Green works glass cleaner

Green Works Natural Glass Cleaner Review

by Abby M.
(Gainesville, FL)

Abby has provided this review of Clorox Green Works Natural Glass Cleaner.

Abby says:

I use this brand of glass cleaner, which is actually also called a multi-surface cleaner too.
The reason I like the product is that it is environmentally-friendly and the packaging is recyclable. The products are advertised as cruelty-free.
While it isn’t 100% streak-free this window cleaner does a good job of getting grime off windows and cutting grease.
I actually think it works better than Windex or Sprayway, or even Glass Plus, and it doesn’t have that terrible ammonia smell I find so off-putting.
I use it on mirrors, glass front cabinets, windows and other reflective surfaces. It would end up cleaning streak-free if I used newspaper, but if I use a rag there are streaks – sometimes even after it dried.
However, I have found that with nearly all window cleaners, so that is not unique.
Vinegar, which is another natural and homemade way to clean windows, doesn’t streak, but it smells so strong and awful (sometimes even after it has dried), that I would rather wipe a few times with this than use vinegar to clean the grime off windows and mirrors.

Taylor says:

Thanks Abby for sharing your review of this product.
I did some research on this product once you sent in your review, and found that along with glass you can use it on several other surfaces in your home.
It is advertised to also be able to clean appliances, stainless steel, and even sealed granite countertops.
I would love to hear from others who have used the product in any of these ways, so you could share how it works on these surfaces.
You can share your natural glass cleaning product review here, telling me which product you use for this task, and how it works for you, or read other reviews already submitted.
In addition, I would love to hear from others who have used any of the Clorox Green Works products, telling me how they worked for you. You can share your house cleaning supplies reviews here, to tell me about these or any other products.

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