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Head Over High Heels Season 15 Episode 22 Editor’s Rating 3 stars *** Photo: Jessica Brooks/ABC

Can we talk about Meredith and Alex and the friendship that will always, regardless of how ho-hum an episode is (this one is very ho-hum), bring me all of the joy? Listen, a small part of me will always want Meredith and Alex to end up together forever, but that is my burden to bear. I know, I know, it’s a shame I wear out in the open and you can come at me because I get it but also I can’t change it. We won’t talk about it anymore because tonight it’s all about their glorious friendship.

Jo has finally decided to come back to work, and Alex is worried about it. She looks worn down and is surly and immediately retreats to her lab. Alex still has no idea what’s going on with her. He feels completely helpless. In a truly heartbreaking scene for any longtime Grey’s fan, Alex tells Mer that this all feels too familiar. This is what happens to him: He’s happy with a woman, then she breaks, then she leaves him. It happened with Izzie. With Ava. With Lexie (I mean, this one was more complicated but, okay). It’s what happened with his mom. Alex is scared.

In the moment, Meredith assures her friend that this isn’t the same situation. Jo’s been through worse, and she’ll get through this. She also reminds him that when Mer needs space, he gives it to her. He needs to do the same for Jo. So it sounds like Meredith is telling Alex to just wait it out. But here’s the thing: Meredith sees that her friend is hurting, and she’s not just going to sit around and do nothing. Have you met Meredith Grey, ruiner of Alzheimer’s trials? But Meredith also isn’t going to embarrass Alex or Jo in the process. She’s not going to cause any additional drama (this show loves drama, its heroine does not). Meredith Grey is very stealth, you guys.

It’s Jackson who shows up to Jo’s lab looking for a little assistance with his spray-on-skin project. Jo thinks that Alex must have sent him, but as Jackson reveals later, it was actually Meredith. YOU GUYS. Meredith sent Jackson to help Jo in order to help Alex. In a rather dull episode, I was moved.

Of course, Jackson can’t help the situation much. Even though Jackson was the one who warned her that going after a birth parent might not be the greatest idea and he turned out to be right, Jo doesn’t want to open up to him. She especially doesn’t want to open up once he calls her out for being drunk at work. That water bottle she’s been carrying around all episode? It’s full of vodka. Jo goes on and on about how she took her happiness for granted and now she can never get it back but refuses to offer up details. They end things in a tense moment, with Jackson making sure Jo understands that if she comes back to this hospital drunk again, he won’t be so easy on her. If you thought Jo was spiraling before, this is a new low.

Alex comes home to find her still drinking and is furious. He’s over her pushing him away. If he loves her, he’d leave her alone, she says, but that doesn’t fly with Alex. “We’re not playing that game anymore,” he yells. He even threatens to go to Pittsburgh and find out what happened for himself. Jo snaps. If he ever makes a threat like that again, she tells him, she will leave him. Alex has his own ultimatum: If she shows up to work drunk again, he’ll tell Bailey. Maybe I just have a soft spot for Alex, but I really feel for him here. His wife is in pain and is being self-destructive, and he can’t do anything about it. Yes, Jo is allowed to take her time with this huge revelation, but Alex is entitled to his feelings, too. At this point, what will shake Jo out of this? Okay, now I’m the one who’s scared.

Tragedy is going around Grey Sloan tonight! Nico and Schmitt are scrubbing in together for a fairly simple procedure that is not at all simple to spell: a vertebroplasty! Nico will inject cement into the vertebrae of a healthy 21-year-old guy named Josh in order to stabilize a compression fracture. Nico is being extra arrogant as he preps for interviews with some prestigious ortho programs he’s considering once his fellowship with Link ends. Whenever a doctor is that sure of himself, you know something’s going wrong. So although the cement injection surgery (that’s my technical name for it) goes well, Josh collapses and crashes almost immediately after.

When they open Josh up, they find that some cement has leaked due to a mistake Nico made. He suffers a massive pulmonary-artery embolism and not even Maggie Pierce can save his life. Josh is the grandson of one of Bailey’s regulars, so when she discovers what has happened, she rightfully forces Nico to stand there and listen as she informs the grandfather, Pop-Pop, that Josh is gone. It’s awful! But instead of admitting how upset he is, Nico lashes out at Schmitt. Schmitt’s used to failure because it’s all he does, but Nico’s not. He won’t let this derail him or his dreams of an excellent ortho program. It’s so harsh! What is up with all these awful relationship fights tonight?

At least Webber has a story with a bright spot. Okay, sure, it starts with a patient who has a high heel lodged in her chest, but it works out in the end! This patient is Gemma (hi, Jasmine Guy!), and it turns out that Ollie was also Gemma’s sponsor. The last time Webber saw her she was celebrating 17 years sober, but since Ollie died Gemma’s been a mess, hence the red pump protruding from her chest.

She’s embarrassed and angry and wants nothing to do with Richard. But Richard, who knows how it feels to be lost without Ollie, won’t give up so easily. When Maggie’s called away to handle Nico’s emergency, Richard steps in and performs the surgery on Gemma. When she wakes up, she isn’t thrilled. The two get into an argument about being angry drunks, but it ends with them laughing and reminding themselves to take things day by day. See what I mean? Amid all the arguing and the crying and the Jo numbing her pain with vodka, that qualifies as a nice story!

Laughter Is the Best Medicine, Apart From Real Medicine

• You guys, I know some people out there aren’t exactly on the Merluca train, but come on! They are so happy and flirty, isn’t it nice to see Mer like this? Meredith even tells her kids about DeLuca! That’s a huge step! No longer the “sad man on the couch,” but Mommy’s boyfriend. What a time!

• “Just don’t be Bailey about it.” Wrong advice, Karev. If anything, Bailey being Bailey about things is what keeps this place running.

• There’s one silver lining in the Jo sadness saga: Jackson is inspired by her speech about not taking happiness and love for granted, and so he asks Maggie to move in with him. That blue room does miraculous things!

• Is Owen’s therapist a genius? Using Neuro Emotional Technique, he takes under an hour to figure out that Owen runs away from joy because of his father’s death when Owen was 10 years old. The healing process has begun. Hey, Doc, where were you in season five? HUH?

• I love Tom teasing Amelia for dating “Ortho Barbie,” but Amelia does have a point about Tom getting his hopes up with Teddy when there’s no way it’s going to happen. Tom’s about to inject stem cells into a paralyzed woman (remember Kari from the snowmobile accident?) to give her the use of her arms back, so he’s not scared by things deemed “inevitable.” Sorry, Tommy, the inevitability of Teddy and Owen is beyond science. (Also we’re still waiting to hear how Kari takes to the stem cells, but for her child Toby’s sake, I hope we find out soon!)

• My wish for you is to experience the pure happiness that Bailey exudes upon realizing that a woman who has two uteri is giving birth on a CT machine in her hospital. Bless Avi and her “I didn’t know I was pregnant” story line.

Sob Scale: 3/10
You don’t name a character “Pop-Pop” and have him come in to watch his grandson have surgery if something awful isn’t going to befall this nice, friendly man. Not on this show! Sorry Pop-Pop, your tragedy was written in the Grey’s stars.

For one pair of couples, Grey’s Anatomy’s Season of Love was in full bloom in Thursday’s episode. For another pair, it appeared that the season was — and maybe the relationships were — as good as over. Was there any coming back from what transpired between Alex and Jo, and Levi and Nico? Read on, and after we’ve gone through the blow-by-blow, you can answer that question in the comments.

‘IS IT WEIRD HAVING SEX WITH A CARTOON CHARACTER?’ | As “Head Over High Heels” began, DeLuca got caught by Zola while he was sneaking out of Mer’s bedroom in the middle of the night. (You can watch the scene here.) When he went back in to inform his girlfriend that he’d been spotted, she took it fairly well, though it did mess up her plan to tell the kids about him over ice cream. As it was, the moppets only knew DeLuca from his post-Sam stint “as the sad guy from the couch.” The following morning, as Nico excitedly prepared to interview for a job in San Francisco, Levi eagerly suggested that he instead try to land a position in Seattle. Nearby, into the hospital walked a woman named Gemma (Jasmine Guy) who’d gone out dancing, had a few shots too many, taken off her shoes to make it up the stairs to her apartment and then fell on them, impaling herself with a stiletto! Richard, we soon learned, knew Gemma from AA. In fact, Ollie had also been her sponsor.

After Jo showed up for work looking like death warmed over, Alex, who was waiting for the extremely rare blood that Gus needed for his transfusion, predicted the worst for himself and his wife. He knew the drill, he told Meredith. The women he loves are “happy for a while, then they break, and then they leave me.” Have faith, his person replied, that “it’s not happening again.” In the lab, Koracick teased Amelia about her romance with “Ortho Barbie.” But, though she admitted that he wasn’t her type — a jock? Come on! — he was great. The sex was great. And as an added bonus, nobody cried after they were done. So the whole thing confused her. Suddenly, Tom got it: “He’s your Altman,” he said. In other words, someone so good and unbroken and kind that Amelia thinks he couldn’t possibly be right for her when he just plain is. Speaking of Altman, Amelia warned her pal not to get too attached. (A bit late for that!) “Owen and Teddy are inevitable,” she declared. However, since Koracick was headed into the O.R. with Link and Amelia to perform an experimental procedure that might give Carrie back the use of her arms, he wasn’t fazed. “Inevitable,” he insisted, “doesn’t scare me.” (On an unrelated note, how beautiful was Toby’s monologue about how hyper aware of their hands and feet they were since their mother’s accident.)

‘DOES IT INVOLVE ELECTRIC SHOCKS OF ANY KIND?’ | In therapy, Owen tried to make sense of his wanting to be with Amelia, then Teddy, then Amelia again after accidentally blowing things up with Teddy in Germany. Wait, accidentally? “Was it an accident?” asked his therapist. Owen wasn’t dumb and didn’t like hurting people. So why would he have blown it up? The therapist suspected that his patient was caught in a pattern, one that he could break free of if they could discover the event that caused the pattern to be formed. Using the NET technique — in which the therapist pushed down on Owen’s outstretched arm in order to detect stress-related responses as he asked questions — the therapist found that Germany triggered a response. “Do you feel distrustful of Teddy?” he asked. Had he ever felt distrustful of her? (Maybe Teddy is Owen’s Altman, too.) The patient was sure that they should be looking for trauma farther back, like during the Iraq war.

The therapist, however, went even father back than that, bringing Owen to age 10 and his science-bee victory. It was “the best I ever felt,” he said, choked up. Thing was, it didn’t sound to his therapist like it had been the best he ever felt. As the two of them dug deeper, Owen shared that that wondrous day had also been the day that his mother had told him that his father had died. As a result, Owen had never told her about his win; he’d been too ashamed to have felt happy at such a tragic moment. Aha, the therapist didn’t say but might as well have. Owen could have then gone forward undermining and stopping any feelings of happiness he might have experienced before the bad news that was sure to follow it could swoop in and ruin it. Major breakthrough for Owen! At the end of the day, Teddy, prompted by Megan, texted her babydaddy to make sure he was OK. He was, he assured her. The session had been hard but good.

‘I HAD ALL THIS HAPPY, AND I JUST TOSSED IT ASIDE’ | Recruited by Jackson to do what turned out to be grunt work, Jo refused to talk to him about Pittsburgh. “You were right” was all she’d say before observing that “this is a lab where boring things go to get more boring.” Still, Jackson persevered in hopes that he could make her feel “one drop less crappy.” Finally, when not guessing that Karev had asked him to talk to her, she opened up. Well, a crack. “I told you not to go looking if everything is OK,” Jackson reminded her, “so maybe everything was not OK.” But it had been, she insisted. She’d had Alex and her career, and she’d taken them for granted; now it felt impossible to get them back. Except, Jackson noted, she still had those things. And Alex would love to help her, so why wouldn’t she communicate with him? “‘Cause it would only hurt and not help,” she insisted. At last, Jackson admitted that it had been Mer who’d asked him to check on Jo, and it had been a good thing that she had. “You came to work drunk,” he pointed out. “You’re still drunk.” What’s more, if “you set foot in this hospital drunk again, you’re not gonna be met with compassion.”

When Alex returned home at the end of the day, stunned that Jo had been blotto at work, he again beseeched her to talk to him. “If you love me, you will let me… ” she began, vodka in hand. But this time, he wasn’t playing the “If you love me, you’ll… ” game. They’d been fine before she went to Pittsburgh, he noted, temper flaring. “So how about I go to Pittsburgh and find out what the hell happened to my wife? Huh?” At that, anger flashed in Jo’s bleary eyes. “I will talk to you when I’m ready to talk to you,” she said coldly, “and if you ever threaten to go to Pittsburgh again, I will leave you.” Oh, Jo. Nooo… In response, Alex drew a line in the sand. “If you ever come to work drunk again,” he said, “I’ll tell Bailey.” And something told me one of them would be sleeping on the sofa that evening… and maybe for quite a few evenings thereafter.

‘YOU’RE REALLY BATTING A THOUSAND TODAY’ | Circling back to DeLuca’s run-in with Zola, Mer asked if he even liked kids. Was she kidding, though? Based on his past interactions with 16 younger cousins, “your problem’s not going to be that I don’t like kids,” he told her. “Your problem’s gonna be that your kids might like me more than you!” While Bailey dealt with the fallout from Tuck hurting his father’s feelings by calling Ben dad, she got swept into the case of a woman who was surprised to find herself giving birth a day after she’d had her period. Since Dahlia had ordered a CT before anyone knew the patient was expecting, Miranda was able to discover that she had two uteri and was only pregnant in one. And right on cue, Mer and DeLuca delivered the newborn baby boy!

How had Bailey told Tuck that she was dating Ben? Grey asked later. In response, Miranda told her not to make a big deal of it. “All wants to know is that you’re there for her,” she said, “and you’re not going anywhere no matter what.” Afterwards, DeLuca reported to Bailey that Dahlia had administered a pregnancy test, but since the patient had been so sure that she wasn’t pregnant, they hadn’t waited for the results. “Trust but verify” what the patient thinks, she reminded him so that his girlfriend wouldn’t have to. That evening, Mer sat down her kids to tell them that they’d be seeing more of DeLuca. And no, he wouldn’t be sleeping on the couch again. Zola immediately guessed that he was her mom’s boyfriend, and there was a good deal of “Ew!” about the prospect of the couple kissing. (Won’t someone think of the cooties?!?) But the kids took the news in stride. Zola only had one request: “Can he leave his guitar at home?”

‘JUST BECAUSE I MADE IT LOOK EASY DOESN’T MEAN IT WAS’ | After Nico once again impressed Levi with his surgical prowess, the would-be ortho god was dealt a blow when his patient, 21-year-old Josh, collapsed post-op en route to the bathroom. At the same time, Gemma made it clear to Richard and Maggie that she wanted nothing to do with him. After losing Ollie, he’d had his wife and kids. She’d had nada. And now she had a stiletto in her chest and a bottle of tequila waiting for her, she said. Before Maggie operated to remove the shoe, her dad told her that the last time he’d seen Gemma, she’d been getting a cake for 17 years of sobriety. He guessed that after Ollie died, Gemma, like him, had stopped going to meetings for a while. Only in her case, she’d fallen off the wagon.

Suddenly, Maggie had to run off to try to fix Nico’s mistake on Josh. It was OK, Richard said. He’d stay off of Gemma’s case as she wished, and would just talk Dahlia through the prodedure. Or so he said. Instead, he operated on Gemma himself. After he admitted to her that he’d done so, she threatened to sue, prompting him to call her an ungrateful, “stubborn drunk.” And just like that, they were laughing like old friends. Richard even encouraged her to start over at one day of sobriety. Meanwhile, Maggie found that she couldn’t undo or correct what Nico had done — Josh died on the table. “You made a mistake on a healthy 21-year-old man,” Bailey told Nico, the words hitting him like punches. “That man is now dead.” So he was going to accompany her to break the news to Josh’s grandfather, Pop Pop, a longtime patient of hers. “If you’re a good surgeon, you’ll remember it,” she said, “and you’ll never make this mistake again.”

‘I LOVE YOU… I DON’T WANT TO MISS IT’ | As the hour drew to a close, Maggie, exhausted, joined Jackson in the blue room. When he suggested they go to his place and order in, she noted that she needed clothes from her place, and she was so tired, she might just stay there. “Move in with me,” he said, turning to her. Off his conversations with Jo, he was determined not to take Maggie or their love for each other for granted. And based on her smile, I think it’s safe to say they’d very soon be living together. After Link, Tom and Amelia’s experimental procedure, it remained unclear whether Carrie would regain the use of her arms. Before she set off to ingest a culinary abomination with Link — sushi burritos… eesh! — she spent a last moment with Koracick to express her worry about how high he had his hopes up with Teddy. But “hope scares you,” he said. “That’s why you’re hiding behind a very pretty, very decent guy to cover the fact that you’re still hung up on Owen Hunt.” Amelia didn’t deny that she had lingering feelings for her ex. But she wasn’t using Link, she said. She was just choosing an “easier, softer” path, something she advised Tom to consider doing, too.

Last but not least, despite having had a day that shook him to his core, Nico still intended to do his Skype interview for his dream job. Why didn’t he just email them? asked Levi. Then they could get out of there and forget the horrors of the day. No way would Nico do that, he snapped, adding a layer of “Ugh!” to an already-ugly day. “You don’t get it,” he yelled at his boyfriend, “’cause you let failure hold you back your whole life. It’s basically your entire identity. It’s not mine.” And with that, he began his interview as if he hadn’t just been a total d—, and let Levi slip out of the room with a whole new — and not-remotely-appealing — perspective on his beau. So, what did you think of “Head Over High Heels”? Is the show going to break up Alex and Jo? Levi and Nico? (And please not my favorite… ) Teddy and Tom? Hit the comments with your thoughts/concerns/hopes/theories.

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  • Grey’s Anatomy episode 22 of season 15 was mighty intense on Thursday night.
  • The episode had many events that got fans fired up — especially, the fight between Alex and Jo.
  • Owen also sparked controversy when he visited a therapist on the episode.

Meredith kicked off Grey’s Anatomy last night pointing out all the things people take for granted — hearts, ears, eyes, and much more. Safe to say, after the craziness that ensued in episode 22, fans will never, ever take any moment of peace during season 15 for granted again.

The episode had so many memorable moments last night, including when little Zola caught half-dressed DeLuca, a.k.a. Meredith’s lover or “the sad guy on the couch,” trying to sneak out the door. The hilarious moment did not go unnoticed, especially with fans who are still not on board with #MerLuca:

Zola giving DeLuca the stank eye is ME, and the rest of the non #MerLuca shippers 🤣 #GreysAnatomy

— Miranda Miller (@mrandamiller517) April 19, 2019

This was Zola & Deluca when she saw him coming out of Meredith’s room :
😂😂 #GreysAnatomy

— Alex R. (@AlexTheGreatzz) April 19, 2019

“Can he leave his gutair at home?” Line of the season Zola😂🤣 #GreysAnatomy

— Kayla🎬💻📽📺 (@tunedin2_) April 19, 2019

“Zola giving DeLuca the stank eye is ME,” one fan tweeted. Others found it hilarious when Zola asked if DeLuca could leave his guitar at home from now on (come on, we were all thinking it).

Of course, this awkward encounter forces Meredith to address her relationship status with DeLuca. In the end, Meredith admits to Zola that, yes, DeLuca is her boyfriend, but, no, he’s not sleeping on the couch.

While the whole MerLuca situation was talked about quite a bit, nothing got people more fired up than the Alex and Jo storyline. Jo, having been in a lot of emotional pain over the past few episodes, showed up to work drunk after returning from Pittsburgh. Jackson then warned Jo that if she ever came into the hospital in that condition again, it would be her last time.

Sadly, Jo’s spiral continued and led to a heated fight with Alex at the end of the episode. When Alex threatened to fly to Pittsburgh and find out what happened while she was there, she says she’ll leave him if he does. Alex returned fire, promising that he’d report her if she ever came back to Grey Sloan drunk.

Fans were split — some sided with Alex, saying he was only trying to help. Others, though, seemed sympathetic to Jo’s struggles. But there’s one thing that everyone appears to agree on: No one will be okay if Alex and Jo end up breaking up, so their fighting really needs to end … like, now.

I know this is late, but if Jo and Alex get a divorce over this parent mess, I will stop watching. #GreysAnatomy

— Stephanie Hardy (@QueenStephHardy) April 19, 2019

I’m not liking Jo’s story at all right now! #GreysAnatomy

— Linda Vasquez (@lindyloo_v59) April 19, 2019

I’ve always liked Jo, but this storyline is getting on my last nerve…. get it together! #GreysAnatomy

— Amber Blackman (@AmberBlackman11) April 19, 2019

“If Jo and Alex get a divorce over this parent mess, I will stop watching,” one fan promised. Many more chimed in to note that they really didn’t like the “storyline” taking place between the two.

Besides Jo and Alex, Owen also went through the wringer for the latest episode. Owen, while in therapy, opens up about when he won an award in school and lost his dad in the same day. He then comes to the terrible realization that he doesn’t trust joy in his life. The whole thing ends with Owen sobbing, and many fans conflicted over whether or not they should be sympathetic to him (given his problematic behavior in the past).

I have a LOT of issues with this Owen storyline on #GreysAnatomy, as brilliantly as Kevin McKidd may be playing it… I feel like it’s rewriting a lot of Owen/Cristina history.

— Brittany Kaplan (@BrittanyLKaplan) April 19, 2019

“I have never liked Owen. I did not want to like Owen … why are you making me empathetic to Owen?” one fan asked. “I have a LOT of issues with this Owen storyline,” another added.

Crazy, crazy times at Grey Sloan. We can only hope that things turn around for the better before the season 15 finale (on May 16). Sigh.

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More About the Kitchen

Recently, I wrote a column about how kitchens are perceived by black women who were born with nappy hair. As a confirmed napologist, I felt it necessary to enlighten my readers by putting the kitchen into its proper cultural context.

I explained that for many black women born with nappy hair, the kitchen is not just a place where food is cooked but it was the place where our hair was cooked. When we were young, the kitchen was where we went to undergo the unpleasant ritual of having our nappy hair straightened with the dreaded hot comb.

But if I am to stay true to my side profession I cannot stop there. The kitchen has still another cultural connotation for people with nappy hair.

The kitchen, dear readers, is also the nickname for the hair that resides at the nape of our necks. It is the place where our most rebellious kinks congregate. Hair that takes root and grows in our kitchens is the nappiest, curliest, kinkiest and the most resistant to change.

We already know that in unenlightened circles, nappiness is viewed as an unacceptable hair texture and the word “nappy” is a pejorative term. In that context, you can imagine how much our nappy kitchens are viewed with disdain. Those of us who are deeply afflicted with nap denial have gone through great lengths to obliterate that shameful section of our heads. If it took a double dose of chemicals or removal by razor to keep our kitchens in the closet, it was worth it.

But negative perceptions notwithstanding, the kitchen was a powerful place.

It was the area that my mother struggled with most during my hot comb rite of passage. While the hair on the rest of my head readily surrendered to the smoking hot comb, my kitchen did not give up without a fight.

I have a name of honor for my kitchen hair. I call it “Nap Turner.” My Nap Turner hair reminds me of the heroic slave Nat Turner who rebelled against oppression. “Nap Turner,” my nappy “hairo,” righteously rebels against being o-pressed by hot combs and chemical relaxers.

Even the nap-savvy Afro pick has lost a few teeth during expeditions into our kitchens. And pity our love partners of another hue who expected smooth sailing when they tried to run their fingers through our hair. When they passionately navigated their way into the density of our kitchens they were unexpectedly thrown off “coarse.” Much like disappearing into the void of the Bermuda Triangle, those probing fingers got forever lost in the kitchen kink!

Our kitchens have been such a deeply rooted institution that they have even commanded the respect of the Ivy League. Henry Louis Gates Jr., the esteemed Harvard professor, paid homage in his memoir, “Colored People.”

“If there was ever one part of our African past that resisted assimilation, it was the kitchen,” Brother Gates proclaims. “No matter how hot the iron, no matter how powerful the chemical, no matter how stringent the mashed-potatoes-and-lye formula of a man’s “process,” neither God nor woman nor Sammy Davis Jr., could straighten the kitchen.

The kitchen was permanent, irredeemable, invincible kink. Unassimilably African. No matter what you did, no matter how hard you tried, nothing could de-kink a person’s kitchen.”

How’s that for validation?

If a Harvard intellectual can celebrate the wonderful condition of our kitchens then why should we take heat from those who don’t have a clue?

Contact Linda or read her bio.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: These Jo and Alex Theories Explain What Happens to the Karevs After Justin Chambers Leaves

Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) has one of the best character arcs on Grey’s Anatomy. After 16 seasons of growth, Alex went from evil spawn to Meredith Grey’s (Ellen Pompeo) person and supportive husband of Jo Karev (Camilla Luddington) — aka Jo Wilson. However, Chambers recently announced his departure from the show. And Alex’s last appearance in the 350th episode on Nov. 14 is reportedly Chambers’ final episode. So what will happen to Jo and Alex on Grey’s Anatomy moving forward? Fans tried to give JoLex an ending they truly deserve while making sense of the current storyline.

Alex will die in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Justin Chambers and Camilla Luddington as Alex and Jo on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

As Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 stands now, Alex and Jo’s story seems unfinished. Fans last saw the character defending Meredith during her medical license hearing. Alex also didn’t show up in the midseason finale, as he was taking care of his mother in Iowa.

Meanwhile, the couple has been in a good spot recently. Alex supported Jo throughout season 15. The topic of having children has also been teased on the show. And before the hiatus, Jo stole a baby from the firehouse. But basically, fans don’t think Jo and Alex will break up or get divorced anytime soon.

That said, the up-in-the-air storylines and Alex’s abrupt departure from Grey’s Anatomy have fans speculating Alex’s death in the winter premiere.

“It’s almost definite that they killed him off-screen during the car accident,” a Reddit user wrote. “His final scene was already shown and the last scene was the car crashing into Joe’s. I can see them pulling a George and having Alex saving someones life but dies and all we see is a body covered by a sheet.”

Now, everyone wants Jo and Alex to receive a happy ending. But if Alex does die, then some fans suggested Jo will undergo some major development on her own, possibly giving her “more angst for next season.”

Jo and Alex will move away together for a big opportunity

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In case you haven’t heard… we’re turning 16 this month… #greysanatomy #season16 #sweet16 #CuzImJustATeenageDirtbagBaby

A post shared by Camilla Luddington (@camillaluddington) on Sep 5, 2019 at 11:47am PDT

Now, most Grey’s Anatomy fans are hoping for Jo and Alex to receive a happily ever after — even if it happens offscreen. And multiple individuals suggested that the couple will receive a big opportunity for their career, similar to what happened with Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh).

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they make it so Jo or Alex gets a once in a lifetime offer and they move away sort of like what they did with ,” a fan on Reddit wrote. “It’s the most graceful departure this show can do.”

Meanwhile, another fan offered another theory that could bring Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) back.

“I just can’t picture Alex and Jo not be together, not after everything they been through already,” a fan wrote. “Let them move to New York, where Alex can take over a children’s hospital, with Jo working at the same hospital as Callie. They’ll work alongside Callie and Arizona. Alex would never walk out on Jo, so the option is to either have her leave as well, or let him die.”

They continued: “First option would mean happy ending for them. But now we might not get to see him as a dad, unless they adopt the firestation baby. They move away, with Jo revealing that she’s pregnant. Happy ending for Alex, with a great new job, wife and kid/kids. Maybe this is why he has been underused all season.”

Jo and Alex will move closer to Alex’s mom and start a family

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❤️❤️❤️ #GreysAnatomy

A post shared by Grey’s Anatomy Official (@greysabc) on Oct 31, 2019 at 5:59pm PDT

As mentioned, Alex is caring for his mother, whose health has worsened, in the Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 midseason finale. And some fans think this throwaway line outlines what happens to Jo and Alex when the show returns.

“My hope is that Jo is gonna tell everyone that Alex’s mom is sick and he’s gonna stay there to take care of her indefinitely,” a Reddit user wrote. “Later on, Jo will decide to move to Iowa with him and start a new life there.”

The fan also predicted Jo will still have to deal with the consequences of stealing the baby. So the couple will do long-distance for some time. But eventually, Jo will reunite with Alex and the two will start a family in the midwest.

“Depending on what the aftermath is with her stealing the safe haven baby, she’ll take the baby with her and they can be a family,” the fan continued. “Or they’ll decide they want to start their family in Iowa away from Seattle. At least this way, we’ll know that they’re parents even if it’s not on screen.”

No matter what happens to Jo and Alex on Grey’s Anatomy, it’s going to be heartbreaking. The two characters have been through so much during their lifetimes on the show. So it’ll be difficult to see how Alex’s departure affects things moving forward. Regardless, we’re excited to see what showrunner Krista Vernoff has planned. Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 returns on Thursday, Jan. 23. So stay tuned.

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Just in time for Grey’s Anatomy to take its winter break, Meredith returned to work in Thursday’s “Let’s All Go to the Bar.” But the episode wasn’t all choruses of “For She’s a Jolly Good Doctor.” On the contrary, the action-packed fall finale also dropped a baby in Jo’s arms, sped up the swirling of Maggie’s downward spiral and gave DeLuca some stiff competition for Grey — courtesy of Cristina! Read on…

‘IT’S WEIRD SPENDING ALL YOUR TIME IN A PLACE MOST PEOPLE HATE’ | As the hour began, Mer was texting with Cristina, who wrote that she’d sent a package; being welcomed back by her Grey Sloan colleagues; and throwing shade at DeLuca. “I was gonna tell you ,” she said, “but you were too busy dumping me.” While outside Catherine, as far as I know still unaware that Jaggie is finito, got an eyeful of Jackson flirting with Vic, inside Amelia and Link, and Levi and Nico, were busy canoodling. When Amelia and Link came up for air, Jo related that she’d become a safe haven volunteer and had just gotten her first call that a baby had been dropped off at a fire station. While Maggie, still shaken after losing Sabi, treated Elliot, who was set to receive his fourth aortic valve replacement, Bailey discovered that her patient of the week was Station 19’s Captain Herrera, who feared that his cancer had returned. Meredith was about to discuss a tumor with 13-year-old patient Jamie and her mom when she was interrupted by Cormac Hayes (Richard Flood), the newly-minted chief of pediatric surgery. And, at Pac-North, when not noticing how handsy Gemma was with Richard, Owen stepped in for an absent Alex to give Dr. Daphne Lopez a walk-through in hopes of enticing her to join the staff.

At Station 19, Jo met Vic and kinda freaked her out by calling her Jackson’s girlfriend. “Did he… say something?” asked Vic. Then, as the firefighters got called away, Jo was handed the baby in need by Ben. At Grey Sloan, Maggie asked Teddy to scrub in on her valve replacement and grew increasingly anxious about the possibility of losing Elliot, who’d just — and I mean just — become a dad. (His significant other was still icing her lady parts, that’s how new the newborn was.) Meanwhile, Miranda discovered that Chief Herrera had a tumor, which she refused to let him assume was malignant. Off Catherine’s awkward meeting with Vic, Jackson explained that he and Maggie had broken up months ago, but his mom didn’t have to worry about it affecting her marriage. She, in turn, said that she didn’t know how much longer her marriage would be an issue — she was duly suspicious of his relationship with Gemma. Oh, come on, said Jackson. Richard would lie down in traffic for his wife! “I might ask him to,” she snarked.

‘PREGNANCY CLUB JUST GOT LESS FUN’ | During a coffee break/impromptu AA meeting with Gemma at Pac-North, Richard learned that she’d started to drink when she became a young widow. At Station 19, Jo was struck by the surreal situation in which she found herself, caring for a baby who, like her, had been abandoned as a newborn. “We prefer the term ‘surrendered,’” Ben told her, because the parent(s) didn’t feel they could care for the child. (Anyone not expecting Jo to want to adopt this baby?) When Helm and Schmitt argued about his ratting out Mer as they wheeled Elliot to the O.R., he asked them 1) to lay off and b) to take him past the nursery so he could get what might be his last peek at his baby. (Damn, this episode jumped around a lot!) While comparing notes on her pregnancy with Amelia, Bailey was shocked to learn that her colleague hadn’t had an ultrasound yet. “Best way to fight fear is with information,” Miranda told her. “You can’t fix what you don’t know.” Treating Jamie, Mer clashed big time with Cormac. “Who are you, exactly?” he asked, six feet of bad attitude in a lab coat. Later, before bringing the “surrendered” baby to Grey Sloan, Jo told Ben that she’d hoped being a safe haven volunteer would help her better understand her mother; it had not. “Link thinks this is too much, too soon,” she admitted. And it appeared that he might have been right. In the O.R., Maggie got seriously snippy with a chatty Teddy. As soon as Altman was called away, Pierce realized that — uh-oh — Elliot’s heart wasn’t restarting. Thankfully, Teddy returned in time to suggest that if they waited a while, it still could.

Hilariously, when Catherine arrived at Pac-North, she had to tell a nurse who she was — and was informed that Richard was having coffee with “his wife.” After Cormac scared Jamie and her mom to death with talk of the possibility that her tumor was cancer, Meredith all but face-palmed. Meanwhile, Link almost laughed at DeLuca for telling Mer to “take some time” because they weren’t equals — duh, of course they weren’t — and strongly advised him to go undo whatever he’d done, stat. When Bailey was informing Chief Herrera that he had lymphoma, she began bleeding. By the time Ben got there, sadly, she had lost the baby. When it turned out that Jamie didn’t have cancer, Mer informed Cormac that he was in her house and told him that she was going to remove the mass — which turned out to be a gall stone?!? — right then and there. At Pac North, Richard warned Owen against getting too chummy with the lovely Daphne; Webber knew firsthand what a slippery slope that was. Meeting Jackson for lunch, Catherine announced that Richard was having an affair — just because he had been in his office with Gemma with the door closed. Back at Grey Sloan, Bailey begged Ben to go home, go drink with his buddies, anything but stick around “with those sad, beautiful eyes.” Immediately after, she learned that Amelia was getting her ultrasound imminently, and rather than scare her, said that she had elected to find out the gender of the baby: It’s a girl, Miranda said. Or it had been.

IN CLOSING | As the episode drew to a conclusion, Teddy explained to Elliot’s babymama that they weren’t sure how long it would take his heart to restart. In response, the poor woman asked a distraught Maggie what had happened. More like demanded to know — and Pierce couldn’t take it. “I would like to tender my resignation,” she told Koracick afterwards. “I had a bad feeling. I can’t be a surgeon if I can’t trust my own gut.” When he immediately offered Teddy Maggie’s position as cardio chief, she launched into a speech about how he had to stop offering her things in hopes of obtaining a future with her. That wasn’t what he was doing, he said. But he would marry her in a heartbeat — whereas Owen had yet to propose, he noted. Cormac at last showed a sweeter side, telling Jamie not to worry about the boy she liked — his sons and all boys her age were basically scared of girls. Catherine texted Richard that she was leaving for Chicago on foundation business. When Link showed up at Jo and Alex’s, the baby was there. It appeared that she was keeping him, or hoping to. Finally, Cristina texted Mer that the package she’d sent wasn’t an it, it was a him — she’d basically sent Cormac, aka McWidow. At Amelia’s ultrasound, Carina revealed that the mom-to-be wasn’t 20 weeks pregnant, she was 24 — meaning that the baby was… aw, crap! Owen’s?!? And a car crashed into Joe’s Bar while Jackson, Ben, Chief Herrera, Levi, Nico, Helm, Casey and Blake were all there, setting the stage for .

So, what did you think of Grey’s fall finale? Grade it in the poll below, then weigh in with your reaction to the Grey’s/Station 19 crossover promo above.

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Bad news travelled slowly in Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy. Two months after Maggie quit Grey Sloan (kidding — I know it’s only been days in Grey’s time!), Richard learned that his daughter had traded the operating room for the unemployment line. In other developments, Amelia broke it to Link that there was a chance that their baby wasn’t actually his, and despite the twinkle in Cormac’s eye whenever he spoke with Meredith, she began to wonder whether she’d made a mistake by declaring herself dumped by DeLuca when all he’d actually asked her to do was take a hot minute and give their relationship some thought. But, of course, those are just the headlines. If you read on, we’ll get as deep into the nitty-gritty as Grey Sloan’s docs do a patient’s chest cavity during open-heart surgery!

‘SEATTLE IS KINDA WELL-KNOWN FOR ITS COFFEE’ | As “A Hard Pill to Swallow” began, Meredith was texting Cristina, who was playing coy about her “gift.” When the present in question entered the doctors’ lounge, Cormac put even greater distance between himself and his crankypants introduction at Grey Sloan by helping Amelia tie her shoe and offering Mer coffee. (I know it sounds simple, but the twinkle in his eye as he did it — as he does most everything — really sold it.) “That is a very well-wrapped gift,” Amelia cracked after he left the lounge. Seemingly determined to turn a blind eye to McWidow’s appeal, Mer grumpily re-untied Amelia’s shoe. (If they say romance is dead, that’s why!) Afterwards, Mer grumbled to DeLuca that she hadn’t liked being told to take some time, but — in Italian, she added — she missed him. She didn’t have to, he noted; he hadn’t dumped her. Outside the hospital, Amelia broke it to Link that she was more pregnant than she thought, which meant that he might not be the father. “I don’t need a paternity test to know that I want to be with you, she assured him. “You have yet to make me cry. I’m in love with you, Link.” Even if Owen did turn out to be the dad, that wasn’t going to change.

Back at work after taking some time to process her recent miscarriage, Bailey teamed up with DeLuca to treat a mother of two named Suzanne (Suits’ Sarah Rafferty), who wasn’t recovering from her appendectomy as expected. She kept spiking a fever every night, therefore she couldn’t be sent home… which was where she was desperately needed since her girls’ dad had died only a year ago. In the pit, Cormac, who seemed not to even know who Cristina was, partnered with Mer to treat a 17-year-old who was coughing up blood. After some tests were run, the docs remained mystified. Elsewhere, Teddy wept to Owen that she’d lost her engagement ring. Though he allowed that his mom might kill his fiancée, it’d be OK — they’d find it. Elsewhere, Link, Jo and Jackson treated an idiot who capped a night of drinking at a local bar by swallowing a goldfish that turned out not to be a goldfish. While all this was going on, Richard showed up at Mer’s and suggested Maggie join him for breakfast. But upon seeing her disheveled state, he decided, uh, maybe they’d eat in — he’d cook. Which he could do, he added. A mess, Maggie didn’t want to accept his forgiveness for “killing” Sabi. “I’m useless and mean and awful,” she cried. She preferred to go back to him not being able to look at her.

‘YOU CAN LOVE HER AND BE MAD AT HER AT THE SAME TIME’ | Later, Bailey and DeLuca freaked out Suzanne’s kids — not hospital fans after losing their dad — by insisting on doing a CT and keeping her for another night. Before operating on the dude who’d swallowed the poisonous fish, Link assured Jo that he was cool with Amelia not having a paternity test; he liked Owen, and the baby would have, like, eight parents. Jo was stunned that Link could be — or insist he was — so chill, and told him that he could be in love with and incensed with Amelia at the same time. “Both things can be true.” Treating the blood-spewing teen, Cormac confessed to Mer that he always gets testy this time of year. “It’s when I lost mom — cancer. So I hope we can start over.” Certainly, she understood. And soon, they understood why the young jock had the lungs of a 60-year-old: He was vaping. After filling in the boy’s father and friends, Cormac deferred to Mer when she recommended a different course of treatment than he did. By and by, Teddy and Owen discovered that Leo had swallowed her ring. Hey, at least he wasn’t an adult who swallowed a poison fish.

Back at Mer’s, Richard admitted that he hadn’t been able to look at Maggie after Sabi died not because she’d “killed” his niece but because he’d pushed her to operate. But it wasn’t his fault — at all, Maggie countered. She hadn’t asked the right questions, and because Pac-North’s protocol was different than Grey Sloan’s, her cousin was dead. “I was arrogant and blinded by emotion,” she said. And when she pleaded again to be left alone, her father complied. In the O.R., Mer’s course of treatment didn’t work out, so Cormac leapt in with his. He’d been in a similar situation with his Swiss boss, a Dr. Yang — did he really not know her first name? Or any better than to tell her person she was an absolute nightmare? Bailey and DeLuca ran into still more trouble with Suzanne, too. While she was getting an MRI, she began coding. Once she was stable, she reassured her petrified kids that she wasn’t sick like their daddy had been, and these doctors were going to figure out what was wrong. “Create a war room,” Bailey ordered DeLuca. “We are not letting this mother die.” After fish guy came out of surgery, his fiancée came roaring in and dumped him for his stupidity. “When somebody shows you who they are over and over,” she yelled in front of Link, “you believe them.”

‘FAMILY DOESN’T OPERATE ON FAMILY’ | Maggie thought she’d gotten rid of her dad, but he came back with more food. “Please just yell — be mad at me,” she begged him. She wanted all the punishment that was coming her way. Instead of RSVP yes to her pity party, Richard recalled that when he was temperamental as a kid, his mother would suggest they eat, then talk about it. So that was what he was doing with her. Once they’d had at least a little bite, Richard told Maggie definitively that it was his fault. He knew the rules, and he’d broken them by all but forcing his daughter to operate on her cousin. She’d settle with his brother, letting him feel that some justice had been done by Sabi, and she’d never make the same mistake again. It happened to every doctor at some awful point or another. Back at Grey Sloan, Owen suggested to Teddy that they keep the ring in a safe for special occasions, and instead she’d wear a necklace with the family’s initials on it.

As Cormac outlined the long road to recovery the teen vaper faced, he reassured the kid’s dad that he wasn’t stupid, e-cigarettes are just evil. After riding Bailey all day, Koracick finally got an earful from her: She had a miscarriage, dammit, and she’d been doing some self-care. In response, he suggested that she light a candle. He and his ex had some experience with that, too. He still lit a candle for the children they didn’t have on what would have been their birthdays. (That’s the Tom we know and love.) Paged by Link to the plant room, Amelia was concerned. And kinda rightfully. He should’ve known from the start if there had been any doubt about the baby’s paternity, he said. Now he deserved to know. Everyone involved did. He wanted to be the guy to whom the paternity didn’t matter but, rather than shoot off his mouth, suggested they gather information and then figure it out. Finally, Mer responded to DeLuca’s text, but he wasn’t looking for a date, he wanted Grey’s help with Suzanne’s confounding case. And when Richard came home, Catherine expressed her skepticism that his discussion with Maggie had taken all day. She had to trust him if this was going to work. “Who says this is working?” she replied before admitting, “Richard, I think it’s time for us to have a much bigger conversation.” Yikes.

So, what did you think of “A Hard Pill to Swallow”? Were you relieved that Amelia didn’t keep Link in the dark? Are you rooting for MerLuca or CorMer? Hit the comments.

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 16 Episode 11: Paternity Truth Hurts (RECAP)

What’s “A Hard Pill to Swallow” about Grey’s Anatomy Season 16, Episode 11? Maybe that the January 30 episode could never live up to last week’s midseason premiere. Nevertheless, some serious drama unfolded this time around, so let’s scrub in…

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At the start of the episode, DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) is panicking because his appendectomy patient, Suzanne (Suits alum Sarah Rafferty) isn’t getting better. She has spiking fevers every night and has a sore throat. Worse, she and her sister and kids are triggered because her husband died after a routine surgery. DeLuca enlists the help of Bailey (Chandra Wilson)—who’s back from a leave of absence—but she’s stumped, too. Suzanne even codes in the CT room after suffering a cardiac tamponade. Bailey promises her that they’ll figure out her mystery ailment, and she instructs DeLuca to create a “war room” of surgeons to figure it out. He starts with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), who hunkers down with him to go through Sarah’s medical case step by step.

Kelsey McNeal/ABC

By the way, before everything went south with Suzanne, Mer told DeLuca that she misses him—in Italian, no less. DeLuca reminded her that he didn’t break up with her, he just gave her time to figure out her feelings.

Trouble is, Mer seems to be bonding with new peds doc Cormac Hayes—especially this episode, wherein as they join forces to treat Kai, a 17-year-old whose vaping habit has wreaked havoc on his lungs and esophagus. Mer and Hayes disagree about the treatment plan, but he defers to her judgment. In the OR, however, Kai develops another bleed, so Hayes takes over and performs a partial lung resection, taking out part of Kai’s lung. He tells Mer that he proposed her plan of attack when he had this kind of case before, and his “absolute nightmare” of a boss, Cristina, set him straight. Cristina was right, of course… and she was smug about it, of course. Mer tells him that sounds about right, and Hayes asks her if she knows Cristina. Mer ducks out of the convo to avoid… what, exactly? Ruining their chemistry?

Gilles Mingasson/ABC

The third patient of the week is a guy who has a fish lodged in his throat. No, really. He and his buddies were swapping dares during his bachelor party, and he ended up swallowing a bronze catfish from an aquarium at the bar. And on the way to the hospital, he got his hand clobbered by a cab door. In the OR, Jackson (Jesse Williams) and Jo (Camilla Luddington) fish out the fish, and Link (Chris Carmack) patches up the guy’s hand. The bride-to-be, however, is appalled by her would-be husband’s stupidity and dumps him at the hospital, saying that when a person shows you who they are, you should believe them. (Side note: That’s exactly what Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes told Oprah about her falling out with Katherine Heigl.)

The fiancée’s words hit home for Link, who finally found out in this episode that Amelia’s (Caterina Scorsone) unborn child is more likely Owen’s (Kevin McKidd) kid than his. Amelia tells Link this and then tells him that she loves him and that the paternity doesn’t really matter. But when Link talks to Jo about it, Jo tells him he has a right to be mad. He can be angry with Amelia and love her at the same time, she adds. And when Link catches up with Amelia later, he tells her that, as a doctor, she should be getting all the info she can about her unborn child. He says that he deserves to know the truth about the paternity. He’d like to think it wouldn’t matter, but he’s not sure, he says.

Speaking of Owen, he pops up at the hospital to whisk Teddy (Kim Raver) away for lunch, but she’s freaking out because she can’t find her engagement ring, i.e. his family’s ancestral band. Turns out, his son, Leo, swallowed the darn thing. Luckily for Teddy, Owen is chill about the whole ordeal. He suggests that maybe she can get an “ALTO” necklace—Allison, Leo, Teddy, and Owen—and leave the ring someplace safe while she’s working. And when Leo, ahem, dirties his diaper, Teddy offers to be the one who recovers the ring.

Meanwhile, Richard (James Pickens Jr.) shows up at Chez Grey to take Maggie (Kelly McCreary) out to breakfast. When he sees that she’s moping around in her pajamas, he tells her he’ll make pancakes for her instead. (He quotes his mother, who always made pancakes before tough conversations and liked to say, “Let’s talk about it after you’ve had a chance to eat.”)

Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Maggie is still in a doom loop about the death of her cousin Sabine, Richard’s niece, and Richard tries to tell her that Sabine was practically dead when she got the hospital. But Maggie comes clean about not asking the Pac-North transfusionist about Sabine’s anti-clotting stats, saying she didn’t realize that those states wouldn’t be volunteered to her in the OR like it is at Grey Sloan. But Richard feels guilty, too. He’s the one who allowed Maggie to operate on a family member. He tells Maggie that she’s only human and that there are so many more lives she’ll save in her lifetime.

Back at the hospital, Koracick spends the episode haranguing Bailey about her abrupt “vacation.” At the end of the episode, Bailey tells him that she had a miscarriage, and he’s empathetic. Sympathetic, even—since his ex-wife suffered two miscarriages before the birth of their late son. He tells her to light a candle in honor of the pregnancy she lost, and she does just that in the hospital chapel.

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In the final minutes of this week’s installment, Richard returns home to find a suspicious Catherine (Debbie Allen), who tells him she heard that he was a no-show at Pac-North that day. He tries convincing her that he was with Maggie all day and that he doesn’t know how their marriage can work without trust.

“Who says this is working?” she responds, coolly. “I think it’s time to have a much bigger conversation.”

How’s that for a cliffhanger? So to recap (this recap), Meredith is working with DeLuca while bonding with Hayes, Amelia has fessed up to Link but might lose the relationship over the paternity truth, and now Catherine and Richard seem to be in trouble, too. Three relationships in uncharted territory? Sounds like a Thursday night in Shondaland!

Grey’s Anatomy, Thursdays, 8/7c, ABC

Meredith was back in business at Grey Sloan but it wasn’t smooth sailing on the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fall finale. Plus, Bailey and Ben were hit with a tragedy and Amelia learned some shocking news.

Meredith is welcomed back to Grey Sloan with open arms during the Nov. 21 episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Meredith crosses paths with DeLuca and jokes about him “dumping” her. Meredith meets a new doctor on her first day back, Dr. Hayes, who is going to be the new head of Pediatric Surgery. When they work on a patient together, they don’t exactly see eye-to-eye. In the end, Meredith is proven right. There are sparks clearly flying between them, even if they both don’t want to admit it.

Amelia and Link are hooking up at the hospital, as well as Nico and Schmitt. Amelia’s hormones are at an all-time high right now with the pregnancy. As Bailey and Amelia chat, Amelia reveals she hasn’t had an ultrasound and she’s 20 weeks pregnant. Bailey tells her to get on that quickly. Bailey’s planning on having an ultrasound later in the day.

Captain Herrera comes to the hospital to see Bailey. His cancer is back and he doesn’t want anyone to know about it, especially Ben. While talking with Bailey, he notices that she’s bleeding. Ben rushes to Bailey’s side. Bailey has suffered a miscarriage. Ben wants to take her home, but Bailey doesn’t want to deal with the loss right now. She keeps it a secret from the rest of the doctors, including Amelia.

After an awkward introduction with Vic, Katherine goes to see Richard. When she arrives, a nurse tells him that Richard is having coffee with his wife. Katherine immediately assumes the worst and tells Jackson all about it. Meanwhile, Jo finds herself at the firehouse and ends up taking care of an abandoned baby. She can’t wrap her head around how a mother could do something like this. Jo finds that she can’t leave the baby, so she takes the baby home with her. When Link comes over and sees what Jo’s done, he’s understandably a little shocked.

Maggie and Teddy operate on a patient Maggie has worked with before. During the surgery, things don’t go quite so smoothly as she had hoped and Maggie thinks she’s losing the new dad. She freaks out and leaves the OR. She can’t tell another family that their loved one is dead. All hope is not lost so Maggie and Teddy go talk to the wife about the situation. When the wife becomes upset, Maggie excuses herself. She runs into Tom and tells him that she’s quitting. She can’t be a surgeon if she can’t trust her gut.

Teddy initially thinks that Tom fired Maggie so she goes on a rant about how it’s really over between them. She’s in love with Owen. Tom’s still not giving up. “I want a life with you,” he tells her. He thinks Owen is ridiculous for not proposing yet. He tells Teddy that he’d marry her tomorrow if he could. Tom asks Teddy whether or not this is truly the route she wants to go down.

Meredith and Hayes meet again in the elevator. They have a chat about his tactics. He’s definitely not afraid to go toe-to-toe with her. Cristina dubs him “McWidow.” Amelia finally gets that ultrasound and learns she’s actually 24 weeks pregnant and not just 20 weeks. This means that Owen could be the father! Ben, Jackson, Captain Herrera, and more are at the bar when a car comes pummeling through the roof leaving them trapped!

Grey’s Anatomy recap: Don’t take anything for granted

Jessica Brooks/ABC B- type

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As Meredith tells us in the opening monologue, our bodies work hard all day long to keep us alive. Hearts beat and pump blood. Lungs inhale and exhale air. Eyes blink and adjust. Ears hear sounds. Even though we need all of these things working together to function in this world, most of us barely notice them. We take things for granted.

Taking Relationships For Granted

Sweet little Zola needs a drink of water. What she receives is an awkward encounter with her mom’s half-dressed boyfriend who is tip-toeing his way to the door.

Was Zola scarred for life? Not yet. The dude standing before her is the “sad guy from the couch,” so DeLuca’s presence in her kitchen is just a slight blip on the radar. This does not satisfy Meredith’s concerns for her children, though. She’s been taking her early morning romps with DeLuca for granted. It’s time to fill the offspring with copious amounts of ice cream and confess that the sad guy is going to be around for a while. Yes, they will kiss. No, he’s not sleeping on the couch.

Taking Your Job For Granted

Jo is back at Grey Sloan Memorial and looks like someone you may find on a slab in the morgue. Harsh, but true. When the lab proves to be as boring as it sounds, Jo is quick to help Avery develop his spray on skin. Although her demeanor is the opposite of charming, she slips for a brief second and praises Avery for encouraging her not to find her birth mom.

Avery wants to explore this revelation, but Jo turns back into the harsh, rude person who hates the world. Avery finally admits that everyone is worried about her, including Alex. Jo doesn’t care. She was happy and now she’s not. She was fine one day and now she’s not.

This is the moment Avery calls his friend out. She’s drunk. He can smell it. Vodka in the water bottle. He applauds her for having the decency not to see patients. Jo gets up to bolt, just as Avery begs her to let him help. When she turns to leave, he warns her that the next time she shows up drunk, she will not be met with compassion.

Then Alex piles on at home. When he threatens to go to Pittsburgh to see what put his wife in such a funk, Jo swears she will leave him in a heartbeat. Alex sees her abandon and raises her a Bailey.

As in, “If you come to work drunk again, I’ll tell Bailey.”

Taking Limbs For Granted

Remember the lady who became a quadriplegic during Link and Amelia’s surgery? The same patient who prompted them to get busy in the blue room? Well, Koracick has some stem cells that may help her get the feeling in her arms back. Amelia and Link are beside themselves and have full confidence that Koracick can perform the surgery in under the two-minute time limit.

Toby, the lady’s adult child, who is gender non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, stops Link in the hallway so Link can explain how they are dealing with the situation. Toby was at the accident that resulted in their mother being hospitalized. Since the surgery, Toby is hypersensitive about arms, legs, hands, and feet. Toby is also overtly aware of how we worry about stupid things in life and begs Link for the treatment to work.

Koracick is super pumped to have Amelia and “Ortho Barbie” help him give Toby’s mom sensation in her hands. But first, he has to make fun of Amelia for dating a jock. Amelia plays along, noting that Link is a great guy and they are having fun. Koracick smiles and calls Link Amelia’s “Altman.”

Ouch. Amelia blesses Koracick’s heart and gently explains the history Teddy and Owen have together. Buy a clue, doc. They are destined! That baby wasn’t the product of a one night stand. It doesn’t matter that Teddy is playing house with Koracick. She will end up with Owen and everyone needs to understand that reality.

After the surgery (we have no idea if it worked yet), Koracick tells Amelia that he thinks hope scares her. That’s why she’s hiding behind a pretty guy. He thinks she’s not over Owen.

True, but life is full of choices. Link is uncomplicated. This is the easier, softer route for her. She hopes Koracick will give it a try. That means he has to give up Teddy.

Taking Talents For Granted

Schmitt is bothered by Dr. Kim’s pending job interviews. He’s upset that the stud is looking at San Francisco after his fellowship year is up. According to Bailey, Dr. Kim is being wooed by all the big hospitals. This seems to please Dr. Kim’s patient Josh and his grandfather Pop Pop. Bailey assures them that Dr. Kim is just as good as Link. No one should worry about anything.

This is when I begin to worry.

In surgery, Dr. Kim injects cement into Josh’s spine to help his back not feel like a thousand knives are stabbing it. Schmitt exclaims, “That’s it?” when Dr. Kim finishes. He nods and responds, “Just because I made it look easy, doesn’t mean it is.”

This is when I begin to worry again.

After surgery, Josh seems fine. He’s talking about college, laughing with Pop Pop, and then he’s on the floor in a heap. Something is terribly wrong.

Long story short, Dr. Kim made a huge mistake, which resulted in the artery to Josh’s heart being compromised, eventually leading to his death. Dr. Kim made it look easy. And now the mistake will haunt him forever.

Bailey makes him stand there as she delivers the news to Pop Pop. Dr. Kim puts on a somber face but never cracks. Then he slips into a suit and prepares for his Skype interview. Schmitt suggests he postpone, but superstar ortho surgeons looking for dream jobs press on. He chastises Schmitt for being a failure most of his life and turns on the smize for the San Francisco doctor staring back at him from the computer screen.

Taking Ailments For Granted

When a woman arrives in the ER complaining about severe abdominal pain, she’s quick to point out that she suffers from IBD and this is just a flare-up. She barks orders Dahlia, even requesting her own CT scan.

DeLuca and Meredith are convinced this is not an obstruction because the woman’s pain is too severe. What they didn’t expect from the CT scan was a baby. Curious. The woman had her period. How can this be true? THERE’S NO TIME! She’s in labor and the baby’s head is crowning. Start breathing, lady!

Meredith grabs some gloves and hauls herself into the room to deliver the baby. Dr. Bailey is called since DeLuca stuck a pregnant woman in a CT scan (big no-no) and practically starts cheering when she notices the scans. The woman has two wombs. Hooray for medical marvels! Now, what should she name the baby…

Taking Depression For Granted

Owen has taken Megan’s advice. We find him in a therapist’s office, warning the man that he will not be taking oils or doing any weirdo voodoo. The therapist concedes and offers muscle testing. This will help them figure out unresolved patterns of stress.

The therapist thinks Owen’s mind is trying to hide something, but his body is throwing him under the bus. Owen automatically assumes it has something to do with Megan being presumed dead, his time in Iraq, or his tumultuous relationship with Teddy.

He instructs Owen to position his arms in a certain way and through a series of questions and pressure points, the therapist figures out that something happened to Owen when he was 10-years-old. Something that made him feel distrust.

Owen remembers an award he won at school. He was very proud and eager to share with his parents. When he got home that day, his mother told him his father had died. It was the best he had ever felt and the worst he had ever felt.

That’s it. Owen doesn’t trust joy. He stops it before something terrible happens or the bad news comes. But there is no more bad news. It’s already come and Owen needs to stop replaying that distrust in his head. When Owen genuinely asks how he’s supposed to do that, the therapist prompts him to hold his wrist with one hand and put the opposite hand on his forehead. Owen obeys and sobs like a baby.

Taking Sobriety For Granted

It’s a night for oddball happenings in the ER, that’s for sure. A darling woman seems to have slipped and fallen on her stiletto. It’s currently lodged in her chest. Whoopsie.

It’s clear by the woman’s story and her slurred speech that alcohol contributed to this predicament. It’s later confirmed by Richard, who recognizes the woman as Gemma. Ollie was her sobriety coach, too, and she was seventeen years sober. Notice I said “was” sober.

Seeing Richard just reminds Gemma of her failures. She doesn’t want him on her case and makes Maggie throw him out of the room. Unfortunately, Maggie has to rush to surgery (to fix Josh’s heart) and Richard steps in her place. In recovery, Gemma admits that she has been off since Ollie died, but she’s glad one stubborn drunk saved another stubborn drunk’s life.

And her shoe.

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