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Hallmark’s first two Christmas movies of 2019 will debut in July

Christmas doesn’t arrive until the end of the year, but Hallmark aims to warm you up for the holiday in the heat of the summer by debuting two original Yuletide movies.

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will premiere Christmas Camp on July 7 at 9 p.m., EW has learned. Starring Lily Anne Harrison and Bobby Campo, the film (pictured above) centers on an advertising exec (Harrison) who must bring in a new account in the form of a traditional toy company. To learn more about the holiday and its traditions, she attends a “Christmas Camp,” where she crosses paths with the camp owner’s son (Campo), who teaches her about other stuff, too, like love.

The following week, on July 13 at 8 p.m., Hallmark Channel will debut A Merry Christmas Match, starring Ashley Newbrough and Kyle Dean Massey. The plot revolves around a woman named Corey (Newbrough) who lives in a ski village, works in her mom’s antique shop, and puts on an annual children’s Christmas pageant in honor of her late father. When a man named Ryder (Massey) visits her store, Corey wonders if she should have left town and followed her dreams of becoming a theater director.

Christmas Camp is part of Hallmark Movies and Mysteries’ “Gold Crown Christmas” campaign, which spans from June 28 to July 14, while A Merry Christmas Match kicks off Hallmark Channel’s “Keepsake Christmas,” which runs from July 12 to July 27. In recent years Hallmark has made it something of a tradition to debut one new Christmas movie per network during its halfway-to-Christmas events in the past, though last year it did not premiere any new ones. Both campaigns also will offer up repeats of fan favorite Hallmark Christmas movies from recent years.

Christmas Camp and A Merry Christmas Match represent the first two new original holiday movies from the record 40 holiday movies that Hallmark is planning for both networks in 2019. Lacey Chabert, Candace Cameron Bure, and Kristen Chenoweth are among the stars featured in the new crop of flicks.

To review all of the Christmas films from Hallmark’s 2018 slate, head over here.

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Snuggle up! Christmas comes early with 2 original Hallmark Channel movies in July

Rejoice and be merry because the Hallmark Channel is inviting you to blast the air conditioning and cuddle under a comforter for two original holiday movies in July.

This year you don’t have to wait for the temperature to drop to get in the holiday spirit.

First up, is “Christmas Camp,” starring fresh-faced Lily Anne Harrison of and Bobby Campo of “The Final Destination,” according to Entertainment Weekly.

Harrison plays Hayley, an ad executive who must bring in a traditional toy company account to get promoted. She heads to “Christmas Camp,” where she meets the owner’s son (Campo) who teaches her about the holiday and a little about love. The show will air at 9 p.m. July 7 on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries(check local listings).

The second film, “A Merry Christmas Match” is part of the Hallmark Channel’s Keepsake Christmas, that celebrates being halfway to the holiday with a bevy of movies through July 28.

The movie stars Kyle Dean Massey of “Nashville” as Ryder and Ashley Newbrough of “Privileged” as Corey. Corey is hard at work putting together a pageant for kids in honor of her deceased father. She wonders if she should have left the ski village she lives in and pursued her dream of being a theater director. She’s working in her mother’s antique shop when in walks Ryder. The movie airs at 8 p.m. on the Hallmark Channel.

The Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will debut 40 new Christmas movies, a new record, in the 2019 season, EW reported.

The media outlet reported that 24 of those shows will be shown on the Hallmark Channel and 16 will be shown on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas begins Oct. 25 and Kristin Chenoweth and Scott Wolf star in one of the first movies of the season called “The Christmas Song.”

We eagerly await the full schedule!

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Christmas in July – Gold Crown Christmas 2019 Schedule

Check out the schedule of movies airing during this year’s Christmas in July, Gold Crown Christmas!

Friday, June 28
7a/6c: Murder, She Baked: A Plum Pudding Mystery
9a/8c: Love Always, Santa
11a/10c: The Christmas Ornament
1/12c: Journey Back to Christmas
3/2c: A Christmas to Remember
5/4c: A Christmas for the Books
7/6c: Christmas at Grand Valley
9/8c: A Veteran’s Christmas
11/10c: Karen Kingsbury’s Maggie’s Christmas Miracle

Saturday, June 29
1a/12c: Christmas in Angel Falls
3a/2c: Debbie Macomber’s Dashing Through the Snow
5a/4c: Finding Christmas
7a/6c: Christmas Encore
9a/8c: Magical Christmas Ornaments
11a/10c: The Christmas Secret
1/12c: Rocky Mountain Christmas
3/2c: Christmas Homecoming
5/4c: Christmas Wonderland
7/6c: Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas
9/8c: Once Upon a Christmas Miracle
11/10c: Last Vermont Christmas

Sunday, June 30
1a/12c: A Bramble House Christmas
3a/2c: Christmas in the Air
5a/4c: Christmas with Holly
7a/6c: A Song for Christmas
9a/8c: I’ll Be Home for Christmas
11a/10c: Small Town Christmas
1/12c: Return to Christmas Creek
3/2c: Northern Lights of Christmas
5/4c: A Joyous Christmas
7/6c: Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane
9/8c: A Godwink Christmas
11/10c: Hope at Christmas

Monday, July 1
1a/12c: Operation Christmas
3a/2c: Sound of Christmas
5a/4c: The Christmas Train
7a/6c: A Princess for Christmas
9a/8c: Lucky Christmas
11a/10c: A Christmas Wish
1/12c: A Song for Christmas
3/2c: The Christmas Note
5/4c: Charming Christmas
7/6c: Debbie Macomber’s Dashing Through the Snow
9/8c: Hearts of Christmas
11/10c: A Christmas for the Books

Tuesday, July 2
1a/12c: The Christmas Ornament
3a/2c: Magic Stocking
5a/4c: A Heavenly Christmas
7a/6c: Moonlight & Mistletoe
9a/8c: Northern Lights of Christmas
11a/10c: Memories of Christmas
1/12c: Love Always, Santa
3/2c: Christmas with Holly
5/4c: The Perfect Christmas Present
7/6c: Marrying Father Christmas
9/8c: Romance at Reindeer Lodge
11/10c: A Christmas to Remember

Wednesday, July 3
1a/12c: Sound of Christmas
3a/2c: Christmas in the Air
5a/4c: A Nutcracker Christmas
7a/6c: All I Want For Christmas
9a/8c: Debbie Macomber’s Trading Christmas
11a/10c: Christmas Magic
1/12c: Mistletoe Over Manhattan
3/2c: Christmas Everlasting
5/4c: Christmas at Grand Valley
7/6c: Karen Kingsbury’s Maggie’s Christmas Miracle
9/8c: Once Upon a Christmas Miracle
11/10c: Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas

Thursday, July 4
1a/12c: The Christmas Secret
3a/2c: Finding Christmas
5a/4c: Christmas Encore
7a/6c: Christmas Wonderland
9a/8c: Christmas Song
11a/10c: I’ll Be Home for Christmas
1/12c: Journey Back to Christmas
3/2c: Operation Christmas
5/4c: Home for Christmas for Day
7/6c: The Christmas Card
9/8c: Christmas Homecoming
11/10c: A Veteran’s Christmas

Friday, July 5
1a/12c: Small Town Christmas
3a/2c: Christmas Bells Are Ringing
5a/4c: Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge
7a/6c: Christmas in the Air
9a/8c: The Christmas Secret
11a/10c: The Christmas Card
1/12c: The Christmas Note
3/2c: The Christmas Ornament
5/4c: Memories of Christmas
7/6c: Magical Christmas Ornaments
9/8c: A Bramble House Christmas
11/10c: Rocky Mountain Christmas

Saturday, July 6
1a/12c: Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane
3a/2c: Engaging Father Christmas
5a/4c: A Joyous Christmas
7a/6c: A Veteran’s Christmas
9a/8c: Christmas with Holly
11a/10c: Love Always, Santa
1/12c: A Christmas to Remember
3/2c: A Princess for Christmas
5/4c: Christmas Bells Are Ringing
7/6c: Christmas in Angel Falls
9/8c: Christmas for the Books
11/10c: Christmas Wonderland

Sunday, July 7
1a/12c: Northern Lights of Christmas
3a/2c: Christmas Song
5a/4c: Journey Back to Christmas
7a/6c: Sound of Christmas
9a/8c: Romance at Reindeer Lodge
11a/10c: Hearts of Christmas
1/12c: Christmas at Grand Valley
3/2c: Finding Christmas
5/4c: Return to Christmas Creek
7/6c: Once Upon a Christmas Miracle
9/8c: Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas
11/10c: Debbie Macomber’s Dashing Through the Snow

Monday, July 8
1a/12c: Charming Christmas
3a/2c: A Song for Christmas
5a/4c: Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge II
7a/6c: Christmas Magic
9a/8c: The Magic Stocking
11a/10c: Marrying Father Christmas
1/12c: Debbie Macomber’s Call Me Mrs. Miracle
3/2c: Operation Christmas
5/4c: Hope at Christmas
7/6c: Christmas Homecoming
9/8c: Last Vermont Christmas
11/10c: The Christmas Note

Tuesday, July 9
1a/12c: All I Want for Christmas
3a/2c: Christmas Encore
5a/4c: Mistletoe Over Manhattan
7a/6c: A Christmas Wish
9a/8c: Moonlight & Mistletoe
11a/10c: Debbie Macomber’s Mrs. Miracle
1/12c: Journey Back to Christmas
3/2c: A Godwink Christmas
5/4c: Home for Christmas Day
7/6c: The Christmas Secret
9/8c: Christmas Everlasting
11/10c: Debbie Macomber’s Trading Christmas

Wednesday, July 10
1a/12c: Once Upon a Christmas Miracle
3a/2c: I’ll Be Home for Christmas
5a/4c: Engaging Father Christmas
7a/6c: Christmas Song
9a/8c: Rocky Mountain Christmas
11a/10c: A Veteran’s Christmas
1/12c: Small Town Christmas
3/2c: Christmas in Angel Falls
5/4c: Magical Christmas Ornaments
7/6c: Christmas Bells Are Ringing
9/8c: A Christmas to Remember
11/10c: Christmas Wonderland

Thursday, July 11
1a/12c: A Joyous Christmas
3a/2c: Lucky Christmas
5a/4c: Love Always, Santa
7a/6c: A Heavenly Christmas
9a/8c: A Nutcracker Christmas
11a/10c: A Christmas for the Books
1/12c: Return to Christmas Creek
3/2c: Sound of Christmas
5/4c: Northern Lights of Christmas
7/6c: A Godwink Christmas
9/8c: Christmas Camp – WORLD ORIGINAL PREMIERE
11/10c: Hope at Christmas

Friday, July 12
1a/12c: Marrying Father Christmas
3a/2c: The Christmas Train
5a/4c: Memories of Christmas
7a/6c: Christmas Everlasting
9a/8c: Finding Christmas
11a/10c: A Princess for Christmas
1/12c: Christmas with Holly
3/2c: Magic Stocking
5/4c: Hearts of Christmas
7/6c: Rocky Mountain Christmas
9/8c: Once Upon a Christmas Miracle
11/10c: Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas

Saturday, July 13
1a/12c: The Perfect Christmas Present
3a/2c: Charming Christmas
5a/4c: The Christmas Note
7a/6c: Journey Back to Christmas
9a/8c: Last Vermont Christmas
11a/10c: A Godwink Christmas
1/12c: Romance at Reindeer Lodge
3/2c: Debbie Macomber’s Dashing Through the Snow
5/4c: Small Town Christmas
7/6c: Return to Christmas Creek
9/8c: Christmas at Grand Valley
11/10c: Home for Christmas Day

Sunday, July 14
1a/12c: Operation Christmas
3a/2c: The Christmas Ornament
5a/4c: The Christmas Secret
7a/6c: A Christmas to Remember
9a/8c: Northern Lights of Christmas
11a/10c: Christmas Bells are Ringing
1/12c: Rocky Mountain Christmas
3/2c: A Bramble House Christmas
5/4c: Christmas Homecoming
7/6c: A Veteran’s Christmas
9/8c: Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane

Monday, July 15
1a/12c: Karen Kingsburys’ Maggie’s Christmas Miracle
3a/2c: Christmas in Angel Falls
5a/4c: Moonlight & Mistletoe

Christmas in July – Christmas Keepsake 2019 Schedule

Check out the schedule of movies airing during this year’s Christmas in July!

Sunday, July 14
1a/12c: Sharing Christmas
3a/2c: My Christmas Dream
4:30a/3:30c: Sleigh Bells Ring
6a/5c: Love You Like Christmas
8a/7c: Christmas in Evergreen
10a/9c: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
12/11c: The Sweetest Christmas
2/1c: Jingle Around the Clock
4/3c: The Nine Lives of Christmas
6/5c: Christmas at the Palace
8/7c: Christmas Under Wraps
10/9c: Christmas at Pemberley Manor

Monday, July 15
12a/11c: Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa
2a/1c: Welcome to Christmas
4a/3c: Miss Christmas
6a/5c: Christmas in Homestead
8a/7c: Entertaining Christmas
2/1c: A Bride for Christmas
4/3c: A Wish for Christmas
6/5c: Snow Bride
8/7c: A Christmas Detour
10/9c: Finding Santa

Tuesday, July 16
12a/11c: A Shoe Addict’s Christmas
2a/1c: My Christmas Love
4a/3c: Marry Me at Christmas
6a/2c: Sharing Christmas
8a/7c: Switched for Christmas
2/1c: Christmas in Evergreen
4/3c: Christmas Made to Order
6/5c: A December Bride
8/7c: Christmas at Holly Lodge
10/9c: Christmas Next Door

Wednesday, July 17
12a/11c: Christmas at the Palace
2a/1c: On the Twelfth Day of Christmas
4a/3c: Help for the Holidays
6a/5c: A Cookie Cutter Christmas
8a/7c: Mingle All the Way
2/1c: It’s Christmas, Eve!
4/3c: Crown for Christmas
6/5c: Christmas Under Wraps
8/7c: The Nine Lives of Christmas
10/9c: The Christmas Cottage

Thursday, July 18
12a/11c: Road to Christmas
2a/1c: Best Christmas Party Ever
4a/3c: A Perfect Christmas
6a/5c: A Boyfriend for Christmas
8a/7c: Christmas in Love
2/1c: Christmas Land
4/3c: Coming Home for Christmas
6/5c: A Very Merry Mix-Up
8/7c: Christmas Getaway
10/9c: Christmas Connection

Saturday, July 20
12a/11c: A Dream of Christmas
2a/1c: With Love, Christmas
4a/3c: My Christmas Dream
6a/5c: Christmas Incorporated
8a/7c: A Royal Christmas
10/9c: Christmas Made to Order
12/11c: Christmas Next Door
2/1c: Christmas Under Wraps
4/3c: A Gift to Remember
6/5c: Welcome to Christmas
8/7c: A Shoe Addict’s Christmas
10/9c: 2019 Summer Nights Preview Special – PREMIERE
10:30/9:30c: Reunited At Christmas

Monday, July 22
12a/11c: Switched at Christmas
2a/1c: Christmas Getaway
4a/3c: Once Upon a Holiday
6a/5c: A Very Mery Mix-Up
8a/7c: Coming Home for Christmas
2/1c: A Perfect Christmas
4/3c: A Boyfriend for Christmas
6/5c: Jingle Around the Clock
8/7c: Christmas at the Palace
10/9c: A Dream of Christmas

Tuesday, July 23
12a/1c: A Holiday Engagement
2a/1c: The Mistletoe Inn
4a/3c: The Christmas Parade
6a/5c: My Christmas Dream
8a/7c: Snow Bride
2/1c: Christmas at Cartwright’s
4/3c: Christmas at Graceland
6/5c: 12 Gifts of Christmas
8/7c: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
10/9c: With Love, Christmas

Wednesday, July 24
12a/11c: Reunited at Christmas
2a/1c: The Christmas Cure
4a/3c: Christmas Connection
6a/5c: Love You Like Christmas
8a/7c: Christmas Joy
2/1c: Marry Me at Christmas
4/3c: A Shoe Addict’s Christmas
6/5c: Christmas at Pemberley Manor
8/7c: Welcome to Christmas
10/9c: The Sweetest Christmas

Saturday, July 27
1a/12ac: The Christmas Cottage
3a/2a: Once Upon a Holiday
5a/4c: Entertaining Christmas
7a/6c: Crown for Christmas
9a/8c: Road to Christmas
11a/10c: Christmas in Love
1/12c: A December Bride
3/2c: The Sweetest Christmas
5/4c: Christmas at the Palace
7/6c: Mingle All the Way
11/10c: Christmas at Pemberley Manor

The Second Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Inside Hallmark’s Christmas in July 2019

Ah, the dog days of summer. A time for coconut-scented sunscreen, backyard barbecues, and — thanks to Hallmark — a monthlong marathon of cozy holiday movies.

For the fifth year, fans of mistletoe and merrymaking will be treated to an early fix as a bacchanal of more than 225 original Christmas flicks from its extensive catalog are served up on Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and the streaming service Hallmark Movies Now.

“There is such a magical feeling around the holidays — it’s like a halo effect,” says Michelle Vicary, executive vice president of programming and publicity for Crown Media Family Networks. “Tapping into that during the summer is fun and decadent.”

The Complete Guide to Hallmark’s Christmas in July 2019 Lineup

Get the full rundown of heartwarming holiday flicks airing on Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and Hallmark Movies Now.

It also ranks surprisingly high on a lot of wish lists. According to Vicary, the concept was initially inspired by the devoted cadre of shoppers who eagerly anticipate the release of Hallmark’s keepsake ornaments in stores each July: “We realized that they were thinking about Christmas in July, and we could to that with our programming.”

A Very Merry Mix-Up (Ben Mark Holzberg/Crown Media)

Considering the success the network enjoys with its annual Countdown to Christmas, traditionally beginning in late October, the decision to keep the eggnog flowing was a good call. Last July, Hallmark Channel’s Christmas offerings reached 24.8 million folks.

“Our audience loves what we do at the holidays and experiences a sense of heartbreak when it’s over,” Vicary says. “This is a way to give them what they want.”

Behold, a glimpse at the treasures awaiting under the (palm) tree.

Hallmark Holiday TV by the Numbers: A Look Back at 232 Original Movies

This year’s programming continues the 17-year tradition.

The New Addition

Per usual, the lineups will be dominated by previously aired movies — i.e., ghosts of Christmases past. But making its Hallmark Movies & Mysteries grand debut on July 11 (9/8c) is Christmas Camp, starring Lily Anne Harrison, daughter of Hallmark vet Gregory Harrison (2014’s The Nine Lives of Christmas, July 14, 4/3c, Hallmark). She plays Hayley, an executive at a slick ad agency who, in an effort to land a toy company account, heads off for a crash course in the real spirit of the season.

“It’s a story about family, hope, and what’s truly important,” Harrison says. “Those things never get old!”

The Nine Lives of Christmas (David Owen Strongman/Crown Media)

If Christmas Camp strikes a chord, it will earn the right to countless future airings. Says Harrison, “I’ve watched my dad touch so many people over the years . It’s a very big deal to know I’ll be on TV in so many homes.”

Greatest Hits

Too much of a good thing? As if! Scores of the most beloved movies will hit the airwaves a handful of times during HM&M’s “Gold Crown Christmas” event (running 24/7 from June 28 to July 14), Hallmark’s “Christmas Keepsake” spectacular (July 12–July 27), and Hallmark Movies Now’s “Jingle in July” (all month).

5 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Hallmark Holiday Movies

From fake snow to dream casting.

The frequent fliers are chosen based on past ratings and broadcast at various times to optimize viewers’ chances of catching the ones they crave. A Godwink Christmas — last year’s charming, serendipity-fueled yarn starring Kimberley Sustad, Paul Campbell, and Kathie Lee Gifford — will have four encores on HM&M, starting with June 30 at 9/8c.

“We schedule movies to get the most exposure,” Vicary explains. “We might air the same movie on a Sunday afternoon and then again on a weekday in order to reach the largest numbers. It’s very strategic.”

A Godwink Christmas (Bettina Strauss/Crown Media)

Naturally, many of the oft-rerun titles feature Hallmark’s “all-stars,” the roster of wildly popular protagonists, like Alicia Witt, whose 2013 movie, A Very Merry Mix-Up (the chronicle of a woman who thinks she’s celebrating the holidays with her fiancé’s family), airs four times on Hallmark beginning July 13 at 6am/5c.

A Shoe Addict’s Christmas (Steven Ackerman/Crown Media)

The brand’s reigning queen of Christmas, Candace Cameron Bure, will pop up in seven titles. A Shoe Addict’s Christmas (July 15, midnight/11c, Hallmark), in which she portrays a modern-day Scrooge who accidentally gets locked in a department store, raked in 4.23 million viewers when it premiered last November.

“The audience feels like they know Candace,” Vicary says. “That’s the case with a lot of our stars.”

Each and Every One of Candace Cameron Bure’s Christmas TV Movies, Ranked

The ‘Fuller House’ star is the Queen of the TV movie — check out her Christmas movies ranked by user rating.

Old Chestnuts

Some of Hallmark’s most cherished Christmas movies have an even older vintage, and stumbling across these gems feels like bumping into a long-lost friend.

A Boyfriend for Christmas (July 18, 6am/5c, Hallmark) — starring Kelli Williams as a woman who gets a gift from St. Nick in the form of Patrick Muldoon — dates back to 2004. “The premise is obviously very sweet, and the chemistry between the actors is terrific,” Vicary says.

A Boyfriend for Christmas (Hallmark Channel)

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (July 14, 10am/9c, Hallmark) — the 2008 entry starring Brooke Burns and Henry Winkler as her matchmaker uncle — is another classic crowd-pleaser. “Henry is the reason, for sure!” Vicary says.

And true aficionados will have a soft spot for The Christmas Card (July 4, 7/6c, HM&M), starring John Newton as a soldier who receives an inspirational missive from a church volunteer (Alice Evans). It first bowed in 2006 and has aired every year since.

7 Common Tropes Found in Hallmark Holiday Movies (PHOTOS)

Whether the flick is new this year or one of their throwback classics, these festive rom-coms are all the same at their core.

“It’s still cited as the favorite movie we’ve ever made,” Vicary says, noting that the lead actors never returned to the fold to make any additional films. Why not, pray tell? “That’s a great question!” says Vicary.

Your move, Santa.

“Gold Crown Christmas,” June 28-July 14, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

“Christmas Keepsake,” July 12-27, Hallmark Channel

“Jingle in July,” July, Hallmark Movies Now

Hallmark M&M Christmas in July 2019 Full Schedule [Updated June 20th]


Leave it to Hallmark to Change things up just a week before Christmas in July is slated to begin. They’ve moved the date/time of the premiere of their All-New 2019 Christmas in July film ‘Christmas Camp’ and swapped around quite a few other movie showtimes, so we’ve had to update the schedule!

If you’re an existing Newsletter Subscriber: Check your Inbox, we’ve sent out the schedule to you already!

If you’re not already a Subscriber: Go ahead and fill out the form below, we’ve updated the links with the NEW schedule!

So it seems that in addition to the 17 days of Christmas movies offered by Hallmark Channel this year we’re actually going to get an additional 18 (well, some overlap) on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Not only that but we’re going to kick-start the Christmas in July season a few days early as the all-day Christmas programming starts on June 28th this year!

Here are a couple of the Movies that are a part of the huge lineup:

Engaging & Marrying Father Christmas

Why Hallmark decided not to include the first of this trilogy is beyond me, but you can expect this fan favourite series to appear thru the whole schedule. Miranda fell in love with Ian, a local man who helped her as she searched for her father, James Whitcomb, a famous theatre actor she believed had a connection to the town. At his widow Margaret’s request, Miranda agrees to keep it a secret to protect the family from scandal.

A Bramble House Christmas

I’ve heard, over and again, how much people love this one. While settling his father’s estate, Finn Conrad becomes suspicious as to why the man left a nurse $50,000. His dad knew her for less than two months before he died. Just before Christmas, Finn wants what to reclaim what he considers his family’s money, going undercover to investigate the bed and breakfast the nurse has recently taken over.

A Godwink Christmas

One of the most watched premieres of 2018, this one isn’t available on DVD yet so if you want to catch it, you’d better check the schedule! As Christmas approaches, Paula, a St. Louis antique appraiser, reluctantly accepts a marriage proposal from her boyfriend Daniel. Sensing her reticence, her Aunt Jane invites Paula to her Nantucket home. When Paula visits nearby Martha’s Vineyard, she meets a charming inn owner, Gery, and enjoys the celebrating the holiday festivities with him. Although Paula develops feelings for Gery, she moves forward with her engagement, but Aunt Jane reminds her that sometimes we receive messages from above to help determine which direction life should take.

Which movie are you most excited about? See the full list in the Free Printable Schedule below!

Don’t forget the Hallmark Channel Christmas in July (12th-28th) Free Printable Schedule is Also Available!

June Weddings 2019 Movie Guide

Find out more about the five all-new movies coming to Hallmark Channel’s June Weddings Event!

Wedding at Graceland
Premieres Saturday June 1 9pm/8c
Starring Kellie Pickler and Wes Brown
When a spot opens up at Graceland Chapel, Laurel & Clay have only 3 weeks to plan their wedding. Their simple plans get all shook up as their very different families descend to help.

Watch Video

My Boyfriend’s Back: Wedding March 5
Premieres Saturday June 8 9pm/8c
Starring Jack Wagner, Cindy Busby, Tyler Hynes and Josie Bissett.
While planning her first wedding, Annalise is shocked to discover the best man is her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, inn owners Olivia and Mick both have secret plans in the works.

Go On Location

Love, Take Two
Premieres Saturday June 15 9pm/8c
Starring Heather Hemmens and Cornelius Smith Jr.
Lily produces a wedding reality show, but her success driven world is flipped when her ex, Scott, is cast as groom-to-be. Lily must revisit her past if she’s to find her own happily ever after.

Go On Location

The Last Bridesmaid
Premieres Saturday June 22 9pm/8c
Starring Rachel Boston and Paul Campbell
Becca is always a bridesmaid, but at her cousin’s wedding she bonds with Kyle, the videographer covering every stage of the planning. Perhaps she won’t be the last woman standing for long.

Find out More

Sister of the Bride
Premieres Saturday June 29 9pm/8c
Starring Becca Tobin and Ryan Rottman
After only 6 months of dating, Stephanie and Ben get engaged and are delighted to share the news. However, they hit a road bump when Stephanie’s parents show concern that the couple has moved too fast.

Crown Media

After a brief hiatus, the Hallmark Channel is back with all new movies this June. Hallmark is introducing four new movies for its June Weddings 2018 special. Read on for a schedule of which movies are airing, the times, and how to watch them.

To find out what channel Hallmark is on for you, to go to TV Guide’s listings. Then change the “Provider” (right under TV Listings) to your local provider. You’ll be able to scroll down to see what channel Hallmark is on for you. (To find out how to stream Hallmark’s movies live, see our story here.)

Marrying Mr. Darcy: Saturday, June 2, 9 p.m. Eastern

Crown Media

Hallmark’s synopsis reads: “Six months after they met at a Washington D.C. dog show, schoolteacher Elizabeth Scott and businessman Donovan Darcy are blissfully in love and newly engaged. With Donovan in agreement, she looks forward to planning a small autumn wedding with the help of her mother, sister, and Donovan’s Aunt Violet. But as the weeks fly by and the arrangements for the wedding grow more elaborate, Elizabeth feels the burden of expectations she will face as Mrs. Darcy. Worse still, Donovan himself is wrapped up in his work and increasingly unavailable to her. Reminded yet again of their differences in background and temperament, Elizabeth can’t help but ask herself: should she marry Mr. Darcy?”

Here’s a preview:

Preview – Marrying Mr. Darcy Starring Cindy Busby, Ryan PaeveyElizabeth and Donovan are very different people; she’s a down-to-earth high school teacher and he’s a reserved New York businessman. So, when they get engaged, their trip to the altar is lively and unpredictable. Find out more here: http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/marrying-mr-darcy 2018-05-16T03:47:21.000Z

And here’s a look back at the original movie:

How it All Began – Marrying Mr. Darcy – Hallmark ChannelGet ready for Mr. Darcy’s next chapter, “Marrying Mr. Darcy.” Take a look back at Ryan Peavy and Cindy Busby in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie, Unleashing Mr. Darcy. Find out more here: http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/june-weddings 2018-05-09T22:55:53.000Z

The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells: Saturday, June 9, 9 p.m. Eastern

Crown Media

This movie is the sequel to the beloved 2017 movie, The Perfect Bride. It premieres June 9 at 9 p.m. Eastern (8 p.m. Central.) The movie will star Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith. If you miss it, you can see encore presentations June 10 at 7 p.m. Eastern, June 16 at 7 p.m., June 17 at 3 p.m., and June 23 at 3 p.m.

Hallmark’s synopsis reads: “Newly engaged Nick and Molly are looking forward to their big day. After their overbooked wedding venue reserves the wrong date, they have six weeks to plan the wedding of their dreams. Things get even more complicated when Steven, who once left Molly at the altar, comes back into her life with a business offer that may be too good to turn down.”

If you want to see the first Perfect Bride movie, it will air June 9 at 7 p.m. Eastern and June 23 at 1 p.m.

Here’s a preview:

Preview – The Perfect Bride 2 – Hallmark ChannelPascale Hutton and Kavan Smith are back, starring in the sequel to “The Perfect Bride.” Find out more at http://www.hallmarkchannel.com 2018-03-11T02:41:38.000Z

And here’s a look back at the original movie:

How it All Began – The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells – Hallmark ChannelBefore the sequel, take a look back at Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith in the June Wedding’s original movie, The Perfect Bride. Find out more here: http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/june-weddings 2018-05-09T22:55:27.000Z

Love at First Dance: Saturday, June 16, 9 p.m. Eastern


This movie premieres June 16 at 9 p.m. Eastern (8 p.m. Central.) The movie will star Becca Tobin and Niall Matter. If you miss it, you can see encore presentations June 17 at 7 p.m. Eastern, June 23 at 7 p.m., and June 24 at 3 p.m.

Hallmark’s synopsis reads: “Hope is tasked with teaching Manhattan’s former “Most Eligible Bachelor” how to dance for his extravagant, society wedding. But as the dance lessons progress, complications ensue when feelings begin to develop between student and instructor.”

Here they are on the set of the movie:

Trends & Traditions: Love at First Dance: Getaway VehicleFrom the set of “Love at First Dance,” Becca Tobin and Niall Matter put their knowledge of weddings to the test in Hallmark Channel’s Trends &Traditions. Find out more here: http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/love-at-first-dance 2018-05-16T03:47:50.000Z

Trends &Traditions: Love at First Dance: Wedding Cake vs DonutsNiall Matter and Becca Tobin take turns putting their nuptial knowledge to the test. Find out more here: http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/love-at-first-dance 2018-05-16T03:47:41.000Z

Wedding March 4: Something Old, Something New: Saturday, June 23, 9 p.m. Eastern

Crown Media

This is the fourth in the Wedding March series! This movie premieres June 23 at 9 p.m. Eastern (8 p.m. Central.) The movie will star Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett. If you miss it, you can see encore presentations on June 24 at 7 p.m. Eastern and June 30 at 7 p.m.

Hallmark’s synopsis reads: “With a wedding to plan, an engagement party to throw, and an inn full of surprise guests, the road to true love for Olivia and Mick takes a few unexpected twists and turns.”

Here’s a look back at what’s happened before the fourth movie:

How it All Began – Wedding March 4 – Hallmark ChannelA new June Weddings movie, “The Wedding March: Something Old, Something New” is coming to Hallmark Channel. Go back to the start to get caught up on the story! Find out more here: http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/wedding-march-4-something-old-something-new 2018-05-16T03:48:36.000Z

There are still some more movies planned for this summer that we won’t be seeing in the June selection. For example, Debbie Gibson’s sequel to Summer of Dreams, called Wedding of Dreams, is happening sometime this summer.

We’re also expecting some additional summer movies, including the working titles Love on Safari (starring Lacey Chabert), Love on the Lido Deck (starring Alexa and Carlos PenaVega), a new Vineyard movie called Wedding in the Vineyard, and a Christmas keepsake movie in July.

Talk about a Christmas (in July) miracle: Hallmark Channel is airing more than 225 (!) of their best Christmas movies to get us feeling holly, jolly, and oh-so-bright from July 12 through July 28. Cool off from the summer heat with your snow-covered favorites made by Hallmark’s finest, including Candace Cameron Bure, Lacey Chabert, and Kellie Pickler. Starting at 2 p.m. on July 12, take a walk down Merry Lane with cheery movies from Christmases past, including their most-watched movie of 2018, A Shoe Addict’s Christmas. Because the only way to deal with sweltering hot temperatures is by pretending you’re cozied up in a winter wonderland all day, every day.

As a part of Hallmark’s Keepsake Christmas week, we’ll also get a sneak peek at the 40 brand-new movies that Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will release in October, November, and December during their Countdown to Christmas event. And if you can’t get enough of Hallmark’s holiday spirit, tune into Hallmark Movies & Mysteries for their Gold Crown movie marathon from June 28 through July 14 for more feel-good Christmas flicks, including Kathie Lee Gifford’s A Godwink Christmas and Chelsea Kane’s A Christmas for the Books.

If you’re as serious about Christmas as we are, bookmark this list so you know exactly what time your most-loved Christmas movies are on. (Spoiler alert: Hallmark is airing movies around-the-clock, so you might as well cancel the rest of your summer plans now.) Better yet, switch on the Hallmark Channel this second and leave it on from now until July 28 (or all the way through Christmas, for good measure). There’s plenty more Christmas cheer coming our way, so merry watching!

Hallmark Channel’s Christmas in July 2019 Schedule

All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST). *Denotes a network debut.

Friday, July 12

  • Christmas Next Door (2 p.m.)
  • Christmas in Love (4 p.m.)
  • Reunited at Christmas (6 p.m.)
  • Mingle All the Way (8 p.m.)
  • A Royal Christmas (10 p.m.)

Saturday, July 13

Sunday, July 14

Monday, July 15

Tuesday, July 16

Wednesday, July 17

Thursday, July 18

Friday, July 19

Saturday, July 20

Sunday, July 21

Monday, July 22

Tuesday, July 23

Wednesday, July 24

Thursday, July 25

Friday, July 26

Saturday, July 27

Sunday, July 28

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