, so why the bed rest story?

Just thought you would have an insider’s info.

— M.H.,


Thanks for the question. I didn’t have any previous inside scoop, but it didn’t take long to dig up the answers.

First of all, Bernadette is played by the delightfully diminutive (4-foot-11) Melissa Rauch, 37, who has, indeed, been pregnant in real life. The good news is that she and her husband, writer Winston Rauch, became the parents of a baby girl on Dec. 4.

Melissa made the announcement on Instagram: “I am beyond over the moon to share that our beautiful baby girl, Sadie Rauch, has arrived and our hearts are bursting at the seams with love for her.

“I will never take for granted the difficult road it took to get here. To those on that road: I’m sending you so much love today and always.”

(Trivia: Winston Beigel took his wife’s last name when the couple married in 2007.)

About the bed rest. In the Big Bang storyline, Bernadette was told she was pushing herself too hard at her 16-week checkup and was put on bed rest. In reality, that was an attempt to accommodate Rauch, who had suffered a miscarriage in her previous pregnancy and had written about it eloquently in a candid and intimate essay in the July 11, 2017, edition of Glamour magazine.

“The miscarriage I experienced was one of the most profound sorrows I have ever felt in my life,” she wrote. “I kept waiting for the sadness to lift, but it didn’t.”

Rauch went on to describe her feelings of blame and guilt and reminds readers that “due to reasons beyond anyone’s control, miscarriage is estimated to occur in anywhere from 15 to 20 percent of recognized pregnancies. There was nothing you could’ve done to change the situation.”

She adds, “Most important, please be kind to yourself.”

As my Stuttgart reader points out, we’ve seen very little of baby Halley by design, so I imagine we’ll see little of Baby Wolowitz II once he (it’s a boy) is born.

Former executive producer Steve Molaro explained, “Maybe somewhere down the line there might be tiny glimpses, but the plan is for to function as did — as a comedic off-screen voice.”

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, new series showrunner Steve Holland said when Rauch told them she was pregnant, “Our first thought was that we can do the regular sitcom thing of having her sitting down a lot and putting things in her lap to hide her belly.

“Then we realized that it’s really interesting that they wouldn’t be expecting again so quickly, and nobody in the audience would be expecting them to do so, either. It seemed like a really interesting story to tell.”

Hiding a cast member’s pregnancy has been a familiar TV gimmick over the years.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine Benes) became pregnant on the third and eighth seasons of Seinfeld and held a lot of large packages. Sarah Jessica Parker learned she was pregnant in Sex and the City’s fifth season and her Carrie Bradshaw started wearing loose Empire-waist dresses.

On Season 4 of How I Met Your Mother, both Alyson Hannigan (Lily) and Cobie Smulders (Robin) were pregnant. The writers made an ongoing joke about Lily as she hid behind an increasingly bizarre collection of objects.

When the fifth season of Mad Men began, January Jones (Betty Draper) was eight months pregnant. Creator Matthew Weiner wrote in a storyline about Betty’s sudden weight gain and even had her wear a fat suit.

30 Rock wrote around Tina Fey’s and Jane Krakowski’s pregnancies during the series, but New Girl shipped Zooey Deschanel (Jess) off to extended jury duty and brought in substitute Megan Fox during Season 5. During her second pregnancy in Season 6, Deschanel relied on camera angles and body doubles.

Rauch’s maternity leave fell during the midseason break for the series, so she’ll be out for only a few episodes.

A Season 12 has been ordered for The Big Bang Theory, but it’s rumored to be the final one. The series, TV’s No. 1 comedy, airs at 7 p.m. Thursday on CBS.

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Style on 02/18/2018

‘Big Bang Theory’ Boss Explains That Season 11 Premiere Double Shocker

Wedding bells are going to be ringing (again!) on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory.

CBS’ nerdy comedy opened its 11th season Monday with Amy’s (Mayim Bialik) almost immediate response to Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) marriage proposal, a resounding “yes” — setting the stage for the fan-favorite couple to officially tie the knot.

And while the gang celebrated their friends’ engagement, there was another reason to rejoice: Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) stunned husband Howard (Simon Helberg) with the news that she’s expecting their second child. The storyline comes after star Rauch revealed her own pregnancy (in an emotional essay) earlier this year. To hear new showrunner Steve Holland tell it, the producers then decided to write Rauch’s pregnancy into the show, as it set up a nice storyline for the on-screen couple.

With Big Bang Theory renewed through season 12 (presumably its last), Holland talked with THR about whether Amy and Sheldon’s wedding is fodder for a potential series finale — or if it could happen this season — as well as what’s next for Howard, Bernadette, Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Raj (Kunal Nayyar).

Amy said yes — obviously! Have you plotted out how quickly the engagement and wedding build-up will happen?

That’s one of the things we’ve talked about. It’s not going to be super quick; there are certainly fun stories to play with this couple planning their wedding. Specifically, Sheldon, who has ideas about everything, is going to have ideas about their wedding. One of the episodes is Sheldon, who is so excited, wants to make the wedding so perfect that he starts to drive himself crazy trying to pick a wedding date. Because he can’t just pick a date — he has to analyze every date; he’s sure that there’s a best one out there. And he can be like that with every decision for this wedding.

He’s bridezilla!

Exactly! But in a sweet way, where he wants it to be perfect. So Amy has to love that he’s doing that but also be frustrated by it.

You presumably have about 40 episodes left in the remainder of the series. Is this wedding the endgame, or could it happen this season?

Nothing is set in stone. It’s possible to see it this season. Like a lot of things we do, we’ll mine it for as many stories as we can. But we don’t want it to drag on past its end date. I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw it this season, although there’s no promises to that.

Wow. If the wedding were to happen this year, what kind of stories does that open you up to explore in season 12?

One of the things that’s been interesting going into season 11 is what stories are left to tell. Coming into this season, it feels like we’ve had lots of stories to tell, and that’s because these characters have taken some big steps and have changed. I don’t know what it means for next season, but part of the fear of that is also that things have changed. And that’s going to open up different stories to tell as well.

What are some of the larger subjects that their engagement allows you to explore?

In episode two, there’s this thing we were reading about in the science world and talking to our science consultant about: physics hasn’t had the big, exciting breakthrough that they thought it was going to have. And neuroscience is a super-exciting field right now that’s getting a lot of funding thrown at it. There’s a little mini-arc to play through the season that Amy’s career is going much better than Sheldon’s. And Sheldon loves her and is proud of her, but that’s a hard thing for his ego to deal with — not just as a scientist, but to him, physics is by far the better field. As they’re negotiating this engagement, that’s a thing that plays in the background, too — it’s another thing that Sheldon is going to have to figure out: how to come to terms with that in a relationship. We talk a little about that in the season 11 premiere when he’s talking to Dr. Hawking.

Sheldon mentions that he spoke with Amy’s father. But viewers haven’t met much of Amy’s family yet. How much more will we get to know her family as their engagement continues — especially as Young Sheldon is exploring so much of his?

Moving forward on a wedding and finding a real way to do it, there’s a good possibility that will include her family. We haven’t gotten that far in the writing, so I can’t say concretely, but it’s certainly a thing that we’re talking about: How to do that and who they are. We’ve seen her mom, very briefly, and have never seen her dad. It was interesting when we did Leonard and Penny’s wedding last season; we brought in her whole family, which was fun. But it’s a lot of other characters you have to write for and figure out how to squeeze into the show.

Do you have dream casting for Amy’s father?

We always have a wish list of people that we would love to have come in, and that’s the kind of role that would be really exciting if you could get somebody great. There’s no one we’ve gone out to yet, because we don’t have a story yet.

Was there any doubt or even discussion that Amy would say no?

There was discussion, just because we like to talk about every possibility and just see what’s interesting. In the back of our minds, it was hard to believe that she would say no. Does she hear about the kiss and that gives her pause? As we were talking about the story, all those reasons felt like we were manufacturing them as writers to tease the audience and not a believable thing that the character would do. We decided pretty early on that she was going to say yes. Then it was how long can we put off the yes — until the middle or end of the episode? — and even as we were talking about those versions, it felt like we were forcing that to happen just to tease. I’m really proud of what we settled on. You get a little bit of a tease — you think you’re getting an answer and then the phone rings — but ultimately you get that answer pretty early on.

Surprise! Bernadette is pregnant! How much did Melissa’s pregnancy impact this storyline? Or was that always the plan?

It was like their pregnancy, it was never the plan. But when Melissa told us that she and her husband were expecting, we started talking about what we wanted to do in the show. Our first thought was that Howard and Bernadette just had a baby, and we can do the regular sitcom thing of having her sitting down a lot and putting things in her lap to hide her belly. Then we started talking about it and realized that it’s really interesting that they wouldn’t be expecting to get pregnant again so quickly, and nobody in the audience would be expecting them to do so, either. It seemed like a really interesting story to tell. One of my favorite scenes in the premiere is when Bernadette tells Howard and shows him the pregnancy test — their scene saying yes and no back and forth feels super real. They’re shell-shocked; they’ll come around to the idea of it, but in that moment — when you have a nine-month-old at home — the last thing you’re thinking about is being pregnant again.

Will they continue to have doubts throughout her pregnancy, or was that just played for comedic value in the premiere?

They’re still going to be processing. They’re not unhappy about having a second baby, but it definitely changes things. Bernadette, who is very driven at work and just got back to her job, is now going to have to step away again. There’s certain things about it that they’re still going to struggle with.

How will this pregnancy differ from their first child, Halley?

Without getting into specifics, one of the things we talked about is if we’re going to do it, we have to figure out a way to make it different from the first pregnancy. We have some extra little things in there that separate it. Examples would be a spoiler. But we’re really conscious of not repeating ourselves. Halley was such a great nod to Carol Ann Susi and Mrs. Wolowitz, who is always heard loudly but never seen. We’re really happy about Halley being a nice nod to that, but I don’t think we can do that again with a second baby, so we’re going to have to find something new and fun about the birth.

Will Pamela Adlon voice the second baby, too?

She’ll definitely be back voicing Halley as she moves into starting to say words instead of just screaming. But I don’t know if she’ll voice the second baby or not; we’re not that far along yet. But we love her, and I love her show Better Things, too.

Howard and Bernadette mention having children to Leonard and Penny. Is that on the table for them? What will you be exploring with them this season?

I don’t think babies are on table for them in the near future. Babies are always tricky on sitcoms, and we already have a couple babies and a Sheldon, so that might be enough for us! But that brings up the discussion and the fact that their friends are all taking these big relationship leaps, and Leonard and Penny are comfortable and happy. When you see your friends going through this sort of stuff, you start to think — “Should we be doing that? Do we want to do that? What’s next for us?” — and those are going to be interesting stories to play out for Leonard and Penny.

Raj is struggling with being single amid all his friends moving forward. What’s his journey this season, and how is it different from what we’ve seen in the past for him?

At the end of last season, Raj gave up his family’s money and struck out on his own — which wasn’t always easy for him. This season, that decision is going to start to give him a little more confidence. The reason to do a journey like that is to have it affect and change the character a bit, and that change is going to affect his dating life as well.

Young Sheldon is being paired with Big Bang Theory. Have you discussed how the two shows will coexist? Will events that happen on Young Sheldon correlate to Big Bang, and vice versa?

Chuck and Steve are still involved in Big Bang Theory, and I’m aware of what they’re doing on Young Sheldon. Right now, for the first part of this season, their goal is getting Young Sheldon up and making it great and its own unique thing. Early on, there will be some things that can happen on Young Sheldon that you might hear referenced in our show as a sort of throw-away joke if you pick it up. And maybe down the road there might be more of a crossover, where someone from Sheldon’s past can come back. But that will be in the future.

Chuck has said that you could “presume” season 12 the end of the show. For a show that doesn’t plan things out too far along, have you thought about what the end looks like?

We’re certainly closer to the end than we are to the beginning. We’ve always — not just this season — had causal discussions about where we would like to leave these characters at the end and what might make a good finale. Stepping in as showrunner for season 11, truthfully the only thing I can focus on is getting through this season and trying to make it great. Luckily, it’s not up to me if there’s a season beyond season 12; that decision lies with other people.

You’ve been there pretty much from the start. Do you feel pressure taking over?

Absolutely! Luckily, it’s a room I feel very comfortable with because I’ve worked with these people for the last 10 years. But I certainly feel pressure; it’s a big responsibility to take over from Steve Molaro, who has done such an amazing job running the show. The bar is really high. And coming back from the cliffhanger we ended last season with, there was a lot of pressure to deliver a great episode. I absolutely felt pressure; you’d be crazy not to.

Would you say there are big differences to your approach versus Steve’s?

I hope not. Going into season 11, these characters have almost taken on a life of their own. The thing I was least interested in was coming in and putting any sort of stamp on the show — “It’s going to feel like my show now!” I don’t think it should. If I was a fan, I wouldn’t want it to. Hopefully what I can do is honor and protect these characters. The one piece of advice Chuck Lorre gave me when we were talking at the beginning was, “Don’t be afraid to try new things.” Going into a show in season 11, the most dangerous thing you can probably do is fall back on old habits or things that worked in the past. But he said to not be afraid of pushing these characters forward and letting them grow.

Is there something you’ve already done as part of that advice?

I don’t know that there’s a big story thing. In the writing, and we’ve tried to do this in the past when we’re approaching a scene, sometimes it’s easy to go to, “Well, Sheldon is going to be a pain in the ass about this,” and it’s always good to stop and think, “Maybe there’s a different way to handle it.” Sheldon being a pain is a lovable part of his character, so it’s not going to stop entirely, but you want to be careful about not just going to that all the time. You have to find new ways to attack those scenes.

Big Bang has a history of not plotting out entire seasons — which Molaro would always say is not an ideal way to produce a television show. Are you still taking things week by week and following where the characters take you? Or has that changed?

It’s still the case. We really don’t have a plan for where this season is going to land. There’s things that are in the air, and the way it’s always worked is we tend to not go into it having no idea. We’ll have some ideas, but we’re always open to things changing. That’s been a Chuck thing from early on, too. He always said that you have to let these characters go where they want to go. If you write to an ending, you sometimes force these characters to do things they wouldn’t do. Sometimes if you feel like you’re forcing it, you have to step back and think, “Maybe there’s a different way to go.” It’s true in each episode, and it’s true this season. There are certainly some things in play and some thoughts about where we could land this season, but nothing is set in stone.

Howard and Bernadette began date|dating in “The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary”, were engagement|engaged in “The Herb Garden Germination”, then they finally marriage|married on “The Countdown Reflection”. In season 9, they became the first main pairing expecting a child. Their daughter, Halley, was born in the Season 10 episode, “The Birthday Synchronicity”. They were expecting another baby as of “The Proposal Proposal”. The baby was revealed to be a boy in “The Explosion Implosion”. Their son, Neil Michael Wolowitz, was born in “The Neonatal Nomenclature”. Howard and Bernadette have been the couple to first experience all the milestones of a relationship throughout the series except the first date and consummation.

Relationship History


Season 3

  • “The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary”- Howard was introduced to Bernadette via Penny. Howard asked Leonard to invoke the girlfriend pact where one would set up the other if they got a hot girlfriend. At first, she and Howard did not get along on their date, since they appeared to have nothing in common; however, when they found out that they both had overbearing mothers they immediately felt a connection.
  • “The Vengeance Formulation”- Bernadette asks Howard for a promise|commitment in their intimate relationship|relationship. After deliberating, Howard marriage|proposes to Bernadette, but she rejects him. Their relationship resumed after Howard asked for a second chance when he sang his own rendition of “Bernadette (song)|Bernadette,” by The Four Tops. Penny was embarrassed by it, but Bernadette thought it was the most romantic thing that ever happened to her.
  • “The Plimpton Stimulation”- Howard announces that he and Bernadette broke up a few weeks ago. Howard claims that he did not tell anyone because he was waiting for the “right time.”

Season 4

  • “The Hot Troll Deviation”- It is revealed that Howard and Bernadette broke up because she caught Howard having cyber-sex on World of Warcraft with Glacinda the Troll. Howard convinces Penny to help him to get Bernadette to talk to him. After he apologizes, they got back together.
  • “The Cohabitation Formulation”- After they had sexual intercourse, Bernadette asked Howard to stay over. He refused, since his mother required his help in the morning. Later that episode, Bernadette decided to tackle Howard’s issue, his overbearing mother. She asked him to choose between her or his mother. He ended up choosing her, but, soon after, she realized he was deeply reliant on his mother as well and wanted her to take his mother’s place.
  • Howard proposing to Bernadette.

    “The Herb Garden Germination”- Rumors about Bernadette’s intention of breaking up with Howard start spreading among their social group. However, Howard, who was left in the dark, is thinking of proposing to Bernadette. When Howard finally popped the question, Bernadette accepted.

  • “The Engagement Reaction” – Bernadette meets up with Howard’s mother to get to know each other, directly after that Howard breaks the news that he is getting married to Bernadette to his mother, she faints shortly after hearing the news. It turned out that his mother only suffered from food poisoning and that she approves of Bernadette. Bernadette is angry at Howard for leading her to believe that she was the cause of his mother’s condition.
  • “The Roommate Transmogrification”- Bernadette reveals that her doctoral dissertation was accepted, and that she would be receiving her PhD, much to the happiness of Howard for her (even though his friends mocked him that his fiancee was a doctor and he was not). She was also employed by a large pharmaceutical company who would be paying her “a butt load of money”. She told Howard that she volunteered to research in premature ejaculation stating that “neither one of us has heart disease”. She also

    Bernadette giving Howard a Rolex watch.

    bought Howard a Rolex watch with her new money, which then prompted some role reversal, as she took on the role of a rich husband doting on his trophy wife. The next morning, Howard visits Sheldon and Leonard, stating that he had stayed up all night fighting with Bernadette because “she gave me a beautiful watch”, much to the confusion of Sheldon.

Season 5

  • “The Shiny Trinket Maneuver”- Howard was upset to learn that Bernadette dislikes and feels uncomfortable around children; however, she has agreed that when they marry she will work while he stays at home to raise their kids.
  • “The Stag Convergence”- The guys throw Howard a bachelor party that does not include strippers at the request of Bernadette. During the toasts Raj tells everyone stories about Howard losing his virginity to his second cousin, having group sex with a Sailor Moon girl at Comic Con, and Leonard and Raj paying for a Jewish role-playing prostitute in Las Vegas (to cheer him up after he was dumped by Leslie Winkle). Wil Wheaton records it all and uploads it onto YouTube. Bernadette picks Howard and Raj up since they are drunk and is mad at both of them after seeing the video. She is wondering how she can marry a man that she doesn’t seem to know. Howard shows up at Bernadette’s apartment and gives Penny a message that he was sorry, that he also doesn’t like the man he used to be and that the man Bernadette knows is who he is because of her. Penny gushes that that was the most beautiful thing she had ever heard and that it came from Howard of all people. Bernadette hears him and tells him that the wedding is not off though that she is still mad at him. They all end in a group hug.

    Happy bride and groom.

  • “The Launch Acceleration” – Howard finds out that NASA has canceled his flight to his relief. After his flight is rescheduled to before their wedding, Bernadette tells him that she won’t stand between him and his dream and that they can be married after he returns though Howard tries every excuse to not go on the flight.
  • “The Countdown Reflection”- In the beginning of the episode Howard presents Bernadette with a necklace with a star shaped pendant. As he is putting it on her he says that she will have to return it to him immediately so that he can take it with him to the International Space Station so, upon his return, she can have a star that came from space to which he says “Take that, every guy who’s ever bought you anything!” This is also an important episode because they are also married. The officials at City Hall say that they can only wed three more couples that day (and there are many people ahead of them in line) and they do not believe Howard’s reason for not being able to wait until Monday (he is leaving for Russia on Sunday to go aboard the International Space Station). They decide that their friends will get ordained and will marry them. Bernadette yells quite a bit during the ceremony (reasons ranging from Howard’s mother interrupting to Sheldon attempting to say his part in Klingon). Once the ceremony is complete the two are happily married. The ceremony is planned so that the satellite taking pictures for Google Earth will take their picture on the rooftop of Sheldon, Leonard, and Penny’s apartment building as they have their first kiss as a married couple.

    The wedding party.

Season 6

  • “The Date Night Variable”-. Bernadette insists that Howard tell her mother that they were moving out of his mother’s house though Howard told his mother that they were reconsidering the move. Howard considers remaining at the International Space Station rather than facing the two women in his life that he had lied to. Later, Howard keeps complaining to Bernadette that the other astronauts are being mean to him.
  • “The Re-entry Minimization”- Bernadette wants time alone with her new husband and asks the gang not to be at the airport when he arrives. While at home as they settle in the bedroom for a belated honeymoon, Bernadette falls asleep due to her allergy medication.
  • “The Holographic Excitation”- Howard and Bernadette go to the comic book store dressed up in costumes as Smurfs.
  • “The Habitation Configuration”- Bernadette gets Howard to move his stuff out of his old room. Even though he does do it, she doesn’t want her husband to break his mother’s heart and they go back to spend the night there.
  • “The Cooper/Kripke Inversion” – Howard spends a lot of money on a 3-D printer to make a mini-Howard and mini-Bernadette. She loves them until she learns how much they spent. She takes him off their joint checking account until he can learn the value of money.
  • “The Spoiler Alert Segmentation” — Howard and Bernadette go to see a Cirque de Soliel show and, inspired, injure themselves afterward attempting extremely kinky sex. As they recover, Howard learns that his mother has been doting heavily on Raj, in effect treating him as a surrogate son and won’t let him out of her house.

Season 7

  • “The Deception Verification” – Bernadette must deal with the effects of her mother-in-law’s estrogen cream after Howard absorbs at lot applying to his mother’s back. He becomes very moody, cranky and effeminate.
  • “The Workplace Proximity” – After Amy starts working at Caltech, Howard mentions that he wouldn’t want to be working with Bernadette all day long. Sheldon repeats his comments in front of Bernadette who confronts Howard and then tells him not to come home after he lies about it. Later they apologize to each other. Howard promised to turn over a new leaf and make her his priority, after he finished the new Batman game with Raj making Bernadette mad again.
  • “The Romance Resonance” – For the anniversary of their first date, Howard writes the song “If I didn’t have you” to be accompanied by his friends. Bernadette misses the date since she has to go into quarantine so Howard brings his piano to the hospital and everyone sings it to her. She finds the song amazing.

    Howard wrote the love of his life a song.

  • “The Gorilla Dissolution” – Their relationship is a bit strained after Howard’s mother breaks her leg and they have to move in with her to take care of her. Their solution is to get a nurse to take care of her and they realize that they are experiencing what it will be like to care for a baby, if they had one.

Season 8

  • In “The Hook-up Reverberation “, Raj tells the gang that Stuart didn’t get enough insurance money to reopen his store. The guys decide to give him the money and were enthusiastic about owning a comic book store. Howard mentions an investment opportunity to Bernadette who immediately says “nope”. They are saving up for a house and it sounds “risky.” Howard then mentions that he used to go to the comic book store with his Dad and Bernie changes her mind even though she knows he made up the story. They propose to Stuart to give him the money for the comic book store which Mrs. Wolowitz has already done upsetting Howard.
  • In “The Septum Deviation”, Raj learns that his parents are getting divorce lawyers. It seems over the years they did not communicate and let a lot of little things boil over until they hated each other. Bernadette worries about their marriage and Howard is reluctant to describe what bothers him about Bernadette. Howard has been through couples’ therapy (with Raj) and one trick is to describe what one loves about the other. It starts out fine, but then gets petty as they sarcastically tell each other what bothers each other in pseudo-supportive terms.
  • After the death of Howard’s mother, they worked on her house and moved in leaving Bernadette’s apartment in the latter part of season 8.

Season 9

  • Bernadette wants to redecorate the house to remove anything she finds depressing. Stuart moves out and the redecorating is accomplished. In the episode “The Valentino Submergence”, she mentions that she is pregnant with their first child to the rabbit they rescued. In “The Positive Negative Reaction”, she tells Howard the news. Howard is at first freaked out a the responsibility of raising a child and then embraces the future as much as Bernie does.
  • In “The Big Bear Precipitation”, Raj is getting too personal with his interest in Bernadette’s gestation. They ask him to back off. They all get to hear the baby’s heart beat, while Bernadette is getting extra emotional due to her increased hormone levels.

Season 10

  • At first Bernadette is not excited about all the baby preparations which makes her think that she’ll be a bad mother. A discussion with Raj’s father who is an OB/GYN, makes her feel better. In “The Cohabitation Experimentation”, they have a sonogram and don’t want to know the baby’s gender. Raj knows to their discomfort and the couple has a battle of conscious on whether to find out. Also Raj is way too involved in the pregnancy, including going into her OB/GYN exams. After feeling the baby kick, Howard runs out and buys an expensive crib and a minivan.
  • In “The Birthday Synchronicity”, Bernadette is rushed to the hospital and gives birth to their daughter Halley Wolowitz. Howard helps Bernadette during the time she was in labor and trying to calm her down. Howard felt bad that she was in pain.

Season 11

  • In “The Proposal Proposal”, when Sheldon calls about his engagement to Amy, Howard tells Bernie who discovers that moment that she is once again pregnant. Howard thinks that she is crying about the engagement. When she tells they start several rounds of Howard saying “No” and Bernadette saying “Yes” with both of them wondering if they can raise another baby. “No,” screams Bernadette. The two of them suggest a joint pregnancy with Leonard and Penny, who disagree on having a baby until the time is right for them.
  • In “The Explosion Implosion”, they learn their unborn child was going to be a boy as Howard is worried he won’t be manly enough to raise a boy. After a talk with Sheldon, he overcomes his worries and prepares to raise another child with his wife.
  • In “The Neonatal Nomenclature”, Howard gets upset that Bernadette has already decided that they are going to name their son Michael after her father. The gang tries to help Bernadette get into labor and when she does she had her son and they name him Neil Michael Wolowitz after Neil Armstrong, Diamond and Gaiman, with Michael being after Bernadette’s father. Bernadette still insists that he’ll be called Michael.
  • In “The Athenaeum Allocation”, both parents seem to want to stay at home with the kids, but individually they find it exhausting and really don’t want to give up their careers.

Season 12

  • In “The Paintball Scattering” Bernadette and Howard are on opposite paintball teams. Howard shoots her in the boob which she says hurts. Does he want to make it feel better? They end up having sex in their headquarters shed.
  • In “The Meteorite Manifestation”, the Wolowitzes are having a problem with their neighbors new deck and the floodlights that light up their backyard. Sheldon helps them with the paperwork at the city zoning office and makes their neighbors tear down their deck. They deny knowing who filed the paper work. Sheldon was not happy that he learned that they had made other home improvements without the proper paperwork. He decides to take friendship over the law for once.
  • In “The Donation Oscillation” Raj still goes through with his bachelor party plans to ride the Vomit Comet and experience weightlessness. Anu and astronaut Howard decides to join in, Bernadette wouldn’t like to do it and Howard knows it. Just to prove her husband wrong, Bernadette takes his place hating it the entire time, but feels that it’s worth it.

  • In “The Inspiration Deprivation”, Howard buys a new moped like the one he owned years ago. When Bernadette (who made him get rid of his) finds out, she is furious, so Howard ends up selling the new one to Bert.
  • In “The Stockholm Syndrome”, Howard and Bernadette are going a long way from their kids and they are worried. Stuart and Denise are going to watch them. On the plane over Bernadette is relaxed until they get a disturbing call from Stuart. Neil is sick and Halley got hurt trying to help him feel better. First they plan to go back, until Bernadette’s parents go over to take charge. Both of them get acknowledged by Sheldon in his Nobel acceptance speech


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It’s only been six months since we waved goodbye to Sheldon, Leonard and the rest of incredibly popular The Big Bang Theory gang for good. But its main cast members haven’t wasted any time in leaving the world of DNA molecular models, Dungeons and Dragons and slightly dubious stereotypes behind.

From superhero animations and indie rom-coms to directorial debuts and lawsuits, here’s a look at what the stars of America’s most unashamedly geekiest sitcom have recently been up to.

Jim Parsons

Getty ImagesCBS

Of course, Jim Parsons hasn’t entirely left TV’s most famous socially awkward theoretical physicist behind. He still provides the adult voiceover for the character in Young Sheldon, the prequel that’s currently getting better reviews than the series it spun off from.

But fans have also been able to actually see him on screen too – he portrayed the real-life prosecuting attorney Larry Simpson in Ted Bundy biopic Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.

He will next join another nerd icon, Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto, as well as Matt Bomer, Andrew Rannells and Charlie Carver in The Boys in the Band, Ryan Murphy’s adaptation of the same-named Broadway play notable for starring an all-openly gay cast.

Parsons will then reunite with one-man TV powerhouse Murphy for Hollywood, another Netflix venture described as “a love letter to the Golden Age of Tinseltown”.

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Johnny Galecki

Getty ImagesCBS

He may no longer be playing relative straight man Leonard Hofstadter, but Johnny Galecki is still very much a regular face on US primetime TV.

Bringing things full circle, the 44-year-old has reprised his career-launching role of David Healy in The Conners, the Roseanne Barr-free spin-off from Roseanne also starring TBBT’s Sara Gilbert.

The ABC sitcom has yet to find a home in the UK, but viewers on this side of the Atlantic have still been able to see Galecki elsewhere – he played Henry in canine tearjerker A Dog’s Journey.

Galecki has also announced some exciting news about his personal life too. In the same month The Big Bang Theory wrapped up, the actor revealed that he and girlfriend Alaina Meyer are expecting their first child.

Kaley Cuoco

Getty ImagesCBS

Kaley Cuoco ensured she didn’t have to wait too long for her first post-Penny role by creating not just one but two brand-new shows herself.

The 33-year-old will voice the titular anti-heroine in Harley Quinn, an animated series set to debut on yet another on-demand streaming service, DC Universe, later this month.

She will then take centre stage in The Flight Attendant as Cassie Bowden, a cabin crew member who wakes up next to a dead body in Dubai without any recollection of what happened the night before.

Just like the superhero cartoon, the adaptation of Chris Bohjalian’s same-named novel has been developed by Cuoco’s Yes, Norman Productions.

Simon Helberg

Getty ImagesCBS

The man formerly known as aerospace engineer Howard Wolowitz will reunite with one of his Big Bang Theory co-stars next year in As Sick As They Made Us.

Penned and directed by Mayim Bialik, the indie dramedy largely set in the wake of a family bereavement also stars Dustin Hoffman, Olivia Thirlby and Candice Bergen.

Before that, Helberg can be seen as The Conductor in Annette, the English-language debut from acclaimed French director Leos Carax (Holy Motors) which centres on the romance between Adam Driver’s stand-up comic and Marion Cotillard’s opera singer.

Kunal Nayyar

Getty ImagesCBS

Just like Galecki, Kunal Nayyar, aka particle astrophysicist Rajesh Koothrappali, has also added a canine caper to his post-Big Bang Theory CV, although hopefully one that’s less emotionally devastating.

The 38-year-old stars as Mr. Mills in next year’s Think Like a Dog, a family movie about a 12-year-old child prodigy who develops a telepathic connection with his furry best friend.

Younger fans will also be able to hear Nayyar once again voice the glittery Guy Diamond in animated sequel Trolls World Tour. While he’ll also show up as a doctor in the slightly tougher-tackling Sweetness in the Belly, a drama about an Ethiopian orphan’s attempt to build a new life in England.

Melissa Rauch

Getty ImagesCBS

Melissa Rauch has been one of the busier Big Bang Theory stars since bidding farewell to her role as Howard’s short-tempered wife Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz.

The 39-year-old appeared alongside Martin Freeman in indie rom-com Ode to Joy and shared the screen with Meryl Streep, Antonio Banderas and Gary Oldman in Steven Soderbergh’s disappointing insurance fraud tale, The Laundromat.

On the small screen, she’s shown up as Paul Scheer’s wife Shira on 1980s-set Wall Street dramedy Black Monday and voiced The Nun, Betty Spaghetti and Poopsie Unicorn in an episode of Robot Chicken.

Mayim Bialik

Getty ImagesCBS

As previously mentioned, Bialik will take the director’s chair for the first time in her career in the film based on her own real life experiences, As Sick As They Made Us.

The former child star will also pull double duty on Carla, an American adaptation of Miranda Hart’s eponymous BBC sitcom.

The 43-year-old will not only star as the titular unlucky-in-love lead character, but alongside Jim Parsons’ That’s Wonderful Productions, the show is also being developed by Bialik’s fledgling Sad Clown Productions.

Kevin Sussman


Best known for playing comic bookstore owner Stuart Bloom, Kevin Sussman appears to be enjoying some downtime since The Big Bang Theory drew to a close.

According to IMDb, the 48-year-old doesn’t have anything in the pipeline as of yet. However, his name has still occasionally popped up online thanks to being caught up in a Southern California earthquake, his slightly shady dig at Game of Thrones and his mini TBBT reunion with Bialik and Brian Posehn.

Wil Wheaton

Getty ImagesCBS

Already a familiar face in nerd culture thanks to his role as Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Wil Wheaton was further embraced by the community when he played a fictionalised version of himself in The Big Bang Theory.

Since sending himself up for the final time, the 47-year-old has filmed video game adventure comedy Max Reload and the Nether Blasters alongside another cult hero, Kevin Smith.

He’s also narrated the audio version of Cory Doctorow’s dystopian thriller Walkaway, contributed to Galaxy Quest documentary Never Surrender and expressed interest in returning to the Star Trek franchise.

Wheaton has also filed a lawsuit against Geek and Sundry after claiming that he hadn’t received the money he was promised for creating, hosting, writing and producing web series Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana.

John Ross Bowie

Getty ImagesCBS

An intermittent character throughout The Big Bang Theory’s 12 seasons, John Ross Bowie nevertheless still racked up 25 credits as Leonard and Sheldon’s colleague Barry Kripke.

Since bowing out in the show’s penultimate episode, Bowie has appeared in the short films The Kiss-Off and Thankful, guested on short-lived Lifetime comedy drama American Princess and voiced Loab in animated series Milo Murphy’s Law.

Sadly, in the same week that The Big Bang Theory came to an end, ABC announced that another Bowie sitcom, the underrated Speechless, would also be finishing after its third season.

The Big Bang Theory’s final season aired on CBS and CBS All Access in the US. You can buy the complete boxset now on DVD and Blu-ray.

Big Bang Theory seasons 1-11 Warner Bros Amazon £51.99 The Big Bang Theory season 12 Warner Bros Amazon £17.99 The Big Bang Theory Trivial Pursuit Game Winning Moves Amazon £9.92 The Big Bang Theory seasons 1-12 Amazon £100.00 The Big Bang Theory Monopoly Board Game Winning Moves Amazon £27.20 Big Bang Theory: Sheldon Pop! Vinyl Figure Funko Pop! Pop in a Box £9.99 Big Bang Theory: Leonard Pop! Vinyl Figure Funko Pop! Pop in a Box £9.99 The Big Bang Theory Cluedo Mystery Board Game Winning Moves Amazon £19.38 Big Bang Theory: Amy Pop! Vinyl Figure Funko Pop! Pop in a Box £9.99 Big Bang Theory: Penny Pop! Vinyl Figure Funko Pop! Pop in a Box £9.99 Young Sheldon – Season 1 Warner Bros Amazon £9.49 Young Sheldon: Season 2 Warner Bros Amazon £18.00 Big Bang Theory: Raj Pop! Vinyl Figure Funko Pop! Pop in a Box £9.99 Big Bang Theory: Bernadette Pop! Vinyl Figure Funko Pop! Pop in a Box £9.99 Big Bang Theory: Howard Pop! Vinyl Figure Funko Pop! Pop in a Box £9.99 Big Bang Theory: Stuart Pop! Vinyl Figure Funko Pop! Pop in a Box £9.99

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Guest Star: Lauren Lapkus

You are viewing a list of Lauren Lapkus’s 8 appearances on The Big Bang Theory.

  • The Comet Polarization
    Season 11, Episode 21 – Aired April 19, 2018

    After Stuart’s comic book store sees a surge in visitors, he hires Denise to help deal with the new demand.

    Appeared as Denise

  • The Bow Tie Asymmetry
    Season 11, Episode 24 – Aired May 10, 2018

    Stuart asks his new employee, Denise, if she would like to attend Sheldon and Amy’s wedding with him. Her answer is no, until she hears Mark Hamill is officiating the ceremony.

    Appeared as Denise

  • The Wedding Gift Wormhole
    Season 12, Episode 2 – Aired September 27, 2018

    Following their kiss at Sheldon and Amy’s wedding, Stuart asks Denise out on a date and she says yes.

    Appeared as Denise

  • The Procreation Calculation
    Season 12, Episode 3 – Aired October 4, 2018

    Howard and Bernadette are freaked out when Stuart and Denise get romantic in his bedroom.

    Appeared as Denise

  • The Citation Negation
    Season 12, Episode 9 – Aired November 15, 2018

    When Bernadette wants to beat Howard at Fortnite, she gets a gaming lesson from Denise.

    Appeared as Denise

  • The Paintball Scattering
    Season 12, Episode 11 – Aired January 3, 2019

    Denise is upset when Stuart gives the impression he doesn’t want to move in with her.

    Appeared as Denise

  • The Meteorite Manifestation
    Season 12, Episode 14 – Aired January 31, 2019

    Denise shares Stuart’s worry that cutting open a meteorite could spell bad news for planet Earth.

    Appeared as Denise

  • The Maternal Conclusion
    Season 12, Episode 22 – Aired May 9, 2019

    Denise and Stuart consider their options after Howard and Bernadette grow tired of them spending so much time at their house.

    Appeared as Denise

Search for Lauren Lapkus on IMDB

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory, “The Laureate Accumulation,” which aired Thursday on CBS.

Although The Big Bang Theory started out with a core cast of five characters, new additions arrived along the way to join Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Raj and Howard. Bernadette and Amy both joined the hit CBS series as Howard and Sheldon’s girlfriends, for example. But it’s Stuart Bloom we’re looking at today. Stuart debuted in the series’ second season as the owner of the comic book store Sheldon and his friends regularly visit, appeared more and more on The Big Bang Theory, until actor Kevin Sussman was promoted to series regular in Season 6.

Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view.

Since then, Stuart has become an essential part of this core group of friends, and a true member of The Big Bang Theory family. Throughout the years, poor Stuart has often been the butt of one joke or another. He’s a struggling artist, he doesn’t have any money, and his depression and health are often used to comedic effect. He’s so down on his luck, for the past few years, he’s been living in Howard and Bernadette’s home as a house guest/nanny.

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Now — finally — in the series’ latest episode, Stuart finally gets his due, and the recognition he has deserved for so long.

In “The Laureate Accumulation,” Bernadette takes it upon herself to write and draw a children’s book for her daughter Halley, who has just begun to be afraid of the dark. The book is inspired by a hopeful story Howard tells Halley one night, of the days when he was in the darkness of space as an astronaut, and how he overcame that fear. There’s only one problem: Bernadette has no artistic skills.

Luckily, an artist lives in her house. When Stuart was introduced, Leonard revealed he was a talented artist. In fact, Stuart only needed a few seconds to draw an accurate sketch of Penny. Later, he would even have some of his work featured at an art show, but that was a long, long time ago, and Stuart hasn’t made any progress as an artist since.

Until now.

Stuart generously offers to draw Bernadette’s book, and thanks to it being written by a real NASA astronaut, a publisher is actually interested in publishing it. Finally, fortune smiles upon Stuart. For years, he’s been struggling to keep his comic shop afloat while being ridiculed as a failed artist in a group of successful scientists. Now, he’s actually got a big break, and it could be the start of a whole new career.

With only a handful of episodes left in The Big Bang Theory’s twelfth and final season, a lot of pieces appear to be put in place for the series’ characters to get what they always wanted. Howard has a family, Raj is about to find a wife, and Sheldon and Amy are on track for a Nobel prize.

And Stuart is, finally, a successful artist.

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8 pm ET/PT on CBS, and will conclude with an hour-long series finale on May 16. The series stars Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Mayim Bialik, Kunal Nayyar, Simon Helberg and Melissa Rauch.

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Kaley Cuoco was originally rejected from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ because she was too young

  • Kaley Cuoco plays Penny on CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory.”
  • She auditioned for a character named Katie but wasn’t cast on the original pilot because of age.
  • The pilot was reshot and Cuoco was brought in as a new character named Penny.

Kaley Cuoco has played Penny on “The Big Bang Theory” for 12 years, but she almost wasn’t on the show at all.

In an interview with TV Insider for the CBS show’s final season, Cuoco, 33, said she auditioned for the show but wasn’t cast because of her age.

“I was too young, which I love saying because I don’t get to say that I’m too young anymore,” she said.

Cuoco originally auditioned for the role of Katie, a character that doesn’t exist on the show but was part of the original unaired pilot.

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“In the first pilot, the character of was not as appealing as that proverbial girl next door,” president and chief content officer at Warner Bros. Television Group Peter Roth said. “It was not the actress but rather the conceit of the character.”

The pilot wasn’t picked up, but the series got another shot to try again. The character Katie was replaced by a new character named Penny.

Kaley Cuoco on the first season of “The Big Bang Theory.” CBS

“Then, a year later, I heard they were doing it again, and they brought me back in to read for Penny,” Cuoco said.

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Actor Johnny Galecki, who plays Leonard on the series, said it was “natural” to add Cuoco to the cast.

“It felt very natural, almost musical, the pilot when Kaley was on board with Simon and Kunal ,” he said. “It felt like a band you’d been playing with for years. And everything that everyone did complemented what someone else had to do. It was just fantastic. There’s no recipe for that kind of chemistry.”

“The Big Bang Theory” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. The final episode will air May 16.