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The X Factor judges will have some big decisions to make in The Six Chair Challenge (Picture: Rex )

The X Factor’s Six Chair Challenge is underway – with the judges choosing which six acts in their category they will take to judges’ houses.

And this year the notoriously thorny stage of the series comes with an added twist in the shape of the ‘Golden X’ – a buzzer which has been which could spell very good news for some of the hopefuls.

What’s it all about and how does it work?

Here’s what you need to know…

What is the Golden X?

The Golden X takes pride of place in front of the judges’ table (Picture: Rex )

The Golden X is similar to the Britain’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer – which when pressed sends an act straight through to the live shows – except in this case it’s used to send an act straight to judges’ houses.

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Each judge will have the opportunity to use it during the Six Chair Challenge for one act that particularly impresses them.

Whoever they award their Golden X to has a guaranteed place at judges’ houses – and cannot be swapped out of their seat for another performer during The Six Chair Challenge (as the other acts can).

All of which is only set to ramp up the suspense even more for the other performers who don’t have that safety net as the round progresses.

Can they change their mind?

It was emotional for Bella Penfold (Picture; Rex )

Nope. Once the Golden X is awarded to an act, their place in the next stage is guaranteed – meaning their mentor can’t award it to someone else instead.

Each judge is only allowed one Golden X vote each, and it can only be for an act in their category – so they’d better be pretty sure of their decision before they award it to someone.

Who has a Golden X so far?

Saturday night’s show brought with it the first two ‘Golden X’s of the series.

Simon Cowell pressed the buzzer first as the Girls took to the stage, giving Essex teenager Bella Penfold a ‘safe seat’ and a place at judges’ houses.

Meanwhile Ayda Field pushed the buzzer for singer Ricky John, guaranteeing his place in the Overs category.

Does Dermot have a Golden X?

Nope. Unlike Britain’s Got Talent, which allows allows Ant and Dec a Golden Buzzer vote, this one’s for the judges only.

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When is The X Factor on?

The X Factor continues with the next part of The Six Chair Challenge on Sunday night on ITV at 8pm.

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Britain’s Got Talent’s David Walliams explains his most ‘unpopular’ EVER Golden Buzzer decision

14 September 2019, 11:59 | Updated: 14 September 2019, 12:56

Britain’s Got Talent judge David Walliams talks about his most “unpopular” decision to hit the Golden Buzzer. Picture: ITV

The telly star lifts the lid on the craziest choice he’s made since joining the judging line-up.

Britain’s Got Talent judge David Walliams has explained the reason behind his most “unpopular” ever decision to press the Golden Buzzer since it was introduced to the show back in 2014.

The telly judge, 48, appeared on Dermot O’Leary’s Radio 2 breakfast show this morning to tease tonight’s episode of Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions, but ended up speaking about the first time he slammed the coveted button that automatically whisks acts straight through to the live semi-finals.

The beloved comedian told the former X Factor host it wasn’t his wisest move but he couldn’t help but get carried away by the new and exciting element to the competition – and seize the opportunity to annoy his co-star Simon Cowell.

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Paddy & Nico are back! Tonight 8:15pm @itv @bgt The Champions.

A post shared by David Walliams (@dwalliams) on Sep 13, 2019 at 10:42pm PDT

He said: “The first one I did just sort of in a moment of madness.”

“It was a guy called Christian Spridon, who was a singer who sung ‘Sex Bomb’, and basically all the other judges didn’t like him and they all pressed their buzzers, and then I think Simon pressed my buzzer, so that meant his audition was over.

“And sort of in a fit of peak… I just pushed the Golden Buzzer. I didn’t really think it through – it was an odd sort of unpopular decision.

“But it made for quite a good story, and he seemed like a good guy. I did like his act, but he probably wasn’t the most deserving recipient.”

Read more: When is Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions on TV and who is in the celebrity line up?

Lucky for BGT competitors, David now takes a more serious approach to talent-spotting but admits his new-found attitude increases the pressure of picking the right act.

Speaking of his Golden Buzzer selection for the current series, he said: “What was hard was that you’re sitting in Wembley Arena and every act that comes on, the audience of about 10,000 people are going, ‘Golden Buzzer! Golden Buzzer!’

“You can’t press it for everybody! If I press it for the first act, then it’s blown then, isn’t it? And also maybe I don’t want to press it for the first act. So it was a bit of a pressure.”

The ITV spin-off, which features a selection of winners, finalists and popular participants from across the ITV show’s history, hit screens last month and has already seen a whirlwind of acts go through to the next stage of the competition.

11-year-old Alexa Lauenburger, who won the German version of the show in 2017 with her dazzling dog act, joins British dance group MerseyGirls, American father-and-daughter stunt duo Bello and Annaliese Nock, and Ukrainian sand animation artist Kseniya Simonova in the semi-finals.

Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions airs on Saturdays on ITV.

What is the Britain’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer and what does it mean?

Britain’s Got Talent is back for its 13th series, as a new crop of acts attempts to convince the judges and public that they have what it takes to become stars.

As they go through the auditions stage, each of them will be crossing their fingers that they impress the judges enough for one of them to press the Golden Buzzer for them.

If you’re not sure why that’s a good thing, read on and we’ll explain.

How does the Britain’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer work?

All four of the show’s judges have red buzzers which they use to vote off acts they are not happy with. In the centre of the judges’ desk is a sole Golden Buzzer. This can be pressed once by each judge during the auditions if they think an act deserves to go straight through to the live semi-finals rather than having to face a nervous wait as the quartet whittle down their picks to the 40 or so who take part in the live shows.

Hosts Ant and Dec also have a Golden Buzzer pick between them.

If an act receives the Golden Buzzer from one of the judges or the presenters – even if all the others have pressed their red buzzers – they are guaranteed to go into the live semi-finals.

David Walliams, in particular, is known for pressing the Golden Buzzer for acts who have received a red buzzer from all his fellow judges. When it is pressed, the relevant judge’s ‘X’ above the stage turns gold and golden confetti rains down on the stage.

Once a judge or the presenters have pressed the Golden Buzzer in a series, they cannot do so again in the same series.

Who are 2019’s Golden Buzzer acts?

Flakefleet Primary School were the first lucky act to be put through to the next round after a lively routine to Don’t Stop Me Now which included fancy dress, a child being pushed across the stage in a cannon, and a mini Dec-a-like trapped in a wheelie bin.

The joy-filled routine brough judge David Walliams to tears, and he pressed the Golden Buzzer to send the group of five to 11-year-olds lead by their headteacher through to the semi-finals.

Simon Cowell made the next pick, and in a completely out-of-character choice, he went for a comedian.

The head judge is championing Kojo Anim, a stand-up with plenty of experience in coaching and supporting well-known acts who is looking for his own big break.

Also heading straight to the live shows is Ant and Dec’s choice, Akshat Singh.

The 13-year-old dancer from Mumbai says he just wants to make everyone happy, and put smiles on every face at his audition with his skilled routine that inspired body confidence.

Alesha Dixon has chosen a singer again this year, picking Maltese teen Giorgia Borg.

Giorgia, who was just 10 at the time of her audition, performed a self-penned track about the trials of being young and wowed the judges with her mature tone.

Naming the final Golden Buzzer act of the series was Amanda Holden, who chose teen band Chapter 13 as her favourites.

The four-piece had met while starring in West End musical School of Rock and impressed all of the judges with their Stevie Wonder medley.

Who received a Golden Buzzer in Britain’s Got Talent 2018?

Ant and Dec hit the first Golden Buzzer of last year’s series after being moved to tears by magician Marc Spelmann’s act, inspired by his child recovering from cancer.

Simon Cowell then selected father-and-son team Tim and Jack Goodacre as his Golden Buzzer act, and David Walliams also went for a singer with Donchez Dacres and his catchy song Wiggle Wine.

There was some controversy when Alesha Dixon chose singer Lifford Shillingford, who she knew from her early days in Mis-Teeq, although they both later clarified that they only recognised each other and had chatted for a few seconds while changing over on stage once.

Amanda Holden went for Welsh opera singer Gruffyd Wyn Roberts.

Have any Britain’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer acts won?

Prior to the beginning of this series, there have been 25 Golden Buzzer acts since it was first introduced to Britain’s Got Talent in 2014. Remarkably, none of them have gone on to win the show.

Young rappers Bars and Melody received a Golden Buzzer in 2014, but only came third in the final. Singer Calum Scott and dance group Entity were sent straight through to the semi-finals in 2015, but neither made the top three in the final.

Another Golden Buzzer-grabbing dance troupe, Boogie Storm, came in third in series 10 in 2016, while comedian Daliso Chaponda filled the same position in 2017.

Jack and Tim, Gruffydd Wyn Roberts and Donchez Dacres all made the final in 2018, but Dacres ended in the highest position of the Golden Buzzer acts – third place.

Britain’s Got Talent continues on Saturdays on ITV.

Never miss an episode with BT TV – catch up via the ITV Hub app.

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Images: ITV, Rex

BGT: The ‘golden buzzer’ kids taking over Britain’s Got Talent

ITV – Syco/Thames

This year it seems Britain’s Got Talent is all about the young contestants.

And it’s about time, because it’s been quite a while since a young person won the show!

It was back in 2012 that 17-year-old Ashley took the top prize with her dog Pudsey.

So far in this series, three of the judges have pressed their golden buzzers – with both Alesha Dixon and David Walliams backing kids.

ITV – Syco/Thames

Alesha sent singer 10-year-old Giorgia Borg from Malta through to the live semi-finals on Saturday.

She told her: “It takes a lot to really really move me, and you just floored me….You are a star. You have the best personality as well.”

David was brought to tears in the first episode when he watched Flakefleet Primary School choir on stage.

They’re also the current favourite to win the whole show.

ITV – Syco/Thames Flakefleet Primary School’s choir is tipped to be this year’s winner

(Simon’s golden buzzer went to stand-up comedian Kojo Anim who’s an adult…so we’ll skip over him!)

Ant and Dec were so impressed by 13-year-old Ashkat Singh that they secured him a place in the live shows with their golden buzzer.

Ashkat did a pretty energetic performance which included doing the splits and pulling off some breakdance-style moves.

ITV – Syco/Thames

Head judge Simon Cowell told him: “A lot of kids are going to watch you and absolutely love what you do because you’re fun, you’ve got great personality.”

Will Amanda go for a young talent with her golden buzzer? Fingers crossed! We’d love to see a final (almost!) full of young people!

Don’t forget to tell us who your favourite is. And who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments below.

Who are the Golden Buzzer acts in Britain’s Got Talent 2019?

Britain’s Got Talent 2019 now has its full line-up of Golden Buzzer acts.


All four judges, plus hosts Ant and Dec, have selected the performers they’re sending straight through to the semi-finals with a whack of that very special button.

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Is a Golden Buzzer a sure sign somebody will win the contest? Not exactly: so far, not a single Golden Buzzer act has gone on to win Britain’s Got Talent. But it certainly beats going home.

So, who are the lucky performers to be sent through this time around, and who chose them?

Amanda Holden’s Golden Buzzer act – Chapter 13

Teen rockers Jacob, 14, and Noah, Tom and Jake, all 15, met while working on the stage production of School of Rock.

They got a very positive reaction from some quarters of the Britain’s Got Talent audience even before they had performed, but after showcasing their infectious rock style in a medley of Stevie Wonder tracks, Chapter 13 received a standing ovation from the crowd and all four judges – with one in particular clearly very impressed.

Amanda told the boys, “I don’t think I’ve seen four young musicians so put together. It was spot on,” adding, as she pounced on the Golden Buzzer, “I just think you are absolutely incredible and now you just have to win the whole show!”

Alesha Dixon told Chapter 13, “The musicianship I saw was outstanding, it was so impressive,” while David Walliams deemed them “refreshing and brilliant” and Simon Cowell compared them to Busted, calling their Golden Buzzer “well deserved”.

Alesha Dixon’s Golden Buzzer act – Giorgia Borg

Giorgia Borg, aged ten, is the youngest ever contestant to receive a Golden Buzzer. She stunned the judges with her vocal range and her very own song.

Alesha Dixon, who sent Borg straight through to the semi-finals, said: “It takes a lot to really move me, you absolutely floored me. Your vocal capability, your lyrical capability – you’re 10 years old! You’re a star.”

David Walliams joked: “I cannot believe you are 10 years old. I was barely out of nappies when I was 10 years old!”

David Walliams’ Golden Buzzer act – Flakefleet Children’s Choir

Walliams dramatically pressed his Golden Buzzer in the first episode of the 2019 series after Flakefleet Children’s Choir moved him to tears with their energetic rendition of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now.

The performance – led by headteacher Dave McPartlin – saw the kids aged four to 11 in an array of fancy dress, darting across stage and singing their hearts out. Walliams was seen sobbing before he praised the “unbridled joy” they brought to the stage and sent them through to the live semi-finals. Watch Flakefleet’s audition below:

Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer act – Kojo Anim

The famously hard-to-please Cowell isn’t a fan of comedians on the show, but Anim, who has been on the comedy circuit for two decades and opened up for acts such as Kevin Hart and Chris Rock, managed to make TV’s Mr Nasty smile with his on the money routine about being a father and broke in London.

“You were so funny and so unpredictable,” Cowell told Anim. “You had the most amazing energy. This is the break you’ve been waiting for.” Watch Anim’s performance here:

Ant and Dec’s Golden Buzzer Act – Akshat Singh

After a flurry of poor auditions that left the judges deflated, it was Akshat Singh’s heartwarming dance act that reenergised the audience and brought a smile to everyone’s face.

Speaking ahead of his audition, Mumbai-born Singh told the audience, “I have two mottos in life. To make everyone happy and to show everyone that nothing is impossible.”


After he finished with an impressive splits, both Ant and Dec exclaimed that the teenager was “incredible” – a sentiment echoed by the judges. Watch his performance below:

Oops! ‘AGT’ dancer Ben Trigger hilariously hits his own golden buzzer after stripping down

There have been many inspirational golden buzzer-winning performances on this season of “America’s Got Talent,” from Gabrielle Union’s pick of blind and autistic musician Kodi Lee to Terry Crew’s selection of the Detroit Youth Choir.

One more act looks to join the prestigious group, as newcomer Julianne Hough has the last golden buzzer of the competition.

And although Australian dancer Ben Trigger hilariously tried to give himself the honor by accidentally unleashing the confetti Tuesday, Hough’s golden buzzer remains in play.

Trigger, a self-proclaimed “gay, fat dancer,” hoped to catch Hough’s attention by stripping down to bedazzled nipple tassels during a risqué dance to Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Boogie Wonderland.”

This week on ‘AGT’:Musician nails second chance after Simon Cowell said he was ‘getting on my nerves’

The 25-year-old travel agent did just that, shocking all of the judges with his moves and teeny tiny costume. After shaking his tassels in Simon Cowell’s face, Trigger concluded his performance by lying back on the judges table — right where the golden buzzer was.

“I have to say, in all the time that I’ve been here, this is my favorite golden buzzer moment,” Howie Mandel said.

Tigger won’t instantly advance to the Live Shows, but he did move on to the next round with four ecstatic “yes” votes, proving to body-shamers that he deserves to be seen.

“I always knew dance was what I was born to do,” Trigger said. “I’m really excited to perform in front of Julianne. To have one of the biggest names in dancing give me approval would mean the world. Tonight I’m here to prove to the people who didn’t believe in me and the bullies that I am a dancer.”

After his performance, Hough remarked: “You actually have some serious moves and, I guess, work what your mama gave you.”

Cowell added, “You know what I feel like today? I feel like I’ve eaten the craziest milkshake in the world, with everything mixed up with you at the top. But you know what? You are hilarious. You’re so much fun.”

Last week on ‘America’s Got Talent’: Detroit Youth Choir moves an inspired Terry Crews to tears, wins a golden buzzer

Tyler Butler-Figueroa (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The auditions continued on America’s Got Talent on Tuesday night with variety acts of all kinds auditioning for judges Simon Cowell, Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough, and Howie Mandel, as well as host Terry Crews.

The last act of the night was 11-year-old Tyler Butler-Figueroa from North Carolina, who began playing the violin when he was 7-1/2.

“I started playing because I had cancer,” he told Julianne. “I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 4-1/2. Leukemia is a cancer in the blood and I almost died.”

“One day we were out to dinner and I said, ‘Something doesn’t look right with Tyler. He looks kind of pale,’” mom Kisua explained in a video piece. “A mother’s instinct said, ‘Let’s get him to the emergency room.’ They said, ‘Let’s take some bloodwork and we’ll be back.’ The doctors came in and said, ‘Yes, he does have cancer.’ It was the worst day of my life.’”

Watch Howie Mandel’s America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer Pick Sing An Original Song

Tyler was treated with chemotherapy and when he lost his hair, he began being bullied at school.

“They used to make fun of me and laugh at me because I was different,” he recalls. “They would spread rumors to say my cancer was contagious and they all wanted to stay away from me.”

Tyler’s life began to change one day when he saw a flyer at his school announcing an afterschool program giving free violin lessons. He told his mother he wanted to do it, and she said, “No one in our family plays an instrument, and what? The violin?”

Tyler Butler-Figueroa (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

But once Tyler started that class, Kisua says, “It was like sunshine. He was just full of energy. Happy. I was, ‘Oh, my God. I got my son back.’”

Tyler practiced in his bedroom and the more he did, the better he got.

Watch Gabrielle Union Award America’s Got Talent Season 14’s First Golden Buzzer!

“When I play the violin, it helps me forget about all the bad stuff. I just didn’t want to be the kid with cancer. So now, I’m the kid who plays the violin.”

Tyler auditioned playing to “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” by Kelly Clarkson.

“I just want to commend you for taking what is probably one of the hardest things in your life that you will ever have to go through, turning it around, and finding something that brings you joy,” Julianne told him.

Tyler Butler-Figueroa (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

When Simon Cowell asked how he is feeling now, Tyler, who has been in remission for four years, responded, “I am feeling really proud of myself.”

Then Simon said, “You are an extraordinary young man. We hear too many stories of people being bullied, but I can tell you one thing: Most people are bullied because they’re better than the people who bully them. I think you have such an amazing talent, such a personality and I would like to say something on your behalf to the bullies.”

And so saying, Simon hit the Golden Buzzer, putting Tyler straight through to the Live Shows.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

See all the Golden Buzzer performances from America’s Got Talent season 14


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Just when you thought no one could top the Detroit Youth Choir or Kodi Lee, along comes the Broadway-loving Luke Islam.

On Tuesday’s installment of America’s Got Talent, Julianne Hough hit the Golden Buzzer when she heard the 12-year-old crooner from New York perform a rendition of Sara Bareilles’ “She Used to Be Mine.” The performance was so moving (and tear-inducing) that Bareilles tweeted about it.

bye everyone. going to be weeping forever and ever. 😭❤️💯💯💯💯

— Sara Bareilles (@SaraBareilles) July 10, 2019

For those who don’t know, the Golden Buzzer allows each judge to automatically send an act to the live shows, regardless of how the rest of the panel feels. But they only get to do it once per season! The twist was added in the ninth season during the auditions.

So, have judges Hough, Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, and Gabrielle Union, as well as host Terry Crews, used the buzzer wisely this season? You be the judge.

Crews selected the Detroit Youth Choir, which performed a unique rendition of “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

Cowell chose Tyler Butler-Figueroa, an 11-year-old violinist from North Carolina.

Mandel went with Joseph Allen, who performed an original song.

Union chose Kodi Lee, a 22-year-old singer who is blind and autistic. Lee performed “A Song for You.”

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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Episode Recaps

  • TV Show
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  • America’s Got Talent

Over the next four weeks, “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” will feature 40 acts including one winner apiece from America and Britain as well as eight others from around the world competing to be declared the best of the best. Each of these first four episodes will showcase 10 of these acts. The series kicks off on January 6 with a two-hour premiere packed with, dare we say it, talent.

While Terry Crews returns to host, there has been a shake-up of the judges. While Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel are still on the panel, the other two judges from last season’s “AGT” — Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union — are gone. In their place are long-time “America’s Got Talent” judge Heidi Klum and Simon’s pal from “Britain’s Got Talent” Alesha Dixon.

SEE ‘America’s Got Talent’ winners: Where are they now updates for first 13 ‘AGT’ champions

As with the regular show, each of these will get a Golden Buzzer that will send one act straight through to the final. Three other acts will get put through each week. Two will be chosen by a group of super-fans that NBC gathered from all 50 states and one will be a judges save.

Refresh this live blog page for the most up-to-date comments

8:02 p.m. – Welcome back for the second season featuring former contestants. What I love about this spin-off is that we get to see how the acts have improved since their first appearance. What I hate is that it isn’t up to the public vote to determine who advances to the final–it’s totally out of our hands!

8:04 p.m. – Tonight’s Golden Buzzer is in the hands of Heidi, so she’ll get to send one act of her choice straight through to the finals.

8:05 p.m. – The first act of the season was Paddy & Nicko from Britain’s Got Talent season 8 where they received the Golden Buzzer and made it all the way to the final for a 9th place finish. In a hilarious start to their performance, Paddy began from a recliner in the audience where she was napping with a little blanket. Not long after she was doing back flip tricks with Nicko on stage to Jennifer Lopez‘s “Let’s Get Loud.” Alesha, who saw the act in their original season, was still on board with their talent, but it was a fresh sight for Heidi and Howie who were both stunned. Simon thought Nicko was “a bit slower tonight,” but was still impressed.

8:14 p.m. – Next up was subway singer Mike Yung, semifinalist from season 12 of the American show. Since the show he lost the love of his life to a sudden heart attack, but his kids insisted that he come back to the show in her honor. Tonight he sang an original song that he co-wrote after his first season about the power of belief in one’s dreams. His voice was really powerful and while the stage production was on point he would have benefited from a stronger stage persona. Unlike Heidi and Alesha, Howie was not a fan of the song. Alesha made a good point though–Mike exudes humility and doesn’t bring much ego to the stage which is nice.

8:24 p.m. – Returning to the show as champions of Myanmar’s Got Talent, Junior Creative dance crew made their American debut with a sentimental contemporary dance performance using light and shadows tell the story of war and healing. Heidi appreciated that their art is both entertaining and socially conscious with a message. It was an emotional moment for the crew, but it seems like the judges were mostly lukewarm on their chances to advance.

8:35 p.m. – Did we even realized we missed Hans so much?! I really didn’t. But just his opening package had me rolling with laughter–he’s gotten so much funnier in his time since the show! Tonight he descended from the rafters on a giant banana while playing the accordion and singing and then somehow worked a tap routine into his rendition of Lizzo‘s “Juice.” Simon was not a fan though and hit his red X while the rest of the panel got to their feet for an ovation. Alesha urged Simon to not take it so seriously and made the point that the show is all about fun and that’s what Hans brings!

8:46 p.m. – Hailing from Australia’s Got Talent, Jack Vidgen came to America as the champion of the 2011 version of his series due to his incredible voice. But because he was 14 when he won the show as he grew his voice changed and began to crack as it matured, making it hard for him to continue singing. He returned tonight after training to a point where he’s comfortable with his voice again. Alesha thought he was shaky at the beginning of the song, but he grew comfortable with it as it went on and Howie believes that with the confidence he can go all the way. Simon thinks he’s better than what he did tonight and that he played it too safe.

8:57 p.m. – It was nice to hear that Tyce of Duo Transcend was able to stop the progression of his eye disease so that he will no longer go permanently blind. Tonight they promised something they’ve never done before in their trapeze act which was a double blindfold upside down one leg catch and they pulled it off to shocking perfection! Simon called their act tonight better than anything they did previously, but suggested that they continue to step up their game if they make it to the finals because he wants to see them with their own show in Vegas.

9:09 p.m. – Season 9 semifinalist comedian Dan Naturman ended on a bad final set in his original season that did not impress Heidi, but Howie is a huge fan of him. His set tonight dumped the German jokes and instead focused on being an uncle and how Facebook has changed reunions. But once again he received a red X, this time from Simon. During the critiques Dan fought back with Simon by telling him he doesn’t know anything about comedy and that seemed to have won over Simon and the rest of the panel.

9:21 p.m. – Jazz singer Angelina Jordan won Norway’s Got Talent in 2014 at the age of 7, but is looking for her big moment in America. It was her dream to sing in front of Simon and so when she sang Queen‘s “Bohemian Rhapsody” to a rapturous applause from the audience and effusive praise from the judges it was a magical moment for her. But not quite as magical as when Heidi hit her Golden Buzzer for her! That means Angelina is our first official finalist! Simon even gave her an “I don’t think you know how good you are” as she headed off stage.

9:31 p.m. – Australian strong man Eddie Williams weighs 415 pounds and can lift 260 pounds of weight, but his truest talent for the show is his immaculate singing voice. His rendition of John Legend’s “Ordinary People” did not impress Howie (who hit his red X), but the other three loved it. Simon called the whole act “bonkers,” but he does think he has a great voice and noticed that the audience enjoyed him a lot.

9:42 p.m. – The final act of the night was magician Dania Diaz, finalist of Spain’s Got Talent in 2018. She performed a card trick that also told the story of her life and career. Through shuffling the deck she still managed to use the numbers and face cards to reference dates, facts and names of the people that populated her life’s story. Alesha found her inspiring as a female magician and for managing to merge both magic and her own story in such a great way and Heidi thought it was a smart way to make herself more personable while Simon called it “amazing.”

9:54 p.m. – With only three spots left for this group of contestants, Terry announced the two acts that would advance to the semifinals based on the superfan votes. Those two acts were: Duo Transcend and Dania Diaz! That left Hans, Junior Creative and Jack Vidgen left for the judges to choose as their save. They each got one vote: Heidi picked Hans, Alesha picked Junior Creative, Simon picked Jack and so it came down to Howie’s vote… and he picked Hans!

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