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Industry experts reveal how to use gorgeous shades of pink

PRETTY OR PUNCHY? The key is to decide whether to opt for a look that’s rich and dramatic or delicate and light. Colours in the pink spectrum vary drastically, but are ideal for creating a warming effect and needn’t be too sweet if paired with unfussy furniture and accessories.

HOT PINK Add heat to your scheme with deliciously deep hues

Fired Earth

The sophisticated Eton Mess (above) packs a punch. Use it with bold blocks of orange for an exotic Mexican-inspired scheme, or try it with a saturated green, such as Fired Earth’s Mad King George, for a warm and welcoming hallway. Rob Whitaker, Fired Earth

Our brightest pink looks best as a feature wall against dark wood antique furniture, and luxurious textures such as silk, velvet and copper. Then team with a white ceiling. Alternatively, paint the floor of a studio in this colour for an inspiring space. David Mottershead, Little Greene

CORAL CHARISMA Inject personality with these catwalk-inspired shades

Graham & Brown

Karma (above) is a coral hue within the pink spectrum, with soft blush tones that work well with natural materials such as raw wood, marble and slate. It brings elegance to a neutral grey palette and is strong enough to pair with deeper tones. Paula Taylor, Graham & Brown

Tiger Rose is a rich, warm pink inspired by large blowsy English roses. Paint walls and keep the cornices, skirting and architraves in crisp white to create a wonderfully vibrant, modern space. It also looks pretty paired with lime green. Vanessa Galloway, Konig Colours

BLUSH TONES Pastels will bring a wonderfully healthy glow


Upbeat and versatile, Pashmina (above – smaller pink section) is perfect to team with black accessories, but keep the flooring as neutral as possible to let the colour shine through. The underlying warmth of this will see you through the year. Judy Smith, Crown

Socialite is a lovely pastel shade that looks great when teamed with buttery yellows, subtle pistachio hues and soft aqua blues. Use it in a room with lots of windows such as an extension or summerhouse for the prettiest of looks. Rishi Subeathar, Eico

NUDE PINKS Introduce barely there subtle shades for easy comfort

Benjamin Moore

The perfect pastel hue, Peach Parfait (above) brings spaces to life all over the home. It’s fast becoming the ‘new neutral’, as it makes rooms feel happy and full of personality. Pair it with dark colours, like the grey here, or go for a fresher scheme by teaming with other light shades. Benjamin Moore

Peignoir is soft and gentle and sits between pink and grey. Team it with Inchyra Blue and Vardo to create a striking study, layer with other soft tones to produce a relaxing bedroom or combine with Worsted for a clean, graphic effect. Charlotte Cosby, Farrow & Ball

From: House Beautiful magazine

Paint Colours to Update Pink or Dusty Rose Carpet

Carpet, countertop, tile, fixtures, toilet, tub, flooring, furniture

If you’re reading this blog post, then it’s quite likely that you have something pink in your home that you are DESPERATELY wanting to update. Or maybe you just like to hang out with me. Either way, this is a HOT topic that you’ll want to stick around for!

In a previous blog post, I talked about how you can update pink or dusty rose with decor and artwork. That was the FUN stuff. Today, we’re gettin’ down n’ dirty and will be working on the FOUNDATION of your room – your walls.

The Best Neutral Paint Colours to Camouflage Pink

When choosing a paint colour to calm down your ‘pink thing’, you need to think neutral. Neutrals are colours such as black, white, gray, charcoal, and brown. Notice that I didn’t include beige in the mix. Beige is a tough one as it can look a bit unhealthy with pink as it’s often too warm-toned (yellow/orange) to complement the specific needs of pink.

Now if you LOVE your pink room, then this info STILL applies as these are paint colours that will complement without contrasting. Let’s leave the contrasting to the accents and decor.

Pink and Brown

Brown can look gorgeous with pink or dusty rose, but it has to be the RIGHT brown. Browns that are MORE warm-toned, in other words, browns that have a strong yellow or orange undertone can look pretty darned fugly when paired with pink – I call these ‘fudgy browns’, which is super technical. I mean, I suppose these warm browns can give a slightly more vintage vibe, but we’re trying to UPDATE things here people, not back-date them.

A few good browns

  • Sherwin Williams Tony Taupe SW 7038. This is a pretty greige that leans a bit more brown than it does gray
  • Benjamin Moore Ashley Gray HC 87. A soft greige that leans brown with a taupe undertone
  • Benjamin Moore Willow CC 542. A super rich dark (supa dark) chocolate brown with an almost grayish cast
  • Middlebury Brown HC 68. Dark brown that isn’t too warm
  • Whitall Brown HC 69. A beautiful brown with a soft gray undertone, so it’s not too ‘fudgy’

Pink and Gray or Greige

Gray and greige are undoubtedly THE best paint colours to update pink. However, you have to be careful with gray and greige colours as they often have sneaky undertones like green and yellow, which can be pretty fugly when paired with pink.

The key is to find a nice gray or greige that’s a bit more subtle in its approach and if anything, has a slightly noticeable purple, blue or taupe undertone.

A few good light grays and greiges

Starting bottom left

  • Sherwin Williams Anew Gray SW 7030 or SW Agreeable Gray. Greige paint colours without green undertones
  • Sherwin Williams Light French Gray SW0055. This beautiful soft gray looks pretty with pink as it has feminine, slightly purple undertones, rather than the usual blue/green that gray can have
  • Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray HC 168. Chelsea Gray is an amazing gray as it’s rich and deep without looking too harsh
  • Sherwin Williams Silverplate SW 7649 or Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray HC 169. A soft, light, stormy gray with a blue undertone
  • Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray SW 7017. A soft, slightly warm gray

Pink and Black or Dark Charcoal Gray

Black or DARK gray looks amazing with pink when used as an accent. It would be too overwhelming to use as a majority colour in your room (like the walls), so consider it in smaller touches like picture frames, trim, doors, and other decorative details (or maybe a feature wall!).

A few good blacks and grays

Starting bottom left

  • SW Cyberspace SW 7076. Really, this is like a charcoal with a stunning navy blue undercurrent
  • SW Black Fox SW 7020. This is like a brown/gray blend, super wicked
  • Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal HC 166. A dark charcoal with very little undertone
  • Benjamin Moore Gray 2121-10. Along the same lines as Cyberspace, a dark charcoal with a navy blue undertone
  • Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black SW 6258 / Benjamin Moore Black 2132-10

Of the above, I have to say that navy, either natural or softened with gray, is one of my FAVOURITE ways to work with pink. There’s something classic and crisp about it that makes it appear more modern, timeless and dare I say – cool!

Now, of course, there’s a lot more to consider other than pink, things like exposure, flooring, furnishings and personal tastes, but hopefully, these ideas get you well on your way to YOUR perfect paint colour!

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The Best Decor to Update Pink Countertops, Carpet or Tile