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As the most successful browser-based massively multiplayer online game, Club Penguin welcomes you to its colorful world filled with new friends, mini-games, and exciting adventures. Since the day of its launch, Club Penguin has attracted many players from all over the world. Create a player account and dive deep into the world where the penguins and their pet puffles live!

Such a lively world comes with entertaining gameplay. In Club Penguin, you can be whoever you want to be. After creating your account, choose a color for your penguin character. Then you’re free to roam the world as you see fit. Visit the shop to check the latest arctic fashion. Head to the cafe to taste the warmest winter drinks. Want to feel the rhythm? Clap your hands and sing along to the music at the nightclub. Don’t forget to get yourself a puffle, the fluffy little pet companions of the penguins! They come in many colors and personalities. Is it getting late and do you need a place to spend the night? Get yourself an igloo. Decorate it and invite your friends over. There are so many activities to try in Club Penguin. Visit the ski lodge and race against others as you slide down the mountain. Go fishing or surfing. Visit the pizzeria and wear the chef’s hat and start cooking. Do have the wits to be a secret agent? Find the secret base and become an agent to solve the intriguing mysteries and help the citizens of Club Penguin behind the scenes.

Many other players have taken their place in Club Penguin. The weather might look cold but the community is warm and helpful. Seasonal events, hidden Easter eggs, and many other fun activities await you at the winter homeland of penguins. Flap your flippers and join Club Penguin today!


Club Penguin is developed by New Horizon Interactive

Release Date

24 October 2005


  • Various mini games
  • You can own an igloo
  • You can customize your character’s look
  • You can decorate your igloo


Use your left mouse click to interact with the world

C-c-c-click on clubpenguin

According to its ‘Parents of Penguins’ guide, the website is “a kid-friendly virtual world where children can play games, have fun and interact with each other”.

This social networking website is offering children the chance to “waddle around and meet new friends”.

So how does it work?

Each player chooses a penguin, names it and gives it an identity. Members can chat, play games, send messages and dance with their little happy feet.

It’s basically Bebo for children aged between eight and 14.

“We wanted it to be a situation like they’re on the playground, like they are interacting with each other, and not just an isolating experience,” says Lane Merrifield, one of the site’s co-founder.

“This is a safe and moderated way for kids to be able to hang out with their friends at school, and then to hang out online in different ways when they’re at home.”

The Canadian-based website was set up in October 2005 by three dads who “wanted to create a place on the internet where they’d be comfortable letting their own children visit”.

The popular website boasts “the perfect solution for parents seeking the ultimate in online safety”.

Spokeswoman Karen Mason told the Sunday Independent: “Everything about Club Penguin is set up to protect its users, and there are various safeguards in place. Parents can choose the level of chat their children can participate in. One form allows children to choose from a pre-set menu of conversation options.

“The other allows users to type in their own messages. Every message goes through a sophisticated filter system that blocks inappropriate words.”

Sex and drugs are off the preset menu but so are telephone numbers and any references to home and school.

“The filter won’t allow users to communicate a phone number or other things that could identify them or help someone locate them. It is even set up to catch conversation threads that might be used by someone who was trying to elicit personal information. For example, if I try to type in the words ‘mother’, ‘home’ or ‘school’ in any way, they will not go through the system. While these words seem harmless on their own, they could be used in a conversation to get information about a user. ‘Is your mother home?’, ‘Where do you go to school?'”

As a result, those words, and others like them are not considered appropriate for Club Penguin. Rogue penguins who break the rules can be silenced or banned.

But despite the strict privacy policies and the parental guidance, how can one be certain that their Penguin counterparts are in fact kids?

“Club Penguin is designed for children but we can’t guarantee that every person who visits the site is a child,” Karen said. “We have a large team of moderators who work to keep Club Penguin safe for everyone. A large number are parents, particularly moms.”

The website is solely funded by subscriptions purchased on credit cards.

FOR parents of young children, the sinister world of social networking is a frightening reality. Last week, Bebo’s chief security officer, Irishwoman Dr Rachel O’Connell, called for a Government-supplied email address for every child, as a way of verifying their age.

Unlike Club Penguin, where playing in a winter wonderland and furnishing your igloo is the name of the game, other child websites appear more sinister. and require that a parent’s credit card and email address be provided to ensure adult approval.

But on, a Californian-based site, there is only a token effort to create a parent-friendly site. Anyone can sign up under any name, as any age. All you have to do is give a parent’s email address.

As an Imbian, you have the opportunity to sign up to social groups and discuss ‘life’, ‘boys’ and ‘being lonely’.

Faced with a future where computers are child’s play and virtual pals have replaced imaginary friends, it’s no surprise that parents seem happy to simply let their kids “waddle on”.

Club Penguin
Developer Club Penguin Entertainment (formerly New Horizon Interactive)
Publisher Disney Online Studios
Launched October 24th, 2005
What systems does it run on? Club Penguin is a Flash-based web browser game — light, easy stuff for most computers today. You’ll want to connect to the internet with at least a 56k dial-up modem. If you use a PC, your computer should have at least a Pentium III 500MHz processor running Windows 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, or Vista; Adobe Flash Player 9; and Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 7.2, or Firefox 1. Mac users should have a PowerPC G3, G4, G5, or Intel core with at least 256MB RAM running Mac OS X 10.3; Adobe Flash Player 9; and Firefox 1.0.3 or Safari 2.0.4.

How much does it cost? Club Penguin is free to play, but most of the content is reserved for paying subscribers. Our young play testers were almost immediately stymied by features and games available only via membership. However, memberships are relatively inexpensive, starting at $5.95 per month. Because non-member content is fairly limited, members and non-members don’t always freely intermingle, which can leave non-members feeling like outsiders. One nice touch: A portion of the proceeds from every membership purchase goes to help kids and families in need around the world through various philanthropic initiatives.
What’s the game all about? Club Penguin prefers to call itself a “virtual world,” according to Karen Mason, the company’s corporate communications manager: “Club Penguin is designed and functions as a true community with an ongoing narrative and continuously updated content, rather than a static experience, so the term ‘virtual world’ really fits. The members of our online community truly take ownership of this virtual world they inhabit, and we encourage them to function as actual citizens — helping their neighbors and newcomers, giving back to the community and using their creativity and imaginations to help advance the narrative of Club Penguin. To our players, Club Penguin is an intimate community/world in which they play an active, valuable role rather than a ‘massive’ game.”
What does the game look and feel like? The snow-covered island of Club Penguin is a self-contained world of its own — the Town Square, Dojo, The Cove, Ski Village, Ski Hill, Plaza – featuring a variety of activities and games. There are shops and businesses, homes, a recycling depot, and even a community garden as well as key characters, constantly changing storylines, weather patterns and other events.
Who’s the target audience? Club Penguin is designed for children from the ages of 6 to 14 and is particularly popular with the 7- to 9-year-old set.

Who plays? A dip into Club Penguin shows that most of its players seem to be bopping around at the younger end of the target audience. Quite a few parents and grandparents play, as well, either to enjoy time with the kids or to keep in touch if they travel frequently for work or live far away. It’s a busy atmosphere — the game was rumored to have amassed some 12 million account as of 2007, and Mason says that “millions” of children and families in more than 190 countries around the world currently play. Players can play in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish.

What playstyles does the game most suit? Club Penguin’s emphasis on minigames and collections is a neat fit for its casual, young players.
How does the game address kids’ internet safety? You’ll find all the standard internet safety features at Club Penguin: menu-driven “ultimate safe chat,” filtered “safe chat,” and an extensive staff of online moderators. The game allows parents to set and limit the amount of time young players can spend logged in and playing, and the game prides itself on not accepting third-party advertising in game.
What kid-friendly features keep young players moving through the content? Club Penguin is designed to offer something for everyone in the 6-14 demographic. Your child will need basic reading skills in order to play independently, but many younger children play with a parent or sibling’s help for rules and instructions. The mix of single-player and multiplayer games offer a wide enough variety of difficulties that most kids will discover favorites at a suitable pace.
What’s the social atmosphere? The social atmosphere seems clean and kid-friendly, but non-members may feel shut out by closed cliques of paying members.
What can players do outside the game? Club Penguin is consumer heaven for players who want to collect and explore offline: plush penguins and puffles, play figures, Card Jitsu trading cards, books, two games for the Nintendo DS and a new Wii game, all of which include ways to connect to the online world. The fan base is very active, notes Mason, and there are hundreds of thousands of fan-created blogs and forums devoted to Club Penguin.
Still looking for more details? Read our article on all the different ways you can evaluate kids’ games, or visit MMO Family’s Parents Guide to Kids & Family Gaming.
When it’s time to find just the right game for your family, turn to MMO Family’s growing Parents Guide to Kids & Family Gaming. Drop us a line with your thoughts, suggestions, family game experiences, and questions about gaming and parenting at [email protected] and [email protected]

Club Penguin – a parents’ guide

Club Penguin opens up a frozen world for kids where, as a penguin, they can explore different scenes – from the coffee shop through to their very own igloo. Along the way they can play games, earn virtual money, make friends and chat. It’s a bright and colourful foundation for kids to build their own make-believe world upon. But how are they making it safe?


MFM: What is Club Penguin?

Club Penguin: In 2003, three dads got together to create somewhere safe for kids to play online. It’s a snow-covered world where you get your own penguin avatar. Kids can play games, chat with friends and become part of a community-based virtual world.

MFM: Is Club Penguin mainly for play or social interaction?

CP: First and foremost it’s about a community. It’s the kids’ world – they’re the stars of the show. Their imagination is incredible. Club Penguin’s aim is to encourage exploration, build knowledge, develop a community and to ensure kids want to come back.

MFM: Online safety is a huge concern, what safety features are in place in order to keep kids safe?

CP: Disney’s Club Penguin is committed to ensuring the game is as safe as possible. Safety features include:

  • Parents must verify any Club Penguin account by entering their email during set up. This is the only personal information required and parents will be given access to their kids’ account via their username and password.
  • Parents and kids alike must agree to the four rules of Penguin Club, which deters players from bullying, cheating and using rude or disrespectful words and actions before sign up is complete.
  • Live moderation: 200 full time moderators roam Club Penguin keeping an eye on chat, activity, signs of bullying as well as following up on alerts from players indicating inappropriate content and/or activity.
  • Word filters are used within the Standard Safe Chat mode. Words considered to be safe are added to the “white list” while words deemed rude or offensive are black-listed and users could be banned for using them. In addition, kids will see black words posted on their own screen, as though they’ve sent it, when really only they can see it. Players will assume they’ve been ignored, encouraging kids to learn that such activity isn’t rewarded with attention.
  • Black-listed words are constantly modified in order to keep up with modern culture and the changing language of kids.
  • In Ultimate Safe Chat, kids can only say phrases from a predetermined list. In some areas this is the only type of conversation allowed.
  • Kids are encouraged to monitor and protect the site as they go along and can volunteer to be a site guide, steward and even secret agents. They get access to extra items as well as earning extra responsibility.
  • Personal information such as emails, real names and phone numbers will not make it through the filter.
  • Penguin names are moderated and will remain hidden if not appropriate.
  • Kids can choose to reject friend requests and private messages can’t be sent.
  • Parents can add a timer to the game to stop kids playing for lengthy periods.
  • No third party advertising is allowed on the site.

MFM: Is there a minimum age requirement to sign up?

CP: No. Because parents have to verify the account there’s no minimum age limit, it’s left up to parents’ discretion.

MFM: Are you concerned that older kids could verify their own accounts and cause disruption?

CP: We’re confident that there are enough safety features and moderators to mean there isn’t anything older kids could achieve by signing up themselves without a parent’s authorisation.

MFM: There’s been criticism about the amount of “cheat pages” in relation to Club Penguin, encouraging kids that this is a good thing to do. Do you moderate these at all?

CP: We don’t moderate the sites as they’re nothing to do with Club Penguin. The cheats are generally hints at how to uncover hidden areas and a way for die-hard Club Penguin fans to share what they know.

MFM: Have there been any problems to date?

CP: We’ve had no incident within the seven years we’ve been running. We’ve been most taken with how much kids want to play and create their own role-play situations.

MFM: There are a lot of prompts to sign up to become a full member – is the game as interesting if you’re a non-member?

CP: Most of the members aren’t signed up to the monthly £3.95 membership. As a non-member you’re still able to play a lot of the games, purchase items with your coins as well as uncover secret sections. The idea is that kids will spend the time coming back to uncover more – you don’t get everything out of it from your first visit, it’s not handed to you on a plate.

MFM: If you do become a member and then later decide to stop the subscription, do you lose all the items you’ve purchased?

CP: Anything purchased will go into inventory. You’ll get it all back if you sign up to be a member again.

MFM: If you’re a non-member, can you spend your coins?

CP: You can earn coins through games and other activities. You can choose to spend this on certain items. Your options are more extensive if you’re a full paid member.

MFM: Are there plans to develop the section that encourages outdoor play too?

CP: Definitely. New content is added every week. There are games and recipes included to encourage kids away from the virtual game. Adults can also limit the amount of time spent in the game too.


If you want to find out more, head over to the parents’ section of Club Penguin.

Club Penguin set to close, breaking millennial hearts worldwide

One of the most popular — and most kid-friendly — massively multiplayer online games is going offline this spring. Club Penguin, Disney’s long-running, browser-based MMO, will shut down on March 29 as the company transitions to a mobile-only experience based on the property, according to a post on the game’s website.

Club Penguin Island will replace the current desktop and app-based versions of Club Penguin. The team behind the franchise referred to it as “an entirely new Club Penguin experience for mobile” on its website, although how it differs from the original game is still unknown.

Premium members will be able to keep logging into the browser-based Club Penguin until March 29, according to the site’s shutdown notice. They’ll no longer be charged for the service, however, and no new memberships can be purchased starting today.

First launched in October 2005, Club Penguin is a community of penguin avatars who roam an antarctic world. The social platform, which is akin to other flash-based kids games like Habbo Hotel and Neopets, encourages players to hang out at various parties and play minigames together as well. One last party kicks off Feb. 1, the team teased in its announcement.

More notable than its child-appropriate ragers, though, is Club Penguin’s chat function. Players have used it to sometimes stunning effect over the years, like one recent, viral happening. In November, users staged an in-game protest against then-President Elect Donald Trump.


— Lourdes (@gossipgriII) November 13, 2016

It’s unclear whether this was the work of some preternaturally political preteens or older users, but the news that Club Penguin is closing down has many older fans in mourning. For the players who have since aged out of the game, which is aimed at kids between six and 12, Club Penguin’s imminent end marks the heartbreaking end of an era.


— ginapple (@ginapple_) January 31, 2017

club penguin is ending i no longer wish to be alive

— insane (@deIuge) January 31, 2017

*club penguin exists and i don’t play it for years*
*club penguin announces a shut down*

— sofia (@notsupersofia) January 31, 2017

Club Penguin is closing down the original website so they can release an app instead I’ve never been so offended in my life

— Gabby Frost (@gabby_frost) January 31, 2017

club penguin doesn’t deserve to die it should’ve been me

— ℭoconut sugar (@brandnxxw) January 31, 2017

As simple as the game may have seemed to older MMO fans who cut their teeth on World of Warcraft or Runescape, Club Penguin holds an important place in the heart of many twentysomethings. Although its traffic has decreased over the years, at its height, 8.5 million players logged in, and the game boasted more than 200 million user accounts.

Club Penguin Island is a free to play kids adventure fantasy game for mobile devices, PC, and Mac, and it is the sequel to the smash hit game Club Penguin. Calling all treasure hunters, style seekers, party penguins, foodies, social butterflies, rock stars, and explorers. You and your friends will find the adventures of a lifetime on Club Penguin Island! Explore and adventure, or show your style! Whatever you like to do, you’ll be able to do it here. Online safeguards and live moderators ensure that the game is safe for kids of all ages, all the time. What are you waiting for? You can visit the magical land of Club Penguin anytime, anywhere, on your mobile device. Now waddle on down!

Club Penguin Island Key Features

New Friends To Find – Meet new friends from all over the world! Go on adventures, hang out, and get to know each other.

Create New Styles – Create your own unique look and show it off! Designing fashions has never been so easy or fun.

Explore And Discover – Explore a world where myths and legends are waiting for discovery, right beneath your feet! What will you find on your adventures?

Non-Stop Action – Loads of activities to do! You and your friends will never lack for places to see and fun things to seek out. Loads of games provide plenty of challenges.

Entertainment – Did someone say party? Hang out and rock out with your friends, dine on gourmet foods, and more! Dance, sing, and rock out, anytime!

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It’s the end of an internet era: Club Penguin is closing its website.

While this is far from the end for Club Penguin – the creators say they will be launching a new mobile-only game, Club Penguin Island – it marks the end of a beloved chapter in internet history.

For the uninitiated, Club Penguin (or CP for short) is a massively popular multiplayer online role-playing game in which all the characters are penguins. Think a cross between Neopets and Habbo Hotel, except with penguins.

It was set up in 2005 by developers keen to create a virtual world which was ad-free but also safe for children to use. After becoming the number one game on Miniclip, it was bought by the Walt Disney Company in 2007.

For many young people, it was a crucial part of their early internet experiences. You would spend hours playing mini-games or in the various rooms on the servers, chatting to friends online.



January 31, 2017

One devastated former Club Penguiner is Bonnie McLaren, now 18, who began playing it, aged nine, after other kids at school introduced her to it. “Everyone played it,” she says. “We all used to meet up on the different servers after school. I was addicted, but it was always so busy and there were so many players, and there were so many games to play.

“Obviously I don’t play it now, but it was so much fun when I was a tween. We used to talk on the phone while we were playing the game together.”

Tanner Fox (@tannerfox)


January 31, 2017

As with any big internet phenomenon, Club Penguin has its own weird internal memes. For example, one room in the game was just a giant iceberg. A persistent rumour claimed that if there were enough penguins on the iceberg, it would tip, though this never happened. From 2011, an army of purple penguins was known to invade the game from time to time.

However, Club Penguin has gained a strange notoriety even with non-players, mainly through the circulation of funny screenshots.

A&M (@realcontour)

“Club Penguin is shutting down”

January 31, 2017kristella (@steluxe)

I can’t believe they’re shutting down club penguin look how iconic these are

January 31, 2017

As it was a children’s site, swearing was banned. Users attempted to find creative ways to circumvent it, but they would usually get caught out. McLaren says: “Because you got banned for saying pretty much anything bad, it taught me at a very, very early age that I had to watch what I said on the internet.”

Twintendo (@Twintendo_)

Can’t believe Club Penguin is shutting down! I got banned multiple times, great memories… 😢

January 31, 2017

Getting banned from Club Penguin became a badge of honour, of sorts. In 2013, the subreddit r/bannedfromclubpenguin was launched mainly to document the funny reasons people got thrown off the site.

Andrew (@andrewmartin95_)

I just got banned from Club Penguin for being ignored

November 22, 2016

Most recently, Club Penguin went viral because it held its very own Anti Trump protest.

Lourdes (@gossipgriII)


November 13, 2016

Whether Club Penguin will retain its notoriety as a mobile-only game remains to be seen. For those who want to be the first to get banned from Club Penguin Island, it will be launched at the end of March.

RIP Club Penguin: Beloved kids’ game is shutting down


You might want to sit down: The original Club Penguin game is going away.

The developers of the Disney-owned online game confirmed Tuesday it will shut down the 11-year-old Club Penguin on March 29 to make way for a new experience — Club Penguin Island — launching on desktop computers and mobile devices. Players can transition to the new game when it launches just before the original game closes.

A huge virtual party will kick off February 1 and run through Club Penguin’s close, and memberships will shut down as of Tuesday. However, any paid members will still enjoy the full experience through the shut down.

“We are deeply grateful for your time and enthusiasm since the beginning, and we’d like to thank each and every one of you in the Club Penguin community – we can’t wait for you to see what’s coming next,” reads a statement from Club Penguin’s creators.

The shut down marks the end of an era for the original Club Penguin, which launched in 2005. It was a social massively multiplayer online game aimed at kids, allowing them to explore a snow-covered virtual world as penguins. The game operated independently until 2007, when it was acquired by Disney.

Boasting an 11-year run, Club Penguin had plenty of time to amass a fan base, and they are very sad.


— pat (@LOWKEYPAT) January 31, 2017

*club penguin exists and i don’t play it for years*
*club penguin announces a shut down*

— sofia (@notsupersofia) January 31, 2017


— ya like jazz?™ (@hanxine) January 31, 2017


— ginapple (@ginapple_) January 31, 2017

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How Club Penguin Works

While members of social Web sites like Second Life mainly control avatars that are human-like in appearance, Club Penguin members move around their virtual world as penguins. The penguins and their environment are also drawn as two dimensional cartoons instead of three-dimensional bodies.

To move a penguin avatar around, users simply point and click where they want their Antarctic alter ego to end up. Reaching either side of the computer screen can take you to a different area, and there’s even a map which penguins can use to locate specific locations.


According to Club Penguin, there are essentially four main things kids can do with their penguin avatars. They can:

  • Play games
  • Dress the penguin up and decorate the penguin’s igloo
  • Attend or host gatherings
  • Make friends with and talk to other penguins

Games are one of the major attractions of Club Penguin, mostly because winning at these games racks up coins for users. The mini-games are like most games you can find online. The majority of the games typically involve pointing and clicking and they might also involve skiing, tubing, catching things and jumping or avoiding obstacles. Instructions are given at the beginning of each game so it’s easy even for younger penguins, and players can play as often as they like. The coins that the penguins win are the virtual currency in the Club Penguin world, and they let penguins buy clothing, including hats, wigs and other vestments (the sillier the better), and upgrades to igloos, which start off fairly plain and undecorated.

There are also countless parties and other events that penguins can either create and then host or get invited to and attend. Penguins can meet up with and talk to other penguins, and users communicate in instant messaging style; small text bubbles, like the ones in comic books, appear above penguins’ heads when they say something.

So what does Club Penguin offer, both for children and to their parents?