Freeze and shine paul mitchell

Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray

There was a point in time when Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray was an event in my family. It started with my aunt, then my mom, and then I decided to try it. We all have baby fine hair so it is hard to find a spray that holds without weighing down. **Product Details** It comes in a white can with black writing and some red trim. A nice smell but nothing overwhelming or offensive, this spray can be used by men or women without smelling overly flowery. The texture is dry but a bit tacky. It dries quickly though allowing for some nice styles. **Product Performance** I was expecting some good hairstyling with Freeze and Shine Super Spray, because after all, my mom and aunt have baby fine hair so certainly they should have not had the problems that I find to be trouble with most hairsprays. I think I was wrong. Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray goes on nicely and does dry immediately but it leaves my hair stiff and glued together. I don’t get any volume with it, but more of sticky hair that protudes out in chunks. It is hard to comb through and the styles just make it look like my hair is thinning instead of volumized or attractive. My can of Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine sits unused in my closet alongside the other bazillion cans of spray that don’t do well with my baby fine hair. **The Bottom Line** Paul Mitchell Freeze And Shine Super Spray is probably best for thick, wavy, or curly hair, but not so much for fine or baby fine hair. It makes hair stick in place and is not easy to comb through. I just could not understand why my mom and aunt liked it until I asked them about it not too long ago and they both stopped using it a while ago for similar reasons. I have rated this poor because it did not work with my baby fine hair. If it were to be rated for thicker or coarser hair, it could very well be a really good hair spray.


Podunk, NY