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The Best Duvet Covers – 2020 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Why You Need a Duvet Cover

First, a cover protects the duvet. A duvet or comforter is often more difficult to wash because of its size and the nature of the fill material. A cover, on the other hand, can be easily removed and washed. The cover also keeps dirt, skin, or allergens from accumulating in the duvet.

Second, a cover lets you manage the feel of your comforter. You can select a duvet cover with the type of composition that you want and that feels most comfortable to you. This is less important if you use a top sheet, but it’s still nice to dictate the terms of how your duvet will feel.

Third, using a cover permits you to find a color or design that best suits your bedroom. Most duvets are just plain white and can show stains easily. Many duvet covers are available in numerous colors or patterns that can help give your bed a standout appearance.


There are quite a few options to choose from when deciding on the material for a duvet cover.

  • Cotton – This is the most popular material for duvet covers given its softness. There is a huge range in terms of the quality of cotton and how well it is woven to form a duvet cover. While cotton can have moisture retention issues, it is still usually breathable enough for most sleepers, especially if it is well-made. Generally look for long-staple cotton (such as Egyptian cotton) that has a better track record of durability and will have a better feel.
  • Linen – The flax plant is the source of the thick fibers that are used to make linen. The nature of these fibers is such that linen has a more coarse feel but holds up well over time and retains a lot of breathability. Given its thickness, it has a weightier feel that can work in all seasons, but customers should know that it will not feel smooth or silky at all. It also has a tendency to wrinkle easily.
  • Flannel – Flannel is made by brushing fabric (such as cotton) to give it more loft. When you touch flannel, it tends to feel fuzzy and this gives it an element of thickness and warmth. Many people find flannel to be too hot in the summer but perfect in winter.
  • Bamboo Rayon – This semi-synthetic material is made from the fibers of bamboo. It is known for smoothness and breathability and also for its durability. It may be blended with other materials such as cotton or polyester for additional softness.
  • Polyester – This synthetic material is produced to take on many different styles, but in duvet covers and bedding it is commonly made to be sleek, stretchy, and highly breathable. Microfiber is a popular duvet cover material made from polyester.
  • Blends – Fabric materials are blended for two reasons: to reduce cost by combining a more costly material with a less expensive one, and to balance the pitfalls of one material with the benefits of another. For example, linen-cotton blends are a popular choice due to being less expensive and more comfortable than pure linen.
  • Organic Materials – Almost all natural fibers are available in organic form. Organic bedding is popular on account of its environmental friendliness and perceived purity. If buying organic is important to you, look for certified organic natural fibers like cotton and linen.


The weave refers to how a fabric is woven together to make a textile. Different weaves feel, breathe, and wear differently, so it’s important to choose the right one for you.

  • Percale – This weave is a straightforward one in which one vertical yarn is wrapped over one horizontal one. The end result is a crisper and cooler cotton feel but one that is not quite as smooth or soft as sateen. It may also be called plain weave.
  • Sateen – In this weaving method, the vertical to horizontal yarns are not one-to-one. The result of this weaving pattern is a smoother-feeling and sleeker-looking surface.
  • Twill – Twill uses a diagonal pattern that gives a more robust and slightly rougher feel to the cotton. Sometimes the material will be washed or treated to make it softer while maintaining the texture of twill.
  • Satin – An intricate weave usually made out of silk, satin is a classic choice for its cool, slippery feel and beautiful appearance. However, it is also one of the least durable weaves.
  • Jersey – Knitted rather than woven, jersey has the ultra-comfortable feel of a well-worn t-shirt. Though they can be thin and prone to pilling, their all-season comfort makes jersey duvet covers a favorite.

Closures and Inner Fasteners

A duvet cover will have an opening on one side that allows you to place the duvet inside. Once the duvet is inside, you can seal or close the cover. There are different methods for closures including buttons, clasps, and zippers. None is inherently better than another, but some customers may have a preference for the look, usability, or convenience of one of these types of closures.

One issue that can arise with a duvet cover is the movement of the duvet within the cover. For example, it may become bunched up or overloaded to one side of the cover, requiring the whole blanket to be fluffed.

To avoid this issue, most duvet covers are constructed with ties or other fasteners to attach the duvet to the interior of the cover. Most customers prefer a cover with some type of fastener to help keep the duvet balanced inside the cover.

Sizing, Color and Design

Although most duvets and duvet covers follow the standard American sizes of queen and king, there is no standard for what these sizes mean in terms of real dimensions. When buying a new duvet cover, it’s important to make sure it will fit the insert well with no excess fabric.

Another factor to take into account is how you want your duvet (and cover) to fit your bed. Some people prefer only a small amount of overhang, while others want an oversized comforter which will overhang their mattress all the way to the floor. What you prefer is a personal decision, but always remember to choose based on feel rather than looks. An oversized duvet may look incredibly cozy, but its appeal lessens if it restricts your movement once you’re in bed.

Duvet covers come in a wide variety of designs, from single colors to patterns. Look for a cover that will fit in well with the layout and color scheme of your bedroom including the walls, furniture, and other bedding. It’s easy to switch duvet covers if you get tired of how it looks, so don’t be afraid to try something new.

Pricing and Return Policy

Duvet covers vary quite widely in price. This is mostly due to the material used (for example, linen is more expensive than cotton) and the quality of the material and manufacturing process. Other factors in the price include brand name, whether the cover is organic or fair-trade certified, and extra design features like ruffles or edging.

Of course, it’s possible to find good deals on high-quality duvet covers by lesser-known brands, or through sales. Waiting to find a good duvet cover at a good price is a better idea than choosing a less comfortable, less well-made version. You’ll save money in the long run, and your sleep health is more than worth it.

Some duvet covers are sold with a return policy that allows you to try out the cover in your bedroom for a period of time (usually 30-60 nights) with the option to send it back for a refund if you don’t like it. Make sure to look at the details of the return policy if you are for any reason unsure about the cover you’re purchasing.

Duvet Cover Care

Duvet covers make taking care of your duvet more manageable, but they require some care of their own to stay in excellent condition for their whole lifespan.

Washing instructions will vary depending on what materials your duvet cover is made from. Cotton and polyester require very little maintenance, while satin and linen should be washed more carefully. Your duvet cover should have a tag (usually on the inside) detailing its wash instructions. Avoid using fabric softeners, as this will leave residue on your cover, weakening the fibers and attracting dirt.

All bedding benefits from air-drying, but most duvet covers can also be put into a dryer if you don’t have time or room for a clothesline. If this is important to you, make sure to double-check if the cover is dryer-safe before purchasing.

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There’s nothing quite like climbing under the covers after the long day – unless your blankets feel almost as rough as sandpaper. No one deserves scratchy comforters and that’s why I’ve joined the 6,600-person fan club devoted to a $25 bedding set on Amazon.

Like all the best things, I first heard about the HC Collection Hotel Luxury Duvet Cover from my mom. Because she is the ultimate savvy Prime shopper, she turned to one of the top-rated options when it came time to update the linen closet.

HC Collection Hotel Luxury Duvet Cover Set (Queen Size) $26.99

The deal almost sounded too good to be true: $25 for a cover and two pillow shams, although, admittedly, the fabric is a double-brushed microfiber instead of the traditional cotton. That didn’t drown out the thousands of people singing its praises.

“We’ve slept with this for a few months now and I have to say that this is the softest, most lightweight and luxurious-feeling duvet cover I have ever had,” one reviewer enthused. “I’m close to 50 years old and I have hot flashes, but this wasn’t too hot for me. Did I mention I live in Florida?? Paired with a thin duvet filler, and you’ve got yourself a perfect match.”

“After shopping for weeks for a new look for my bed linens and not finding anything I wanted to spend $500 on, I figured I would just order something cheap off Amazon to use in the meantime,” another raves. “This duvet cover bowled me over, it’s fantastic! It’s so soft and I love that it has a flap to cover the buttons and opening.”

If you’re still unclear about what a duvet cover is, let me enlighten you. A duvet cover is a thin cover you slip over a comforter — just like you’d put a pillowcase over a pillow. When you think about how much people sweat at night (we all do it — don’t deny it), you see why this is key. A duvet cover is approximately 100 times easier to wash than a giant, fluffy blanket when you want to freshen up the bed — no expensive dry cleaning required.

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Even if you think “My bed’s clean! I wash my sheets every week!” consider this: A duvet cover also allows you to change the look of your room without investing in a new set of bedding. My mom bought covers in white, cream, and arctic blue and uses them interchangeably throughout the house, but this particular collection also comes in gray, navy, chocolate brown, sage, and taupe — among other colors. Consider it a mini makeover that also protects your comforter in the process.

The HC Collection covers have since held up well to washing (I’ve smudged mascara on the white pillowcase and it came right out) and feel just as soft and smooth as when they first arrived. And now that Mom’s put me onto her secret, I’m ordering two sets myself. Now I only have to decide on the colors …

  1. MATTEO Sei Duvet Cover

    Price: $265 Material: Linen Number of color options: 19

    MATTEO wants you to know thread count is but one of many measurements of quality in the world of bed linen.

    So even though MATTEO’s Sei duvet cover has a relatively high thread count of 600, that’s not why we picked it to be number 1 in our ranking of best duvet covers.

    What we feel really sets the Sei’s duvet cover apart is its exceptional softness and relative affordability. We also liked that the duvet comes in a broad range of color options.

    The duvet cover is 100%, long cotton fiber, with a sateen weave — a soft face, and a rougher backside, contributing to the duvet covers exceptional “silky” feel.

    In addition, the Sei duvet cover is finished with plain knife edge seam, and a double stitch detail at the bottom of the duvet which covers a hidden YKK zipper closure.

    And maybe best of all, the duvet cover can be machine washed, and it comes in twin, full, king, and queen sizes.


    • Broad range of color options
    • Soft sateen weave
    • 100% long cotton fiber


    • Best for cool sleepers
    • Sateen weave not as durable

    100% Rave Meter Shop MATTEO Sei Duvet Cover

  2. Brooklinen Classic Duvet Cover

    Price: $119 Material: Cotton Number of color options: 14

    Not only is Brooklinen’s classic duvet cover second in our ranking of the best duvet covers, Brooklinen is our pick for best new brand in bedding.

    We like Brooklinen because it’s lightweight and breathable at only a 270 thread count, as well as being very affordable and available in a lot of different color options, with a classic matte finish.

    The duvet cover has that cool, crisp “hotel feel” many people love — definitely recommended for hot sleepers.

    It’s made from 100% long-staple cotton, and it’s OEKO-TEX certified for chemical safety.

    Durability is not an issue with Brooklinen. This duvet cover has long and strong corner ties, and big and sturdy closure buttons.

    It’s also machine washable, with a lifetime warranty, and it comes in full, twin, king, California king, and queen sizes.


    • OEKO-TEX certified
    • 100% long-staple cotton
    • Sturdy closure buttons


    • Low thread count
    • Reports of scratchiness

    98.8% Rave Meter Shop Brooklinen Classic Duvet Cover

  3. Cultiver Linen Duvet Cover

    Price: $245 Material: Linen Number of color options: 14

    Third in our ranking of best duvet covers is the linen duvet cover from Cultiver. What we really like about Cultiver’s linen duvet cover is that it’s pre-washed for softness and durability, made from 100% linen woven from European flax.

    The duvet cover is available in 14 different color options, but only comes in king and queen sizes.

    In addition, the duvet cover is finished with a hand-stitched button closure, and includes internal ties to secure your insert, so durability is not an issue.

    Cultiver does include free shipping with all orders, and consumers love the softness, though some do report being disappointed in the color match once their product arrived.

    Cultiver does warn their “black” cover is relatively muted compared to some other fabrics.


    • 100% linen
    • European flax
    • Hand-stitched button closure


    • Limited sizes
    • Color consistency issues
    • Consumer pays return shipping

    97.6% Rave Meter Shop Cultiver Linen Duvet Cover

  4. Parachute Linen Duvet Cover

    Price: $250 Material: Linen Number of color options: 8

    Up next in our ranking of the 10 best duvet covers is the linen duvet cover from Parachute.

    All Parachute products are made in a family-owned factory, and their linen duvet cover is made from 100% European flax, with twill ties in all four corners.

    It’s also Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, and Parachute fabric is never artificially softened.

    We liked that the duvet cover has some color options, but compared to the first three covers in our ranking, the color choices are fairly limited, particularly given how much the duvet costs.

    In terms of sizing, however, Parachute has you covered. Their linen duvet cover comes in twin/twin XL, full/queen, and king/California king.

    Consumers love the weight and texture of the duvet cover, but many comment on the lack of corner ties. Parachute does offer a 90 day trial, plus free shipping and returns.


    • Made in a family-owned factory
    • Lots of size options
    • Some color options


    • No corner ties
    • Limited colors, for price
    • Customer service issues

    96.5% Rave Meter Shop Parachute Linen Duvet Cover

  5. SOL Organics Organic Duvet Cover Set

    Price: $99 Material: Cotton Number of color options: 6

    Rounding out the top five in our ranking of the 10 best duvet covers will be the best choice for anyone looking to save some money, while also supporting a company that prioritizes environmentally sustainable practices.

    First off, at less than $100, we love how affordable SOL Organics is. Their organic duvet cover set is available in 6 color options, and a full range of sizes.

    Another big plus is that the purchasing the duvet cover set gets you a duvet cover and two shams, both 100% GOTS Certified.

    The duvet cover is single ply, with a sateen weave, and a 300 thread count, with 60s yarn count.

    But what makes SOL Organics extra special though is their use of 100% certified organic, ultra fine, long staple cotton.

    Sol Organics also offers a 30 night trial and free shipping on all orders. If there were just a few more color options, we would have ranked SOL Organics’ duvet cover set much higher.


    • Organic cotton
    • 30 night trial
    • 2 shams included


    • Limited colors
    • Wrinkles after washing
    • No texture

    95.8% Rave Meter Shop SOL Organics Organic Duvet Cover Set

  6. Levtex Home Washed Linen Duvet Cover

    Price: $140 Material: Linen Number of color options: 6

    Sixth in RAVE Reviews’ ranking of the 10 best duvet covers is the home washed linen duvet cover from Levtex.

    What we like is that this duvet cover is reversible, and made from 100% pure imported linen. It’s also easy to take care of, since it’s sold pre-washed, and machine washable after use.

    The cover comes in 6 color choices, and in twin, king and queen size options. There’s also a hidden button closure, with interior ties to secure a duvet insert.

    What we didn’t like were the reported issues with the wooden buttons staying secure, and there are more affordable duvet covers available at a better price, with more color options.

    The duvet cover does receive high marks, however, from anyone who sleeps hot, helping them stay cool all night long.

    If there had been more color options, or perhaps shams included with the duvet cover, we would have ranked Levtex much higher, but as it is now, this duvet cover comes in sixth.


    • 100% pure linen
    • Interior ties
    • Good for hot sleepers


    • Button closure issues
    • Limited colors
    • Pricey for what you get

    94.8% Rave Meter Shop Levtex Home Washed Linen Duvet Cover

  7. Snowe Sateen Duvet Cover

    Price: $248 Material: Cotton Number of color options: 5

    Taking seventh in our ranking of best duvet covers is Snowe’s sateen duvet cover. At 400 thread count, this duvet cover is 100% long-staple cotton, and made in Portugal.

    We love that this duvet cover is wrinkle-resistant, and functional, with concealed, rubber button closures and corner ties.

    The sateen weave means the duvet cover is very soft, and conveniently it’s also machine washable, but it lacks that satiny sheen common in sateen weave fabric.

    The duvet cover doesn’t come in the twin size, however, and is available in relatively limited color options.

    Consumers comment how breathable the Snowe sateen duvet cover is, but limited color options, no twin size, plus a mid-range price kept us from ranking it higher than seventh.


    • 400 thread count
    • 100% long-staple cotton
    • Corner ties


    • Limited colors
    • Bit pricey for what you get
    • No twin size option

    93.9% Rave Meter Shop Snowe Sateen Duvet Cover

  8. West Elm Belgian Flax Linen Duvet Cover

    Price: $130 Material: Linen Number of color options: 2

    Up next in our ranking of the 10 best duvet covers is the Belgian flax linen duvet cover from West Elm.

    What we like about the duvet cover is that it’s 100% Belgian flax linen — meaning it’s very breathable!

    We also appreciate the button closure, with four interior corner ties. There’s also envelope enclosure for shams, but all shams are sold separately.

    In addition, all product is made in a Fair Trade Certified facility — what’s not to like about that?

    Plus, at around only $130 this duvet cover is a good option if you’re on a budget.

    What concerned us about the West Elm linen duvet cover were the limited color options, plus their wash process making the color representation a little unpredictable.

    The duvet cover is available in all size options — from twin to California king. The duvet is machine washable, but you better act quickly if you change your mind — returns are only allowed 30 days after receiving your order.


    • 100% Belgian flax linen
    • Button closure
    • Four interior corner ties


    • Color variability
    • Limited returns
    • Limited color options

    92.7% Rave Meter Shop West Elm Belgian Flax Linen Duvet Cover

  9. Pine Cone Hill Classic Hemstitch White Duvet Cover

    Price: $174 Material: Cotton Number of color options: 2

    The penultimate duvet cover in our ranking comes from Pine Cone Hill. Their Classic Hemstitch White Duvet Cover is 400 thread count and 100% cotton.

    We love the decorative stitching at the hem of the duvet cover, adding some detail to the classic elegance of the cotton duvet. As well as the hidden-button closures, and 2 1/2″ flange on three sides of the duvet cover.

    The duvet cover is also machine washable, making it easy and convenient to keep clean.

    The things we didn’t like about the classic hemstitch are, again, the limited color availability, and no California king size option.

    And the hemstitch means this duvet cover might not work with all bedroom decor. Purchasing a duvet cover from Pine Cone Hill would qualify for free shipping, however, since all orders over $50 ship free.

    There is only a 30 day returns period, but at least Pine Cone Hill will cover the cost.


    • Decorative stitching
    • 400 thread count
    • Free returns shipping


    • Limited colors
    • No California king
    • Limited returns period

    91.7% Rave Meter Shop Pine Cone Hill Classic Hemstitch White Duvet Cover

  10. Sferra Sereno Full/Queen Duvet Cover

    Price: $1,210 Material: Cotton Number of color options: 2

    Hold on, folks, because if you pick Sferra’s duvet cover — number 10 in our ranking of the 10 best duvet covers — you’re going to pay up for it. This duvet cover costs over a grand!

    But what do you get for the money? You get an extra silky and soft duvet cover made from the very finest long staple Egyptian cotton, with a luxurious percale weave.

    There’s also a decorative hemstitch, adding some style to the duvet cover.

    The cover is available in the full range of sizes — from twin to king, but does lack a California king option, and only comes in two color varieties. It is machine washable, but Sferra does recommend not using bleach or fabric softener.

    At least for this cost, Sferra does offer free UPS ground shipping. But there’s only a 30 day returns period, and no trial period.

    This is a fine duvet cover, no question. Particularly if your tastes run on the high end. But if you’re on a budget, the Sferra duvet isn’t for you, contributing to us ranking it last among 10 best duvet covers.


    • Hemstitch
    • Percale weave
    • Egyptian cotton


    • Expensive
    • Limited colors
    • Limited returns

    90.6% Rave Meter Shop Sferra Sereno Full/Queen Duvet Cover

5 Lightweight Duvet Covers You’ll Want to Sleep With That Are on Amazon

Duvet covers are one of those things that you don’t think much of until you really need one. Washing a comforter is hell and having a duvet cover lets you go between washes much longer because, in reality, only the cover touches you while you sleep. And while you may think it’ll add extra bulk and heat, there are comforters that will keep you light and airy throughout the night. Here are some top options that you can get shipped right to your door from Amazon.

Doffapd Duvet Cover Queen, $70 on Amazon: Washed cotton is some of the most lightweight and soft materials a duvet cover can be made of. This set comes in eight different color options and has bold, contrasting buttons on the bottom for a stylish accent.

Bedsure Duvet Cover Set with Zipper Closure, $22 on Amazon: This reversible, twig-embossed duvet cover comes in four different colors and has the best thing a duvet cover could have: a zipper closure. Not having to fuss with buttons or snaps when it’s time to throw it in the wash is a godsend.

Nestl Bedding Duvet Cover 3 Piece Set, $29 on Amazon: With over 6,400 reviews and a 4.3-star rating, this affordable microfiber comforter is Amazon’s best-seller. It comes in 40 different colors and it’s lightweight and breathable for summer if you choose to use a comforter in the heat.

Buffy Queen Duvet Cover, $100 on Amazon: If you’re one of the many to own a Buffy Cloud Comforter (I am one of them), you may want to invest in the specially-designed duvet cover. It’s super-soft and made from Eucalyptus to stay breathable, cool-to-the-touch, and sustainable. It’s also naturally hypoallergenic.

Dreaming Wapiti Duvet Cover Queen, $39 on Amazon: Another microfiber option, this upgraded duvet cover features “washed” microfiber, which feels closer to a washed cotton than microfiber. It has a zipper closure and corner ties to keep your comforter in place no matter how much you toss and turn.


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You want to protect your comforter. It is soft and comfortable, and you want it to last you for a long time. One of the ways to protect it is to not use it. But then you are wasting your money. A better way to protect your comforter is to use one of the 10 best duvet covers in 2019.

To find one of the 10 best duvet covers in 2019 just continue to read our review. It is filled with the information you need to find the right protection for your comforter. Then our buyer’s guide will give you some tips on what to look for.

Knowing what to look for is half the battle when you go shopping. Your search for one of the 10 best duvet covers in 2019 should be easier.

10 Best Duvet Covers in 2019 Reviews:

01. Bedsure Duvet Cover Set

Buy now from Amazon →
Made from microfiber you know that this duvet cover is soft and comfortable. It is also fade resistant. Then when you buy this 104×90-inch duvet cover, you also get 2 20 by 36-inch pillowcases.
Also, a zipper closure and hidden ties make sure your comforter stays where you want it all night. To keep it clean you do not need to iron but you should use cold water on the gentle cycle. But do not add bleach. You can tumble dry on low
Its construction will allow your skin to breathe as you sleep. You will also find them in a variety of colors.

02. PinkMemory Cotton Bedding Set

Buy now from Amazon →
Cotton is still king when it comes to having a comfortable bed to sleep in. Made from 100% cotton this 90 by 90 queen’s size duvet cover comes with 2 pillowcases. To add to the style of your room’s décor, this duvet cover is reversible. You can have gray floral or a wavy peach design.
Then a zipper closure and hidden corner ties make sure you get the full comfort you want throughout the night. For best results, make sure you wash the duvet cover first before using.
You can machine wash and use non-chlorine bleach to keep it clean.

03. Linen Cotton Duvet Cover Set

Buy now from Amazon →
What makes this duvet cover so attractive is not just its chic design. The 104 by 90 duvet cover is also hypoallergenic, fade resistant and breathable. You can get a dry, cool, comfortable night’s sleep with this duvet cover.
Made from 100 percent cotton, you know that this duvet cover is durable and soft to the touch. Then the zipper closure keeps your comforter inside where it belongs. Plus, the corner ties mean that even if you toss and turn all night, the comforter stays where you need it.
The duvet cover and matching pillowcases are easy to keep clean but do not use bleach.

04. VM VOUGEMARKET Colorful Duvet Cover Set

Buy now from Amazon →
A full 200 thread count keeps this duvet cover and pillowcase set durable and long lasting. Then the feather design helps keep your bedroom looking stylish and good. Made from 100 percent cotton, you know you are getting a soft and breathable duvet cover.
Both the cover and pillowcases are hypoallergenic which means your allergy sufferer can find some night time relief. You won’t have to worry about the comforter slipping off at night. The corner ties keep it attached to your bed.
When you wash, do not mix and match colors and make sure not to use any bleach.

05. LifeTB Hotel Duvet Cover Set

Buy now from Amazon →
This duvet cover comes with either buttons or a zipper closure. Its 100percent velvet construction materials will keep you warm at night. Then to keep your bed looking good, you get 2 pillowcases as part of the set.
One unique feature of this cover is that it has an electric wire on its back. This wire is designed to keep any electric shock you build up away from you. But like all the other duvet covers, this one has the standard corner ties to keep it in place as you sleep.
Keeping you warm all night is what a comforter is supposed to do

06. VClife Cotton Bedding Sets

Buy now from Amazon →
You can try all the rest, but cotton is still the best when it comes to comfortable bedding. This reversible duvet cover makes sure there is a pattern to fit your room décor. Made from 100 percent cotton, this cover comes with a 200 thread count for durability.
The 104 by 90-inch over should be enough for most king size beds. Then the 20 by 36-inch pillowcases should handle most standard similar sized pillows. You also get a variety of colors and patterns to choose from.
When you tumble dry make sure not to use any heat on the gentle cycle.

07. SNOWMAN Duvet Insert

Buy now from Amazon →
Made from 100percent Egyptian cotton and coming with a 600-thread count, you know you have the perfect duvet cover for you. Measuring 104 by 90, this comforter set is filled with goose down for the ultimate in sleeping comfort.
It is designed to help allergy sufferers enjoy a relaxing sleep and get relief from their allergies. You also get 8 loops to connect the comforter to the cover. But when you open the package make sure to air it out for a few hours.
This ensures that any odor picked up in shipping goes away. It is also easy to keep clean.

08. Word of Dream Floral Print Duvet Cover

Buy now from Amazon →
This 3-piece set will remind you of a cool spring morning. Its floral print is designed to help you relax and find your comfort zone. Made from 100 percent cotton and sporting a 200-thread count, you know this duvet cover is soft and breathable.
An invisible zipper closure makes sure you can put your comforter inside without any trouble. Plus, the corner ties attach to your bed, keeping everything in place. The set includes a king size, 104 by 90 inches, cover and 2 pillowcases, 20 by 36 inches in size.
Again, they are easy to keep clean and add a touch of style to your room

09. Pinzon Egyptian Cotton Duvet Set

Buy now from Amazon →
The 400-thread count combines with the 100 percent Egyptian cotton to provide you with a very comfortable night’s sleep. This 104 by 88 duvet cover and its 20 by 36-inch pillowcases should fit most standard size beds and pillows.
Its internal ties help make sure the comforter stays where you want it. The cover should not fall off during the night. Your body should be able to breathe and stay cool as the night passes.
The print should also add a touch of class to your bedroom. The duvet cover is made to last you a long time and bring you comfort every night.

10. Doffapd Duvet Cover

Buy now from Amazon →
Made from 100 percent washed cotton, this duvet cover brings you ultimate comfort and style to your sleeping routine. The set includes one 104 by 90-inch duvet cover and 2 20 by 36-inch pillowcases.
Also, you get button closures, so your feet will not be harmed by a cold steel zipper. The wrinkles are put in the cover on purpose. You shouldn’t need to iron those out. Plus, the cover is made to be fade resistant. You should have a great new look wash after wash.

When you clean it make sure to be careful and follow the washing instructions.

Our Buyer’s Guide

To make sure you are getting one of the 10 best duvet covers in 2019 you need to know what to look for. It pays to have some tips to guide your shopping. Here are some of those tips:


will it be for your home or as a gift? Knowing this helps you pick the right pattern and size.

Construction materials

microfibers are good but cotton is best. That is if you want ultimate comfort all night long.


the pattern and colors are strictly up to your personal preferences and the room’s décor.


buttons or a zipper/ Zippers are probably best and more secure. But again, it depends on what you prefer.


the more pieces you get the better your room looks. Most covers come in 3-piece sets, but you may be able to find those with more.


what kind of protection do you have? How long is that protection? Make sure to know the return policy of the store you bought the cover at.


most cover sets are affordable but make sure when you buy, the price fits your budget.

Some Final Words

A good night’s sleep is important. It helps you be refreshed and able to face the new day. One way to accomplish this is to use one of the 10 best duvet covers in These duvet covers are made to help you sleep well, avoid allergy problems and more.

Plus, they provide the comfort you need so your body is relaxed and rested. These covers are also durable and should last a long time.